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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  April 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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guys who could take the pain. the football players couldn't do it. liz: hockey players play with broken bones. have a great weekend. david: take care of yourself. the willis report is coming next. gerri: hello, everyone. i'm gerri willis. this is the willis report. the show where consumers are our business. theft of tax returns by thieves this year. the irs opening the door to crooks. we'll investigate. hillary clinton's credibility gap. says she's for the folks. why did she hire a wall street bigwig accused of crashing the economy? big shake up in the way you get tv. verizon letting you pick and choose what you pay for. >> this looks like one step closer to actually cutting the cord. gerri: also the espn tirade. >> i'm in the news sweetheart. >> espn under fire for
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what it did next. disney ring tone. interrupts a hearing. [laughter] >> just let it go, mister. >> pat roberts to give us the backstory on that. more serious issues as well. all that and more coming up on the willis report where consumers are our business. ♪ gerri: tax day has come and gone thank goodness. identity problems for many taxpayers are just beginning. scammers are stealing people's unexpected -- stealing people's hard-earned refunds. my next two guests have fallen victim to this. here to tell their stories. dr. kevin campbell. long time friend of the show. deputy commissioner at the alabama department of revenue in charge of income tax fraud apprehensive. joe garrett. welcome to you both.
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dr. campbell i'll start with you. i understand you get a call from your accountant. that's how you heard about this. tell us what happened. >> like any good american, i filed my taxes on the last day. on wednesday. and i had a call from my accountant telling me that they were refused from both the federal and the state. the reason was they had been filed on february 28th previously. so we obviously knew at that point my social security number had been comprised. and someone had fraudulently filed my federal and state returns. >> were you able to follow back and figure out how it was stolen? >> well, the interesting thing, we got very little help from the feds. we did go to the department of revenue and found out someone got a hold of my w-2 from my hospital system and filed a return with my name, my social security number, and my address with last year's w-2. we're still tracking
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this. we're suspicious it may be due to when we refinanced our house with a mortgage. that information was available to other people. gerri: wow. how does this make you feel? do you feel vulnerable? >> i feel violated. i feel the victim of a violent crime. even though it was a victimless crime in a way. this was my social security number i had since i was small. now i've had to spend a lot of time -- >> it's not victimless my friend. you are a victim. i'll get back to a in a second with remedies you may have taken. i want to turn to joe garrett. you work for the tax collection agency in your home state. tell us what happened to you. joe: hi, gerri. about a month ago, after work, i went to the mailbox. i had a letter from the department of revenue where i work. that letter told me that a refund had been filed. it asked me to very verify my
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identity and verify that i had filed that refund request. of course i had not. so i knew that that letter was telling me that i had been the victim of id theft. gerri: wait a minute. before you go on, i want to point out not all states do that. i mean, it was -- that's a good thing in your state. people who are watching our show who don't live in alabama may not get that. what happened next? were you able to figure out how your personal data got stolen? joe: so gerri i was able to identify the return and stop it and prevent the refund from going out. i was able -- i am -- i believe the crooks got a hold of my former tax return because the information they used would have probably only come from my tax return. suspicious it may have come from my tax return prep software provider. gerri: oh, that's right. you're a turbo tax
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person. right? joe: i use turbo tax and have for several years. i know the crooks use turbo tax to file the fraudulent return. gerri: that has happened to lots and lots of people. kevin, to you, do you know how much money you've lost? any steps you're taking to make sure nothing like this happens again? kevin: fortunately i actually owed money to the federal government. so i haven't lost anything with the federal return. [laughter] and the state return actually, they caught it, and they denied access to that return. gerri: well, that's good. kevin: so i'm now processing a paper return. it will take a little bit longer. gerri: we understand it takes some time if, in fact, you were due a return and the refund was stolen to get that money back. joe, you're an expert in this, my friend. you're the brain on this. what steps are you taking any additional steps to protect yourself? joe: so to get my federal refund, i had to file an id
