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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  April 14, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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good news. beeben & jerries celebrating coe day. you're allowed as many times as you want. i know where i'm going. don't go anywhere. watch liz claman. she's coming up next. i'll see you at the ice cream shop, liz. >> i'm all about chunky monkey. big tobacco firing back. the government overstepping its authorities when it comes to cigarettes that has been there for years. whether the suit is lighting a fire on stocks. europe is falling in love with ford. sales of vans and trucks taking the top spot in market share for the first time in 18 years. with european sales jumping 12.5%. we're watching ford. three months of decline -- shutterfly to the container
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store to ulta. racking up huge wins. which names would follow the hot spring trends? we're looking at a market that is charging ahead. green on the screen for the dow and the s&p. but the nasdaq and russell can't make it yet. speaking of which, we're one hour away from the closing bell and an hour away from our live interview with masters champion jordan spieth. let's start the "countdown" ." ♪ >> we begin with breaking news and, of course, it has all to do with capitol hill. as investors digest a whole bunch of headlines coming out of there. we have you covered from every angle. showdown in the senate. an iranian deal that could give congress the ability to reject that nuclear deal with iran and has the mentee betrayed the
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mentor? blake breaks down the presidential rivalry between florida senator marco rubio and former florida governor jeb bush. scott in the pits of the cme. and eliot warren at the imex to explain why energy stocks are loving this big spike in crude. but first, let's get ready to rumble. it is a showdown in the senate in just the last 16 minutes, the senate foreign relations committee convened to try to come up with a bill that would give congress up to 60 days to review and possibly reject an iran nuclear deal. so will it put the senate on a collision course with the white house, or is the president ready to say, i agree? peter barnes is following the debate. he has his ear to the ground in washington, dc. peter. >> hey, liz, republicans say this is a comprise bill that would not only give congress the power to review and ultimately
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frankly kill this iranian deal down the road, but also would attract enough democrats to override a threatened veto by the president who do not want aa tough review bill. shortening the review period from 60 days to 30 days, though it could snap back to 60 days under certain conditions. it would set up an up-and-down vote of some kind on reviewing those iran sanctions down the road and include other measures that the white house says are progress. josh: if presented with a comprise along the lines that i just laid out here, that would be the kind of comprise the president would be willing to sign. >> but white house press secretary josh earnest is not promising the president will sign the product that will come out of the senate foreign relations committee because there's a bunch of
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amendments that need to be considered that might change the administration's position. right now, the white house is signaling that it could sign this bill. of course, we're watching companies that might benefit from a lifting of sanctions. some of them include boeing, general electronics, and medical suppliers, beck indic insons. >> there has to be a laundry list of companies champing at the bit wanting to get in there. thank you very much. (?) do us a favor, peter. interrupt us if the president makes any comment or you hear any more. this is extremely important as we watch this story. to your money, spring has sprung when it comes to retail sales. march retail sales snapping a three-month losing streak. still misses expectations. in a way that didn't matter. the xrt is down three-quarters of a percent, there are dozens of retail names
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seeing green today. everything from michaels, amazon, pet med, sears even, look at all this green. let's get to the floor show. traders at the new york stock exchange, cme group, is and imex. why is this not helping the nasdaq? >> perhaps, liz. these are big companies. and intel certainly is on everybody's focus. but i think the big news today was the upgrade of the oil service tax by morgan stanley this morning coupled with a weaker dollar and negative news out of production levels, you know, from the united states, and you've got the oil sector, the energy stocks really popping today. it's kind of interesting. because i think of all the earnings we're going to see this quarter. it will be the energy sector, which we know will have ugly earnings. the real key is how the stocks react to those ugly earnings. if they don't react
