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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 30, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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with you. jamie: do you have a "strange inheritance" story you would like to share with us? we'll love to hear it, send me an e-mail or go to our web tomorrow, i am leaving you now with lou dobbs. lou: obama administration is racing to meet a deadline of tomorrow night for a preliminary nuclear deal with iran. a deal that appears more elusive by the hour. obama administration made what critics fear is a dangerous concession allowing iran to keep its stock pile of enriched uranium. rather than shipping it to russia where it would be processed. other members of so-called 5 plus one. are hardly involved.
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perhaps trying to pressure the iranians. house speaker john boehner said, if he talks fail, he will move quickly to call a vote on more sanctions again iran. we take it up with john bolton, and mark dubowitz . and president's foreign policy failures are taking a toll, a third of republicans say president obama poses a more threat to u.s. than putin. a triple digit rally on wall street. more later. we begin in switzerland iran and u.s. are hammering out a deal. prime minister netanyahu today again attacked the emerging agreement, saying that the deal emerges, sends a message that there is no cost for
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aggressions, and in turn a reward for iran's agression. joining us john bolton, this is -- we're hearing all sorts of us is spence full, dramatic descriptions of what is happening, but some kind of deal will emerge whether a good or bad deal or it is temporary or something that will be lasting? >> i think it may not come until april fool's day i believe that john kerry will declare victory and geneva and said there is an agreement for more negotiations. the imperative for success politically for the administration outweighs the substance. lou: a missed deadline in july, and november, maybe march.
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this is disturbing, you would think to our allies in europe. the other so-called members of the 5-plus one. that isthat --this president why does he not just have bilateral negotiations and be done with it. >> i think that is function alley what is happening and everyone understands that the russian foreign minister left geneva and said call me if you think you are going to reach agreement. lou: these are serious issues. they could be, profound, transformative. everyone is like this is i don't know -- >> when we're at point where even europeans think we are giving too much away, that should tell us something. only thing that would stan
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between us and a very bad deal with a socialist french government. lou: we are at-this-point we cannot be very happy about the fact that the iranian forces have not pulled back as they promised. they told this president to stick it. again. they are supporting the rebels, in yemen. they are moving their influedges throughout the middle east and north africa. >> right the region is descending into chaos states cannot govern, they are coming apart, iraqi think has ceased to exist as a nation, the number one factor is iran. decade's long support for international terrorism and its pursuit of deliver able nuclear
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weapons. lou: it will be extend ?d. >> they will declare -- the british foreign secretary said, there might not be a written agreement but there will be a verbal -- so what could go wrong. lou: thank you very much. >> thank you. lou: ambassador john bolton, a number of arab states indifferent on those stocks. 10 states in saudi arabia are -- against yemen marking fifth day of the saudi led air assault against houthi rebels. coalition jets hitting houthi military posts and weapon depots. one airstrike also killed at least 40 people at a u.n. refugee camp in northern yemen it is not clear who is
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responsible. right now aiden is last bastion to those loyal to saudi backed president. who fled last week. 150,000 saudi troops are ready to march in yemen egypt has deploy warships to the region. pakistan today entering his ill ties it is -- hostilities it is sending troops to saudi arabia to give military support to mainly gulf state coalition over the week, leaders of arab league alling for -- calling for creation much their own military force. >> should we expect arab sunni nations to coexist with the icra ayatollahs and their ambition. >> and latest on the airbus coby
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around here, we're all about fast. that's why xfinity is perfect for me. with millions of wifi hotspots all over the place - including one right here at the shop - now we can stream all things fast and furious. you've done it again, carlos! ♪ with the fastest in-home wifi and millions of hotspots xfinity is perfect for people who love fast. don't miss furious 7 in theaters april 3rd. >> new details on the mental state of the copilot lubitz, revealing he had been treated
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for suicidal thoughts before completing his commercial pilot training and he struggled with his sexual identity, and his computer had multiple links to homosexual web sites and his coworkers teased him endlessly. >> right until he took the plane, there have been several visits at medical structures, we found as we have already communicated evidence that his doctors documented him to be unable to work and to fly. lou: lubitz's ex-girlfriend
