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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 6, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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at kennedy nation ago routing and shred them monday. i will see you tomorrow night. elf, lou dobbs. this is fox business. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. the obama administration launching an aggressive sales campaign to line up support for the new obama framework agreement on iran's nuclear program. but it's going to be a tough sell, to say the least. republicans in congress can moving ahead with legislation -- congress moving ahead with legislation that would require congressional final approval of any deal if one is ever reached. and israeli officials are warning tonight that taking military action against iran's nuclear program remains an option. we'll take up whether president r a skeptical public and congress. we'll be talking with former
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u.s. ambassador to the united nations, john bolton, former u.s. ambassador frank wisner. also tonight a devastating four-year drought in california, some say it's the beginning of what is a 500-year drought. whatever it is, it's ravaging california. the brutal conditions forcing governor jerry brown to ration water in his state the first such ration in california's history. but critics blasting the governor's rule saying they largely exempt the agriculture industry that uses 80% of california's water supply. we take a look tonight at what needs to be done. we'll do be talking with a panel of top climate signtivities. and former florida governor jeb bush learns he is not hispanic although he identified himself as such in 2009. we'll tell you how the governor came to this, well to this revelation and how he got confused about his own identity in the first place.
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but first al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula making a power grab in yemen where the fighting is creating a humanitarian crisis. fox news correspondent conor powell with our report. >> reporter: with the fighting in yemen showing no signs of letting up, the international committee of the red cross says a humanitarian crisis is brewing. basic items are in short supply. we have been without water for five days says mohamed and the hue houthis have been attacking us for days. calls for a ceasefire have been ignored. nearly two weeks ago saudi arabia launched airstrikes to stop the advance of shiite houthi rebels. the rain yoon-lanked -- iranian-linked fighters have taken control of most of yemen. so far the saudi airstrikes have done little to slow down the houthis, and the crisis in yemen
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has only worsened. today pakistan said saudi arabia has requested it contribute troops to the operation. raising the possibility of a ground offensive which just recently saudi officials seemed to rule out. over the weekend russia floated a proposal that would impose a total arms embargo on yemen. that idea, however, was immediately rejected by saudi arabia. still as the air campaign increasingly looks unlikely to solve the conflict in yemen the state department defended the saudi strategy. >> we have said that's the main goal of this military action, is to insure that they get back to political dialogue and to push back on the aggressive action. so our position remains unchanged. >> reporter: al-qaeda has expanded their footprint in the country, and as of now the sunni arab countries have shown no willingness to target their fellow sunnis. in jerusalem, conor powell, fox
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news. lou: returning to our top story, president obama defending the framework nuclear agreement with iran. he calls that, quote a once in a lifetime opportunity. while also trying to explain the obama doctrine during his interview with "the new york times." >> you asked about an obama doctrine. the doctrine is we will engage, but we preserve all our capabilities. lou: joining us tonight former u.s. ambassador to the united nation, fox news contributor john bolton. ambassador, what in the world -- let's begin the most basic level here for my bicep fit. benefit. what is the obama doctrine for crying out loud? >> well, i don't have a clue, but worse than that, the president doesn't have a clue either. to say engagement or diplomacy is his doctrine is to completely miss the point. engagement, diplomacy or tactics they're elements in
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your tool box. engagement and diplomacy for what objective? that's what you need to have a strategy or doctrine. and i don't think the president knows or at least he's not willing to say publicly. lou: and now sanctions. the president at least addressing them. we thought they'd, perhaps, been dismissed altogether. will be lifted immediately upon iran's movement or at least some signal that it would agree with some framework that doesn't exist, apparently not even in our president's mind. >> yeah. well i think this may be some explanation of the confusion that we've heard since the announcement of the framework in switzerland last thursday. they said they've been operating under the negotiating principle nothing is agreed to until everything is agreed to, and it's possible iran is still saying we want the sanctions lifted right at the get go, and we haven't agreed to that. if the iranians don't get that i think all the rest of this falls away. lou: all of the rest of this falls away, but here we are days after the so-called deal, and
