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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  March 16, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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money with melissa francis is here now. melissa: thank you, cheryl. not looking back. u.s. blowing through another debt limit like it is nothing. the now american spend something more than our entire gdp. hbo finale stunner, robert durst said, kill them all. can the videotape documentary confession hold up in court? megyn kelly is here coming up. he is back. vladmir putin, reappearing in the public for the first time after mysterious 11-day absence. youtube sensation michelle fan joins us live from fought by southwest. our her makeup tutorials racked up a billion views. what a huge business. even when they say it's not it is always about money.
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♪ melissa: it is a rally but could be a party before a brutal hangover. markets firmly in rally mode before a two-day fed meeting kicks off tomorrow. but we could see the first signs of a interest rate hike since the global financial crisis. oil continuing a free fall, touching the lowest level since march of 2009 on fears of strained u.s. storage capacity. here to discuss all that charlie gasparino jack hough, "barron's" senior editor and todd starnes, fox news radio. what do you think the fed will say? >> i don't -- melissa: take the word patient out? >> maybe. look, i think people have doubts about, i think the fed will be careful not to break anything important here. if we do raise rate, it will be cautious, slow. a minor impact. i think a lot of it is priced in already. why are we seeing this priced in, charlie? >> a lot of people in the market come to the conclusion the fed will not raise rates. if you talk to a lot of traders
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they look at it doug kass put out a pretty amazing commentary about this over the weekend. the real economy is not really doing that well -- melissa: that's right. >> very low inflation. melissa: gdp going back to 2.2. now maybe two. >> market up 1 1/2% down 1 1/2%. that is not changing fundamentals. fundamentals are not driving this. >> the real question for the fed do they need to raise rates right now? is there asset bubble? there is no inflation. melissa: feels like equity bubble. >> do you really want to take out an equity bubble? melissa: i don't know. we'll see. the u.s. passing its spending limit of over is $8 trillion. the sound you hear in the distance is washington hitting the collective snooze button. the debt ceiling increased by $11 trillion in the past 12 years. no one seems in a hurry to cap spending. the heritage foundation says without budget reform your share of the debt will skyrocket to $142,000 in the next 24 years. todd starnes, does this worry
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you? do you care? >> sweet lord they have been doing this since 1911. that was the year grandmother starnes was are born. they have been raising the debt ceiling more than 100 times i think? i think people are just fed up with this because now, what is going to happen is, they're going to raise it. you know they are going to raise it but we will spend next however many weeks republicans and democrats going back and forth squabbling. we'll all need a big ol' bottle tylenol. melissa: i don't think tylenol will do it. maybe wild turkey. >> credit card bank of america, spend 10,000, call them, sorry, bank of america i have an imaginary $5,000 debt sealing in my head. i can't pay you. see how they treat you on the phone. it is craze is. >> this debate every year about the debt ceiling. we have to like get our fiscal house in order but we -- melissa: never do it. yeah. >> potholes are bigger. melissa: there you go. i think we solved it.
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meanwhile the scrutiny piling up for hillary clinton. house speaker john boehner expected to announce a new probe into her email practices this week. the news comes as clinton's team clarified that they read, quote, every email, before destroying 32000 messages, they deemed private. todd starnes, does any of this stand up to the smell test at all? >> no, it stinks to high heaven. >> is not me by the way. >> there were 30,000 emails, were business. 2,000 were personal. i want to know how much personal time hillary spending on taxpayer dime doing email stuff. -- 32. more frighten, she toll us this, the former secretary of state said she had emails dealing with her yoga practice. i certainly hope they deleted those. just saying. melissa: over the weekend the "new york post" shrinking idea that this was coming out of the white house -- slinging. >> it was a story by ed klein who, you know interesting
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writer and he gets some -- what is the matter. melissa: what does that mean? interesting writer? what does that mean? >> you're right. got expose's. had the books about the clintons. >> also obama. he wrote the first best-seller, called the imposter. >> to hillary's defense she did say she didn't want to carry two phones. as we all know it is scientifically impossible to have two email accounts on one phone. i think case closed. melissa: definitely. interesting writer? what does that mean? >> well he is, controversial guy. i actually like him personally. really good guy. melissa: i feel a but coming. >> no but coming. melissa: okay. >> he is on our air a lot. i just think, that listen what i didn't see in the story was, a comment from valerie jarrett or valerie jarrett had no comment right? melissa: yeah. >> usually when you write a story like this you call up valerie jarrett, i would do it. you have you know, a day or two days to deny it, if you don't deny it -- >> nothing to it?