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theft form with the irs. they tell me to expect it to take them about six months, and they'll process that form. and then assuming that they believe me that i was the victim of id theft, i didn't file the first return, they'll process my second return. my real return, and i'll get my refund. also all consumers, when they're the victim of id theft, they need to go to the credit agency. put a fraud alert out with each of the three credit agencies. gerri: absolutely. great idea. and, joe, one more word -- go ahead. joe: to taxpayers file as early as possible. that's the one way to ensure that you're not a victim, if you can file your return before the id thief files the return. you can protect yourself. gerri: joe and dr. campbell, thank you for coming on the show tonight. amazing stories. it can even happen to a tax collector, my friends. unbelievable. thank you. >> thank you for having us. gerri: victims of identity
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theft, continue to receive delays in receiving their tax returns. from the inspector general, it took the irs on average 278 days to resolve tax fraud accounts. with more on this, american for tax reform, grover norquist. there you see it, my friend. this guy is a tax official. he collects taxes for a living. he tracks fraud, and he gets ripped off. how can this be possible? >> well, in 20% of cases, it takes longer than a year. so there's a very serious problem. the irs is not doing its job here. and one of the problems that we've had to pass a law this week -- there's a law passed in the househouse of representatives to ban hillary clinton from working at the irs and doing what she did at the state department. you can no longer, when this bill passes completely through use your private gmail accounts. and irs agents have been putting your data and mine on their accounts.
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now when hillary was letting other people read our state secrets on her email account, but our personal data, this will be a crime. gerri: i have to tell you, this is astonishing to me. what you're describing is that irs agents, when they leave the agency, they still have access to all of the computer information. there's that, and then there are the hackers. the people who get in the middle. why can they get in the middle? because the irs has such flimsy security systems. the gao reported on this recently. they said the irs's failure to secure its massive database is making taxpayers private information vulnerable to hackers. and i submit this to you, grover, i know you're the expert on this. but when individual americans doing the right thing taking up their civic responsibility and paying their taxes are faced are having their personal identity stolen by doing this, it's
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simply unacceptable. what do you say? >> well, it is. and the people who run the irs have been spending time as we now know because of congressional hearings, targeting people for political reasons, hauling them in and asking them how often they pray to see whether they'll get a tax number for their tea party group. 500,000 hours this year in irs people supposed to be working for you and me were doing union work, paid for by you and my taxes. so why do they not have time to fix this? they're not being serious about managing themselves. gerri: of course, we saw other scandals as well. super expensive luxurious conferences in las vegas and other places that they paid for. the list goes on and on. you know, when you have an investigation like you did into the tax exempt arm of the irs and lois lerner it's hard to keep your eyes on the prize. it's hard to be obsessed
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and jokes on the job you have to do day to day. this is part of the problem as well. their attention is distracted by all these scandals. the impact though the irs paid fraudulent filers what we've been talking about here $5.2 billion in 2013. taxpayers' id stolen, from 270,000 in 2010 to 1.6 million. 1.6 million in 2013. and, you know grover, what the solution was by the irs for fixing this? they met privately secretly with heads of big accounting firms h&r block and others, privately, quietly on the side. didn't make anything public. we're hearing from them now, they won't have any solutions for this year. i believe and i want to know what you think, i believe that's just not good enough. >> it's not. the entire leadership there -- we saw this with the secret service, the top leadership needs to be removed and
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replaced. gerri: grover, we have a long way to go on this one. hope you'll come back soon and talk about it. thank you. >> sure. thank you. gerri: still a lot more to come this hour including the latest on the showdown between obama and congress over iran. and, next, all eyes on new hampshire republicans almost in the race gather to join forces against hillary clinton. don't go away. ♪
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mc gerri: new hampshire is the political epicenter for this weekend of all our attention that is. most of the republican presidential hopefuls are gathering in the granite state for the first in the nation summit. steve moore and john
