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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  April 11, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> general electric used to have the largest market cap on the planet now has fallen is on his financial business ge capital selling most of the operations in real estate at $26 billion so management tries to comfort shareholders with the promise of a $90 billion of buyback -- buybacks through 2018. the implications are far and wide. why is jeffrey immelt still in charge? dow jones industrial average
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up of but ge is down. with the big buyback news $50 billion is is the only aero for corporate america and how long can they keep it going? they are talking about the cold grinding business the company says they will continue to grow in a way that they used to grow through dirty fingernails and dirty energy. we have the usual. >> hillary is looking dashing. so check it out. they are back with us. here is the first real deal. but first the assessment.
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>> they knew they had to do something the reason why jeffrey immelt was still in the executive suite do that he takes pride that to a point and data young age to give them 20 years. charles: hook gives anyone 20 years to do anything? >> that is what they have demonstrated that long-term view is better than to play quarter by quarter. i am not defending him. but i am saying that i think they have a good model they have been a mutual fund that has worked. the only multi dimensional company that has worked. >> way you bring up the chart ge has outperformed the recently it is an unmitigated disaster. so china was spending money that is where i thought they
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would outperform but what are the implications for the financial industry? so they don't want to be around? >> no it wasn't a huge thing in the '80s and '90s to make jack welch looks like a hero. so many regulations have fled in. that this is a utility with no growth prospects. it is a damnation if we don't get that regulatory burden of the financial industry. >> so we said that was of value that wasn't working for crown to go to the core competency. and it made sense strategically and financially.
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>> i think they wanted to sell this asset at the start of the financial crisis. it became a major problem but it took this long to find a buyer. and that by back toward it simplifies the story. >> the problem going forward general electric announced the sale today but then with their portfolio to wells fargo and blackstone but there is 100 billion more of financial assets to sell. gerri: went to the web site to see what they put out so they want to make industrials over deeper sent ge capital is less than 10%. you have been upbeat about the financials does this were you with the company to say?
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>> i look at them and say mutual-fund. even though one person did well so now they will concentrate on the financials looking at jpmorgan or goldman sachs they are running the ship if that goes away there will rock those values. >> that is amazing news as the old-fashioned way to grow the economy. remember it fought hard to get the deal with the french company the philippines are building the biggest facility ever only in this country is that kick to the side but ge says you want to be industrials around the world. >> that is the best point that jeffrey immelt is going back to the basics really
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too interested in the energy. i think that will be a great value. here we are in the trough of energy because they have a lot of money to deploy. >> in those with good gdp growing three or 5 percent so why not get behind that growth? they don't care about the ozone. >> because of the emerging market plays. >> this is where the growth will be. >> they see themselves under 30 years behind us with the maturation process. >> go to your corer competency as people try to imitate it sets them this long to get out of it but to what you know, best.
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gerri: in the buyback that somehow if apple is the 50 billion to talk about engineering of bottom-line but you have to have the cash to buy back the stock so you are mixed i cannot give you down on the buyback >> i am not offended that freeware -- rewards shareholders could there be of better use of that money? but it typically to help that investor with stock performance of a rather than give that back. gerri: associate is not put an asterisk near the earnings. >> that is the big problem because it buys back all the stock ultimately it will be a drag for earnings eventually. >> over half is not
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charles: we have to blow the whistle. people have all kinds of reasons for not investing in the stock market. they don't have the money but 53 percent say you don't have the cash i buy that to a certain degree. 21% say they don't
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understand. okay. 9% say they don't trust stockbrokers which i am surprised that is not higher but not necessarily fair. his know all about products and services because you make them the winners so now we have to get you connected so forget about the market just be the part owner of a great business here are some lenders you may have heard of. remember agreeing on? is up 6,000 percent think of the first time he brought -- she bought the machine and that it was eight years ago? what about priceline is up 4,000 percent had ever booked travel? how much money have you spent? monster beverages i had one before the show. netflix. apple. when it was up 1,000 percent
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people said i thought i missed it. you are probably not missing a now. according to statistics used car salesman and congress are trusted us. but these days you don't need a full-service broker there is a lot of people better honest better out there. when i talk to individual investors they say the broker gave me the shaft. that is that combination because people were greedy i cannot talk people out of selling stocks. since joining us now is the host of "strange inheritance". somethings are legitimate if you're trying to make ends meet but i know people that do that by a $200 pair of sneakers. what do you americaally
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proud of my son who does want apple shares instead of the watch so i think millenials are beginning to get it that a share could be worth more than and of the anc but i travel to do a 25 states meeting fees family and the stock market seem so far away. they see one tv they learn about a but it is still foreign. they might buy coins or tractors and then they find out sunday it is the multiple of what they don't expect gore if it is gifted to them as the inheritance but i don't think they should fear it but they should start with a love if they love tractors they should buy a john deere. i think wal-mart is something they are familiar with.
