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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 5, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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everybody. after the show, we're playing chubby bunny with peeps. taking a longview on iran. good morning, everyone, happy east. i'm maria bartiromo, this is "sunday morning futures sfutures." a long road that could determine our nuclear future for years to come. plus hillary in the hot seat? the select benghazi committee wants to question her about her private e-mail account, how will she respond now? and how will voters respond. the first game of the season is today. major league baseball's commissioner is with me.
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with news, it's an exciting innovation for 2015. as we look ahead on this sunday's "sunday morning futures." the six world powers, britain, france, germany russia, china and of course the united states working this past week to hammer out a final deal on iran's nuclear program by june 30. after years of talks, even that koumtd come down -- could the ultimate agreement include the enrichment of uranium. good to see you, thank you so much for joining us. you share the subcommittee on counter terrorism and intelligence, so we want to get your insights here. is that the last sticking point? if thatt's the case, is it black or white. >> i think this is a bad deal. if everything we have heard about it is true, basically what the u.s. is doing is lock in the
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nuclear infrastructure in iran, so they can break loose, they can break out. we're allowing them to keep the centrifuges they're going to be in encased locations, which will be very difficult for us to take them out in the future. we went into this to take away iran's nuclear power. now we're basically institution institutionalizeing it. >> if they continue to enrich uranium, we know that that could lead to the acquisition of a bomb. shouldn't that be a deal breaker? >> it should certainly be a deal breaker. this president obviously wants a deal and he's willing to take a not so good deal because i believe he wants to institutionalize iran to make a
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dominant blair in the middle east so you somewhere u.s. and iran almost like a superpower. everything i have heard about in this administration and in washington is that the president wants to end the days of feuding with iran, and he believes if iran is given it's leeway, they will joan the league of nation. >> most of the players left after it was clear that the deadline had been missed and we came to a preliminary frame work, but john kerry states, they want a deal to happen. so that's why you worry. to the need for a deal may override some of the things that may actually be in that deal. >> we're the ones who hold the cards. and yet we're the ones who are basically giving the iranians what they want. you're right is other countries have left kerry is staying behind, almost desperate to get a deal no matter what. and everything the president
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said from the beginning that iran cannot have a nuclear bomb, we're locking in place what it takes to get a nuclear weapon and i believe they will have the opportunity to break out before we know about it. >> at the same time fighting with them on the saudi side, because the saudis have led this strike in yemen and have said if the saudi-led strike continues in yemen, there will be more bloodshed. >> and our people are fighting alongside iraq. i think he wants to disengage the u.s. and he's willing to live with a strong iran, believing that if we make certain concessions to them we can control them. >> how is all this going to affect the voters in the 2016 election. as voters think about their next president this year and going into next year do you think
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foreign policy and strategy that we have had or lacks of is going to be an important factor for them? >> should be, if we have republican who is want to raise the issue. we have to show that we have our own position, we disagree with the president and we are willing to take the strong actions necessary. >> we are leading from behind, and today the middle east is actually a more dangerous place than ever before. is that a fair statement? >> it's totally fair and the situation today is not even close to the past. libya isis is going to libya libya is kaychaotic isis has made tremendous us inroads. the defeats against isis have been with the help of iran so iran is more powerful in that region. we can go country by country and
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that's why countries like israel, saudi arabia are so desperate and nervous over what's happening. >> considering the fact that we pulled our troops out of iraq left so much high-tech equipment there, what's happened? isis has took that equipment and now isis is fighting americans with our own equipment. >> by taking our military out of iraq, they iraqi army split off between shilts and sunnis. >> what's your take on hillary clinton, the committee on benghazi wants to see her records. but hillary wiped the server clean, i would say you would disqualify yourself as being the leader of the free world.
