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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  April 20, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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34% said no. that's it for tonight's willis report. thanks for joining us. don't forget to dvr the show if you can't catch us live. "making money" with charles payne is coming up next. have a great night. we will see you here tomorrow. ♪ charles: i'm charles payne, and you're watching "making money." on friday, equity markets around the world, including the united states were crushed. hit hard when china loosen ruled to short their stock market. they took a page from mortimer duke to turn those machines back. (?) they cut the reserve requirement. the lowest its been in a long time. unleash at least $200 billion into their system. that big move leaves their reserve levels as significantly higher levels than ours. i think that's too high. of course, earnings played a big role. suntrust. halliburton and hasbro. hasbro rocked. we have an avalanche of
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alerts. could they be the thing that get the market out of the rut? let's go to nicole petallides. nicole: charles, the pulse of the floor, we had a choppy market. we recovered much of friday's losses. the traders i've been speaking with are talking about a lot of the same things you were mentioning. looking at china, europe, earnings. these headlines out of europe and china drive the stock market one way or the other. that's front and center. then you have a slew of earnings. you had names such as halliburton and hasbro, which did particularly well on their quarterly numbers. and really wowed wall street and led the s&p 500. morgan stanley. right? you saw that jump in profit. everybody loves that. especially all the bulls out there. royal caribbean came under pressure. quoting the strong dollar again as many companies have. it was interesting to watch tech get a nice jump. a lot of folks who love microsoft and
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hewlett-packard got a nice pop. overall it was gains across-the-board. charles: here to help us sort it out. matt mccaul is here. hillary cramer. jim. and she's back and looking stunning. look at that, all white. scottie nell hughes. and steve cortes from chicago. let's do it. dig into the real, real deal. china is trying to nudge their economy. some are saying massive amounts of money leaving the country. they need it to replace it. will this gambit help, jim? jim: it can't hurt. they need structural reforms to transform themselves into a consumer driven economy. charles: they've been doing it for a long time. they buy a lot of rolexes and bmws. it looks like it's working. jim: they have no choice, but to put money into the economy they can't slip below 6%. and they're down to
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seven. they have to do this. but they have to do more in terms of structurally goosing up the consumption -- charles: there have been so many times, i felt china was more capitalist than america. maybe i'm being cynical i don't know. scottie: you are. it's the government beefing it up. the government is controlling it -- the communist government is a socialist economic structure, what about encouraging the businesses itself? the government wants to control everything instead of trying to create -- charles: our government controls everything, steve. listen, our banks have a 10% reserve. listen, i don't know how we can ask banks to hold on to 10% of their money and loan money at the at the same time. that's not happening in america. steve: the problem is central planning. that's the world we live in. as investors, we have to operate right now in that paradigm. by the way, it's really interesting. if we go back to
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thursday, it's like friday and today never happened. we got back almost everything we gave up on friday. investors prefer a nice escalator. they have gotten a rollercoaster. good for traders. not for investors. i think the writing is on the wall for china. the chinese wealthy in particular they cannot get their capital and their persons out of china fast enough. and if they are not willing to buy into china, why would the rest of the world? charles: although, everyone is. apple and all these other companies. they see that consumer driven market that jim is talking about. it will evolve at some point. >> and the consumer is really strong in china. all of us have the impending feeling of doom. maybe there's a bubble being formed. 200 billion is nothing in the chinese economy in the scope of a 6% gdp. there's that multiplying effect. there was an interesting point you made. here in the us,
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200 billion would be caught in the banks. in their reserve system. it will go right out over there and turn into a trillion dollars. matt: the problem china is in right now, they don't want things getting too hot. they want to stay above 7%. they're in a precarious situation. i think they'll win it. i think the government is doing a better job than our government. it will continue to push stocks higher. charles: they've been tapping on brakes. trying not to derail it. if they went to 10%, that would be $2 trillion they could put into their economy overnight. i want to get back to steve's point. the volatility. i got a tweet. oh, the volatility. i'm not getting into the market until it's not volatile. my man, it was not volatile for six years. now you're complaining. sometimes volatility is part of the ride. jim: if you can divorce yourself from the emotion and the reaction and to think logically and unemotionally, volatility creates opportunity. it gives you a chance
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to -- to sell what you want to sell at a higher price when it's up. to buy what you want to buy when it's down. i wouldn't be scared of the volatility. if it's straight line one way, that's unhealthy. charles: what about these earnings? hasbro up 13%. a juggernaut. what is going on? scottie: transformers. nerf products. a good girl empowerment female line. once again. their girl nerf products have taken off. under armour for boys. the girls go after the nerf guns. charles: i love the nerf gun. my son isn't playing it anymore. but i love to play. anyone want to do a gunfight, i'll meet you in the studio. >> mattel came back last week. the consumer is still very strong. that family formation that you always talk about proves to be the best for our economy and building up our stock market and building our companies. because money keeps going back into -- toys r us walmart.
