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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  April 16, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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more." and that's it for tonight's willis report. thanks for joining us. don't forget to the dvr the show if you can't catch us live. "making money" with charles payne is up next. have a great night. ♪ charles: hey, i'm charles payne. and you're watching "making money." it was a dull day for the broad market. but golly, there were individual winners. resurgence of the ipo market which had been relatively quiet. a couple high profile debuts. box and shake shack. shack coming on strong. both had been seen as cautionary sales that buttresses the notion, last year, 2014 was the top. the reason why, we saw so many ipos. 273 of these deals, you had to go all the way back to 2000 to see that many deals. we raised almost as much money. the ipo market went parabolic last year. what did that mean? i'll tell you what it meant today.
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etsy. virtu. party city. i want to go down to nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange to see if it was exciting there as it was here. nicole. nicole: the pulse of the floor. a dull day when you look at the tape. the dow, the nasdaq, the s&p finished slightly to the downside. bout, wow, what a day. right? first of all, netflix, you called it charles payne, everybody watching "making money" knows that. (?) let's look here. netflix soared to record new highs. those subscribers wowed everybody on wall street. how about the ipos. you mentioned those. party city right here at the ne new york new york stock exchange. what an exciting time. a listing here. that opened over 20%. that was a real winner. and, at the end of the day, it held on to gains. 20% plus. etsy, 70%. one hundred plus%. and virtu financial.
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other winners, united health. earnings, earnings. and coach with an upgrade from barclay. we had great earnings. charles. charles: i missed that one, nicole. i don't know if people are still smoking. our panel is smoking. the investment pros. matt mccaul. scottie nell hughes. chris. steve cortes is with us again. remote in chicago. let's do it. dig into the first real, real deal. it wasn't just ipos. right? netflix, nicole talked about it. absolutely killed it. they posted their earnings last night. now they drew in the skeptics including an analyst who came into the week unimpressed, but has a 900-dollar target on it. it did make me look a little smart. take a look at this. charles: netflix is one i've been pounding the table on. >> really? charles: last week, i had it on my show. no one on the panel liked it, but me. this morning someone
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upgraded it. there is a target of 700 out there. i think it can hit it in a couple of years. charles: forget a couple years. right? give it two more days like this one. that was me with neil on monday. everyone is laughing. i think you did like netflix. right? matt: i kind of liked it. i'm crawling out of the bucket there. charles: all right. these ipos, listen these aren't even the heavy hitters. some ipos that can come in from tech to ferrari to other things. so people -- the skeptics are saying, now, this is officially 2000. this is the mark of something different. matt: i think it's much different. too many ipos. so much money being raised last year. a lot of these ipos are holding up strong after a couple of months of wishy-washyy. the lock up here, they're doing pretty well. you have uber. airbnb. they can shake up the market going forward. not only the ipos. a couple stocks coming back from the dead. philip morris up over 8%
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today. calloway golf, pay way bread. (?) some of these stocks that people threw to the wayside doing well. >> ppanera bread doing well today. steve, i know you've not been enamored with the overall market. how did this day do? >> as far as the overall market, i'm unchanged. the overall market was unchanged. i'm skeptical of broad levels here. there was fascinating action beneath the surface. it's national high five day. i'll give you a virtual high-five. what a great day for anyone earning netflix. etsy, a company i actually love. my wife lives on that website. etsy, to go up in all double on the ipo day, that smells to me a little like irrational exuberance. i'm not sure that's healthy overall for the tape. charles: what did you make for
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this session? chris: very light volumes out there. getting into earning season. the ipo market is vibrant. they're not putting shares out. charles: is it more of supply and demand and balance, or just a whiff of irrational exuberance? chris: i think it's supply and money. a lot of money getting put back to shareholders in buybacks and dividends. if you're professionally managing money, you can't sit on the cash. it's coming back in for the ipo markets. does that sustain itself? i don't know. but for now, it looks pretty good. charles: you know, scottie, i think a lot of etsy users bought this stock today. people on there, they're making money. and management went out of the way to make some ipo available to people in their ecosphere. maybe steve on this one should have deferred to his wife. scottie: at least they're watching the show and buy what they use. what's great about etsy
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or airbnb or uber, it's about empowering. creating small businesses. 19.8 sellers they have. that's 11.3 small businesses that have been able to be created. charles: millions you're talking about? scottie: 11.3 million sellers they have on there. these are a lot of small businesses that have a lot of great opportunity. charles: and i don't know if these numbers are registered when you talk about entrepreneurialship. it gives the average american to make extra cash. what do you make of these large names like the pricelines of the world and philip morris making these moves. these are huge moves for stodgy stocks. >> i wouldn't call them stodgy stocks. philip morris is a behemoth of a company, i was surprised of that move as well. as far as etsy goes, i think it's all about
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supply and demand. that's what's going on here. if you issue a few shares to sell. i think the issue is they wanted to see these things pop. price these things accordingly. that's exactly what they did. charles: you think the management at etsy wanted a big pop? >> either that, or the bankers should be fired. because then they certainly didn't give the money enough money. charles: listen, they'll still be hashing that out. i don't think anyone will be upset about this. this is what i'm talking about. the market was relatively unchanged. beneath the surface, a lot of things bubbling up. what does it tell you, chris -- we have to break out. either we're going to make a huge move to the upside or that long-awaited correction is around the corner. chris: we're bullish on small caps. potentially small interest rate environment. charles: the russell 2000, you still like? people are saying these things are outrageously overvalued. that's the first thing to crack. chris: i don't think so.
