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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  March 19, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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kennedy: we are all unpacked and now we will unpack the show for you to sell server or e-mail scandal. i decided to come to grips with reality. they have fairly high probability to see her as the next president. and it makes me wonder what on earth will happen to baby huey? the former president has been happily secluded and engorged in new york.
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according to author ronald casper. built regularly gets visits with a set of the sweater kittens. but if hillary actually rents out the castle, while bill have to reside by her side enact that might put a damper on his conquest,. >> implying that the future first lady was in her own right manufactured of the same presidential mettle. the two for one has a slightly different twist. and a grassroots political action committee has gone fully
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in its quest to elect a second clinton. the campaign is called bill for first lady 2016 and it involves a man in a bikini wearing a giant bill clinton bobble head. take a look. >> they always say where the pants and now i'm wearing the dress. bill for first lady 2016. i am traveling coast-to-coast. kennedy: he looks like a human has dispenser. speaking of which i'm sure that he will be popping pills like sweet tarts once he gets back into the love shack. this might be slightly totalizing with his future foray as first man in reno all he wants to do is put his roots down.
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>> it also might cast a shadow on hillary. giving double meaning to foreign relations. here is the woman that bill might pal around with when hillary is the president. she is having hardy talks with david cameron and his adorable wife might enjoy long walks in the rose garden with bill, comparing thread counts in the lincoln bedroom. or how about this hot pan and bill can only hope that she will someday say this to the first husband. >> what about my asthma? >> i will give you asthma. kennedy: can't you hear him saying to her how we defeat isis with this weapon of mass distraction, and my pants.
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or what if he hangs out with evelyn from estonia. she probably doesn't speak great english but i bet that you could suck a green olive through a straw. and lastly but not least, it is that mysterious hot tamale, a lyra, wife of the prime minister. how many jokes to think that bill is going to make about his constrictor remapped the more i think about it, the more i am on board with bill for first lady in this campaign. he may feel like a caged animal in the white house. but enough about his personal fetish. >> soon you might be able to smoke the chronic if you are a dad with back pain in nevada. the attempts are pretty asinine. and i'm going to read your
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messages and tweets on air. we were shining moment is coming up. i'm happy that you are here. i am kennedy. ♪ ♪ kennedy: benjamin netanyahu sort of victory this week. well, now that he has one, benjamin netanyahu seems to be dialing it back again, saying there are certain caveats, here he is with megyn kelly. >> you cannot force the people of israel who just elected me to bring them peace and security, to secure the state of israel and to accept that it would endanger the survival of israel. i do not think that is the direction of your american policy and i hope it's not.
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kennedy: there is also talk that they may pressure israel into the peace deal with palestinians by going through the united nations. here to sort it out is a foreign policy expert and maven, michael let's talk about this. the president is not happy with benjamin netanyahu's party doing so well in the elections. so why didn't he just write an executive order creating this? >> i thought of that as well. they had the undersecretary for the treasury call him to congratulate him from a payphone seven days later. i mean, there is so much juvenile behavior here. it was congratulations for earning this? >> they had a call in during this call the first thing was his statement during the
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election which he was trying to whip up this right-wing sentiment. and so the original statement was a little bit more supported. and then he said get out and vote because a lot of the israeli arabs are going to. and i think what he is saying is that these people are his constituents. and he mentioned both of those things in his conversation. and so what the administration is also saying is that clearly we have a large supporter of israel in the united nations. >> so these resolutions, we
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don't want them anymore. kennedy: okay, does france have a solution in the united states? what is the difference between the two and what does the u.n. intervention in regards to palestinian state look like? >> you cannot have a palestinian state if you don't have an israeli populace. and it was a very tight race. but it was like a pretty big margin. and so the israelis are always saying something in particular. so hamas is of course the distraction of israel. >> which makes it tough. >> it makes it kind of tough to negotiate. the united nations does what they do best which is part of
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this. kennedy: what does it look like, will they start cutting funding? >> i cannot say that we are not going to have this. this does put this squeeze on israel and they will be isolated as you can see. benjamin netanyahu does realize that this is a tough position to be in. it's no coincidence that he was walking this no two state solution. so he has previously supported a two state solution and he has vacillated on this event. but this often follows the vacillation of politics which is complicated and often not talk about. >> to say the least. certainly the most popular one in the international community. >> it should be, you know, the most popular everywhere. and i just don't think that these people on both sides of this are idiots.
