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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  April 21, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm EDT

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was an unsolicited bid it is in strong volume leading health care, that will do for "the opening bell". time for "varney and company," charles payne is in for stuart varney. charles: here is your big story we are watching is the u.s. heading for a showdown with iran? u.s. aircraft carrier was sent to the arabian sea to block iranian arms shipments. we will break it down and where did the strength come from, and if the presidential elections were held today it wouldn't even be close. hillary clinton would crush her potential republican rivals by double digits. bird flu has been discovered, 3.3 million chickens and i will providing 20% of all 8 in the united states, grocery bill is going to go up. reporting this morning we will have the marketing law for you,
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dow jones industrial average is down, "varney and company" is about to begin. stuart: check the big board the dow was off 52 points, nasdaq is higher, remember the stock market has gone more than a month without hitting a new high and that makes a lot of investors nervous. a lot of investors are very spoiled too, got to look at oil. not a lot of reaction to middle east tensions. where is the geopolitical risk we talk about? up a lot from last month's lows, speaking of being that gas prices keep climbing up overnight, $2.46 the price of regular up 7 days in a row but remember we are still $1.20% before we were a year ago. you have to count your blessings. now to the middle east, the u.s. navy sending warships into the
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persian gulf. navy officials confirm the uss theodore roosevelt along with a guided missile cruiser the u.s.s. normandy left the persian gulf and are on route for the arabian sea. this is a major step to stop the iranians from delivering weapons to rebels in yemen. joining us to weigh in is lieutenant general mcinearnedy, the united nations voted to have the best of weapons from getting to the yemen rebels if you well the houthi. your and knew this but they are sending a big convoy out. how big could escalate? >> it certainly means their objectives are to seize the territory in yemen that the houthis are starting to occupy and have a huge part of it. it shows another effort towards
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expanding radical islam throughout the arabian peninsula and that is portia radical islam. it is very dangerous what is going on right now. charles: what i don't get with this convoy the united nations got together and said we are going to have an embargo and not allow these on to get there. there in the arabian sea, obviously we are going to skip what can happen? will they try to force this issue or are they trying to make a statement? how ironic in the middle of nuclear negotiations that they would do this. >> is very ironic because the united states has been trying to compromise at every turn on the nuclear talks so they can get a successful conclusion to those talks yet they have an expanding iran through the arabian peninsula and is building up to be forced on force naval ships against naval ships. here is what i think will happen, charles.
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i believe as a result of that u.n. resolution last week that said there was an embargo on any arms going into yemen that the egyptian or saudi ships because they are authorized under the un charter will stop those iranian ships. i don't believe u.s. ships u.s. ships will be in the background and in a support position but you will have the egyptian or saudi ships go up to inspect those ships going into the harbor. i think that -- i would not put u.s. forces against the iranians even those they could be authorized. let's let the arabs do that. charles: to your point we have this ten nation coalition sunni versus shia we have stayed in the background but strikes by saudia arabia softening the
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houthi but not stopping them. we have seen isis shifting from one place to another but we can't seem to destroy them. how long before additional action has to be taken militarily and what role would america play in that? >> a very good question. the reason they are doing this in the frontal assaults way of sending in convoys is that the houthis are running low on ammunition, running low on supplies and probably running low on troops. i would suspect there will be iranian troops in there that would reinforce the houthis. how long is a good question. it depends when you have the confrontation between the sunni alliance, ten nation coalition and the iranian ships. will laid-back down in the cuban missile crisis or will they continue on? that is the dangerous situation.
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will they in fact strike those iranian ships? i think they will not. i think what they will do is let them offload them and they will immediately attacked them. the saudi air strikes have been effective, yesterday they destroyed some scud missile sites near the capital and that was very effective. it is more effective than people realize what the saudis are doing. charles: i for one am glad to see they stuck their stuffing up in their own backyard and taken the fight to the enemy. thank you very much that was fantastic. you fill us in on a lot of angles. back to the markets. a real big deal. in the works generic drugmaker offering to buy its rival for $82 there will be a mix of stock and cash and reestablish the biggest player in generic industry. last week we don't want to be taken over but they will take
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this deal to the shareholders and the applause is going to thicken. maybe it gets done or maybe it doesn't but right now both stocks are higher, stocks leaning toward needy. hillary clinton dominating in the polls. with these numbers. marco rubio holding his best against clinton and trailing 55-41%. jeb bush is the height hillary by 17 points, 56-39. chris christie and rand paul falling behind hillary putting up 39% to her 58%. fox news digital politics editor with us in washington we heard about -- i thought the numbers were coming down and there was a problem with likability or e-mailgate was going to hurt her, never the less she continues to steam roll these guys in the polls. >> this is not my favorite poll in the world, but of course
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hillary clinton is leading the republican challengers, potential republican nominees. there are more democrats than there are republicans in the united states. the democratic nominee starts with an advantage over the republicans. to win elections republicans need all of the republicans plus some of the independents to get over 51%. that is always how it is. the problem for republicans is how quickly and effectively can they choose the candidate that can get famous, get money get on the attack and get in the game? charles: it looks like a crowded field to that point. i saw rand paul with bill hemmer earlier, saying more or less if his rivals play nice he will play nice that you get a feeling that this republican race is only inches away it is a powder keg and these guys are inches away from absolutely demolishing each other to the point where whoever the ultimate candidate is will be damaged goods.