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claims he predicted it last year, saying quote, one day i will do something to change the whole system, and everyone will know my name and remember. the mental health an american pilot also a factor in a lawsuit, former jetblue pilot who had a midair meltdown, three years ago is suing the airline for allowing him to fly that day the pilot his his erratic behavior that day his copilot locked him out of the cockpit and made an emergency landing and saying jetblue should have realized high was unfit to -- he was unfit to flying seeking $14 million in damage. >> returning to the middle east, arab league announceing they will form a joint military force, consisting of 40,000
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elite troops from member countries, headquartered in cairo or riyadh and backed by jet fighters, warships and light armor, participation would be voluntary, it is unlikely all arab leagues would join. that force which could take months to establish would be deployed at the request of any of any of the arab league nation faces a security threat. and to combat terrorist groups. >> joining us, the former u.s. ambassador to saudi arabia, now diplomat in resident at southern methodist university, robert jordan and dr. walid phares, ambassador we start with the geneva negotiations now. do you expect a deal to be formed 29 iran and u.s., and so-called member of the 5 plus one? >> i think it dependso what you
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call a deal, my guess is they will come up with framework by the end of the deadline tomorrow. but, it likely to have a lot of gaps in it. it is not going to be in writing, it will be innoringal or directal. i think that will be very hard to find an enforce indocument thatanine forcible document.>> your expectations? >> similar to ambassador, looking at the iranian regime, they would like to gain time, they gained a lot of time. they wanted to use that time to achieve goals on the ground in iraq and syria and lebron and yemen, for me to say the iranian leadership is signeded --
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read first a signed document, i don't think it is the case. lou: yemen that battle has intensified. is it your judgment this will be successful. president saying he would like to see a truce now what do you make of it. >> this has been a festering story for a number of years saudis have tried to change the regime replace. and it has not gone so well. i think that is positive development they have putting it a sunni-arab force to essentially take charge of their own neighborhood, instead of outsource its to u.s. or others. success is in the eye of the beholder it has to be a political solution, at the inof the day -- end of the day houthis have certain demands and did not start out trying to takeover the whole nation, i think that iran fanned these
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flames but it may be there is a way to reach some sort of accord accord. lou: it is arguable that obama policies in middle east, its counter insurgent strategy, that would rice to that level -- rise to that level is failing that obama could be 'cussed of be -- accused of losing libya and yemen with no base from which to operate against al qaeda in the arab peninsula, much as a result of losing yemen. what are your thoughts about u.s. counter terrorism. >> the problem with the administration's policy in the region calling itself the counter of terrorism counter extremism strategy. is that the box itself in 2009 in 2 direction one.
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is that wanted to partner with what they call soft islamists like muslim brotherhood we wasted 5 years including within arab spring knowing that they are not going for this we saw it in egypt and tunisia. lou: i am sorry go ahead and i just want to address that one issue. >> the other problem was that there is a conviction of obama administration that they are going to reach not just a deal with iran but this will be a partnership, and iran will be the one to solve iraq, and syria and lebanon in one package on both grounds the obama administration has a strategic problem. lou: this obama administration i would like you each to answer, thisadministration trying to instutionallize political power and influence of the muslim
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brotherhood. what is this administration playing at? >> we heard they want to be on so-called right side of history i think they are being run over by history. they have bet on the wrong horse i number of times even when they have had the right instincts in terms of proper regime, they fail to follow through and do anything about it. their love affair with the brotherhood is going down as one of the biggest foreign policy disasters of last couple of decades. i do think that saudis have realized that this administration is not going to be helpful. they have to join with their arab breath ran to take charge of their own neighborhood, they have a partner in egypt to do that.
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lou: and your thoughts waleed? >> well, in direction i agree with ambassador. i add i was in ejipght jipght egypt i spoke with leaders and regular people, what has happened not just a move against brotherhood, it is 33 million egyptians something deep has happened in egypt. >> walid thank you very much, ambassador thank you. >> my pleasure. >> thank you,. lou: vote on our poll, question is do you think that with this foreign policy record that more obama should be eager to make a deal with the world's leading sponsor of terrorism? cast your vote, lou: we've been trying to
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eradicate polio from this planet, but researchers the duke are using this as a surprising weapon in the war against cancer duke doctors have been injecting a modified polio virus into inop -- inoperable brain tumors so far it is destroying those tumors, so far it shows promise. >> also, generating a lot of, tension, patriot quarterback tom brady, showing off his dare devil self over the weekend by jumping off a cliff during his spring break in costa rica. his shocking leap probably scared patriots owner the most, brady posted video he captioned it never doing that again.