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matt: and what about the earnings? all sectors, you're seeing earnings in all sectors doing well. it's going against very low expectations. but, you know, if technology hits the mark they're supposed to hit in this quarter, they'll make more money this quarter than they ever did at the height of the craze. people talk about bubbles. i think things are looking pretty darn good. charles: matt brings up the lowered expectations. the reactions to these names. at the end of the show, we'll talk about numbers that have come out after the bell. just between this morning and even going into earnings, to see these stocks up eight bucks. you know, 13%. these large numbers, what does that tell you? does that tell us anything about this market? anything about pent up demand for good stocks or winning stocks? steve: certainly for winning stocks. halliburton, blockbuster earnings. fantastic. morgan stanley.
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the stocks barely reacted. here's my problem with earnings. i think there are stories that are fantastic. i think energy is one of them. halliburton proves that today. but the reason i'm cautious overall on the tape, when you look at earnings, it's not all good news. top line revenue is simply not growing multipl.companies are squeezing margins in order to hit their earnings numbers. the s&p companies that have reported, the majority have not hit revenue -- ibm we'll talk about -- matt: the same argument bears have been giving us for many, many years. the revenue issues. the stock picker market. s&p, that's not a stock pickers market. that's the market. steve: 1.5% from an all-time high, that's when you should be cautious. matt: but it's been doing the same thing for the last five years. the argument is old. not working. steve: i'm not speaking for some monolithic camp. i've been bullish and bearish. right now is the time to be cautious. charles: i will say, this has
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been going on for a long time. only 40% of the names beat on the top line. it brings the argument the engineering on the bottom line with buybacks and those kind of things. the markets are at all-time highs. rebound today. rebound, new trend for automakers. much maligned millennials. they're kicking the ubers and buses to the curb. they're driving themselves. it will have a big impact on the economy. we'll tell you who the winners will be. next. ♪
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♪ charles: got to blow the whistle. open up a page from payne's investment playbook. all of a sudden, the car and the driving has gone the way of the dodo bird. even before gas prices got cheaper, we were
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starting to cut back a little bit. these are vehicles driven. they've gathered steam. even as crude oil comes off the bottom, it is estimated that demand this year will be significantly higher. this will be the third year in a row. it was coming on strong even when crude was $100 a barrel. now, you could take a hunch and say, maybe it's part of an improving economy. also, apparently, the cavalry of the young adults, they used to to want to call a uber. apparently they're finding jobs. moving out to the suburbs. of all cars sold in 2010, 18%. last year, 27%. that's a huge jump. what does it mean for the automakers? also, what does it mean for the broader economy? family formation. white picket fence. moving out to the suburb. i don't know. let's get to the next real, real deal. experts are saying there isn't a new paradigm
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with millennials. they're just taking longer to get on track. i go to you first, steve. what do you think, are the millennials catching up and following the same playbook all people have in the past? steve: we'll see. i'm not so sure that they're going to -- charles: or rick ross. that's all. steve: that's right. with their beats headphones. is it a good sign for the economy? absolutely. it certainly is. and i think, by the way, as far as the automakers go, i really love the japanese automakers. as far as price action, those stocks trading far better than us and european automakers. that's a place to look if you believe in the story. also, i would add, i love energy. after getting absolutely thrashed for the last nine months. energy had it great last month. total miles driven trend continues, that will be good for auto companies. charles: can transportation stocks and oil continue to move
