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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  March 21, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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but they usually don't. that is our show. see you next week with a new episode of on the new time slot. friday. fox business. going to happen next week? we do. "the willis report" is next. gerri: hello, everyone. i'm gerri willis and this is "the willis report" the show where consumers are our business. the white house announces sweeping new rules on fracking. will they kill the oil and gas boom, a huge win for consumers. >> the petroleum industry contends the rules are redundant as states regulate fracking. gerri: home prices are rising, the number of people upside down on mortgage is going up. we'll investigate what's happening and how it will affect prices. >> could this be the new normal in the housing market. gerri: also price matching. we see it all the time in retail now it's about to revolutionize another part of the economy. paying for college. and senior citizen discounts aren't just for
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seniors anymore. we'll have simple tricks so you never pay full price again. all that and more on "the willis report," where consumers are our business. and tonight, it is a crackdown on fracking. for the first time the obama administration imposing tough restrictions on hydraulic fracturing. the new rules for federal lands. analysts see the government expanding the rules to cover private land as well where the recent energy revolution in this country was born. combined with obama's war on coal, the obama administration is determined to undermine our energy boom. rich edson has the story. rich? >> good evening gerri. opponents like john boehner say rules are appeasement to radical environmentalists. opponents say they are a gift to the gas and oil industry. the obama administration regulating companies producing
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natural gas. the guidelines require energy companies to build wells with concrete barriers disclose the chemicals they use to extract natural gas and adhere to standards for waste water. the cost amounts to one quarter of 1% of the cost of drilling a well. the petroleum industry says state government regulations instead of federal rules are more appropriate. >> throughout the country, happening in a very protective way of the environment. so an effort like this is trying to create a one size fits all solution, when in fact we have variability from state to state and have state regulators doing a good job. >> reporter: and opposition on the other side the top democratic on the house natural resources committee said in a statement, quote --
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gerri? gerri: all right rich, when does this all go down? when do the rules take effect? >> these rules take effect in about three months. the administration says they took four years and two drafts before issuing their final rule this morning gerri. gerri: rich thanks for that. years in the making, what do the new rules mean for the economy. steve moore, heritage foundations chief economist and fox news contributor joins us now. welcome back to the show. this is a critically important part of this recovery what is the impact of the new rules on the economy? >> well, gerri, the timing couldn't possibly be worse for the oil and gas industry. with the price so low a lot of the shale oil and gas producers are really downsizing
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operations because gas i think, oil the last time i checked was $45 a barrel. this is hurting the industry in the time they're not making much profit to begin with. you nailed it gerri. this is an industry that carried the rest of the economy on its shoulders for the last six years. there would be almost no recovery at all had it not been for the huge increase in oil production and the hundreds of jobs created. oil industry is saying we helped obama get re-elected with the huge increase in output and this is the way he repays us. gerri: now the biggest oil produce or the planet and the biggest natural gas producer. keep in mind, lower gas prices, who does it advantage? people who don't have a lot of money. the poor are advantaged by this. >> you are exactly right. there was a new study out by the brickings institution, hardly a conservative group the average family saved $200 a year because of fracking just from the lower utility costs,
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gerri. when you add the lower costs at the pump talking 500 $600 a family of savings. a big economic stimulus no question about it. gerri: one of the few effective once. this is a test case that probably goes to private lands as well as expectation in the industry that these ideas get extended beyond public lands. mitch mcconnell, steve i want you to respond to this he's trying to fight the war on coal and bringing the nation's governors in because they have so much at stake in the war on coal, will he be successful? >> i live in a coal state, i live in virginia and been to the coalmining towns and they've been decimated by the epa regulations. there is a war on coal no, question about it in the administration, and a lot of the coal producers are struggling they have dramatically cleaned up, and clean coal is here. much cleaner than it was 20 years ago. gerri: that's right. coal miners' granddaughter, you
