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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 9, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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at facebook, e-mail. until monday night i we will snag he you senseless all weekend. good night. it. right now, we have lou dobbs coming up next. lou: good evening everyone. i am lou dobbs. exactly one week ago the president stood in the white house rose garden until the american people that the united states and iran were on the verge of a historic nuclear weapons treaty. one that would ultimately lead to a gradual reduction in sanctions. but it has been the iranian view throughout that sanctions must be lifted immediately if an agreement is reached. and of course the obama administration appears to gain this issue on behalf of iran before the allies were the american people could muster robust objection.
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today the supreme leader declaring as he had early on in the talks that all economic sanctions would have to be listed on the day that any agreement is signed. and of course they had also insisted that there would never be a written agreement at all. confounded reason is certainly not limited to washington. and obviously they are playing obama for a fool. we take up tonight whether there is an administration time limit on this nonsense and i will be talking with general jack keane. and new reports that the state department is ready to take cuba off the u.s. state sponsors of terrorism list. despite the fact that cuba maintains ties to countries such as north korea and continues to provide sanctuary for international terrorist. and no obama quid pro quo. is the agenda first cuba and then i ran?
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we will see. plus tonight, the mayor and the police chief of a small south carolina city have been simply exemplary and the handling of the tragedy. the murder of one of their citizens recorded on video leaving no question that one of the city's police officers shot and killed and an on on black man that was running away from the cob. some critics already claiming saturday's shooting of walter scott could have been prevented if an incident two years ago had been fully investigated. so why isn't the media focusing instead on what the north charleston police department and the mayor of the city did correctly? former nypd detective david beagle and david clark join us tonight. we begin with the new demands from iran. the obama and nation going to great lengths to try to solve the deal that is still not a deal.
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the white house tweeted this image, explaining how they think that this could keep iran from building or acquiring a nuclear weapon. it's a not so subtle swipe at netanyahu. he had a 2012 speech in which he warned about iran's nuclear ambitions. leland vittert has our report. >> even before iranian leaders sit back down at the negotiating table, sparring over sanctions linked to any future nuclear deal it is intensifying. during this speech marking national nuclear technology day iran's president said that it will not sign a deal unless all economic sanctions are lifted on day one. >> we want to take our rights and we want win-win talks. >> it was just a week ago that all sides walked away with an agreement that the obama
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administration says blocks every pathway for iran to get a nuclear bomb. u.s. negotiators say that they must prove they are complying with commitments before crippling sanctions are gradually roll back. >> if they were suddenly to move to try to advance its program beyond what would be normal for peaceful nuclear power the whole world will be looking on. >> in part, henry kissinger says that he is concerned that iran will not permanently give up facilities and equipment. >> we have to have the ability to look forward. >> president obama continuing to rally support from congressional leaders to give diplomacy a chance. senator bob corker chair of the senate foreign relations committee and a definite skeptic of any deal with iran.