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>> yes and no. hillary clinton is going to be self-damaging, she will sit on the shelf over there and will be old news and people will say all we have heard about hillary clinton, what on earth can hillary clinton do or say with a phony primary fields to make anything interesting or engaging. the republicans will talk about stuff that will be damaging but there will be interest and attention. i didn't know who barack obama was at this point in the 2008 cycle but you get famous catch fire, people like what you are saying and you get going and for the republicans it is this. the establishment has picked jeb bush. he is their guy. sorry chris christie but that is to the establishment has picked. there is a demolition derby to see who will take him on in the final round. stuart: charles: one guy that caught fire scott walker, is saying he can be hillary by a wide margin in 2016. of scott walker is the guy you
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are talking about that appears to caught fire gaining national recognition and being attacked by the president himself from time to time. >> they stand apart as separate from the rest of the field. younger different, outlook, and when you think about who to go against hillary clinton if you are a republican there's a broad sentiment within the party that says they need a new face, a new look something that challenges assumptions about the republican party and having somebody who is young and hispanic would definitely be a change would so too would nominating a blue collar middle-class kind of guy, joseph a. bank wearing guy from milwaukee. those are different looks for the republicans and others whose a pick jeb bush he will raise the most money and he and hillary clinton can grind down each other like the eastern front of world war ii. before before i let you go they
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are giving me the wraps signal. a walker/rubio ticket, who will be on the top into would be on the bottom? thanks a lot. now this. prosecutors have arrested the captain and crew member of the but the capsized in the mediterranean 27 people were rescued out of 900 passengers hoping to reach europe from north africa. ashley webster is here with us. this is absolutely -- ashley: this is going on on a daily basis this is the worst incident we have seen of this type in the mediterranean ever. certainly more than 800 people believed dead. hard to get accurate numbers, the united nations calling it a humanitarian crisis. what is the e.u. going to do? they have been criticized, scaled back on search and rescue missions though they have an emergency summit in brussels and "after the bell" point plan, so euros zone, we have a summit and come up with a plan. they are trying to get to the smugglers themselves to by the way charge on average between
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$111,600 per person to get on the boat so it is within their interests to pack as many people as they can on these boats and make as much money and what happens? disaster. the sink and we have this horrible situation. charles: i read where last year there were two main routes from africa the dish they calculate and that gaddafi may be -- for ashley: is a region we know is in turmoil and these people simply want to get out take their kids with them for a better life, save her life you can't blame them. most of the launches of these rickety boats with hundreds of people hanging on our launched from libya. there are ringleaders' behind it they believe and that is to they are trying to catch. you can arrest the captain and crew members but they will follow the money to clamp down on who is actually running
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these. charles: some of the passengers were locked away inside the boat. ashley: as many as 300 in the cargo holds. horrible situation. before the new book clinton-not even out until next month but already raising big questions about hillary's chances to take the white house. will there be enough to bury her? bret baier is up next.
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charles: let's check the big board, the dow up briefly at the open but has gone negative nasdaq is up the s&p also. take a look at dupont, pretty good numbers with strong dollar taking a bite out of profits the company raised its dividend, that was one of the things that was higher not lower. harley-davidson never had a
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shot. bad earnings report, low sales forecast for the year and down it goes. time is money here is what else we are watching for you today. they will be producing 13 original and episodes of the show and collett cooler house. you can bingeall it cooler house. you can binge watching mall next year. another future recall, blue bell creameries recalling all their products from shells. dr. siegel is coming up with more on this. check this out with a new species of fraud discovered in costa rica that looks like everyone's favorite muppet. scientists are calling it the bear hearted glass fraud but we are all going to call it kermit. look at that. let's get back to hillary clinton and the talk about her new book clinton cash the new book about clinton cash not even out until next month but raising questions about
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hillary's chances of taking the white house. special report host bret baier joins us from washington. what i find amazing is this is one of the things $100 million and people they did business with. why is this particular book all of a sudden magnifying the scrutiny? >> good morning. i tell you, what it does is it connects the dots puts all in one place basically goes into details does not for all the noise that was made this morning from clinton supporters including david brock john podesta and others that this is a partisan hit job. it really is detailed laying out the bullet that thes of the fact of each of these events and leave it to the reader to decide how you piece it together.
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basically a lot of this comes down to a convergence of time lines where secretary clinton, then secretary of state is meeting with big players or adjusting policy in one way or another at the same time bill clinton is getting paid the biggest dollars for speaking in these various countries $750,000 for a speech, $5,000 at the same time within a day or two of meetings but secretary clinton has on certain topics. that is one of the aspects of this connecting the dots and that is why it is getting a lot attention. we will have a piece friday on the fox news channel at 10:00 p.m. eastern. charles: people can complain about the exclusives different media outlets have with the author but we have to point out it is pretty interesting because the criticism has to come from the far right. the washington post, new york times taking note that there's
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something about this book connecting the dots the clintons in africa, feels like they -- the implication is they would meet with anyone for the right amount of money. >> each chapter could be its own hour. the new york times working on one of these aspects of this funding by itself. respective of the book and the book came in from what i understand. and fox news digging into this for a while. and haiti kazakhstan, india, every iranian enrichment involving the russians. all of the details, get into the weeds, it is interesting to see
11:21 am
how it connects. charles: let me ask about president obama increasing pressure with nuclear talks with iran, to get the release of american prisoners do you think that will have an impact on how this plays out? >> the white house has been firms that they are not putting this prisoner release into the iran negotiation talks which they have been out of it but separating the two. they haven't been put in by iran's expansion efforts and hegemony throughout the region as part of these negotiations either. so i don't expect that to be rolled into one but i expect the pressure to increase for them to do something with iran on these prisoners. charles: i fink this is the third deadline we had. you mentioned the special this week on the clintons friday at 10:00 p.m.. what is the title of the special again? >> fox news reporting specialty
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tangled web, the clintons. it is friday at 10:00 p.m. eastern, saturday at 5:00 p.m. eastern and sunday at 10:00 p.m. eastern. if you don't see it live you should set the defeat of our because it is worth watching. charles: thanks a lot appreciate it. huge bird flu outbreak in the midwest, millions of chickens and turkeys being put down. jeff flock has all the details next.
