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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  April 10, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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. >> okay irngs we had two people who said yes, is that right producer? a consensus. "the willis report" is next! >> hello, everybody. i'm gerri willis, and this is "the willis report" the show where consumers are our business. the feds take on united airlines for a series of safety violations. we'll examine how serious these problems are. and if it's safe to fly the friendly skies? tornadoes rip through the midwest. >> take a look at the barn over there. gerri: more severe weather is forecast as the storms move east. also hillary clinton is about to announce her candidacy for president. >> sources say hillary clinton will announce her candidacy for president sunday. most likely via social media. gerri: will he run for the center or wage a far left campaign as some supporters want? we have our eye on the
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masters. legendary golfer greg norman is here. all this and more coming up on "the willis report," where consumers are our business. . gerri: united continental under scrutiny tonight aviation officials say the airline is riddled with systemic hazards. compromising flyers's safety. making matters worse we're only now hearing about the details. the "wall street journal" uncovered faa all right sent over two months ago detailing repeated violations by the airline. what's going on? and why are the violations only now coming to light? asking rob mark, a commercial pilot and publisher of great to have you back, robert. the airlines do a lot of self-reporting, in this case, united about 12 different times reported the same problem over and over and over again. what is this problem and why is the faa so concerned? >> well we're not completely
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certain exactly what the problem is that's been reported, but that part has not made it to the press. but what we do know is that as you said it keeps happening over and over again, and even the feds who are used to doing things the same way will look at a situation and say look this is getting out of hand, and i think that's exactly what they've told united is that we don't buy any of your short-term fixes. we want to see you fixed it once and for all and, of course, there are other issues as well. gerri: let's talk about the faa letter in detail. here's what the faa said to continental. they had voluntary reports of 12 apparent violations in 13 months stemming from the same or similar set of circumstances indicate a systemic hazard, requiring united to conduct a complete review of your processes. so, let's remind people, we've reported these details before. united itself has reported that they've had four safety events and near-misses, including a
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pilot executing an emergency pullup maneuver to avoid crashing and one flight landing with less than the mandatory minimum fuel reverse. that seems pretty serious to me. should flyers be concerned tonight? >> in general flying is still extremely safe in this country but we can't let ourselves be lulled into a false sense of security because the safety record's been so great that any airline small or large, and especially a large one like united, can get away with small infractions because it's those small infractions that end up causing an accident. and we've already had, as they said by their own admission, a few close calls. gerri: and pilots and schedules in the spotlight here, makes me think of the germanwings issue. do they have enough details on the pilots? are they testing them? lots of questions raised tonight. and i have to ask you, there was a story in the journal not too long ago whether piloting a
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plane should be completely automated. what do you think of that? >> i think it's a terrible idea. and it's not just because i'm an old guy that learned to fly a long time ago. when we think of one person in the cockpit as, in the germanwings accident, that's a bad situation if something goes wrong. but with no one up front at all? if a computer fails, and we all know they do that means that everybody in the back is at mercy of something, and i don't -- i personally wouldn't feel remotely comfortable in that situation. gerri: well we know the pilots only have their hands on the wheel three to seven minutes out of the flight. that could be the important three to seven minutes you absolutely need. >> you are absolutely right. when it all goes to hell in a hen basket because something breaks or is unexpected that's when they earn their keep. you would be glad they're there. gerri: we heard a report today there had been some 268 airport