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we went in there for "fox 5 news". >> more on the criticism of the so-called nuclear deal and its effect on the region i'm joined by former army vice chief of staff, general jack keane. so general secretary john kerry said in an interview that he is aware of the support that iran has been giving to yemen and let's listen, if we may, to what the secretary had said so that we are all listening to the same words, if we may, please. >> we are well aware of the support and iran needs to recognize that the united states is not going to stand by while the region is destabilized or while people engage in overt warfare across these lines with
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the international boundaries and other countries. the market the secretary does not recognize what is happening to yemen is destabilization what in the world with the definition be? >> it's amazing the truth is what they are doing in yemen, they are changing the strategic balance of power in the region if they are able to consolidate political and military control of yemen. that gives them the iranians a pork gulf of aden that they can establish a naval base it gives them the ability to put these near the street and that cuts the pathway to the suez canal. that is the geopolitical leverage that iran is going to have as a result of having this state in yemen. that is an enormous setback for
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us for the allies in the region, and a huge victory for the iranians than it has to be stopped. >> it must be stopped strategically immediately, one would think, that this administration is that it as though it is not destabilizing, secretary john kerry drawing a line in the sand that has are even kicked in his face what is going to be but wired of this administration to avoid another strategic wonder? >> i do not think they are going to resolve it. because they want nothing to interfere with this nuclear deal which you pointed out has all sorts of holes before we even begin to get to a final agreement. as long as that is on the table and that is obviously for the next few months, there is nothing that is going to take place of any significance to change what is happening. what would be required is significant intelligence
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targeting, planning coordination aircraft to help guide air airplanes. and possibly getting the united states involved because the saudi arabians really don't know how to do one effectively. those are some of the things we can do. and also in yemen we have lost our capacity as you mentioned we have retreated from yemen based upon the advance we gave up an embassy and a military base from which we were conducting operations against aqap that's the most dangerous franchise that we have been dealing with since 9/11, the whole business is about attacking the west and the united states, they are in a vacuum now and we are not there. we need to return either covert operations out of saudi arabia, offshore operations from naval platforms, to conduct operations against al qaeda. we cannot just let them grow
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into a major dilemma. >> do you see any sign whatsoever that this administration is ready to maintain a line of any sort beyond which they cannot perceive. they are also making it very clear that they are treating him with disregard, contemptuous amah as if that they will put up with the abuse and he will tolerated so long as these deal of some sort is reached. is that the situation? >> that is absolutely the situation and i am convinced of it. now we have come to find out that this so-called framework agreement is anything but with them saying that they want sanctions removed immediately.
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and he doesn't want to sign it either by the way. and he doesn't want any on his so-called end it here many are arguing that the inspection regime on the table that the administration agreed to isn't anywhere near what it should be, because it should be any place any time. and they are saying no inspections at all which means that you can't verify anything, which means that we don't have an agreement. >> thank you general. general jack keane. and it's not just the foreign policy that is frustrating many of the administration in which they are messing up, the white house's efforts to clean up the embattled secret service is definitely not working. the secret service and broiled them yet another scandal and this time a high-ranking secret service supervisor has been placed upon administrative leave
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after allegedly trying to kiss and grope a female subordinate last month. allegedly occurring after they returned from a party celebrating the supervisors. it's under investigation by the homeland security inspector general. troubling revelations in the irs targeting scandal, newly released e-mail showing the woman at the heart of the scandal, lois lerner trying to put together a program back in 2012 to help her fellow irs staffers understand the pitfalls of revealing too much information to congress. another e-mail shows that as far back as every 2013 lois lerner new that the targeting of conservative groups was going to raise congressional questions. saying that they seem to not be able to understand the
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difference in a politically motivated manner, and frontline staff people using less than stellar judgment. i'm willing to take the blame for not having provided sufficient direction initially. lois lerner has taken no blame and has avoided any real punishment the obama justice department refusing to bring charges against her for her refusal to testify before congress. we are coming right back, so stay with us. >> local authorities, the mayor and the police keep doing exactly everything right in the south carolina shooting of a non-armed lack man. but that has not stopped protests for a single minute. david clark is here with us next. and violent clashes in panama between castro supporters, just ahead of a meeting between president obama and
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lou: breaking news, the south carolina law enforcement division releasing the police dash camera video taken before the fatal shooting of a walter scott. this video showing charleston police officer michael slager walking to scott's car.