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>> up next, a clever political dig, sums up everything that is wrong with candidacies of some folks with famous names the commentary next, what appears to be a racially motivated crime in st. louis, goes unnoticed by the mainstream national media we're coming right back. you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends. three jobs. you're like "nothing can replace brad!" then liberty mutual calls. and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement, we'll pay for a car that's a model
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lou: two men tried to ram is their suv through a security gate at nsa headquarters in fort meade maryland, the men in the vehicle was dressed as women shots were fired byoune form officers at the two. they turned their vehicle tried to speed off that is when guards opened fire. chase was halted when suspects car collided with the foe lisa police vehicle.
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one officer was hospitalized with what are described as minor injuries fbi has ruled out terrorism. telling fox news that suspects were quote under the inblew end offlew --influedges inence and stole the vehicle from a hotel after a night of partying. >> i want to give former maryland governor, martin o'malley credit for clever messaging and tactics o'malley managed yesterday to go after frontrunner in his party's race but slammed as well the frontrunner in republican race, with one straight toward statement that we're likely to lawyer throughout this campaign. >> i think that our country always benefits from new leadership and new perhaps, the
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-- perspectives, the presidency of united states is note a crown to be passed between two families. >> hitting jeb bush, and hillary clinton where they live, their family legacies, or if o'malley has anything to say about it their dine ast i burdens -- dynasty burdens o'malley was first to endorse hillary clinton in her failed 2008 approximately presidential bid declaring she was the right choice for those times he might say that was then, now a whole new deal. voters' to see them run according to a cbs news "new york times" poll more than half of republicans side they would vote for bush, and mike huckabee comes in second, followed by senators rand fall, marco rubio and ted cruz. >> democrats more than 80% say they would vote for hillary
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clinton. e-mails server scandal doing little to hurt her as for governor o'malley, just 12% of democrats at-this-point. would consider voting for him but, it is early days. >> now our quote of the evening as they focus on the part politics quote everything is changing. people are taking their comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke. that was will rodgers, she was speaking the truth more than 80 years ago. we're coming right back. >> coming up, a 4-year-old loose, and room bells toward a -- rambling toward a busy intersection and obama administration acombating iran in nuclear talks. next.
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>> lou: the revolutionary guard of firebrand called the american drone's strike it killed two of its advisers near tikrit. they denied the charge and the "wall street journal" reports the iranian-backed shiite militia remains on the "frontline" of the battle days after the disease demanded that they've withdraw as a condition for joining the fight with airstrikes against the islamic states in tikrit. former head the defense
11:33 pm
intelligence agency blasted president obama for negotiating a nuclear deal with iran in the midst of a complete breakdown of order in the valleys. attended journal -- general fled outlined u.s. foreign policy confusion on fox news on sunday. >> i sense for the policy is that, i hate to say it like this but almost willful ignorance. one of the things to keep in mind is a rand is the country with ballistic missiles and cybercapabilities also a state-sponsored terrorism and here we deal with them as though we give them a card to launch i know it would be a number of years to have nuclear capability. lou: ready is now the executive director from the foundation for defensive democracy. mark, what you make of the generals willful ignorance description of this administration's foreign policy? >> had not noted as willful
11:34 pm
ignorance or the ideological dilution but they refuse to understand the fundamental principle that in the middle east the enemy of my enemy is still the enemy in order to fight to the islamic states is preposterous. the iranian regime is leading state sponsor terrorism to be in the number of one-quarter of one-third of killing men and women for years but now we will leiner cells while giving a nuclear weapons capability is delusion. lou: it does go beyond that. iran has sponsors and organizers and lead networks on five continents and is the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world by yet a deal is that he and. can you give me some idea what that bled look-alike and what the consequences might be?
