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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 14, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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have something to get off your chest. have a glorious night. go hard. pitch perfect. on fox business. lou: good evening i am lou dobbs, congress and the white house have struck a deal, ending a month's long standoff over whether legislative branch should have a say in approve anything nuclear deal with iran. under this compromise senate foreign relations committee has 30 days to approve the deal. assuming it is completed by a june 30 deadline. but some critics say that legislation is too watered-down. and gives the president too much more time, and room in which to negotiate what could still be a very dangerous deal. tonight, we take up where the republicans just bowed to the president we'll talk about that
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with house foreign affairs committee member, republican congressman mark meadows. also, russia riping benefits of obama administration foreign policy failures, president putin defiant in his decision to sell a sophisticated missile air defense system to iran, telling prime minister netanyahu that the deal does not threaten israel in anyway. good news, canada takes russia threat to ukraine seriously and sending its troops to the ukraine to help train the ukraine military. general jack keane will be with us tonight. >> hillary clinton attacking ceos who make 300 times what the average worker makes, but are those just empty words to
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mollify the left wing of hiv party or something -- her party or something more, karl rove will join us. lou: we begin with congress' role in the iranian nuclear deal if there is to be one. >> i think today the united states senate stood and said on the behalf of the american people the foreign relations committee said, we believe it is our role to ensure that any deal with iran is make them accountable, transparent and is enforceable. lou: my next guest said that new bill is watered-down, joining us congressman mark meadows member of house foreign affairs and oversight committees, good to have you with us, this bill it is historic, a unanimous vote
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in foreign relations. what is wrong with it? >> you know, we certainly want to applaud senators that have been involved in this, so i don't in anyway want to dispercentage their work -- dispercentage their work but what happens as we start to extent the timeline, and make an agreement to agree to agree the framework without sharing anything in -- that received in classified settings, we have is still a lot of unanswered questions what iran said the framework. is what we you know at state department say it is. those don't mesh. so the extended time after 18 months of negotiating is troublesome. but i am glad that the voice of
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the american people, and congress will get to weigh in. lou: your skepticism is not misplaced. you should, i think properly be skeptical as should all members of the legislative branch. that is why it is important for senate to have a role of advising consent over foreign treaties this one however is unique you all don't have the beginning of an understanding of the prime work for the agreement -- of the framework for the agreement, there is nothing, as i understand, from either side whether iran or u.s. or pplus 5 this is a ridiculous situation in which there is no working paper for a such an important agreement. >> well, lou that is spot on from your analysis.
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as we're asked to weigh in. there is great ambiguity there. you would think after 18 months we would have something solid to be there i want to emphasis part of the distrust on the american people, not as much on congress but part of people that i represent the people that watch your show, really is that we have seen over and over and over negotiations that have happened with this administration. you know, delivering 5 taliban terrorists for one alleged deserter. how do we think we'll get a different resolve. lou: how does one put in contact any decision -- context any decision taken by this president, who said if he does not have support he will
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overrule that. he has done so. and removing cuba from listed state sponsors of terrorism this is heady stuff for a president who is breaking strongly and profoundly with history. >> he is breaking with history it is real easy to pivot to cuba where the turmoil perhaps is an old turmoil that many of us may have remembered in elementary school, what happens is we find that again because of negotiations that i just mentioned we got really nothing in exchange for that agreement. we will normalize relationships yet, human rights violations continue to happen to this day. yet we get nothing. we see where this game work there -- framework there are a couple troubling things we're not saying that iran is a state sponsor of terrorism any longer, not recognizing israel, a number
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of those areas that would be concerning to me, if i were in the region. lou: congressman good to have you with us. as we watch what happens with the agreement borne out of the p5-plus 1 we don't know what shaping who amongst those variables, one of these in p5, opening up prospect of sale sophisticated missiles to iran just as the deal seems to be in the offing. always good to talk with you. >> great to be with you, thank you are lou. lou: hillary clinton hitting campaign trail for first time today since her announcement of her candidacy sunday. she is meeting with iowa students as what was a intimate meeting, an effort by her campaign to change tactics after losing democratic nomination to president obama in 2008.