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>> cracker barrel. there are so many places is right in the heartland. but to her point when i came into the business 1985 there was a concerted effort by wall street to make it mysterious and foreboding and a scary place so they would give the money to the expert. i by nike's all the time they would give the money to a professional who were buying on their behalf with a small confession to you have worked hard to bring that down. are we chipping away at all? >> but keep reminding people emotions are your enemy. talk about 2000 things were looking good you could not keep people out then 2008 or 2002 else looks like the world was coming to an end. millenials have to learn they are young even if all
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the $150 a month put it in. over time he will beat the market. patients. >> first of all, i know millenials are smarter than we will our at that age but they like to do hands on they will collect sneakers and put them in the box. they know they improve with eliot. but what about their parents ? you have a newsletter hillary and people subscribe >> it is looking at the numbers and the statistics in the 1,000 percent returns to know you can invest in companies with what you know, . health care. metical -- medicare. people take medication. >> but somebody in their family.
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>> that might be a step too far but i think right in front of your face the you could find. talk about the next rubio. we will help you with a first thought you should buy with a long-term investor. this is the first time. >> facebook we sold it and we will probably buy it next week but all age groups are on this with instagram and facebook you cannot touch or feel we can all connect it has a great growth story so put that away for five years especially millenials with instagram. >> no matter where you are lknd their greatest recruiting tool we have ever seen if you missed the amazon or twitter you want to be with linkedin. it could double over the next and - - year --
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decade. >> picking one out of today's general electric that is the time to look at it. >> a think you're right. >> you want to get the young people to be involved over time they should invest that the use with every day with an opinion that is like apple because everybody has one. >> ups made an acquisition and ultimately it is two or three companies around the world. somebody has to transport don't be afraid. >> i know you look back on the show but tell us more about tonight. i am so inspired when i watch your show so people have the value of motorship. >> if i could move you through a motion collecting
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tractors. gerri: --. charles: that got to me. >> i felt all these families we have the marathon on saturday back-to-back episodes of people can catch up and on monday we have to incredible episodes in family-owned oceanfront property to put the matter of business they fought all the way to the top i cannot tell you but i cried he would have to was been so many kids just to stay in business it is very moving. charles: then to sit next to the man who was to revolutionize the whole tax game. i have a great tip from a man who was 80 years old looking to invest. tweet me.
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charles: and is time for my favorite part of the show. if you are curious about his strategy ask the panel. and listen to your program i am 80 what you recommend? >> i applied and i think caterpillar is the good idea. steve forbes is your the company has been around over 100 years a think it is oversold i thank you will
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get a 3% dividend waiting to come back. >> goldman sachs it is technical but the position whether the recession are with the bull market they know how to make money. >> cbs with a robust dividend growth with true customer service. >> 80 years old ago to the doctor lot. even with the obamacare. >> you cannot afford to lose money by the five-year bond and sleep well. >> the etf. >> what about december holdings? >> i was so frustrated years ago with them but medical supply with an aging population diaper for boston
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scientific. it is starting to break out i also like st. jude. >> the replacement and hip replacement the problem is reimbursements of step with the st. jude or medtronic says. charles: is seen as a real living longer and we are more active that these names are not resonating as the baby boomers became of age. >> i cannot disagree with where you are going on that. >> had you looked at this? finigan it looks like of breakout on volume. i never really heard of it is really impressive seven ships up at 15 and 10 on order with 40 of the way. with liquid natural gas will have the shortage of 200 ships whoever has the ships
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will be in control. why is it down? i did not get a chance to see what they paid or the right cash flow so i will check into it of course, i have love the lng play i think it is a no-brainer. >> a competitor that is very similar i like it because the pricing has dropped dramatically so then this will take off. >> continental resources should i hold? >> it has been a wild ride. i think in addition to the energies based there is the situation with the ceo. what is your take? >> it is under pressure because the federal reserve does not know what it is
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doing to create as strong dollar so i would be a little cautious if they get their act together. >> tagger hangs around for the weekend maybe we can see the coordination hoodies thing will win this? we're talking masters and monday next. ♪ ♪ do you want to know how hard it can be to breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that helps open my airways for a full 24 hours. spiriva helps me breathe easier. spiriva respimat does not replace
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charles: turning to rudolph meeting at advest the georgia is the master is we see the passing of the baton. there is up question mark because there is a lot of
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young players out there to be number one. and to those that he endorses. jordan is absolutely amazing especially for that last round and under armour coming out of nowhere callaway golf nobody knows he makes as much money off the golf course. 48 billion. over peyser fm -- a fan favorite. and of course, tiger is a big moneymaker both could probably pull off. the passing of the guard. who will win the title?