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higher in tandem, the only way that can be sustained, is with a strong economy. they're both up nice. you're a millennial. i'm complimenting the millennials. they're learning how to drive. get out of the basement. scottie: we do grow up. what i love about this statistic. they've divided it out from 25 to 34 year olds. you can't lump us all together. the unemployment numbers have held at the exact same. employment numbers of 76.8% has held from march to march the highest since 2008. so we have steady jobs. and we're growing and getting families and buying apple watches. charles: if you're lucky enough to get them. jim, what do you think? what does this say? we're looking for clues. we do our own research and manage money. we're trying to be ahead of the curve. we're looking for these clues. jim: it does mean to some extent the economy is getting better. we'll never get back to the old days of white picket fence. more people want to live
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in the city and stay single. to the extent you're inclined to get married and have a family, you'll wait until you have a job and the economy is better. those people are starting to do that. good sign. hilary: there is one difference. the baby booming parents, you talked about the trillions of dollars that they'll be giving to their children. their children inheriting. this move to the suburbs and why we should be bull oisbullish on housing. you have to be born to the right parent in order to live in the mcmansion in the suburbs. but at the same time, the millennials are getting out there. and they have survived the -- they felt the pressure from 2000. charles: they survived it all. they were playing video games and heard their dad was having problems at work. matt: a few months ago i didn't believe it. i think this is a long-term thing. they control the 2 trillion in assets. by the end of the decade, 7 trillion in assets.
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maybe they're just doing it a little bit later. once they get married, have kids, buy homes, the largest demographic, 92 million people in america. a lot of money being spent. >> matt, that's a great point. that's a great point. charles: how to make money? matt: they own tinder and invest there. >> that's a good one. i like wwab. we talked about this organic food maker. the maker of soy milk. of silk. this would be for the vegans. everyone going gluten-free. charles: they report thi this w? my subscribers are in the stock. >> i think so. >> one thing that differentiates this from the last segment as opposed to china who has horrible demographics, we have great demographics. we have children and
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♪ charles: all right, guys. time for the favorite part of the show. making money. curious about a stock. an industry. whatever it is. strategy. let us know. bill asked about mobile eye. it's on fire. too hot to hold? not too hot to hold. but it made a huge rebound. some guy shoed me out on twitter. i hope he's still in it. a lot of people are talking about the competition. indeed, there's a lot of competition. this company is still the cream of the crop. i'm holding. looking for a grand slam on this one, hillary. hilary: absolutely.
6:23 pm
hold on to this. it will go higher. charles: but it is volatile. that's a great looking chart. matt: you have a three-year time horizon if you'll hold this. earnings are growing. that will lead the stock higher. charles: i hope they'll take it on the next three weeks. time to dump kroger? i think it's time to buy the stock. it's not one of these high-flying names. it's been drifting. steve, what do you think about kroger? steve: i'm with you. not a sexy name. but it's an effective one. one reason i love kroger and other sure markets here, wholesale food prices have been crashing. nothing, but go lower. that's bad news for farmers. but good news for the sellers of food like kroger. jim: i would take the other side of the argument in that i think the basic traditional food retailers are getting eaten from below by people like cvs and duane reade where you can buy
6:24 pm
your groceries there for low prices. the whole foods of the world for the wealthier of the young people who want convenience. i think that industry won't be what it used to be. >> i can't believe you said groceries aren't sexy. we put on our stilettos to go to the grocery. i go to kroger and publix. charles: that's the place to be. in nashville, forget about the other tourist spots. i'll do a restaurant stock. we're spending more on restaurants than grocery stores. linda: are you still liking slgy. i don't know what that was? i'm guessing that you mean shutterfly. i've talked about it before. the stock is a big time loser for me right now. i think it's a hold. i will add the caveat. if someone has limited funds, one or three stocks at a time, i would dump it. if i have enough money to put it on the shelf, put it on the shelf. >> shutterfly will eventually get acquired.
