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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  April 21, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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children, you have to keep an eye on these alerts and that is my "two cents more". that's it for "the willis report", that you for joining us coming up next we have "making money." have a great night. charles: breaking news, corporate earnings continue to flow in the with major names reporting and it's the same old story, they missed the revenues but we gain on earnings. missed on both yahoo! below, that is the stock that happens to be trading higher and another one that impacted a strong dollar, i have to say that i was wrong, big blue chips initially hired today gave up all of those gains on the weight of a strong greenback. nasdaq managing to trade up 19 points. it's a huge day for the market during the session after the
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bell here. this is "making money" and i am charles payne, let's go to our panel. we have matt, hillary, jim, , scottie. congratulations on the new title, also congratulations because you know the point yesterday that the topline mrs. would not be tolerated any longer and that these companies have to start getting or they would be punished. >> yes, congratulations, i think that the world is getting harder for companies to continue to just squeeze their margins and meaning that they are using technology and productivity and quite rightly they are not paying workers very well and that's one reason that wage
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raises are occurring. they need sales and revenues to grow. and that's one of the reasons i'm skeptical. there's a lot of sectors that i like very but overall i think the this is a spot to be cautious with because of a topline growth. charles: topline growth is an overall stipulation of the economy both globally and at home. are we talking about the economic problems? >> the weight of evidence is starting to lean that way. the question is if it's a first-quarter problem or a full year problem. as we have said, we know the first quarter was off to the start, but the third and fourth in the second quarter. charles: you are talking about the bottom line. >> growth in the economy. charles: okay, okay, gdp growth. >> yes. charles: we have been making this assumption from longtime.
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charles: the lack of topline growth has been dismissed as matt made the point yesterday, maybe finally we can no longer enjoy it? >> i think that we have to wait, we have to see what apple has to say and think. and we are all looking to see what happens with revenue. and this is a security stop. it is the on every single thing. charles: here's the here is the thing that i'm worried about is the big blue chip names that let led the market, the dow jones lower today, that was automatic and they all have one thing in common, the strong dollar. >> that obviously has enough said. and maybe we have had a level where it is going to start rolling over. but the bottom line is easy to
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beat. 61% on the topline which isn't much lower than rivalries when you see this, but it's more certain stocks in the and the bigger ones get her more because they are such interesting things that it's tougher to be on revenue. charles: you know, i think maybe it might be a little bit counterintuitive that we can be talking negatively about the strong dollar. you know, but really it doesn't, we have to race around the world for the lowest and cheapest courtesy and something to be said for a lower dollar. >> this isn't anything new, we knew that this was going to be something, it's not like it happened overnight. would you rather have a week dollar or a strong dollar remap. charles: that is what i'm asking you. [laughter] >> it depends on if you're dealing with exports or imports. charles: isn't helping the economy? taking into account purchasing
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power, the dollar, is the strong dollar helping? >> yes, it is, is putting capital in the country so the fed doesn't have to raise interest rates if they see it as a sign. >> you know, helping them is all in that infamous may of 2010 crash, everyone remembers it. this includes wire fraud, commodities fraud, and one count of spoofing. so much for the ghost in the machine. it looks like maybe it was greedy wall street guys that were behind us and jim, we remember that. you know, it was a flash crash, nothing to worry about, now people were worried and now they're going to be even more worried. >> it took them this long to
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figure it out and that the answer is no simplistic, but what worries me is that this is true and an iranian hackers seize it, now he knows how to bring down the american capital market. >> with safeguards come you have international investigators, they come down, they publish this several hundred page booklet if that's true, why do we not have better safeguards in our system. >> this is a great reason why investors should be in the long-term. charles: it's not always the long-term if you have these kind of quirks. >> if you would've stayed in the market when the flash crash took place, to tried to become a trader rather than an investor over long-term. >> i would be more concerned taking over the flash crash. charles: also the machines are being manipulated.