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>> i'm just saying -- >> there is something to it. melissa: there is, i mean this coming from the left though. does that make, who want elizabeth warren. >> somebody leaked it from the white house i believe because look "the new york times" got the story first. we sort of had this drip, drip drip of information coming from places like the state department and we do know that valerie jarrett and hillary clinton have this rather, unsavory history. >> that doesn't mean she leaked the story. >> she could have. >> screaming this definitely didn't come from us. this is who aristic. i don't hear that either. >> that is true but hasn't really been picked up beyond that except for us. not like, you don't see a front page "new york times" story on this yet. melissa: josh earnest saying that this is utter baloney. look at bottom of the screen. we're seeing this. saying that the fact that it was, so now they are coming out as we sit here talking about.
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>> someone asked him at the press conference. melissa: saying this is utter baloney. >> when you write a story like that just for the average person out there if you have been a reporter for a while, you go and call uphillry and you call up valerie jarrett, even if they don't return your call. give them enough time to get back to you, at least you can say i gave them enough time. i sent them an email, they didn't get back to me. they didn't deny it. melissa: okay. >> i usually see that in normal journalism. melissa: speaking of wild conspiracies we can finally take vladmir putin's face off the milk carton remember that. >> thank goodness. melissa: the russian president appearing in public first time since march 5th. telling reports about his mysterious absence quote, it would be boring without gossip. okay. >> he is president whatever he is, the king? melissa: emperor. >> right. emperor putin. when the emperor disappears for 10 taste you expect a little bit of -- >> one thing we know about
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putin he likes to get shirtless and ride animals. melissa: wrestle a tiger. >> sometimes a tiger or bear i don't know which -- >> with the weather way it is going around shirtless on top of a large animal you will catch a cold. >> maybe black belt in judo? melissa: poster over the weekend, following our story over long-time girlfriend. >> who broke that? you broke that? melissa: we were talking about it on the show friday. weren't you there? it was all over the place and post-went big with it over weekend. retired gym gnat. all kinds of things. let's move on. field of 68 teams officially set in the ncaa tournament. it is just another march for blue-bloods like kentucky and duke, some up starts are having a little trouble adjusting to the excitement. have you seen this? forge today state coach -- georgia state coach ron hunter, tearing his achilles celebrating
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his tournament team bid. assuming you're not picking georgia state, he tore the achilles tendon while sell operating? ow. >> i'm a dallas cowboy fan among other things. melissa: they don't play basketball. >> i was watching dallas cowboys back in the '70s, i think drew pearson who jumped up, spiked the ball after touchdown and hurt his knee and was out for the super bowl or something like that. out for a major game. melissa: i'm picking harvard to go all the way. i think they will win the whole thing? >> hottie, ole miss. >> i think i pulled a hammy. melissa: got nothing? villanova? go with me and go with harvard kentucky nothing? you guys don't watch basketball? you're all drawing a complete blank. todd was there. >> sec all the way. melissa: okay. >> missouri playing? >> sorry, have to take a call. hello?
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melissa: documentary series comes to shocking real-life conclusion as real estate heir did they not tell you guys we were doing the segment and come up with your pick? what he said when he thought no one was listening? camera controversy making customers furious. this will make you think twice before sending in your rental car. coming right up. ♪
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melissa: a shocking confession of an alleged serial killer. hbo's "the jinx" stunning viewers in the final moments the miniseries chronicles the life of robert durst a wealthy real estate heir and his links to three different murders. listen to this chilling conclusion.
