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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 16, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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you like them both? [laughter] >> thanks so much we appreciate it it's a great show and at home kept us every night at 6:00 o'clock, if you can't see the show, keep telling your friends about it. lou dobbs is next. >> at evening everyone i am lou dobbs the clinton foundation does that it will continue to accept donations from foreign governments even as hillary clinton runs for president. that despite concerns such clearly creates a conflict of interest for the front runner. we take this up with a defiant clintons with the president at the american crossroad super pac. also tonight new revelations of the obama administration has handed out more than half a million new social security numbers to illegal immigrants, critics are blasting the move
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saying that it gives illegal immigrants access to tax credits and retirement and disability benefits that is to say that gives them de facto amnesty. political editor stephen diamond, national review investigative reporter and jillian melcher will be with us. under fire tonight after reports that supervisors at this location ordered employees to falsify the training record of 72-year-old reserve deputy who ended up killing an unarmed man when he mistook the gun for a taser. and what happened in the mandolin in his gyrocopter in the nations capital two and who gets the rights to frozen embryos? we will have the attorneys judgments tonight and we begin now with a conflict of interest
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issues surrounding the relationship between the clinton campaign and republicans are hammering the clintons over the newest controversy, revelations will continue to accept donations from foreign governments and leading republican rand paul pointed out the grand hypocrisy concerning prior donations. >> will be clinton's argument. you've heard it she is going to do good things with it. and yet she is taking money from a country that the kids women. taking money from the sultan. what did they do their? if you are accused of adultery you are stoned to death. it doesn't sound very fair but what makes it worse is that only men are accusing women and women don't have the ability to go to court because women are not allowed in court and women do not vote and have no say. lou: the clintons are limiting
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the number of governments that may donate. australia germany, the uk and the netherlands. joining us now is the president and chief executive officer. it's good to have you with us. and this is a remarkable stand for the clintons to take in the idea of foundations taking money run by the of preeminent family. >> they have had a big problem with the foundation for years and they keep changing the rules in the talking points of the use. it's almost like a huge slush fund so big that it would make richard nixon blush, but when she was secretary of state they said that they would restrict all of that and bill clinton's own speaking, the truth of the matter is that they took lots of donations, there were conflicts all along the way even when she was promoting some of the countries, they were giving
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money to this foundation great as we also know that this wasn't just used to do good in the world but to finance the political lifestyle and travel all over the place and the travel of other celebrities and others who were with them. the fact that they wanted to keep it going is a big problem because we found that one of the biggest concerns i have is this questionable ethics and scandals that follow her wherever she goes. lou: she is off to a rough start politically with the inaugural tour of her campaign to her party's nomination. but the campaign says that everything went swimmingly. what is the reality in your view? >> i think that they hope to have an introduction tomato like something other than a politician that she is. whenever you're talking about trying to rebrand a politician's image you're already in trouble and it's even worse on the problem that your candidate had
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is thought of as being insincere and authentic. this particular rollout led to this new souped-up luxury scooby doo van and this very odd photo op courtesy of a security camera and it has created a lot of imagery and footholds that i think have heard this reintroduction and they are trying to pull off. >> give us your assessment of the political battlefield and the ordinance and weaponry available and the treasury. how difficult or easy is it to raise money and your strategy towards finding what is most appealing to the american people and some are describing it as the designated or default candidates of 2008 and 2012.
