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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  March 25, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm EDT

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session. technology among the leaders. we are off of the lows of the morning. that is for sure. craft and highs merging in a $40 billion deal. that will do it for us today. stuart: thank you. google. the crony capitalists. you heard it here first. you will hear it again today. i will scratch your back if you scratch mine. helping president obama in the white house returning the favor. not quite the way capitalism and democracy are supposed to work. big processed food gets figure. they are the processed food
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kings. the second black box has been found. this is the data recorder. it is badly damaged. "varney & company" about to begin. ♪ take a look at the share price of craft. it has announced a $40 billion merger with heinz. who knows which companies will be next to get together. some of the biggest brands that you know are now under one roof. maxwell house they'll veto, jell-o oscar meyer philadelphia cream cheese just among many that we have to tell you about. a half dozen companies that
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dominate grocery stores all over the world. this is adam schapiro. a piece of the heinz fortune. all right adam, is teresa heinz kerry much richer this morning? >> a great question. the answer is, no. when they bought heinz pac in 2013 at that time, she had in a trust roughly $3 million worth of stock. that aspect alone she will not be making any money in regards to this. if she has shares of craft she is going to the bank.
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he is financing that special dividend. >> they are paying a special dividend. that is factored into the stock price. wife of the secretary of state did not make serious money on this. >> do not loosely for her. she keeps her finances separate from the secretary of state john kerry. she registered as a democrat. that money is hers, not his. she is worth a lot of money. stuart: do we know where that actually comes from? >> absolutely not. stuart: i will update you on the german plane crash. yes, it did indeed kill 150 people. they were covered both
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lockboxes. now, they are working on the voice recorder. they want to know what was said in the cockpit. they may have trouble finding out what the plane was doing. now, the rescue, very tough for rescue workers. jagged peaks. deep valleys. helicopters flying them to and from the crash site. we now know that two americans were indeed passengers on the plane. calm on in, amber smith. all right amber you cannot land a chopper on slopes like that can you? >> no. it is all having to be helicopter operations.
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the rescue workers are having to hike up these extreme slopes or repel out of helicopters. stuart: what about flying a helicopter at altitude. is that a problem for choppers? >> it can be dangerous. all sorts of hazards. i did it when i flew in the mountainous region of afghanistan. it sort of decreases maneuverability and operations inside the aircraft. you also have hazards with the terrain. if you are not operating at a certain airspeed, you could find yourself in a dangerous position very quickly. you have the trees.
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you have wind must. stuart: the debris is scattered all over the place. tiny tiny pieces. it seems to me that you would have a very hard time getting it all back. roof covering it all. they are our body parts scattered all over that mountain. will we get them all back? >> you know, it is going to be quite a gruesome recovery. there are no roads to get in. everything that we talk about they will all have to be airlifted out of there. that will take time and a lot of resources. another thing to remember is you have seen some of the pictures
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that have come out of the valley in terms of how many aircraft are in a very confined space. they will have to make sure that they have proper control because we have seen it before when something happens. a lot of news helicopters in one place where there is mid air collisions because they are so focused on what is out side. stuart: amber smith you know what you are talking about and we appreciate it. let's get to the markets. the dow jones industrial average is down 31 points. just under 18,000. look at the share price of lumber liquidators. i thought that tom sullivan was a friend of the president. more of that with our friend gerri willis in the next hour. the price of gasoline up again
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overnight. $2.42 is your average price right now. there goes my prediction of a plunge in gas prices. it looks like i may have been onto something. recently i described google as a crony capitalist. listen to my take. >> crony capitalism. i will scratch your back if you scratch mine. google and obama. perfect together. they've have cough and google gets a slap on the wrist. it is 2012, remember and google guide has just organize president obama's reelection victory. any connection to that slap on the wrist? that top google executives average one meeting a week
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inside the white house. rich is covering this. who was at these meetings? >> eric schmidt went with white house senior adviser as did other company officials. stuart: were they meeting just as the government was deciding whether or not to charge google? >> 230 different meetings since the beginning of the administration. >> that kind of access is surely unusual. >> well, when you look at what other companies are doing there is a lot concentrated. we have a white house response here saying that the ftc is an independent agency and we respect their independent decision making.
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these meetings helped keep the white house of praise on important policy issues. stuart: i would not be sarcastic again. i would not dream of such a thing. mary kissel is here. you disagreed with me when i said crony capitalism. >> stuart, i think you go a step too far when you imply that the ftc should have taken an antitrust action against google. the two they had prepared charges against google. then the commissioners backed off after a series of meetings.
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>> they want to bring frivolous lawsuits all the time. that is how they make a living. it is not an argument. there is no barrier to entry. stuart: i think that that is a different story but we will discuss it later. darrell isa. does he think that this is crony capitalism? he will answer the question. he joins us at 11:30 a.m., this program. iran is not giving inspectors full access to its nuke program. colonel ralph peters is next on the. this is live from brazil. it starts to sink.
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friday night, buddy. you are gonna need a wingman. and with my cash back, you are money. forget him.
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my airline miles will take your game worldwide. what i'm really looking for is -- i got two words for you -- re-wards. ♪ ♪ there's got to be better cards than thi [ male announcer ] there's a better way with compare hundreds of cards from all the major banks to find the one that's right for you. it's simple. search, compare, and apply at first round's on me. stuart: 7950. we are down 62 points on the dow industrials. we have good news on apple ford and comcast. >> apple has reportedly cut the cost of the apple watch and cast. they use less power and they have richer colors.