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>> it sounds like the deal will have a substantial nuclear infrastructure to give ibm the ability to build the industrial size program with some limited enrichment capacity and plutonium reactors with centrifuges to with the ability to engage a nuclear breakdown -- break out. the administration will basically tell the american people not to worry for release one decade be will constrain the nuclear weapons capability. the problem is they have spent over two decades engaging in a nuclear mendacity and we cannot build that verification inspection regime to stop by hardened regime committed to developing a nuclear weapon. lou: what is the motivation of this administration knowing everything that there is to know about
11:36 pm
iranian capabilities our activities that would drive this president to create a framework agreement that he knows will not work and will lead ultimately to a nuclear weapon? >> three words. legacy. fear. dilution. the president's aides say a legacy achievements the foreign policy is a meltdown. the administration despite the are the united states of america as escalation dominance and the superpower of the reagan regime for is a good shooting from fear than willing to give a certificate and concessions in addition to believe a deal will moderate the genocide threat with a state sponsor of terrorism to become more moderate over time. that unfortunately is what motivating this administration to get a deal before the end of obama
11:37 pm
sister. lou: thinks for being with us. be sure to vote. using mr. obama should make it deal with the world's leading sponsor of terrorism? lou washington state police express their thanks to a man who stopped a little boy from running into traffic. surveillance video shows a driver saw the four year-old lawyer running down the street to a busy intersection and drove the car ahead and blocked the path of the boy the police trip praised the driver they said he was poking it handicapped were looking it he was just in the right place at the right time and he was not aware of his near death experience tried to run back home and tell the police and catch -- caught
11:38 pm
up with him. saying he would go above and beyond and tracked down on facebook to thank him personally. also heads eight lewis is through protest violence to show you what is definitely not a chamber of commerce moment. what has happened today york city? we will have the shocking stance and we can tell you what happened to wall street today. of big rally. stay with us we're coming right back. people ship all kinds
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lou: the st. louis area does not need another racial incident but they have one. a white man says he was brutally assault on a commuter trade after he refused to talk about michael brown who asked him to do so with three african american men the victim told his assailant he had no opinion about the case across will sonatas with the beating started. another passenger films in the assaults.
11:43 pm
and lafayette the defenseless victim as they attacked him. no one on the trade even tried to intervene. he had minor injuries and refuse medical treatment st. louis police are still searching for the suspect. ferguson tried to undermine law enforcement. that was an assault on nationwide law-enforcement. new york seems to pay a price. shooting incidents were jade reverser march 22 of the sheer rose more than 10% in the same period one year ago. nearly 200 shootings in the first deal months of the year inverters rose at a greater rate over 20% from one year ago. the d york police department to stop and frisk program was through the court ruling that the and the procedure.
11:44 pm
it is known as the emerald the world's largest 840-pound for a nation more than 3 feet tall it was found in brazil they all lay claim to the jet is upwards of $400 million. right now it is a basic care ball at the l.a. county sheriff's department the dow surged 264-point csfb of 25 the nasdaq up 56 points and volume on the big board is light trading and a good news from the housing market ending homes sales up more
11:45 pm
than 3 percent last month to the highest level in two years. this is my reports three times a day of the salem radio network and now the weekend box office now the dreamworks animated movie home debut with $54 million surpassing expectations. second place goes to warner bros. and insurgent took third place at 22 million. big changes of the small screen announcing little-known comedienne trapper to replace john stuart and then to appear of the show just three times before getting a job. >> and does america really need to be the best? military power, obesity? you are very kind.
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>> you have so many dakotas' north and south save some for the rest of us. >> there is no date set for their retirement a end debut. with a very long list of contenders hillary makes her move to separate herself from president obama. you thought she had already done that? evidence mounting she may have broken the law. we all we'll be right back. congratulations. you're down with crestor. yes! when diet and exercise aren't enough, adding crestor lowers bad cholesterol up to 55%. crestor is not for people with liver disease
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lou: the vendor pence to was under fire for citing the indiana religious freedom restoration act has spent a new "wall street journal" op-ed. critics say give us a businesses a license to discriminate by citing religious views as a recent to deny service but the governor says i aboard district on -- as carbonation and i believe in "the golden rule". if i saw a restaurant owner refused to not serve a gay couple of would not eat there anymore. there are versions of the law signed by clinton and 19
11:51 pm
other states have that lot of their books and there is no grovel. the agenda as a possible 2016 contender. enjoyed a yesternight political analyst for over clinton advisor doug shoen and editor of a review. good to have both here. player former boss started this a wise anybody focusing on indiana? with there are 19 other states that have the same lot a of the federal government thinks to bill clinton's director reasons. it is newly passed legislation and the final four is in indianapolis next weekend and that is the focal point of the potential boycott. lou: ion the stand that.