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>> turkeys also affected such that hormel now says their profits are going to be down because their jenny o turkeys, you know, they've killed thousands of these turkeys. important to note also, charles, the government reimburses you. if they come in and say you've got to kill your chickens they will reimburse you for your chickens. they don't do that for turkeys. the reason they reimburse is they want to make sure farmers have every incentive to report and comply when there is an issue. hormel's down over 2%, tyson down almost 3%. you know even though it doesn't
11:28 am
affect people at this point, it may affect your bottom line. charles: jeff, thank you very much. people are still asking that question. so we do have dr. siegel he's going to be coming up in the next few minutes to elaborate on that one even more. >> appreciate it. charles: thanks, buddy. >> i'll try. charles: hillary took millions of dollars from foreign governments in exchange for favors while she was secretary of state. there's already talk it could kill her chances of taking the white house, but here's the question, guys, could it also put her behind bars? judge napolitano after the break. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] we know they're out there. you can't always see
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charles: after weeks of weather delays, the solar impulse ii, the world's first solar airplane, is landing in nanjing, china. this is the sixth stage of the plane's journey around the world. it started off in b abu dhabi back on march 9th. the plane will stay in china for the next ten days, and then it sets off for hawaii. looking pretty cool. it's not the spruce goose that's for sure. [laughter] all right guys, the dow jones still off 49 points. the nasdaq is higher and the s&p relatively flat. also flat, oil. right now despite all of these tensions in the middle east gas though is up overnight, $2.46
11:33 am
the price of regular is now up in the past seven days. remember, however, the silver lining, it's $1.20 lower than it was a year a so that means more money in your pocket. whether you decide to spend it or not it's up to you. the cheapest gas in the united states is $1.94 at an exxonmobil station in jarrett virginia. taking artificial preservative and synthetic colors, kraft is taking it off the -- out of the original macaroni and cheese in the united states. ashley, we all grew up with this stuff, and i'm sure most people have it in their cupboards -- [laughter] i think fewer than used to. this is a move that is just where we are as consumers -- >> well, they're taking out yellow dye number 5 number 6 and replaces them with more natural colorings like paprika and these kinds of things. kraft says that they made that move because they wanted to do it and they're also taking the
11:34 am
dyes out of jell-o and these other items, kool-aid -- >> wait a minute, they're doing this because the free market demanded it rather than the government required it? [laughter] am i mishearing something? >> let me just tell you, there was some considerable consumer activism on this issue. there are beliefs some of these dyes can create hyperactivity in some chirp who may be -- children who may be prone to it, triggered by these dyes and there was a huge online campaign too. some 350,000 signaturings. kraft says that has nothing to do wit, but i'm sure it did. charles: they do have some problems, they have to reinvent their products for the next generation of consumers who are demanding that this stuff is not inside their foods. >> yep. charles: well, it's been called the most anticipated book ahead of the elections, alleging the clinton foundation took in millions in exchange for favorable treatment while hillary clinton was secretary of state. if these allegations prove to be true, just how much trouble is
11:35 am
hillary in? all rise, you heard him, you saw him judge andrew napolitano is here. this is serious stuff. >> well, it's very serious stuff. now, i have not seen the book. the book will not be out until may 5th, although i understand some of our colleagues at fox already it and will be commenting on it this friday. >> right. bret's got a special on friday on the fox news channel -- >> and "the new york times" and the new york post admittedly a bizarre combination with us, are in the same boat that they cooperated with the author and we and the times and the post are -- charles: washington post. >> if i said new york post, i misspoke. washington post, new york times. bill clinton and hillary clinton supporters both prior to this, and fox news, are vetting the book meaning testing the accuracy and authenticity of the author's research and conclusions. now, if the research holds up if it is as it has been billed
11:36 am
as being, it is far more serious, more solid, more closely aligned to the bribery statutes than what senator robert menendez of our home state of new jersey has been indicted for doing. in the menendez case he's been indicted for doing a lot of favors that members of congress odder power inly do for constituents. in this case, a friend of his in florida who was an eye doctor. got the guy's girlfriend in on easy visas and negotiated sweetheart deals with medicare for reimbursements. and in return he received trips to paris and the dominican republic, and he had campaign contributions made to democrats in his name. the government's argument is that the gifts that he got influenced his decision to help this guy. charles: right. >> listen to the case against hillary as it's been outlined in this book. while she is the secretary of state, negotiating with the country of colombia in south america, she is persuaded to change her mind on a particular issue, to go from --
11:37 am
>> free trade agreement. >> free trade. that's a significant issue. charles: right. >> and at the same time that she changes her mind, her husband suddenly is asked to give a speech which will be financed by these people at $500,000 a speech. and there's more. the investors in the keystone pipeline which the secretary of state under our crazy, wacky legal system has to weigh in on and she was against that, suddennenly she's in favor of it when one of the investors in that pipeline contributed a million dollars, right, to their family foundation. so when you see this pattern, there's an actual timeline, i understand, in the book. behavior by hillary as secretary of state, financial increase in wealth for bill, financial increase in wealth for the foundation. now, what should she have done? she should east have said to her -- either have said to her husband, don't accept that money and don't accept that gig, or if i can't control my husband -- god only knows she can't control her husband --
11:38 am
[laughter] if i can't control you as my husband, then i'm going to recuse myself as the secretary of state from making these decisions. >> how can the secretary of state recuse themself from these critical decisions? >> these are about as critical as the secretary of state makes. charles: i've got a crazy husband who will take every nickel on the planet? >> so here's the practical effect. we are not talking about helping our friends' girlfriends get in the country. that's the menendez case. charles: right. >> we are talking about changing the public policy of the united states of america on issues that could substantially affect the wealth of the country by the fourth highest ranking official in the federal government in return for a financial increase in wealth to her husband and to her family foundation. if that's not bribery, what is? charles: ivan got to tell you she had the job from 2009-2013. you look at the trajectory of the amount of speeches and the amount bill clinton was able to charge for those speeches and it goes straight up.
11:39 am
i mean, the amounts he started to receive after she became secretary of state leapfrogged his initial amounts -- >> here's what he'll say, you know? my wife was secretary of state, and i -- she and i spoke. she didn't reveal classified secrets but i had an idea what was going on. charles: would he say that much? >> people were willing to pay for me to say that. charles: really? you think he -- >> if he makes an argument like that that's a dangerously close argument. ashley's right, they are teflon. they don't believe the same rules apply to them. >> but, judge, you can really connect the dots if we believe these documents -- which we're told are very accurate, this author, schweitzer, really, really went through painstaking ways to make sure that these documents, tax documents, government documents all very clearly laid out. >> right. >> assuming all of this is true, who makes the decision whether there should be some sort of legal action? >> this is a great question. charles: yeah. >> she could be richard speck killing the nurses in chicago 25 years ago.
11:40 am
if nobody charged him he wouldn't be in legal trouble. if nobody charges her if nobody investigates her, if loretta lynch -- the likely new attorney general -- does not dispatch the fbi to investigate this mrs. clinton is free and clear no matter how inappropriate or arguably unlawful -- charles: although, would that change if there was a change in the white house in 2016? >> statute of limitations would not have expired but then we have another issue, does a successor administration want to prosecute its predecessors? that rarely happens because the new administration doesn't want to be prosecuted by its successor. charles: i gotcha. maybe the final judge and jury will be the american voter. >> her supporters will support her no matter what, but the great middle the middle in the american electorate should be scandalized. charles: by the way, you talk about wall street not doing anything for society, you don't generate a lot of jobs when you go somewhere and give a speech. you're not exactly generating
11:41 am
a -- >> charles, the irony here, the book comes out on may 5th. on that day, bill clinton is in morocco trying to raise money for the foundation. [laughter] >> is it a slush fund? charles:! all right, guys, a recall at bluebell creameries. is our food supply safe? and millions of birds sick with avian flu could it spread to humans? it's a realistic question. we've got the answer, dr. siegel is up after the break. ♪ ♪ good. very good. you see something moving off the shelves and your first thought is to investigate the company. you are type e*. yes, investment opportunities can be anywhere... or not.
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♪ ♪ >> the dow had been up over 18,100, well, now it's in negative territory. down about 50 points. earnings have been weighing on the dow, the s&p lower at the moment just fractionally, but the nasdaq still holding on, up about half a percent. take a look at some of the movers here, travel hearse, dupont and mcdonald's under pressure. dupont has been citing a strong dollar that will likely department earnings. big pharma deal potential deal to be more specific, teva looking to acquire miland labs,
11:44 am
and we'll see on this one. shake shack, seven analysts have a hold, one has a sell, no one has a buy. don't forget, it was a $21 ip be o. more fox biz coming up.