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kill them all, of course. melissa: whoa! durst was arrested in new orleans less than 24 hours before the finale was aired. he agreed to not fight extradition to go to l.a. to face murder charges. we have megyn kelly, host of the wildly popular, kelly file on fox news. megyn, this show, this case, so overwhelming. before i get to the money angles, our excuse for doing this on the show called "money." let me ask you about the legal angles. we listened to the confession, i put quotes, the confession. what is your reaction. >> it was chilling. just waiting to come on air from you, i saw update from the app you will be shocked to learn melissa, when he was arrested in new orleans, carrying a revolver. i'm sure totally innocent. i think durst is in a lot of trouble. even though he has been very
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slippery, managed to evade justice all this time, i think he is in a lot of trouble. i think the confession is bad and, damning. i am in the camp of it is going to be admitted, but there are real disagreements among lawyers already on that because, did he have expectation of privacy when he was in a bathroom which would normally -- melissa: a public bathroom. a public bathroom. he knew he was wearing a microphone. >> if you'reawaying a mic your expectation of privacy is gone. these are not government agents. his lawyers will argue that they were coordinating with the police and they crossed over into sort of being government agents. i think they will lose on that. they will argue this thing is more prejudicial than probative. in other words it is so prejudicial, no jury could ever give him a fair hearing if they heard this. but they're going to lose on that too. i say the tape comes in. his lawyers will be able to argue that it is not that meaningful. he was just sort of asking rhetorical questions musing,
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what will they say? they will say you killed them all of course. i don't think he is going to win. the thing really, so damning to him is the letter. melissa: much more so. >> we were talking -- before. melissa: we were. we were texting last night. we were both watching this with such fervor and loving it. i agree with you, i think the envelope, that is a million times more damning even than the confession. >> right. melissa: is there any way to talk about the chain of custody? or how do you poke holes in the letter part megyn? >> it will be very tough. they will have, just so the audience knows, he wrote a letter to one of the women that he allegedly killed before he killed her. the envelope writing is his, exactly. and the film-makers were the first to find this envelope in the course of their film making. the police never had it. when you see the writing on there, it is obviously his. the reason we know it is his we've seen his writing. film-makers got other writing. melissa: it matches the letter that was, matches the letter
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that was sent to the police that says -- >> that is the reason it is so damning to him. after that woman was killed, apparently durst this my opinion, couldn't help himself to write to letter to the police saying cadaver at her address. this envelope which durst admits only written by the woman's killer. match it up to the envelope when he was writing to the woman wound up dead it is identical. there will be dueling handwriting experts in the court to say it is his, it isn't his. you don't need an expert. that is his handwriting. he is finally caught. hopefully he never will be free again. melissa: this is my money question, megyn. at end of watching all these episodes, to me is the lesson if you're super loaded, because he has $65 million in his name. his family is, are billionaires many times over here in new york. he was separated from the family business and given $65 million essentially to go away. so i'm like, if you're super
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loaded can you get away with being a creepy serial killer? that is what it felt like i was wondering a the end of this? what do you think? >> yes. yes. his legal team made all the difference in the texas trial. he is alleged to have killed his wife. her body was never found and judge jeanine pirro who is with fox was the d.a. in westchester county. couldn't make the case. there was no body. very difficult case. then he goes down to texas and allegedly kills somebody else. that he admits he did but claimed it was in self-defense. the only reason he got out of that murder charge is because he had a very talented legal team. quite frankly with all due respect, and i only saw what i saw on the documentary, the prosecution team was not that impressive. melissa: yeah. >> it made all the difference for him. everybody deserves great legal representtation. those lawyers were, you know extremely wiley. yeah, his money made all the
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difference. you need money if you're going to be a serial killer. melissa: exactly. we'll see if he gets away with it again or if this time his luck has finally run out. megyn kelly, thank you very much. we're not sure if you heard of megyn's i will upstart program on the sister network. it is called, "the kelly file," 9:00 p.m. on fox news channel at 9:00 p.m. everyone else is. if you're not watching you're literally the only one. thank you make begin. biggest and brightest are in austin for south by southwest. we're live on the ground with exclusive interview with one of youtube's biggest stars. rise of the robots take as new turn. why they thought it was a good idea to come up with a fire-breathing drone. do you ever have too much money or robo dragons. ♪
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the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do.
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♪ melissa: from the u.s. to every corner of the globe money is flying around the world today, starting in brazil where thousands of people have joined protests across the country. they are asking for the impeachment of president dilma rousseff who they think is involved in a corruption scandal linked to oil firm petrobras. denies any wrongdoing. many brazilians not so convinced. people took to the streets in 22 states with 200,000 people protesting in sao paulo alone. in dubai a eagle went flying from the world's tallest building and captured the whole thing on camera. the bird weren't gliding over the city 90 seconds with a new world record. it descended from a height of 2700 feet. wow. landing in the vatican, where pope francis says his days are numbered. he told reporters that he will only be around for three or four years. really?