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perimeter breaches. totally different story. since 2004 nearly 300 of them a shocking news. people hopping over fences slipping past guard houses. it seems like exactly the wrong thing to be happening, given the situation we're in with terrorism all over the world. >> i think we have forgotten that 9/11 happened, sometimes. it seems like a long time ago. we are teased with so many close calls, i'm surprised we haven't had someone jump a fence and either get run over by an airplane landing or taking off or doing something else. but we're certainly getting messages that people are still trying, and i'm not sure what we're doing to prevent it. gerri: robert mark, thanks for coming on the show. >> you're welcome. gerri: thank you so much. we're going to switch up gears to politics in 2016. sources telling fox news
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hillary clinton is officially launching her second presidential campaign sunday maybe on social media. but i have to tell you, public distress is already seeping into poll numbers. we've got the latest with guy benson, senior political editor for, and steve moore chief economist at the heritage foundation and fox news contributor. here we are, my friend hillary watch. tell me, what is the slippage in poll numbers and her path to the nomination is it super easy? is she on glide path now? >> hey, gerri, the answer to the second question is yes super easy got unimpeded shot at democratic nomination there's not going to be a serious primary, bargseismic political event or health issue with hillary clinton she will be the nominee. there aren't that many credible or serious people jumping into the race or dipping their toe
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into the pool. once she announces the democratic primary will effectively begin and conclude that moment. so in terms of her polling though gerri, there's a bloomberg poll out today that shows hillary clinton's favorable ratings below 50% for the first time in a very long time. this was inevitable. they were sky high numbers when she was secretary of state. she could stay out of some of the fist cuffs of daily partisan life. now that she's back in the political spotlight, she's going to remind everyone she is a polarizing figure. >> the republican national committee coming after her. i want you to hear sound from one of the ads they put out about hillary. >> hillary clinton has some explaining to do. >> you took personal e-mail accounts to conduct official business. >> reset relations with russia? >> not really working out well. >> potentially catastrophic
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move for hillary clinton. >> billions for foreign government. >> landing on sniper fire, it was a total crock! it was a lie! >> see she keeps getting dogged by you name it my friend. the e-mail scandals, so many things to pick and choose from is that driving her numbers lower or is it that the heart and soul of the party doesn't think she's left snuff. >> a little of both and i think it's clinton fatigue just like the president has bush fatigue, and my good friend guy benson, i agree with him partly. it's correct that there isn't much of a field there, right? there's not much of a bench for the democrats, but i've always said, the biggest upset i've seen in the 30 years in politics was barack obama coming out of nowhere and beating hillary eight years ago. i wouldn't be surprised if somebody somebody we haven't necessarily imagined right now would emerge and take her on. gerri: wow. >> there just is a sense she is melting down. and she does not have -- here
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is the problem with hillary. her husband is maybe the best politician i've met. gerri: of this generation absolutely, right? >> better than my hero ronald reagan. she is cold. she's a cold fish. and i think that's going to be a big problem because these presidential elections are oftentimes likability, popularity contest. gerri: like the final four you just don't know. guy to you, you want to respond to this? interesting point that steve is bringing up she's vulnerable. you're saying she can't be touched. >> she is vulnerable in the general election. i think she'd still be the favorite but no means prohibitive favorite in the general election. i do think she has basically got democratic nomination already sewn up. and steve talk off the air about a friendly wager, perhaps. >> guy, i think the big question is what if she were to stumble? what if the scandals get so bad? and who do the democrats turn to? when i talk to my democratic
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sources in washington they're nervous about hillary. they're really nervous about what's the next shoe to drop? she's never really had to guy, respond to the benghazi situation. she's never really responded to the e-mail, and what's interesting, this whole thing is so orchestrated. i don't think she's going to have -- is she going to do a presentation on sunday? gerri: i think they're going to put it out on facebook. >> she's not going to have to deal with the press. at some point she's going to have to answer to people like you and me. and i don't know if she has those answers. >> i agree with you. gerri: we were hoping to get to the economic discussion, it is a business network. save it for another day. guy steve, thanks for coming on. >> happy friday. gerri: to you as well. a lot more to come including day five of guide to taxes. a deadly tornado ripped through the area last night. look at the pictures. we're live from fairdale after the break.
