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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  March 17, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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don't forget they're going into the dow jones industrial average after the close tomorrow. [closing bell ringing] liz: here come the bells on wall street. we are just a day away from the big announcement by the federal reserve whether the word patience will be jettisoned. david: one word. >> a lot of nervousness in the markets although the nasdaq and russell seeing gains. we'll see how this settles. david: not a bad for a split decision on st. paddy's day. "after the bell" starts right now. ♪ david: so let us break down today's action. we have brian boyle from boyle capital. he is worried about the length of this bull market but says there is still one sector investors should buy into. tom lieden is telling us how he is changing his investment strategy. tom chadwick, big picking one area of the market you never heard of or considered anyway. larry shover in the pits of cme
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larry, why for goodness say, are you so sure that janet yellen's fed will not drop the word patience? >> oh, david, i think she will drop the word patience. maybe that is a misunderstanding. i think that is something that the market intellectually believes. emotionally maybe not. that's why we're marked with so much volatility and indecisiveness in the market. david: all right. hold on a second. larry, hold on. if you think that, fomc, forgive me, i thought it was other way -- if you think they will drop patient, why hasn't, why isn't the market freaked out? we have a couple of sectors in the green. >> absolutely. i think because intellectually the market understands and embraces the fact that the right economic figures are going in the right direction. wage growth, unemployment rate is going down. we do also understand there are counterbalancing forces like gdp going down. that is not good. but the right forces are going
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in place. we're starting to heal on our own. the market intellectually is understanding that although there is a lot of emotion still as we saw today. a lot of volatility parked in the market because people on the surface don't really understand what is going to happen when they do raise rates. but yellen will drop that phrase, giving her the flexibility to raise rates between june and the end of the year. liz: brian, let's get to people who are going to be watching what happens, seeing market reaction. is your recommendation to dive right in and start trading, or to sit back, wait until the dust settles no matter which direction the markets move on this? >> we think you want to be very cautious right now. definitely don't jump in based on what will happen tomorrow. look for good value. there are still opportunities in the market. look for things that haven't done as well in the market last couple years. that is where the opportunities are, whether we wait a day or two, doesn't make a big difference. david: mike, you think the
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markets totally lost perspective of the real economy. that they have gotten way ahead of the economy. explain. >> let's face it, it has been qe all along. janet yellen all the central bankers across the world the last six or seven years have been using every monetary policy tool they have to talk markets up. whenever they come down you get a central banker out there talking how they will ease. good news is food news. bad news is good news. none of us really know what they will do tomorrow. i think the market is operating on qe promises. i think the fed backed themselves into a bit of a hole. police yellen tomorrow will need the luck of the irish to dig her way out of it. liz: tom, she basically said what she would do. hold on one second, we just got oracle numbers. adam shapiro has them. orcl. how did they do, adam. >> a miss on revenue. the street wanted 9.46 billion. earnings per share, 68 cents.
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adjusts earnings per share, in line with expectations, liz? liz: adam on oracle. this is widely-held stock. watching reaction, pretty much flat since the close. close to $42.87. the ask, 42.64. back to tom lieden. give us your sense what happens here. are you still feeling pretty bullish about equities? still a best place looking for better yield? >> absolutely. investors waiting for yellen's comments tomorrow, let's get back to the fundamentals. really the etf world, something we pay a lot of attention on, why not invest in companies that invest in themselves? there are three specific buyback etfs, power shares, ttfs, which is, the trim tabs float shrink and also cambria has shareholder yield. if you want to find stocks that are buying back their own shares, also increasing yield, rather than waiting to hear what yellen has to say, here are