2:24 pm
went on to say the lord has placed him in this position for a short time and nothing more. hmmm. when the eyes of texas are upon you, it is high time to unveil your fire-breathing drone. engineering company, chaotic moon rigged up this flame-spitting beauty at the austin south by southwest festival. if you're not a pyromaniac though it can also shoot silly string and even spray graffiti. what could possibly go wrong with that thing? i'm going to get one for my kids. the tech world's best and brightest pouring into south by south es. 33,000 entrepreneurs and instresstores be investors expected for week-long event. fox news's jo ling kent with one of youtube's biggest stars. take it away. >> hi, melissa. that's right. i'm joined in exclusive with a exclusive interview, michelle phan. youtube star. >> hi.
2:25 pm
>> 70 1/2 million followers on youtube. you're here at south by southwest. >> i am. >> business is booming. what is it like to have come from so, such, such a modest place and be here and to be conducting such intense business on some levels? >> i'm very honored and grateful to have such an amazing platform where i just share my thoughts and my vision. also showing girls that you can build your own career online. i did it. i did it with a webcam you can do it and do it better. honor to be here at south by southwest. >> tell me a little bit about your business expansion? you have a l'oreal deal. >> yes. >> you have a line of cosmetics. you have a music label. >> yes. >> you have a book. you have so much. where is, what is your priority right now in terms of doing good business and making money. >> my priority right now is scaling and expanding my business. so i have a company called ifsy. it was started three years ago in san mateo. we're expanding. we have an office in l.a.,
2:26 pm
studio in l.a. and office in new york. we're expanding to find new talent and mentoring them and nuturing them so they can become the next biggest beauty star. i'm partnering with enzimol we're launching a amazing premium network soon. finding amazing talent within the lifestyle division and really building their brand. it will not be like mc -- i don't believe aggregating hundreds of thousands of channels. i would rather focus on small selected talented individuals to put power behind them. launching internationally. they are a international production company. i am also developing -- >> you have a -- >> i am crazy. i, like a mad scientist. i love doing a million things. >> tell me what is it like to be a youtube star versus, a normal coming of age? what do you how do you interact with your viewers? >> well i have a very close relationship with my viewers. you know, i have two-way dialogue with them. if i'm on twitter, or instagram or facebook or youtube or
2:27 pm
snapchat i'm talking to them. i'm replying back to their messages. i don't have a team doing it for me. i do it myself. there is nothing more important than having a connection with your audience. money can't buy that. it can't buy authenticity. i have to maintain it by consistent communication with my amazing community. >> really amazing businesswoman. who do you look up to in the entertainment media, youtube world? >> in, just in general i really look up to elon musk. he is someone i aspire to be because he, he really saw potential in the dot-com business with paypal when he sold it. instead of buying a yacht and retires, he invested the money in tesla and spacex. i love he is forward thinking. what he is doing with hyper lube and how he is changing the space in not just type but also clean energy with tesla and, solar, sorry. can't speak right now. with solar panels. i'm really excited to see what
2:28 pm
he is doing with his career. definitely someone i look up to. jack ma is someone else. >> alibaba. >> he when, no one believed in that space he did it. when no one believed in him he was able to build this business. now he is giving back to the small mom-and-pop shops, independent business owners america. helping invigorate the economy. he is someone i look up to too. he is worth billions but he is giving back. >> there is so much to talk about. the michelle phan. >> thank you so much. >> great to have you. melissa, we'll send it back to you in studio. melissa: jo, thank you so much. in case you guys out there don't know who she is, michelle is huge. if you're of certain age you don't know this, she is enormous! so exciting to hear from her. thank you. we have to get another look at markets. speaking of enormous. the dow is at session high up over 200 points. oil prices continuing to slide. crude down 2 1/2% as we head into the close a few moments
2:29 pm
away. earlier in the session oil hit a fresh six-year low below 43 bucks a barrel. we have to keep an eye on that story for sure. america's intelligence leaders issuing a new warning on terror. why they believe the isis situation could be spiraling out of control. plus big-name democrats getting a boost thanks to hillary clinton. find out who is benefiting the most from her missteps. "piles of money" coming right up. ♪ it's more than the cloud. it's security - and flexibility. it's where great ideas and vital data are stored. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions from a trusted it partner. including cloud and hosting services - all backed by an industry leading broadband network and people committed to helping you grow your business.