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negatively, perhaps we put a bottom in. >> i pulled up c drill. c drill is up 6%. sdlr. i think this is lifting almost every boat in the sector. (?) yet another move to the upside. you said, i think it's going to 40. not quite yet. it may very well. supply. we have too much of it. >> not only do we have too much supply. we don't have enough places to store it. maybe there is more room in storage. there's multiple forces at work in crude right now. teddy said the dollar is getting hit a little bit. there's also talk of production cuts in the states. you have to remember that crude we can't export wti crude. there's sort of a disconnect. wti could get left behind. i don't see that happening in a big way. but it is a possibility. the real possibility is
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that crude could bounce around $50 for the next couple of months. that wouldn't shock me. i'm not prepared to say, this is a huge buy yet. there are a lot of people who want you to think that. >> teddy is laughing at you. >> well, you know, he's done that before. >> nothing like talking your book. liz: exactly. well, let's let scott talk his book. what a book that must be on the floor of the cme. you look at the retail sales numbers today. while they did miss, they certainly give people a better sense of what happened. the expectation was to see a 1.1% jump. we got nine tenths of a jump. autos were on fire. everything from general motors to auto nation, you name it. strong auto sales. ex-autos, four tenths of a percent. do you see any reflection of that optimism in the trades today? >> number one, i think
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we should measure retail profits, not retail sales. so we kind of take that out of the picture for a second. number two, now that we give seven-year loans for cars, a lot of folks can afford payments. that's why the cars are flying off the shelves. the traders behind me, what we've been talking about lately, that bad job numbers, how the market reacted so perversely. the bonds and the eurodollar funds yesterday and today, folks are thinking maybe they'll have to raise rates to show the street they can raise rates and get everybody back in order. because that was a preverse reaction on monday. liz: hold on. we have breaking news right here. this is crossing the wires. the white house is going to remove the state-sponsored terrorist list name of cuba. removing cuba. now, this is obviously a big step in the administration's effort to normalize relations with cuba. it was just a month or two ago that president obama said he was going
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to normalize these relations in an even bigger way. marco rubio who just announced his candidacy has been quite intransigent when it comes to normalizing these relations with cuba. he's, of course, cuban descent. cuba now being removed from the white house list of state-sponsored terrorism. i want to thank our traders at the floor of the new york stock exchange, the cme, and the imex. great to see you guys. we're waiting on the closing bell. fifty-one minutes away. we have some names out today from the big banks. jpmorgan with numbers. are banks back? are they make a comeback? have they figured a way around banking regulation and super low interest rates that they were complaining about so bitterly? which names are to be the kings of wall street or at least your portfolio? finally, americans opening their wallets and spending just a bit more. which retailers are best
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going to benefit and how can investors take advantage of those names? we have top retail watchers. our retail analyst panel takes us shopping. and by the end, you'll have quite a few things in your bag. ♪
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liz: we have more on that breaking news we just brought you that the white house is going to remove, if it can, cuba from the list of state-sponsored terrorists. the white house first has to submit to congress the plan to rescind cuba's designation as a state sponsor of terrorism. there are four countries, specifically named as state sponsors of terrorism. they are cuba, iran, sudan, and syria for the moment here. for cuba, you've got that on the list since 1982. so what you're hearing is, through all of this, with the president having met raul castro, the leader of cuba in jamaica, you have now a real effort to bridge a long-standing gap between cuba and the united states. cuba has long provided at least back in the day -- why were they on
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this list in the first place? they provided safe haven to the revolutionary armed forces known as farc. for now, the us government is saying they no longer engage in those type behaviors. a potential tie-up sending shares of alcatel higher. they are in advanced stages of acquisition talks. the deal would combine the two weakest players in the telecom industry and could face political opposition particularly in france. the deal would be worth some $12 billion. we look at shares of alcatel. they shot up. nearly up 13% at the very moment. then you have shares of nokia moving lower by four and a quarter percent. let's turn to jpmorgan, the first major bank to report first quarter earnings which rose 12%. the stock is jumping about 2%.