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fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry following her campaign in iowa with your report tonight. >> reporter: call it hillary clinton 2.0 public getting first real glimpse of her second stab at the white house. >> talk later thank you all. >> reporter: she had been on a road trip for two days, today was first look at her campaign vehicle, dubbed scooby, which was driving under the radar. >> how are you? >> i am great. >> very well. >> reporter: this was clinton celebrity trying to become clinton the candidate. aiming to connect with middle class voters by talking about the weather. >> was in illinois. >> reporter: clinton is trying to shake off a winter of her own, left out in cold here in
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hawkeye state 7 years ago, she finished third in caucuses, and building a new case that started in a rural community college. her mirror arrival sparking a media circus. >> we have to figure out in our country, how to get back on the right track. i am running for president, i think that americans and their families need a champion. and i want to be that champion. >> reporter: pundits assume that everyone has their minds made up about clinton some students here suggested otherwise. >> she was in the senate or something, i don't know much about her. honestly so. see she must be pretty big. everyone is coming out here for it. >> reporter: so big that republican paks are try trying to elevate clinton to be their political opponent.
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>> less than half say mrs. clinton is honest and trustworthy. >> reporter: top clinton advisors told fox they are focused on winning the democratic nomination. >> hillary clinton will do a lot of interviews. the by the beginning of the campaign, she didn't want focus of national stage. >> reporter: at end of her event, hillary clinton did walk over toward media facing several shouts questions but gave one answer that repeated her message. lou: thank you ed. >> much more on clinton campaign and g.o.p. contendors in moments as we trachit up with republican strategist karl rove. we're coming right back with that and much more. >> up next, spacex failed in the first attempt we'll show you today whether stace spacek found
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lou: newly announced republican presidential candidate senator marco rubio addressing criticism that his resume looks a lot like then senator barack obama when he announced on hannity last night. >> i served 90 years on florida -- 9 years on florida legislator i will have served a full term in the senate before i am president, i have taken seriously my role in the committees. lou: he wrote an op-ed in "usa today" to restore equal opportunity for every american. >> senator rand paul's wife defending her husband that claims he is a sexist after he got testy with two interviewers. >> a fall narrative my husband has worked withstanding women his entire life, he spent over
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10 years in private practice with a female doctor, his whole family is full of strong women myself included. lou: retired neurosush newer surgeon -- neurosurgeon dr. ben carson in detroit. >> governor chris christie trying to break in top tear top tier of presidential candidates. returning to hillary clinton mainstream media gushing over the so-called scooby van tour, and her exploits on her road to iowa. watch some of the coverage in mainstream media. >> she was wearing sunglasses and no one recognized her on a
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two-day stealth trip in this black van. >> security of her orders a chicken bowl with guacamole from a chipotle. >> she looked like she is having fun, she is doing for her new stuff we've never seen her get a buriy on burrito before, fun and new. lou: fun and new. joining us to discuss this, is karl rove, i sense your excitement at fun and new that is being experienced. >> it was old tired and weird to me. she did this in 1999. show into the in a van drove through upstate new york, this is a woman i thought that reporter got it right a style a --
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stealth tour, lacking excitement and substance a metaphor for the clinton campaign. that photograph, think about it monday was a grainy photograph off of surveillance system, at chipotle in just outside of toledo ohio. they looked like they were on the lam fleeing law enforcement you know. it was weird. today, she goes to a coffee shop then to a garage that is connected to a community college. and footage of her -- she was reading her heartfelt emotional talking points off of a card. she september look -- kept
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looking down to remind herself. what she felt was in deepest recesses of her heart, i hate to continue, but uma on friday, inspector general of state department announced he was responding to senator chuck grassley of iowa would investigate her for getting a $135,000 salary from say the department and a dispen saying for 35,000 more from a firm founded by bill clinton former chief of staff that sells political intelligence, and advice to foreign companies at same time she is top aide to hillary clinton at state department i would not have someone like that as traveling to iowa where chuck grass grassley is revered.