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>>ive any smoking gun turns up then hillary clinton is going to have a real issue. the main question of why, she may be able to stall that one out, i think you're going to need more of a smoking gun, somebody that can claim that this was done for the wrong motive. >> i don't think her core has really been impacted. do you think the voters will be impacted by what she's done? >> congressman good to have you on the show. our long-term deadlines with iran even as our allyies are battling iranian backed militant militants. follow us
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. welcome back. saudi arabia taking matters into its own hands in yemen. but a different situation played out in tikrit last night. the iranians could not get the job done and u.s. air strikes finished the job, all while the obama white house is going for a transform tiff deal with iran. it is to have you on the program. >> can you take us through the background as far as this iranian-led air strike in yemen right now? >> yes, ma'am -- failure to
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enforce a red line declaration that president obama made about syria's use of chemical weapons failure to rein in the iranian settlements, that has led to building the coalition, developing the air strikes that we have seen in yemen, which will not be enough by themselves. >> but the story gets more come indicated as we know that iran wants thor strike to stop. and it's said if the saudi air strikes continue there will be bloodshed. and we're watching the wrong -- >> week're working in parallel with iran but i'm not sure if it's alongside. they're there at the request of the administration. is it's important that we recognize that we're not
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literally partners up with iran we have a common enemy right now, but that doesn't make us friends. >> we have had so many failures in the middle east in these last years, that red line that was crossed and never done anything about in syria or yemen, or any of the other hot spots, can you characterize the u.s.'s foreign policy today and what you think should be done? >> this president has said many times that he wants to be on the right side of history. frankly i think he's being rung over by history. he's failing to take into account the necessity of maintaining security for the local populations that are in the midst of these upheavals. i think that's number one. number two, we have to bear in mind that there's a long-term political interest, and that does not mean we need to turn our bracks on our friends, which is the saudi and the monarchies
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and even egypt. they have to have order and they have to have a strong enough government to make the reforms that this administration apparently hoped could come overnight. >> we recognize that the final deadline for a deal in iran is not until june but what would be different in june than this last week? >> the frame work discussions are basically an exercise in kicking the can down the road. they are not specific. they are notional they are directional, which is about all you can frankly expect at this time. by june, they all expect to have a written agreement, something that is enforceable, something that has much more teeth to it. so the march deadline was effectively an effort to set something done, but it was never intended to be a real deadline
6:15 pm
in terms of having a concrete agreement. i think the real agreement is going to be coming in june. >> yeah, well what do you think that agreement looks like? i was talking to peter king a while ago, and i wondered if this was very straight forward, very black and white. was this just about stopping the enrichment of uranium or does it have the deal -- >> there may be a limit on centrifuges which of course would be important. the real key i think is enforcement and inspection. verification. if we don't have something that can be verified, if we don't somewhere an enforcement mechanism to immediately deal with violations then we have been wasting our time. >> why would we expect we would have checkups that actually materialized that we actually haven't had the kind of check by the u.n. inspectors that we wanted. >> i think we're going to have
6:16 pm
to insist on it. if this government doesn't insist on verification and inspections and enforcement, then they're wasting their own time they're wasting a lot of people's time. >> what is the president's motivation in terms of the way he approaches foreign policy, do you know? >> well it's hard to guess, my suspicion right now is he wants to leaf some kind of legacy with respect to a nuclear agreement. i don't think he expects to bring iran into the league of nations, i don't think he wants to support iran in that -- if he can at least claim to have some sort of a nuclear agreement in which they have ceased to weapon side their enrichment, then i think he'll claim that he's got some sort of legacy that he can leave behind, there's not much other meat on that bone. >> what if a deal does not happen, ambassador, what do you think an implication of no the deal happens after these talks
6:17 pm
ends in june? >> it's going to alienate the israelis and the saudis for one. i think the saudis could be inclined to develop their own nuclear program, perhaps in concert with israel. >> so it sounds like a race to the bottom in terms of mideastern countries getting their hands on nukes? >> there are no good solutions here, but hopefully, we can see some progress and some verification, if we don't then it is a race to the bottom. >> ambassador, good to have you on the show today. innovateive technology at the ballpark and streamlining the play. we are now looking at opening day tonight and looking ahead on sunday morning futures. back in a moment.