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keep in mind, other sources are calling the story overblown. the cure for your lead foot as new tech knowledge he that uses technology to scan roadsigns. the technology will first appear on the new board as max. it is launching in europe. stuart: why am i not the prize. you are up. of course. >> watch out for this scam. it is a pop-up that will take over your computer screen. she says only way to fix the situation is to call a phone number. do not call. it really is a scam. shares of comcast are down one third of a percent. stuart: thank you.
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six days left to make a deal with iran on a nuclear program. they say they cannot get the answers they need from iran. iran still will not allow inspections of its keys nuclear sites. ralph peters is with us. ronald reagan negotiating with the russians. it seems to me that our president is trusting the iranians without a shred of verification. >> i am not sure how much stock you can put in. seriously. when the un's international energy agency head a very experienced man detailed knowledge of arms control and nuclear weapons when he says
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that we do not really know what is happening right now that we need far more intrusive inspections then we have had we have to go to more sites. things are really topsy-turvy in this world. clearly, sober people know what, they recognize how grave the iranian nuke threat is. when these negotiations begin our goal is zero tolerance for nuclear weapons. now, we are just down to negotiating a one-year break out window. how pathetic is that? >> you cannot trust iran without verification. you cannot allow our mortal enemies to get a nuclear weapon and trust them.
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how can we possibly do this? >> you do not trust president obama's judgment? >> we can't. torturous to watch and listen to josh ernst the white house commentor on propaganda. he was asked about all the other act entities that iran has engaged in. look at today's headlines. in ogando. lebanon. it basically came down to, well, all the sanctions would be lifted and iran would get a lot more money and be more peaceful. they are conduct in so many horrific things now.
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when they are under sanctions and their economy is hurting what are they going to do when sanctions are lifted? hundreds of billions of dollars of income or every single year. how does that help? stuart: ralph i want to switch gears. i want to take a look at a picture. it shows youngsters kiss. i want your reaction to this. a lot of people are outraged. saying it is totally disrespectful to veterans in the military. >> you cannot fault the kids if their parents do not teach them descent manors. our parents used to take us at least once a year to gettysburg. we knew that there were things you could not do. you did not i'm over.
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you did not crawl over the gravestones. you just knew that. you grew up knowing it. we grow up in a culture that does not teach simple public manors in the public eye. it is a sad and for our country. manors are the oil to the society. without them, we are ugly. stuart: do not knock the victorian era. i was there. [laughter] good stuff. always a pleasure. come and see us again soon. please. the death of two americans on the plane crashed.
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the second black box was found. e da rordr w bad daged. ain,wo arica cfirm deadn t cra and outs. using inking regulators to go after gun dealers. >> they are westernizing government to meet their ideological police. ♪
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>> when i say kraft stock is up big, i mean it. a 40 billion-dollar merger with heinz. warren buffett a nice big profit today. top banking regulator comes under fire. >> like the irs, i fear that activists at the doj and the fdic are abusing their power and authority and are going after legal businesses. and in effect they're weaponnizing government to meet their ideology beliefs. >> they went after gun people. tobacco distributors. all with using the power of the government. and singling them out. >> no. the administration likes to do this. what they actually want are just
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a couple of very big banks that they can go to and extort for money. the more consolidated the banking industry is, the better it is for the white house. the people they're hurting are the very people that democrats are trying to help, which are low-income people who need access to a bank account and access to credit. >> right. what do poor people do if there's not a bank in their neighborhood where they can open up an account? they go to a payday lender. >> of course, they do. if they can't do that, they go to a a hoodlum, someone who will extort more money from them. it's terrible. i'm glad congress is looking it. >> you heard it here first. i called out google and the obama administration for crony capitalism. now i think we have even more evidence of that. congressman darrell issa on that subject. crony capitalism next. ♪
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♪ >> check that big board. we're down 72 points. slipping lower. 17939. not much change in oil recently. right at $48 a barrel.
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not much change in gas. 2.42. a fraction overnight. my prediction of a plunge was wrong, i have to tell you. you can laugh now, judge interject. >> i don't think it's funny. >> oh. [laughter] >> just hold on a second. i'll tell our good viewers where to buy the cheapest gas in america. right there. enmark in acheon. looks like there's more proof for crony capitalism. you know google and the white house getting together. oh so comfy. the wall street journal reports that top google executives averaged one meeting a week at the white house. darrell issa is with us. congressman always a pleasure. welcome back to varney & company. congressman, you you have a beard. you didn't have one last time. >> well you know, it's the new me. i went to south by southwest as a lecture.
11:33 am
i let it grow. haven't taken it off. spread the word that it could happen to you too. >> okay. let's move to the subject at hand. let me make my case. eric schmidt top google guy runs president obama's reelection campaign. staffers at the ftc say, hang on a second. you're monopolist. and they prepare charges. all these google executives visit the white house and suddenly the administration backs off. google gets a slap on the wrist. i call that crony capitalism. is it? >> well, clearly it's one of those things that americans have a right to know. the reform is about making sure you can find that out. stewart, the one thing you know is that government knows in more about you than you know about the government. you need to know what the connections are.