11:45 am
charles: it looks like the eurozone is bracing for a greek default so, ashley what's the latest? >> well, we've been down this road many, many times before, and you can only cry wolf so
11:46 am
many times. i think the banks have already earlier in the year started dusting off those con contingency plans. patience has run out for the imf the ecb and the european commission, all of them saying look, you have a choice, you either agree to these economic reforms and keeping these austerity measures in place, otherwise you're not going to get any money. they're going to owe the imf one billion year rows in may -- euros in may. charles: they don't have a billion euros? >> they don't have it. charles: what are the contingency plans? >> they've got to realize what could happen here. could there be the contagion? could we see an issue of portugal? charles: will the dominoes start to fall. >> the dominoes. we could have greeks with suitcases full of euros making a run for it. i think these the worst case scenario. charles: but italy, spain, portugal, they don't go this route. >> i don't think so. portugal is more stable ireland has been the poster child for how to do it properly. charles: ireland has been
11:47 am
amazing. they took their medicine, and they're coming back. ice cream maker bluebell issues a recall of all of their products after a positive listeria test. dr. marc siegel with us. the big question as we head into barbecue and picnic season, how afraid should we be? >> the problem with listeria and the bluebell is that it gets added at the distributer level, and that's very hard to control, charles, because they check the ice cream, and it doesn't have this bacteria in it. charles: but then they pull a big tub of chocolate chip, and wasn't it in more than just one product in one state? >> that's why i think it's the distributer. in other words, it's not where the ice cream is made -- charles: at the ice cream plant, it can still be con tam may noted? >> of course. someone gets it on their hand then it gets into the ice cream and the yogurt, and it swarms especially in hot seasons.
11:48 am
it's a big risk to pregnant women. anyone that's immune know compromised or a pregnant person has a problem with this particular bacteria, it can be life threatening. they've got to really control it. charles: this is scary stuff. three people dead five people ill, i know in a normal year a fair amount of people die from in anyway elderly, young children. >> exactly. charles: how do we know when it's contained? >> it will eventually burn itself out, but it takes a while, and it can affect hundreds and hundreds of people. this is a particularly big one. charles: it is. the second case of bird flu confirmed on an egg farm in iowa. can it jump from the bird to the human? i know we've asked this question before -- >> and i wrote a book about this -- charles: exactly. >> it can't. it won't. it coabt. charles: but haven't there been cases in asia particularly china, where maybe there was an intermediary, that somehow it went from the bird and then got into humans? >> yes, yes. but the kind of mutation that you would need before it would
11:49 am
have a sustained spread from human to human to human has not happened, and they couldn't get it to happen in the laboratory. there is a big business problem. a big problem is eggs. not about humans. because poultry, it has no immune system. you know what we do to chickens? we knock out their immune system so ducks and geese carry this thing and don't get sick. then a food handler brings it to a factory, it gets in a chicken and suddenly it gets into five million chicken and they're egg layers. we're going to end up with a problem with the eggs. i'm not so reassured because the chickens cannot fight this off. charles: all right. up next -- we have one more for you, doc. the vitamin cancer thing. you know listen, vitamins get a bad knock. either they don't work, they're not effective, we take too many, now they're saying vitamins cause cancer. >> well, this is one of those studies where in colorado they looked at thousands and thousands of people. there's no proof here. but i'll tell you what the message is, to lick acid -- foe
11:50 am
lick acid was found to increase the riskover polyps in the colon. i think the message is if you eat a well balanced diet, you might not need that vitamin pill. and before you think i'll have a second, a third if you too do have of that, it may actually be bad for you. >> well balanced diet. charles: it's not conclusive yet. if someone's taking vitamins, keep taking them. >> vitamin d and b12 those are great. charles: here's the best part, building a home for veterans, they won't have to worry about their power bills. we're going to tell you how their pulling this one off, it's a great story. we have it for you after the break. ♪
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charles: tomorrow is stuart's favorite day, and united way in long island will be breaking ground on the first zero-energy-ready home. it's so energy efficient, in fact, it will virtually have no energy bills and, get this, it will be built by veterans for veterans. president and ceo of the united way of long island, teresa, is with us right now. absolutely amazing. i can't believe this is the first one. tell us about the house. >> yeah. so really good afternoon it's
11:55 am
great to be here. about the home, you know, this is really an historic event because it's built by veterans for veterans. so partnering with department of energy, hud our supporters, they've really given us the go ahead to build these homes in a way that helps train veterans for a better future. and i think our combat vets especially deserve the best. charles: these veterans are also being taughting how to make solar -- taught how to make solar homes so they can go out and get jobs afterwards? >> right. these zero-energy-ready homes people meet a few different measures, they have to be durable, energy efficient, advance technology systems in the home comfort, safety, health, all these measures have to be put together by the design professional. charles: they have solar panels though. >> they do. they're ready for solar. charles: can they actually sell energy back? i know in some places, they get enough energy and they're not using it, they could sell it back -- >> absolutely. comes right back to the grid.
11:56 am
it's really a great opportunity and it's great for high demand, high growth careers for veterans, and we make sure that the training is done in a way that they can get better on with their -- charles: teresa, is this a template? will this now be spread out, you know, will you guys take it -- obviously, you're in charge of long eye lammed, but will the -- island, but will the united way find a way to take it across the country? >> united way is in the housing business -- charles: but with the alternative energies, solar panels -- >> right. i would say that we lead the country in this design because there are only 2% of builders that build this way. charles: really? >> yep. by the department of energy and united way's development corporation is one of those 2% of builders that are building with these design elements. so we're hopeful that we can push this out and have relate irans -- veterans leading the pack as the employment of the future in this area. charles: on that note, tell us about the bets anyway. are they feeling better? are they being treated better?