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. gerri: philadelphia, washington and other parts of the atlantic coast could see dangerous weather tonight. this after storms wreaked havoc on much of the country's midsection including two tornadoes ripping through one illinois town leaving two women dead. jeff flock is in fairdale, illinois where residents are sifting through the debris. jeff? >> reporter: oh, boy, it was. up to this point, gerri, it has been a calm tornado season but it really kicked off in a big way last night. you see some of what is left of fairdale, illinois. the only thing, and i've been to a lot of tornado scenes over the course of 30, 35 years, it amazes me how quickly the communities come back. take a look over here. already electric company crews con ed crews putting poles back up that were sheared off, going
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back. in these guys are prepared and ready to go, and there's of course a lot of work to do. we have not heard from the national weather service yet just how bad this was. they go through and they take a look and survey this damage and determine how hard the wind was blowing, whether this was an ef-5, ef-4, ef 3. we don't know yet. we know now there was a lot of damage in this town. i leave you with a scene of fairdale, gerri, not a pretty scene but as you can see already trying to come back. gerri: i have to tell you those pictures of that tornado. man, oh man! i've never seen anything that big! >> reporter: huge tornado. gerri: unbelievable. >> reporter: i know. gerri: was there any warning? did they know? >> they did get a pretty good warning and, in fact two hours in advance they had a sense that the cells were forming, and so these communities -- that's one of the reasons we only had two
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dead two dead and a dozen injured, and when you look at the damage like, this you say to yourself, a miracle perhaps that only two dead with this kind of damage. gerri: right, right. okay. so what about people who are without a home tonight? what are they doing? >> some have gone to shelters, but the great thing about this this is a farm town, and walk with me lori up here if you would. this is a place where people take care of each other. i talked to a guy today whose house was destroyed. yeah, all of my neighbors essentially have offered for us to come over there, and you know, there are a lot of people without homes 150. homes damaged here but you know, people down the block people in the next community, this is america. this is real america a classic name for a town perhaps. and a classic farm town in america. gerri: well, small town america boy if you have problems that's where you want
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to be. they take care of their own. jeff flock thank you so much for coming on the show. appreciate it. >> reporter: thanks, gerri. appreciate it. gerri: later in the show a look at other stories making headlines today. and next wrap up user's guide to taxes with advice on protecting your wealth. look at kinds of things can you do to shield and grow wealth under today's onerous tax laws and the biggest tax mistakes that wealthy folks make? let us know what you think -- we'll be right back.
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. gerri: all right, we've been talking about it all week long the deadline for taxes.
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the deadline to file five days away after a week to simplify and smooth what is a stressful process we're concluding our user's guide to taxes with ways to get a jumpstart on next year's tax season. let's get ahead of things. here is the tax columnist for the "wall street journal" thomas herman. welcome to the show. great to have you here. can we just talk about simple things to start with. you need a system right? if you found yourself slammed against the deadline this year you got to set stuff aside ahead of time the receipts organize them get the information together. what do you recommend? >> that's exactly right, gerri. the biggest mistake is not doing something until the last-minute. that way they miss out on valuable deductions, credits and other forms of breaks. for example, a lot of people could cut their capital gains taxes. people could take a look at their portfolio. if you've got gains, sell losers that you've owned more than a year, offset the gains
5:22 pm
and the losses. if losses are bigger than gains, you can deduct $3,000 a year off of ordinary income. that's wages, and if you have additional losses, you can carry them over into future years. you've got to do that during the year you can't do it now for 2014. gerri: that's very smart. you also need to check with holding. the favorite scam du jour is stealing people's refunds. if you don't have a refund, there is nothing to steal. line the two numbers up and make sure you're not getting a big check from the government. you're not giving the government free money along with no interest. >> exactly right. gerri. the government doesn't pay interest on tax refunds. they think it's great because they get a check in the mail from irs but no interest, so it does pay to take a fresh look at withholding and if you've got expensive credit card debt, consider cutting that withholding and paying down the