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and this was part of high-frequency trading, there's a lot of false trades, a lot of them go through, some of them are real, some of them are not, nudging around, but it is a lot of manipulation and the market has nothing to do with real supply and demand. >> you know, when the margaret goes up, i'm going to defend hft, high-frequency trading is why the retailer can click on this and it this for practically free. charles: i have the same memo that you have, 40% of the market. it wouldn't the market even more with orderly for them to go through? >> i'm not so sure about that. but the good old days were not always so good, you know, when
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they dominated trading when human beings or the groups, have their always been individuals trying to be a part of this? of course there have been. but in the long haul it doesn't matter. but it's not nearly as profitable as it used to be. he very well could have done something criminal, not defending this individual. >> they are calling you to be some sort of expert witness. it was pretty good stuff. these days you simply cannot avoid it and i saw it everywhere that i looked. everyone is talking doom and gloom. so when we come back, we are going to talk about your disaster portfolio. we are talking about mitigating losses in just three minutes.
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♪ ♪ charles: okay, guys, we have to blow the whistle and open up a page from "payne's investment playbook." over the weekend we got some tweets. one individual was asking as we went back and forth, my dad has 1 million plus invested, and subscribes and he is telling everyone to get out of gold. by the way, she is talking about quarter stansberry and associates. i know that your dad is afraid, i know a lot of people are afraid these days because right now in my mind the biggest bubble out there is the doom and gloom crowd. the longer that these guys are wrong, the more we are going to double down on the marketing efforts and platform efforts in or later they will have that
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kind of "gotcha moment." that pullback is impossible, i wouldn't argue that been a long time since we've had a correction. his firm specializes in bubble research and how they have meltdowns. the stock market underperform, the pleased to be was emerging growth and that was the equities. >> 8.1% annual growth, if you're considering a disaster portfolio, the thing may be your guideline. during that time, however, this was your father's point, the average price of $270 in 1999 to $972 by 2000. i'm talking about 250% return and you can see why this looks so appealing. and so i think that it's too early for the gloom and doom stuff but you do have to know how to make adjustments in your portfolio and for me, one of the things that we do as we adjust
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our positions. but we are going to talk about this because i have to tell you that everywhere you look, and it's not just says or newsletter writers, it's periodicals and everything. and so first, let's talk about how you set up your portfolio. so we are breaking support points, earnings estimates are coming down, what are you doing different? >> you can loosen up for when the market does correct, you feel like you're going for a shopping spree in collecting really good names for the long run. charles: winners or losers? >> the losers, the ones that are losers, don't count on them coming back and we cracked, and the ones that have really big profits went, you can trim them down, and anyone who says that you have to have 65% equity and income, it's okay to have some cash, it's okay, it's the right thing to do, it will help you
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sleep at night and enjoy the corrections. >> you feel some of these pullbacks, when the market goes down. charles: in the past i've actually sold some winners and then six months later i'm like, what the heck, why did i sell that thing. kimberly-clark was up big time. >> that is the thing is that it's just going to be 10% pullback, you can get back in 10% and it's nearly impossible and trying to determine the next crash, 2000 technology, 2007, 2008 technologies, trying to predict that it's impossible to be one talking about the crash, what are the real signs in the typical talking points. you have been allegedly bearish overall, what would push you completely over saying that this is going to be an ugly ride from
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here. >> listen, i don't think that we have to crash from i think that things are priced aggressively, i think that the simplest metric to work at for the average investor is talk market value capitalization versus gdp and right now we are at the 2000 and bubble tech levels and that's a dangerous sign. i'm not saying get out of all equity would be more defensive, while utilities that aren't sexy like utilities, consumer staples, the question about gold, it's often sold and literally sold through infomercials and a lot of newsletters and a lot of people that are unsuspecting. and i think it's anything but that. and by the way in 2008 when the world was falling apart, when you need to gold most got absolutely destroyed. so the idea that this is a safe haven is a real problem. charles: a lot of people got out of stocks and women to vote
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thinking gold thinking that would be a safe place to be. but overall when you're talking about is meltdowns, nothing is going to be saved. that is why cash isn't a bad place to be. >> my answer to this is called rebalancing, have an asset allocation based on your age and your risk tolerance. charles: what if someone has 80 grand and they don't want to go to a professional or spend extra money. they do it yourself kind of person. >> okay, have 50,000 about inequities in of the 50,000 and one a certain amount of large capital and small capital and the rest they want an intermediate term bonds. come up with your asset term allocations and then rebalance periodically. that way can put this through. charles: when you get nervous about things? do you ever get noticed about things enact. >> i am perpetually conservative and nervous, just don't show it. you live through 73, 87, you
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know, you don't get emotional about it, but i'm always very attentive to the risks and what can go wrong and preservation of capital is my first roll and i may not show it, but if i err on the side of caution, that's what i'm going to do. charles: when they give you their money, they are saying if we can make a few bucks off of it, that's great. >> they are comfortable, but they are not the super rich that are giving into the hedge funds. >> sometimes they panic and they say to sell. we need to have another plan already ready to go instead of entering that panic mode. >> it's like psychological factors. >> let's just assume that we
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were on the cusp of a crash, how would you adjust your portfolio? >> winners and losers? >> the losers will be the first that we want to get down, let them win as much as possible. >> i think what you want to do is think through that shopping list and you have talked about the companies that you know. and oh, my goodness, everyone is buying sports team her finale. we talked about diabetes. charles: you are talking about the aftermath. people want to know what to do. this woman's father wants to buy gold. to me, that is a good thing, i know it doesn't throw off dividends, but the point is historic value, historically over the long term have actually done better than gold.