11:57 am
you know, are they more optimistic? >> we have a lot of young men and women coming in mostly post-9/11 veterans, and with our combat vets you can really see the challenges. charles: yeah. >> whether it's health mental health, we have young men and young women that have been on the battlefield next to the priests delivering last rites, tough, tough job, so they've seen a lot. so i think the services are out there, and i think they've just got to reach out to the united way's two on one program, and we can help them out. charles: i know you will. ful thanks a lot. it's a beautiful thing. will the new book, "clinton cash," put the brakes on the clintons' political machine? dan yell helper is going to give us his take. that's hour two starts in two minutes. ♪ ♪
11:58 am
11:59 am
law rig clinton the presumptive nominee for the 2016 presidential run and yet most
12:00 pm
americans don't know what she stands for others then she is a successful woman. after her iowa lost to barack obama she gathered a team together and asked what is their message? that was a full year into the campaign and then the economist magazine said line read what does hillary stand for? wheen know she is lucky having no experience with financial trading she turned one thousand dollars into $100000 in ten months with help of powerful friends. she will one of the twin flat for of being a woman and paying for the rich. one is a little bit murky. $136.5 million taken in by the clintons mostly given by a speeches to foreign entities. made another $20 million from banks, the people that they hate. not exactly the stuff of poverty. it is intriguing in this case that will be called into question. what hillary stands for, the
12:01 pm
voters might see differently as they see this new book that is all the rage that we will talk about. ♪ charles: let's get down to it. author of clinton in is here, he will help us figure this out. i got to tell you, it has been a long time since i have seen a book with this advance buzz. everyone sort of agrees on the left and right that it has been well researched and goes as far as connecting dots to the point that it goes beyond hunches and assumptions and make serious allegations. >> absolutely. we haven't seen the book yet so we don't know what is in it but the new york times has called it meticulously reported and if it holds up and it can prove the claims that it has already made a man in will be explosion and
12:02 pm
they will have to defend themselves and lay it out, what actually happened and their defense of what they are doing now is trying to discredit the author make him look like the right wing hack, like a conservative full and trying to get everybody on their page when they approach this book. not necessarily add bad strategy, is what they do how they operate but is unsettling. charles: so far supporters have come out, not really attacking the author per se but the idea that exclusive arrangements with different news organizations at some point they have to attack the allegations or nullify the allegations made in this book rather than attacking the author and all the other sort of peripheral things. >> what they are trying to do the book doesn't come out rich
12:03 pm
week to week so depending -- it places their advantage by having us talk about the book early because we can only talk about one topic for a certain amount of time. by the time the book comes out will be considered old news so i expect their defense to be this is old news, in truth we don't know the contents of the book so i think that is one element of the strategy and going after the author i kind of disagree their allies have been trying to more southerly in some cases trying to say this guy is the right winger. worked for george bush, he published in conservative outlets, can't be trusted at all. i think we should let the facts speak for themselves, let's read the book is a good solid case it will be explosive. liz: that is the important point. let the facts speak for themselves. now the author is being attacked for making errors in prior
12:04 pm
publications but the issue too is the whole idea of selling influenced by the clinton coterie and bill and hillary clinton, giving retail politics a new definition, a new meaning. the other thing too is will this obscure hillary clinton's efforts to find what her policy positions are if she keeps having to answer questions about this book shouted at her by reporters? >> perhaps. if they ask her questions. that is the key. reporters need to ask the questions for it to offset hillary's plan. if they don't do their job and follow up on this then it will go nowhere so it does require reporters actually wants to find facts. it is interesting, and i hear this all law, what are hillary's views? what does hillary clinton stand for? she stands for herself, trying to figure out her views because she has holes in the field
12:05 pm
trying to see what her views are. no other candidate, except hillary clinton they are up in the air she is not driven by believe. charles: i can tell you, make sure don't plan on going on vacation for the next two or three weeks because everyone is going to want to talk to you especially after this book hits. we will have you back real soon. let's check the big board. stocks have gone more than a month without a new high making people very nervous. more on that next, dow off 71 points. oil relatively unchanged but guess up overnight $2.46 is your regular average. in the past seven days but remember we are $1.20 lower than at this time. the cheapest gas $1.94.
12:06 pm
let's stay on the markets scott shellady in chicago. let's start with will meandering right now, a lot of key resistance points, it has come back lot faster than people talked about we were talking about a three handle. can it move up from here? >> it could move a little bit from here but it is not just an oil story, it is general commodities story. the strong dollar, the rhetoric over a rate hike. we have something to worry about as far as how strong the dollar gets and we are still not firing on all cylinders. can you imagine being a politician and seeing oil come off as much as it has and not seeing any real benefit to the economy and scared to see will start to creep back up? that has to get some folks as well. we have economic malaise we don't have an economic engine on all cylinders, we're starting to get this rhetoric and talk of a stronger dollar.
12:07 pm
it will be hard for oil and other commodities. charles: talking about being arranged. it has been over at a month new highs after new highs, all of a sudden people are anxious you have what is going on in the middle east greece getting out of europe maybe now is the time to pull out of this thing. people are very worried right now scott. >> the game change was the friday jobs report we had on good friday we thought it should, when futures were open, it was closed higher than the previous thursday. that got a lot of guys worried, maybe we are going to see the fed stepped in and do something they haven't done before, and i have seen some things across me on the other room where we have seen positions that are taken in case the fed decides the hike is do just to make sure it wall street in charge and keep the
12:08 pm
japanese equity prices. the game changer, the friday jobs number, that snuck in and that put a damper on things. charles: everyone is looking at september, won't be long before we start talking december of 2016. you are looking great i like the shirt and i know you bought a new wardrobe. we will talk see again soon. we are moving in navy officials confirming the uss theodore roosevelt along with a guided missile cruiser the u.s.s. normandy on route for the arabian sea. this is a major step to stop the iranians from delivering weapons to rebels fighting in yemen. joining me is judith miller, author of the story and fox news contributor. the un voted, russia to stop blockades any sort of additional ammunition to the houthi, a randal about this but they send the convoy, setting up what could be an ugly showdown.
12:09 pm
>> testing the waters, no pun intended. what is going on is a test of wills between iran and the united states and iran and the saudi arabian sand their gulf allies they sent ships to blockade that. they make sure this doesn't happen. last thing in the world barack obama wants is a confrontation in the gulf over arms shipments to the houthi rebels. it is reopening negotiations on the nuclear talks. will do everything it can to avoid this. and see whether the united states is willing to stand up for its saudi allies it puts us in an impossible situation. there is a dangerous miscalculation. before you get all these ships in one area and the general
12:10 pm
talks about egyptian and saudi arabian naval ships confronting this convoy, that is when it could get real ugly, it is a powder keg to begin with. >> even though the united states is providing air support to the saudis for their mission against the houthi rebels you can't control their ships. that is why roosevelt went out on the normandy to reassure the saudis the we have got their backs but it is also a deterrent to the iranians to say don't play a round. liz: this is the fourth major show of point for oil 4 million barrels a day. and oil tankers, will this happen again? and you think? >> we have seen a steady buildup of american forces in the gulf and the region and that will continue whether or not the iranian talks collapse or continue. and they will support this war.