5:23 pm
credit card debt which can be above 20%, a great idea for a lot of people, and most people get refunds. so far three out of four returns filed this year got refunds. the average was over $2800. that's a lot of credit card debt you could use to pay down. gerri: you have a sneaky way for people to save money on taxes. you live in augusta, georgia this week, you left you can rent your house out for the masters. you can actually make dough on that and not pay taxes. how so? >> that's right, gerri, a lot of people don't know if you rent out your home the rental income is taxable. it's not taxable if you rent your home for 14 days or less. president clinton proposed eliminating this in the 90s. immediate reaction from places like augusta, georgia where this is done a lot during the masters and very popular in the hamptons and popular out here in la jolla. it's called the 14 day rule. if you think of renting out your home do it for 14 days or
5:24 pm
less. all that rental income typically is tax free. gerri: time your deduction, what do you mean? >> if you take the standard deduction for this year consider postponing deductions until next year when you will be able to take them if you itemize. if you take the standard deduction as most people do, you can't itemize you can't deduct charitable gift. try to bunch them into the year where you get the biggest bang for the buck. similar to the end of the year, and you time bills if you're self-employed. send out a bill instead of december 31st, wait until the following year. instead of the end of the year do, it early the next year and you can save money that way, too. timing of income and deductions is a great way to do taxes. gerri: save your sales tax receipts. i ran into this something we didn't think about, but what do
5:25 pm
you tell people? >> it sounds like a real pain to save your sales tax receipts. people benefit by doing it. congress is probably going to extend a law that expired at the end of last year, that gives you the option to deduct state and local income taxes, if you live in outrageously high tax places such as new york city or california you're probably going to go with income taxes. if you live in a state with no income tax such as florida or texas and there are others up to the deduct sales tax receipts if you itemize. that can be a great way to trim taxes if you itemize. the irs does give you a way to figure out if you didn't but you will come out much better in most cases if you've saved those receipts even though it's a huge pain. gerri: it is a huge pain but you're getting us ready for next year. tom i knew you'd be great. thanks for coming on the show. >> my pleasure. gerri: can you check out the
5:26 pm
videos and my blogs at speaking of taxes, the leader of the free world has to pay the irs. president obama paying more than $93,000 in taxes on an income of more than $477,000. that's according to the tax returns filed jointly with the first lady. he also donated $71,000 to charity. as for the vice president joe biden and his wife paid more than $90,000 in taxes and just over $7,000 went to charity. big gap there, right? coming up can phone companies do something to stop robocalls? and next months after they were kidnapped, isis now asking for a ransom for its christian hostages. we'll have the latest with ambassador john bolton coming up.
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>> gerri: welcome back to "the willis report" john bolton will talk about isis and the
5:30 pm
demand of $30 million to free christian hostages but first wicking and other stories and other historic moment between the u.s. and cuba in more than 50 years. the advance of these summits and panama. and it was an especially good day for the shareholders to sell most of the financial unit at $23 billion. that will allow them to sidestep the federal banking regulations to focus on as a trajectory of the buyback of the deliberation of the murder trial is over with. but his lawyer says the former nfl player that six
5:31 pm
years after the tragedy at ft. hood dozens of survivors were awarded triple parts -- purple hearts. classified as workplace violence the victims and survivors did not receive the purple hearts and they deserved until today. back to ambassador bolted back in february hundreds of crashes were taken hostage from our province and a member of a terrorist crisis now fox news has learned state are demanding $30 million. senior fellow at the american enterprise institute and the fox news contributor. it is good to have you here. $30 million? will they really get that? it seems crazy. >> i think it would be a
5:32 pm