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a spike in trading in revenues, particularly in the fixed income land helped the bank beat expectations. flip it over to wells fargo. their profits fell 1.5%. first profit drop in more than four years. let's bring in fred canon, executive vice president of research keith and woods. joining me now to break down the banks. have been persona none grad athe past couple of quarters. (?) are they allowed back in? >> i thought you would say five years since the financial crisis. just a couple quarters. the challenge is the business of banking is tough right now. jpmorgan had a good quarter based on capital market activity. i think if investors want to look at something like a goldman sachs with that capital market exposure, that looks better. but the fundamental business of banking,
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that is, lending money and paying for it with deposits is getting tough. we saw that in jpmorgan's numbers and in wells fargo's numbers today. >> okay. i know you like citi and goldman sachs. let me go back to jpmorgan and wells fargo for a second here. one of these two that are better positioned. >> well, look, wells fargo is the bank that everybody in the globe wants to own in the u.s. they're the big domestically focused institution. they've done a great job for a long period of time. i won't tell people not to be interested in owning wells fargo. when you combine valuation, capital markets activity, and jpmorgan getting on top of expenses, that combination makes jpmorgan significantly more investable if you have it today. >> you heart citigroup and goldman sachs. both coming out with numbers on thursday. what are you expecting here? >> well, we have estimates above the
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street on both of them. some of the same numbers from goldman that we saw at jp on th jpmorgan on the capital market industry. fixed income. equities came in good. citi it's a different story. they have very good news out of the government stress test this year. there will be a follow through and a positive discussion about what they're doing with their capital. that's the good news at citi. liz: were you sitting there waiting on that stress test biting your finger? everyone was wondering what would happen. they finally passed. moved forward on all things including dividends, et cetera. give me some surprise names. you mentioned huge money center banks. are there two or three names that might surprise investors that they should be looking at. >> for long term investors -- these big banks are shrinking and trying to get simpler. what that means, the
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challenger banks can go after these banks and grab market share. signature bank in new york. or silicon valley bank in california. or private bank in the chicago area. all of them are gaining market share and have exceptional loan growth. they're taking advantage of what's happening at the big banks. >> i like that. signature bank. sv financial. any names that you see a warning sign here? >> flashing warning sign. nothing is deteriorating banks. credit continues to be good. the banks have good standards. that said, some of these big regional banks. pnc, good investments. good banks. their earnings will be under pressure in the current environment. >> that's what i want to get to. fred, what happens to the bigger bank names when the fed pulls the trigger and says, okay, we will incrementally, and you know it will be tiny tighten interest rates? >> well, the stocks are going to go up.
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in general, the view in the marketplace is that will be good for the marketplace. be careful what you wish for. if feds raises rates at the shortened, that's not good news for the banks. that means the flatter yield curve which is tough on earnings. i would say, if the fed pulls the trigger and the long end is still below 2%, i would be very cautious on the banks. liz: help our viewers understand why some of the biggest names complain about regulation when in many cases there are record bonuses, there are record profits, profits jumping. jpmorgan seeing a nice profit here. q1 profit, up 12%. they'll always figure out a way to make money. they're smart guys. does it sometimes make you shake your head? >> of course, it does. sure. because if we think about that issue, nobody likes to deregulate. of course, they'll complain. to be honest, look, this environment has
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stabilized the banks. they have been able, with the exception of a couple, they're decent. but continue to be able to do the fundamental job. and let's face it, get paid pretty well. liz: i know. you and i fred are thinking the same way. thank you so much. good to see you. >> great to be on. thanks for having me. >> tell the gang we said hello. good to see you. closing bell, 39 minutes away. the shareholder activist who is battling for the soul of du pont has a battle of his own to fight. yes, have the tables turned when activists attack. our charlie gasparino has the latest. kind of nasty in exclusive details. and it looks like american consumers are finally spending the money they're saving at the gas pump. we're going shopping for retail stock winners. stay tuned. ♪
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♪ liz: battle of the floridians. marco rubio jumping into the 2016 presidential campaign yesterday. pitting him against his mentor, former florida governor jeb bush. now, mr. bush has not formally declared he's running. he's already rumored as the republican frontrunner. which florida official will win over america's vote. joining us now, blake burman. when we say mentor, it was jeb bush that convinced marco rubio to go for the senate run. >> yeah. they have been friends for years. both have homes from miami. just miles away from each other. of course, marco rubio is the current republican senator in florida. jeb bush is the former florida governor. (?)
