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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 22, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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229,000 americans from all 50 states and the 49 members of our coalition a salute to their service and their sacrifice. theirs is a war story that deserves to be told. for fox news, i'm oliver north. good night. hello everybody i'm lou dobbs. israeli prime minister netanyahu achieved a surprising and resounding victory in israel's knesset elections. it turns out the polls were wrong predicting a close race, even a netanyahu defeat. no one appears more upset by that vectry than president obama who hasn't offered a word of congratulations. whose administration could only offer a brief congratulations to israelis for having held a democratic election. mr. obama's behavior hardly becomes the office he holds. a man who allegedly intruded in the israeli election in an effort to unseat the prime
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minister. the white house did admit the president hasn't called netanyahu to congratulate him. apparently, a call of some sort to the now four term prime minister will be made within the ambigguously phrase, coming days. meanwhile the white house pettiness on further display accusing netanyahu's lakid party of using antiarab rhetoric in the campaign ahead of the election. white house press secretary josh earnest telling reporters quote, the united states and his administration is deeply concerned about rhetoric that seeks to marginalize arab israeli citizens. well, well well. earnest didn't congratulate the prime minister on the large turnout of arab voters in the election. in fact, he didn't offer congratulations of any kind. but that arab turnout, that arab palestinian turnout, more than tripled from the previous election. that's right. earnest forgot to mention that a
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fifth of israel's population is made up of arab and palestinians. the arabs took 14 seats in the election. we'll be taking this up -- including negative response to the election results, not only by the president and many democrats, but the national liberal media as well. what does it all portend for the u.s. israel relationship? we'll be talking with u.s. congressman lee zelden, the co-chair of the caucus. turning to the woman who would be president the clinton e-mail scandal is worsening. the state department admitting it has no record of whether hillary clinton ever signed a required official exit form saying she had surrendered all her records as secretary of state. >> we have reviewed secretary clinton's official personnel file and administrative files, and do not have any record of her signing the of 109. in addition after looking into
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the official personnel files, we did not locate any record of her immediate predecessors signing this form. >> that admission required some patience on the part of the media and some days. the state department spokesperson spent a week dodging questions about the document. >> she has been asked -- it was more than two years ago. i don't have an update on that specific question at this point. i don't have an update on that. >> you expect to be able to answer that question? >> i hope to. i don't have an update on this matter. we're still working on. >> how hard can it be -- >> we're looking to get an answer. i don't have an answer today. we keep records. i don't have enough data on this particular question today. >> well, we got our update. we take up the controversial and the implications for 2016. we'll be talking with republican strategist karl rove here. also the head of the secret service doesn't know what his agents are doing or why. presenting or more scandal, telling congress what he needs
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is more money to build a fake white house so his agents can protect the real one. the secret service scandal the subject of my commentary. we begin with netanyahu's victory. president obama yet to congratulate him. instead delegating the task to that to secretary cer a e. three other allies have offered congratulations including the prime ministers of britain, canada and indianaia. joining us is a member of the house foreign affairs and veterans committee. he is co-chair of the how's republican caucus. al good to have you with us. the polls were wrong, talking with the former ambassador to the united states.:states. he said the polls are always wrong in israel. this is really a decisive victory. what does it mean for israel its national security and the policies they'll follow going
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forward? >> well, the prime minister clearly is very strong on national security. that's what drove him to come address a joint session of congress on march 3rd. so the israelis as they were going out to vote for prioritizing different issues. some people the economy, housing or the latest ethics attack. al what ruled the day is that they chose to give prime minister netanyahu another term in office. a strong leader who is going to fight hard to protect his national security. as well as insure there is no daylight whatsoever between americans and israelis despite our president's best efforts to create that daylight. >> there is, clearly, a lot of daylight between president obama and prime minister netanyahu. the president at this point, seems committed to -- if you will, a classless response to his victory.