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. it is opening day or rather opening might with the cubs and the cardinals taking to the diamond at 8:00 p.m. eastern time tonight. the mlb has taken in 9 billion in 2014. i think it's great to have you on the show, commissioner. thank you for joining us. it's nice to see such success of mlb, you have already made some changes to the game, pick up the pace and what is is on your
6:22 pm
agenda right now? >> we're really encouraged by our gains on pace the game effort. it's part of a broader effort, we're working hard on getting younger people attracted to the game and we're working hard on youth participation and we're also encouraging the demographic where we're strong, parents and grand parents to bring their ganged children to the ballpark. >> who would you say is the face of baseball tonight? >> we have got a great young group of players coming along. it's hard to answer that yes. >> these are some of the stars and so, you know, that -- you never know who's going to stick. >> that's right and part of it depends on how their teams do. derek was obviously personally appealing but he also had the advantage of being part of great yankee teams. >> alex rodriguez back from his season-long ban, but is there a
6:23 pm
distraction as to what went on? >> i don't think it's a distraction, i think it encouraging participation in the game. people are generally forgiving after someone is given a very severe penalty. >> what do you do now making sure steroids are not in the game, making sure you've got drug testing going on? are there plans in place going forward? >> the plan is constant vigilance. we have greated partnerships about the world anti-doping agencies to make sure that we're on top of the developments in that area, and each and every year, even if we don't have a collective bargaining agreement we sit down. >> you're expanding in asia and latin america. >> asia and latin america is
6:24 pm
right for us because there are big traditions in baseball. they're good targets for us. but we also are interested in newer markets where baseball is not as popular and i think in the coming years, you'll see us make efforts in places like europe? >> what about cuba? obviously we have scene a number of talents coming out of cuba obama has announced his plans to restore diplomatic relations between the u.s. and cuba. do you envision cuba being a big player in baseball? >> i think you're going to see more and more players in cuba in the major leagues and in addition we hope that the environment continues to evolve that allows us to do some real business in cuba. >> i know you're doing a lot to get fans in the seats, engaging
6:25 pm
in social media. are there plans for baseball to try out live streaming? >> remember we had the first live streaming product ever, debuted seven or eight years ago, and all of our games except in the home television territory are available on >> so this is the new normalal in business in general? >> it's part of the really rapidly evolving television environment. obviously for our teams, the current cable model has been great for us. our media revenue has really exploded. and we think we that can can use streaming in a way that supports the mlb business model. >> in terms of fans watching it at home, coming to the stadium, how do you get -- is it that critical to get your fans in the stadium in terms of business?
6:26 pm
because you can have a great experiencing at home these days. >> our game is still a gate given game, it's real important to our economics that we have good attendance. we average about 30,000 people a night and it's crucial to our business. and we do think we continue to have a really positive, affordable family in park experience. >> tell me about the growth in terms of taking it to the next level in terms of business, what are your most important issues that you're going to be dealing with. >> i think the most important issue for us is to make sure that we're prepared to deal with the changing media environment. as you alluded to earlier, there's a lot going on in that space media is a crucial part of our business and we feel that with mlb advanced media, we're well positioned to deal with those chainsnges. >> your wife gave you her best advice. >> her advice was be your own
6:27 pm
man. >> and you're throwing out the first pitch tonight? >> i'm throwing out the first pitch on monday. >> have you been practicing? >> i have been plasticing if you don't practice for a first pitch, you're making a big mistake. hillary clinton asked to appear before the benghazi select committee on may 1, our panel will begin right there next as we look ahead on "sunday morning futures." you get sick you can't breathe through your nose... suddenly... you're a mouthbreather. well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than cold medicines alone so you can breathe and sleep shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right.
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michiganwisconsin fans riot after the loss. welcome back trey gowdy the chairman of the house select committee on benz gas si--on for official state department business. we want to bring in our panel on this. ed rollins is former white house advisor to president reagan, he is a fox news political analyst. jew judith miller, a fox news contributor and doug high was the deputy chief of staff to house majority leader eric cantor. do you think this is going to stick? what plays out out?
6:33 pm
>> she quantities a hearing on benghazi, and i think to a certain extent that benefits republicans because they won't be behind the scenes, they have to approach this to get as much information as they can. gabby is a former prosecutor and i think it will be an interesting thing. >> why do you think she wants a public environment? >> because she's pitting he was against the republicans and from her perspective, she thinks it's a good move. >> what can she say? she wiped to the server clean so what can she say? >> she can do what she did and explain what she did and this is not a legal issue this is now a political issue. because it's very clear that hillary is a lawyer, she i'm sure she went right up up to the line and since this is now in the political arena, she's going to try and score political
6:34 pm
points. and do that at a hearing. >> i think this is the least bad option for hillary clinton, and we have to remember, she doesn't do these particular events very well. and she needs to control her message as tightly as she can. she can't afford to have a what difference does it make moment. trey gowdy was appointed for a reason. he's somebody that understands about being aggressive and showing the restraint you need to not overplay your hand. >> why would she wipe her server clean? >> it's her obsession with controlling information, lack of transparency transparency, here on the planet of hillary, it seems to play. >> we have known that the clintons are very calculateing with what they do -- >> i'm not going the use the
6:35 pm
government scenes i'm going to basically do it in my house up in chappaquiddick and i'll give you what i want to give you. and i think it's outrageous. it's going to be a long-term battle for her. >> and it's hard to explain unless i don't want to be spied on i don't want to be accountable. >> that's exactly what it is. >> this is coming at a bad time for clinton. for a while democrats are saying well this doesn't matter in the polls. it matters when she's hering staff in new york. >> it's not the way you want to launch presidential campaign itry minds people of all the drama that went on during the eight years of the clinton administration. >> what about the polling we're seeing? >> it goes to exactly what i have said, this reminds voters why they're uncomfortable with hillary clinton in the first place. >> zimpbtdifferent rules for the
6:36 pm
clintons and the rest of the world. >> she has to start raising the money and she has to basically get a staff. i think one of the weaknesses she has is she doesn't have professionals on her staff that can go out and deal with this. there's no press secretary out there fighting back and she needs to get that campaign up and functioning. >> when she was having press conferences initially dealing with this, they weren't getting the information they needed to go out there. >> is there a bench on the dramatic side in terms of who their candidate might be? >> you've got martin o'malley, who's 1% in the polls with democrats. but he's waiting in the wings. >>ive for some reason she doesn't run for health purposes or she debts disqualified, kerry isn't going to be a good candidate at the end of the day, they're two ruse losers kerry
6:37 pm
twice running for the presidency. >> shehe now has a line we're not interested in dynasty. we want to look at what's coming up on "media buzz." >> good morning, we're going to look at the media uproar around the indiana religious freedom law and governor mike pence blaming reckless reporting as he calls it for the controversy about whether it affects gay rights and gay marriage. also the criticism of the new host of the daily show, trevor noah for some insensitive jokes.