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you get a company that's more than just the sum of it's parts. centurylink. your link to what's next.
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melissa: the race for 2016. fox news digital politics editor. what do you think?
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>> if you are more in o'malley, you at least have the benefit for actually running for president. it is going to the places that is raising the money that is getting the balance. o'malley is mine for the democrats this week. warren on the other hand, is a drag on her party currently. democrats need to have a discussion. they need to air things out. melissa: do you really believe that elizabeth warren is really on the sidelines? >> i truly believe it. i believe she has made a decent addition. i think she has come to a
2:34 pm
conclusion which is she which but rather influence the party from inside a clinton administration. democrats have to start looking more broadly than war and. on this day the 1968 residential elections. robert kennedy got in. that was late in the cycle. democrats have to get going or they will end up with hillary clinton. melissa: always fabulous. thank you for joining us today. thousands of finder scope from around the world to join the group. listen to how he characterized the threat. >> posing a serious danger not only to syria and iraq, but the
2:35 pm
wider region and peons. melissa: that is a start change. here with me now christian white. christian, let me start with you. he is really saying something different. >> he is sort of right. it is a threat to iraq, syria and beyond. it did not fit their construct they have a new state that takes a major parts of iraq and syria. arpa and stopped. contains. pushback. they are expanding the place.
2:36 pm
there their troops are being attacked with chemical weapons. they have evidence that isis is pouring gas which chokes victims to . todd how does this change things? >> i am not too sure it will change things. quite frankly the extermination of christians in the region. they are going in and just pondering men women and children. these people are ruthless. they seem to think they have the irrefutable truth that it did
2:37 pm
happen. i do believe the reports. it does tell you that they will use at their disposal. they have not gotten all of us on that. still, very alarming. there is a big money factor here. the next president gets to inherit a board that this administration has run horribly. >> we have seen the state department to read out a photo supporting sharia. you have the secretary of state talking about respect. as if we try to play nice with them in the sandbox. that is simply not the case.
2:38 pm
melissa: how do you respond to that push of work. >> the moslems we need on our side would be on our side if we are tough in later and have a strategy. you cannot appease iran on one hand and the telephone isis. they are all part of this monster. this virus of radical islam. allies like our arab partners will rise to the challenge. what they do not like is text messaging. melissa: gentlemen thank you. how you can read today's top stories for only a fraction of the cost.
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you may be happy you did not claim this title. at the end of the day it is all about money. ♪
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♪ melissa: i am melissa francis with your fox business brief. blackberry getting back into
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tablets. promising extra security. ames avenue businesses and government that it cost $2000. elon musk calls a news conference to address anxiety over electric car batteries. customers increasingly concerned about the number of miles they can drive on a single charge. unveiling changes that will affect the whole fleet. the announcement was not attended to affect share price. that is the latest from the fox business network. giving you the power to prosper. ♪
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melissa: boston's brutal winter just landed in the record book. the weekends fresh powder oafish linemate this season the snowiest ever for the city. a total of 9 feet beats the old record by just one inch. the dow was just a few points away from a session i. let's go to nicole petallides. nicole: and is a product -based
2:44 pm
rally across the board. 2% of the record all-time highs. they are mostly winners on wall street. take a look at some of these names. travelers. united health. disney. an announcement of another frozen. you can really see this across the board. this on the same day we're talking about oil hovering around those loans. melissa: we have all been there. you want to read that story online but you have to pay a monthly membership to read it. pay for an article rather than a monthly fee.
2:45 pm
this is a real disruptor. they put up a pay wall. >> and is showing some positive results. >> each article cost an average of $0.20. the revenue is split roughly between you and the publisher. it can really add out. do they feel like it will eat into their subscribers?
2:46 pm
>> i think honestly, right now you pump into these. you need to register again. you have to think multiple subscriptions right now. what itunes did for music we try to do with journalism. we noted that a user spends a lot within one newspaper that is the moment we will try to push a subscription to that user to make it easier and cheaper for them. melissa: i also think it is interesting that you have a money back. the. you say on average only 5% lead articles and ask for money back.