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it's going higher. the m&a is coming back. good first quarter. lots of small companies are being gobbled up. a lot of cash with the big guys. they need to buy growth. coming to small caps for that. matt: one of the bullish things about the market, the leadership is not in one sector or another. it's been rotating daily. as you mentioned, chris, money is looking for somewhere to go. they're seeing value, go to panera. charles: let's leave it there. it's called the economy of the future. it's known by a lot of different names. sharing economy. trust. a bunch of names. here's what's undeniable. it's changing our lives. how it can change your bank account. you have to make some cash in this guys. it will be your life for the next 20, 30, 40 years. let's make bank. we'll be back in three minutes. ♪
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♪ charles: all right, guys. got to blow the whistle. open up a page from payne's investment playbook. now, the economy of the future, they call it all kinds of names. right? it's a sharing economy. it's a trust economy. it's the gig economy. it's the on-demand economy. whatever you want to call it, it's undeniably changing our lives. it underscores why this is growing fast. 72% of people say they are going to be customers if they already aren't. here's why: 43% now say that owning is a burden. can you imagine that? that's nuts. 83% say it makes life more convenient. obviously, we get that. 78% say they see themselves working multiple jobs. the side hustle, good way to make cash in these lean times. 59% don't trust this thing. they want some form of regulation. 69% won't do it unless it's vouched by someone
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they already know. vouched by a buddy or something like that. the moment, by the way, this whole thing been coming on for decades. a lot of people, they began with mcdonald's. the drive-thru in the '60s and '80s. we got used to the convenience of things. we had ebay. craigslist. that took us into the 1990s. instant video on demand. netflix's first job. right? dvds. tivo. then the 2000s the loneliness crisis. it helped iphones. then uber and airbnb. the social networking thing. the sharing thing picked up. 3.5 billion internet connected devices. obviously at this point no turning back. a lot of winners. also will be a lot of losers. maybe just maybe it won't live up to all the hype. but it will live up to some. no doubt about it. brings us to our next real, real deal. etsy, that ipo priced at 16.
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hit 34 bucks. scottie, we're talking etsy. how does it work. scottie: if you're a seller, you'll pay 20 cents per product you put on there for the first six months. the seller pays that. once the product is sold, etsy gets 3.5%. it's easy arithmetic. charles: you can do that already in a lot of different sites. what's the hit factor? scottie: you have access worldwide to everyone going there. this is why etsy went public. they wanted more marketing to spread -- charles: the whole crafty thing. >> they're hitting a market that ebay just isn't getting right now. and i looked at the numbers in this company. the revenue is growing 42%. so there's something really going on here. unfortunately, the earnings are almost nonexistent. 230 times, two years from now. matt: you see they're a very socially conscious company.