12:11 pm
we will be caught in the middle. how come iran keeps pushing the envelope, taking them from russia sponsoring terrorism in different areas around the region, pretty obvious, pretty blatant and with the blockade they still send these ships for the blockade. what do they -- i don't understand, thumbing your nose at us to this degree. >> you to understand the iranians are extremely shrewd assessors of their firms the people they are negotiating with. charles: president obama boxed himself in and has to make a deal no matter what. >> that could be at miscalculation, but the ayatollah himself given what he has already said about his next demand, at the table with respect to the iranian talks they're pushing the envelope in
12:12 pm
all directions. charles: someone's ego took a hit. >> it is an assessment of how weak he thinks rock obama is. charles: coming up this hour, a medical breakthrough for anyone with chronic pain scientists developing king killers from spider venom. no dangerous addictive drugs are going to be needed. jimenez and specialists will be here to tell us how it works. up next big backlash against standardized testing, thousands of kids boycott an english test. we have details after the break.
12:13 pm
12:14 pm
[music throughout] ♪because i love you♪
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[announcer] this is my business. i believe in it. i live it and breathe it. i put my heart and soul... ...blood,sweat and tears into it. i run on quickbooks. that's how i own it. charles: grand slam winner, netflix off 5 bucks despite the fact they may have another winner like a house of cards, they're bringing back it family
12:16 pm
show full house. taking the big chance. liz: this stock they did $15 a share, now it could record $900 a share. it is making the right moves. you look at the lineup of old classics, twin peaks the wonder years, monty python joined netflix, it knows what its viewers want and what its viewers want is tv classics and that is happening with fuller health. hopefully the olsen twins and bob said get. charles: the\is growing against standardized testing 300,000 students across new york of the out of a mandated english test. dierdre bolton is here to wait in. what do you think of these tests? are they a fair way to assess not only to school kids that their teachers? liz: my bottom line on this.
12:17 pm
dierdre: you can test my kids still the cows come home. my biggest complaint is not to make the curriculum about this. as young as second grade starting to prep kids for s 80s. as far as what the politicians did hillary clinton finds the standards useful which surprised me because normally she would be courting the teachers' union which are very much against standardized testing but she does say implementation hasn't been great. all three gop candidates a in one form or another get rid of them. liz: the teacher's union say this is a way for teachers to get out of doing their jobs. you have to ramp up the testing they want standardized testing. on driscoll's test standardized testing as well. the teachers union is the underbelly of this, opposed to standardized testing and basically tied to their teacher
12:18 pm
evaluation. dierdre: it is hard to judge how good a teacher second or third or fourth grade they're starting to press these kids as early as second grade. charles: if they know how to take the test they don't know anything else? >> 13 skills, you see that with charter skills, not just teaching to the test but it critical thinking in there. we have such mediocre performance. >> i have seen it tests and i'm not impressed with problem-solving, critical thinking. charles: i saw my son that day, his cool the two sets of tests and sometimes they would give them a lower test. i didn't like that. dierdre: we have a lot of stuff the ceo of go daddy. danika patrick is not coming. nascar n. the ceo of go daddy will talk about diversity in the workplace and other subject. charles: the nfl, the draft is
12:19 pm
right around the corner in each year the league size of potential draft picks, the i.q. test, joining us from chicago the president of wonder lick and tells us tells us about this. i never knew nfl players took an iq test. i knew they were running and jumping what questions did he ask? >> questions very, the start very simple and get more difficult as you go through the test, 50 items on the test start of questions as simple math and language spiral's through spatial reasoning, logical reasoning questions that get you to some challenging algebraic tights. charles: what exactly the general managers are looking at this to understand problem-solving kind of things, what kind of role has displayed in determining where someone has picked in the draft? do you have cases where this has moved some one down or moved them up? >> i can't talk about the scores and how they are used specific
12:20 pm
people in the nfl but just like any business the nfl is making the right hiring decision with salaries ranging from $400000 to an average of $1.9 million, these are expensive decisions to be making and as an employer they went to make sure they're reducing the risk of making a bad higher. they use this as a piece of information with all the other information during the draft period. obviously that is the most important thing to look at but when you hold athleticism such a great quality you are looking for every piece of information. one of those things that is important on the field. charles: what about emotional test? that is becoming a bigger part in a lot of other businesses. one thing to have this fantastic iq whether it is football or general i.q. but how do you use that emotionally from the bad pr out of the nfl lately? >> you have to look at the package.
12:21 pm
with a person's cognitive ability intelligence and the emotional intelligence sometimes it is referred to as emotionally connected or making the right choices as far as that is concerned. employers are looking at multifaceted aspects to see if they're the right fit for the job. charles: can you tell us has anyone ever a state tests and who has the highest score as the record? >> the only one i can talk about, he got a score that was pretty well published and is willing to talk about it the cincinnati bengals a punter he graduated from harvard, very bright person very successful since then starting a real-estate firm and doing quite well. that is the one i can tell you is acing it. charles: we appreciate it. this sounds like the movie script with an argentinian prosecutor is found dead before he is planning to tell
12:22 pm
lawmakers the president of argentina helping to cover up the bentley bombing. now the president gets a free pass from the country's top prosecutor. you can't make this up. tom clancy can but we can't.
12:23 pm
12:24 pm
12:25 pm
12:26 pm
charles: prosecutors in argentina have dropped their case against president fernandez kirchner. the use agent after the lead prosecutor was found dead the night before he was planning to tell lawmakers he wanted to charge her for allegedly preventing an investigation to the debt 1994 bombing in buenos aires. elizabeth macdonald is here with more. talk about crazy intrigue. liz: we were covering this on the show, creasy intrigue is right. argentinian government doing deals with iran and in the process covering up the deaths and killings of 85 jewish people at the community center to creep -- key trade deals with iran. we have a federal prosecutors say won't demi moore investigation. he decides with the christina kirchner party. reconstitution says you can't continue a criminal
12:27 pm
investigation simply determining it is a crime is committed when it is clear that no crime has been committed. this is real keystone kops kind of stuff and no surprise argentina ranks at the bottom in terms of judicial independence. charles: just when you start the question our judicial system. thanks a lot, great story. will the new book clinton cash in the mainstream media's love affair with hillary? we have a media watchdog will break it down. first here's a sneak peek at tonight's episode of strange inheritance tonight at 9:00 eastern right here on the fox business network.