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are you concerned that there will be repercussions from the president because -- to witness this kind of behavior there may be no bounds to the pettiness that is possible here. >> it really looked like from the non-for profits that were overseas, the activities of many members of team obama's leadership in organizing for america leadership, they were trying to put together some type of an a corn community organizing effort in israel. they weretriving to drive up the turnout amongst arab israelis. i think our president wasn't celebrating the israeli elections yesterday. at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what the president of the united states thinks, he does not have a vote in the israeli elections. it was up to the israeli people. they want prime minister benjamin netanyahu to continue serving. >> you know so that our viewers are aware, you and senator ted
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cruz have written a letter to secretary of state kerry inquiring about what in the world is going on with one voice. you wrote the letter on the 29th. asking about the tax exempt status of the organization. five days later a corporation service company registered a new funding entity called peace works. do you think there's a causal relationship there? the investigation into what's going on between this administration and electoral politics in israel begins? >> that was no coincidence a few days after senator cruz and i sent that letter to the state department that that new entity was filed. we ended up receiving a partial response to some of our questions from secretary kerry. the answers created more questions. for example we wanted to know more about state department providing funding to one voice. the state department said that
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their last grant was filed -- was issued august of 2014. the purpose of which was to support peace negotiations with palestine. the problem is those peace negotiations ended in april of 2014. and one voice isn't the only non-profit u.s. 501 c 3 charitable organization that was there. another organization had a $3 million pitch for donations to support their effort in israel. they were bragging about their work with obama campaign staffers. this runs deep. we happen at least a dozen and a half former obama campaign team staffers, these weren't people who were volunteering to make calls or knock on doors. these are people who had roles of leadership in that effort. this is something i have a lot of confidence that the -- the more that you dig, the deeper you go the more that you'll find. >> you know congressman,
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turning to iran very quickly, the administration coming back against senator corker warning his legislation, his efforts to put forward a requirement for congressional senatorulates specifically involvement in approval with iran would interfere with negotiations. this is reaching absurd proportions. the american people are witnessing this farce take place. it makes no sense to anyone in the media who has any kind of an only objective eye about our constitution. what in the world is going to unfold here next? >> well the president -- i have a lot of respect for the office of president of the united states. but the president is not also congress. he views himself too often as a monarch. the united states constitution, which we all took up an oath to up hold and defend -- just because the president calls a
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deal with iran an executive agreement doesn't mean that you can subvert the constitution and not give congress the ability tool weigh in. >> does it confound you congressman, that at the same time you and republicans are saying these things you're insisting the president have trade promotion authority that would permit him to proceed with the transpacific partnership treaty without congressional oversight. which by the way, he's denied sunlight. sunshine being permitted upon the pages of those documents for the agreement. the imperial presidency wasn't created by obama. he's taking it as he put it by his expanded powers beyond anything previously envisioned. this has been republicans and democrats alike creating this vast imperial presidency that is now imperious. >> as far as the tpa
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legislation, it has not yet been filed. i'm waiting to see it so i can see what it looks like. what's very important, is that any type of legislation that is filed now, does not take away congress's ability to have the authority still to approve or deny any type of a trade agreement later. i support free trade. i believe that congress should weigh in to put out parameters as to what's acceptable or not. congress should not relinquish its authority. that's important -- really with the devil -- >> you would deny the president, this president or any other trade promotional authority or fast track authority? >> i think that we have to see what the legislation says. i personally support trade legislation. >> wait, you're usually a straightforward fellow. what i want to understand. is would you support trade promotion authority for this
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president? would you, as a republican do you believe there is an appetite in your party to pull back and diminish the imperial powers of the presidency even with a republican in office? >> specifically, about trade legislation to answer your question, i want to be able to support tpa legislation, which would be congress laying out parameters as to what the limits are on the president's authority in any of the negotiations with the trade representative. so to answer your question, i want to be able to support tpa legislation. i want to see it first to make sure that there is no details in it that i would have a problem with. and, again, it's important that any legislation that is filed does not take away congress's authority afterwards to either approve or deny it. i want to support it. >> congressman good to have you with us. thank you so much. the president once promised to run the most open and transparent presidency in our history.