2:47 pm
alexander, good luck to you. thanks for coming on. >> thank you very much. stuart: be sure to watch strange inheritance tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern. there are two new back-to-back episodes that are airing tonight. a struggling downtown movie theater after jamie recounts an amazing story of a man who inherits a rare map of texas. the owner is completely unaware of how valuable it is, though. >> this things getting dinner, literally, between the crazy ball and things getting turkey, you bring the map out. >> yes. at that the time, its value was the joy it was gift looking at the thing.
2:48 pm
melissa: the fund does not stop there. be sure to check out my new show at 9:30 p.m. eastern on thursday. we go behind-the-scenes and take a look at the stories on strange inheritance. the world's most controversial dress is back with a vengeance. someone is paying thousands for a piece of it. how is it possible? you will not believe what you will have to pay to see him. you can never have too much money. ♪ if you take multiple medications, a dry mouth can be a common side effect. that's why there's biotene. it comes in oral rinse spray or gel so there's moisturizing relief for everyone. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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melissa: whether it is on wall street or main street, here is who is making money today. some reports are putting a price on the entire series. netflix has already passed on the deal. some say that it is just way too expensive. the grateful dead. changing hands for obscene amounts of money. nearly $120,000. are you serious? the last ever performance together. the world's most controversial piece of clothing hitting the auction block. are you kidding me? heading into the last hour of trading. markets up really big.
2:53 pm
let's check in with this claimant. liz: this robert durst murder is just a stoner there. we will bring that to you. most importantly who will find the real truth about that man and whether he killed his friend some 15 years ago. we have a top federal prosecutor. he has solved those cases. can the durst family can their multibillion-dollar operation and real estate survived this horrific story? quite a horrific story when you talk about arch madness. pulling in billions. we have the top figures maker on
2:54 pm
exactly where he sees all the threats being made. the real money winners. it is the hot roster story of the next couple of weeks. we are watching. melissa: i cannot wait. great show. the new device in your rental car that has the ability to track your every move. at the end of the day it is all about privacy. on. ♪
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melissa: stocks are in rally mode, but oil down big. crude closing at 43.88 a barrel that is its lowest settlement produce in six -- price in six years. the dow, s&p and nasdaq all up more than the percent on the day there. big rally. car rental company hertz could
2:58 pm
be tracking your every move with a built-in camera on its navigational system. critics claim this is an invasion of privacy. hertz firing back stating that the cameras are not currently being used. is this the new normal? or just downright creepy? bruce trick dell joins me now. -- try dell joins me now. they responded right away saying they have no intention of using these cameras and the like, they have a statement right there: the customer would have needed to turn on the camera by pushing the button, there are no plans to activate the camera. i bought two pounds of canty it's just there. i'm never going to eat it. [laughter] do you believe them? >> yeah, i don't believe them, i don't believe you. and, by the way, i have a quart of chunky monkey in the freezer i'm never going to eat it. it's there for a reason. they claim it's to have direct contact when the driver wants it. let me ask you a question,
2:59 pm
melissa, when was the last time you said boy if i could only talk to i my rental car company right now? [laughter] melissa: right now. the last time something was broken, all of a sudden i'm liking this idea. no i'm actually not. the expectation of privacy cameras are everywhere. i expect in the elevator there's a camera, there's something about the inside of few car -- of my car that feels like the inside of my house. am i right? is this yucky? bruce, what do you think? >> it's absolutely icky. think about the last time you signed along to a toto hit or something. melissa: all joking aside -- >> they have no business, no right doing this. and it gets worse because they call their system never lost which means instantly these cameras are going to be called never private and it gives people a reason to go to avis or one of the others for no reason.
3:00 pm
avis says we try heard, so what does hertz say, we spy harder? [laughter] melissa: okay. all right bruce, thank you so much. that is all we have for now. i hope that you are making "money" today. "countdown" with the always fabulous liz claman -- liz: big kisses back to you. guess what in the markets just hit session highs for both the dow and the nasdaq and s&p. s&p up about 26 points whiplash just like that the dow is back in positive territory for the year, and it's not by chance, okay? several blue chip companies most of you e own them, are hitting lifetime highs today. talking about disney, travelers, unitedhealth group, all of them sizzling right at this second. we have oil moving in the exact opposite direction which should be good news for drivers everywhere. crude oil traded here, west texas intermediate falling below $43 for the first time in six years, oil stocks following that number down that hole. and 16


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