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lou: i'm laughing. i'm trying to remember. i get a sense of who you are going to be working again. who are you working for? a among entries we have three first year public senators do you think one offing a candidate? >> it is too early to say, but i will say they had all these can days have strengths. and challenges, i think that they have all done well in their announcement, the question is how well in the days afterward marco rubio last night gave a strong speech with a clear vision. but what impressed me about rubio is what i have seen over last couple over years behind scenes he prepared himself, you can't prepare yourself in midst
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of a malstrom, have you too prepare before, he has gone out of the way to tap the minds of a lot of people about the policies he has been serious about it in foreign and domestic arena, he made a lot of speeches that are meaty thoughtful, and indicative of a lot of prepping. lou: i have to say, i have been impressed, did not expect to be by senator rubio cruz, raising dollars 31 million. that had to shock even you and rand paul. his wife, gracious, defending her husband and doing so reasonably and rationally, i think these 3 are off to a very strong start. don't you? >> yeah. we have the best field we've had in decades and there is more to come. and i think it will be a spirited contest.
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i do think one thing this is a -- that new poll today -- >> ho -- i just have to understand how -- how do how you could -- >> go for it carl. >> this is a poll in 15 battle ground states, 3 that romney won, 12 that obama won, hillary clinton, 43. against a generic republican gets 44. and she is well-known, 95% of people say they know a great deal about her 49-44 but a point behind a generic republican. but one we finding for republicans is of 44% who say they are for generic republican, 51% of them say their vote will be predicated on the republican's ideas and policies, and 37% against hillary clinton
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republican candidate have to remember this is not about dinging opponenter clinton therureisroom for both but they have to share with the american people what they want to do, and achieve and how they are gig doing it. lou: clinton surprised all gurus, by going straight at corporate america. with the gap of pay of ceos, and average workers, she is parking a strategy that is economic pop limp. what do the republicans do how can they persuade middle class to support republicans rather than clinton. >> they have to have their own economic vision, and speak about it with passion and conviction,
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and specificity. when and if they become the nominee and they are joined in battle with hillary clinton they have to say we have tried your policies. when you put power in hand of government, the people who benefit are the connectioned and wealthy, not those who want to rise. and so i think that republicans have to take it head oif she says that republican are responsible for the economic malstrom that hit the nation in 2008. we need to go back to them say it is what you did with fannie and freddie by taking good name of american taxpayers putting it behind risky propositions led by people close to you and your husband. >> karl rove thank you disploo thank you lou. lou: vote in poll. question is do you believe that american public will have greater trust, in an iranian
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nuclear agreement if approved by senate. >> a british exercise at fort bragg, north carolina more than 2100 american and british paratroopers jumping from c-17s and royal air force aircraft part of a massive join training exercise, and goal to further stream line cooperation between 82nd air airborne division, and british army 16 air all brigade. lou: hillary clinton sits out to persuade the american public. we take it up in my commentary next. >> and spacex trying a maneuver that could alter space travel for generations in america next.
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lou: spacek today successfully launched its cargo ship to international space station at florida a cape canaveral spacex wanted tolland the falcon 9 rocket on a barge in atlantic ocean. but, failure today again. rocket landed fine but it tipped over. after having landed. so the battle goes on to do what many people think is one of the most extraordinary complex effort undertake en that is to land the rocket in the same attitude switch it is launched. lou: a few thoughts on economic pop you limp.
11:31 pm
mrs. clinton shocked most of political savants while showing up at chipotle, and ordering a buryburiy onburiy onburrito bowl in cog neat -- in sunglasses. her campaign hut her desire of middle class at top of their candid's talking points. >> i think it is fair to say that as you look across the country, the deck is still stacked in favor of those already at the top. there is something wrong with that. there is something wrong when cre crows make 300 times more than the typical worker, i am running for president because i think that americans and their families need a champion.