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>> it's a great question and it's something that we're spending a lot of time thinking about and we are doing a lot of research on it and there would be a couple of things that i would say including hillary comes into it's not like she hope to. i think that she had hoped to have republicans on their hills from the get-go and what is out there is that not just republicans but voters across the spectrum are skeptical about her and they know her well. they are not certain that they like what they see and there are a lot of things that we can say that will remind voters of what they don't like. at the other thing that we would say is there is simply another year and a half of hillary bashing that is not going to get the job done whoever the nominee is going to be in the party as a whole are going to have to articulate why they offer a vision for america that is stronger and better for the country's future than hillary has to offer. if we could remind people of who
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hillary is i think we will win next year. >> it looks like you're doing a pretty good job in these early days with the candidate that she is and the ideas that she represents, the republicans themselves she is making a situation here that is not that surprising to me and i know it has been to some because her husband basically was an economic populist. to that good effect, do the republicans have a strategic response to that focus and concern for the middle class and those who aspire to a? >> the nominee is going to have to articulate with passion and clarity. and part of the negative argument is the kinds of policies that hillary clinton has embraced and will continue
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to embrace and have brought us a middle recovery that has helped a lot of hillary clinton's friends in manhattan and los angeles, san francisco but they haven't helped a lot of lower middle class people who are still struggling in a very flat and struggling economy. >> thank you for being here, we appreciate it. >> families trying to escape violence as the islamic state advances. officials say that coalition air strikes have slowed the terrorist supply route but they have not destroy the enemy and local officials say that they need more equipment and soldiers to prevent the city from falling to the islamic state. doug mckelway has our report. >> this video purports to show u.s. airstrikes on forces yesterday, the capital of the
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province only 100 miles from baghdad. al-shabaab advancing and have captured three. another advance in the north and the more strategic city. >> i would much rather that ramani not fall but it will not be the end of the campaign. this is a more strategic target and that is where the focus right now is. >> these gains come in only three weeks after isis suffered a major blow, this iraqi prime minister is still in washington acknowledging that this will be elusive. >> littering a veiled criticism of the allies that promised support against isis but have been slow to deliver, a criticism that he also talked about with u.s. bombing missions. [inaudible]
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>> that is how they are. especially in this situation. >> in his first press conference, asked carter offered one possible explanation for the delays. >> but congressional critics say that we should be more hands-on. >> we are talking about having our people more engaged in helping the iraqis fight the fight. that means directing the targets, helping to access all access on the ground in terms of movement. >> others complained that u.s. airstrikes comprise only a small fraction of total is at the pentagon publicizes. >> right now in our airstrikes in iraq and syria, of the 12000 sorties, 3000 of them actually drop weapons. is that true? >> yes. >> there were 19 airstrikes over the last 24 hours while the white house was showing a bigger
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success. >> by backing the ground forces in iraq with coalition military airpower we have substantially improve the performance in the battlefield such that 25 to 35% of the populated areas that isis previously controlled company no longer do. >> but ramani ascend to be a ghost town. it has prompted a new crisis in iraq, one of the reasons that obama pledged $200 million in humanitarian aid just yesterday. lou: dog, thank you. you can catch more of this exclusive interview tomorrow morning at 9:00 o'clock on the opening bell right here on the fox business network. and claims by the obama administration that al qaeda is on the run is being proved wrong again in yemen seizing control over a seaport and oil terminal in the southern yemeni city of
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macau, the same city where al qaeda freed as many as 300 prisoners from jail earlier this month. and vladimir putin today taking questions from ordinary citizens. the bulk of his hour-long showed devoted to the economy went vladimir putin insisting that russia will survive an economic crisis deepened by tensions and lower oil prices he slammed the united states saying that they don't need allies. he then denied that there were russian troops in eastern ukraine despite strong evidence to the contrary and vladimir putin depending the sale of sophisticated antiaircraft missiles to iran claiming that they have shown what they called a great degree of flexibility and compromise with nuclear talks of six world powers. and for such a communist
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totalitarian, he is being pretty open with the press. he has held at least 20 news conferences where he took questions from april a year ago but by comparison, president obama has participated in 21 conferences over the same timeframe. most leaders who claim openness and transparency. we are coming back, stay with us. >> coming up how in the world was a mailman able to fly a gyrocopter through the musters restricted airspace in the nation. we take it up next. >> and spacex had another successful launch, but the return trip for the boosters still needs a little bit of work. we will show you coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ (under loud music) this is the place. ♪ ♪ ♪ their beard salve is made from ♪ ♪ ♪ sustainable tea tree oil and
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lou: a 61-year-old mailman who landed a gyrocopter is free tonight to return to his home on florida's gulf coast but he faces to criminal charges, doug hughes made his initial appearance in district court in washington, released and instructed to check in weekly with authorities in tampa. he is charged with operating an unregistered aircraft and
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violating national airspace and what he said was a political protest about the influence of money and politics. the first series of 23 years in prison in the second charge up to a year raising questions about security at government installations. they managed to stop this because he flew low as they said under the radar. turning to shocking new numbers linked to the executive amnesty fiat. the obama administration has granted 541,000 social security numbers to illegal immigrants under the president's original 2012 deportation amnesty for dreamers. our next guest says that means almost all of the illegal immigrants were granted berkowitz, social security numbers, opening the door to tax credits to driver's licenses and joining us tonight is the author of that report on the washington times .