mistake to pay a ransom. it tugs at our heartstrings to know what they have done to christians and other muslims. but you have to look at the larger picture of how to eliminate the prospect of groups holding them for ransom to begin with? it is about as crude day forum as you can imagine by putting a price. gerri: what you said to the producer was what we need to do it is crushed ice is not subsidize them to pay for the hostages' release but it is clear they cannot afford to pay that so are they just hoping that the rest of the world will step up? >> sure. they are playing of different emotions a few
5:33 pm
days ago that action be released some of their prisoners intended as a committee and its -- humanitarian gesture but the clear these people are utterly cynical if they thought that would benefit them they will do that or folding them for ransom would benefit them or be heading them for the social media value they will do that also. they're very existence is a worldwide given their terrorist capabilities and this should be a motivation for the effective strategy to eliminate not to legitimize or finance in a way that allows them to expand activity. gerri: it is astonishing with kidnapping and extortion. people say this but they have been doing it for some time. >> they make money any way
5:34 pm
they can with the immediate humanitarian reaction is to say save the people and pay that price but to fund their activities you simply say capture more people to demand a higher price it is just the inducement for other atrocities. gerri: we are watching chris since leaving the region and there is a major exodus will be fined and the middle east with no questions? >> if we don't do something effective litus spread that anarchy that is what will happen we saw this with a the muslim brotherhood's ruled day were blaming them so the struggle continues a doesn't get as much attention as you would think
5:35 pm
but the populations of christians are thinking of getting out because they cannot protect themselves anymore. gerri: thank you for coming on the show. when we come back crawl -- berman handicaps the tournament the robo calls keep coming the latest efforts to get phone companies to step up.
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gerri: edits taxis and we're talking about all week long but it the phone scare
5:39 pm
murres work overtime pretending to be the irs. it is great to have you on this show. what our robo calls in the many forms they come in the? >> is the definition of any automated call. even if it is not a robot it could be a live person if they are automating the calls we consider that a robo call. there all sorts of forms legal and illegal the politicians and charities those are the ones you hear about when you get scams and for that as much as 312.
5:40 pm
but to tell them they are behind to demands payment it is really an outrageous. what do you say to folks who don't want to get the calls? >> right now we do is really hard to stop them. on average consumers lose $350 million per year with the irs tax scam is one of those. the best they you can do is hang up but there isn't a really good solution. gerri: here are the rules businesses must have data written consent before making them. they are no longer able to make those to the landline solely based on the established basis relationship can somebody do something? it is always said dinnertime.
5:41 pm
when the phone is ringing and there is an idiot trying to sell me something i don't want. >> we have heard from 30,000 consumers it is more than just annoying those and after work the night shift and then it is ringing off the hook that is affecting the quality of life those that are trying to take care of their elderly parents of the phone is ringing and the parents are in answering the phone they call for things like this but you can sign up for the do not call last you could complain to the ftc and the fcc but there isn't a great solution but there is a bright light the ftc ran a contest to the winner was a guy working out of the basement in his home in long island who came up
5:42 pm
with a solution and it looks promising we have not done a lot of testing yet but we have heard anecdotal evidence they think that is the way to go in the phone company should take a look at that technology. gerri: thanks for coming on the show. how the mighty have fallen the debut of the apple watch has been rotten. customers are furious over the events. those long lines you will not see them. there will be a few interested parties before ordering online. waiting for the clock to strike midnight the web site was down according to the company with a flood of users then they got the end
5:43 pm
welcome surprise of the lucky ones have to wait one month before arrives people were told it would not be to intel even august that is four months away but you cannot keep apple down. the stilted weighing in on the latest celebrities one of the legends greg norman gives his expert opinion who will with? we will find out. protect you from cancer? what if one push up could prevent heart disease? [man grunts] one wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease- pneumococcal pneumonia.