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very popular among republicans in that state. this is setting up as an incredibly interesting and potentially awkward scenario for republicans, not only across the state of florida, but also specifically in south florida. those who have known both of these two for years. here's two examples. norman and -- before a men is a billionaire activist. he is supporting rubio. rubio and bush both worked for congresswoman ilias. she is supporting bush. it's an dynamic at play. >> marco rubio would be the most formidable candidate in the election. he's the one that can appeal all the way across-the-board. (?) >> i think jeb is more consensus, but also executive decisions. he's willing to make -- you know, to call the shot and take it. and i
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think people are looking for that leadership style. >> how about this, liz, rubio and bush actually sat next to each other on a plane flight recently on a flight back from the nra convention. rubio was quoted as saying the two did not talk about presidential politics. rather he said things like the paleo diet. the masters. and in south florida, the miami dolphins. >> yeah, the dolphins. listen, the cabbage diet. juicing. lots of topics to discuss other than politics. thanks. the herbalife diet. and in comes charlie. the gloves are off as the battle between guru jeffrey and trian ceo nelson peltz continues to heat up. back up a bit and explain how this began. charlie: peltz is in du pont. demands board seats. an op-ed basically
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attacks peltz saying he's a short-term guy. larry fink attacked him. attacking people. and son enfield who heads the yale school of -- in this op-ed that peltz is basically -- his returns stink. that's what he said. they lag the s&p. and guess what, his returns are worse than du pont's stock returns over the past year. peltz came back and basically said, you're cherry-picking my numbers. this thing boiled over to some business television, and the latest thing is this, sonenfeild. this is a letter that we as fox business exclusively obtained. it accuses peltz of spreading falsehoods. mischaracterizing his relationship with du pont. what sonenfeild is saying, he would like peltz to stop mischaracterizing ms.
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relationship with du pont. he's being paid for their defense. that's where we are right now. i asked sonenfeild, have you gotten a response from mr. peltz yet. his quote was, i'm not holding my breath. we have calls to mr. peltz. the two had a scheduled lunch meeting for friday up at yale. you know, sonenfeild runs that yale school of management. it's a big thing. and apparently, peltz backed out at the last minute. recently said he won't go up there. this battle continues. it's getting particularly nasty right now. if you read the letter, and we'll have the whole posting on, the letter and everything else. it's a jest to some extent. there's a snippet. that sonenfeild feels like he's been slandered. to tell what sonenfeild feels that peltz is running around telling certain reporters and suggesting, hey, this guy is on the tape for du pont, that's why he
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is supporting du pont. liz: so peltz is saying that sonenfeild was getting money from du pont. charlie: you have to read the letter. liz: highly doubtful that jeff sonenfeild would take money from du pont. >> the question is, why would nelson peltz say that. we have calls into peltz however you characterize it, whatever it is, sonenfeild is fighting back. he sent a letter to him. he would like an apology, he told me. he doesn't expect one. but this is not ending any time soon. we should point out that a lot of the disagreements between peltz and sonenfeild is over sonenfeild's characterization of peltz returns. apparently peltz measures it from the time he takes his activist's stake in the company and says that clearly means we beat the s&p by a wide margin. sonenfeild looks at it apparently when peltz gets the company to put on tryon. that's his fund.