11:34 am
freedom of information is a big part of how you get it. (?) in the future, under our bill, if government doesn't give it to you in a timely fashion they'll pay your fees to make sure you get it. stuart: you could say that government could be swamped with countless requests for freedom of information act material. i mean your bill if it goes through could be abused, could it not? >> well, if you expand and expand and expand what people have a right to know, then at some point maybe government will just post it so you'll know it all the time. the fact is, stuart why is it that you're not automatically, and i hate to use the google example under the circumstances, but able to google your questions and find out from the government what they're doing. the fact is, the government keeps a lot more secrets than they should. and whether it's the nra, the aclu, the associated press or fox business when you put
11:35 am
in a request, you need to be able to get that information because the american people have a right to know. and often, it's organizations like yours that are putting in those requests, not frivolously but because the american people have a right to know. and the government is keeping it a secret. that's why we need the reform. crony capitalism does not exist very well in the light of day. it exists in the shadows of what you don't know. >> sunshine is the best disinfectant. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, sir. >> beard and all. all right, bankrupt radio shack is selling its customers information. that information is an asset. and radio shack is selling it as an asset in bankruptcy court. i think it's in bankruptcy court. >> yes, it is. >> here he is judge andrew napolitano. >> i assumed you wanted me to answer that. i know how you react. >> now, i don't have a problem with radio shack. >> that's because your
11:36 am
information is not in radio shack's records probably. >> i don't object -- look, it's like having a customer -- >> here's the very interesting issue: it is radio shack's customer -- is the information in the customer list an asset of radio shack or does it belong to at&t? because radio shack merely sold if i may the hardware for customers to link up to at&t service. it was a vendor and an agent for at&t. >> no, it's radio shack's because they are radio shack customers. they sold something from that customer. it's their information they're after. >> it could have gone both ways. they got the information in order to pass it on to at&t so that at&t could communicate with the customer. and once you bought the hardware from radio shack, you existed with at&t. that was your internet
11:37 am
and telephone provider if you bought the hardware from them. the question for the bankruptcy court is, is this even an asset that belongs to radio shack? second question is: what -- the government of the state of texas? why should tax dollars of texans be paid to enter in this litigation? because the attorney general of texas has decided to enter the bankruptcy on behalf of former radio shack customers in texas arguing he is the protector of their privacy. >> okay. so which side of the first question are you on? whose asset is it? >> i would almost be on the side of the privacy. i tell you why because radio shack at the time you bought the hardware from them, gave that standard promise of privacy that we will never sell or give away your private information. however people selling or giving it away are not radio shack. it is the bankruptcy court that acquired the
11:38 am
assets to radio shack. so it gets a little bit in the weeds. the more complex it gets, the more it's obvious is that the people who went to radio shack, to buy hardware, to use at&t, never intended that some third party unknown to them would get their personal information. >> you lawyers. you just wrap everything up in complexity and charge $500 an hour. >> well i'm not charging anything. and my job is to remove the complexity. did i succeed mr. varney? >> as a matter of fact you did. >> now, how would you look like the beard that congressman issa grew? >> oh, you wouldn't believe it. >> i'm sure the graphics department can come with up with a beard. they probably could come up with it when we're on-air. >> the graphics department doesn't know that when i grow a beard, it's red. bright red. >> i don't believe that
11:39 am
for a moment. >> here it's gray. down here, it's red. >> is there a picture of you wearing a beard with the flip-flop on the tractor on the farm. >> stop already. we're done, judge. totally. big board. whoa, watch out. we're slipping. now, i'm not sure if something has happened in the last few minutes. evidently, it has. now we're down 120 points. we started the interview with the jude. now we' dow 10. >> aerhherfo becse ohi m t cying >>irstord o the -- israel spying on us talks with iran. it's how we found out about president obama's plan. mike baker cia guy up next. we also get his reaction to this. children on the vietnamington
11:40 am
for a photo op. here's our question to you the viewers, are you outraged? >> i don't want to return to the victorian era. at the same time good manners are the oil so that society functions well. without them, we're ugly.
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>> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. the dow jones industrial average down 150 points. wraps the session lows of the day. s&p 500 down three-quarters of 1%. take a look at the dow laggers. microsoft intel ibm, goldman sachs. twenty-five of the 30 names are to the downside. we were testing those lows. we tested them twice. after we broke through you see this down crash. a big deal with kraft and heinz combining to make the third largest food company in north america. kraft shareholders will receive a special dividend. it's pending approval. the new company will be called kraft heinz company. groupon. ten bucks up from six. that's when they did a survey of customers. they found 78 of the customers planned to be back in three months. 40% of them actually plan to spend more. varney & company coming up.
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♪ >> we are led to believe that this downside move in the dow industrials is because the american economy is slowing. the expansion is slowing down. durable goods orders numbers came out much earlier today. now apparently the market is reacting to them. slow down. down 164 as we speak. the supreme court hearing the case against the epa's new rules that crack down on emissions at coal-fired power plants.