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the, if you will, the parade given by this president and the white house for the deal, we don't know the terms of it, we don't know elements of it, we don't know the direction of it. >> what we have is a bunch of disparate statements made in switzerland and subsequent about what we think the deal is and in tehran about what they think deal is -- lou: by the way the two are in utter contravention. >> they come together only coincidentally. and i think that shows whatever has gone on behind the scenes there is as yet no meeting of the minds. so the president is pursue ising a political -- is pursuing a political strategy to try and do anything he can to prevent a vote in the senate which he's afraid he's going to lose and that's why you see the secretary of energy telling us about arms control agreements. he's a scientist, lou, and therefore, there can be no opposition. [laughter] lou: i don't even bin to understand. i cannot fathom the mindset of
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this administration in trying to create the staging for a historic deal. they've used the word, you know, throughout "historic." and yet we don't have even the foundation for an agreement of any kind, historic, sequential, you know rudimentary, hopeful. there is no word that describes pure ether other than pure ether. >> and here's the background for that, these negotiations with iran have been going on for 12 years. if this program were truly peaceful how hard would it be over 12 years to prove that point? and two years of intense negotiation under obama where he's given up the central point. you don't need to be a technical expert to understand this. a regime like iran should not have any uranium enrichment capability at all period, close quote. and once you give that up, the barn door is open. lou: today the associated press did an analysis of the deal as best they could understand the
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deal. it's interesting the that they, they did much of the analysis on the basis of hypotheticals because that's all we have, are hypotheticals. and is the case with hypotheticals they often begin with the word "if." and the ap writes in this: >> yeah. that's all they think about. but i tell you, it's even worse. the last two years of negotiation by the obama administration have convinced our friends in the region -- saudi arabia, egypt and others -- that we are not going to do what's necessary to stop iran's nuclear weapons program so that instead of the nuclear arms race beginning after iran actually tests a nuclear
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device -- as north korea's done -- the negotiations have accelerated the arms race. it's already underway. lou: you know what i think the president should do here? if i may save the country a lot of pain and the president more embarrassment? get in front of the new pan-arab army led by president sisi, arm them, supply them, boost them you know, have a parade for them anden doors every action -- endorse every action they take because it means there is a new positive force in the region. and let it be obama's. >> well, he's not going to do that, unfortunately, because i think he believes that it's the united states and our friends and allies -- particularly israel -- who are the source of much of the problem. lou: john bolton, always good to have you. >> thank you, lou. lou: thank you. iran not the only matter in which the president thinks he is somehow, well, elevating above the law. there's also the issue, of course, of illegal immigration. and the president apparently now
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believes he can cut back on the surge of illegal immigrants crossing our southern border by having taxpayers pay for the children of illegal immigrants to be flown by the united states into the united states for free to join their families. by the way, they are doing so because they have enticed those families to come to the united states illegally through the policies pursued by this president. it isn't much more complicated than that. a new state department and homeland security program would give anyone taking advantage of the president's well, fly anywhere amnesty fiat for illegal immigrants the option of having the federal government fly their children in from central america. the state department isn't saying how much those plane tickets cost, isn't saying how many passengers will be flown thanks to air uncle sam. for now president obama's amnesty fiat is on hold because of court cases. we're coming right back. stay with us.