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mccormick. both to have you here. >> hi, gerri. gerri: john i'll start with you. who will come out on top? scott walker. ted cruz. you name it. long list. rand paul. on and on it goes. who is going to come out smelling like a rose? john: you really don't know until they -- gerri: take a gander my friend. that's what you're here for. john: all eyes are on marco rubio after monday. nice contrast with hillary clinton coming out there. he framed the campaign, he's the future. she's the past. i think they'll all try to position themselves against clinton. walker is saying he's an outsider. she's a dnc insider. we saw mike huckabee going after chris christie on entitlement reform. huckabee opposes to reform medicare and social security. you never know if they'll take shots at each other or after clinton. gerri: steve in new hampshire it's usually the mainstream
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republican hopeful that does well. is that going to repeat itself here? what will happen? steve: yeah, it's a must-win state for jeb bush. bush has to do well in new hampshire. he's not likely to win iowa. john can correct me if i'm wrong but you can go back 50 years and nobody has won the nomination without winning either iowa or new hampshire. it will be an important state. i agree with john. it's a free-for-all. i know who the losers will be. it will be hillary. all these republican candidates are going to go after her jugular. and their right to do so. gerri: or obama. a lot of shots at the president. let's move to mike huckabee. he'll be making an announcement. very exciting with brett bare tonight. what will he say? john. john: he sees this endeavor with brett as an important one he will make an announcement about his future plans. (?) whether this is a formal announcement saying he will run for president or he'll announce a date
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when he decides, it wasn't quite clear. he gave the impression to the four or five reporters he called this morning, he said i've taken on the clinton machine before. it seems like he's ready to run again. >> one of the interesting things about mike huckabee. he's the candidate nobody is talking about. gerri: true. >> people forget that it was eight years ago that he won iowa in the caucuses in iowa. i believe he can do that again. he'll have the evangelical christian support. very well-known everywhere i go around the country. people know mike huckabee. they know him, not so much being the arkansas governor, but by being a star on fox news. so he's likable. he also has the kind of charisma. i hate that term. but he has that kind of charm that will carry himself far in this race. gerri: he is. he's very personable. hillary clinton talks about talking to real americans. the governor talks about
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just talking to people. there's a big difference in the way they approach things. i want to move to hillary for a second. big news -- the left will be focused on. that's hiring gary who is the former head of the commodity futures trading commission. (?) he defended derivatives and the use of derivatives. john will this be a tough pill to swallow for the left? john: you know, i don't think this is something symbolic. the left was worried about her ties to wall street. you go back and read magazines like mother jones talking about her goldman problem. hillary was giving speeches to goldman. taking campaign funds from wall street. tied at the hip with wall street. gerri: you make a good point. our own maria bartiromo this morning talked to john boehner about hillary. and he had -- he had some tough words. listen to this. john: what's she going to do for america? that's the real
5:19 pm
question. it's not about personalities. i think that the fact that she won't turn over her server, the fact that she's ignored the law when it comes to how she was supposed to communicate as secretary of state, those are going to -- those questions will continue to haunt her until she comes clean. gerri: well steve, you wouldn't expect john boehner to say something nice about hillary clinton. he didn't. what did you make of that? steve: the big issue with hillary clinton, the split personality. if she's smart, in my opinion, the way she can win this race is by running as a bill clinton democrat. new democrat, centrist ideas that work well. the problem is, she keeps getting polled to the left. to kind of the elizabeth warren corner of the party, which is a deadened. bash big businesses. bash wall street. bash rich people. and i just think, look, the bill clinton years were very prosperous
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years. gerri: if she goes center she'll look exactly like jeb bush. they'll be hard to separate. steve and john, thank you for coming on the show. great to have you here. and later in the show a revolutionary idea by verizon could change the way you pay for tv. and, next ever since the movie came out elsa is everywhere. she made an appearance at the senate finance committee. we'll tell you how coming up after the break. ♪
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[laughter] >> just let it go, mister. gerri: yeah. you heard it right. that was the let it go theme song from disney. the ring tone going off at one of the most unexpected of times. the "frozen" fan himself. senator pat roberts. you have a sense of humor to come on the show to talk about this. what were you really trying to -- i mean, were you surprised by that? is this your grandkids' favorite song. >> well that's lily lorraine, patrick, they said i needed a new ring tone. i had a mundane ring tone. i have two. one that says let it go when i'm dealing with the administration. and i walk the line when i'm trying to get something done in the senate. gerri: we tell you that second song is my favorite. senator let's talk about what you were trying to get done when that happened. >> a trade agreement. gerri: your trade agenda?