3:32 pm
try onboard members. look at that (?) that's a more accurate way of describing it. >> i'm looking at the stock. it's about $8 below it's 52-week high. du pont is, exactly. this matters to our viewers. because activists with billions of dollars jump in and make noise. it spikes the stock. their short-term pops. charlie: we should point out one thing about nelson peltz. this is why -- listen, i don't think he should be suggesting that jeff is on the tape. if that's what he did, that's not a good thing to do unless you have the goods. i can't imagine jeff would do that. i will say this about what jeff said about peltz. peltz is not like one of your i in and out artists. he takes a three to five-year time frame with the company. he works with management. only one manager that he forced out. the ceo of leg mason a couple of years ago. (?) this is not like a slash and burn guy. quite the opposite.
3:33 pm
very, very good investor. so, you know, i think both sides, you know, are slinging the mud. although, i would say this, if mr. peltz is suggesting he is on the tape, give us some evidence. >> yes, because sonenfeild has a platinum reputation. >> now, i don't know how he suggested it. i can tell you that sonenfeild says he's suggesting it. liz: charlie, thank you. charlie: it's the best way to put it. liz: activist battles have been fascinating. they are heating up. we're following it every step of the way. quick programming note. do not miss tonight's "strange inheritance." jamie colby meets a guy who is named doll boy. he inherited 5,000 -- take a look. charlie: that sounds so weird. >> i was so shocked. i know laurie was really shocked. the first room we tackled, you had to suck up and walk around. we knocked some dolls
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off while we were counting. >> i was like, oh, my gosh. i don't know if this is collecting or hoarding. i have never seen anybody with that many dolls. liz: those were vintage raggedy anns. >> that doesn't creep you out? like a guy collecting dolls? >> watch the show. closing bell, 26 minutes away. retail sales. we told you, shows a little muscle. for the first time in 12 months, is the american consumer finally spending the money saved at the pump? which retailers benefit the most? our top analysts pick out retail winners that are best following the trend. speaking of winners, we have him. masters tournament champion jordan spieth, what's next after his $1.8 million payday. how he plafns t plans to spend that money.
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jordan spieth live here in studio at 4:00 p.m. eastern. ♪
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>> time for our "countdown" news flash. day six of deliberations in that murder trial of former nfl star aaron hernandez. still no verdict. we'll let you know as soon as there is one. jurors have sent notes to the judge asking for clarifications on the murder charge in particular. hernandez is the former star titan for the new england patriots. on trial for the 2013 murder of an acquaintance. jurors must reach a unanimous verdict.
3:40 pm
hernandez faces life in prison without parole. president obama meeting with hadi to discuss the fight against isis. pledging $200 million in new humanitarian help and to offset their fight against the militants. this is his first trip to the us us since becoming prime minister. an la flight forced to return to seattle after an airport worker fell asleep and became trapped in the plane's cargo hold. fourteen minutes after takeoff, the pilots and first class passengers heard banging. you hear that? a little bit of banging from beneath the aircraft. pilot turns around. makes an emergency landing. lo and behold there's the guys. he said sheepishly i fell asleep.