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know which side of the coin i'm on just full disclosure. this week talking about the war the epa is waging on the average americans talking about getting in your backyard with your barbecue and trying to regulate how much barbecue you are doing, and the length of showers. is the epa really out of control here? >> we've seen this over the last, not just under the obama administration but before that with the epa regulating lightbulbs, flush toilets and how much water you use in the shower and how much gas you use in the barbecue. i would say that is invasive. what about keeping the government out of the board room, the bedroom and the barbecue. gerri: steve hang time. we're going to bring in cheryl casone. important news on the housing market. >> looking at the new report that came out from zillow gerri. it's troubling, believe it or not for the first time in three years with the housing recovery, the bottom 10% of home owners are starting to
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become more and more underwater. underwater is where your house is worth less than the mortgage is. you are under water. you want to sell it you are losing money. 16.9%, that is the national number. the amount americans that are underwater, if you look at a map of the united states as well, and take that next, if you look at cities it's a bit of a surprise i thought there was -- this is the amount of homes in each of the cities under water. detroit 21% chicago 25%. exactly. phoenix surprising, i'm from there seeing a resurgence there. it is amazing what's happening in the cities. gerri: i got to tell you, i'm shocked by the map. and the cities you're pointing out here. i don't get why this is happening, interest rates at low lows for six years now, it's not paying off in the housing market. >> what's happening is the bottom level of home owner is one of the lower groups of wage earners in this country. we had not seen wage growth at
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all. job creation the unemployment rate go down we're getting service sector jobs. the companies aren't paying those bigger salaries. the middle class is become the lower class and that's the value of the homes. i will say that the chief economist at zillow said this is the new normal. why does he say that? because prices went up about 6%. 5.9% in 2014 on a national level for homes, right? a lot of ha was in the upper echelon. think of the condos. gerri: never getting back. >> all the big old condos those prices are going up buts lower homes, that's where the issue is. and it's troubling for the economy. gerri: thanks for coming in for that important story. that's a big story. thank you nar. steve moore, want to bring you in here, what is your reaction to this? i am stunned at some of the numbers i'm seeing? >> i think cheryl nailed it in her analysis.
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look at the foreclosures that happened in 2006 and 7 and 8 and 9 that was the result of homes being reduced in value, so people were under, they only had 3 or 4% down payment loans. when home lost 10% of the value, they were underwater. they couldn't pay it. this is what's strange about the story. you expect foreclosures to be falling, and yet i think the explanation is what cheryl said, incomes are not rising fast enough for people to make mortgage payments. that's the worst scenario of all. gerri: the president likes to talk about root causes, talk about the root causes of what's wrong with the economy. it's not growing. not reducing mortgage down payment to 3%, that's not going to help. not keeping rates at zero for 10 years, that's not going to help. have to have a better economy. steve got to get you on one other topic. >> one quick thing on this. the 3% down payment loans they increased the number of these
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foreclosures because people don't have skin in the game. i hate that policy. go back to 10 and 20% down payment and you won't have foreclosures. gerri: then have you enough money to stick around. education for a second, we covered the story extensively this week. university of california president janet napolitano offmic comment commenting about students who were protesting tuition hikes in california. at very colleges she's running 5% hikes every year ad infinitum. she said i don't have to take this crap. she's apologized for this. but people are angry and now on twitter and everywhere you're seeing comments about how she's paid $570,000. giving out 147,000 package to relocate. i know it's that kind of person at that level, you have to pay a lot of money. look, it's going to get ugly if the students can't get educations they can afford.
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>> look i think that the villains in the store ear people like janet napolitano. not because of what she said to the protesters because her job is to make college affordable. and it is an outrage. i said this so many times on the show. the biggest scam in america is how much universities are charging. the public universities and also private universities are out of control. they are not accountable. you need college presidents who are going to come in, look under the hood. figure out to save money. i truly believe if janet napolitano looked around she could find ways to cut expenditures of that university system 30 or 40% without any dimunition in the quality of the education, i'm convinced of that. gerri: we talked to mitch daniels of purdue, he's sliced all kinds of costens anded annual tuition hikes and said we're not doing it anymore. >> i have an idea how can you cut costs significantly. ask the average tenure professor to add one more class
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they're teaching each professor. that would save millions for the universities, but the university professors will never go for that. the average university professor is teaching four hours a week. gerri: golden hand cuffs. the teacher's assistants do all the heavy lifting. >> they're getting pay the 150 to $200,000.ant one of those jobs. gerri: it's a nice way of life. steve thank you. >> okay. gerri: still a lot more to come this hour, including a legal debate whether confederate flags should be allowed on license plates. next, colleges are forced to cut tuition to get students in the seats. one law school is taking tuition cuts to a whole new level. stay with us.