6:38 pm
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we are are back with our panel this morning. let me get your take on the gop side marco rubio going to run? >> i think he's going to run. he's had a great couple of months, young people have been attracted to him. bush is offering a ton of money but he's not doing very well in polls. the new poll out this week, gives hick 25% in his home state. 75% in his home state are not
6:42 pm
there for him. >> is that because of the bush name? >> no clinton is overwhelmingly supported by democrats. the florida primary, which is march 15 is 99 delegates. if bush does not win florida he basically is not going to be a viable candidate. >> rubio, he's young, he's tan, he's rested, he's hydrated. if americans haven't learned anything from the penalty we pay for a lack of experience perhaps rubio can get the nomination. >> but marco rubio was not backing the state senator. he was the speaker of the florida house. one of the things that's interesting with george bush, we all know the name bush, but we don't really know the name jeb as well as we do bush. when he start speaking spanish at his events, when we learn
6:43 pm
more about his -- >> and to your point he was a very effective governor. he won over 55% twice in the state. in that primary in florida, there's no rationale for him to be the nominee. >> he sort of has the goods. >> i sort of feel sorry that mike pence has more or less taken himself out of this competition. >> because of the religious freedom law it was a very unfortunate press conference for him. but this is a man, people forget that he was one of the leaders of the media shield law when people like me went to jail for the first amendment. >> i truly believe it was not intended to be discrimination. >> and pence has reached out to all the business groups, the evangelical groups but this is the long-term battle of the
6:44 pm
evangelicals and the business group which are far apart on that issue. >> i would say first off, we're in a much better position with our slate of candidates than we did four years ago. marco rubio is going to be a great candidate. jeb bush is an experienced good governor. we have scott walker we have a lot of strong candidates than we did eight years ago. >> when you announced one that a lot of people don't like but ted cruz raised 8 million more than he thought he was. a lot of rand paul people have given up. >> what do you see the timeline on this when we see both sides quite clear? >> i think we have a year to go. you've got to one some of those early states and it gets hard.
6:45 pm
national polls really mean nothing, it's who can put the bombs together. you've got texas, you've got a bunch of southern states so by the 15th of march the florida primary will know where we're going. >> what do you think the main trigger for voters will be? what's your take in terms of what drives voters this election. >> normally it's economics, but this year there's such concern about foreign policy and what is perceived as foreign policy missteps on the part of this administration that it could very well be national security/ security/foreign policy versus economics. >> who can basically move the ball forward and part of where they're going get the strengths of being a leader are going to be clear on foreign policy. >> foreign policy is something we haven't seen leadership from
6:46 pm
this administration we have seen an absence of any leadership our allies asking where's america? you go back to the last few weeks of the 2014 election, we saw a lot being with foreign policy. and not just presidential races. there's an rl about how richard burr in north carolina my old boss now the senate intake chair who plans to lead a foreign policy -- >> particularly as we are right now looking at probably one of the most important decisions for the country and the world as these iran talks. >> and equally important whether hillary wants to walk away or not she has to support this administration. she's got to defend as much as possible the disaster that's been the obama -- >> it's amazing to see the obama administration and how they treat hillary. the word was was that it was valerie jarrett somebody in his administration who basically leaked and told the new york
6:47 pm
times that she held back some e-mail. so they basically threw her under the bush. >> what about elizabeth warren. >> she's not a viable candidate. she's a viable candidate in massachusetts. >> people keep saying that but every time she talks about i'm not against banks, i'm against corrupt banks, i'm against one standard for the wealthy and one for the poor. >> who is she talking about when she says trust banks? >> she's talking about the banks that give loans to your kids to go to college. >> with hillary, we thought she was eneveryinevitable last night. we're seeing this throughout the democratic political world. the fix is in. >> but if for some reason she
6:48 pm
doesn't run the republican bench is so much stronger than the democratic bench. >> no question about it. >> the republicans have to be mindful that because we don't like hillary clinton, it's not something that we continuing need to confront. >> it's still the same nine states, the swing states all over again. bush won the majority of them when he won twice we have lost the last two, and we have basically lost them all last time and we need to get back into the game. long-term talks wither rang, the fight against isis global economics and how foreign policy is bound to shape the race.