5:25 pm
>> 71,000 jobs in kansas. $12 billion with regards to our agriculture. i don't know how many states. i'm the chairman of the ag committee. china will take 40 million people if we don't have a trade deal. that will be lost. i know my friends across the aisle like to talk about human rights and currency manipulation and the environment and labor. they make speeches. at the end of the day, we have to have a trade bill. i had thought that basically the trade agreement was probably the one thing that we could work with, with the administration. i suspect that's true. i'd appreciate it if the other side of the aisle would quit making speeches. gerri: let's move on to iran for a second. that's certainly be in the news. new bill gives congress the ability to look over this agreement we're trying to make with iran. i want you to hear what the president had to say about this bill.
5:26 pm
president obama: both senator corker and cardin at least in my understanding agreed that there won't be a whole bunch of poisoned pills or a bunch of editions added to that. they'll be protective of this being a straightforward, fair process for congress to be able to evaluate any deal that we may come up with. and then register its views. gerri: so this bill that senator corker has been promoting trying to get pushed through the president is now saying that sounds to me like he's saying, it will get rubber-stamped. congress will rubber stamp his agreement. do you think that's true? >> no. in a word, no. we have 30 days to take a hard look at this. i know the president says we have a framework. i don't think we do. if you listen to the ayatollah he's the person we're really negotiating with. he already said that
5:27 pm
we're liars, that israel doesn't have the right to exist, and that sorry, we won't have any inspections, by the way. and we need immediate relief on the sanctions. every one of those things, talk about a poisoned pill. those are essential things that congress wants to look at. we will. it will take us 30 days. we're reasserting our constitutional ability. i'm not sure a framework exists. gerri: it's very confusing. i have to agree with you there. people at the beginning telling totally different tales about what this means. thanks for coming on the show. really appreciate your time and sense of humor pat. >> you have a great weekend. gerri: you as well. coming up, verizon promises to change the way you watch and pay for cable tv. and an espn reporter goes on a tirade. it's all caught on tape. has espn done enough in this case? our legal panel weighs
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gerri: welcome back to the willis report, in a moment our legal panel weighs into the case of the week, this time involving espn, but it's time to look at other stories in the move. disappointing earnings, investors are worried about grease's shaky finances and new regulations in klein a. the feds will announce a series of new rules to bravo the safety of transhauling crude oil and other flammable liquids. those order to trade speeds to 40 miles per hour in urban areas and railroads to use the latest technology to spot flaws. and the measles out break in disney no new infections in the out break, which was 1 71 people in the states, mexico,
5:32 pm
and canada. and the supply ship at the international station arrived this morning three days after the florida launch. and those are some of the stories in the news tonight. and a espn investigator under a tirade after a debate, unleashed a torrent of abuse against a worker at a towing company. now, the reporter was suspended for a week, but espn is under fire for not sending her packing here's fox news channel lisa, i first want to give people a sense of what this woman said because it's pretty appalling. listen to this. this is the reporter brit. >> you're on video so be careful. >> i have a degree. gerri: so, yeah, that beep was the sound of a, where it starts with -- it has to be
5:33 pm
this poor worker, wouldn't she have a morality cause. >> yeah. absolutely in her contract they could fire her for that, so even if you're not on duty, you're on television that employee there she's on television, please, you have to behave appropriately because you can't damage the reputation of the company even beyond that, but they have caused a fire here. gerri: let's listen to another statement from her to get more of a flavor of what this was like. . >> do you feel good about your job so that i could a college dropout and do the same thing i have a brain and i don't. maybe if i was missing some teeth, they would hire me here. >> that's true. >> because i'm on television and you're not. lose some weight baby girl.