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they speak and then michael slager returns to his patrol car. he briefly stepped out of his car, he tells them to return and stay in his vehicle. initially scott complies. but then he runs away as you saw there out of the camera's view. the video also showing that a passenger was in knots car the passenger's identity has not been released at this time, but there are reports that the passenger was detained in the backseat of the police car. joining us tonight, former nypd police detective, fox news contributor gentlemen, it's good to have you here. let me start with you. the mayor steps up he fires this man after looking at part of the video. the police chief charges for man with murder, to his credit, and here we are now. i think that the two men acted
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responsibly and as he would wish any community officials would. >> being a retired law-enforcement person, a cop and detective i can't find anything other than having that cop being arrested. because all of the other cops out there are being magnified that they are doing things wrong, bringing ferguson up, staten island up in the same breath. but what really angers me is that there is a video out of boston, boston bombing that was in the shootout. and there's a former army ranger. he shot him in the face. it's the same individual in 2001 that shot two other cops. what else did not make the news and the months of march, one week, seven days, five
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african-american law enforcement officers killed across the united states. why does that not make the news? these are the things that bother me. >> i know that sheriff clark is bothered by the same thing. going back to this question you have to be proud of the fact that a mayor in the community of north charleston the police chief did exactly the right thing. i did not hear any mealymouthed bureaucratic nonsense, no political overtones of any kind they stay they charged him and fired him. i just have to believe that the community is thrilled with the mayor and the police chief. >> i don't know about thrilled, but i know what you mean when you say that. this is a tragic incident. but this investigation is not complete. we want to allow the officials to do their job before they reach any conclusions. what we all saw was horrifying.
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the police officers and i have talked to have been horrified. but i'm not going to let anybody use this or try to use this as a macrocosm about the american police officers and the american policing profession. this is an ally or an anomaly with what is going on down there with the situation. >> i think that the american people know that these are outliers, that this is a small instance in a broad sea of numbers in which the attacks are actually perpetrated against police officers. that murders take place with not with men and women in need of one, but with civilians killing civilians. but the point that both you and the legal are reacting to our that the personification of law enforcement and the assault on law enforcement which is what we have already got going and have heard from reverend al sharpton.
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and what i am saying is that i meant exactly what i said that community has watched the way that they have been attacked in ferguson, missouri, it did not matter that hands up, don't shoot did not happen it didn't matter that the president never apologized for the ignorance of his pre-judgment of the case. but we have to be honest we've reached a point where people are told not to believe. we saw with our very own eyes a police officer gunning down a man, unarmed, running from him. >> it goes back to boston. one army ranger was in that shootout. there is a video from the store they are out there saying robison. this is a cop that never got his gun out. 2015 no one cares about that.
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all they care about -- >> i refuse to accept that. the american people are heckuva lot better than what they are being given credit for. the law enforcement protect this day in and day out and there's an absolute ending on the part of the american people. it's important, the sacrifice and responsibility to their well-being. what we watch and the national media and what we hear is not the american people speaking. >> we cannot even begin to accept this suggestion. and that is what i am trying to bring out. i trust the process i trust of the process in ferguson missouri, and in new york they are going to get it right, the process gets it right more times than others. but the problem is those that seize on these things looking for a strong man to continue to stoke this that isn't rearing
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the ugly head in the united states of america and that is what they are using it towards. >> you know, with all the instances that have occurred, what has happened in new york cops do not want to get involved. i've talked to cops come and they don't want to do anything. so then you have 35,000 cops that don't want to get involved, video cameras come out i will show you where things were there, the cops go over there, the next thing to come out with a cell phone camera and they walk away. they don't want to get involved, so now that you have police officers there. >> the mayor has art he said that he is going to equip his entire police force with body cameras. >> i love the cameras because you see two sides of the story. >> your thoughts? >> cameras are thing that is going to happen.