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most people do want a two state solution. but they're going to say benjamin netanyahu learned a lesson here. and what happened? so netanyahu learned that lesson from policy. >> we are going to talk about this, this new lesson that you are going to be instructing us on. and i appreciate that. it's going to be in a few minutes on the show. thank you. i read your columns always. coming up later on, a hot mike catching janet napolitano at an awkward moment. and we have in our hands a thank you card, here he read writing to rand paul thanking him for medical advice. i just want my job, not a
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i think that the issue of race is a very important one. but in fact, i think the whole endeavor is asinine. and this is your crazy, kennedy. jessica joins me now and dusty as well she is the democratic strategist. ladies, welcome. >> thank you. >> so welcome. how are you. i think that your crazy. i think that i disagree that it is a baffling idea. i admire the steps that the ceo is taking. >> i admire his stance but i don't want my barista taking three to five minutes out for customer to talk about having a
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dream where the plight of the native americans because there is such a high probability that that person is going to screw up my coffee. if we are going to start talking about there's, why not life begins at conception. >> i think you're going exceptionally far. i just don't think that they are correlated. it's beginning a conversation that needs to be had. we have seen terrible things. what happened this week and the list goes on. so if howard told has a platform like there's, why shouldn't he be using this? >> we are talking about coffee shops and people making coffee. we may have back race relations and financial inequality in this country.
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and we do have people that disagree about women's rights. but when i go to starbucks i don't need a forced conversation >> why is and that somewhere that we can start that conversation? you're not going to finish it there. but why can't you started their? >> why not at the beginning of your morning? >> because i'm cranky in the morning and i don't necessarily want to have a conversation about things that will be turned allies. and i don't want to be thinking about the race of the barista that is lecturing me on something that they may not be emotionally or intellectually equipped to talk about. >> that is precisely the point, there is no right or wrong way to do this. you do not have to be an expert on race to talk about race and that's precisely the point. when you hire this limited notion that only in certain places can this be discussed, then it becomes a big thing. and race is already being discussed in starbucks. people talk about ways and
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abortion. starbucks is the branded tells you that this is your home in your living room space coming you can talk about whatever you want. had he been a ceo that was wearing something, he would've been like sure. and because he's a white male ceo, it's like well, you're white and your coffee cups cost $5 and we have other things to do. >> i would not care if he were a pldo. >> i would not care if he were a plaid man wearing a fedora, i think it's a bad idea and it's totally drawnout and it's not the time or place to force people into a conversation as complex as ray says. because you can start something, you can hurt people's feelings and you can put people in a position that they don't want to be in. the last thing that they need to do is pull my lariat talking about things. >> it is their choice, this isn't mandated.
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>> why not have conversations about the existence of god? >> with what is going on with the new cycle in trayvon martin and these other important issues surrounding race to map. >> we should be talking about this. we have to go, thank you both, we are awesome and i give you a thumbs up through my magical glasses. goodnight and thank you. >> coming up later on i will show you the best mcdonald's themed cover band that you will see this week. and first, news about the nsa that you probably haven't heard that you'll want to listen to. if you think congress has to approve spying on your calls, think again.
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kennedy: welcome back. the nsa program is authorized to its vision of the patriot act and is set to expire in june. however a pfizer court ordered declassified leaving the door open for the program even if congress lets the authorization lapse area and jim harper joins me now. >> so explained section 215 of the patriot act. why is it so important to let this thing expire? >> 215 is the authority that the government uses in the foreign intelligence surveillance court.
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how long we are talking, who we are talking to, etc. this fisa court has indicated that if the 215 expires, the government has come up with a new explanation why they should be able to collect this information in that signals that the court will allow this. to the debate over this in congress and the public may not matter. the court could just allow them to continue collecting this information even if this authority goes away. kennedy: so people who actually care about this in this country, that infringes on our civil liberties as the government is in some cases illegally spying on american citizens, people should be concerned about this. my worry is that we are not talking about the nsa and that the government is spying on us as much as they should. and so people paying attention to this in section 215, we have been hoping that it does last,
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but now it doesn't matter, that's really scary. this will continue regardless of what congress does been there only a few people that are really keeping an eye on this. ron wyden and just in a mosh. how can we let people know this is important remark. >> i do not know. i'm a patriot and a true blue american. when i got out of law school i knew how things work. the constitution and the law, in a situation like this, that's not happening. the rule block is turned upside down and we had a secret court, it's not even well-regarded as a core because it doesn't have public trials and appeals. and again to my think that people should understand that the calls every day are going into this database. it threatens the republic. if you care about america and you're a good person, you should care about the undermining of the law in this country. you're right that congress is mostly awol on us.