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up next, what america's up against in the middle east. former u.s. ambassador to egypt, frank wisner, on the growing power of al-qaeda. "rolling stone" admits its uva rape story was false a sham. so why doesn't the magazine fire
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lou: breaking news tonight, the university of virginia chapter of phi kappa psi announcing a lawsuit against "rolling stone" a day after the story was reacted on the rape allegedly occurring. some are upset that no one at "rolling stone" is being fired over the discredited story, but when you're aligned with the left perhaps we should not be surprised it isn't about journalistic standards. turning now to yemen a senior intelligence official telling fox news that al-qaeda is using the chaos created by the houthi overthrow of the yemen government to rapidly expand their hold and membership in yemen. the radical islamist terrorist group is now providing guidance to al-shabaab terror itselfs who carried out the college
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massacre in kenya just last week. joining us tonight is frank wisner former u.s. ambassador to egypt to india zambia and the philippines. he is a foreign policy adviser for squire patton boggs and it is great to have you with us ambassador. >> lou, thanks very much for having me. lou: yemen. >> yes. lou: it blows up seemingly in the face of this administration without, seemingly intelligence that would indicate that a flashpoint is about to explode. and then without action by this administration as a result. your thoughts. >> well, yemen has been ripping apart for the past three years. in fact, almost from the beginning of the arab revolution in 2011. so we've seen this playing out. the united states has made it clear to the neighboring states, the gulf cooperation council saudi arabia and the others, that fundamentally they needed
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to get in, change the government -- which they did -- and for a while that worked. now it is not working, and you have the worst crisis in yemen's history. it needs to be addressed. the united states can support but it can't change the facts on the ground. the saudis are taking the lead. they're putting together an international coalition. we'll have to see how they play out. in my judgment, the houthis cannot win but in the long run, lou, what's got to happen is that yemen -- like other parts of the middle east that are in turmoil -- have got to find some political framework for a set settlement. otherwise we're going to see the expansion of radical forces like al-qaeda. lou: as we watch what is happening in iraq throughout much of northern africa the middle east, we are watching countries that are trying to find, it seems a new center of
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gravity founded both on, you know, fault lines that run through their religions, their ethnicities, and the west -- primarily the united states in recent decades -- has been the one trying to exert force against natural centers of gravity. where does all of this leave us, in your judgment? >> well it's, you're putting your finger on the fundamental challenge to american policy. that challenge is how do you create a new balance of power in the middle east? how do you create a situation which stability can be achieved in which the nations that we have long been friendly with come together, and the nations we're trying to open the door to, iran, can begin to find a framework for managing the crises in the region. that's got to be the core objective in the long run of
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americandiplomacy. >> saudi arabia, egypt, both states with new leadership. >> yes. lou: is it, does it build some hope in you for more positive i don't mean come as a result -- outcome as a result of their leadership? >> they are two very responsibility states, states with which we've had longstanding ties and very important ties, and it creates not only the core around which other smaller arab nations can gravitate but it provides the political center for the united states to key its diplomacy. but that's only part of the problem. you need a core but you also need to be able to engage the other parties in the region. here's where iran comes in, and i think the ultimate promise of the iranian nuclear deal is an opportunity to try to begin to configure, conceive of the middle east as a region in which there is balance between the contending parties.
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lou: ambassador, good to talk with you. we appreciate your insight and look forward to talking with you again soon. >> lou, thank you very much. lou: thank you very much. frank wisner. p tonight's poll, the question is have you ever heard anyone besides president obama say he or she understands the obama doctrine? cast your vote at i should have asked you ambassador. buckingham palace releasing a video of the daredevil prince harry frying one of the -- flying one of the world war ii's finest fighter aircraft. the video shows the prince whooping and cheering as the instructor rolls the plane 360 degrees. the video, released to promote the spitfire scholarship, a training program for wounded veterans in the u.k. in washington state democratic governor jay inslee decided it was a brilliant idea to fly the chinese flag at the state dam in olympian -- state capita in olympia in honor of a
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visiting chinese ambassador. but he flew the communist nation's flag between the american flag and the washington state flag and at exactly the same height. that is a no of no. local patriots understandably offended by the governor's move and with the help of an unnamed washington state trooper, they lowered the flag and removed it from the capitol building yesterday. action, independent action. it's good to see it's still part of america. up next, the allure of higher office so strong that some political candidates actually seem to lose their own identities. my commentary, coming up. and getting drilled by a box truck the least of this chinese biker's problems. the resolution truly uplifting. that story and much more straight ahead. stay with us.
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lou: a few comments now on folks who want to be president and
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their desperate desire to be liked by us all, to be utterly and completely embraced by at least the majority of voters no matter what. it's no secret jeb bush wants to run for president in 2016, that he is running for president. it's no secret either that the big reason big money donors are open to another bush is that the former florida governor would have a good shot at winning the critical swing state of florida. it's also no secret the big money likes him. he's a reliable establishment tool of the chamber of commerce, of business round table. it's also no secret that bush is not hispanic. but "the new york times" today reported bush self-identified as hispanic in his 2009 voter registrationing application. registration application. that's right. and bush then had to confirm the report by tweeting: my mistake. don't think i fooled anyone, exclamation point. no governor, you sure didn't.