11:45 am
so the supreme court is hearing the case, does the epa go forward with these rules, or will they rapid on rapped on the knuckles and retreat. >> the epa did not do an appropriate cause benefit analysis. something like $6 million in supposed to benefits. >> no millions that they have inflated for billions of dollars of costs. (?) it won't do anything for public health. and if the supreme court rules against the epa here, they would be striking a great blow for the expression separation separation of powers. epa, you can't make up powers as you go along. >> that would be a shake-up. >> people should keep an eye on this case. >> now this, spying on israel -- israel spying on our talks with iran. personally, i have no problem with this. in fact, i'd probably say thanks. prime minister netanyahu who exposed these talks
11:46 am
and told us the truth. i want a military guy's opinion. mike baker. covert operations officer. now, then, you're going to have a fight with me, aren't you? >> i'm not. >> yes, you are. because i'll start one. i'll say, thank you very much, prime minister netanyahu. without you without the spying, we would be in the dark with what our leaders are doing with iran. and i want to know it. netanyahu told me. >> i can't get to the point where i thank you thank another country for spying on us. >> why not? >> i'm an american citizen and i i want to protect our national interests. but having said that, i'm completely unsurprised that they engaged in this activity. there's no shock involved. we would expect nothing less. we work to prevent others including our close allies from spying on us. but everybody does it. >> of course. >> so there should be no
11:47 am
surprise they're trying to do it. it's an existential threat to them. >> there's no fight there. netanyahu is defending israel's interest and america's national interest. since when has it been in america's interest to give a nuclear weapon to the mad mullahs of tear an. >> that's pretty good. what a load of crap. (?) it doesn't make any sense. that's their position. everything has flip-flopped. iran is enjoying more leverage, more influence in the middle east than they have in modern times. it's because we've stepped back. whether it's because the president is incurious or because they just don't get it and we have this jv foreign policy team running the show. i don't know. but the actual you know fact of the matter is, the israelis spying on us -- remember that shock and dismay from the germans and the french after the snowden
11:48 am
leaks? they chastiseed the president of france for being anglesty and blowing smoke. what do you think we do? everyone does it. we shouldn't be surprised. >> we only found out on the israelis were spying on us is because we were spying on them. >> it's the oldest -- maybe the second oldest. >> check yourself. you live in i'd ho. don't worry about that. (?) a lot of people are talking about this one today. children pictured climbing all over a vietnam war memorial. now, a lot of people are coming in to us and are saying, that is flat-out disrespecting people in the military you're a cia guy. what do you think? >> what are they pigeons. get off the statutes. get off the monuments. it comes down to parenting which is at the core of a lot of problems we discuss on a
11:49 am
daily basis. i hate to sound like a broken record but it comes down to family and it comes down to parenting and proper respect. and if it doesn't start with the parents, i don't know where we're heading. >> well,well said, mike baker. totally wrong about netanyahu but right about the statute. all right then the ford motor company coming out with a new car. forces to you obey the speed limit. do you think that will make you safer? ♪
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♪ stuart: well we're looking for reasons why the dow is dow154 poin. al knong alyss te us that it's because new numbers are showing the economy is slowing. a new study from aaa58% of all crashes involving
11:54 am
teen drivers are due to distracting driving. most were caused by distractions like using a cell phone talking to other passengers playing with the stereo. ford's new car reads the signs on the side of the road and limits the speed of your car. (?) look who is here. foxnew tha make. answer in turn. number one, this takes the fun out of driving. >> speed cameras take the fun out of driving. and according to ford, the reason they have it, the customers in europe say there are 35,000 speed cameras across europe. a guy in finland paid -- >> ford said because in europe, a lot of speed cameras we'll introduce a machine which limits you to the speed limit, so you won't get a ticket on the cameras.
11:55 am
that's what they're saying? >> that's what they're saying. >> what does that have to do with america. >> they might bring it here eventually. you can turn it on and off. it tells you what it is on the dashboard. it doesn't have the speed restriction. >> you know what they say about volvo boxy but good. how about safety? i don't believe a car limited with speed the speed limit is any safer, in fact, i think it may cause accidents. you say? >> exactly. a lot of things has to do with speed difference. everyone else is doing 75 and this one guy doing 55 that's not safe. the speed cameras are there. the european economy is in tatters. they have these ridiculous fines. get money any way they can. again, a 60,000-dollar ticket for going 14 over the speed limit. >> that's in finland. they relate the size of the ticket -- >> several countries do
11:56 am
that. switzerland, sweden. the fees are higher than they are here. a lot of police departments are cracking down trying to raise money giving more speed tickets. >> you're not in favor of a ford car that limits your speed. >> you can turn it off. press the gas all the way down. it goes off automatically. jaguar has it too. >> don't you ever get tired of big brother? don't go too fast. >> well that's the thing. does big brother take control of this and say every car needs to have it. right now if it's a choice, i've looked down at the speedometer and seen myself go one or 2 miles over the speed limit. >> you freak out about going one -- >> more than that. i use the systems some of these cars already have. they're quiet and smooth. next thing you know you're doing triple digits. you didn't expect it. >> that's what cruise control is for.
11:57 am
>> they'll just charge you more money for it. >> thank you, mary. the voice of reason. get out of here. president obama has tirltd middle east policy away from israel and towards iran. that's my point. all to prove a point. one of the foremost authorities weighs in on my opinion. top of next hour. the man who says it's time to forgive pete rose and put him in the hall of fame. it's a story that went viral on our facebook page. hour two. two minutes away.