6:25 pm
very bullish on it. but they haven't delivered. but google will take over. charles: that is one ugly chart. matt: they're still losing money. their only hope for long term is to be taken out. charles: let's go to the homemaker. scottie: i love this self-publishing sites. these guys have taken and diversified. wedding invitations. birth announcements. birthday cards. all designer. all on your own. i love things like this. charles: so cute and pretty. whole foods. has given up its gains. hold or buy the dip? you know, i would hold and consider adding it above 50. technically, i don't like that chart. i'm glad you brought it up. i worry about 46 being a stop loss. you talk about the consolidation here. what seems to be eating at them? is it the competition? the sprouts? i mean -- >> well, there is competition and it's all in the execution, but my point was, there is a market there for people who operate that way,
6:26 pm
and i will tell you, if you go to the whole foods in miami, it's probably the most phenomenal -- it's quite an experience. they have an opportunity if they execute well. charles: are women wearing sexy dresses and stilettos? jim: it's miami. charles: let's leave it there. part what i love doing is helping you. so set up your future, guys. we talk about this all the time. we'll address your greatest economic worries. this is what you told people you most fear. so let's fix it. let's help you make money along the way. we'll be back in three minutes. ♪ good. very good. you see something moving off the shelves and your first thought is to investigate the company. you are type e*. yes, investment opportunities can be anywhere...
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>> all right time to address your greatest economy worries, it is having enough money for retirement or not enough money for retirement.
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let's look at this. this is it. 30 on 49-year-oldsic 69% say it is number one worry they just worry about it, 50 to 64, 68%, their top worry, parents with children under 18, 68%, number 2 worry after college. low income household, number two, hispanics, number one. married women, 64% their number one worry, let's talk about what we should do to address this. your household budget, i don't want to always telling me you don't have the money, find it, it is there establish a budget, then get your savings to where you get money aside, some people say at leave three months of your bills then set up a brokerage account. set it up right away. you say where do i start investing. i don't know if you heard about
6:31 pm
target with a lilly pulitzer line that sold out in minutes, my sister-in-law, braved through a frenzied crowd this morning. in my neighborhood, the stores were closed on sunday, i wonder how many women went crazy 8:00 this morning at target but never considered once owning the store, this is cute, scotti it is not your size i am sorry. >> 8 p.m., church in bible belt, women were lined up in target at five a.m., in pouring down rain, i was up at 2:00 a.m. sunday when it was released. charles: to a certain degree, you could see a publicity stunt, you see people rally ways say, i don't know what to own or buy,
6:32 pm
target will probably be a great stock to own next 40 years. >> if they execute, they have been doing a good job, it serving a niche and a need, if they continue to execute well, yes. charles: i know, buy what you know is a great place to start, from there, there are a few things that people show do, you don't have to necessarily get crazy with it, then they start watching it week-to-week, i think that is when people who think they wanted to be investors become defacto traders and make mistakes. >> yes, by the way it was exciting? yes, lilly pul pulitzer broughtm beach to the jersey store, it is just a one-off by the way. charles: the point is, the worst
6:33 pm
target stock remember last year after credit card fiasco, how quickly that stock turned, they got a new ceo, that is amazing stuff. >> target will continue to go higher, we're seeing luxury brands on the other side michael cores with a 52 week low today. net flicks, everyone goes toward what they know, what is quality, what is giving them right move. charles: matt, you deal with individuals all of the time, it is just trying to get them to go over that hump, make that first move, always fearful, a lot of times they buy one stock, see how it works, if it goes down before it goes up forget about it. >> i learned start as early as possible, and be consistent if
6:34 pm
you consistently put money away you will be amazed how much money you hav, then you want to put more away. charles: i'm happy to say, a lot of people who work at fox, and fox business in camera and controls that told me i help them more money than they could have imagined. i personaly feel really good about that, i want to share that. >> this is the social contribution that we make gets people to appreciate their finances. >> they forgot to tell us about taxes, new taxes more people owe taxes this year than in the past, because of the tax brackets. charles: you are still upset about that check? >> i am. >> if you pay x on your investments that is good, the bottom line is you are making
6:35 pm
money. >> i have people who did not want to make a big giant gain in the stock because they didn't want a higher tax rate, we don't want to pay the taxes, it is a negative impact on us, but, another in my mind, another reason not to do the right thing. >> i would agree, and for long temp investor dividends and will doic stocks -- domestic stocks this is still the emerging market. >> jim, you deal with wealthy people, how do most of them make their money. >> conducting themselves, financially and personaly. one piece of advice, if you have aing too ache, you -- tooth ache you go to a dentist, a heart
6:36 pm
problem you go to a cardiologist, don't try to treat it yourself. charles: tote rally number of u.s. navy ships to yemen is 9. >> to isis, killing more christians, a new video released, terrorists affiliating with isis shoots, beheading 30inilgbehead eagl -- eat christians. >> and smuggler locked most of the people in a cogger's hold, 700 people were onboard, high profile comebacks announcement over weekend, a question for
6:37 pm
you, tell me, tim tebow, jon corzine, who is coming out on top? who are you rooting for? that is next. [ male announcer ] we know they're out there. you can't always see them. but it's our job to find them. the answers. the solutions. the innovations. all waiting to help us build something better.