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>> property is one that does and it has the name characteristics which includes finite supply, but it pays a yield online. >> people need to know it is the theme. okay, coming up next, we have the "ask payne" speed round and i am at @cvpayne on twitter. driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't.
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charles: in other good news, making headlines, the saudi arabian led coalition has ended
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its campaign against rebels in yemen, say that they no longer pose a danger to civilians. peter barnes has more later in the show. here at home, won iowa farm which provides 25% of all turkey meat in america has had to put all of their birds down due to the bird flu. and in case you missed it, taking out the artificial preservatives and synthetic colors. i know that it's a shame, by as many boxes as possible. over to your questions, whatever you need to know about how to make some money, we are here to an untrained answer. ken says is this a buying opportunity for under armour? was up three bucks yesterday going into the earnings, i think it's a great vibe, the first stock i mentioned on the show, let them pull back a little bit more, we talk about making a
6:25 pm
list, this is the stuff that you like to see. >> it's just a bump in the road and so obviously it's actually a good thing. >> what do you think? >> under armour could not protect its house but it has over the last year and several years for that matter and i think that when you are priced aggressively, which the stock is,, high multiple when you miss my little bit, long-term i absolutely believe in the -- st. charles: okay, so the balance sheet is improving. still president obama's war on cole has been a raging success for president obama and whoever else. just check this chart out, it's heartbreaking and the destruction has been unmitigated. i gave up on the cool stock, i'm
6:26 pm
not going to go back into these cool stocks. >> there are so many good stocks. the only hail mary that they have is that somehow they can take it off the regulation. charles: yes, the epa has been no joke. what do you think of dell to? my subscribers happen to think that it's one of the better run airlines out there. what do you think about this industry? >> since its inception, the airline has not needed money, it's a cyclical industry with the primary cost which is fuel. but in the short term they are in the sweet spot. >> they consolidate debt, they had regulations, now there are four of them. so they can't make money now. >> they went from the worst of the best business model on the
6:27 pm
street. i looked older, i love jetblue. charles: the only legal one in america. okay, scottie, you look like a movie star. what do you think about dupont's? [laughter] what do you think about dupont's? >> you know, they qe-4 the complement, tv matter. >> what do you think about them? >> you know, we talked about it earlier, it is the dollar. i think that they are going to have a tough time with the dollar and it's shown on the last few weeks and so i would steer clear of chemicals and dupont. charles: not enough for me to hold it. think about this, a world with no more passwords, a future that is all about your fingerprints. it's called biometrics and the
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available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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charles: it is all the rage and it's right around the corner, i'm talking about using yours a phone as a credit card, a modern-day switch. the next generation of security is going to come from biometrics. it means the process by which a person's unique physical and other traits are detected and recorded by electronic devices or assistance at the means of confirming identification. so the government poured billions of dollars into it. they wanted to track individuals coming into and going out of the country. so how can we track you reign
6:32 pm
how about the shape of your ear, your heartbeat, your iris, your periodic killer, long-range fingerprints. face recognition, dna testing, all of these are unique to each one of us and all of them will be used to make sure that we are okay. so they have security in mind, but on the other hand, this is going to use this thing and it's going to be huge. billions of dollars will be made and also the transaction. so take a look at the mobile market alone. we are talking about the devices themselves and apple pay. 7 billion, altogether, over $30 billion from mobile transactions alone. and obviously a lot of money can be made, some people are automatically going to be like, hold on. the government spearheaded this thing.