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> president obama tilts away from israel towards iran. this is the dramatic shift in america's foreign policy. it is also astonishing. and to me, very troubling. here's the evidence. president obama's chief of staff went on record saying america's 50-year policy of supporting and protecting israel at the united nations would
12:00 pm
change. we will no longer defend our ally. we will no longer protect the only democracy in the middle east. that is a tilt. now, the other side of the coin the tilt towards iran. the president is bending over backwards to secure a nuclear deal with the mullahs. he will let them get a bomb. just as iranian backed forces run through iraq and yemen and threaten the saudi oil fields. the president's intense desire for a peace makers legacy pushes him to the peace at anything tilt to iran. who would thought that any american president would walk away from an ally to embrace a mortal enemy. that's what's happening. the tilt is real ♪ stuart: we're down. apparently there is evidence that the economy is slowing. that's what the economists are telling
12:01 pm
us. some numbers out today. we're down 160 points. the dow is back to 17849. what do we have next? moving on to the price of oil. kraft food. look at that. up 48%. that stock moving straight up there. they have a deal. a 40 billion-dollar merger with heinz. that brings together some of the biggest brands that you know. bringing them all together. i'm going to give you a partial list. maxwell house. velveeta. jell-o. philadelphia cream cheese. we're down to a half a dozen companies that dominate grocery stores all over the world. kraft, heinz together. the recovery efforts difficult. terrain, altitude, making it difficult. lauren with the latest. >> here's the latest. two americans among the
12:02 pm
150 presumed dead on that flight. the washington post is reporting that they are a mother and a daughter from virginia, identifying any of the bodies however, will take weeks. leaders of germany france and spain they're holding a news conference near the crash site, as i speak. we're monitoring that conference for any developments. investigators are working to retrieve data from both of the black boxes. they found the data recorder this morning. it is very badly damaged. this metal black box, the one you're looking at on your screen that's orange and red, this was found yesterday. it too is pretty badly damaged. also, germanwings canceling dozens of flights today. crews were upset about their lost colleagues. a lot of people can't get out. just this nervousness and sadness. >> indeed there is. >> too scared to fly. right? >> i think it could be for some people. to the middle east, president obama in my opinion tilting away from israel towards iran. i'm calling this a dramatic shift in
12:03 pm
america's foreign policy. the wall street journal's brett stevens is with us. am i going too far brett? >> no. that's correct. i wrote a column, the anti-israel president. what i find troubling the president of the united states has seized on a single comment by the prime minister made in the heat of an election and actually in basic respects, misinterpreted in order to manufacture a kriesdz crisis with israel that he doesn't need to have. the president could have said we regret the prime minister's comment. he clarified it. instead he's amplifying the crisis. >> the news the iaea, the nuclear watchdog they say they're not getting straight answers from the iranians. they can't visit. they're not having their questions answered. if our president has a deal with the iranians,
12:04 pm
we won't be able to verify it. >> that's precisely it. that's what gives this entire process this entire effort at negotiation such a bizarre almost orwellian character. the iranians are violating their commitments as they're negotiating a deal, the very purpose of which is to keep iran at least a year away from from cheating or from having the benefit of cheating on the agreement they're supposed to sign. the best case that could be made for the deal, this president is taking this giant leap of faith, in ten years of time iran will be a different country. maybe it will be pro american. not a theocracy. that's hard to see. >> brett, i don't think america in general is prepared to make that leap of faith. i don't think america will let this president make that deal. >> he'll try to take this to the un security council. it will bind the united
12:05 pm
states as a member of the un. it will be difficult for congress to oppose, unless they can muster the democratic senators they need to pass legislation and override -- >> you think they will? >> no, i think the democrats will fold. >> we will get a deal which will give the mullahs a bomb at a certain time in the future. >> the only person that can stop is the supreme leader of iran. he may not want a deal. >> why not? >> because he think he can drive the deal harder. >> isn't there a rollback on us sanctions? >> you're right. i'm trying to work this one through. khamenei no deal. because they can get a better deal down the road? >> that's a rational thing. every time they've hardened their position, people change. >> it's the biggest shift in american policy i've seen in my life. >> the biggest disaster in diplomacy.
12:06 pm
>> people will die because of this. strong stuff. brett stevens, thank you very much sir. i have breaking news for you. what do we have here? okay. what do we have? okay. french air accident investigator says -- this is the investigative authorities of the french aviation minister, they have extracted recordings from germanwings voice recorder. that's all we have at this point. but we'll have more on this later. because what we want to know is what happened inside that cockpit. during the course of that rather short flight. the cockpit voice recorder is one of the two black boxes which is in reasonably good shape. and now they're trying to get information from it. as soon as we find out what they've got in that black box we'll tell you and bring it to you. now this, look at the share price of lumber liquidators, please. several government
12:07 pm
agents are investigating the company's allegedly toxic flooring. from the consumer regulators to the epa they want to investigate the flooring. this follows a "60 minutes" exposé. welcome to the show gerri. tom sullivan is a frequent guest. he runs lumber liquidators. he held a fundraiser in his own home for president obama. i thought that he was very big power with the administration. and suddenly, the administration is going after him because of a "60 minutes" report? >> i have a nugget for you. cpc, consumer product safety commission little punk. 200 million-dollar agency. they don't have a huge budget. this is a huge investigation. they have to outsource it. the epa. they have a budget. billions of dollars. if you are going to go after tom sullivan would you send it to the epa or give it to the
12:08 pm
cpsc. >> who has it? >> cpsc. they say they have a cooperation with the epa. but they're doing the work. the hard job here. they're having to spend their dollars not the epa. >> what does that mean? there's less likelihood this small agency will require a recall of the flooring. gerri: if i was president and i wanted to come at you, i would take my biggest guns to the party. that would be the epa. >> you're saying the president doesn't want to go after lumber liquidators. >> i'm raising the question. >> i'm just saying. you sound like my teenager daughter. are you saying that the president is indeed -- >> he could work harder. >> thank you very much, gerri willis. the stock is up 7%. see what you did. >> yeah. >> i want to take a quick look at the dow. no, we didn't turn around. we were down about 70 points a half-hour ago. now down 160 points. i am told that numbers that came out earlier
12:09 pm
this morning suggest a slowing economy and that's why the dow i think rather suddenly turned south to the tune of nearly 1%. now, i have more breaking news for you. this one coming in from yemen. officials are telling the associated press that yemen's president has left the country. left it by sea, apparently. traveling on a boat to -- or from or to aiden. the capital of yemen is sar nar. he went to aiden. >> he was our man in yemen, if you will, doing our counterinsurgency. we had to pull out our special forces over the weekend. (?) we now have a devastating situation in which iran or proxies of iran contr half the country. and al-qaeda controls half the other. they won't annihilate each other. they'll turbo charge each other. >> and just across is
12:10 pm
the saudi oil fields. >> and the saudis have to be worried. they see iran encroaching on both sides of the arabian peninsula. >> have you seen a policy fall to pieces as our policy in the middle east? >> the president was citing yemen as an example of a success in the middle east. here you have a president not only is his strategy falling apart but he's basically misinformed on what's happening on the ground in the middle east. >> extraordinary. brett stevens, thank you very much. here's what we have for you on varney & company. more possible proof of crony capitalism. google and the obama administration very much together. i'll take a victory lap. 12:33 this morning. this lunchtime, i should say. this photo children are climbing on a vietnam war memorial in d.c. question, what's wrong with the parents? also for keith ablow why men and women
12:11 pm
remember things differently and why that could present a problem in your marriage. but, up next, the man who says the pete rose lifetime ban from the hall of fame should be lifted. get him in the hall of fame. the story blew occupy varney's facebook page. we had 43000 comments. we're very proud.