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i want to remind people that we've had situations where cops have had the body cameras on and it was a clean shoe, as we like to call it and yet some groups like in the naacp still after a legitimate shooting say that they are trigger-happy. >> i think he made a terrific point. the activists are not going away. the people would use every inch instance to club law enforcement over the head who are part of this administrative and they are going to be there. but with those cameras is a fair fight. >> when an officer goes over to question someone and then they say something back then you're getting it on video for the whole incident. >> we are at a tipping point. >> he has actually made a good point we are going to have to
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take time here. [laughter] >> you know, it's to the point where the police officer is becoming hesitant. it worries me not only for their safety but i know cops. i consider myself a cop. they are still going to do what they need to do they know that the integrity of the american police officer is going to remain strong, but they need political support and they are not getting it right now. >> i love this and god bless you. >> thank you sir. lou: i will add an amen to that and add beau beadle to the list. thank you for being here we appreciate it. please vote in tonight's poll. do you believe the president is considered by other nations to be the leader of the free world? cast your vote at tiger woods grabbing headlines after he returned to the golf course at this weekend's
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masters. and the man that he is chasing grab a few headlines of his own. jack nicklaus, holding the record 18 major tournament victories, the fourth hole of yesterday's masters competition, partnering and now he is watching this fellow make a hole-in-one. and i have played that part three. >> i have played the course over at avesta national. one time. [laughter] >> i actually like to watch the man who shows class jordan speith. >> i can't get away from beau beadle. lou: we are going to continue in
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just a little bit. coming up next why are the new friends to the south also are longtime friends to the north? well someone told them to go to hades. my commentary coming up. and what would cause a 2-foot wide hole in the nose of this jetliner without disrupting this flight? we have an incredible story
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it's easy. even she could do it. whatever, janet. for all the confidence you need td ameritrade. you got this. lou: a few thoughts on our president's penchant for appeasement, president obama arriving in panama for gathering of folks, who want to create a new world order after proclaims the state department has completed its review of cuba status as a state sponsor of terrorism. >> as you know there is a process involved in reviewing whether or not a country should
11:32 pm
be on the list. that review has been completed at the state department it has been forward to the white house our agency team will go through the entire thing thin present it to me with a recommendation, it has not happened yet. lou: sounds bureaucratic doesn't it? mr. obama eager to please his new friend raul castro. president so eager -- 4 months, mr. obama only announced his plan to normalize relation in december cuba on state department's fast track list, while our long time friends to the north canada are on the long time list. and still waiting. how long have they been waiting? just 6 1/2 years and counting, even though it passed every
11:33 pm
test the pipeline cleared every hurdle except one. and it goes by the name of president obama. an application for the keystone pipeline was filed with the state department in 2008. and still no, no clear answer, this despite multiple environmental reviews by the state department. so the white house ordered the state department to further review whether keystone is in the national interest. you probably thought that decision about the national interest rightly belongs with the president not that president, this administration appeared set on giving our adversaries everything they want while ignores the consequences of a piecement and -- appeasement and telling our allies to go to hell, mr. be mr. obama
11:34 pm
legacy it in clear site. they are just up see down. >> our quotation of the evening on new world orders and fundamental transformations if you will, and this one from talbott, president of the brookings institute who worked for president clinton and his administration said in the next century, nation as we know it will be obsolete, all states will recognize a single global authority, national sovereignty was not just a great idea after all. >> we'll keep you posted on how that new world order that fundamental transformation stuff is going. i would not get my hopes up if i were you mr. talbott we're coming right back. lou: up next, hillary clinton in trouble. is she inevitable? is he is no longer invincible.
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hillary clinton's sinking numbers. >> and the most surprising and colorful down hill run you will see. you bet another ski story you can't miss.