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so now we have gillian melcher and stephen diamond with us. so stephen turning to you first. in short order, if you will the impact of what you reported here of half a million people being given a. >> this is the problem with executive action is that you have unintended consequences to that. when you get a work permit that goes along with this amnesty you also are allowed to apply for a social security number and the social security number, the work permit and the social security number together make it easy for you to get a drivers license. if you have a drivers license and a social security number you essentially have amodei just about every benefit available to american citizens including the secretary of state that testified to congress to
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register and vote even though you're not supposed to. it's very difficult to detect this if they have a drivers license to be able to prove this in so many of the states and the social security numbers. so if the date keep her identification document, being what the administration is actually giving this out here. >> i was amused about this unless you are an american citizen, i assure that that should not be too daunting. a terrific report. these are numbers that are very compelling and this is an administration that has told the american people that it's going to go its own way. right now we are watching this play out in the district court of appeals. the district court judge
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carrying out any more of these to fecteau amnesties until the circuit court can rule the supreme court. >> i think that he's absolutely right on this. what is interesting is the political calculations. i think that this is one of the issues that has great bipartisan potential pro-immigration republicans. you really see about them go about this in the most isolating an offensive manner possible. through fiats and i guess options that would open up and illegal immigrants getting welfare, that something bad the republicans can't stand but i think that the hispanic vote is an important one and we have several candidates who have high appeal is for voters. >> we have seen among hispanic voters from the midterm
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elections, i would say a significant gain for republicans, let me turn back to that one point as we have looked at illegal immigration. i notice that none of the candidates are running. talk about these developments as they occur they are not discussing the amnesty fiat and what they would do specifically about it or the incentives of the administration or the lawsuits and the legal action being taken for the district and appellate courts. >> you know, this is a tricky issue republicans have to balance this, what they think that the primary electorate wants. >> i don't get why the national media is letting these guys get away. >> we have seen a number of them
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come out against the president's amnesty saying that one of the first actions will be to repeal the 2014 amnesty not the 2121 for dreamers. lou: did i miss the reaction? >> no, there was not a lot of reaction to that, it becomes so many more hits that keep piling up. >> i would not go near with a 10-foot pole. you are going to risk isolating a demographic of central voters order anti-immigration republican voters. lou: as i said to stephen i get the reason they do it but i don't quite understand why anyone would want to be president without the guts and the courage and the honesty necessary to tell the american people their judgments on these issues as they arrive. i get why they should be very careful, but i don't get why the national media lets them get
7:24 pm
away with it. terrific reporting, thank you so much thank you for being with us. >> thank you. lou: do you believe giving it dreamers a social security number is the values americans citizenship and crops the electoral system? we would like to hear from you on those issues at coming up next, space. spacex releasing this on an ocean platform and as you can see the rocket swerved before it crashed. it is an improvement over their first effort and this is a not in considerable achievement. >> showing what it's like to spacewalk outside of the united states station astronaut strapping on a go-pro camera during a recent spacewalk.
7:25 pm
so we get to see this as they prepare the space station for the arrival of two new docking adapters. wow. coming up next, the clinton family reminding us that there is a new world order at hand and they are more powerful than government or governments. it is coming up next. and the real-life portrait of heroism sparking a mystery in a small town in idaho. and sophia vergara named in a modern-day lawsuit. coming right up.
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lou: a fow thoughts on issues raised by the clintons.
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who believe that they are en enlightened interests should never yield to limits of law. or ordinary boundaries. they are what i call soup rah nationals, who by special talents, often toward being unaccount able to any one government. for these elite i would include president obama. and many of his administration. they are far too superior to us mortals to be constrained by parochialism of american culture, heritage and society. whether engaged in finance these elites, usually are working in multinational firms
7:31 pm
ngo's, not for profits and universities. in their view more powerful than mere sovereign nations technology chants such as google and apple. google facing antitrust charges in europe, but just two years ago, with political interest interwoven, google skirted similar charges here in parochial usa. multinationals of all kinds hoarding trillions of dollars in profits in overseas banks money that were this returned to united states, would be invested and create jobs, fund research and development. and innovation, create millions of jobs, apple for example hoarding more than $150 billion overseas if it were a country it would be among 60 richest in
7:32 pm
the world. you may think my thoughts a bit far fetched. but consider what i said when next you are baffled to explain actions of so many of our leaders, whether hey be president, businessmen or women senator, you name it. so many of their decisions in washington dc may seem inic blixible to you they are to me. motivation fathomable. consider billionaires mark zuckerberg and michael bloomberg if you will. zuckerberg lobbies for immigration reform to different the technology industry, but not the american middle class.