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we have a history of operating losses. they may not maintain profitability in the future. i'm staying far away from that company. charles: to your point, every one of them said that on the first page. steve, your wife is on etsy. buyer, seller, or both? >> sadly she's a buyer only. she doesn't sell anything. sadly for the cortes household. i will tell you this, i'm not being anecdotal. there's an ecosystem around etsy. this is almost a marketplace for artisans. it's so empowering. scottie is right. much of the stuff my wife buys on there is by stay at home moms who have businesses on their own terms. (?) incredibly powering for a lot of folks. buyers and sellers. this is about taking out the middleman or making the middleman relatively insignificant. middleman can still make money. but this is significant stuff. long-term it's
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transformational. charles: etsy had some problems. a bit of pushback trying to be crafty and hip. vintage stuff 20 years or older. can this translate to the wider economy? we know airbnb, uber, we look at stocks like marriott hasn't missed a beat. >> we like disruptive technologies. this is a disruptive company to the historical way of selling. if it creates jobs, i'm all for it. one name we like which goes back to the tech bubble is akmine. it delivers a lot of this. it delivers it safely. it's a security play. great opportunity to be involved. charles: that's the picks and shovels notion. let them duke it out. matt: grubhub. sitting on my butt on the couch. they deliver the food to me. that's not going
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anywhere. >> i love ddd. wave the flag. america is at the forefront of all these disruptive technologies. charles: i agree with that 100%. we should never forget that or give it up. >> apple. all these companies are connecting to that device and i bet everyone in this room owns that. scottie: charles, you don't own apple yet. charles: i don't own the product, but the stock. the clinton foundation own everything. they took money from everyone. they've whittled it down. we'll take money from some foreign government. hillary clinton is running for president. her foundation is still taking money from foreign governments. this doesn't smell money. we'll talk about when we come back. ♪
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♪ charles: the clinton foundation says it's going to continue to accept money from foreign governments despite the conflict of interest concerning hillary's presidential campaign. by law, foreign nations are banned from contributing to campaigns of american politicians. joining us now is executive director of turning point usa. charlie. trying to get you on the show for a while. what do you make of this conflict of interest? how deep will it impact hillary? charlie: it's a big conflict of interest. if hillary gets elected president, she has to sit down with one of these foreign leaders in negotiation, hold on, president clinton, didn't we give you 100 million-dollar grant for your election. it completely tips the balance. it's a complete conflict of interest.
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matt: i don't agree. it's not going into her pocket. this foundation does a lot of great things worldwide. if you're going to say no, turn away money to help a lot of people that need it. if it was going to her campaign, it's another thing. charlie: this is a foundation that has her name on it. that advances her brand and that was founded by bill to get her name out in other countries to promote climate change, women's rights, and her presidential agenda. matt: millions of people it helps worldwide. it does. right? charlie: what the foundation does, it's not a philanthropic organization. it advances climate change and women's rights. charles: there's a low amount of money that actually goes -- less than 20%. charlie: does it even matter? >> i don't think it matters. she wants to be a sitting president. even the appearance of impropriety can't be tolerated. i don't think her resignation from the foundation is enough. i think efn eventually the foundation will turn away the money.
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scottie: does it really matter with the american voter? those of us know about it, do we already know who we'll vote for? this won't affect anybody's decisions either way. we already know they've already been taking funds for the past few years. what happens if they don't take funds in the future. there's not much of a difference. >> i think this will be brought up time and time again. scottie: and it only is going to affect those -- charles: hillary clinton in the middle of the debate, she'll go to her ace-in-the-hole. women's issues. why did you take so much money from saudi arabia and other countries where women are treated like garbage, why did you do that and stand in front of the american public and say you're for women. didn't that be embarrassing. scottie: it would be. but it wouldn't make a difference in the polls. charles: it hasn't come out with 40 million people watching. scottie: anybody, any head of state can pay $20,000 and make a donation of $20,000 and they can
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attend a meeting or be on one of the panels of the clinton foundation. charles: that's a subset of this. there's no limits there. and even on this list, which includes australia, canada, netherlands, canada forked over half a million dollars for influence. matt, you would agree, maybe we can assume the best from the hillary clinton foundation. certainly these countries forking over millions of dollars, certainly they think it will buy them some influence. matt: i won't look at it in that light. they might. to me, giving money back to anybody who needs money, somewhere around the world, i'll take the better view of that and hope that's done. and do you really think if canada sits down with hillary clinton if she becomes president, they'll play that card? i hope for the best. >> do you think saudi arabia is donating money to her for women's rights issues. they have given millions of dollars to the clinton foundation. they cannot drive.