5:34 pm
gerri: lose some weight, baby girl, she knew she was being recorded; right? >> she knew. gerri: so to you. what do you make of this? >> let's not get lost in the fact that, you know. gerri: reprehensible. >> comments are kind of nasty but doesn't doesn't implicate a violation of a typical cause. gerri: why not? >> because an employee has to have notice of the type of conduct that would violate the morals cause. here we have a situation where she is -- has some reichous anger. gerri: if he knew if they towed her car, she didn't do anything . >> and. >> that company took her car without justification she's standing between her and her car, there's going to be some anger that's hard to suppress. gerri: well, be anger about it don't go about it like that. >> well, now you want to take
5:35 pm
the personal tact and in the bows of some towing company trailer. >> but that's what the morality causes are all about you can't damage or tarnish the reputation of the company you're working for, whether you're on television at work -- >> she didn't damage the reputation of espn, she didn't mention that. gerri: i think that's up in the air. what should have espn done? >> i think espn has a lot invested in this employee, she's very successful, she gives a bunch of great interviews, they trained her they shouldn't be forced to fire her because of today's fury. gerri: a week, some other hosts are suspended for months one week is enough time to make a quick vacation. gerri: i'm going to read her polling. >> okay. >> i allowed my emotions to get the best of me, i am so sorry for my actions and will learn from this mistake. >> uh-huh.
5:36 pm
>> she never addresses the woman directly; right? >> no. gerri: and this is unbelievable. >> i mean i kind of agree with that, but the issue is if you were taking a poll and you said -- you walked down the street in new york city, every day i see people acting much worse than her. gerri: but they don't have a morality cause in their contract. >> well, thuation a morality cause are you acting so outside the bound of expectations. >> yes. >> behavior that you one other point i want to make before we go we're going to have to go shortly. so if you look at the kinds of suspensions that happened to other employee, phil simmons three week suspension, tony two week focus talking about's skirt, they get more heavy duty suspension than she gets. >> that was on the job. they did things that were on the job within their scope of employment. here she is showing up -- not even dressed for work, you know you're getting to the point, well, your hair doesn't
5:37 pm
look good, your -- sandra: no because she herself said several times i'm on tv as if it was making herself better than this woman. >> well, first of all. >> it's wrong. >> you can't -- judge willis. >> more argument than that. gerri: thank you very much. you guys do a great job. >> thank you very much i appreciate it. gerri: and the questions it tonight, should this espn reporter be fired log onto gerri and i'll show you the reports after the show. and the state state of texas may have the solution to the student loan debt crisis. we're going to see if it can be adopted nationally. stay with us ♪ hi, tom. how's the college visit? does it make the short list? yeah, i'm afraid so. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for.
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gerri: verizon is slimming down, the company will offer skinny bungleds to its fios customers to let them pick tv channels that they want to watch, but is this a good deal? pete, welcome back to the show. >> thank you . >> so i understand this is going to cost something, like, $65 a month, is this a good deal? >> it could be. basically for about $65 a month you get internet plus a basic level of channels, and then you can choose -- and this is the cool part. to get you choose between about seven or eight different packages, which is about 10 to 17 channels each . >> all right. so i'm not really choosing channels, i'm choosing -- >> exactly. you can't choose individual channels, but you can choose these special packages, and so for -- you get two of these packages with your basic package, and then you can add on as many as you want, and you know, i think this is a very good choice for anyone who sort of gets most of their entertainment from, like, netflix, hugh lou those online streaming services, but super fan of a couple of shows
5:42 pm
gerri: where else. >> yeah. you see the value. gerri: that's interesting. so people who aren't tv all the time. >> right. gerri: but want some things maybe the advantage of doing this takes some of the biggest programming is sports programming, will they be offered that it in some of these bundles. >> yeah. there are some in some of these packages. gerri: is this going to have a big impact on cable tv generally? is everyone going to follow? >> well, i think inevitable we're leaning toward an what you want kind of system. gerri: we talked about that for a long time and now it's upping the anteslowly, and is this going to make a big splash or not. >> yeah. i think it's going to be. this isn't the thing that's making the big splash, this is the reaction two to and services like hbo now, which are finally bringing alive tv
5:43 pm
and the services that you could previously only get with the table subtranscription, that's hbo now you can get those without one. so, yes, you're right. we've definitely being hearing about this for decades now and now there's cable companies that are really being forced to do it. gerri: yeah, it's happening everywhere. tell us a little bit about sling and how it works. >> yeah. sling came out in january, well it came out and february but was announced january, so it gives you 20 channels for any device for about $20 a month. and the key as the offers espn and espn 2. gerri: that's huge. >> that had not been available for, and this has opened the floodgates hbo followed a couple months later they're exclusively on apple devices for the first few months, but that's going to run out and pretty soon anyone who wants it will. gerri: so you can put it on any device you want.