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right now it looks as though his administration has achieved the inverse. the obama administration this week officially sealed sealed, not opened the activities of the white house office of administration. saying that it was not subject to the freedom of information act request. iran ironically yesterday was national freedom of information day. national freedom of information day. the white house certainly has a sense of irony, doesn't it? this week is officially sunshine week. an annual week to promote open accountable government. whoops. two days ago, the usa today editorial wrote a piece saying officials rur slow walking freedom of information requests. they said obama is the boss of bure rockacy. if he wants that message to get through the entire government he needs to make it a priority. i thought there was a news bulletin in there. i didn't know he was encouraging
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the state department claiming it is quote, fairly certain that hillary clinton did not sign a separation agreement requiring all work related materials be turned over when she left. moments earlier the white house couldn't even say who those agreements applied to. >> i understand the white house that it applies to everybody in terms of the white house. i don't know whether it applies to the president and vice president i guess. in terms of staff who work here, i do know they have to sign those kinds of agreements. >> joining us former deputy chief of staff car rovekarl rove. is any part of you laughing at this rather clumsy effort on the part of this administration, the state department, the white house communications department? >> yeah it is. but it's also a little disturbing. look, she didn't sign the document and it took them how
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many days to figure that out? then they tried to say well colin powell didn't. here's the deal what we ought to stay focused on is in 2004 there were state department regulations that laid out how you could conduct your business. that she violated by setting up her own private server and e-mail account on that server to handle government business. those were reaffirmed and expanded in 2009. she is violating a fundamental principal which is the communications involving the state department documents. harold cole general counsel for the state department was asked by a newspaper did she ask you for legal advice or whether or not this was appropriate. he refused to answer. he's back to being a professor at yale university. she did not get legal advice sthads you cannot do that.
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she went off on her own and is leading american people in the lurch by denying access to these communications whileshy was in secretary of state. if they would have been treated as a government document they were government documents. they came in the form of eelectrons, not molecules. >> i have to say whatever the document is called, it seems a couple of things. >> of 109. >> of 109. it seems to me, there's a simple matter here. that those e-mails are government property. >> absolutely. >> and the fact she has them in in her possession there shouldn't be hesitation in her turning over those e-mails. i've got to say congressman trey gowdy is being a sporting and generous fellow giving her two weeks to produce. this is just to me, a marvel of
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absurdity. >> yeah. and she's thumbing her nose at her own president's declaration of transparency. she's thumbing her nose at the statiates of the united states government governing the national archive and the records of our elected officials. remember, she invoked those regulations regarding e-mails when she over her own signature removed a u.s. ambassador in part because she established his own private e-mail records. what kind of hypocrisy is that? what kind of fools does she take us to be? >> the fools that we often play, i think, is the fair answer. the other part of that is, the state department is like a separate government unto itself. a billion e-mails in one year they kept about 62,000 e-mails. who is making that judgment and why isn't that a violation, a significant violation of federal
11:22 pm
regulation and law? and then to permit this nonsense of secretaries of state walking out the door without filling out g 190 did you fill it out. >> one of the last thing yz did about 3:00 in the afternoon before i left. i don't know if the document is exactly the statement for the white house, but it is a document that has to attest -- i don't know if it has the same number, but it's the same principal. you have to attest you're not taking anything with you that hasn't been approved for withdrawal with you. if you take it with you you have to leave a copy with the government. >> do you know how much news we could have make right there? by the way folks to be clear we do not rehearse questions or answers or discussions or topics. al if you had said you hadn't signed it that would have been the headline tomorrow in the washington post. >> i wouldn't have been able to
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leave. you don't get your final pichuck at the white house until you sign your document and turn in all your materials and equipment. we passed the national archives act in the 19th century in order to keep the secretaries of departments from leaving with the papers. some had sold them. documents made their way into the public sphere because they sold them. this was deliberately designed to epicoo from happening what hillary clinton did. these communications may be official in somebody's mind but they're person and i i get to decide what's personal. how unclinton ess of the secretary of state. president obama blaming bush for the rise of the islamic state. listen to the president this
11:24 pm