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and i want to be that champion. lou: she is esspowzing what is economic pop limp. there nothing wrong with that, making it clear she going all in on economic populism. in 1993, president clinton helped boost executive pay creating ain't incentive for companies to shift from paying executives in cash to the compensation in stock options. and removing requirements of corporation to expense those lucrative stock options presidential history has a long
11:33 pm
reach, she will have to deal with that, how populous can a presidential campaign be when it it is expected to spend more than $2 billion for a job that pay 400,000 a year. during her failed 2008 run 6 of her top 20 donors were big wall street gaps, but chief executives there earn 124 times that of average worker, hillary earned 300,000 per paid speech when she left the state department. that is not a populous price tag. and the 14 million dollar advance for her memoir, called heard choices. -- hard choices, a lot of people would say 14 million to write a book is not a hard choice. we'll see whether hillary clinton can pull it all off it hashas been done before, and
11:34 pm
growthly just ask brack brack and -- barack george and bill. our quote of the evening? unpopulous, he said, american exceptexceptionalism is reaction -- or issues like american inenergy department see they search for simplistic sources of comfort and clarity people they are now selecting to be, the spokesperson of their anxieties are if most cases stunningly ignorant. we're coming right back with more. stay with us. >> up next, russia ready to sell iran weapons that could shoot
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lou: joining us now, general jack keane. >> good to be here. lou: let's start with what looks like could be a incredible phase in this president's administration. he is talking about historic agreement with iran. historic agreements with cuba. and a trade agreement transpacific partnership that could be large ed trait deal -- largest trade deal ever carried out, your thoughts about president's strategy? and his prospects? >> from a strategic perspective he is taking the u.s. in a develop direct from any president we had post world war ii he has reached out and bent
11:40 pm
over backward to work with our competitors that china is seeking regional dom nation in pacific. but, the facts are that this effort he has made with cuba, and iran, they are historic. and significant, in the middle east, deal with iran is changing the strategic center of power in the middle east, because while he has been negotiating for some time, and trying to create reproachmont with iran, iran has been on mood seeking regional hegemony and still sponsors regional terrorism that is extraordinary to turn a blind eye to that, and not look at the situation strategically i love that focus -- i believe that folk you has been to reach out, and reach milestones, regardless of consequence.
11:41 pm
emphasis again regardless of consequence, very different from any other president. lou: one of the consequences in process, as between the p5 plus 1. is engagement with iran on eye nuclear treaty has been that throughout it has extended its hegemonic influence in middle east and at the same time, now it will have benefit of most sophisticated or one of the most sophisticated russian antiaircraft civil systems and -- missile simms sim system as a guarantee against either israeli or u.s. instruction in attacks? >> yes. it is significant from a miller perspective. russians were making this deal
11:42 pm
with the iranians in 2008, they put it on hold in 2010 because of u.s. sanctions. but they are back again. why? first of all there is a lot of money on the table. $800 million on the table. and secondly, the effort of negotiations have achieved this framework, i think that putin as regards to iran, is right back where he realliments to be, that is -- really wants to be that is king pin in player in the region he wanted to saddle up next to iran, he sees what they are trying to achieve giving him enormous leverage with the iranians. he also enjoys this, it is embarrassing to obama administration and trumping our ally israel, whose air capabilitiy is not as extensive
11:43 pm
as ours this system would have profound impact on them, he knows that is humiliating to the united states because israel is one of our closest allies in the region. lou: one of -- i have to draw, that appears to be, sanctions much ballyhooed by many, really have amounted to little in terms of strategic interest of either russia or iran. it is important as we consider possible eventuality to remember that both iran and russia would benefit. from a disruption of global crude oil supplies, that should be deeply concerns to all american straggists do you agree? >> i agree. and strategically we have another thing happening that contributes to that, the iranians in supporting houthis in women en, if they in yemen if
11:44 pm
they carries out where they gain political, military control. that sport stay at gulf of aiden is at pathway of sue suez canal they will put antiship missiles in that vicinity. similar to the choke point at straights of. >> some control considerable amount of commerce on this planet. lou: general jack keane. always good to have your insights. >> thank you lou. lou: vote on poll, do you believe that american public will have greater trust in any iranian nuclear agreement if approved by senate? >> an oregon ducks runner giving us a reminder to never celebrate
11:45 pm
before we won. and the race does not always go to the swift oregon runner had a lead in men's 3,000 meter, she slowed down to mug for camera to celebrate, to get crowd going but, a washington husky runner got going and for the win oregon duck lost by 1 10th of a second. >> he will not make that mistake again. said the announcer. i would hope not. seems 1 is once is more than enough. >> police in one of texas' biggest city as may have figured out to to end high-speed chase for good. >> and first class passengero an l.a. bound flight discover something unusual in the cargo hold that story is next, you don't want to miss it.