12:28 pm
the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables ncer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do. new york state is reinventing how we do business by leading the way on tax cuts. we cut the rates on personal income taxes. we enacted the lowest corporate tax rate since 1968. we eliminated the income tax on manufacturers altogether. with startup-ny, qualified businesses that start,
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>> all right guys let's check on the big board at the dow jonesville up 7 points for the session oil was, has been
12:32 pm
relatively quiet all day and down a penny. 5637 up to 2.47 that is for regular a gallon. back now to politic website hillary clinton and this new book clinton cash out next month but already making huge waves joining us now is glenn public of public policy. will this new book finally jump in the mainstream media's love affair with the clintons? >> maybe temporarily. but in the long-term we're in a year and a half away from the election. i think that the bias will start to show as we get closer and closer. >> how do they go about scolding her and then coming back into her loving arms? >> well, or vice versa -- >> just a matter of what you report right? you can focus on one thing you can focus on another thing one day they can be admired in this scandal and then next day she's brilliant tough because she's survived the scandal. >> usingerness of reporting
12:33 pm
getting to the bomb of what happened. why is it bias? >> i think there's no question that a poll was out from the university of indiana showing that only 7% of reporters are republican. and there's no question that plays into people's world views what they think is important. >> you're talking about nonreporting of it. >> absolutely. >> angle and how they describe it when ted cruz was introduced it is ultra conservative right wing when it came to the 2008 election, i think the media went major networks went about 6 months before they used their label liberal on barack obama. >> well, in this particular case, we already see "the new york times," washington post, being critical already out of the gate and those are two -- those are two many outlets you would normally not see this. could it be that this book has found a way to serious allegations and prove them. how would the media be able to step in and provide the typical cover if that was the case? >> well, again, they could say
12:34 pm
that is all news by the time the election rolls around. they can say well we covered this already. old news, and nothing more to see her. move along. >> so jim, this -- 93% liberal or democrat liberal in the media, this spin is always going to be with us. isn't it sort of, shouldn't it be sort of an oath to fairness or honesty within? we're all taint i guess what we report, and it it can be tainted from time to time with personal feelings, but the idea that they've provided this much cover particularly for this family for so long and faces so many allegations and missteps really boggles the mind if they continue to do that. >> uh-huh. you talk about journalism standards they have a page of their journalism standards, and what we have documented are institute just facts time and time again. they do not live by those standards. and when you confront them about it i've gotten back a nasty e-mail from a "new york times"
12:35 pm
reporter because they don't want to deal with the reality that they have a job to do. they're supposed to be neutral and they're not doing that. i'll give you a prime example. every year our institute commissions to finding out voters what they believe about public issue policies. what we have found we've done the poll three years is that voters are misinformed about major issues that effect them. >> misinformed by government or media? >> i would say most of the disconnect is between voters perceptions, reality further, liberal narrative advance bit media. i'll give you a prime example. 80% of the voters regular vote is in america, believe that the middle class pays a higher effective federal tax rate than the upper 1%. now, the actual ratio is upper 1% pays 2.5 times the tax rate of the middle class. that is stunning. >> how many times heard that
12:36 pm
obama say that warren buffett pays less than madam secretary you start to believe it after you hear it. >> they're going to report the facts they're not doing that. you know act as a mouth pies for certain narratives but that is not being a reporter. >> i have to tell you this right here, i mean just looking really bad bret baier has a special on the fox news channel friday, when we see that, and once the book comes out we want to bring it back. because it is hard for the media to circle if it is as we've heard. we appreciate that. that is good stats and polls we appreciate it. we appreciate it. now back to the markets. a mile left, one of the few winners 7 bucks. offering to buy them. let's go to michael robinson in chicago. san francisco rather i'm sorry. michael you know this is a deal that has been in and out of the rumor mill for a long time that big fish, little big, what do you make of it all? reporter: i think it is a great
12:37 pm
combination. you know tivo has been found in 1901 do something like 70 billion tablets year. generic is a important part of the landscape these days because of the concentration and trying to cut health care costs. nylon is an excellent company. difference between the two is that it generates a enormous amount of cash, the stock is up 25% over the last year, a.m. projecting once this deal goes through, i think it will has a good shot i should say. i'm looking at 25% gains over the next two years. i don't think we're going to get quite the growth in that stock is over the last year. but this could be a very good combination. >> well, when rumors came out on friday mylon said there's no way we want to do this. we want to build ourselves up. yesterday morning they found them a little bit more accommodative 82 million at a discount to offer price that means a lot of skepticism only wall street. does that mean if it does go to
12:38 pm
your point does it have to be at a higher price? >> i don't think everybody is trying to handicap it. part of the deal charles, that is an plenty point you think it goes zooming up to the price. it hasn't. this is a part of a combination of cash and debt. i think that market is trying to figure out all -- how all of these pieces are going to fit together. that is what is going on today. >> last night ibm beat by 11 cents miss again on the top line. buyback a billion dollar buyback a little bit of benefits from taxes here. militarily stock exploded i think at 170 in aftermarket but talked u down by every analyst out there. what do you make of it? reporter: i don't like ibm. i don't like it right now. i mean, from a technical standpoint you can see it is forming a base. you can say there's technical support for it okay great but what did imb doing is to invest in apple because apple has a new
12:39 pm
business relationship with ibm. it has a lot more momentum. i wouldn't touch the stock right now. unless i can get it at a really stupid chemoprice like 145 or o 150 or something like that. and then you're going to have to own it for the long haul. >> before it got there you'll see new ceo. you mentioned apple let's go deeper into apple. i think it was a couple of days ago rbc put a 185 target on it. everyone is talking perhaps this could be the first trillion dollar stock everyone argue, if you look at traditional evaluation metrics anyone can argue that the stock is cheap. yet, it feels like it hit something of a road block what is next thing to get it through? success with the watches? >> two things, i think it is upcoming quarterly earnings report. people really want to see what is going on there. the blowout -- for the last quarter was a amazing with the iphone i think people want to make sure that momentum is going to continue in the smart phone market with them. as you won't really see any kind
12:40 pm
of numbers on the watch, it is too new right now. but you have apple pay i think people want to sew that. it is range bound specifically because we haven't seen quarterly results. once that happens we're going to have a movement. i believe it is going to be the upside. >> i hope you're right i'm in the stock too buddy we'll talk to you soon. >> okay. >> up next is ch bird flu outbreak in the u.s. we're talking millions of chickens and a turkeys are sick. are humans in danger? research is using spider venom to help with pain. tell you how it works, right after this.
12:41 pm
12:42 pm
>> nicole right now dow jones drill down 17 points. not bad at 17,965. s&p 500 down 2 points, and nasdaq is gaining, holding on a 13.1 materials and the week of the day. came out with this number noting that first quarter profit, did fall. and also going to have a strong value with numbers forward.
12:43 pm
chemical i. p. also under pressure. almost 5% today. you see their profit fall. but it is going. on the rise. don't forget jordan masters under the or their umbrella. reporting after the bell. chipotle amazed to watch and engine each gaining more than 1%.push more coming up. but to get from the old way to the new, you'll need the right it infrastructure. from a partner who knows how to make your enterprise more agile, borderless and secure. hp helps businesses move on all the possibilities of today. and stay ready for everything that is still to come.