time. >> isil is a direct outgrowth of al qaeda in iraq. that grew out of our invasion. which is an example of unintended consequences, which is why we should generally aim before we shoot. we've got a 60 country coalition. we will slowly push back isil out of iraq. i'm confident that will happen. >> i don't know the interviewer's name that's on vice, by the way, but i do admire his -- as the president spoke, uh-huh. i'm going to practice that. uh-huh. the islamic state grew out of the iraq invasion unbelieve. or as we say, uh-huh. the secret service director can't answer what he needs to do to fix his embattleled and dysfunctional agency but he sure does know how much it will cost. we'll lay it out for you next. an appalling antipolice rally taking place in wisconsin
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a man screaming jihad forced a united airlines flight from washington to denver to return to dulles airport monday. as you can see now on the screen, the man was tackled by fellow passengers and subdued by those passengers as he tried to rush the cockpit. their plane returned to the gate safely where the man was taken to a mental health facility for assessment. two of the country's largest and powerful unions are funding a group that has taken the left wing assault on law enforcement in this country in an entirely new direction. it's called wisconsin jobs now. and they organized this
11:30 pm
antipolice demonstration. including the comments on your screen, the chant, last week in madison department of labor records show that the group has received nearly a million dollars in funding from the service employees international union and the national education association union. both of those unions attacking through this organization law enforcement, which of course, itself in the state of wisconsin, is organized labor itself. this is a -- an extraordinary story folks. a few thoughts on what was once the pride of the treasury department and is now an embarrassment for the department of homeland security it's an agency that was once manned bide hero and respected by all of us. its agents admired for their tireless selfless commitment to the protection of our president. the agency's mission does remain
11:31 pm
the same. that's about it. there is little left to respect about an agency whose leaders are such rank incompetence who have indifferently presided over a succession of scandals that have made the agency a public laughing stock. the agency can't protect its own agents not even from hookers and boozers and absolute fools, let alone the proud traditions of the secret service. one of the reasons one of the principal reasons inept leadership. president obama named joseph clancy to be director of the service only five months ago. to clean up the mess the agency had become then. today, clancy on capitol hill to clean up his own mess. grilled by the lawmakers about two senior agents who drove into a construction barrier at the white house and allegedly inbcriated. they were described as drunk or near that state after leaving a
11:32 pm
retirement party two weeks ago. you heard me talk about the importance of straight talk in this country. before i give you my view on mr. clancy, i'd like you to listen to his first public comments on the incident talking to congress. his bosses. offering congress his versions of answers as to what happened. >> were these people given a sobriety test? >> they were not to my understand. >> why snot? >> i can't answer that. >> who said not to do that. >> i can't answer that either. i don't know those facts have been -- >> who discovered this had happened? >> sir it was an e-mail that was first published and i want to say it may have been several days later. >> does he appear to be to you in any way in charge, in command of the facts of his agency? it was five days later to be exact. the secret service director claimed he was frustrated.
11:33 pm
that must have been terrible frl him to be frustrated. after listening to clancy posing his answers its clear he's part of the problem in my opinion and not part of the solution. clancy is not the only one that's frustrated. lawmakers from both parties are outraged. one democratic congresswoman asking what it takes for somebody to get fired. >> are you saying that when someone violates rules, is drunk, whatever that they have -- you don'tven the authority dismiss them? >> i don't have the authority to dismiss them on the spot. >> perhaps that explains why white house fence jumper was able to reach the east room last year. or how an armed man w an arrest record was able to ride in the elevator with the president. don't forget about the three agents who were sent home from the netherlands after a night of drinking with one agent passed
11:34 pm
out in a hotel hallway. of course the 13 agents implicated in a prostitution scandal during preparations for a 2012 presidential trip. never mind the bullets that hit the white house, but weren't noticed for four full days. or the couple who crashed a state dinner back in 2009. what exactly will it take to fix the secret service? time? trust? and $8 million according to director clancy. who today, had the tuemerity to ask congress for funds to build a replica for his training facility in maryland. he couldn't honest forth rightly and honestly questions by congress. but he had the guts to ask for money and he knew to the penny how much he wanted. why shz the president and americans stand for this? if the secret service is incapable of protecting its own
11:35 pm
reputation, how well are they protecting our president? the president says he's none the less confident in clancy. why i frankly can't imagine. but does anyone see any reason in the world that the director shouldn't be fired? and as he himself suggested, fired right on the spot. a quotation of the evening, pertinent i believe to the agents of the secret service to director clancy mr. obama and the congress that has the responsibility of oversight for the agency. eventually we all have to accept full and total responsibility for our actions. everything we have done and have not done. the words of hubert selby, american writer. we're coming right back. . dick durbin lowered himself to playing the race card on the