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happening at law schools across the country. fewer people are seeking a degree in the field. the number of applicants plung from 87,000 to 54,000 last year. pace universities law school is launching what they call a tuition matching program designed to attract the most cost conscious applicants. the dean for pace law school, david laski. thanks for being on the show. appreciate it. tell us about the program. in it's tuition matching. if i'm not getting my tuition matched at your school, how much am i pay? >> our tuition is 46,000 a year. gerri: wow! >> it's a good investment. when you buy a home you take a 30-year mortgage because you're using that home for lifetime. same with education, it increases earning power for the rest of your working life. gerri: at 45,000 people are not going to apply. >> that's why we've launched this program. what we're saying as pace has
5:17 am
increased national profile and drawing more applicants from around the country we're saying the students coming from outside the new york area come take a look at new york. a lot of prospective students are intimidated by the cost of living in new york city. we want them to understand you can get a top quality education in the heart of the world's biggest marketplace, new york city, at an affordable price. gerri: what you're saying is you're going to match a public law school tuition. you're going to allow them to pay whatever the lowest public school tuition is in their state. take a looked at numbers. i think it's fascinating. in 2,000, $11,000 a year to go to public law school 2. 2,000 in 2013. private law school, 41,000. you aren't that much out of bounds with what's going on out there. in 2003, it was 25000. those numbers are shocking. why is it so
5:18 am
. >> the tech boom is attracting people into the entrepreneurial businesses and that's not a bad
5:19 am
thing that's a good thing, but still, a law degree is about the most flexible training you can get for a whole broad variety of careers. gerri: and quickly before you go, is anybody eligible for this? how has it changed? >> students with high credibles you know high test scores and gpa's. gerri: you still have to be eligible. >> you do. we know the students are looking at state supported schools with lower tuitions. gerri: you want to be competitive trying to be competitive. >> you got to change with the marketplace. gerri: thanks so much for coming on the show. appreciate it. later on the show, bust a myth a money myth about the senior citizen discount. and chances are brackets busted after a day of upsets a looked at cinderella stories in the making after the break. ♪ get fast-acting, long-lasting relief from heartburn with it neutralizes stomach acid and is the only product that forms a protective barrier that helps keep stomach acid in the stomach where it belongs. for fast-acting,
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. gerri: buckle up it's just getting started. march madness in full swing the round of 64 in the 2015 ncaa tournament wraps up today after some of the most exciting games in march madness history. bracket busting upsets, 32 jam-packed games. where does your bracket stand and who are the ones to watch now? jt the brick from fox sports. welcome back. what do you think are the most exciting things that happened. >> the 14 seeds beating the 3 seeds to see wichita state go out and baylor out. yesterday was about the father and the son steve alford, his son had nine three-pointers and georgia state, what a story when you look at a father and son who won and advanced.
5:24 am
rj hunter -- gerri: we're watching that video, and didn't dad strain his achilles' heel here, it was amazing what happened. i think peel were just in love with watching the father-son dynamic. legacies happen. there is the dad on the ground right there. i hope he's going to be okay. >> he ruptured his achilles he was on the stool and almost fell off and fell off it again. it was exciting he talked about his son and wished every father and son could experience what he experienced yesterday. gerri: i have to tell you, i hope that you realized unc beat harvard. you didn't take me seriously last time, now you have to pay attention. >> they had to hold on to win the game. if it were two or three minutes they would have a tough time. gerri: it was a one point difference. talk about kentucky they're
5:25 am
your favorite. how are they doing? >> they did not look good. played hampton in the first round. if they came out playing a really good team they would have been in trouble. they were sluggish didn't look on the same page. took about 12, 14 minutes to get into the game. i'm sure their head coach john calipari is going use that for motivation as they get to cincinnati. kentucky should cruise to the final four where they face wisconsin or arizona. gerri: doesn't that tell you how unpredictable this tournament really is. you can't see around the corner, think you know who the strongest team is it gets down to the game. you got to win it? >> definitely. the underdogs yesterday from a vegas perspective were 16-4 covering the spread. a lot of people in vegas who wanted to pict underdog had a pretty good day. gerri it's the favorites in the first two rounds until we get to the sweet 16 and the elite 8. couple of upsets yesterday gave cbs huge ratings.