7:33 pm
bloomberg, richer than zuckerberg spends so much of his money former new york mayor throwing out tens of millions of his dollars pushing gun control. group like clinton foundation, bill and melinda gates foundation run by the richest person in the world, one of top donors in clinton foundation buzz much good. but we need to better understand relationships among many of our nation's elite that form the foundation of what is a new world order supramazingals have arrive. this is less likely to be century of america or china's century for that matter, far more likely to be the century of the supra nationals.
7:34 pm
consequences of their action will be more evident with each passing year of in century. our quote of the even evening. if i may bring back a coyotes from hillary clinton -- quotation from hillary clinton. back in 1992, they went on air to allegations. the american people are tired of liars, and people who pretend to be something they are not. en quote. -- end quote we're coming right back. >> coming up next, left claims 1% makes too much money. that wages are stagnant and the
7:35 pm
minimum wage needs to be raised. wilbur ross will join me to talk about the economic issues that appear to be most prominent so far in 2016 campaign. >> obama administration has decided that the fort hood terrorist shootings are no longer a workplace violence but rather terrorism. next.
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lou: the obama administration righting a wrong against survivors of november 2009 terrorist attack at fort hood, army granting full benefits was the victims after 5 years of bureaucratic battles announcement came less than a week after shooting survivors and families of victims received purple hearts, it took more than 5 years because the obama administration classified this shooting as workplace violence. and congress finally last year, had to pass legislation expanding the elexpanding criteria for purple heart. lou: hillary clinton campaign slamming run away executive pay. my next guest said that the real
7:40 pm
issue is upward mobility, joining us is legendary investor wilbur ross, one of the world's leading private equity firms. >> good to see you. lou: economic populous, this is such a cry from the clinton administration in first days, they mean business, they are going after co pay, average 300 times that of average employee in a corpsration talking about income gaps, how do you think that will be an effective message. >> i think it will be loud and deliberate but they don't quote the real facts the real fact number one top 1% is not the koch brothers, it starts 375,000 a year, and 1/9 of all adult
7:41 pm
americans will be in top 1% for at least one year of their life. lou: one more time. >> 1/9 of all adult americans will be in the top 1% at least for one year during their adult life. lou: i never heard that statistic that gives us hope. >> sure, one out of nine is better than the racetrack. i think that is the second fact. third, they talk about all of the gains in the economy since 1978 went to top 1%, 78% of them. if you took all of the gains and just left the 1% at the same share they had in 1978. and distributed it to all people in the bottom 99, would be $7,000 a family. what is important to me about that is if you look instead at the disparity between high
7:42 pm
school graduates and college graduates that expanded by $20.400 a year during the same period the cry is redistribution not more education. lou: the cry from this administration, the cry from the left. there are many of us crying because bush administration failed, clinton administration did succeed with one of the greatest to this point the greatest economic expand shunning in any presidential -- expansion in go presidential 8 year period since world war ii, the republicans have been no more successful, bush was barely more successful than obama at creates jobs, the most disappointing performance of any president since world war -- world war ii, did so despite those dramatic tax cutses and -- not
7:43 pm
dramatic significant reduction in regulation. those are the two mantras are the republican party how can the republican party respond to the more appealing, if you will, economic pop limp of clintons, and talk about real prosperity, we have 2.5 trillion sitting in overseas account held by corporate america over there so they don't have to take responsibility for that money and pay taxes in this country. >> republicans really need to talk about educational reform. the terrible state of our educational system is the real reason why it is harder for people to be up bardly bound -- upwardbly bound we rank 22 out of 24 oecd countries from numerical skills, 17 in
7:44 pm
literacy. lou: i have always said, i heard about all of the programs, poverty programs, many necessary and did good but there is no program that is the -- that has the power of the greatest equalization, the great equallizer our public school system and it makes all of the difference in the world for there to be a difference that is lasting. >> it does but look at in the system. number one we ranked in 2001 last of the oecc countries in vo occasional training and reduced it 50% since then for the poor souls not headed to college they are not equipped to do a useful function, stem, science technology engineering and math, in no place are people doing that. 14% of our graduates take it 42%
7:45 pm
in china 35% in south korea. 28% in germany. lou: would you like to continue this conversation overcoming days and weeks. >> i would love to i am obsessed with this problem. lou: let's talk about it inthat audience would like to hear more from you. as we explore the reality of this economy and our political choices that we're making and the consequences that we have endured over 40 years wilbur ross thank you. >> thank you. lou: do you believe giving so-called dreamers, social numbers devalues citizenship to u.s. and disrupts our nation's electoral system? cast your vote on >> scary moments for a indian tourist in ireland when a wave knocked her off that cliff.