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or may become pregnant. tell your doctor all medicines you take. call your doctor if you have muscle pain or weakness, feel unusually tired, have loss of appetite, upper belly pain, dark urine, or yellowing of skin or eyes. these could be signs of serious side effects. i'm down with crestor! make your move. ask your doctor about crestor. charles: the weekend of come back, tim tebow signed by eagles, john corp kore -- core vine in business, and the fannie pack is back.
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charles: over the week we learned some high profile comebacks are happening, philadelphia eagles signed tim tebow, he has a legitimate shot at being the starting
6:41 pm
quarterback. >> and jon corzine. >> and hippest concert in the world coachella ushered in the return of the fannie pack for men. i don't know which is most successful come back? >> tim tebow, he -- i'm excited about this opportunity for him, put the fannie back down with parachute pant. corzine, this shows there are two sets of rules one for crony capitalists and the other for the rest of us, we the people of the country, we could not ever get away with corzine has been able to get away with. charles: if i was him i would be embarrassed and never come back. >> he has his own tha capital to
6:42 pm
start it. the fund. i am an eagles fan but i don't think that tebow could start. charles: who will be most successful. >> fannie pack is great, you would never have to hold a pocketbook, they are great for men. charles: i know you walk around with a lot of cash, you might need a fannie pack. >> listen, i don't have a murse or a fannie pack, what are men keeping in the fannie packs, i want to know. >> lip bomb. >> that fannie pack is fantastic. >> oh, gosh. >> if i could wear and not have people stear at me, i -- ste str at me.
6:43 pm
>> i would like to say on corzine thing there are history of people that have gone from top to bottom they have come back. >> he has never apologized. >> i am not passing judgment on him or what he di am saying that there are a lot of people who have been on the bottom, and come back because people believed in them, and thought they made a bad judgment, it not new. charles: do you think, this is why we sthoa showed that peoplee worried about retirement, because they don't like wall street because of stuff like this. >> it is a bad headline to the case of average investor. >> quickly, the winner? >> i would say -- i like fannie pack. >> fannie pack. >> fannie pack. >> wow. charles: i got tebow, steve? >> tebow. >> all right, 3 and 3, thank
6:44 pm
you, guys. make sure you watch "strange inheritance," jamie travels to a small town in pennsylvania a man leaves his family a struggling downtown movie theater, jamie tells story of a family who inherited letters written to their grandmother from a young john kennedy. >> we're spending more money on restaurants than on groceries, i have a name that is taking market share in the casual dining space, we'll be right back. if you suffer from a dry mouth, then you'll know how uncomfortable it can be. but did you know that the lack of saliva
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charles: my favorite part of the show, time to help you make cash, bj restaurants, bjri is ticker. i have been talking cracker barrel for 6 years, i am talking on bj barrel bandwagon. fiscal year 16 earnings have been going through roof, i think they will take market share, will say their valuation, if you do appear to peer -- they are most expensive than most rivals. the shorts are being killed on this one. i like it sort but i love it long-term, buy and hold, i think
6:49 pm
this stock can make you a lot of money over the course of the next year. steve, i think they have some in chicago. >> in general, i am skeptical of consumer dischristia discretion. they are small but i like this one. i like their geographic footprint, long-term this is positive. charles: i love last two shows you got dig on matt in housing thing without -- you know that is sweet. >> i am not digging at matt, i am digging at housing. charles: we'll talk about it later, housing data out this week, chicken fried chicken, he talked about south is -- >> i think this is great, anything that keeps us from cooking or breaking your nails we're happy with it. >> i know that stock well, they
6:50 pm