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there are those that are fighting this thing and they're hoping to kill this position and it may not work. >> that is actually scary, i know a lot of people are terrified given the rise of isis. james clapper said go ahead and let one of the most embattled provisions to the patriot act expire. he said don't blame them one another terrorist attack happens. and i think that he's just talking about the fear is. james clapper gave a bald-faced lie as to whether or not he knew that the government was spying on the citizens of this country. would you say to people who tell you that i don't care about this, i just don't want another terrorist attack. >> well terrorism is a real problem. it's a real security issue. we have the occasional shooting
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from someone who has perhaps been motivated by this stuff were someone who is mentally ill. so terrorists have sticks and stones another way of thinking about it. and that was real and serious especially to the families of those people and a small pinprick of the 300 million people. what is going on is like a cancer on the constitution. it is degrading our societal norms. so we really need to stand by our constitution and to intelligence that is based on law. that the people can oversee. not seek records coming up with secret interpretations. then running away to another provisional law coming in with a new individual to do the spying under. >> they do not operate as most courts do. they are out of the public eye, they are not subjected to the same level of scrutiny. that puts us all at risk. they do so much for being here. kennedy: coming up next, i will
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share my favorite tweets and messages. then i will respond or perhaps obliterate you. the first will ferrell graces the "tonight show." the tropical storm is next bring us your baffling. bring us your audacious. we want your daydreams, your ah-has, your easier-said-than-dones. we want your sticky notes, sketchbooks, and scribbles. let's pin 'em to the wall.
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ronald cause -- ronald osborn and the hamburger i am not afraid to say i am loving it. number two. you thought janet napolitano was terrific as:security secretary. she is awful as president of the uc system in california. and embarrassed she did not realize her microphone was hot obviously hates the young richard kiloliters. >>
10:32 pm
kennedy: we don't have to listen to this crap. yes. you do you are running the once great system and into the ground they're trying to protest. number three. harry reid has been mysteriously bruised over the last few weeks and he blames it on exercise equipment but we know he probably welshed on a bet when he refused to make good either that he was mitt -- mud by mitch mcconnell has fellow kind words etfs rand paul who rushed to his side.
10:33 pm
he wrote a thank-you letter. thank you again for your expert advice as to recover use adjusted to get a lot of sleep and not spend other people's money. my staff has informed me that might be sarcasm. please contact my office to confirm. number four. will ferrell made a stunning announcement last night he is now america's sweetheart. for the next 30 years you will be the face of the favorite snack cake. [laughter] >> this stress? i have to wear it. i am the new face of the little debbie snack cake.
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>> you? >> is little debbie. [laughter] kennedy: we did not have that where we grew up. whatever was left over from the sailors pockets. with life and love ask one contestant from the bachelor she was on the date when she accidentally cut went - - winded senate is pretty magical. [laughter] usually it isn't the first eight. kennedy: he gave her a rose. it all worked out.
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tweet me and find me on instagram. should americans be required to vote? the president thinks that is a great idea and a lot to legalize pot for your pet. also we have the latest developments of the secret service. stay right here. l and kale... l and kale... you, my friend, recognize when a trend has reached critical mass. yes, when others focus on one thing, you see what's coming next. you see opportunity. that's what a type e does. and so it begins. with e*trade's investing insights center, you can spot trends before they become trendy.
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♪ kennedy: a lawmaker has proposed legislation to allow animals diagnosed as chronic pain to have medical marijuana legally.
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they may also spend all of their time playing poker with one another. we have the host of comedy central he is back. >> are restocking about dog they now? >> this is the only thing in when you introduce the legislation of cats getting we'd. kennedy: regional launder deprive the animals of the health benefits of
10:40 pm
marijuana. i am anti-prohibition. is absolutely true. how did you you feel? >> i am all over the place for prayer in the first person in line or the first dog. he deserves it. i don't think they can handle that type of leader that they have now like the ak-47. kennedy: it is practically fluorescent. >> but is that what they do? this. >> maybe it comes down to and we'll they squirt of the food? maybe it would be infused
10:41 pm
with peanut butter then you to watch your dog eat peanut butter. [laughter] seven l.a. thank getting more hungry be already eat anything and the dog with a munchies it is a scientific fact will eat chaff -- chocolate. kennedy: that is poisonous. >> it is worse than before. >> i do agree there could be dog genocide. >> we don't need to see that. i am totally rethinking my position. maybe we should kickstart the war on drugs once again. kennedy: yesterday's surveillance video taken the night to use senior secret service agents fran through a barricade after drunken party that there are no good
10:42 pm
eight goals so they were just destroyed after 72 hours. come on. there absolutely:. >> you ruin everything because i was going to make a joke this is like a throwback after 72 hours it is policy to destroy the tapes. are they still using tapes? the fact that you have container sheds to get rid of them. if you could not put this on the cloud? >> i picture a vhs tapes. kennedy: i think they're
10:43 pm
real. >> if that reference it is probably beal to reel tape. [laughter] civic there will find the footage of the hillary clinton an al. >> did she actually by the server? her own server? did she set it up? kennedy: you just made a couple of cables and the u.s. be port my nine year-old has her own server stemming she should be president. kennedy: she has time for only one device but it a hoax has another divisive you are a way from your husband 320 days. >> another joe. -- joe stomach there would be better to put together a e-mail systems and hillary
10:44 pm
clinton. >> now living up that they're tough and we train to they are as bad as. kennedy: joe lieberman made him go under the dhl several upper i am not wrong. >> has he ever done anything? i don't think so. kennedy: i adore you. later in the show i will respond to inappropriate and memorex. you could be on the show in moments.