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three etfs are i think are a great bang for their buck. david: tom, let me push back for a second. speaking whether the markets are living in fairy, fairy land. a lot of people are worried about companies borrowing money to buy back their own stocks in order to raise the stock price. looks like a fixed game. looks like some kind of a pyramid scheme. why do you think that that is ad thing. >> that is a great point because it comes out from time to time. that is not the case. that is the exception rather than the rule, david. you look at the balance sheets of these companies here in america today, since the low in 2009, over $2 trillion have gone into buy-back programs. last month, 120 billion alone where investor took out $10 billion worth of equity mutual funds. numbers speak for themselves. here are managers who do a really good job selecting because etfs are mostly index based. power shares are great index for you. you have managers in tt-fs and
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shareholder yield etf make the picks for you. if you like buyback, there are great choices. >> let me just say about oracle, larry, oracle is hiking its dividend. there are a lot of options out there for stocks that going to give you better yield than a 10-year treasury. but what are you seeing in the pits of the cme as we get closer and closer to what could be a pivotal fed meeting? are people scared going into treasurys. are they going into equities? >> i think they're going into equitying around the world especially europe. when you consider, put currency against that, european currencies are not really up that much on the year in u.s. terms. a lot of people think, we've seen the end of the u.s. dollar run-up, this is a great time to get on board off of european currencies, especially cyclical sector. that ahead of the u.s. when you consider the fact when it comes to yield, you have to go out
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eight years in germany to get a positive yield. put it also into perspective. a double b-minus company in europe equates that to 10-year yield. so what are you going to do? that is what keeps our yields artificially low. david: that scares the hell out of a lot of people. brian, leads me to the question of negative interest rates or too much stock buyback borrowing. what concerns you most about this market right now? >> what concerns us is just what the guests alluded to. the fact that interest rates are so low around the world you can't really tell what the right rate should be for stocks and therefore what people are willing to pay for earnings. the s&p is estimated to earn $121 a share this year. current levels it is 17 times earnings. that is a pretty fair multiple in our opinion for the market right now and after a six-year run-up, we think it is time to be cautious and look for things that haven't done as well. make sure you buy value. david: good stuff, guys, brian
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boyle, mike chadwick, larry shover we'll check in with you in a few minutes when the s&p futures closed. liz. liz: david, polls closed seven minutes ago in closest israeli election in years. prime minister benjamin netanyahu is trying to stave off a challenge by herzog. boy, is it fertile out there. joining us now, two of the top minds in is ral israeli business. our crowd ceo, jonathan medved, has been named one of the top 10 most influential americans who have impacted israel. he joins us live from jersey. joining us on the phone is the ceo of caesar stone. if you ever done a renovation, it is a quarts countertop maker you know and love. quarts. about to open a plant in georgia? jonathan who would you like to see winning this? >> we now have the results just
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a couple minutes ago. liz: tell us. >> the various tv channels in israel released their exit polling and it's a huge surprise that prime minister netanyahu over the last week where there haven't been polls published, closed gap. there had been a perception that the zionist camp, the left block was going to win this election and he erased that victory and now, one of the channels is predicting that he will get 28 seats versus the left's 27. the other two channels are predicting an exact tie. what that means he will form the next government. because of the coalition politics in israel, is about getting majority of the 120 seat knesset or parliament and as long as he is even or ahead, then he will be the prime minister. so it is actually a rather huge surprise. there was a tremendous mobilization against him. people felt that the country was tired of hisip.
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that there were forces arraigned against him internationally. but somehow through the force of his personality over the last week he seems to have pulled out it. looks like prime minister netanyahu will be our next prime minister again. david: wow. liz: he is running ahead of the election. we want to clarify, until we have our people at fox news clarify exactly who wins, we just want to make that clear. dow jones of course reporting that netanyahu as well is running ahead at this moment. sharon to you, tell us exactly what you hope for especially considering you're an international businessman, again working in israel working globally about to open a plant in georgia that would employ more than 100 people. >> yeah. so, you know, i think first of all the stone is global company and less dependent what is happening in israeli market. -- caesarstone.
