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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  April 3, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm EDT

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attack. he said the condolence message. he did not even mention did not use the words islamic terror. they think that they won. back home, we will call it a bad tooth report. the president policy, to me, has failed to bring prosperity. not quite the way we would like to start the easter passover weekend. we are here. we are live. varney and company will begin now. ♪ we will start with an economic headline this morning. look at that.
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it is your good friday. it just is not working. only 126,000 jobs created last one. the precipitation rate came in at just 62.7. that is the lowest in 37 years. 150 people killed by islamic terror. the militants stormed the school and targeted christian students. the president of the second economic foreign of democracy. an american muslim. would you now in favor of unleashing america's relative rate russell to go after the
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people that are doing this? >> certainly cut we need to do whatever is necessary. if we do not do anything about this i as a muslim, realize whatever we need to do come up when the to protect christians. >> a practicing muslim. what would be the feeling among american muslims if the marriage groups when after these people and killed them. >> a radically to the planet. they are also attacking muslims. i would hope any muslim would
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endorse the fat that we want to protect the minorities in middle east. we celebrate easter. passover is coming. we have to stand shoulder to shoulder with our christian and jewish friends. stuart: you are a muslim. a practicing muslim we tell everybody that you served in the american navy. what is it like being a man in your position living in america? you were part of a minority. >> we get threats. the bottom line is we need to get that. american muslims have a unique role. pushing back against the ideology. we have the solution of
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necessity of rough form. yes, we have some pressure. it is small compared to what has been happening to the minorities in albany on countries. >> we have two women in new york thinking about landing pressure cook bombs. it seems like it is exploding and nothing has been done about it. >> that is exactly what has been done stuart. we do not push muslims to rough form. from government like the iranian regime which is anti-somatic. the saudi government push these ideals of radical anti-christian
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ideas every day. we give them a pass. that is the field back continues to create this problem that we really do not have a strategy against. >> if i had to pick a leader around the world that is a tab into rough form islam i would pick egypt. >> the red eric certainly and last two months has been very reassuring. not just from the pulpit that he actually gets in. we see the cops. the police that were arrested. they been released them. there are things happening on the ground that do not make sense. he said the running. he is still a military date hater at the end of the day.
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stuart: always a pleasure to have you on the show. thank you very much, sir. the price of gasoline mop you go to aaa. you will find the average price of regular. today is that at $2.29. seven days in a row that we have seen the price of gasoline go down. always like to do this. where is the cheapest in the land? elizabeth, new jersey. memory speeds up. a pizza parlor not wanting to cater a gay wedding. listen to this. >> you plan to open anytime soon?
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>> we have decided that we will reopen again. >> when? >> we are not sure. i am still shaken over this. i am not ready to face back yet. stuart: look at this. an astonishing outpour of support. look at that. it has raised $535,000. we keep you up-to-date. governor of indiana has signed a fix to the religious freedom act. adam shapiro is with us. >> it does not apply because gay and lesbian people are not
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protect it. the people would choose. they would serve gay and lesbian people at the pizzeria. they could choose not to. >> that will be true even after this visit lace. >> yes. they can still say any public business. >> you can discriminate against someone who is gay or lesbian based on that fact alone. stuart: it is probably not a fix. >> there is criticism that it only goes as far as bloomington and indianapolis. stuart: what about religious people who wish to discriminate
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on religious grounds? >> they are protected outside of wilmington. >> okay. breaking news coming in from the justice department. attempting to provide support for a terrorist organization. she did to travel overseas to join and the diet on behalf of isis. a sailor rescued by the coast guard after two months lost at sea. reunited with his family. adam shapiro however he has some questions about it. video taken by college student in seattle. the plane landed safely. they were prepared to manage lightning strikes this.
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stuart: news alert on robots agreement. it will not stop iran from developing the bomb. >> a great danger to the region and the world. it reckons the very survival to the state of israel. it will not stop. stuart: iranian president says the deal means the world accepts
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and iran enriched. can israel alone stop a nuclear iran? dismal jobs report. let's bring in paul conway. any excuses here? >> i think that you will hear about the weather and the dollar. you look over the past year in the economy was able to whether all of that. the more interesting they is where you have the americans working part-time who aspire to work full-time. almost 7 million people. >> this is a rather sudden
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downturn and job creation. for five years we have seen this. we get a nice growth rate for the economy. is it the same all over again? >> i think you have that against the messaging. everyone is doing well. simply not hitting the accelerator. one of the more troubling things also, americans have on average lost wages and lost salary. it is down .9% that drop is the point i percent. the only two that are doing well are the top 20%.