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they cannot vote. they don't care about women's rights. it's an investment. matt: but you're telling me that's going to sway her when she sits down to negotiate with saudi arabia. >> can you say it won't? charles: we know that influence buying is the order of the day in d.c. it wouldn't be the first time. the new york times had the piece where hillary clinton wants to get unaccounted money out of the system. if bill clinton actually made the same pledge years ago, almost every politician makes that pledge. we have to be honest about this. influence buying does work in washington, dc. that's why the little guy never gets squat from washington, dc. the big guy gets the brakes. >> i think this will come out in the campaign. people on the other side of the debate bring this out time and time again. the graphic -- it will haunt the campaign. matt: you're sitting down with the head of a country, i don't think a few million dollars into a foundation will sway a
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president's decision. charles: i think the people most upset about this are the far left who won't come on board with hillary just yet. catch the opening bell tomorrow morning. maria, an exclusive, talking with speaker of the house, john boehner, on middle east relationships and how to best fight isis. which, by the way, scored another major victory in yemen today. here's a sneak peek. >> we need to be more actively engaged in helping the iraqis take on this fight. the training is fine. they need training. but we need -- we're not talking about 100,000 troops on the ground here. we're talking about having our people more engaged in helping the iraqis fight the fight. charles: that is tomorrow morning, 10:00 a.m. right here on the fox business network. with sky-high college costs running amuck. some are considering renouncing their us citizenship. is that the only answer? everybody needs to know about this.
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for as the world keeps onsechge optum. healthier is here. charles: do you want to see a chart? this is hr, 1.3 trillion and mounting all the time. the student loan bubble has gone particularly since this kicked out the middleman and said that this was unnecessary. we discuss this a lot of times in the show, but everybody was shocked with a new report that came out this week and we first all said and we knew that the official number was pretty high at 17%. but then when you strip out the 45% of loans that are not in the repayment system, the honest delinquency rate is more than 31%, which is outrageous. one potential solution is to lower the cost of college and
6:31 pm
some are saying the only way to do this right away or have any shot is to announce citizenship. twenty-two states allow illegal immigrants to attend college and university at in-state rates. so if you want to attend the university of virginia and the living room virginia, it's going to cost you. in state, $10,000. you're coming out from new jersey? $36,000 and this is a serious dilemma and the fact of the matter is that it's every parent's dilemma. 1.3 trillion and counting. it's that time of year, i have an 18-year-old and we have been looking at colleges for the last couple of years, even more serious than the official figures suggest. the department of education talking about loan forgiveness programs and we kind of hear this. what do you make of it all? >> what i think is not discussed
6:32 pm
enough is we passed obamacare and they it got rid of the middleman. essentially we idolize student loan system where today 93% of all student loans are processed by the federal government. this entire problem that is talked about by politicians was created by government and will not be solved by government. >> the middleman, there were checks and balances with them. i know the idea was like why pay someone if we are fronting the money anyway. >> i don't see it as a bubble. comparing it to what happened in 2007 and 2008, it makes up about 10% of household debt. but it's not something that i think we'll blow everything up. charles: that sounds like a bomb ticking in the background. >> one third out there doesn't have any debt at all.
6:33 pm
so this is three quarters and that's very achievable if you get a job which you hopefully do with a college degree. >> unfortunately it's not like housing debt, these people that have degrees that will not reciprocate. half of this is through social psychology. >> you know, as they start talking about this, someone has to eat it. if the government says it's okay, that means that the taxpayers are taking a bigger chunk and i don't think about is going to work. >> if hillary wins, i think it is a constituency that the democrats have talked about, no one has fared worse than young people and that's part of the process. this is central planning at its worst, telling everyone that you need a college degree in were many people would have more
6:34 pm
meaningful degrees if they went to vocational school. they go for four years come and hang out and drink and they hook up and then they graduate with an english degree and they are no more qualified than when they were eight years old. and it is impacting housing. we have a terrible number today. i think one of the reasons that i'm up there with housing, one of the challenges facing it is this, it is but student loan bubble. >> people have so much dead and to steve's point, with which they stay at home, we will catch them you in four years, i guess we could all be better off. >> the reason why students have so much debt is because the cost of education has gone up because taxpayers are paying for it. so it's going to continue to rise and future students are going to have more debt. it's not going to help anything going forward. >> the truth is one of high
6:35 pm
school graduates are not ready or college. if you want to be an aeronautical engineer, he probably patting your life accordingly. but if you are looking for a liberal arts education hoping to find yourself, go out, get a job, learn your passion, find out what you want to do and then go to college. >> a lot of people are saying don't go, it's not worth it, but i don't know that those individuals are not having their kids go. but there's opportunities for everyone. i think our problem comes before college, i don't think the high school kids are prepared and i think that that's why it there are so many people that are paying money out of the gate. >> many high schoolers have a terrible culture that they're put into them than they are told you have to get a degree and they take out student loan debt. the problem with the figure is almost half is held by people
6:36 pm
that are never graduating. >> how many people do you think, if they could pull it off, renounce their citizenship so that they wouldn't have to pay? >> we have a record amount of people who did it last year. >> the main reason that you have in-state tuition if they know the taxpayers are paying for that education system and right now the parents are not paying into this. >> unfortunately they do leave and go back to their country. >> a huge legal victory for autoworkers. protected from any lawsuits stemming before the 2009 bankruptcy including as much as $10 million in claims from customers seeking damages,
6:37 pm
triggering a massive recall and the real question is what did our government know before they bailed out general motors with our taxpayer dollars. and it is causing quite a stir. how did this guy go undetected? and have we created a new countercultural hero? we will be back in three minutes. it's more than the cloud.