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the election and outcome, i don't think that will change a lot in the climate in israel. you know, in israel the there is, there is a trend that happens all around the world of the calls to take, to take care of the inequality in the society and, all kinds of -- liz: clarify that too. people might not know this. there is this very similar income inequality that we have here in the u.s. to israel. there are the wealthy and then there are people who just can't even make their rent. there is very, very high cost of living in israel as well. how much does that take precedent, if at all over security which has been huge considering netanyahu coming to the united states, yos, coming and speaking before our congress? boy, that was a huge story here. >> well i think that -- liz: yos first then jonathan. yos first. >> i think that the netanyahu
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concerned about the security with iran is quite tried and all of us should be concerned. however i think his trip to the congress and his inability to work hand in hand with president obama are not very clever. liz: did that bother you, jonathan? that there was so much discussion, you being an american of course, seeing how people were saying that the president did not desire to have him speak so close to the election because you could skew this kind of election with this attention? >> i think there is a lot of celebrity politics that really wasn't appropriate. my sense is that the ties between america and israel are so strong, especially in the business area, that these minor spats are minor. there are real issues out there, such as trying to prevent both america and israel, prevent iran from petting the bomb. we want to promote economic growth. we want to defeat terror. i think these personality
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conflicts belong in "people" magazine, not on the news. i just don't see it as critical. what i am excited about is the fact that last year, israel experience ad 46% increase in investment in startups. our already hot startup scene is red hot. we had 20 ipos, okay? three of the top 10 ipos in new york last year were israeli companies. we had one of them, a company called rewalk that allows paraplegics, rwk to walk out of their wheelchair. liz: we profiled them. >> what is amazing this shows no signs of abating. only increasing. companies like caesar stone are breaking through and creating jobs in america. that is wonderful with the payback, america supported israel all these years. now israelly innovation is powering nasdaq and
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new york stock exchange and creating u.s. jobs. that is wonderful. liz: thank you for creating those u.s. jobs. we need as many as we possibly can get. thanks for coming on the phone. >> thank you very much. company tax in the state would be reduced we'll be even better. >> we'll wait and see. we'll come down to look at your plant in georgia when you open it. jonathan, yos, thank you both. >> thank you. >> a pleasure thank you. liz: they have a stake in this game. david: jonathan had some headlines for us about the election itself. it could be that bibi netanyahu at the end of the day did close the gap. even if it's a tie, close enough, maybe that he gets enough coalition partners, people to join with his party, even if he loses in a squeaker, his party might still win. he may be able to form the government under the parliamentary system. so this is big news out of israel. liz: indeed. david: big news out of the united states as well. tomorrow the fed decision. investors will be focused on that just that one word, patience.
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could a single word cause armageddon on wall street? if so, what does that say about the foundations of our markets? liz: wild for wings. last year buffalo wild wings sold 94 million of them during march madness. will they sell even more this year? it could make the stock a tasty addition to your portfolio. weaving sports into wings. we have the ceo in a fox business exclusive next. david: while it is only one word that could cause a meltdown in our markets, could it be one finger that causes the meltdown in europe? our panel debates that straight ahead. ♪ when the moment's spontaneous, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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...and check your connection status... ♪ ...anytime, anywhere. ♪ [ dog growls ] ♪ oh. so you're protesting? ♪ okay. [ male announcer ] introducing xfinity my account. available on any device. david: so does armageddon on wall street rest on just one word? according to some that is precisely happens tomorrow if the word patience is removed from the fed language about moving up rates but aren't the markets stronger than that? let's bring in market panel. gary kaltbaum and fox business contributor and our own adam shapiro. gary, let me just read to you, what one blogger wrote about this. said, if we find out wednesday that janet yellen is not in fact patient, hell will break loose and 66 seals of hell will be
4:20 pm
broken, paving the way for actual centaurs. we can pick this up on the street, to roam, while kicking people in the faces with their hooves. on the other hand, if janet is patient and says so we'll all make a absurd amount of money. i guess we couldn't put it up on the screen. what do you think of that comment. >> whoever wrote that need as couple of valium. david: joking a little bit. how close to armageddon will we get? >> first off, i can't even begin to tell you how upset it makes we have to wait on one word like playing scrabble. one word will not change the playing field. if they raise a quarter after point that will not change the playing field. what changes the playing field is seven years of easy money. >> bingo. >> ridiculous monetary policy around the globe and out come of it when everything is all said and done. that is the big worry. not tomorrow. david: adam shapiro. i heard you saying big go, thank god, et cetera. but, let me challenge you.