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that statement job growth that is a policy intervention it is happening. stuart: is there some excuse here? europe is hailing out of recession. china is slowing down. violence all over the world. it is very vocal to expand rapidly. >> i think you could say that. there may be international issues. we take a look at our economy.
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both republicans and democrats need to focus on the position of america. stuart: we will be looking at the stock market, and a morning. it is closed today. we are looking at a trip digit decline. thank you very much. a sailor lost that geforce 66 days. he is rescued adam shapiro has some question. >> he goes sailing. he disappears. he is rescued. they call the coast guard. he makes a phone call to his father. here is that conversation. >> so glad that you are alive. we prayed and prayed.
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>> i was afraid that you guys were crying and bad in that i was dead. i was not bad. >> that seems like a wonderful story. he says he's survived by catching fish. by putting his laundry out to see. drinking rainwater. how'd did he collect rainwater? the ship is upside down. he is exposed to the elements for 66 days. it has been a brutally cold winter. was exposed for 66 days.
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i think there needs to be a little bit more explanation. you should know, coast guard did check to see if he landed and then went back to his feet. stuart: killing jesus. the tv movie. paul then record ratings. i had a chance to talk to the film star. more on that interview up next. ♪ >> delivered us from evil. ♪
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stuart: playing jesus in the new movie killing jesus. take a look at the interview i did last week. roll tape. >> welcome to the program. were you born and state christian? >> no. i was born and raised a muslim. stuart: you are being asked to portray the role of jesus. christians believe was the son of god.
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how do you approach that role? >> first of all jesus is mentioned more than the mohammed. a profit. it is an honor for me to be ms. position. i was not in any way -- that is my job to commit to the role. you do that regardless of the part you are playing. jesus was no exception. i have the opportunity to tell a story. even if you say that month loans to leave this. christians believe that. trying to change that or promote anything like that. i think the fat that we all have the same god essentially
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people forget that. they think that god is different than all lost. it is the same. it is just the islamic version. stuart: is there anything that you would change in the way you handle that role? >> anything that you would change at all? >> there is always some a that you wanted change. you just have to let go. it cannot get better than this for me. i love jesus and i love what he stood for. his teachings.
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he has definitely influenced me and my life. i think his message of love trance fans all of that. have you shifted or religious feelings at all? >> i am not very religious myself. i am not so much concern about whether or i would follow this religion or that religion. i am very inclusive in life. love your neighbor as you love yourself. love your enemies. we have a hard time doing that. it is interesting how people are though passionate about jesus and what he stood for and what he said, but they do not apply
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this. it is an amazing opportunity. stuart: national geographic. are you ever concerned that after it airs it will have a huge audience? >> i do not ink that they will recognize me. one lady did not believe that it was me. you have a different accent. she started giving me a little bit of that accent. she said, no. i still do not believe that is you. stuart: you are a great actor.
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>> thank you for having me. record ratings for killing jesus. on the national geographic channel. if you missed it, you can see it starting tonight. 8:00 p.m. and playing all weekend on the fox news channel. another homegrown terror plot. two new york state women arrested. homegrown terror is spreading. how will we fight domestic terror? more on that after drake. ♪
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once celebrations in iran over the new deal they think they won. the french foreign minister thinks america caved. benjamin netanyahu says israel's very existence is now friend. joining us by phone from israel is a lieutenant in the israeli air force. welcome to the program. one straightforward question for you. the military option. is it now off the table because you in israel can't knock out those iranian bankers without american help? >> thanks for having me. i don't think we can get into the specifics for obvious
11:33 am
reasons but history would suggest the israeli military is not going to sit passively assuming someone else is going to address its challenges. it is save to assume people have been hard at work in answering your specific question. stuart: i asked the question because it seems like you have been backed into a corner. israel is in a corner. america and the european powers of taken the lead in this negotiations with iran and east you out and you now stand alone. you are the ones whose existence is threatened but whose existence you cannot maintain perhaps without american help. >> i don't disagree with what you are saying. i would say that for the entire region, not just israel saudi arabia, egypt the gulf states and i agree the military option is probably off the table but for different reasons and that is it's much more complex than most people might understand. we know how would begins but we don't know how much ends.