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it's security - and flexibility. it's where great ideas and vital data are stored. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions from a trusted it partner. including cloud and hosting services - all backed by an industry leading broadband network and people committed to helping you grow your business. you get a company that's more than just the sum of it's parts. centurylink. your link to what's next.
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charles: move over, this highlight protesting against congress? i think there're a co approaches we can take here... announcer: we came to manage over $800 billion dollars in assets, through face time on your terms. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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multiple medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth. charles: well, in this world, battleships and million dollar
6:41 pm
browns, is there a new low tech threat from gyrocopter and store-bought drums. these things reach a speed of the pronounced our company altitude of 10,000 feet, they weigh 254 pounds, i think this one cost about 10 grand. i say that doug hughes will become a countercultural hero. and so i'm telling you, i think people are going to look at this guy and this way. >> this is a pretty serious breach. >> you can bet that this pilot will have an m-16 on his way and quickly. obviously we are not protected. >> i have seen these guys in the air, it looks like a lawn chair flying on. and i think the agency is going to have to figure out the new
6:42 pm
technology. >> he was called in by the secret service in 2013, they knew that he had a certain element and there is a dispute whether they did or not. but at least maybe we have learned something. >> it kind of shows that there are a few screws loose in his mind. >> this is a much bigger issue in my mind and that is really scary. >> the bigger question is where do we get one.
6:43 pm
>> i hope that they are not planning things and that security reacts. and by the way i thought that it was something that you eat late at night. but you know, ariel technology is amazing and fascinating. i was amazed watching spring practice and they had drawn all over the practice filming this and it's undoubtedly a lot of money to be made. >> i hope that we address it sooner rather than later. charles: come back really soon. make sure that you watch "strange inheritance" tonight. jamie colby is going to meet a family that inherits their father's home. and then a family business
6:44 pm
devastated by superstorm sandy. will it be rescued by comic book superheroes? find out at 9:00 p.m. on the fox business network. coming up next, we have the "ask payne" segment. send me a tweet @cvpayne. >> ♪ ♪
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charles: okay, guys, one of my favorite parts of the show, "ask payne." on making money, this is the place to come. bruce asks, you're going to ride
6:48 pm
that party train. no, i'm not. but here's the thing, it was public, they took it private, they brought it back out, congratulations on the ipo. i normally did not chase them for a long time, i like to see it settle down just a little bit and then maybe look at it. >> they did make some money, $56 million, not enough for me, let it sit for a few months and bullet back. charles: i heard you are a preferred customer. [laughter] >> i will be there tomorrow. charles: rick says is anyone on the panel feel that there will be big pullback in the market? well, i don't know. it's one of these things on the street, it's like the january effect on all the others. i'm not motivated by it and i don't see it coming unless we get that news. but what do you think? you are the one that is mostly bearish here.
6:49 pm
>> i'm skeptical and i think that there's some great stories, netflix is one today, a very nice comeback. but in general i think that the data is starting to support a consumer spending, housing, i think that there is a time to be conscious, take profits in may and i think it could make a lot of sense. >> we have put a lot of premium on liquidity and it generally drive up in the summer. if you have significant pullback, that's the time to put money to work. charles: is their lower participation? is it something that is the cause of this? >> i think that is a historical cause ,-com,-com ma eight weeks out of the summer there is a big thing they are. this is the slow time.