have one in boller, colorado, the new stores are smaller than others margins are increasing, last year they opened 10 this year 15, little high valuation wise but chart looks good. >> same on valuation for me, but beer and pizza, genre it works, my texas roadhouse, has opened up the bubba 33, they copying the bj mantra it is terrific. charles: in colorado after smoking some weed, beer and pizza. >> clinton -- causing quite a commotion. this is about your country, and your wallet. your don't want to miss it. plan plan
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if you're running a business, legalzoom has your back. over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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>> >> this is the bombshell that connects the bill clinton's speeches and was taken by hillary as secretary of state. the subtitle says it'll. but there's obviously a tough issue for the nominee. there is enormous wealth that has been made to the connections that could benefit no one else. but this went in their
6:55 pm
coffers into their pocket. i bet in the past there wasn't a lot of resentment particularly for the white house. this is the richest president in history. you have inheritance, a self-made. then interjected inheritance. and kennedy if he did not pass away would have inherited $1 billion adjusted for inflation but the losers rawl wealthy but the notion they did not aridisols. so i hope they say that they are proud of their wealth to create jobs because it is a lot less tainted and the printing cash. it is the big story. but even "the new york times" was pretty critical. >> this will not be helpful
6:56 pm
to hillary at all and nothing good can come out of this. she can only hope there is enough time between now and the end of the primaries it is old news. >> cheese paid $200,000. but the hypocrisy that she was criticizing ceos make 300 times a the lists employee but she lists herself in the top 1 percent charles: we talked about the foundation last week. middlefield there would be any problems? this could be an eye opener. >> i am not a fan of hillary but in general it is speculation if they connect it by not jumping to that conclusion. charles: do i think america will not elect somebody?
6:57 pm
with bill clinton getting $500,000 for a speech does not create jobs over economic movement in the needle so i don't know if they could get out of that. melissa frances disagrees with me but they have money from meridor perception -- or perceptions. >> it is how they lived and what do they do on the weekends. where do they go? with the clintons they still think of themselves as arkansas people but they are even the best - - deletes. charles: i heard they were serving collard greens on the play. [laughter] this stock is the huge and i want to start with ibm.
6:58 pm
it was the worst sales since 2002 but the critics say they will buy back the tax cuts this is intelligence up 70% with the $1 billion buyback. i like this. is a was up huge cache of 1.but i believe it can, come back. >> i think financial engineering put them in a position but i do like the fact there are future bookings and moving more into the clouds. >> a major breakout today the best in geographic region only down 3% i like that as well. >> we have under armour. by the way they hired pete rose said fox as announced in as an analyst to make
6:59 pm
sure we put him on the comeback was. are you looking at these in the morning? >> i am at under armour is the all-time high but long-term i believe it does catch the overall market cap. issing day old the youth market. really. charles: that is the tall order. >> after the masters you could not pay for that. >> but that will mean more to that company but the top-10 selling shoes are sneakers for basketball. >> if you have children football and basketball is it. >> if you have been married 20 years go for it. we trust that the jade money manager john karzai.
7:00 pm
-- john karzai and. make sure you catch the show. tomorrow morning i will be torn stuart varney. with for donations to the clinton foundation allegedly leading to political favors by hillary clinton's department the accusations could prove fatal to hillary clinton's 2016 envisions that for now is not commenting. retaken up with our opinion editor and also chairman dempsey sparks outrage after dismissing the symbolic


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