11:52 pm
is an idiotic when the federal government has the same lot? >> is a more racial exploitation? >> it is misguided policy. lou: but you cannot be cantor you manage your boss did. >> i did. i just did. lou: how unseemly? >> 20 years later the social fabric has changed. lou: about what drove this a 1996? >> electoral practicality. lou: you are being far more then recanting but honest to a fault. my good friend has bared his soul for all the world but i am sure all the viewers are
11:53 pm
shocked by it the governor from india and a conservative republicans love to have not been top-notch. does this mandate discrimination and allow for discrimination against gay couples? when somebody refuses to answer a question illustrates it doesn't make the situation and look great a and what we have here is the case coming up through the courts that will answer if homosexuals are a protected class that would be included the right now they're not. washington does not approve of discrimination or does not mandate discrimination it is the matter the federal courts will take up to determine the issue. lou: if it determines that issue what do you think?
11:54 pm
is a your freedom of religion and not to have the state imposed on that with a reasonable burden? why is everybody ignoring that aspect of the law? >> the governor should have said we need to waive. that is the issue the courts will weigh and the issue the courts should be discussing. but we should not have passed a lot tougher politics and 20 years later the world has changed. lou: politics were driving though law but not the nonsense we are hearing stemming guess. they are.
11:55 pm
this will help them get into the presidential primaries. lou: our politics driving this response for the al lot? >> i am giving you my best responses. i dared my soul. lou: but not being yet entirely candid? but it is with social policy lou: entered into the race right now. where do you think we are in terms of the race 52% with the latest poll is mike huckabee i think that is extraordinary considering he is not spending or raising a lot of money. are you are pressed? to make absolute the impressive. but i think right now of lots of these polls that walker jobs right to the top
11:56 pm
after one single speech in iowa and cruise jumped 14 points after injuring but next week we will have rand paul or marco rubio. lou: you are such a cynic. that is an adequate? >> but huckabee has great they reckoned -- recognition from his show on fox. >> what people are angry at all politicians and are suspicious. nobody than that poll is do we well of late his brother particularly in 99 lead the field. nobody is doing particularly well. but instead it would consider voting for them. that is hardly an overwhelming performance. lou: turn to a couple of
11:57 pm
moves with the senator ted crews moved up from almost very little they recognition are you not impressed? >> i am. the new establishment conventional wisdom we saw after the rollout was ted cruises the underrated candidate in the race. now we were impressed with the rollout. it was news and went off without a hitch in people are starting to take him very seriously. lou: he is acting as smart as he is rumored to be. i give mark great credit eaton, the leaders of both parties in this race with one line that the presidency is a crown handed back and forth. that is the one of the greatest lines that i have heard. >> the other problem is 65 or 70% vote deficit as
11:58 pm
clinton with the primary. lou: always the clintons. >> you can make up your opinions you cannot make up your facts. lou: you are not entirely at a disadvantage. do you think that o'malley can overcome and the significant part of that a foregone conclusion?
11:59 pm
>> any time you want to come -- >> i am pleased to do that. >> it's passover and easter. >> i can say amen brother. thank you so much. time for a look at our online poll results. what disappoints you about obama? 11% said his disastrous foreign policy. 85% said his abuse of presidential powers of some considerable concern. time for a few of your comments. what disappoints me most about president obama is the division he's caused in nearly every part of american society and the world for that matter. dana -- dinah, rather wrote on my facebook palin. page. instead of trying to put an end to racism he's chosen to exploit racism to divide the nation for his gain. hines, if hillary clinton wiped
12:00 am
her server clean so no more lies being be proven american voters should wipe her clean from the ballot. thank you so much for joining week. "strange inheritance" starts now now. >> a farmer with a unusual hobby, a huge collection. >> anybody that collects 150 tractors buzz that make youic centric? >> he spent a lifetime and a pretty penny amassing it. jamie: a treasure trove of valuable americana or a heard of white elephants. >> dad you are running out of room. where are you going to put them all?


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