3:41 pm
he was checked out by medics. found to be unhurt. breaking news. robert durst just pled not guilty to federal gun charges in louisiana. the feds are going head-to-head over robert durst and what he has done or is alleged to have done. he made his first federal court appearance on charges of gun possession. this is the real estate magnate, turned, you know, accused murderer here. the state of louisiana has charged durst on similar accounts. none of them involve his chilling statements on the hbo documentary. >> i killed them all. of course. >> i killed them all, of course. the evidence uncovered in the documentary could incriminate him if the court finds that the recording was a confession as it pertains to murdering his wife many years ago. they're waiting in line for durst to be extradited to los angeles to try him for the murder of susan
3:42 pm
burman, a separate case. how long will the feds have to wait? casey has the latest on the durst saga. >> quite an intro. yes, the not guilty pleading just happened not long ago. i want to explain why he's in federal court. a lot of people are confused. he was charged by the state. indicted by the state. so now why the federal case? it's important to point out there are no new crimes that have been added to the list, the new federal charges simply stem from the night he was arrested here in new orleans at his hotel. remember that? the 71-year-old eccentric millionaire was arrested last month at the jw marriott where he had been staying at an assumed name. inside his hotel name, a gun, marijuana, more than $100,000 in cash, a passport, maps to cuba. a louisiana grand jury indicted durst on those weapons charges, and he pled not guilty. the very next day, a
3:43 pm
federal grand jury indicted him on those charges. it's just basically to pile everything on at once, making it more difficult for him to wiggle out of. the federal charges could translate into a longer, harsher sentence if the prosecution can secure a conviction. so that brings us to today. the arraignment not happening long ago where he pled not guilty. >> keep us posted. march retail sales increasing nine tenths of a percent in march. that actually marks the largest jump in more than a year and breaks a three-month streak of declines. here to give us a retail shopping list as well as the ones you should cross off your list. jessica. and cowen's oliver chen. we know that sales are driven by the companies
3:44 pm
that are following the trends. what trends are you seeing? >> we're excited about target. also, lululemon, the athletic trend as it applies to pants and bottoms is great. a better trend in denim. high-rise. mid-rise. low rise. as well as distressed. nice positive trends. >> you saw burr bring doing high end jackets and things like that. (?) what trends do you see for spring? then gets your names on which will follow. >> the main trends we're seeing is something called festival ware. like coachella. you'll see exactly what i mean. so the tag line used to be spring break. it's now festival ware. in all the windows -- >> is that different from boho. >> it is a boho look. >> we're showing '60s videos. >> it's woodstock
3:45 pm
inspired. coachella and woodstock look similar. >> what are your names? >> we like nordstrom. the main reasons they're hitting on all the major trends of floral dresses. also, they're layering in promotional events. they used to have only semi annual sales. it increases the shoppers in the store. someone potentially reaching up that sees there are promotional. >> as punishable. when you talk about how you need to get the boho look. you need to get the look.. you like sally's beauty. >> investing in skin care is important. sally beauty is a great industry. (?) hair care as well as nail care. steady growth. good execution. global exposure. steady 6% growth. >> who would you cross off your list? >> some retailers are struggling. abercrombie & fitch. struggling to get back that teen consumer they
3:46 pm
fired. they changed their passion. it's not resonating. >> vera bradley. but it's soul-searching in terms of where it wants to be. >> good to see you both. jessica, oliver on the trends that are hot right now. (?) closing bell, 14 minutes away. we'll tell you what to watch in these last 14 minutes as we head into the close. your money. you have to see this. coming off a $1.8 million payday and possibly tens of millions more in endorsements. all it takes is that green jacket. 21-year-old jordan spieth live about what's next for him. that guy, here live, coming up. stay tuned. ♪
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♪ >> we have breaking news on dow component jpmorgan. as you look at this intraday chart. earlier, we hit a 15-year high on this stock. of course, company coming in with very strong earnings. profits up about 12%. you're looking at a day where this stock is up a dollar at the moment. there's the ten-year picture. fifteen, it's even better. a 15-year high for jpmorgan right now. nine minutes left until the closing bell rings. what is the most important thing you need to be walking into the close. let's go to joe. the most important headline that you need our viewers to relate to. >> yeah. we want to see the s&p hold and break above that 2090 level. that's been a level that's a hard time holding. all the other major indices have gotten into nice trends to the upside. that's where you want to see it. if you can see this momentum. it came off eight points this morning. if we can see that
3:52 pm
momentum come. financials have helped it today. that will be a good sign going into tomorrow. >> the level he gave you. five points above that. needs to hold over these next eight and a half minutes. can it do it? we have a guy that definitely knows. he has more than 50 billion under his own management let alone his firm of 300 billion. steve. federated investors. good retail sales numbers out today. not the best. didn't beat expectations. here comes the sun. are you singing george harrison? >> yes, love him. we've been all the way to geneva. we're entering a better period for equities. >> we added to equities yesterday, what were you buying? >> we were buying almost across-the-board. but we particularly liked financials here. jpmorgan reported very nicely. we like jpmorgan. like wells fargo. like the technology stocks, the big leaders. even the defensive names. the financials.