4:21 pm
i guaranty you if they take out the word patient, there will be a market downturn. >> next day it will come right back. david: i think you may be right. >> we get so freaked out, by 250,000 people -- david: don't include me. you're talking about the markets in general, right? >> we'll be watching this but here's the deal. the fed, from 2008, nine, 10, 11, was very concerned about wall street and the financial sector, not so concerned about wall street and financial sector. so the fed is going to say, you know what? we'll push you over here. we're really concerned about the u.s. economy. doesn't have quite the same sway as fiscal changes might but certainly monetary impact is important. as gary pointed out, a quarter of a percent rate increase. big whoop dedo. strong dollar is real issue. david: gary, we cover the markets every day here and i guaranty you if that word plays
4:22 pm
a good part in the major move in the markets we'll be talking about. >> dave, never guaranty anything in the markets. one thing that is important, everybody is already talking about this word, patience about tomorrow. so i'm not so sure it will have this gigantic effect. david: we shall see. >> i do believe markets will swing back and forth. my motto is at this point, don't blink. david: folks, be careful what you wish for. if iran succeeds getting u.s. to drop sanctions on its oil won't the extra oil on the market mean their oil will be worth even less? adam, there is supposed to be an extra million barrels of oil will come on the market if those sanctionses are eased. we produced, to put it in context, u.s. produces close to 10 million barrels a day. will one million -- >> we're running out of storage space. david: will one million barrels a day extra change the price of oil significantly? >> it would change the price of oil but keep in mind iran is playing more than just the oil
4:23 pm
sanctions. iran is looking for all kinds of economic sanctions being lifted to get the economy going again. this is much bigger play for iran. drop in price of oil is important but they need access to assets they have been frozen from for several years. david: gary, i'm thinking what they may gain in terms of market share, getting oil in the market, they may lose in the price? >> most definitely. look, economics 101. when you have a could. bear market, we're talking a brutal bear market, then you add supply, prices will continue to come down in that bear market so that is to be expected. for oil-producing countries like iran and russia, these other places it is not good news if prices keep coming lower because their production costs stay the same. they end up making less or losing money. david: one thing for sure, saudi arabia will not be pumping less oil because they're looking to hurt the iranians anyway they
4:24 pm
possibly can. coming up in our panel, is a finger, not telling you which one is a finger all it takes to potential sink europe. the government is getting into pot business. the government itself. liz? liz: oh, boy, that i have to hear. the official hangout of march madness, buffalo wild wings, bw's if you're cool, using social media to lure wing lovers. the ceo tell us what bw is cooking up ahead. it will join the s&p 500. which is it and what is it replacing? apple looks to take on cable providers to help you cut the cord but can it compete in an extremely crowded market? ♪
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liz: time for a look at today's market drivers. the dow and s&p fell into the red as the fed kicks off the two-day policy meeting. nasdaq and russell eking out gains. apple rallying 2%. u.s. housing starts, this is a disappointment 11% in february as builders pulled back on new home construction. rate was 897,000. the steepest decline in four years. weather has something to do with this. oil false for the sixth session in a row, closing at new low level, lowest in six years. crude ending the day down 1%, $46.70 a barrel. david: oh, that price is low. we're back with our panel and middle finger debate that might sink europe. the middle finger was given by european finance minister back in 2013. he said the following. greece should simply announce it is defaulting, just like
4:30 pm
argentina did within the euro within january 2010 and stick the finger to germany. this caused all kinds of problems, which ambassadors were exchanged and everything. is it going to perhaps pull greece out of this discussion? >> well, defenders are saying this is old video, from 2013. it is 2015 now. different scenario but i got to tell you, this looks like the guber gate of greece. say that three times finance. belgium's finance minister says greece is looking, disposable essentially as member of the eurozone. very much more likely now. david: gary, greece should simply announce it is defoughting. that is what this guy said. he wasn't finance minister then but maybe that is what he feels now? >> simply announcing a default going along with it, will create massive writeoffs, massive problems and you end up with drachmas but end up with liras, deutch marks and everything
4:31 pm
else. because the rest of the european union will definitely blow up because everybody is doing different things and everybody has different debt and types of debt. so i don't think this ends well. david: this is happening just as mario draghi sy sag how wonderful things are in europe. >> that did what he says sub pickly. david: that's right. >> the finger he is giving europe, when you watch the video that is no doubt what he is doing. the people that would suffer the most of a default are greeks with their savings within euros. it could be a catastrophe in greece. david: everybody would lose their savings. sounds like something from a fruit e futuristic novel in the 1980's government-run marijuana shop, managed by a woman who calls it her dream job but it is happening right now. gary what do you think of this? >> david, i was in aspen a few weeks ago. 8:00 at night, all the stores
4:32 pm
were empty except one store where there was a line around the block. i thought bruce springsteen was doing autographs. no, it was a pot shop. the government knows there was money to make here. they do and will go after it. the next thing they will have stands to sell doritos. david: adam shapiro, you're far too young to remember the 1980s. to me like one of those bruce willis movies which they look at the future, oh, yeah, there is a government-run pot shop. it's crazy. >> i will give you two words, amsterdam. anybody knows what i'm saying gets it. i don't see why everyone is so upset. david: that is true. it happened elsewhere. hasn't necessarily worked elsewhere. i'm still shocked a little bit, kerrey. >> i have knowledge of alcohol. the state of utah runs all alcohol stores. you may be surprised to know. david: yeah. >> ceo the wine and distell rememberry council wrote a letter to the "usa today" editor, we need to have three tiered system in alcohol.