11:34 am
stuart: what is the feeling this morning as you will wake up to the deal that was done last night? >> i think people are split over is that. you have the can be in israel that says military action is perhaps the second worst outcome after nuclear-armed iran but there is a camp represented by many of the leadership in these really military and military intelligence that say no we can't live with a contained iran and diplomacy is the best option in a military strike would be catastrophic not just regionally but globally. stuart: that assumes iran can be contained. >> date is correct and that is a question we are going to be looking at between now and june at least one of the big issues here, sanctions removal is nearly a 1-way street so what is really is and others are looking to see is are the iranians also
11:35 am
going to be doing things that are irreversible? once we get this thing tied it will be difficult to reimpose sanctions. stuart: adam shapiro has been looking carefully at the terms that were announced and released yesterday. he tells me military bases inside iran are off-limits to inspection. the you know that? that seems to be a deal breaker. >> anybody in the benjamin netanyahu government would see that as a deal breaker. you can't inspected you don't know what will happen. if the iranians decide to break out or sneak out and then you cannot impose sanctions the illusion that military action is going to be a realistic recourse might be quite dangerous. stuart: i realize you are somewhat constrained in what you are allowed to tell us but you give a good sense of the mood in israel today appreciate you being with us. update on homegrown terror
11:36 am
philadelphia woman charged with attempting to help isis. she was caught in part because she sent out this tweet if we truly new the realities we would all be rushing to join our brothers on the front lines. pray our acceptance as martyrs. the charge also says she exchanged communications with an isis fighter in syria saying she would be willing to become a martyr. more on home grown terror. lieutenant-colonel tony shaver, welcome back to the program. the issue before us today is how are we going to stop this expansion of homegrown terror? can you see the day coming in america when we have myrtle beach factors outside shopping malls? >> i think we are going in that direction but it won't be effective. he will catch stupid terrorists but not terrorists committed to figuring out ways to hurt us. these people you see being self
11:37 am
radicalize, this is not unique to the united states canada, australia, france all have the same problem. we have to go deeper. we have to do what is necessary to target these folks the two women yesterday the woman in philadelphia today the fbi, 100 people meet in this category they're tracking on a daily basis but they will get around or through the surveillance and something bad will happen so we have to do this in two pieces, you have to look at the groups which need to be surveyed your grandmother from norway and north dakota is not the person to be looked at. that are islamic groups you have to look at. secondly you have to attack these folks overseas you have to put a stake in the heart of isis, and we must do that to be effective. "imus in the morning" when you say we have to use our muscle. america must use our military clout as a way of preventing it
11:38 am
coming here. >> intellectual value of doing what is necessary, at the same time using the military we have to do what is necessary to defeat the perception of isis as well as the debate beaten militarily. stuart: the president shows no sign of easing america's military clout in any circumstance whatsoever. >> this is where the imagery of the strong horse is very severe and strong in isis, in the muslim faith in this radicalism. right now they are seen as though for striding forward and that is why you see the results of that is more radicalization and why people feel brave enough to come forward and start planning acts of terror which is what i was saying. it will get worse before it gets better and less when it is in the bud overseas. stuart: it is a dangerous game because the president's policy is -- his whole lot of collapses if you get serious terror event lives in the united states. he would be forced into action.
11:39 am
>> that is the direction we are going. there are 100 folks the last two days eventually someone will get through. as much as i respect what the director is doing he can't do everything or be everywhere. this political correctness does limit our ability to surveil the folks we need to be surveillance and that is part of the problem. all policies in place to do what is necessary to keep us safe will fail eventually. stuart: last one it is good friday easter weekend, would you say, here's my feelings. i think our christian leaders should have a much more muscular approach to the defense of christianity and opposition to islam. what say you? >> christian leaders need to stop thinking like christians. we tend to think the best of people as christians. these people have clearly a caliphate mentality to essentially enslave the entire world so we have to defeat the muslims thinking on their terms. we can't be too nice.
11:40 am
do the right thing but we got to think differently about how we defeat them. stuart: thanks for joining us. the latest installments of the fast and furious movie series, furious vii opens today could be the first billion dollar movie of the year, big stars lots of action but the cars are they the real stars of the show? >> took some up. ieve in th wer of active management. every day, our teams collaborate around the world to actively uncover, discuss and debate investment opportunities. which leads to better decisions for our clients. it's a uniquely collaborative approach you won't find anywhere else. put our global active management expertise to work for you. mfs. there is no expertise without collaboration.