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>> el loved the numbers but does and have geriatric arthritis? [laughter] charles: he did on personality he was already a big time the endorser sometimes you can make the money so what did you think? >> especially for them and all their representatives by the time they are done it is still big numbers but they pay the agent the publicist the attorney a the wife. [laughter] it is not like the lady golfers. >> it is interesting when they sold their company the first thing they said is call up the "forbes" list.
6:33 pm
you've made this more accessible and now it is just incredible. >> you also get a richer country and a richer world only so many people can make it. automatically get richer. people love this stuff. >> maybe not big bucks for the players. [laughter] >> vostok's associated? >> the above what sen? >> $4 million that is what we discussed before is 99% is sold by them. >> they had a beef with oakley he went over to italy
6:34 pm
and was humbled. that is how powerful. then he bit -- and he built the program of. >> i am talking under armour. we discussed that before. they will put the name on some young golfers imf nike guy. >> under armour past as the number two apparel died in america. >> very small high-school so i will go with him at 29 years old but he has played very well the last two days and you cannot go wrong long term. >> i like rory. >> ago with jordan. >> titer of laugh.
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charles: this kid is so weser focused wouldn't that be great to go back and forth? that would be a great for the sport. another hot topic is apple for ironically had a second downgrade it goes from all hold to a buy. that is why you don't trust them but by the rumor and sell the hype because the watch is out. the question is what does it mean for the stock? >> the problem with apple is old and the is a harvard manufacturer those margins will contract it is not the future they have to do something like apple pay.
6:36 pm
>> just shows. >> look at what they have done with the target. if it is still up below the current target whenever you do. [laughter] >> it is a first generation devised -- to vice. i cannot take it out of the box. you have to coordinate. >> but talk about trust people don't talk -- trust brokers but to use apple pay a lot of the people, a sophisticated are very hesitant to pay one but the of millenials are. >> you even have to physically slight bit but just wave it over and you
6:37 pm
are in and out. >> it is the paramount symbol of capitalism. >> that is via stock doesn't have the of a p/e ratio. what it should do is go to bitcoin. [laughter] i am serious but that technology and payment systems that is the wave of the future that will be another's huge blow out. charles: i carry cash. i like the anonymity. people don't realize we're worried about the nsa or satellites every time you used that credit-card you told anybody who you are what you lighthouse they are tracking use all i use cash for almost everything.
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>> you don't like apple? i am shocked. >> my constructive feedback but that is 0k. >> he is coming out of the steve shop shadow -- steve job shadows. >> highlight the of rebels in the health benefit it will change the game. charles: thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. we will watch it this weekend. >> 10:00 tonight and a marathon tomorrow. a tearjerker on monday. charles: we lost a woman with the passing of lower until. found this morning in the hospital diagnosed with
6:39 pm
terminal cancer last year for voice student athlete her foundation raised over 1.$5 billion for cancer research in this book about her last fall. >> and would like to take the time now to get out a shout out to lower in hill terminally ill she could be dead in two weeks played college basketball today. get a chance to watch her it is so touching and beautiful. the was determined to live the was determined to live their life to the very and
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charles: of big meeting tomorrow obama it is about tomorrow obama it is about politics.
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charles: president obama meeting with castro as he pushes the relationship. some say it is is about politics but the younger ones are in favor but others say it is smart economics. also can our country handle this with the time is right? to make it is time to try to see if they reciprocate. there is a lot of money to be made if we can. to turn the enemy into a friend than why not. charles: some also say that china is so pervasive.