4:33 pm
there is three-tiered system, people who create it, wholesalers and distributors. there are three tiers. we need timely meant on to the pot to make it much more regulated. david: the same with booze? >> i think it is similar. they're complimentary goods. david: i guess i'm getting too old. i see a difference. kerrey sheffield, gary kaltbaum, adam shapiro. we appreciate it. liz? liz: march madness fans have a big craving for wings. last year buffalo wild wings sold nearly 94 million wings during the tournament and with a new campaign and new fan experiences this year. could it be even better? we have the ceo of buffalo wild wings next. plus a new study breaking down the worst places for americans to rent as prices continue to rise of the results may actually surprise you. we'll give you the locations. when does an ad go too far? have you seen the new spirit airlines as it launches a new $69 fare promotion. it has many people up in arms
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david: renters all over the nation getting squeezed with rising rates and stagnant wages. what are the worst cities to be a renter it? the results could surprise you. syracuse, new york, is third most unaffordable city in the u.s. with rents rising 12% and incomes falling 7%.
4:38 pm
you see where i'm going, over the past five years. omaha, nebraska, took second, posting a 14% increase in rents and a 7% drop in incomes. and the most unaffordable city in america? albuquerque, new mexico. rents are up 10% since 2009 while incomes have sunk 12%. among the0 metro areas tracked by the realtor group -- 70. four cities, dayton, detroit, oklahoma city, salt lake city, had incomes growing faster than rents. liz. liz: everybody loves wings in all of the cities, right? turns out fans go mad for chicken wings during march madness. look at this number. last year buffalo wild wings sold 94 million chicken wings during march madness despite a hike in menu prices. this year hoping to top the number with a new campaign called wing wisdom. joining us now, sally smith, buffalo wild wings ceo. sally, who eats more, football
4:39 pm
fans or basketball fans when it comes to wings? >> well, over the course of the football season probably football fans. certainly culminating in super bowl sunday when he consumed 11 million wings but march madness gives it a run. liz: 94 million wings? how do you leverage event eating? let's start with that one. this is a huge event night is. first weekend coming up from thursday through sunday, restaurants will be packed. we have guests that stay all day. we make sure we have great team members on. so every guest has a great experience. they have done enough ordering. there is plenty of food to go around. as i mentioned the wait staff, making sure you call on every table. we have great technology in the restaurant as well this year. and i think that will really heighten the experience of those people in watching the games. liz: you're doing a big social media push with the hashtag wing
4:40 pm
wisdom. what do you hope that will brink? people look at scores with buffalo wild wings? why not look at or >> through #win wisdom, you trade information with track stocking with your friends. people you don't know perhaps. it is a way for our fans in the restaurant to be competitive with each other. liz: would you offer coupons through that? what then is the next step through that. we have a couple different things, if you're in restaurant use the game break app, play games. answer questions. we do award coupons or gift cards. during the final four as part of both game break and #wingwisdom, there is a chance to win a trip to next year's final four game. liz: i'm sure you're bringing in a lot of money.
4:41 pm
you spent a lot of money on six commericals for the ad campaign. they are starring steve the comic from the league. when you spend money on adds you want them to be grabbing and a lot of revenue here? >> it is really interesting. they resonate really well. every man in buffalo wild wings, every woman. we tiered ads so selecting your brackets. it is, there is a ad for the sweet 16, elite eight. and final four. we follow up the tv regards along with online, some ads will run online and then our social advertising. liz: we started laughing while watching it, i don't know why. he was squeezing a plastic bottle making a sound.