11:27 pm
but what in the world was he thinking? which raises the question if he can mistake his own identity at husband rather advanced age -- can his rather advanced age, lifelong kind of obvious, what kind of president would he make? but it's not the first time bush has gotten a bit carried away pandering to hispanics. >> if bill clinton is the first black president, i'm definitely the first cuban at least or latino governor of the state of florida. [cheers and applause] lou: aw, shucks. but he screwed that up as well. the first and only hispanic governor of florida was republican bob martinez who served from 1987-1991. that was a full decade before jeb bush was governor. bush looks silly just when he's been begging folks to take him seriously. but he's not alone, certainly.
11:28 pm
remember back in 2007 when hillary clinton and barack obama were campaigning for president and both developed as that campaign wore on a southern accent, for crying out loud with a little southern preacher cadence thrown in for good measure? >> i don't feel no ways tired. [laughter] i come too too far from where i started from! [cheers and applause] nobody told me that the road would be easy. i don't believe he brought me this far. >> my grandfather was a cook to the british in kenya, grew up in a small village. and all his life that's all he was, was a cook and a houseboy, and that's what they called him even when he was 60 years old, they called him a houseboy. lou: so why do politicians just get plain silly? in part it tells us a lot of
11:29 pm
what they think about our intelligence. not a lot and so far we seem to have deserved our standing with these particular candidates. not a lot. well, the quotation of the evening and on the why and where fors of political lies no matter how big or small, it was said a lie would have no sense unless the truth were felt to be dangerous. this quotation from alfred adler austrian medical doctor and psychotherapist. now, there's a man who should have known quite a bit about politics. we're coming right back. coming up next california running out of water. two top scientists tonight debate the punishing drought and the political choices that almost no one wants to recognize. we'll show you one woman who loves her car and isn't about to let go with a little help from a friend. the dramatic conclusion next.
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lou: california governor jerry brown defending his state's first ever water restrictions water rationing calling for a mandatory 25% reduction in water usage throughout the state. more than 90% of the state is experiencing severe drought conditions. the drought has entered its fourth year. governor brown warning californians that if they don't comply, they could be fined.
11:34 pm
>> it's requiring action and changes in behavior from the oregon border all the way to the mexican border. it affects lawns, it affects people's -- how long they stay in the shower, how businesses use water. if they don't comply, people can be fined $500 a day. lou: for more now on how the above's water rationing could affect the state's -- the governor's water rationing could affect the state's water supply, roger bayles director of the sierra nevada institute and jay -- [inaudible] senior writer-scientist at the nasa jet propulsion lab and a professor at uc irvine. good to have you both with us. let me start, if i may, with you, roger. this drought, 90% -- every survey i've seen, california's taking it seriously, but this is the first time there's rationing. you folks have got, according to, well, to jay's most recent
11:35 pm
article about a year's supply of water left. what's taken so long? >> well people are really serious taking this drought seriously, and it is a soars drought. perhaps the -- a serious drought. perhaps the most severe drought of the past 100 years. it's taken a while for the public consciousness to get there, because we do have a lot of water in california. it's just how we use it and how we aloe e candidate it to different uses. our storage reservoirs, which i think the l.a. times piece that you mentioned referred to, normally have a couple of years of storage in them but we also have our groundwater which provides many more years of storage so we can use water out of one reservoir and fill the other one -- lou: the truth is, those reservoirs as we're showing folks at home right now, those reservoirs are critically low. jay, your thoughts. i mean, this looks like a problem where everybody wants to
11:36 pm
take it seriously, but yet the state's populationing is still drawing -- population is still drawing even -- everybody's going ahead with business as usual. i mean, this is only now beginning to impinge on quality of life in your state, right? >> that, that's right. and so roger's right. we do have a fair amount of groundwater. the problem is we have no water, no snow in the mountains. our reservoirs are creately low -- critically low, like you said, so that we have to rely more and more, up to 75, 80% reliance on groundwater, and that is a strategic reserve that we need to maintain for the long term not just for this particular drought. we do have a very high water quality of life in the state and in this country, and it's a very difficult thing to ask people to back away from that. i hope that the above's -- the governor's restrictions are sending a strong message that this is extremely serious.