6:49 pm
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our panel is back as we're looking ahead. we were waiting and waiting on some kind of an initial framework. at the end of last week we heard the news that basically progress has been reached to allow us to continue negotiations to june 30 on these iran talks. what will we hear come june 30 that is different that we have been unable to agree on in march? >> not a thing. this is sign the agreement, we'll fill in the details later. we're getting nothing. they're getting everything. >> iran has not made any concessions concessions. >> it's one of these deals if you like your nuclear weapon you want to expand it, you get to do that. >> like obamacare. actually not funny at all p. >> it's not funny. and this ten year war or 20 year war, they will have a nuclear weapon an they will move more and more just from terrorist
6:53 pm
activity they're spoken toring to sponsoring to being a very serious threat. >> and it has empowered audind you had saudi arabia and pakistan to want their own bomb. >> i think that would have happen in order matter what. but the same may happen whether or not you have an understanding, an agreement, whatever we're calling it. i think it was kind of pathetic that we had two people, kerry and his iranian counter part pullinger p. >> and many players left. >> and this is what's happened. in has beenaen downgraded from an yes, ma'am agreement toen a understanding and now an outline of a potential understanding. these talks are in deep trouble.
6:54 pm
>> that's the problem. there are no goals, nothing specific that we hope to get or extract from iran. we just want a deal so we can hold up a sheet of paper and say we have a deal. and meanwhile over the past month a conversation about what our relationship with israel is going to be. speaker boehner was in israel with congressional leadership. israel is in a bad place with the united states and any kind of a deal with iran tells israel we're not their number one ally anymore. >> and your prior guest here peter king knows more about this deal than any and he says it's a bad deal. >> what about in terms of israel? relations have been hurt. >> and not just israel which is very important. the saudis have been our great friend and ally. and nobody else can trust us at this point in time. we'll make a deal with someone that is the terrorist of the neighborhood and just make a deal. >> why what is obama's
6:55 pm
motivation that this is so important? >> he really wants to extract america from the middle east. and the way you do that is to pull us away from our traditional alliances with the saudis, egyptians who he views as unpromising in terms of -- >> but now they have our equipment trying to kill our -- >> our money. >> and our money. . p. >> i think it's been a terrible mistake just as it was a terrible mistake to a so long to finally support egypt with long to finally support egypt with arms. but at this time all t good will has been -- >> all right. stay with us. when we come [announcer:] what if one stalk of broccoli could protect you from cancer? what if one push up could prevent heart disease?
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we're back with our panel. the one thing to watch in the
6:59 pm
week ahead. >> united kingdom just started their elections. we saw david cameron hitting the campaign trail p. the world's greatest mayor is standing for election to parliament. this could be very important not just for what happens with our number one strategic partner and special relationship, but also the only prime minister only leader of a foreign country that we can identify that really likes barack obama. >> judy and i'm excited iffor your book coming out. >> thank you vefuyou very much. i'm excited as well. it's about the state of journalism today and why it matters. >> and so we'll watch that. state of journalism you have a lot to say about that. >> and i'm looking to see how fast she makes the "new york times" best seller list. i'm looking to see how governor pence and governor hitch utchinson get out of the debacle.
7:00 pm
>> all right. and for me, a quiet week in economics. cmi the market mover. thanks very much for being with us. happy easter. i'll see you tomorrow morning hello, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. iran and six world powers announcing thursday a framework agreement on iran's nuclear program after eight days of marathon negotiations in switzerland. president obama hailing what he called a quote, good deal that meets america's objectives but many disagree including israeli government officials who tell fox news it's a bad framework that will lead to a bad dangerous deal. we take up those concerns with fox news strategic analyst colonel ralph peters and former governor john sununu. also indiana's governor mike pence yielding to the


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