6:50 pm
charles: i have been to europe in the summer and i have seen tumbleweeds. so what do you think of this? where were you when i was talking about it. [laughter] >> i think that as these continued to happen, every police car headed dashboard, i like what they're doing and i know there's going to be competition but i think that the databases ahead of everyone else am and this is a name that i would buy on any pullback here. it is just wish that we would not have waited so long. >> the obama administration announced it hundred $53 million to local law enforcement agencies for it dash cameras, body cameras and training that goes along with tasers. they have you managed the local municipality. charles: donnie on facebook says on your recommendation i bought some silicon motion technologies and i have a short-term gain of
6:51 pm
$12. you see anymore uptick after the report. and you are putting me onto some serious pressure. so okay, take your 12%. because of this i don't want you to send me a mean a tweet. >> i would hold on to it regarding this. charles: make sure that you tune in tonight to neil cavuto because he's going to be speaking with robert very, the war on coal by president obama has been enormously successful. but he has already had to lay off hundreds of his staff. that's tonight on fox business. an announcement on reparations on racial abuse by the chicago police department giving us a glimpse and what we can see before president obama leaves the white house.
6:52 pm
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charles: on tuesday, rahm emanuel announced reparation to victims of former lease commander john burge. these things occurred from the early 1970s through the 1990s, the $5 million is to be spread out mostly to black that can prove that they were victims of his abuse. the news is a glimpse of much bigger news that is going to come from the white house, next year i'm leaning towards, i think that there will be an official policy from the white house to slavery in america and then a major push to get cash, and i'm talking lots of cash, ever since 1865, a 40 acres and
6:56 pm
a mule to the black in georgia, it has been seen as a promise by the federal government that has never been told. many including those poses to president obama will push them to make this happen and therefore an essay by the way, it would not be the first time that america has paid out a lot of money in reparations from iraq that they did to other people. i actually think it would be a major mistake. instead obama should really discuss and focus on all of the progress we have made and how all americans need to move forward for better days for all of our kids. okay, that is one that i think will be big news and you guys are going to think gosh, you called it first. when it happens, what is your position? >> it was a horrible thing that happened, but this is not going to help race relations in the united states or the dialogue. it would be different if residents today were affected because of something that happened back in the 1800s, but unfortunately all appointed to his cause tensions among the races.
6:57 pm
>> if we keep focusing on the past, we probably won't reach our destiny, we need to focus on our future and we need to make sure that these kinds of things don't happen again. >> i don't think a lot of people know that $1.5 billion have been given out to black farmers. they never farmed before, my cousins got money, the taxes were paid, many people blew the money. i think it's a huge mistake in to your point i think it's going to set us backwards. so let's talk about what is going to happen tomorrow because this is big. the market is brewing. oil, spending higher, stocks, coming off the lows today and they want to go higher. earnings continue to pour in after the bell, all of them are up higher, let's talk about this first. this market does want to make a big move in one direction or another. >> i think so and i think one of
6:58 pm
the things with american express is the talk about the strong dollar is a headwind to be earnings, the fact that it is becoming more recurrent is important and a reason to take caution. >> what do you think? after the bell or tomorrow morning? >> they are affected by a dollar. the fact that investors are kind of looking the other way at this issue, i think that that is great, but saudi arabia is boosting up the supply to move higher. >> i thought that was the most significant event. >> 20% position, we could see a major short squeeze their and that could carry oil stocks even higher. >> we think that we are getting to the bottom end of the cycle. it is as bad as it can get.
6:59 pm
charles: i want to make sure that everyone can talk about this. it could be a lot higher than that. >> we think that it's great, things are looking better, oil is coming back. is it off to the races again? no, i think that there could be bumps in the road, a lot of guys are looking to get back into it, and so that is part of its. charles: geopolitical risk. i remember a time when oil was like $130 an expert had 30 bucks of it was geopolitical. it could get really nutty really quickly. so expectations are low, that's another part of the game. these are expectations to become easy hurdles. >> this is a turnaround situation and we have to separate them because this means that the analysts went too far. they managed to be a part of us. >> really quick, american barbie. >> why can't you like them both?
7:00 pm
[laughter] >> thanks so much, we appreciate it, it's a great show and at home, kept us every night at 6:00 o'clock, if you can't see the show, keep telling your friends about it. lou dobbs is next. >> at evening, everyone, i am lou dobbs, the clinton foundation does that it will continue to accept donations from foreign governments even as hillary clinton runs for president. that despite concerns such clearly creates a conflict of interest for the front runner. we take this up with a defiant clintons with the president at the american crossroad super pac. also tonight, new revelations of the obama administration has handed out more than half a million new social security numbers to illegal immigrants,


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