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>> the jobs report out this morning. just 126,000 jobs added last month, the weakest since december of 2013. the unemployment rate holding steady at 5.5% participation rate at 62.7% the lowest in 37 years. as for average hourly wages the increase 3% which was better than expected. we are getting word about the crash of the germanwings flight in the french alps that killed all 150 people on board, the second black box revealing the copilot who lost control of the cockpit, locked himself and the co-pilot repeatedly accelerated the plane as use the automatic pilot to the send the plane into the alps. we have more varney right after
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stuart: more evidence 126,000 jobs created last month. except for the top 20% of income earners everybody else's income fell last year. adam shapiro what happened to the president's promises to the
11:45 am
middle class? >> in addition to income taxes the majority of taxes are raised by people in the middle class, there has been no true tax reform across the board, the total spectrum. income taxes 50% from the wealthiest americans but when you look at the total tax, the middle-class get hit from property taxes, state income taxes in places like new york taxes you pay at the store the middle class is where the revenues generated. stuart: the latest installment of the fast and furious movie series furious vii opens today. could be the -- said trillion, almost the first billion dollar franchise of the year. check it out. >> i want you two out of here.
11:46 am
stuart: fox automotive editor, i thought that was all about cars but the clip we just showed is action, violence chases. charles: the first was about 3 racers who are also criminals hamas this is about street racers who are criminals and working for the government going on adventures, mission impossible spy missions. bernard: when you are a car guy. would you see this movie for the cars? >> absolutely. i will see it because they do a good job curating some excellent cars that appeal to car enthusiasts like me. they have old dodge charger, japanese imports subaru w r xs and $3.5 million car from dubai that you have probably never heard of.
11:47 am
>> what they don't have is steve mcqueen's car from bullish. >> dodges in this. stuart: what is your favorite car in the movie? >> the old chargers are pretty awesome and do a good job this time around they have to jump out of a plane and go off roads so they're taking a 1970 dodge charger, jacked it up, so ridiculous, so implausible that makes a lot of fun. adam: take a lot of cars, the blues' brett is did this, destroyed a thousand cars in and moving, blown up cars and people love it. stuart: they blow up a thousand cars and fast and furious v. >> 230 in this one were wrecked. come with that and days, every car purrs in the world will see this every action fan in the world will see this. you got this and transformers when it comes to car focused movies. this one appeals a little more -- adam: you can go back to steve s in that movie, people law that and with the cameras and bagels they have got you are behind the wheel
11:48 am
you truly are. stuart: i am too old for that movie. >> the government, a lot of times, has an international criminal in their sights and say if we just add some muscle cars and tank tops and people -- we could get that guy. that is what they do in this movie. stuart: this is for teenagers. we are -- >> does someone in a tank top next to you. stuart: the target audience for that movie is teenagers and early 20s males. >> probably the main target but it goes into the 40s. go to every automotive website today and there are fast and furious stories. even if you don't like the movies you feel like you have to get behind them because they are so car centric. there are not many car centric films out there these days. stuart: i don't feel great urge to go out and see, as being wrecked. >> there are beautiful women in
11:49 am
too. stuart: all right. >> minivan. stuart: i do. that is the best vehicle dollar for dollar i have ever bought and i had six of them, maybe seven, chrysler town and country. >> minivans get short shrift, they are the best cars for a big family. stuart: same price i paid for years and years and years $34000 out the door, all kinds of additions to an over the years and i'm still driving them. >> plus corinthian leather? stuart: who was that guy he could pronouns every syllable in every word. corinthian leather. >> you and see those ads on leather. stuart: i could make money doing this. piece of pop culture of for auction. the day the music died. find out how much it is worth.
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stuart: next week that piece of american musical history goes on the auction block at christie's. the original handwritten lyrics to american high. your company has got this thing up for auction. how much? >> our estimate is $1 million to $1.5 million. stuart: this is the handwritten lyrics by don mclean himself. >> 17 pages of original working manuscript teamwork on the 1970-71 when he was living in cold spring new york and philadelphia, pa. composing his masterpiece. stuart: did he really write that in a bar? is that a myth or legend? that is what everybody believes. >> bar stories usually start in bars and this was started by a bar but it was written in cold
11:55 am
spring in philadelphia, not in a bar in saratoga springs where it has often been attributed. stuart: we can show it on camera. i can see handwritten notes here like someone's longhand 17 pages of this. what about that line a good old boy drinking whiskey and rye we played at the beginning of the show. >> one of the most famous lines of the song, what is amazing about this is it is different in the two versions. in the manuscript is a different version and in the typescript and the banjos reigned while the people saying. you see creative genius at work great works of art don't come out of thin air. it takes a process to make the man you see the incredible process that went into making the song. "imus in the morning" when you can see the whole thing unfolds to the final version. he is still alive? >> yes is. stuart: why is he selling? >> he feels it is time to pass it to the next generation. he has been a caretaker of the
11:56 am
archives and recognizes what the song has done for him and thinks it is time. stuart: i don't mean to be a cynic, but you have a price of $1.5 million i have to believe the almighty buck played a role in his decision. >> it is an asset. stuart: did you expect to get over a million dollars? >> i do. it is iconic. "imus in the morning" when you are selling this off. is it believe that big an american icon musical icon? >> absolutely. adam: i grew up hearing this song. that line of the banjos -- will buy this another musician will buy this or museum? >> that is the question. who wouldn't be interested in it? it is not just a song, not just a piece of american pop. stuart: a bit from beijing. it shall be accepted.