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5:47 pm
setting a track record the 21 year-old professor record who was 13 under. appeared to weigh in we have great norman. it is a truly exciting master's but that's not true. what do you say? >> i knew it wouldn't be boring. thanks for having me on. there is too much great talent with just a continuation so he is young and he is ready but at the same time looking behind him
5:48 pm
he has 36 holes to go with a lot of goals to be played -- gulf to be played it if he gets up there to shoot a 64 or a 66 there is a lot of great golf to be played they will be in for fantastic weekend. gerri: your mentioning postilions but 1530? that it is unbelievable. tiger was 21 when he won the first masters and he is 21 what about the long-term prospects? when he this is something you think he should have he would berate him sulfite there on-camera. >> i love watching him. he is so balanced with his attitude and very call and you can see if his eyes he
5:49 pm
definitely wants it. he wants to win major championships god bless him at his age he should not have any fear in his body the comment is to go through the finish line. gerri: this talk about tiger inn was also doing better than anticipated started off with the new attitude. >> would you expect? to basket is a monumental step with a big shot one thing that everybody was expecting to have the short game but behind-the-scenes everybody says taking to one saudia will not be competitive but these athletes spend a lot of time
5:50 pm
practicing and they are ready to go he showed the fire in his eyes and he wants it in and is determined to read what he did. gerri: i know you are watching other australians. this is open to anybody. there are so many top players with a new generation. what do you make of that? >> i love the world of professional golfers right now. for them to have any chance i think is fantastic. i'm a theater to see him come back from hard times but to see him on the leader board is fantastic. there is the plethora of
5:51 pm
players is in a very healthy position. gerri: i am super jealous of the people that are there. i will be watching. >>. >> who will win the masters? log on and vote. it will be exciting on to soviet goals panel the constant flood of hollywood stars stealing -- assuming, dad for stealing money barges and is suing her mother who was her former manager for mishandling her earnings but we have our legal team here. dash she had the case? >> absolutely what she
5:52 pm
alleges the mother who had no experience being a manager we will cancel your money to give you an allowance when i feel like a very sporadic and was taking all the money for herself. almost $8 million house that she bought an now kicked out her daughter. and she does have a claim the because the mother takes her money. gerri: then she has been an adult. >> exactly of the mother is converting money that was residual because it came to her when she was a minor edits said different case in convincing a 20 year-old to buy a house there really is her house then is in a child >> the mother for her own name on it as well.
5:53 pm
the you have been managed by eight your mother this whole time you thank you can trust her. so it isn't this arm's-length negotiation . gerri: but jackie cougar and a child actor experienced the same thing 1939. there is a law passed because of him and now child actors can be paid they get the money due to them. yves then leon -- even leann
5:54 pm
sued her mom and dad isn't that the moral of this story? >> especially if they don't have any experience they should not be managing your career there helping you back-and-forth talk about a lawyer how is a 20 year-old who has been coached and managed by her mother to even in think about that? >> it was stated in the lawsuit she systematically withheld earnings and exploited her fame and gave her an allowance for years that was sporadic sometimes the case more sometimes it did not. >> she was a minor we have ways to monitor if parents are fair to children who are benefiting from child labor
5:55 pm
laws. obviously you are not supposed to be working then the state has a right to look to make sure people are not abused. once she is an adult's i'm sorry. gerri: but you know, how this works. but mom wants to get her name in the child says i have to let her do that. >> and she is my manager i have been getting my allowance all these years is not typical here is $5 to clean your bedroom. >> if it is not a fraud or conversion it may be reprehensible. gerri: we have to leave it there. great conversation. we will be right back.
5:56 pm
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gerri: stretching his overnight lead does this bring him the green jacket? twenty-eight% stake he will win the masters 5 percent said tiger. 52 percent said other. it seems to me that federal government will call an airline for safety problems the best way is to get them fixed promptly is to make them public. that is what should have happened in february at issue a the pilots are scheduled for qualification already they're responsible for four separate safety pins and near misses including one they had to execute an emergency pull outmaneuver. this kind of information and should be made public immediately. the faa was wrong. you call this the most transparent administration since when?
6:00 pm
thanks for joining us. edits "the willis report" purpose of making money is next. have a great night. >> general electric used to have the largest market cap on the planet now has fallen is on his financial business ge capital selling most of the operations in real estate at $26 billion so management tries to comfort shareholders with the promise of a $90 billion of buyback -- buybacks through 2018. the implications are far and wide. why is jeffrey immelt still in charge?


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