6:33 pm
>> many americans say it's unacceptable for the government to be able to hold onto this data and look in on it. but it's all about what are they going to do with the data. and i just came back from a disney cruise and they were able to do that. i love using technology for security, at the same time if they wanted to find out where i was, they could find out where i was. charles: that's kind of like crash. but here's the thing is that for the man that is not on twitter, how do you feel about this rematch. >> it's more than exciting, this is the way the future is, there's a lot of money made and a lot of money lost. so i would say it's an area where you want to be but you have to do it carefully and conservatively. charles: there were some individual biometrics out there. but the point is that it's real. you can't do all the things you want to with your phone, move it
6:34 pm
around like a magic wand and move freely without being able to introduce yourself. >> it's kind of exciting because i grew up with "debts mark" and other shows. >> this is why i go for honeywell and the reason is that it's so expensive. so after 9/11, all of this research was done and so now the applications will go for commerce for individuals and therefore you have to be really careful. maybe they will step in and acquire some of the things. charles: it's right there, you have to have that because you know that the phone is going to be everything. >> there are certain devices that you have to use your fingers on.
6:35 pm
and most are straight down. charles: the. charles: considering how dumb some of the passwords are with these leaks, maybe we need to get rid of them. you know, it didn't work too well for jennifer lopez. >> you know, charles, it reminds me of total recall, i was sharon stone, and the first time i ever saw her and i was very smitten with her. and they did all those retinal scans and that is becoming a reality. but i think it's google. once again, this is the private version of the nsa and how you can participate as an investor in big brother, they will ultimately develop technologies or acquire technologies for the companies that do. >> i hope so. i think it's going to be critical with what they are
6:36 pm
making and it's making this apple pay thing really interesting. but i think that there will be a lot of big names associated. but this is where we are going, there's no doubt about it. you know, there is some concerns to scottie's point. >> from an investment standpoint it's 95 million millennial and they don't care, they are all about putting the fingers on. charles: total recall wasn't that great anyway. it has a direct impact on your money we are going to explain more in just three minutes.
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charles: coming up next, the latest round of word flu wiping out millions of birds in the midwest.
6:40 pm
charles: breaking news, the saudi arabia and sending the signal that they are stopping in yemen. peter barnes has the latest. >> ending its airstrikes in yemen, saying that it had to wait heavy weapons and the list that missiles used by rebels fighting for control of the country. in a statement the ministry of defense and the coalition had said that they had removed threats against them and their neighbors, saying that they would focus on efforts towards a u.n. political resolution. in the meantime sources at the pentagon told fox news that the uss theodore roosevelt was
6:41 pm
chattering and iranian convoy of seven and nine ships in the arabian sea and that convoy consists of those suspected of carrying weapons and is being escorted by iranian warships. and the administration declined to say if american ships might intercept stating that the u.s. navy operations in the area were ordered to help protect freedom of commerce and navigation. charles: thank you, peter, we appreciate that. millions of chickens being destroyed after a massive outbreak of the bird flu. take a look at iowa. reported cases of the bird flu, totaling over 6 million affected chickens. we have a doctor with us for the first time, welcome to the show. >> thank you. charles: one question that people are asking is i just came from the supermarket. are they good, are they safe.