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lou: joining us now michael goodwin, tammy burst good to have you here. tammy, let's start with this poll. it shows a weakening for
11:39 pm
clinton, in key swing states, and strengthening for rand paul. >> i think right now we're looking at mostly about name recognition. but what is fascinating with hillary, most of her adult life in the public life for her to have such trouble right now to be tied with anyone is shocking, looking at how polls -- this is early this less about strategy ending of -- strengthening of the republican candidates and serious weakening of hillary clinton. it needs to be viewed in that way. lou: huckabee? he is looking strong, high favorables. marco rubio scott walker. this is impressive with this strength across so many candidates. >> this the second group of three swing states that quinnipiac has done in one week. what was most consistent was
11:40 pm
tightening, i thought the most important finding in the group six states with 50% or more finding her untrustworthy. this is a very hard-core number to move. when people say they don't trust you, it is hard to convince them they should trust you. >> especially when they have known you for so long. >> not like she has a blank slate that is the real obstacle for her going forward. lou: rand paul, i heard commentator, saying, you have a woman problem because high got into a contentious interview with a couple of people, one whom i thought was really off base. suddenly that is manufactured as a woman problem. what do you think? >> i have seen all of his interviews he for my point of view he seems to approach realm reporters differently he did not have a issue with wolf
11:41 pm
blitzer, he had a great interview with megan kelly, you could tell he was tre straining himself. lou: -- restraining himself. lou: wait a minute, that does not count. >> i want all of the republican candidates to do well, the problem is that when the day after you announced your candidacy people wonder if you are a jerk, there is a problem ted cruz, and scott walker do not have that issue. lou: a problem for 90% of field. >> they have not you know hillary perhaps yes with that u.n. press conference she came off as rec luce who wants to bees supreme leader, and sir tated. but scott whacker is walker is out there and ted cruz, and even jeb bush, i don't care much for him i even think he is a jerk.
11:42 pm
but rand paul admits he gets emotional that is something that american people need to see. >> i think huckabee said it best often unfair, you get unfair questions, you have to be able to handle them. lou: in politics. >> yes and people will interrupt you they williedtorialize -- editorialize, as he accused samanthasaman guthrie and even the republicans more than democrats. it is not the pitch they throw but how well you throw is back that matters. lou: is is one of those things watching "the interview" with paul. it was clear, she laid it out for him. adjust adapt innovate, the arrest of the deal is not changing. >> that is great about primary season one thing with policy and another thing with demeanor, you wonder, is this a important
11:43 pm
with a frame of mind that can work on an international basis in serious issues. lou: hillary has been working on a international basis with quite a frame of mine. what do you make of that money from the canadian canada oil company. >> there are so many questions about her and money there has been with the clintons, but everything with the foundation, i think what is she doing with the foundation, who pays her? we hear that she hired somebody for the campaign, the campaign that has not happened. at some point the foundation will be mother load of bad information about her money because, it is -- a lot of comingling going on. >> last word. >> with hillary this is about scandal fatigue, this is why people don't trust her they think that the e-mail will go away and it will be something
11:44 pm
else then. because the fact of the matter is, you can't trust them. lou: do you believe that president obama is occurred by other nations to -- considered by other nations to be the leader of the free world. >> skiers' mountains covered in powder, but not 4 time world champion marcel, the 26-year-old teamed up with red bull to create an explosion of colors, he skied down a mountain in off the -- austria they filled the poles with dyed corn corn starch. >> you of looking at nose of iceland air flight 671 struck by lightning after taking off
11:45 pm
from the airport. the lightning blew a 2-foot wide hole in the plane the avionics are usually right there the pilot, navigated remaining 7 hours of the flight to denver without an issue. >> up next, a vicious attack, prison guard in arizona caught on video. an inmate that refused to go down. it a little more complicated with that here next, stay with us.
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of unaccompanied minors to cross the border since 2008. many school systems nationwide are struggling to take care of more than 50,000 illegal immigrant children that arrived last year. >> in arizona surveillance camera at a miracopa county
11:50 pm
jail captured an 18-year-old inmate who brutally attacked detention center officers, officials say it was unprovoked attack. the prisoner who suffered from a unspecified mental condition assaulted 4 of the officers despite being tasered 4 times the inmate of the subdued by a group of officers but 4 were hurt, one in critical condition. authorities now plan to pursue aggravated assault charges against thain mate. lou: on wall street, stocks closed higher, dow' 56, s&p up 9, nasdaq. and reminder to listen to my reports 3 times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. lou: a minnesota family celebrating what may be the largest litter of lambs born in north america. ewes usually give birth to 1 to
11:51 pm
3 lambs with each litter, there a ewe gave birth to 8 healthy baby lambs. >> i thought they were getting up fast, it was surprising, i have never seen that if the 13 years i have been working here. >> there were lambs everywhere. there was a lot of lambs. lou: imagine the ewe's surprise, 6 of the lambs were male, two female. lou: up next. criticized for defending an administration then she landed in jail because she would not divulge her sources judith miller sets the record straight in her new book, telling us the story next, you don't want to miss it, stay with us.