3:53 pm
the utility names that haven't performed. we like the industrials. i find more stocks that i like than i dislike right now, which is another reason why we want to be adding to equities. liz: when friends and family come to you and say, i'm a little nervous. here's why. the march jobs report was not pretty at all. there are headlines. global headlines that gyrate the markets on occasion. the so-called exogenous events. what do you say to those people? >> we're in april now. it's spring. you're looking at the rearview mirror with march. you'll see a bounceback with the economy. obviously a weak first quarter. that's why you're on the sidelines. that's behind us. earnings estimates are way down. at this point -- three months ago, the s&p estimates were plus 12. today, they're minus two for this quarter. so there's a lot of negativity built into the numbers. we think the bar is pretty low. we think a lot of the other things that are bothering the market are stabilizing here. oil.
3:54 pm
interest rates. the dollar. liz: okay. you also like industrials. you mentioned for the banks, jpmorgan, and wells fargo, which names would you add to the portfolio? >> we like general dynamics. earning sole random. the domestic airlines. alaska air would be another stock to buy. >> ingersoll-rand is a golf play. and we have jordan spieth who won the tournament. he's coming up. an interesting way to capitalize on things. you like certain utilities. utilities have struggled. >> they have, liz. that's why we like them. they haven't recovered with sort of the depression in bond yields. you know, bond yields went up. utilities sold off. utilities didn't come back. we think the sprice in the next six, nine months, the market starts to get comfortable with the fed not doing too much here. >> why do you like google? we had breaking news in the last couple of minutes that the eu is going to formally put the thumb on google when
3:55 pm
it comes to, you know, their usual complaints about competitive behavior or overly competitive behavior. does that cast a paul over google? >> i don't think so. >> google is flat over the years. >> that's why we like it. the us has a competitive advantage. tech leads this bull market the next four years. you have to own google if you own tech. >> go with george harrison, here comes the sun. good to see you, thank you very much. steve. federated investors, chief investment officer. the rally continues. some of the indices with the closing bell, four and a half minutes away. the man, the myth, the masters legend at the ripe old age of 21. jordan spieth is in the house! yes, he's in the greenroom with david asman. all right. this is exciting. find out what's next after his record-breaking run at the masters. jordan spieth live, coming up. ♪
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liz: fox business stock alert. there is sort of a mix here but, david, the number to watch is anything above 2090. we're at 2094 for the s&p. david: i, ha ththat's been a -- that has been a technical barrier. perhaps the sky is the limit. we'll see. liz: seems to be last five years. let's go so jo ling kent live at new york stock exchange. we're waiting on intel, the big one to report earnings moments from now. >> we're waiting on intel right now. that stock is up. it turned lower. up about 1% earlier. down 1% as we look to earnings. s&p 500 is at 2094 as the bell rings. david: we'll be talking about oil. if you're going to talk about oil, you have to talk about the dollar. when the dollar is down. usually oil is up. that seems to be what happened today. >> we see oil across the board.
4:00 pm
conocophillips a leader. [closing bell ringing] chevron, exxonmobil, halliburton as well on the news. you can hear the bell ringing guys. david: the bells are ringing on wall street. let's look how it is all working out. pretty much positive day for the dow jones and s&p. but the nasdaq could not pull it off. certain stocks really pulled down the whole index. russell 2000 down a tick. but the dow and s&p is where people a lost traders were looking for some guidance. you had to see that energy once again looks strong. what did you see? crude oil moving higher. energy names moving higher. that helps the s&p. looks like we're above the 2090 level. we're watching it right now. "after the bell" starts this second. >> yes we see green on the screen. we see green with a guy we wanted to bring to you right off


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