11:36 pm
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as the standoff continues over the nomination of loretalynch to be the next attorney general has gotten a sense of humor. >> considering loretta lynch's
11:40 pm
vote. it's as if the republicans in congress have developed a new fondness for me. i'm feeling love i haven't felt in some time. where was the affection over the past six years. >> our next guest opposes the nomination. joining us is david vittert. senator, good to have you with us. >> great to be with you. >> i take it it isn't love that is holding up that nomination but rather the impassover the trafficking legislation. >> dick durbin's comments today were disgraceful. purely playing the race card. the other facts he's conveniently ignoring is that the loretta lynch vote is teed up to be next after this human trafficking bill, which democrats have made up an excuse to filibuster. it's just ridiculous. they so much want to continue dysfunction in the u.s. senate, as if to prove that when it
11:41 pm
couldn't function under harry reid's leadership it had nothing to do with them. >> we haven't seen a lot of stiffness and steadfastness on the part of the republican leadership in either house to this point. is mcconnell serious about holding up this nomination until that issue is resolved on human traffic. >> he better be. that's what he said publicly. i think he should stay there. this is a human trafficking bill bipartisan. let's get on with it and vote on it. the provision the democrats want to take out, they can have a vote on that. everybody is clear but they can't take yes for an answer. mitch mcconnell shouldn't cave again and move on to the lynch nomination ton till we do that. >> let's turn to the executive amnesty strategy on the part of the republicans. i mean, that bill looks like
11:42 pm
it's over with. what are your thoughts? >> i was curious to hear about a strategy. i'm not sure i've heard one myself. i've been trying to put forward one. and trying to brainstorm for one. i'm for anything that can block and oppose that executive amnesty, which i think is flat out unconstitutional. >> your reaction to the election of bibi netanyahu for a fourth term of prime minister of israel? >> i'm excited about it. this iran nuclear situation is a crisis. unfortunately, we do not have the right u.s. president for that crisis at least we have the right israeli prime minister. thank god, we're going to keep him. >> senator david vittert, good to have you. president obama doesn't like people congress or sunlight. apparently. his own party fuming over his secret secretive trade agreement proposal. the lightest or nothing. the smartest or nothing.
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. turning to capitol hill now p. a bipartisan senate bill calling for more skills for workers has republicans dwriedivided. >> it doesn't close the loop holes or prevent abuse.
11:47 pm
it doesn't make sure american workers are put before foreign workers. it only increases the supply of cheaper foreign labor. >> joining us now steve forbes. great to see you. this has been a debate that's been raging for more than a decade. you and i have debated free trade. we have talked about these issues. what is wrong with what chuck grassly is saying? >> well the whole thing on immigration should be rationalize instead of the hodgepodge system we have today. if we have certain needs in the economy, we should definitely need it. the combination of security at the border and a sensible worker programs it's not rocket science. >> it isn't, yet the business round table, the chamber of
11:48 pm
commerce is writing off millions of jobs, sending jobs to cheap labor markets overseas and not securing the border because they want a trade harmonization against the countries. do you remember when bill gates testified before senator ted kennedy on these? asked how many, and he was the sole witness, and asked how many visas would you like? mr. gates, he replied an infinite number. infant in infinity would be satisfy to bill gates. what about to mr. forbes. >> whatever we need. we couldn't get proper people here and this gets to our emication system. it terms of what makes sillicon valley the font of education.
11:49 pm
>> if you continue to hire at 30% to 40% lower wages, the outsource -- >> the rules on the book are supposed to be -- >> we know what the rules are. they're not enforced. it's a little like our immigration laws under this president. you wouldn't want to recommend that with immigration with h 1 b. >> the problem with everything this administration does, there are plenty of laws and rules on the books with about meeting particular needs. >> that fellow george w. bush and before him bill clinton. the fact of the matter is we're selling out our middle class. we're not talking about the standard of living for our men and women. we're talking about whatever the system needs instead of what the american people need. that's the attitude of the establishment of both the republican party and the democratic party. don't you think? >> i think what's slowing the economy down, you start with the horrific tax code.
11:50 pm
that's why the flat tax will be back on the agenda. >> i'll support you on it. >> and a stable dollar. >> we got a stable dollar now. >> no we don't. >> we have a 12 year high against the euro. you have people squealing wanting that dollar to come down. that's like washington, d.c. trying to get the jobs outsources. >> it's like a watch that's too fast or too slow. it should be on time. the dollar should be stable not up one day, down the next day. >> it slips a little but that's how markets work. you taught me that. you taught me that -- >> no dollars should be stable in value. just like 60 minutes in an hour. other countries want to trash their currency go ahead. the dollar should be as good as gold a it was -- >> all these years later i wrote a book called exporting america in 2004. all these years later steve forbes and i are still arguing about this same thing.