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12:13 pm
12:14 pm
>> i have to tell you the analysts are telling us there's new data on the economy. it suggests the economy is slowing down. that is hurting the stock market. we're down 156. now, let's update the plane crash in the french alps. french investigators they say they have successfully extracted recordings from the cockpit voice recorder. still waiting to hear exactly what they found. meanwhile the state department has confirmed that two americans were killed. the washington post reports they are a mother and a daughter from the virginia. that's the latest on that crash. more breaking news. this time coming in from
12:15 pm
yemen. the ap reports yemen's president has left the country by sea. now, moments ago, brett stevens, wall street journal, he knows this area. he says that that president of yemen was our man. america's man in yemen. now he's gone. that means a real pullback in america's effort in yemen. now, this. radio shack, selling its customers information as part of its bankruptcy plan. email addresses and some personal information too sold as an asset. dierdre bolton is here. all right dierdre. right off the bat. i want an opinion. i'm not outraged by this. i think it's perfectly okay -- >> you really do? because sometimes i feel like you're setting me up on this. he's like, it's fine. just sell my email. just sell my home address. >> sell my email and home address. >> 13 million email addresses. 60 million home addresses. i know you're putting me on. i'll go with the great state of texas which actually says, listen
12:16 pm
up there may be a problem with this sale. they'rethey're in violation of state law to sell information that is otherwise considered private. >> listen, i don't care about the legalisms. >> all right. >> i care about the principle. i have no objection to a company selling its customer list as an asset in bankruptcy. do you? >> actually, yeah. i do. >> why? why? >> well, if you check off that box of terms and conditions, then i'm on board. let's say too i'm fairly quick to check off terms and agreements. >> to stuart's point, the attorney general says we'll use radio shack emails in the same course of business. right? >> well the company buying the bankrupt business will use the assets and emails in the same course of business. it's okay. that's what happened in border's bankruptcy. yes, the person buying border's it's okay.
12:17 pm
>> just as long so long as they don't flood me with ignorant emails or call me on the phone. >> i think you'll get more fan mail and people showing up at your house. maybe radio shack customers with bouquets. dierdre bolton. catch dierdre, risk "risk & reward." follows this one. 1:00 p.m. eastern. thank you very much indeed. now, this, pete rose banned from baseball since 1989. our next guest says it's time to forgive him. christopher caldwell joins us now. all right christopher. you've made a big splash with that story. hit the jackpot. make your case. why should we put him into the hall of fame? >> well, my case was actually that he should be reinstated in baseball. he's been banned for life for gambling. i don't think that there's any -- i don't think there's any doubt about the fact that he did gamble. but since he was thrown out of baseball in 1989,
12:18 pm
two things have happened: one is that you've had a lot of players who have gone out and used steroids, which i would argue is more of a violation of the -- of the spirit of the game than his gambling was. and the second thing is that in the interim major league baseball and other sports have embraced gambling. he's been singled out for something everyone does. >> but they haven't embraced gambling on your own team from the dugout of your team's bench. they haven't endorsed that have they? >> you don't have to be specific. but pete rose never bet against his team at least as far as anyone can prove. i don't think there's any evidence that this affected his judgment or his effort in any way. >> so you think he should be back in? the alternative argument is the hall of fame is -- should be pure. it should be pristine. it should be for the greats of the game that
12:19 pm
didn't abuse the game in any way shape, or form. you don't give much credence to that argument? >> i would say the greats of the game who didn't abuse the game is a small subset of the greats of the game. i think there are a lot of people in the hall of fame from ty cobb to rabbit measure an field who conducted themself less well than pete rose on and off the field. >> i think baseball as a sport in america is in slight decline. (?) soccer, especially european soccer is in rapid assent. i don't know if you agree with this or not. do you think that decline has anything to do with steroids gambling, (?) those kind of factors that have been a big part of the game recently? >> not necessarily. i would say that baseball began its steep decline in the '60s or '70s and had a real
12:20 pm
crisis in the '70s. since then, it has tried to use a lot of tricks to get fans back into the game. starting with the designated hitter in the '70s. that's part of the hope of trying to reintroduce gambling now. >> the designated hitter. i won't do an argument on that one now. we have 43,000 comments on our facebook page when we put your argument and that story on to our viewers. that's a huge number. you hit the jackpot young man. you really did. >> glad to hear it. >> it was you that did it thank you very much. next, jeff flock. what is he up to now? he's cruising around in an rv. recreational vehicle. wait to see what he has in store for you next. ♪
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just because i'm away from my desk doesn't mean i'm not working. comcast business understands that. their wifi isn't just fast near the router. it's fast in the break room. fast in the conference room. fast in tom's office. fast in other tom's office. fast in the foyer [pronounced foy-yer] or is it foyer [pronounced foy-yay]? fast in the hallway. i feel like i've been here before. switch now and get the fastest wifi everywhere. comcast business. built for business. >> all right. we're down 200 or almost 200 points. 199 to be precise. a lot of talk about maybe it's a technology or a biotech bubble. and the bubble is bursting. look at the three biggest losers on the dow. they are indeed technology stocks. microsoft, intel, ibm.