5:26 am
off to a pretty good start with the tournament. all the big boys are still left. the one and two seeds are alive. that's going to make the tournament more exciting. gerri: give me a preview what am i going to be looking at, watch for? >> looking for kentucky if they bounce back and look better in the second game. have you duke a one seed and wisconsin. gerri a lot of the country relations that wisconsin is the type of team that could beat arizona later on or possibly beat kentucky. so watch that wisconsin game to see if frank the tank their big guy can have a big game and they get off to a good start and build momentum. gerri: i'll be pulling for the wrong team duke. i'll be pulling for north carolina. you see i have a theme. jt, thanks. . tonight on "strange inheritance" on fox business the show with jamie colby a nickel handed down is either a multimillion dollar find or a worthless fake on an all-new
5:27 am
unpacked melissa francis goes behind the scenes for fans dying to know more. >> how could this happen? [ laughter ]. >> how could this happen? tell us! >> need a story. what a great story. it's out of the blue, listening to you guys talking. it's fun because you do you ask all the questions, you speculate about all of the different things that happened i got to tell you when people speculate about a sixth coin that's crazy there isn't a sixth coin. but i didn't think there was a fifth coin. gerri: if you can't get enough of "strange inheritance" you will love unpacked airing tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern on fox business. and coming up truck sales are booming so of course jeff flock is at the monster truck nationals outside chicago. we'll have a live report. next the state of texas allows hundreds of different license plates but draws a line at confederate flag. is that legal?
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. gerri: welcome back to "the willis report." in a moment, our legal panel is here with this week's case out of the lone star state. we'll tell you about it. it's time for a look at other stories in the news. house speaker john boehner travels to israel later this month as relations between the white house and prime minister benjamin netanyahu reach a new low. the trip was planned before netanyahu's re-election this week. boehner angered the administration earlier this month when he invited the israeli leader to deliver a speech to congress. today is the first day of spring but you'd never know it on the east coast. several inches of snow are falling and could leave new york with up to 6" of snow. maryland with 8" and parts of pennsylvania with 10". thankfully the temperatures are around 50 degrees tomorrow. blockbuster day for stocks as investors reacted into string of earnings reports.
5:32 am
energy companies soared as oil rose nearly $1.50 to around $47 a barrel. graco agreeing to pay a fine. as part of the deal with nhtsa, it will invest $7 million in child passenger safety programs and education. and those are some of the other stories in the news tonight. back to our legal case a simple case about license plates has become a huge test case for freedom of speech in this country. a group in texas wants the state to offer special license plates with confederate flags on them. the state of texas refused. officials said it could control license plate messages because it is a government speech. the group says their purpose is to promote heritage. the case is before the supreme court which will hear arguments monday. with us now domenic romano and fox news legal analyst lis wiehl. i want to show an example what
5:33 am
we're talking about maybe difficult for you to imagine. here is the confederate flag tag that's at issue. you can see "the willis report" on the right there. okay. lis start with you. is this free speech? >> it is free speech. the court ruled back in 1977 the supreme court ruled that licenses are private. private speech on private property, not government speech. and later in new hampshire ruled slightly differently, that new hampshire people should not -- new hampshirans should not be forced to have the logo live free or die. whether you like the message or not it's private speech on private property. gerri: this is a state thing right? >> yes. gerri: tell me your view. >> i think texas got it right. since the 1977 supreme court case there was another case in 2009 in the last ten years, the supreme court started to articulate a government speech doctrine, a license plate like this, government property any
5:34 am
message that is etched onto the license plate, the government could have discretion what it wants to approve and doesn't. the texas dmv was right. gerri: i want to show as lis is responding here i want to show some of the other tags out there. because there's a million of these and as i understand it the state's making a lot of money. >> of course. >> revenues. >> it costs money. >> that's the issue, people see this as symbol of traitorious regime, and since then, a lot of hate groups adopted the symbol. gerri: not traitorous but reminded whether you favor slavery. >> i don't like it. don't like the message. that is what freedom of speech is about. but the more recent case had to do not with license plates but whether the government could put a monument up in a park. that's completely different. i would agree with it.