5:44 pm
>> yeah. generally you can mirror these things to anything you want. sling is available on, like, fire tv, roku sticks, and those, you know, it has made it for any tv newport i am not the tech genius in my house my husband is, so thanks so much pete. >> thank you . >> more trouble for the apple watch, if you're planning on buying the new wearable device don't expect it to buy it in an apple store any time soon. they said it would be available in stores april he will 24th, but now they're saying it won't be available for a couple of weeks and customers will have to continue organized them online and as we mentioned those orders may not be filled for months. well texas officials say there might be a solution to
5:45 pm
state crice they're announcing a program tabp, which will offer mostly online target degrees for a low cost. but will this work? best-selling author is back, larry, so so good to see you. what do you think of this texas plan? they're going to cut the prices, do you like it? >> well, i like anything that reduces student loan debt and drives down the cost of education for college students, and the program is a great idea, in my opinion because they got together with business leaders as well as educational leaders and figured out a curriculum that is based on more marketable skill to the workplace things like, leadership and problem solve wells fargo be much more than your typical basket weaving degree that we see a lot of. [laughter] gerri: shocking they worked with business people. amazing. >> i know. gerri: so here's what they say. you can get a degree within a year between 4,500 and $6,000,
5:46 pm
now, they do this by putting it online; right? is that your way to get people educated? >> well, it's not my favorite way, but i think colleges are going to have to to make society changes now, when they say 4,500 to $6,000, that means that you come in with 90 credits already. gerri: oh. >> so it's a big difference, if you come in with that, you could knock it out within the that much money but typically the program will take three and a half years and it will cost between 13 and $15000 which is still a bargain and a great time savior . >> well, i understand you have some concerns about cheating going on here. >> you know, who is to say who is sitting behind that computer screen. why couldn't i just hire somebody to sit there and fill out all these -- when i was in college, we had correspondeds
5:47 pm
courses and now we have online and i'm not sure the student would be the one doing the work that will be my number one concern. gerri: and this has gone on in a number of ways, do you think it should be replicated where else? >> you know, if it works, i think it should. mainly because it appears to a lot of non-transitional students and it helps people, like veterans who come back and have to get a job and they have families, and i think it's a benefit to those students for sure. gerri: one other question. i don't understand for the life of me why somebody should pay $50,000 a year for a degree, and it seems to me without going online, she should be able to reduce these darn costs, do you agree? >> well, i absolutely agree it costs too much money but when you take away the college tuition part out of it, you have to realize that that $50,000 a year covers a lot more than just tuition. so the tuition alone is not the $50,000 at these kinds of
5:48 pm
schools. but when you take a 3 1/2 degree that costs you between 13,000- $15,000 that comes down to pretty darn reasonable, they do this in seven week segments, it's $705 for seven weeks that's a deal. gerri: i would say pretty darn reasonable, so good to see you, thanks for coming on the show. >> gad to see you. gerri: have a good weekend and a new and exciting program, that involves the nation's university of . stay with us.
5:49 pm
you can call me shallow... but, i have a wandering eye. i mean, come on. national gives me the control to choose any car in the aisle i want. i could choose you... or i could choose her if i like her more. and i do. oh, the silent treatment. real mature. so you wanna get out of here? go national. go like a pro.