12:25 pm
remember i own microsoft stock. all of them down in significant proportions as we speak. and the dow actually right now is down precisely 200 points. the number one maker of rvs. they sell a lot of them. look at to is in one. jeff flock. are they letting you drive one? they are about a quarter million dollars each. >> this one is almost $500,000. a half million dollars. i had never driven one before. they are remarkably easy to drive.
12:26 pm
i want to show you the inside of one of these things. give me two seconds here. are you ready? [laughter] this is the half million dollar job right here. if you called in, take a look at this. perhaps a fireplace right here. there you go. look at that. here is your badge here. all the way in the reader, you have a shower and everything else you may need. it is incredible.
12:27 pm
>> about $400,000. $400,000 for this whole thing right here. stuart: excellent jeff. you work wonders with a camera. you almost sold me one of those things. [laughter] stuart: jeff flock everybody. selling you an rv for $400,000. he is very good at it. top google executives meeting with president obama once a week on average. i say that that is crony capitalism and i think i am right. >> you are not automatically able to google your questions
12:28 pm
and find out from the government what they are doing. the government keeps a lot more secret than you should. you need to be able to get the information. the american people have a right to know. ♪ if you're running a business legalzoom has your back. over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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stuart: the latest on the plane crash in the french alps. it will take days to find out what are on the voice recording and the cockpit. investigators say that they have successfully extracted some recordings. the crash some reo does not seem to fit the depressurization theory. two americans have been confirmed to have been on that flight. a mother and daughter from virginia. i will take a victory lap. yes, i am. on what i call crony capitalism. the "wall street journal" reports that top google executives average one meeting a week in the white house.
12:33 pm
here is my case. eric schmidt helps president obama get it with his computer operation. we will charge you. suddenly after all of these meetings it is reversed. i say that that is crony capitalism and you say -- >> i would go a step further and say that it might be corruption. google employees were also the second-highest number of donors for their reelection campaign. this is also about the obama administration repaying for donating to the 2012 presidential campaign. stuart: the president is very close to these california
12:34 pm
companies. and yet he does not do anything about the hundreds of billions of dollars with those companies. they keep it over there to avoid his taxes. >> interesting how president obama will let those come to these fly when it is convenient to him. he is not willing to talk to them about bringing some of that money back home. the president has a habit of not only repaying political companies for. he raised something like $400,000 for president obama. this is a president simply using a office to repay his friend. it is not necessarily returning
12:35 pm
a piece of legislation or something like that, it is about returning information here propaganda more than anything else. >> it is just not the president to that we were told we would get. >> certainly not. i want your opinion on this picture. it is going viral. it shows kids climbing on a vietnam war memorial. a lot of our viewers are outraged about this. what do you say? >> it is the parents fault. something like this is not okay. asking people to have manners and respect for things, especially like war memorials is no longer the norm. i think we have two get that
12:36 pm
took place in america where we are taught respect. that includes, of course, war memorials. it is really unfortunate that those parents did not see the need to tell them to get off and why it's important. stuart: hank you very much, indeed. the vets in the photo were not looking at the children, they were looking at the parents. they were disappointed in the parents. stuart: wells said. a lot of talk that we have a technology bubbled. it is bursting as we speak. look at craft. a $40 billion merger with mine. come on in. we have three sectors for you to go after today.
12:37 pm
start with food. would you buy craft after this run-up in the stock price? >> no. before it would have been a beautiful old. last year, craft lost 40% or get chair across all of its businesses. that is a lot of market share to lose. this is a sector that they are in that is supposed to be making headway. i think that the market share has peaked. i think that this is done. i look for them to get out of time. stuart good story. apple moving down.