5:35 am
>> the five appeals court cases that seem to go with your view all of them were decided before that 2009 case except one which only came two months later. >> it's not applicable. >> it's the same principle. does the state have the discretion to -- gerri: and lis, i want you to respond to what the republican texas ag had to say on this. this is what cynthia meyer said, she said our fundamental right to free speech must be protected but the right does not include compelling the state of texas to include any image on state issued license plates. >> if texas says you can't have this, what's next? you can't have mothers against drunk driving unless you have something that says i like drunk driving? >> i agree with you. >> on the other side, what if a group says i want to promote isis or i want to promote al qaeda? it's free speech. are you going to support that
5:36 am
in a government issued license plate. >> that's treason. >> so is this. a symbol for slavery for some. gerri: the group itself is saying this is heritage for us and these people lost their lives in battle and we're trying to commemorate them. if i could finish my statement, sir, they maintain the places for these people. >> but there's another flag. the stars and bars, which is the original flag. gerri: fine. get your own tag. >> and texas has 200 of these license plates. >> but they're sharing revenue with the government. does the government want to be take revenue for this? >> they don't have to take the revenue. that's a whole different. gerri: respond to this former congressman ben jones in the dukes of hazzard. you may disagree with our opinion we're honoring those people who in their time sacrificed all.
5:37 am
>> they can have a bumper sticker, paint the car with a flag. but it's a government issued id, the license plate with the state of texas on top of it. it's implication that the state is sanctioning the message. >> it's on private property your automobile. you have a right to put on your automobile what you want to put. >> a bumper sticker, not on a government issued license plate. gerri: that would be the essence of the argument. we're going to have ben jones on the show monday to talk more about this obviously lots of people feel very strongly. it's a fascinating topic. lis, last word, quickly? >> i win. [ laughter ] >> it's private property, you can do it. gerri: we let her win everything. okay? it's what we do. thank you, both. good job both of you. and now we want to know what you think, here's our question tonight -- i'll share the results at the end of tonight's show. as i said on monday we'll have one of the men leading the
5:38 am
fight former congressman ben jones of georgia, he was on the tv show the dukes of hazzard. and separate fact from fiction when it comes to senior citizen discounts. jeff flock live outside chicago with interesting guests. monster trucks. you want to see this. first here's your consumer gauge with the numbers that mean the most to you. [announcer:] what if one stalk of broccoli could protect you from cancer? what if one push up could prevent heart disease? [man grunts] one wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease- pneumococcal pneumonia. one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you ... from pneumococcal pneumonia, an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain difficulty breathing and may even put you in the hospital. prevnar 13 ® is used in adults 50 and older to help prevent infections from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. you should not receive prevnar 13 ® if you've had a severe allergic reaction
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what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do. . gerri: it is the annual event that drives al gore and greenie friends crazy, the monster truck nationals where the miles aren't measured in miles per gallon but yards per gallon. jeff flock is there. >> we have the raminator and the driver of the raminator and the ramunition too. i want you to hear what it
5:42 am
sounds like. it's quiet now. laurie, fire him up. that's ray long in the big foot. listen to when this thing fires up i'll tell you, mark hall it makes it awful difficult to hear. like you've been in a rock concert. >> absolutely. absolutely. to some people that's music to their ears they can't get enough of that. >> reporter: a lot of people love the sound of this, and we're going to get out of way because he's coming over a truck, over a car. whoa, look at that. holy christmas! by the way ray long there, and you are mark, you are battling for the championship, could be tonight? >> absolutely. get a little good luck wrap it up tonight, we're definitely working for that. >> reporter: you know, gerri, trucks have never been more popular. if you take a look at the sales numbers, they're going through the roof. people want trucks it's helped