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kennedy: speaking to a sixth group yesterday obama suggested one way to improve democracy is by forcing everyone to vote. >> in australia it is mandatory. it would be to informative if everybody voted. kennedy: would it? the audacious hope and change we have been promised? he wasn't making a serious policy suggestion the bed thinking how deep it would
10:49 pm
be if the government forced everyone. from year-old pacific capital. that is a very handsome title. >> it sounds like a great idea? >> is a horrible idea. but now anything goes. if you don't have proof maybe they could garnish though welfare check if you don't have proved that you voted but to force people who could not care less to actually vote widely the people who not inform to vote anyway? the. >> are really putting our
10:50 pm
freedom and choice is in the hands of those whove a crap becy will be penalized in it is bad policy to fight for lower-income americans to london to be a part of the process but yet you penalize them for initially for not voting doesn't that make the situation worse? >> the idea is to have better government will get the founding fathers very few americans voted for them. to have property qualifications the yet we had much better legislators and a better government that benefited every petty but now everybody is voting we have lousy government with these regulations and everybody is suffering that
10:51 pm
if you don't vote you cannot complain. >> it depends on where you live. if you live in the swing state maybe but live in a state like california even if you are a republican there is nothing you can do. democrats will cancel out the vote. if you have a husband and wife of the drive to the polls together to cancel each other out. just stay home. kennedy: my husband and i tried to vote as of block. we have written a new more than once down on the ballot. where's my money? janet yellen indicated a willingness to raise interest rates for the first time since the recession. so should the fed raise rates or is the fed better off dead?
10:52 pm
you have said raise the rates first the bubble because if reply it off the inevitable. >> but if it is artificially suppressing their rates she shut the market said it and they would be higher but then it would burst. she did not say she would raise rates but it was possible but anything is possible the alien apocalypse is possible but nothing will happen if is a very probable. janet yellen just wants to pretend but the truth is she is afraid because the economy will collapse because it is not a real record - - recovery it is a bubble as she does not want to pocket. kennedy: do we need a recession to recover court. >> unfortunately we do. it will hurt more if we delay the reckoning but if
10:53 pm
you keep rates artificially low now they have been a zero% to six years with the misallocation of resources people who do foolish things not until the rates go back up they realize all the mistakes that were made in the market has to correct them so now it is painful it is part of the healing process that we need with the ultimate resolution. kennedy: bad choice is as a result the zero interest-rate and that means more one-night stands. >> almost three in particular but people are buying stuff with money they do have you borrow more money when it is free so a lot of small investment what happens when the rates are too low?
10:54 pm
the last time greenspan kept the interest-rate at 3 percent we got the housing -- and the financial crisis this is worse. kennedy: he says free of the recession. i'll want you to think i am ignoring you. i will go through your messages and your underwear. stake here. no chest-beating monologues about engine size, horsepower, or performance. no anthemic soundtracks to stir the soul. just a ram heavy duty that can carry more weight than any other heavy-duty truck.
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kennedy: we're going through your e-mail sandor tweets and i have this one after my segment last night.
10:58 pm
those might not be a decorative necklace they could be a shock caller. i got a lot of reaction to my brilliant march met mispicks. >> ucla was not even in the tournament. >> pretty good picks don't spend your money yet. >> i do love your show even
10:59 pm
if you are the ucla fan. someday when i entered into a groove and saudi with brainwashing you also love them. >> the world's and greatest cat watching annette kennedy nation. >> this is a pitcher said baghdad to meet at kennedy they should wear flannel. kennedy: that was very nice. followed a on twitter or odd instagram. thanks for watching the show.
11:00 pm
you have made my dreams come true. we don't have mandatory voting the we have mandatory viewing. i will give you this banking on monday. goodnight. i'm lou dobbs. president obama today escalated hostilities between his administration and israel. the obama administration has reportedly taken under serious considering a united nations counsel is resolution that calls for return to palestine and would divide israel from the west bank and gaza, that would be a historic change in the stance that would empower the united states, the united nations, rather, well beyond its charter, while diminishing, abrogating


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