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12:45 pm
>> take a look at this shares and kraft taking the artificial preservatives and synthetic colors out of their original mac and cheese sold in the united states. going to start in january. liz, a high profile move for them. >> krafts mac and cheese touted as one of america favorite drunk foods. i mean, college kids love to eat it. i love kraft mac and cheese. now it is taking the art official preservatives out of it. the coloring that gives it that lovely neon nuclear hue is going to be removed. and they're going to go to paprika and turmeric to give it its natural coloring >> not that nuclear hue. >> not that hue anymore. the argument it was that the artificial ingredients were carcinogenic or cause asthma that is according to a blogger called food babe created a a controversy on the internet. but this mac and cheese has been around since the depression era so the fact that it is changing means that this is a turning point i think in eating, with
12:46 pm
the american parents concern about what they're children are now eating. >> i think it is a big ground swell beyond internet. once you attack a look at this now. i want to ask would you pay $200 for a $50 starbucks gift card for mother's day get this starbucks is offer aing it, it is a stainless steel gift card ceramic finish 1500 cards made available. they're sold exclusively on the internet there's only one per customer in that. keep that in mind. >> what is interesting is that every time starbucks that has done this, those gift cards have sold out so they're making it a limited e dogs with a matching gift box you know, it is a 50 dollar preloaded card but cost $200? >> i would get it and put it away. never use it see how much it is worth ten years from now. now this, iowa form has 5 million chickens after a a bird flu found in her flock.
12:47 pm
doc we have to ask people are worried about this. they need to hear it over and over again. can this jump from the chickens into humans? >> it has in a couple of rare cases but u extremely rare for that to happen. i don't think people should be worried about about that. i mean, of course, it is a major concern for the industry because it can spread bird to bird an deadly. i think the reason that we worry about about it in general is the virus is actually pretty deadly it doesn't spread to humans. but the worry that you have is let's say somebody gets bird flu, you know that one individual, and somebody also gets regular flu at the same time. maybe those two viruses could mutate with each other and then cause something more deadly and more contagious. >> you know what -- what is the deal with this? how do these viruses like the flu coming and reappears how does that happen? >> hard to know. some of these viruses fit in places and be hidden sort of like chickenpox might hide in your body and come back as
12:48 pm
shingles not sure how to get it but it is spread easily between birds. >> something nor different for you scientists are saying spider venom used to treat chronic pain tell us how that works. >> looking at developing it. i mean, i think it is promises that we're looking at venom snake and spider can immobilize peopling and then help with pain. we have drugs right now that can stop pain the problem is that they work on other things too. if you let's say get general anesthesia your pain will be gone but asleep because it works on the brain and puts you to sleep. same with novocain before a root canal you may not feel pain but won't feel your mouth either might lose your sense of taste. so problem is how do we get rid of pain. >> also, did the abuse of these drugs now have prescription drugs to fight pain. this is a huge epidemic in this country. >> a huge problem. the idea to have other medications that might work. you don't need just medications but the idea that you could use other things that might not cause addiction that is very
12:49 pm
exciting. the problem here again is that, you know, will it have other side effects even working on muscles or other things and if you get rid of all of your feign to protect you. >> worried about this stuff, and then it kind of goes away. five years from now read about it, it kind of goes away. >> you know. relatively close on these? >> maybe, i mean, when i say realtively five to ten years because we have use the venom for other medication and botox as a toxin but thing is, you know they have to have backers and enough interest and go through so many different face and efficacy. >> and a way to make a synthetic version. who is going to warehouse that many spieders. thank you. >> jumping in there? >> and taking steps to improve relationships so does that mean you can buy all of the cuba
12:50 pm
cigars you want. go down to havana that grab handful the. we have the man to ask, he knows and he's next.
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>> all right take a look at this, today sotheby new york will sell internally flawless diamond, it is the largest of its clarity and cut ever shown in auction. sotheby expected it to fetch up to 25 million dollars. that is a beautiful thing. a major issue on all things cuba hits newsstands today. david joins us, you brought cuban things with you. >> legally obtained cuban cigars. >> this is the big thing we can buy bunch of stuff there are limits on what you can get when you're there. >> as an american going to cuba on a authorized visa you can go up with 400 and 100 of that can
12:55 pm
be cuban cigar or alcohol. i chose cigar on my last trip. >> 100 dollars is different if i bought from a buddy at a bar listen i got cubans for you. 100 can go a little bit further down in cuba. >> it does cigar prices will are reasonable for 7 8, 9 you can gets a fine cigar not bad at all. >> how much does that box go for? >> this was priced at 75 a cooks which a cook is pegged at one to one to the u.s. dollar but the penalty 87 u.s. that falls within the 100 range. >> it sound empty. there's cigars. >> we do smoke cigars. so there's a couple misses but there's a box of ten a great cigar monte cristo petite number two. number two cigar which is our cigar of the year for 2013. beautiful cigar, pointy tip got a 92 points issue in the magazine, and it fits in nice
12:56 pm
with the $100 limit. >> that was the first cuban i started smoking. i read for regal lewis. let's talk about credit cards for a second it is ohming up. we know europeans are going there but they have u.s. credit cards as well. >> they became legal in january. but the fact they're legal duct make them functional. it is a cash driven economy. cigar shops restaurants especially really you need cash there. but you can use a credit card in hotels it started to open up. >> you say cuba opened up to america we think resorts rather hotels, beaches, of course, restaurants. i hear restaurants are blowing up big time. >> it has been improved back then it was really a poor dining scene. now it is eventive restaurants a bit of private businesses you can open up your own restaurant if you're a cuban and getting fine meals >> that is the magazine there all a things cube. i appreciate you bringing me some -- no coming on the show. [laughter] >> listen this is your watch.
12:57 pm
>> a michael coors watch. you got that about you. cigar and the good life. >> love the magazine by the way. >> thanks, i appreciate it. hey guys more barney after this.
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
>> a lot of this comes down to a convergence of timelines where secretary clinton, then secretary of state, is meeting with big players or adjusting policy in one way or another at roughly the same time that bill clinton is getting paid the biggest dollars for speaking in these various countries. charles: that was special reports host bret baier on hillary's problems. and here is what you had to say about the program. this about hillary's crushing the polls for the g.o.p. as long as the g.o.p. talk about hillary they'll contribute to the campaign.
1:00 pm
never mention your opponent's names. my fellow republicans are the worst campaigners. we've heard that. and we're leaving you for the ever-- i was trying to think of a compliment, deirdre. deirdre bolton. deirdre: thank you. charles. the u.s. has nine warships near yemen. black rock's global investment strategist tells us how she is measuring the risk. you know the godaddy commercials well. what you might not know the ceo is helping to lead the charge bringing more women into tech. he's our guest this hour. netflix bringing back "full house", what the tanners could bring to the u.s. giant. the u.s. naval carrier, the u.s. theodore roosevelt near yemen right now, they're there to block iranian weapons from getting to houthi rebels. peter barnes is with me from d.c. and here in new york wal


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