7:46 pm
it sweep her out to sea. folks saw her fall, they rushed to save her, she shattered her angle in -- ankle in the fall, thanks to quick action of those on lookers she survived. >> a miff ryman may have -- mystery man may have saved the life of a motorist in idaho a quick thinking newspaper editor was there to document it. look at that. that driver out of the car in one move. matthew, lost control of his car, drove through a yard, and over two terraces before a chain link fence stopped him from tumbling into a crevasse, a good samaritan opened his side window with a rock, and pulled him out. and photo editor erased from his house -- raised from his house 3 doors away, and captured this,
7:47 pm
the good samaritan as you notice sometimes the silence type refusing to give his name to police. lou: up next ugly new evidence reveals how 73-year-old deputy reserve robert bates was cleared to carry a loaded weapon. >> and a 12-year-old african-american middle schooler takes on one of the country's civil rights leaders that video and why next. the real question that needs to be
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lou: on wall street stocks finished lower, dow jones down 7. s&p down 2 nasdaq down 3 volume on big tujunga light trading, 3.5 billion shares, listen to my financial report 3 times a day coast-to-coast on salem network. >> new evidence that 73-year-old reserve deputy, robert bates should never have been an armed participant in a sting operation in tulsa oklahoma. not only were his training records falsified but 3 members of sheriff department who refused to forge those records were reactor signed to less
7:52 pm
desirable jobs, it gets worse sheriff stanley glands now claims that the records in question -- you guessed it, had been lost. well a 12-year-old american middle schooler, has not lost his faith in al sharpton. he never had any to begin with it appears cj wilson with his blistering critique. >> you have done nothing but spill hatred in our cue community have you done nothing to build us up but make us look like the victim, not everyone is a victim, not every is racism, al sharpton you don't care about black people, you don't care about me, did you not care about walter scott or trayvon martin. lou: he said, al sharpton was
7:53 pm
out to make money money -- pierce an is the same young man who took on president obama on youtube. >> we take up with leading attorneys, here next. drivers, to your marks. go! it's chaos out there. but the m-class sees in your blind spot... pulls you back into your lane...
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7:57 pm
whitney ball. this extraordinary story with actress sofia vergara. she and her boyfriend, significant other with nick loeb trying to keep her from destroying frozen embryos in the midst of a much better period of their relationship. >> right. >> what is the legality here? who has rights? who doesn't? and is she free to do as she wishes, or what? >> we're in a new area of law here. this is kind of uncharted territory, and this is a consequence of what happens when we start playing with nature. i think while he could make an argument that he has some rights to the embryos as well as that she does i think it would set a horrible presence if we go ahead and have courts make women who have exited relationships or men for that matter, either, you know see
7:58 pm
this through. when they've broken up and now have the opportunity to raise her child without her consent. >> rebecca the effect here would be what he's doing here he could force her to become a parent, could try to push forward a relationship, she clearly wanted out of? >> this is the issue we've seen it in new york tennessee, case law regarding this usually when couples are divorcing. the courts have found that these are property. the frozen embryos are not considered live so they're considered property in the divorce. >> but as property somebody has rights here? >> right. >> but they're not married, though. >> i know they're not married. i'm comparing this to a possible divorce. i'm saying in this situation the courts look at possibility of a contract they may have made with each other or with the embryos. >> interesting to watch. robert bates the tulsa deputy
7:59 pm
reservist falsified records deputies have the integrity not to go along with it. very quickly just out of time whitney, i apologize. who's got the liability here? does he have individual liability? does the sheriff's office? what's going to happen? >> everybody has liability here. i mean this is such a mess and honestly as a defense attorney, it's a dream come true. i would light that department up with public records requests for other clients that would be arrested. it's outrageous completely outrageous. >> rebecca? >> everybody is responsible. for the people who said i'm not going to falsify the records they're testifying for the sheriff's department in a case for the malicious prosecution and wrongful death. >> thank you very much. sorry we've got so little time. appreciate you being here. >> online poll results. we asked last night --
8:00 pm
i'm sure the white house will like this. that's it for us tomorrow james stavridis, good night from new york. neil: you heard it here first the white house energy ceo said the white house is waging war on his business and it would kill his business. >> this is not an assault untold. it's a dangerous takeover. i see the lives of my 7400 families being destroyed. >> it is an attack on every businessman or manufacturer in the country. >> a lot more lives are going to be destroyed and i'm scared to death for our country. neil: that is then, it is happening now, he is in a world of hurt now. murray energy ceo suing the epa over climate rules he says are a job killer and has the proof.


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