11:57 am
>> this is the exciting thing about the auction, you never know who it will appeal to. there are obvious people we can think of but it is the non obvious that makes it exciting or keep this going on our journey. stuart: thanks for joining us and bringing it with you. appreciate that. it is good friday. christians under attack more than one 40 killed in kenya. christians being slaughtered by isis. my take on that coming up. next hour from the trailer park to facebook courtesy of mark zuckerberg, it really is rags to riches. president obama's former economic advisor austan goolsbee, we give his take on the jobs report and democrats we say there are in disarray. our two is two minutes away. the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables
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is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do.
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stuart: you can feel the anger rising. christians around the world are being murdered by muslims.
12:00 pm
the attacks are getting more intense and certainly more frequent. you will be persecuted and probably ran out of town, if not killed. think what it must have been like for those students in kenya. the anger is rising. i am a activesync christian. i want our president to unleash our military power. i want him to lead the civilized world. do not let a pack of lawyers restrain new. please mr. president tell it how it is. i want a more muscular response from christian leaders. turning the cheek does not mean intellectual surrender. the arch -ish up suggests that
12:01 pm
suggested there was a place for law in britain. i do not want to hear anything like that ever had. this is good writing. what a shame that christianity shall be under such horrific attack. ♪ is watch out monday as is one date. former economic advisor under president obama is with us now. before we get to the jobs report forgive me, i want to talk about the democrats. i think you as a supporter of the democratic president. i think you are a democrat.
12:02 pm
you guys are in total disarray. he is not. they are in disarray. a long-standing tradition. they do not agree with these on a lot it different issues. stuart: it is not so much that they are fighting amongst themselves it is that harry reid is a liar and they are proud of it. senator ben mendez who is under indictment and president obama who it caving to the iranians. that is what i call disarray. >> we can disagree on a bunch of different issues. i do not that what do that what is happening in washington is any different. i think they will always try to
12:03 pm
transform eggs into scandals. there will always be disputes. it would be a little weird to try to single out the democrats. where they had someone in the party under investigation or indictment. coming off a series of scandals that republicans have had. we have had numerous governors go to jail. that does not seem like a partisan issue. as to i am sorry if i ambushed you. how about the jobs report. real weakness there. >> mediocre friday night. good friday or the job numbers. i have been predicting this. i have been wrong for a couple of months. job market has been doing very well could better then it should
12:04 pm
be doing. last month remember i said let's not get ahead of ourselves. it will slow down. stuart: this has happened five years in a row. >> we have had modest rob gress. stuart: this is your policy. speed we had eight. recovery. the growth rate is not fast enough to rationalize or justify a hundred thousand plus job creation which is what we have been having for a year. as that can only be explained by the slowdown in the city. that will not continue. we have to get the growth rate up. stuart: you've not get the growth rate up with intense
12:05 pm
regulation. creating chaos. you just do not do that. 2% growth for six years that just is not good enough. >> much more to do. we have a bubble that has popped. we cannot go back to doing what we were doing before the bubble popped. the rest of the world is in the dumps. kind of circling the black hole. we are not giving any juice. stuart: i say that this is a policy problem. i do not inc. that there is an excuse available. it is a placebo problem. when it you reverse course? >> not on these two men no.
12:06 pm
how you explain how we had the greatest job creation here of the last century last year. stuart: that was planed because you are coming out of a nasty recession. he should have been consistent. >> there is some fairness of that. the normal model that says we should have had a recovery. that is for a session that does come about from a popping bubble. you do not get this. we did have one. stuart: what is your forecast for economic growth this year? >> two and a half. the fastest growth rate of the entire advanced world. stuart: i want to look at america.
12:07 pm
i want something similar. i want prosperity for america. i want a vigorous dynamic. what is wrong with that? >> nothing. i want that, too. stuart: con austin. >> if cutting taxes was going to be a magic elixir for growth, how would you explain why he it did not hurt in 2000? >> how about the 1990s. >> new game which got a hold of spending when he ran congress. >> that is what it was questioned. >> i love austin. he just said that jeb bush is going to get you let it. >> you cannot hear what is going on the sidelines.