11:37 pm
lou: you have been calling for the governor to ration. i want to compliment you on one of the great lines i've read in recent memory. you conclude your op-ed in the l.a. times saying call me old-fashioned but i'd like to live in a state that has a paddle so that it might also still have a creek. >> that's right. lou: i love the would like to think that california's going to act, to react. but within the context of the -- >> i hope so. lou: within the context of the southwest, we're talking about some scientists say a 500-year drought, that we're on, that we're at the early stages of that. much of water in california -- >> well, that's frightening. lou: -- comes from other states in the southwest who are also dependent on the same water resources. >> that's right. a lot of times in california we hear our water managers say, well, we can just get more water from the colorado river basin but much of the western u.s. behaves the same way. problems that we face here in
11:38 pm
california are very much the same problems that we face across the american west. so we, we have some issues. you mentioned population growth, you mentioned agriculture. as we move forward through the 21st century, we really have to begin now for memory planning to address climate change, to address population growth and to address what we want to do with our agricultural economy here in california because it's unlikely that we can continue to do it all. lou: yeah. and roger as you know california isn't just, you know, the bread basket to that region, it's a bread basket for the entire cup. what happens there can -- to the entire country. what happens there is going to have immense impact to the nation right? >> exactly. my university is right in the middle of the central valley which produces about 25% of the nation's food. and in doing that, we use what, about 20 or 30% of the nation's groundwater to do that. now, we can use that groundwater
11:39 pm
as long as it's replenished in wet years, but, you know, california's had, what, this is the tenth drought in the last 100 years. we have, you know, maybe drought is the norm, and there's a few wet years in between to replenish the groundwater that we use in the dry years. lou: and as we wrap up here i just want to ask you i mean is it your sense that rationing could go even stronger than 25%? how far do you think this could go? jay, let me ask you real quickly. 50%? what would you do? >> i think we've probably maxed out on the domestic and municipal side. i think the next frontier is agriculture. i think ricks on agriculture, personally i think those are inevitable. lou: roger, you get the last word. final thoughts. >> yeah. we can do more on both sides. about one-third of urban water use is outdoor water use and there's still some efficiency to be gained on the inside water
11:40 pm
use. ag -- yeah. there's some gains that can be made there too. there's no silver bullet, we need a broad solution. lou: and it's clear you both think those more stringent rationing levels are on way, unfortunately. roger, thank you very much. jay, thank you. we appreciate you both being here. come back soon. >> my pleasure. >> my pleasure, thank you. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight. the question is have you ever heard anyone other than president obama say he or she understands the so-called obama doctrine? cast your vote at a georgia man with a conceal-carry license is being hailed as a hero tonight t after he prevented an attempted carjacking. the incident caught on surveillance camera when a teenager tried to steal the woman's car. she jumped onto the hood trying to stop him from driving away with her car. witnesses say that prompted the alleged thief to then speed up. fortunately a gun-oating
11:41 pm
bystander saw the ordeal unfolding, he shot the thief in the shoulder and stopped the incident in its tracks. thankfully, the woman was not hurt, and she got her car back to beat all that. [laughter] up next from cult favorite to one of the biggest brands in hollywood. the fast and furious franchise racing to record status this weekend. and on opening day record salaries and record revenues till can't hide the glare -- still can't hide the glaring problem that threatens baseball's american pastime status. all of that and much more, straight ahead.