4:42 pm
i guess we're a good audience foreyou guys. >> i'm really excited about the message that we have this year around march madness. >> what is your strategy of getting people in during non-sports event times, sally? that has to be a slight challenge? >> luckily sports is around the year. during some of the month, soccer teams, playing youth soccer or adult soccer. adult baseball and softball. we're certainly got some things. going up against the world cup. much last year we have number of great games. number of in restaurant games that we have. great to see you. stock responding in kind. up 24% year-over-year.
4:43 pm
we love to tell you the story. please come back. >> liz, thank you so much. liz: sally smith. buffalo wild wings. we call them bws. reminds us about being at halftime looking. apple will give us the chance to cut the tv cable cords. would we exchange one internet cable for apple necessary. liz: from a science fiction pipe-dream to reality. the company bringing static objects to life. how is this possible? wait until you see the live dome me. we'll show you with the cofounder and ceo of augment coming up. ♪
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due to your first accident. learn more by calling switch to liberty mutual and you can save up to $423. for a free quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. liz: american airlines surging today after it announced that the company will be joining the s&p 500. this is a big deal. the company will replace botox-maker allergan being acquired by actavis. this will be the third us air carrier in the s&p 500 along with southwest and delta air lines of the change will happen after the close of trade on friday afternoon, all right. finally, an apple tv available this fall that could allow us to
4:48 pm
perhaps cut our internet cable chord but would it really? would we just exchanging time warner or comcast cable for apple cable? let's bring in a specialist. we have the tom east senior editor. thanks for coming in. >> my pleasure. david: try to keep it simple because i'm dumb when it comes to these things and our audience wants clear answer. >> i'm very confused every day. david: how would apple tv bring internet into our home? >> only will say it's a rumor at this point. although "the wall street journal" reported it and tend to be a reliable source. idea is, they would do something called over the top. bringing television, bringing video over internet as opposed to over a cable connection. may sound esoteric. david: you still need something to bring internet into your home. i thought apple was saying we will bring internet into your home. >> that is what google is saying with google fiber. david: why not do the same thing
4:49 pm
as google? >> apple doesn't want to be a big infrastructure company. they do really well with that. they shy away from making a car. that seems farfetched. everyone wants them to do everything but doesn't tend to happen. david: google is bringing internet into the home through cable, correct. >> through their own system. david: fiber-optic cables. >> becoming a cable company. david: iphone 6, i don't have one yet, maybe i get one eventually, but they have a new app called the het spot. you can create an internet hot spot in an area around your iphone 6. >> right. david: why doesn't apple find a way to hook up the hot spot app with aptell tv to give you both so all you need would be an iphone? >> that is interesting, apple is still dependent on mainly cable companies. they're main internet providers. you get some from fios or dsl. but you get them from the cable companies. even if you cut cable you have the exact same cable coming into your house. david: i'm answering my own
4:50 pm
question because i talked to you about this before. there is this data problem. when you have a wireless system, you have all these extra charges for extradite at that. of course as we know, all the streaming video has a huge amount of data in it. >> yeah. david: that is why you would need a cable, i guess. >> you go through morningly allotment on cell phone two hours watching tv. david: isn't that exactly the kind of problem that high technology loves to solve? >> and they keep getting more data through the pipe. people are talking about something called 5-g wireless. won't be here for a few years, will be as radical as 4-g wireless was. how much will it cost? it cost billions to buildout the network. david: that might be the answer. still when apple announced as exciting as it is, it is still not actually cutting a cable. you will still need the fiber-optic cable to get the data in there. >> yeah. david: thanks very much, tom. appreciate you being here. >> sure, thank you.