12:08 pm
>> look, i have said i think the election will be a very close election. they are in disarray. it will be extremely tight. stuart: that was the last word and i gave it to you. >> thank you for having me. stuart: the price of gas keeps on falling. $2.39. cheapest gas in the land in elizabeth new jersey. we caved. we did not get very much. charlie gasparino with us now. president obama was cheerleading
12:09 pm
this one. >> priced great prosperity. here is the problem. i have no problem with having to deal with iran. no problem with trying to work something out. a huge percentage of population is almost 30. it is much more secular. there is a potential opening here. president obama is not good at this. he misread the foreign-policy .biz regime. remember isis. i do not like conservatives
12:10 pm
saying we can never reach out to iran. the problem is, the guy in charge with cutting this deal is kind of a flake when it comes to this stuff. think about it. we have obamacare. everything came as a surprise. if you track guy with -- this is not reagan. a guy that is kind of a flake when it comes to this stuff. this is a president that uses the executive privilege. stuart: i do not think you can get around congress on time.
12:11 pm
stuart: a big weekend at the box office. $100 million. the first billion-dollar movie of 2015. >> maybe. universals. 810 imax screens. you have crazy stuff. incredible tribute to honor parker. >> i did not know that it could be that readily accessible. i hope people remember how special this person is paid
12:12 pm
brought in more than $2 million worldwide. fourteen years. this one will be the biggest one. tremendous for the box office. i feel like you may have to see all of them. they switch around. this one takes place after the third one i believe. you have the paul walker story. you have the cars story. >> no offense i don't know who paul walker is. no offense. he's a good-looking guy.
12:13 pm
stuart: later this hour, california's strict, some farmers now resorting to sell their water instead of using for its crops. moving california. why? jeff flock has an answer for us. courtesy of mark zuckerberg. a rags to riches story. after this. ♪
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12:17 pm
stuart if you have seen that show as far as the close the hair the makeup, you cannot get better. stuart: men beat women like sexual objects do they not? did you like this? >> i like this show. do i like everything i have ever seen on the show, no. the mac a few half a million viewers. stuart: it is sexist to the core. >> my parents grew up in this
12:18 pm
era. back in the day drinking on the job was just kind of fun. it has been very successful. not as good as the walking dead. stuart: you will be watching tonight. >> i will be. and little slip on this i think everyone takes that don draper will go up. something dramatic. i think you will just quietly work for peggy. stuart: we will see you in proximity 32 minutes i believe. 1:00 o'clock. thank you so much. let's get to pang tank. they just came out of facebook.
12:19 pm
look who is here. the ceo. welcome to the program. if i am on facebook and i am sending a picture to someone i can dress the sure up. >> yes. it is like imo jesus. >> okay. you can drop it on top of the frame. >> you created this. >> yes. stuart: why can't you sell it? >> i did not want to sell because i think it comes a lot more money. >> i do not do what i do for money.
12:20 pm
>> i wanted to do something that was really cool. stuart: if you did not sell it outright to facebook -- >> it was more like a partnership. imagine using it on the beach. you share it out. you are sharing that commercial. turning everything. stuart: you get paid for that. >> yes sir. a 10th of a cent. half a cent. i cannot really disclose. it will be pretty well. stuart: can you make $50 million a year?
12:21 pm
>> absolute. they are very big partners. you have a story and a half. >> i grew up in a really poor neighborhood. i felt inspired to do something really great. stuart: this site. >> yes. i called tim draper's office. he owns a hedge fund out of palo alto. he invited me out the very next day. i actually got the call from face can google. stuart: just like that. you were playing off facebook and google. >> yes i was.
12:22 pm
i knew that facebook wins on social. it just makes a lot more sense. the market was brilliant. they were making it extremely big. stuart: i really think that you are onto something. i can see what you've got there. it is really genetic. >> i am so proud. facebook has been a huge part of that. stuart: when you make your first billion, will you still come and talk to us? >> you don't need that much money. you give it away. >> what a pleasure it was. the california drought. we have a rice farmer who is selling his water. he makes more money than growing rice. ♪
12:23 pm
12:24 pm
12:25 pm
12:26 pm
12:27 pm
>> what is the americans coaches name? the american coaches name. >> yes. i'll leave it or not he is a german. >> county points do you get for putting the ball in the net? >> if you shoot outside that box, you get two or three. this is soccer. and name curve for me here. >> very funny guy. he just got a promotion. starting a new gig.