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♪ ♪ lou: another senator to add his name to the list of contenders for the race for the white house tomorrow, rand paul joins senator ted cruz as official candidate number two. this as hillary clinton tells her growing staff that an announcement could come any day. of jeb bush, well, hes has an identity crisis and fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron wraps it all up in our 2016 report. >> reporter: u.s. senator rand paul whose father made three long-shot runs for president tomorrow kicks off his own bid under the banner "defeat the
11:46 pm
washington machine, unleash the american dream." >> the gop of old has grown stale and moss-covered. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: a libertarian-leaning conservative, paul wants to dismantle the nsa, gut the irs and reform criminal drug sentencing. he thinks same-sex marriage should be state issue. he's called for deep cuts in defense spending for which potential rivals, especially south carolina senator lindsey graham call him an isolationists who'd be worse than the current commander in chief. >> at the end of day, his foreign policy's to the left of barack obama. >> reporter: paul's also courting younger and minority voters among other places at liberal college campuses including berkeley and the historically black howard university. but he's shifted right recently, reversing his opposition to all foreign aid and even proposing huge increases in military spending. another potential rival who at times has registered ans independent says it's no surprise. >> he's a libertarian which, in
11:47 pm
in many ways, is very good. >> reporter: paul's been running as an outsider from the day he got to washington. dr. ben carson certainly qualifies more outsider and his explore tour committee has banked $2 million since it was created. top candidates expect it'll take 20 times that to aggressively compete. hillary clinton's rapidly accelerating her hiring of staff. she triggered the 15-daytime table for her to officially dedeclare her intentions. her official announcement is expected to first come via social media. no rush to announce from former florida governor jeb bush except to say that he's not hispanic. in 2009 he checked that box on a florida voter registration form. aides say it was an accident. his wife's from mexico and his son, jeb jr., tweeted him a zinger. come on, dad think you checked the wrong box? hashtag honorary latino.
11:48 pm
image and message are crucial, and tomorrow when rand paul launches his, he'll cast himself as singularly qualified to grow and change the republican party with his appeal to younger voters and minorities. lou? lou: carl cameron. thank you very much. do you have the feeling jeb bush is going to be living with that hispanic thing for a while? on wall street today stocks closed higher the dow up 118 points. volume on the big board 3.3 million shares and a reminder to listen to my reports on the salem radio network. the weekend box office, fast and furious 7 -- that's right i said number 7 -- shattered just about every record with its $144 million debut. the best opening for the universal franchise, the best opening for the month of april and the ninth best opening in movie history. last week's number one fox's "home," dropped to second place. still doing pretty well 27 million. warper brothers' "get hard" took
11:49 pm
third with 13 million. in mortland oregon, a -- portland oregon a police chase ended when the suspect crashed his car through a video game store. surveillance video capturing the moment the car went barreling into red castle games sending merchandise and tables flying across the store past the cashier and a customer. nobody nobody hurt. police say the driver was booked on suspicion -- just suspicion -- of dwi. it's opening day for major league baseball, but don't let the $4 million average player salary or record team revenues fool you america's so-called pastime is struggling. last year's viewers were over the age of 55, less than 6% were under the anal of 18. the median age of viewership over the course of season according to nielsen was 54 years of age, the highest number ever recorded up from 50 during
11:50 pm
the 2009 season. major league baseball's audience, according to the washington post, is far older than the other three major north american professional sports. golf the only american sport with an older audience. and a recent espn poll found not a single baseball player named among the 30 favorite sports figures of america's youth. that's a problem. up next here, the unbelievable ending to a crash that saw a chinese motorcyclist nearly crushed to death by a box truck and a florida father puts a twist on the doorknob tooth pull trick. we'll have the results for you next. doesn't look good, does it? we'll be right back. people ship all kinds of things. but what if that thing is a few hundred thousand doses of flu vaccine. that need to be kept at 41 degrees. while being shipped to a country where it's 90 degrees. in the shade. sound hard? yeah.