5:43 am
by the low fuel prices but these are the biggest of the big trucks. >> absolutely man, if you're a truck fan this is where it's at. >> reporter: oh, boy! we're upclose and personal here, aren't we. >> absolutely. >> reporter: i've got the pictures of you crushing cars you like to do that? >> i got the best job in the world, you can't beat. that who haven't dreamed of that when you are stuck in the traffic job or looking for the parking spot at the mall or something, you know? >> oh boy. i'll tell you ray is putting on a great show, and this arena tonight gerri will be packed with people. this is the serious centre arena here in hoffman estates illinois. could be championship night. i'm going to keep my eye on this guy. god knows what could happen in a monster truck event. gerri: unbelievable. jeff, i have never seen you
5:44 am
look happier my friend. you are on fire. thank you. >> reporter: you would love, this gerri. you would love it. [ laughter ] >> don't get run over! be careful. unbelievable. many complain about gettingoler moving to a totally different topic. talking about senior citizen discounts. one of the benefits is getting them as you age. government qualifies somebody as a senior citizen at 65. some companies like aarp will let you get discounts at 50. as charles passy tells us these discounts may not be all they're cracked up to be. >> it's the myth of the senior discount. sure, there are a lot of savings but a lot of nonsavings. things that rrl not what they seem to be. gerri: tell me about the things that aren't really true? >> first of all, very few of the deals are good when you start to be age 50. i signed up for aarp when i turned 50.
5:45 am
i've not been able to get as much as i thought. the other thing is that just because there's a senior discount, there may be a better discount in place. gerri: can't you get early bird dinners. >> that's a different kind of senior discount. i'm talking about five or ten percent off. gerri: movie passes? >> movie passes, i can't find a single movie theater chain that will give me a discount. just because i'm 50 i feel it should be free and reduceed. >> maybe you have to be 65. >> you have to be a true senior. gerri: you are cheating. >> aarp will sell me a membership. there you go. gerri: it is confusing. >> it is confusing. gerri: you talked about dunkin' donuts. you like what they do. >> i'm thrilled. the one thing i've been consistent to do is get a free doughnut at dunkin' donuts. how have i gotten the free doughnuts? i have to buy a large or extra
5:46 am
large coffee? i have spent a lot of money to save money, and they know exactly what they're doing when they set up the discounts. gerri: it's either go to dunkin donut and get the free doughnut or go to starbucks and engage in a race conversation. when you search for the discounts, what's the best way to find them? >> senior lists a ton of them. and if you are an aarp member or thinking about joining they do put all the discounts there and some of them are quite good. i don't want to rule this out completely. i would say those are two very good sources for discounts. gerri: 40 million people in the category. 80 million in 2050. you got to think they're going to be appealing to the clientele? >> right. obviously what they're doing is recognizing this is the sweet spot when it comes to marketing these days. this is a powerful demographic but a cost conscious demographic. people on fixed incomes so they know they have to do it,
5:47 am
and also know by appealing to the demographic and getting them in the stores they may shop for more or buy other things. gerri: and supporting the rest of the world. you may not be spending much on you but spending a lot on your kids, even if they're grown up and out of school. >> absolutely. gerri: these people spend and spend and spend, i feel they're holding up the whole economy. >> they are a powerful and growing demographic. the boomers every day another million boomers crosses into the category, and yeah, they are the sweet spot for marketers right now. gerri: dunkin' donuts is your stop. charles passy good to see you. >> thank you. gerri: still to come as americans become fascinated with kraft beers lawyers raking in the dough representing the brewers. one joins me after the break.