12:28 pm
i made you famous. >> you did stuart. us americans getting together in our somewhat common language. i am going over to the fox news channel. >> stuart, i should be going over to the fox news channel. >> that is very good. >> i can do it anytime you'd like. rich congratulations. we will see you on the news
12:29 pm
child. robert gray is in california. you talked with a rice farmer. tell me. >> capitalism thriving here. standing in front of a hotel. talking about how the hotel business is react doing. we do want to focus on the farmers. outside of sacramento. selling the water rather than use it to grow crop. the scarcity of water is providing opportunities. they are selling. >> we are capitalist. we have bills to pay and a living standard to maintain. we will do what we have to do to
12:30 pm
enhance the profitability of the farm. >> growing rice for more than half a century. this area generally has some of the first rights. agreements made almost 100 years ago. >> sharing and cooperating. we help release the stress created. what we are trying to do is be part of a solution, not heart of a problem. >> we do not want to put ourselves in a position of being water sellers instead of farmers. >> robert gray, fox business. >> thank you so much, robert.
12:31 pm
it is good friday. christianity is under attack. president obama still will not use the words islamic terror. he will call this one what it is. ♪ the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. after all, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned... every day... using wellness to keep away illness... and believing that a single life can be made better by millions of others. healthier takes somebody who can power modern health care... by connecting every single part of it. for as the world keeps on searching for healthier...
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12:35 pm
stuart: yes today is good friday. in kenya there are at least 140,000 dead. president obama still will not venture and the words islamic terror. herman cain is now. i want to things. i want our president to go after the enemy. i want our christian bidders to present a much more muscular approach to christianity. >> the first one is probably zero. this president will call it what it is. he will not recognize that it is a worldwide war against christians. it is not just one group of terrorists it is multiple groups of terrorists.
12:36 pm
i believe our christian leaders are speaking out and speaking of. a lot of the media outlets may not carry it. it starts at the top. this president has to call it what it is. stuart: it is one day after a rain out there that you get in outrage. we are almost used to it. coming to accept it as part of the news patent. and golfing country after country. i do not see any sense of the from this ad in a stray shin. >> i believe that it may have been senator john mccain that said it best. our friends do not trust us and
12:37 pm
our enemies not fear us. you look at every one of the situation. they have all ended up worse off after this administration meddled with it then they were before we got involved. those people that committed these atrocities, they do not fear any reprisal. that is why we continue to see these. how long do we go on with this. have we got two more years of daily outrages against christians? >> yes. we have to hold out for another 22 months until we get a new president in the white house.
12:38 pm
hopefully it is somebody that understands this threat. >> a rising tide of anger. the number of incidents keep going up. i am not optimistic that he will. i believe what will happen is very similar to what saudi arabia did. they will do what they can do even though they do not have the military resources that we have. these terrorists they know under this administration that this administration is not going to do anything to basically come from them. that is a sad tragedy. >> it is indeed.
12:39 pm
stuart: layoffs began at oprah winfrey's studios. why would oprah go from chicago to los angeles? >> if you were getting old and ready to retire, where would you rather retire? she not quite ready to retire. she transformed this neighborhood out here. you pay people to watch your car. the government tries urban
12:40 pm
renewal. >> a real shock to chicago. i know that this. >> they were hopeful. she was so identified. the success was here. she kept the studio here. now, she sold the building. it is not such a terrible thing. stuart: did he try to keep her? >> she left before. there was not a whole lot that she could have done about it. for once, you sound like you are at a wake. you are a boisterous guide. you are at a funeral for
12:41 pm
heavens sake. >> i am sad. i am sad at the loss of oprah. you may be on one. jeff flock everybody. updating you now on to stories about the mistake terror. a woman in philadelphia charge with trying to help crisis. ♪ i don't want to think about the alternative. i don't even know how to answer that. i mean, no one knows how long their money is going to last. i try not to worry, but you worry. what happens when your paychecks stop? because everyone has retirement questions. ameriprise created the exclusive confident retirement approach. to get the real answers you need. start building your confident retirement today.
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♪ >> here is what you need to know. the weakest reading since december 203 team. the on employment rate holding steady. the labor force anticipation rate. the lowest in 37 years. they went up about $0.07. it was better than expected. now, take a look at this. and video taken by a college student in seattle. the planes both landed safely. plan are prepared to handle lightning strikes like these. i know i would not want to be on one of those planes at all.