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♪ ♪ lou: the chinese motorcyclist cheated death last week after being nearly crushed to death when he collided with an overturned box truck. the biker is hit head on as he crossed an intersection before the box truck flips over and lands directly on top of him and his bike. that's when more than 50 bystanders raced into action, literally pooling their combined strength to lift the truck just high enough to pull the biker free from the truck are. the man is in stable condition. we're told his injuries are nonlife threatening at a local hospital. a happy ending. well, if your dad is a professional wrestler you
11:55 pm
already know he's probably pretty cool -- [laughter] so how does a cool dad pull out his son's loose tooth? take a look. >> you ready, dude? >> yeah. >> okay here we go. [laughter] >> it came out! lou: that's a 2010 chevy camaro. joining us now, investigative reporter for the national review on line julian melcher and writer for the washington examiner, ron hiking gibbs. let's -- higgins. let's start with rand paul. what do you make of it? has he got the conservative approach nailed down here? >> i don't think quite so much. he does have some problems with some of the more hawkish people within the gop. and there's always a sort of lingering concern regarding his
11:56 pm
father who could wander off the reservation in various ways. so, but i think he's trying -- his whole approach is to be his father, but ron paul 2.0. and, you know, he's done a fairly good job so far. you know, running as the sort of outsider that he's trying to do, he does have the, you know ability to make a decent claim for that which is not something that a lot of politicians running can do. lou: and he inherits the libertarian, certainly the libertarian support. jeb bush, he went off the reservation -- [laughter] as sean put it, deciding somehow in 2009 he'd become hispanic. >> he did. you know, they think it was an accident possibly but it's kind of interesting. he does have good credentials for resonating with the hispanic community. i mean i think he's one of the very few republican candidates that speaks very fluent spanish. his wife's from mexico, so maybe it was an honest mistake. lou: i admire you, that's a very positive outlook. i think most of us though, sort
11:57 pm
of -- he really doesn't know who he is, and he's a grown man. >> well, i can see checking the wrong box. i think this has been garnering comparisons to elizabeth warren but it's not so insidious because i can't see any way he benefited from that. lou: well, i can't either, but i don't see any way in which, also, you could possibly explain checking the wrong box. what else could he get wrong? hillary clinton staffers or sean, are on alert we're told tonight waiting for the announcement that may come from their candidate anytime soon. is the excitement palpable there in the nation's capital as we await this great moment? >> oh, i would say that -- yeah, everyone's been expecting her to run, so it's about as exciting as knowing the sun is going to rise the next morning. i think the thinking from the clinton people right now is right now's a good time to change the subject from what has been the subject of a lot of stories involving hillary clinton, and this is a good way to do it. lou: well, sean, you write in
11:58 pm
your most recent article in the examiner that half of the money being donated -- i just want to touch on this -- with the defending main street superpac is coming from unions. take that as a shift in union support to republicans? >> not too knows at large. the overall numbers are still heavily lopsided in favor of democrats, looking at the senate for response for politics almost 90% in last election cycle went to democrats about 9% to republicans. difference is that the path you are referring to is main street partnership. the republican moderate group they see this as perhap their best way to get support on the republican side. lou: what do you think? coalescing around illegal
11:59 pm
immigration? >> maybe. they are clawing for relevance. looking at union members they are just, awful they are devastating. in 't that unions -- i think that unions are staying on the ball. lou: as we wrap up. thank you both for being here. it is great to see you we appreciate it. >> thank you see you next time. lou: time for a quick look at our on-line poll results we ask whether you believe president obama has forever damaged u.s. relationships with israel by agreeing to a so-called nuclear deal with iran. 80% of you said yes. and a tweet, it is not just israel every u.s. ally must think they are up for renewal every 4 years we have selected from wise leaders over the years, why haven't we been able
12:00 am
to repeat that wisdom for past two decades a great question, that is it for us, we thank you for joining us, good night from new york kheryl in for neil cavuto thank you for watching. >> deep in the swamps of central florida. >> we have a couple,000 alligators. -- a couple hundred crocodiles. >> lurks one "strange inheritance." >> my ideal all along was that i could build something that i could pass down to my family. >> always in the back of your mind? >> always. jamie: can we name this one jamie? >> absolutely. >> passing down an enterprise like this can be trecherrous. >> we might have to hit the road. >> it might be soldout from under us. >> it is risky business. >> what happened to your finger? >> a correct deal bit it off -- crocodile bit it


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