5:48 am
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. gerri: as the craft beer industry becomes increasingly popular a wave of battles brewing over trademark infringements among brewers. with more on this craft beer attorney kenneth moon. you are the first person i've talked to on tv whose title is craft beer attorney. why are they suing each other? what's going on? >> it's a growing business. it used to be just a small handful of craft breweries, nowsa the industry is expanding, you have more and more competition for brewery names and beer names. gerri: and it's a limited number of names people want to use, and i looked at some that are taken that you really
5:52 am
can't, if you're starting a new craft beer don't call it columbia or mississippi or sacramento or grizzly you can't use bitter end or can't use kilt lifter. never heard of that. are these companies. more serious these days? are they -- if they're in a position to hire an attorney boy, they're pretty big. >> well, this is small businesses that are becoming bigger businesses and having to start acting like a big business and intellectual property is valuable asset, and as they get bigger, they're going to have to protect it more because it's worth more. gerri: and we're seeing the rise in craft beer drinkers up as well, today it's 38%. obviously more popular and i understand it's not just the names that are at issue it's tap handles. >> yes, i mean the tap handle is a trademark of the beer. it's technically connected to
5:53 am
the beer line so it is considered a trademark, and a lot of people recognize their favorite beer by the tap handle behind the bar. gerri: i googled the words craft beer, and i got 33 million hits on google. you know it's out of control, right? so is part of the story that the cost to entry are pretty low, so a lot of people get into it thinking i really love this and i really want to do it, i wonder how many failures you have out there. >> you know, i'm sure there are quite a few but you don't hear about the failures that much. gerri: no. >> there's a lot of interest in local food and local beer, and a lot of these are mom and pop businesses so they're in the neighborhood and get the support of the community. gerri: that brings up a good point. >> and all of them are growing. gerri: that brings up a good point. if you're a regional brewer, in a small town or community or part of the state. maybe these issues of trademark aren't as important? >> well i think what tends to
5:54 am
happen is even if you're just in one small town, a lot of them end up at national competitions and all want to be the well-known craft beer that even if you can only get in their one little town you're the best. so they all compete for medals and awards, and that's when they find somebody else with the same name. gerri: big and growing business, craft beer. candace thanks for coming on the show. >> you got it thank you. gerri: now we want to hear you from. and jerry from nevada makes a similar point -- and on obama's student loan program.
5:55 am
merrill, we hear from her a lot wrote this -- we love hearing from you, send me an e-mail. we'll be right back with the answer to the question of the day. should folks be allowed to have confederate flags on cars and trucks? what do you say? let us know. ♪ ♪ ♪ (under loud music) this is the place. ♪ ♪ ♪ their beard salve is made from ♪ ♪ ♪ sustainable tea tree oil and kale... you, my friend, recognize when a trend has reached critical mass. yes, when others focus on one thing you see what's coming next. you see opportunity. that's what a type e does. and so it begins. with e*trade's investing insights center, you can spot trends before they become trendy. e*trade. opportunity is everywhere. bring us your baffling. bring us your audacious. we want your sticky notes, sketchbooks,
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5:59 am
the global alcohol giant behind johnnie walker and guinness will pluck out nutrition information. it is based on a typical serving size and is also available online. nutrition information? the news and college campuses is dire we had been describing the tuition price maxine dash program senior discounts and what is unbelievable is the callousness of universities janet napolitano described student tuition hike protests as scrap she did not have to put up with the schaede has a shoe on the of the foot and how good does that feel? thank you for joining us.
6:00 am
that is the with this report for tonight. "making money" is up next. have a wonderful weekend. of you said the you thought was responsible for that call. have a great weekend. neil: i and neil cavuto. the daughter boarding last night on this show was meant to scare investors, they had a funny way of showing it. markets raising even after ronald reagan and former budget guy was predicting a huge day of reckoning. within a few of you little anc not over his stockman's assessment of the ticking debt bomb but how he says we got to fix it now. >> we have to have sweeping middle-class entitlement reform, a dramatic cutback in defense. neil: would you raise taxes? >> i would raise taxes in conjunction with doing everything else. neil: you have cut all that out all those people losing social


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