11:51 pm
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new york real estate heir robert durst being moved to an acute mental facility in
11:55 pm
louisiana after his arrest on drugs and weapons charges. the latest legal drama for durst. he's been linked to two murders and the disappearance of his wife back in 1982. the question is whether he confessed to it all in an hbo documentary. >> there it is. you're caught. i killed them all. of course. >> prosecutors charging durst with the murder of susan berman, a friend and former spokesman shot execution style years ago. 15 years ago. joining us now two of the best attorneys in the country. author of the book lethal beauty and former criminal prosecutor. good to have you with us.
11:56 pm
that is one of the most incredible scenes in a documentary to hear a man confessing, as it were -- >> he's still mic'd up. but as a prosecutor, i would say it does come in because he was mic'd up. >> he had no expectation of privacy. >> i got to say that is -- >> but he didn't because he had the mic on. he knew it was going. he had been interviewed for hours and hours. the other question will be whether the documentary makers were agents of law enforcement. they were not. they were not work ing with law enforcement at all. some would say they didn't get this information over early enough. >> the story here to me in large measure is that this guy has eluded authorities for so long. they didn't take thim seriously until the hbo documentary director shoved their nose in it. >> that dynamic will be in play. when oj went to trial in the
11:57 pm
first place he was a revered celebrity. by the second case he was the person who got away with two members. durst was acquitted in galveston, texas. he dismembered his neighbor and walks out of the building with an equital. that will follow him around in this case like oj. >> have you ever heard of a serial butcher but not murder? >> the texas case was crazy. he was found guilty of the chopping up part, but not the murder part. i remember i was right here at fox news saying it's going to be a guilty, a conviction. loand behold -- >> i get in a dispute with somebody. >> give it to us. >> it's a legit self-defense. i could panic and chop him up. it didn't make a lot of sense. >> i don't want to be sitting close to you. you going to panic and cut -- >> it's a hypothetical.
11:58 pm
it's not in the real world. >> this butchery is -- >> we're trying to claim some sort of crime of passion. >> the point is. the texas case, is not into play because he was acquitted. double jeopardy he won't be tried. the wife, she's never been found. we don't have a body. the strongest case for murder is ms. berman out in l.a. and there is a body there. >> this is bizarre. it's cliche. there's a firestorm about them deciding what can and can't be posted on their site. well within their rights, but they're walking down a very very tight path here. >> they are. they are. because what they're saying to people that are going to post you can't have any hatred or
11:59 pm
anything inciting voinsiolence. you cannot yell fire at a theater. >> not objectively. >> i think it's a problem. the way that people can protest is say, no facebook. we're not going to go on facebook. that's a difficult thing. >> we had examples where facebook is making political judgments, not objective judgments of fact and language? >> absolutely. they're not a government entity. they can regulate it. at the same time it could hurt their subscribership. >> i'm what they would like to see is a conservative version of facebook grow up. >> i'm sure they'd love that. competition. >> so they should -- >> we would be embracing it. >> it's a funny business, isn't it? >> it sure is. >> this is a world in which a monopoly is so nice. thanks for being here. thank you. >> thank you. >> i just got to tell you, thanks for having that brilliant
12:00 am
concept. we'll call it the burns doctrine on butchery. butchery can be separate from murder. >> oh my goodness. that's all for us >> okay, leeza. we're ready for you on set. >> thanks, guys. >> i'm walking to set with our ladies. >> we're gonna do a last, final mike check. >> of course. all right. have a good show, everybody. >> female announcer: the following is a paid presentation for dr. denese skinscience. >> male announcer: coming up scientific proof that dr. denese skinscience can truly help transform your skin. >> so, this is the first day. this is all the clogged pores. and this is today. >> oh, my god. [ laughs ] oh, wow. >> female announcer: plus astonishing "before" and "after" results from just one product in the dr. denese skinscience system. >> male announcer: and now the exclusive premiere of "winning the wrinkle war," examining how powerful age-renewing, and youth-building ingredients can actually deliver


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