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>> it's been nearly a decade since a "new york times" reporter was jailed when she refused to name her confidential source. now in her new book, called the story, a reporter's journey, judith miller recounts her 85 days in prison and what it meant for freedom of the press. joining us tonight is the author pulitzer prize-winning
11:56 pm
columnist, fox news contributor judith miller. great to have you here. we've talked about this a long time. congratulations! . >> thank you lou you made me do it. >> i'm delighted, i've been looking forward to the book as have so many people. as all that has transpired people don't understand how much they owe you for willing to protect your sources the "new york times" stood up behind you. i remember floyd abrams trying to make it clear what was going on in television throughout the country, when you were otherwise constrained. give us a sense of what drove you to tell the story now? >> i think i had to tell the story because i began coming across new information that really made me reexamine some of what i had reported at the time. some of what i thought at the time, and i was disturbed not only by how what i had done was being portrayed in the media,
11:57 pm
but also by the notion -- >> you were defending the indefensible, there were weapons of mass destruction when there were not. the administration and the story goes on. >> right. and the story goes on mostly a lot of americans believe we were lied into a war, despite the fact we had had three independent bipartisan reports exhaustive examinations of this that basically concluded that it was worse than a lie. they got it so wrong that the trade craft was shockingly bad and i always wondered why americans weren't more concerned or as concerned about that failure as they were about the charge that the president had lied to us. >> and much of the debate forms as it usually does in this country around a partisan divide. >> right. >> rather than those seeking emperical independent truth and
11:58 pm
why it wasn't reached quite frankly by either side in a timely manner. >> the country has become so polarized since the time i went to jail. even at the time i went to jail, people were saying i had gone to jail for a book contract, i had gone to jail for a variety of reasons. i went to jail to protect a source. it was the right decision and i would do it again today. >> in so doing, you stood up for one of the most honorable and time-honored values of the craft. that is to protect one's sources. explain why, in your judgment give us a sense, valerie plame and the role she played in this journey. >> well, i can understand why she's very upset with me. she's been tweeting. but i think she ought to direct her anger at the people who outed her, and for a long time the country believed that scooter libby had outed her.
11:59 pm
i testified that incorrectly it turned out, he had done so. really the people who outed her were the anti-war critics in her own administration, and that's one of the points i emphasize in this book. >> it's a complex history. it is a complex story. a complex life, and a fascinating career. the book is the story, a reporter's journey. we recommend it to you highly. >> if i can just say one thing about you. >> sure. >> you -- >> maybe not. >> you were the only journalist at another network then who every night that i was in jail put up a little clock saying, you know, 90 days in jail. on and on and on and you were the only one. i never forgot it. when i watched oprah and the other stories i said lou dobbs at least knows i'm here. that made a difference. >> you are very kind, and we all appreciate everything you sacrificed. >> thank you. >> for all the best of reasons we're the beneficiaries.
12:00 am
thank you very much. judy miller the book, the story a reporter's journey a journey that continues we're delighted to say. pick it up it's a great read. time to nothing. good night. . >> an 8-year-old gets a very strange inheritance. >> when my dad died everyone was heart broken. >> what does a guy do with a winery? >> the funny thing is i would tell my friend's parents and they would totally freak out. >> talk about getting your feet wet in a new business. >> that is really good. >> but how does the family keep it from dying on the vine? >> i didn't know anything about wine except they like to drink it. >> so what's the heir going to do when he grows up? >> trying to prove i'm not the owner's kid who just gets handed these things.


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