4:51 pm
liz: looking to remodel did the store or home, instead of moving everything around and hurting your back. why not do it digitally and in three 3d? we're talking to a company that is making that a very cool reality next. david: plus the number one thing to watch from the fed and janet yellen tomorrow. don't go anywhere. >> hi, everybody, i'm gerri willis. coming up on my show at the top of the hour, another big hacking of a health insurance company. this time it is blue cross-blue shield and affiliates. millions of people affected. we'll have the latest details. that is just one of the big stories coming up on "the willis report" in just a few minutes. or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe
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that forms a protective barrier that helps keep stomach acid in the stomach where it belongs. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief. try gaviscon®. david: when does an ad to too far getting attention? spirit airlines may have just found the answer. they have begun a new ad campaign focused on number 69 because they grew to 69 planes and active service and offering a 69 round-trip air fare to certain locations. but here is the copy from that ad a lot of potential customers find offensive. i'm quoting here. we have been waiting to hit 69 planes for years. it is our favorite number ever since we were 12 and found that magazine under our brother's bed, the one with the fantastic articles. number 69 is perfect. just the right size with a cockpit that is in your face because it is bright yellow. use your mouth to spread the word. now campaign against that pretty
4:56 pm
sophomoric ad has been started by a group called one million meantime the airline just might have gotten publicity it was looking for, liz. liz, david the next generation of tech geniuses showcasing their latest innovations at the south by southwest conference happening in austin, texas. david: one of the greatest towns in the nation. fox business's jo ling kent is there with one ceo trying to revolutionize three demodelling, jo. >> hi, guys, that's right. augmented reality is coming to reality here in austin at south by southwest. i'm joined with an exclusive interview, the ceo of augment. thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> talk about your path. it is amazing. show me how it works because you're revolutionizing how business vision allize the future. >> it's a free app. either to iphone or android, let's companies show the
4:57 pm
products to their customer in a real world environment. for instance, lori al -- l'oreal al, geared up 107,000 people, with augment and go to the hairdresser, what the display will look like in a hairdresser environment. so they don't have any guesswork to do anymore, what it would look like. >> what the salon would look like. >> exactly. >> what else can it do? >> augment is an open platform. we have a lot of people adding their own model. architects, for instance, architectses are -- [inaudible] expansive and three times -- >> yeah, elaborate die ram ma. >> exactly. we can do one for each project. with augment they can do virtual model show to the customer every stage of the project. then we can do something they can't do with real scale model. we can look at the building from the inside. >> cool. >> exactly, like if you were in the middle of the finished
4:58 pm
project. >> how do you make money if your app is free? >> augment, the app is free, because we want people to donate it and look at product that the customer, enterprise. building on the platform. what you pay for is use the tools to put their products in. to gear the people and augment the catalog, brochure. to reuse the service in a good value. >> quickly, you have a partnership now with sales force, is that right? >> yeah, we are launching this week an app on the app exchange. users will be able to look at their product right from their ipad, take a photo with augment and up load that automatically to their feeds. >> that is amazing. john paul, thank you for your success. a lot of augmented reality coming into reality, liz and david. david: cool stuff. time for number of one thing to watch tomorrow. we're back with gary kaltbaum,
4:59 pm
kaltbaum capital management. what is going to happen, gary. >> after spending two days playing centipede, the fed will come out tomorrow. currencies are moving markets. if the dollar soars, that's is when i expect the markets get hit. multinationals head south. market will know that. that will be really important tomorrow. liz: it has shown a day or two of strength with a drop a it about. gary, great, thank you so much. gary kaltbaum. >> thank you. liz: facebook broke news today. they will enable friends to send money to each other. perfect timing for the mobile money conference. tomorrow i'm headed to harvard to bring you exclusive coverage from what is being called the woodstock of mobile money. digital pay, everybody from alipay, to mastercard, intel will be there, talking superhot sector of the mobile payments. including a member of the federal reserve helping banks move money mobilely.
5:00 pm
i will be at harvard exclusively. david: the idea of currencies will change. we may not know exactly how or may not be bitcoin but it will not stay the same. liz: we pay for things. guess what, "the willis report" is next. gerri: hello, everybody, i'm gerri willis and this is the "the willis report," the show where consumers are our business. the polls close in a very tight election in israel. we'll examine the impact for u.s. relations in the region. >> we have companies constantly buying israeli startups. apple buys companies. google buys israeli companies. gerri: ultimate guide to social security. the reknowned author of a new book, get what is yours. secrets to maxing out social security is here. apple in talks for a new web tv service. will this be the cable tv killer. >> one box, one remote, online tv on all of your apple devices. >> "consumer reports" is here with its annual report on the best and worst used cars. allh


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