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gerri: for the last several years fox sports has been teaming up with colleges around the country to give students to experience the reeled world in the classroom.
5:52 pm
it's going to become the biggest higher education corporate partnerships in the nation. fox sports effective price president started the program and a university alumni, great to have you both here. chris, i'll start with you be with tell me about this partnership. from what i hear, this is an interesting thing, you know, you go to school, you get all that academic knowledge and you have no way of applying it. square that circle. >> yeah. with fox sports we've had many connections with universities. you know, what fox sports university did was add an academic program that really helped deepen our relationships and for the students, it's developed into a way for them to get real world experience and an opportunity for them to expand what they're doing at the school. gerri: so how many schools are there? >> we started with 2 and now we're at 28. gerri: so you're the rocks star of this program you're the first graduate is it a
5:53 pm
what i understand. >> yes, that's correct. >> so what you do? >> i'm currently a project manager, i study journalism and advertising. gerri: yeah, unc. sorry. >> and what do you eventually want to do? what's your game plan here? >> well, i'm really looking to grow in the sports media industry. there's a huge rake of opportunity, which fox sports showed me through marketing pr. gerri: well, you know i want to pick up on that. what's interesting about this is i think through you guys -- there's all kinds of levels through this, journalism, marketing, you can go on and on; right? building this outments of got to be a lot of fun. >> well, it was rooted in marketing originally, but what we've done over the years is expanded into research and platform, and i think for us from the business side, everybody is looking to tap into the millennials and the young demographic for us, we've got some of the youngest brightest minds working on our properties in all different aspects.
5:54 pm
gerri: that's great and mixing the sports and academics how did it go and was it easy for you? >> it was fantastic. we have top level executives that come in and they help you craft a campaign that comes from your original idea, and then you get to follow all the way through to observing the execution. gerri: chris, what's next? >> expansion, you know, we're going to continue to expand. we're going to be over 30 schools next year, we hope to be 50 in the next two years we've now reached such a point that we have our partners and advertisers from our companies saying how can we get involved? and lastly it's the talent recruitment. we have a pipeline and database of all these students that have come through and we hope to hire more of them from internships to jobs, and i think that's what's so significant for these schools is these students are getting a head start in their career and the marketplace . >> do you integrity fox sports talent into the classroom.
5:55 pm
>> absolutely. we have our talent come out and speak so if they're working on a show, you know, they'll come out and speak. we -- also for the winning groups we do a thank you, and then we usually have a talent from that university give a speech. gerri: that's exciting. now, is this only for sports efficient students. >> no. it's based in sports, but we try to make sure it's academic and it's really about education, it's about media, it's about the industry it's about things that go on that they can apply and take to them in whatever job or career they want to go into. gerri: well, it's very exciting and great to meet you, ana and thank you for coming on the show. >> thank you . gerri: we'll be right back should espn fire brit mchenry? stay with us
5:56 pm
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5:59 pm
berating a tow truck driver. should she be fired? no, but she needs more time off to go against her immaturity. espn would have to fire me with five minutes with that organization. in addition toly to following me on twitter and facebook, be sure to like facebook. 67% of you said she should be fired. log on for our online question. it turns out it isn't too good to be true. an ice cream flavored beer. ben & jerry announcing salted caramel brownie brown ale. the beer should be available in the fall. we need beer flavored ice cream. maybe. wait. no. that's it for tonight's willis report. thank you for joining us. dvr the show if you
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can't catch us live. "making money" with charles payne is coming up next. have a terrific weekend. we'll see you here monday. ♪ charles: i'm charles payne, and you're watching "making money." thar she blows. why does the market have to correct? these market bears have been griping for a correction. now, remember a correction is 20% or more to the downside. even more upsetting to these guys has been the fact that the market, we haven't even had a garden variety pullback. a pullback is 10% or more. take a look at where we are. 800 days without a pullback. nowhere near the record. we've gone 1700 days. maybe it can go higher. although the bears, you have to feel a lot better today. right? the market stumbled out of the gate. never regained any equilibrium. there's a bunch of theories about the weakness. news out of china and greece.


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