12:38 pm
would you use that as a buying opportunity on apple? >> every dip on apple is a buying opportunity. the sales in china are beyond comprehension. we will see some staggering numbers coming out of china. they have done a great job worldwide. there is still a heck of a lot of room for growth. they have all of the cash. this is a long-term. stuart: i want your opinion on the biotech sector. should we get out while the getting out is good? >> the run-up has been tremendous. janet yellen warned in june 2014 that things looked a little frothy in the biotechnology
12:39 pm
area. the index is about 150 companies. last year, they earned about $21 billion. the market cap of those is 1.06 trillion. that is extraordinarily high. of course it is overdone. stuart: thank you very much indeed. the mainstream already dismissing ted cruz as a presidential contender. there is a bias against him. >> i think that he is dangerous. i think that he is slimy. ♪
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12:42 pm
i had -- financials. you are seeing energy moving higher. you can see bolero up three and a half percent. merck, trying to stay in the green there. announcing a share buyback program. 11.7 billion. lands and under pressure. 2.3%. a tough holiday season. more "varney & company" next. ♪
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12:44 pm
stuart: two days after ted cruz gets in the ring, he is dismissed by the media. why ted cruz in such a long shot. a disturbed canadian man wants to try to get into the white house. he did not and there. roll the tape. >> i think he is scary. i think he is dangerous. i think he is slimy. >> i am old enough to remember what mccarthy was all about. here is this character accusing chuck hagel of taking 200 k from the north koreans. accusing obama of being under
12:45 pm
hominis influence because he went to harvard law. >> a guy that does not act down. will not compromise. stuart: checking on the establishment. chris matthews compared him to joe mccarthy. what is up with that? >> it only took him 30 seconds to do it. ted cruz threatens left-wingers because he does not compromise. because he does not play games. the correlation is phenomenal. this is exactly what they did to ronald reagan. stuart: that put down is a form of senior of him. >> they will try to take him out. you would agree if ted cruz is
12:46 pm
so conservative, you would agree that barack obama is the single most liberal candidate. how many times was he called a liberal in the entire campaign? welcome ted cruz. everybody called to everything but a not see. stuart: was there anyone that took his candidacy seriously and presented it seriously? >> i was impressed by political and what they did. a very sober serious analysis. i am not too offended by what matt lauer said on nbc's.
12:47 pm
that will be the nicest thing that he says throughout the entire campaign. stuart: you cap it short and sweet. thank you. it is that outraged story of the day. children climbing on a vietnam war memorial. what is wrong with the parents of these children? ♪
12:48 pm
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>> the secret service and absolute best. the homeland security department has a bad rap for releasing a legal immigrants. we will take up all that and more tonight at 7:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. eastern. please join us. stuart: a picture that has some buzz to it. some say the children are being disrespectful. some are blaming the parents. is it your kids being canvassed? >> that is what children do. they cross boundaries that children don't.
12:52 pm
the parents obviously do not get it. they are not able to instill things that deserve respect and boundaries that should be able to be maintained. these are people who served their country. this is a memorial to those people that are allowed freedom. stuart: move onto topic number two. we talked about this one yesterday with several older men that were sitting around the set. how men and women remember arguments differently. all right doctor. >> if i understand the research correctly, their memories are about equal the women have more visited memories. they think with more energy and color to their memories.
12:53 pm
that suggests that they may be more definitively certain that something happened the way they think it did. couples get into conflict. i think couples have to be more forgiving. i think that we all know what this study is talking about. i think the key is, well, i am not so attached to the details are you really mad i can bring it back if that is the issue. stuart: finally we get an answer. men and women remember things differently. do we agree on this? >> yes. for a woman if a wealthy the excitement of the new vehicle. the fact that her husband share this information.
12:54 pm
these are the things that move within. for the van man when is it arriving what does it look like which space in the garage is it going? stuart: we are on a roll here. dr. keith ablow everyone. tonight on strange inheritance a woman inherit a wildlife station where he from her husband. >> a sanctuary for exotic animals. >> how is his health now? >> he is doing good. >> rescued by an odd dow himself. >> what was his reputation? was he guy that played by the rules? >> no. >> he left you with a map.
12:55 pm
>> he did. that is when the anger had. i did not go through all of that for all of those years to just give up. stuart: jamie colby is here. they must have known that this was coming to them when the parent died. >> 30 years younger than he was. he married herself that he could make sure that the animals did not go to his children. he thought that they would euthanize the animals. she admits in the episode that it was a marriage of can the dance. it sounds like he was a real tough customer. i learned that these animals the weight to their heart is through their stomach. i think that that is the way guys are too.
12:56 pm
stuart: the state wants to take it off them? >> they made it very difficult. she will do whatever it takes to help these animals stay alive. our second episode is about a rancher who did not have enough. he made a discovery underground that you have to see to believe. biggest, fattest dinosaur you could possibly imagine. perhaps a species unknown to paleontologists. stuart: a half an hour from now do you think that liz and i will remember that differently? >> liz will get it right. >> i will remember it emotionally.
12:57 pm
>> i am surprised he did not say at the end our time is up. i hope that everybody will catch strange inheritance tonight. you will see whether or not our family is due tonight. stuart: you are reading my script. >> 9:00 p.m. eastern. fox business. strange inheritance. i am jamie colby. stuart: more varney after this. ♪
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
when something happens and there's a lot of news helicopters in one place.
1:00 pm
stuart: amber smith chopper pilot in afghanistan telling us how very difficult it will be in that rough terrain operating a helicopter in the crash in the french alps. my time's up, deirdre bolton, it's yours. >> thank you very much stuart to google, spends more time in the white house than any other company. we are going to show you what that means to the bottom line. bond traders see big problems brewing. jim grant tells us if he sees signs of a full-blown crisis and your doctor may be ripping you off. the ceo of a new health insurance company bringing americans a new way to avoid astronomical medical bills. the u.s. government wanted to sue google for using tactics that harmed users and rivals. ultimately that may thefr have happened we know why. since president obama took office google execs have visited the white house about 230 times on average, once per week. thre


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