12:44 pm
the hours special brought in so many viewers and you can watch it this weekend. ♪ your mom's got your back. your friends have your back. your dog's definitely got your back. but who's got your back when you need legal help? we do. we're legalzoom, and over the last 10 years, we've helped millions of people protect their families and run their businesses. we have the right people on-hand to answer your questions backed by a trusted network of attorneys. so visit us today for legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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♪ at mfs, we believe in the power of active management. every day, our teams collaborate around the world to actively uncover, discuss and debate investment opportunities. which leads to better decisions for our clients. it's a uniquely collaborative approach you won't find anywhere else. put our global active management expertise to work for you. mfs. there is no expertise without collaboration. stuart: more details on that german wings flight. the copilot to deliver it leave sped up the plane. up to date on another developing story. talking with at least one isis fighter over the internet.
12:46 pm
former secret service agent. dan, take me through the process of how these people are caught? i understand that agents were following them. intercepting their social network postings. how do we get a hold of them in the first place? >> in cases like this, they used a business model. there were very fuel bread crumbs left behind. no different than a drug case. you date information. usually, a low charge. stuart: to we rely on the
12:47 pm
community to reveal what is going on within that community? >> the best source of information. no one better than people that have boots on the ground. after 9/11, stuart most of the sources i tell the story all the time. came from the muslim community and long island new york where i was at the time. we seem to have one incident of some sorts on a daily basis. can you see the day coming? >> unfortunately yes. you will see more and more of this targeting. you do not have to have metal
12:48 pm
detectors. we do have to get past the argument. the only way to stop people is by being able to defend your self. most of the security in the country is unarmed security. if you were the owner of one of these establishments, you are doing yourself a disturbance. way in advance. they need to know that in advance. >> we have to look again at concealed weapons carrying rules. i do not inc. that it is a political argument at all. you are not talking about people stealing your wallet. they are committed to stealing
12:49 pm
your life. you can only do that with a weapon. stuart: i think he pointed out how serious this situation is and how far down the terror road we have gone. >> very important. i agree. stuart: thank you. if you offer a service can you pick and choose who to sell it to. john stossel. libertarian. up next. ♪ ♪ edward jones. this is shirley speaking. how may i help you? ♪ oh hey, neill, how are you? how was the trip? with nearly 7 million investors he's right here. hold on one sec. you'd expect us to have a highly skilled call center. kevin, neill holley's on line one.
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stuart: to indiana the pizza parlor that said it did not want to cater the what of same-sex couples. >> do you plan to open any time soon? >> we have decided that we will reopen again. >> when? >> win? we are not sure.
12:54 pm
i am still shaken over this. i will be the one serving the customers in answering the phones. i am just not ready for that yet. stuart: this is just a couple days. $600,000. at 11:00 o'clock this morning 65 grand has come in two hours. >> 132,000. stuart: signed the sixth two the action. the mac the owner says i am not doing it. is that okay?
12:55 pm
>> you should be allowed to do that. >> it is every baker being forced to bake a cake. you started this little business. a person can go other places. you are right. it is individual freedom. it is a right that we should have. >> my business. my rules. it has always been you cannot exclude anybody. a wonderful wonderful world. you better be careful talking to me. this is not good for america.
12:56 pm
>> it is a radical shift that you are talking about. it is so new. it is so different. >> we will fix it. stuart: take it back to the deep south. businesses did say you are black, get out of here. >> that is wrong. covert discrimination is wrong. you may have an argument. games are doing fine in america now. we are doing fine. government should butt out. stuart: i have about three minutes left on this program. you left the very best until the end. you picked the top of the market the last time you were on.
12:57 pm
where will the market go? >> 14,028. stuart: in what time frame 3 i do not know. >> and o'clock. stossel. stuart: more varney after this. ♪ the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. after all, healthier doesn't happen all by itself.
12:58 pm
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12:59 pm
>> give me ten seconds with a british accent. >> stuart going on the show on monday, don't cry, i'll only be around the corner. stuart: that was very good very good. [applause] indeed. congratulations. >> i want to hear texas, stuart, that's my favorite. stuart: what? >> i want you to do texas. stuart: i can do it anytime you like. [laughter] they're cringing all over america right now, especially my relatives who hate it when i do that, but i thought rich
1:00 pm
edson did a pretty good imitation of me we wish him good luck on fox news channel, he starts there on monday morning and deirdre. deirdre: there's a controversial discussion over nuclear power in tehran. in iran there's celebration, in israel, condemnation. >> it would pose a threat to the world, and threaten the survival of israel. deirdre: we will bring you the latest from d.c. and speaking that, america added fewer jobs last month than forecast. we'll tell you what it means if you are looking for work. ill be speaking at any moment on the jobs reports. we will bring you his commentsment so president obama making comments about the jobs report. we're going to take you right now to utah


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