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lou: breaking news, bad news are in google, antitrust regulator in europe decided to file formal charges again google for
11:50 pm
violating the e.u. antitrust laws. it could exceed 6 billion in penalties. >> on wall street stocked finished fixed dow up 60, and volume on big tujunga board 3.3 million shares listen to my report, coast-to-coast. >> police in austin, texas may have figured out how to make the high speed car chases obsolete, a police car gets just close enough to fire a gps tracker dart on his car cruiser then backs off and limiting danger to other driver police caught up with suspect 10 minutes later when he tried to dump the car they raved him without in-- arrested him without incident. >> it took a little longer for
11:51 pm
an alaska airline worker to realize he was on his way to los angeles, he fell asleep in cargo hold of the jetliner, 14 minutes into the flight high started screaming loud loy loudly banging on wall cell phone video showing passengers in first class section wondering where the noise was coming from. they informed pilot and plane headed back to seattle immediately, airline will not come on whether he still has a job, but they did confirm he passed a drug test. >> up next, a blockbuster development that could trump video evidence and keep suge knight out of jail, new information may suggestion why a 73-year-old reserve deputy was armed and part of a string a people
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11:56 pm
might think. there's a lot of evidence for them to go through. the longer the jury is out the more likely it's going to be harm or acquittal. it is a complicated case. lou: do you think there's going to be a conviction to . >> just come i think there's going to be a conviction. >> the general consensus is this and i think that there might be a hung jury on this one know that the evidence is complex but it is obviously a serious matter. you might have two or three people. >> the only thing they ask is could they take a cigarette break. but they haven't asked legal questions, which would indicate one person team hung up on an illegal intricacy.
11:57 pm
lou: okay, let's turn to the program in which 73-year-old bob bates, and insurance agent acted as a reserve deputy, what are your thoughts? >> when a department puts on someone who is carrying a weapon and they do not train him in the cemented between someone who joins the force. it's incredible that you would do that and it opens himself up to civil liability under various theories of constitutional law and you can't do that. >> you know i agree with you in a sense that he can't be
11:58 pm
mistaking a taser with an actual gun. >> and there is immunity that will go into play. >> when we are talking about criminal, obviously you have the individual that did this. there's going to be a deprivation of rights and there's no question about that. lou: the idea that there's a lot here is a part of that very that i've just never heard of that reserve deputy being able to do this. >> here so shocked.
11:59 pm
at 73 years old and without that much training. >> herb i don't think it is necessary, you have a jury, this man that is a victim who does not want to go in there and identify him in a courtroom when he could be in a lot of trouble if you do that, if you know what i mean. and i think the jury is afraid of him. >> i'm going to disagree with lis in this regard. what it shows is that someone striving. and he is saying that his life was threatened.
12:00 am
lou: we will continue the. >> a collection most any girl would die for. >> almost too much barbie for a girl. >> a house full of dolls from all over the world. jamie: you couldn't walk into the room. theres were thousands. >> about what makes this so strange? say hello to the heir. >> my either, why -- mother, why, me being a boy why was it dolls. >> she had a dying wish. >> don't throw these dolls away, find a home for them, that is what i want to do. >> does the man have a plan? >> they call my the doll boy. >> how is that working out for you. >> you can call me whatever you want. i have a pretty good inheritance here


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