6:44 pm
but if we don't do this similar is that a consideration? >> with then castro brothers we will not get much intel day gaulle once they leave the scene the relationships can improve the ones that dictatorial system like his brother. they will run up to get the money than they clamp down. just take them off the terror of the best in latin america. >> when you get almost everything that you want to. >> i am glad you mentioned iran. but it is something they should try but the al iran
6:45 pm
issue is a task to be dealt with. >> to take it seriously. >> we need to have that relationship economically. charles: what do we demand from them in return? >>. >> from the humanitarian standpoint do we get the castro brothers out? although castro may not be the right person so i think the next generation will have a political change. >> trying to rubio said the next hot sport from. i have one and is still
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think that we're off as it goes higher. ♪ 40% i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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charles: let's get down to make you money. if this sounds familiar i have had on the show three times. if you can see here the double talk to launch. they make the technology for
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the touch screen. and they are ahead of the curve in trading at 12 times with the p/e ratio but yet almost seven times -- 17 short position. with the next fiscal year we will be off to the races. it does tip from time to time with execution of more than anything else it is the fourth time in mentioning it since the it - - the show began. >> with the contractor the stock moves like you would not believe but i like get. and run with it. >> i agree with those points but to talk about
6:51 pm
diversifying. so when those customers customers, they are the best of class. hang in there spirit those are legitimate worries. >> with that touchscreen technology somewhere along the chain that would make sense. charles:. >> and the other hillary is a designer of arrogance? we want to know your thoughts. ♪
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that's what i'd like to do. charles: the 2016 bill this expanded over the weekend event hillary clinton will make official and of course, people think marco rubio will joy in next week. she already is making news because coming through twitter there is a lot of people upset propose the question this morning with her announcing is it confidence or a sign of arrogance or part of the coordination? >> it is all they have. >> divisional. she is announcing on twitter?
6:56 pm
she is afraid of answering questions. >> #week. >> only stolid would announce on a sunday. [laughter] charles: low information voter is important people are indifferent but they have more access than in the history of the planet but it is a source that bothers me if someone can decide based on tweets we're all in trouble. so what better person to talk to them someone who actually ran for president and did a pretty good job? steve? what about the new era? is that a big deal? what is happening? >> she has gotten a lot of publicity 50 years ago and shows how much it has moved now there is a thing called the internet. what is that? it has got a lot of play she
6:57 pm
cannot hide behind twitter but it got everybody interested on sunday team when you saw some of the skeptics she doesn't want to answer questions. why not saturday? i feel like she will have issues dealing with the of press. i don't know if she is a people person. >> she will have to show she can answer the hard questions with the e-mail she may not like to do even though there isn't much competition people will get an the democrats especially on the left may be elizabeth warren. they're looking for the alternative. charles: she is fractured? >> why is she running other than she wants the job?
6:58 pm
what is she going to do? what is the compelling reason? what is her message. charles: hillary? i feel there has been a lot of cover provided for her. it is like the platform is i am a woman. is that enough? >> no. charles: people said it is enough for clinton -- obama to be black. >> but she bought -- mary into power and she stood by her man when the was the most anti-feminist thing she could have never done. she could have done for women by walking out of the white house? absolutely. [laughter] >> it will be a spectacular
6:59 pm
in the well thought out campaign and very shrewd. they want to get to the young people by twitter and what could she possibly say on sunday we don't already? >> i think they will work on that gradually. we have heard a lot of her there is nothing knew she could say. charles: today's solution is the founder and ceo john kelly helped 89 mankind and attrition and through vending machines. they distribute healthy snacks and drinks to customers. he could steer to the path of success with making "forbes" magazine 30 under 30 less. go to my website charles
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stayed on fox business website. now was a good time to go to mi hello everybody i am lou dobbs. both the united states and iran deepening their involvement in yemen's civil war. a move that raises concerns about the prospects of a broader regional war. the united states says it's speeding up delivery of weapons, mainly ammunition and precision guided bombs to the coalition that's battling houthi fighters backed by iran. and iran deploying its war ships to the gulf of aden. that raising the risk of a direction copfrontation with saudi arabia. we take up this worsening conflict that yemen is seeking to


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