6:42 pm
>> generally if you cook your eggs in me, then you are saved. and even otherwise they are probably stay. and you don't want to spread to other chickens or poultry. it could cause damage to the food company. charles: i heard about it initially about a decade ago in china and i thought that i read cases were actually transferred from chicken to human on more than one occasion. >> estimate half, that's not very common, our worry here is that it hasn't answered yet, but let's say that it was to merge and in fact one human. you are worried that two viruses will kind of merge and then create some other types of virus that are more deadly and can spread as easily. charles: don't these viruses get stronger? would wouldn't this version be stronger than the previous version and if that's the case,
6:43 pm
maybe have more potential to spread? >> it doesn't automatically get stronger but they do adapt. the mutations that make them weaker probably fail. so you worry that things will get stronger over time, but so far it seems to be less affecting for humans. charles: we appreciate the information. we are directly involved, the stock was down two or 3%, do you think that wall street got it right? and we need to keep it moving, right? >> i think we can trust them, of course that is going to hurt the export to other countries if you have this bird flu if you're concerned about importing turkeys and hands or something like that. but for stocks, that may be
6:44 pm
helpful to look at other symbols as well. charles: okay, definitely. what do you guys think? it has been an unmitigated disaster, what do you guys think? >> i don't like this sector personally. but you make a great point. some of these animal health stocks, these actually deal with things that help to keep these animals save. >> animal vaccines, human vaccines, it's certainly important in viruses. charles: how does someone take advantage of this? >> you know, like you've seen a live chicken. [laughter] >> i do think that, and i
6:45 pm
mention this yesterday, bad news for farmers, if you look at the agricultural prices that have been crashing for a year but good news for processors, and it actually benefits from these lower input prices and so i do like those names. charles: also chipotle, we will hear more about them as well. coming up next, we have more. you guys have it coming like an avalanche. the stocks for the most part are getting knocked around pretty good, keep them coming and don't panic, we are here to answer as many questions as possible. send me a tweet @cvpayne ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] we know they're out there.
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you can't always see them. but it's our job to find them. the answers. the solutions. the innovations. all waiting to help us build something better. something more amazing. a safer, cleaner, brighter future. at boeing, that's what building something better is all about.
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♪ ♪'s. charles: it is time to answer your questions on the market, individual stocks, we are always getting some questions, any thoughts on shake shack or ready to turn south? this is an amazing rebound on this stock, i'm shocked about it and i think it comes down to this. >> who is winning? >> absolutely does fast food segment, people want to go out and have a better experience with healthy food and they want to feel good about themselves, they want to go upscale. that there is an intense competition in the casual sector. charles: maybe mcdonald's may compete there as well.
6:50 pm
okay, i have to tell you that this is oversold and i think that it's a long-term buy and i also like the energies are better. what do you think on this one? >> you know, energy was left for dead but it's rallied so much over the last few weeks but energy has been up and so i like them here or. charles: you see a perfect breakout to the top of the channel and that's a beautiful chart. >> next one up, you buy a new guy. and by the way, .82% on that one today. i like google come you can handle the ups and downs, you got the message last year and maybe even amazon. bring some of that money to the bottom line and you have to start returning some cash to shell --
6:51 pm
shareholders. >> you know, google is lagging behind. charles: okay, what about tesla, buying it on a 10% at around 187, i have been waiting for the debts and it just won't do it. [laughter] i'm not in it, i've been waiting for it. would you say forget about it? it looks like it can go up another 10 or 20 points. >> i went into the showroom, but you have to be careful, there's no way that they can compete with gm and ford. charles: i love it. don't forget to tune in tonight, jamie colby and "strange inheritance", she meets a family that is working to keep their family amusement park running. and then this story of a
6:52 pm
vancouver taxidermy shop, he dies tragically loses son to pick up the pieces. that's on the fox business network tonight. coming up next, why america needs to rethink its strategy and why china is getting it right. it's more than a network and the cloud.
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i'm down with crestor! make your move. ask your doctor about crestor. sup jj? working hard? here at the td ameritrade trader group, they work all the time. working 24/7 on mobile trader, rated #1 trading app in the app store. it lets you trade stocks, options, futures... even advanced orders. and it offers more charts than a lot of the other competitors do in desktop. you work so late. i guess you don't see your family very much? i see them all the time. did you finish your derivative pricing model, honey? for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. charles: economic colonialism. that is what i'm calling china, spreading diplomacy and money around the world without firing a table missile or shot or losing any holders. over the past 10 years china has spent more than $800 billion around the world and believe me,
6:56 pm
they are picking it up again. energy is the biggest one and there's also investments in metals and transportations and they are pretty spread out. details that china is working on a new modern silk road project, this underscores why maybe america must completely rethink foreign policy and this whole thing of nationbuilding. more than 2300 american soldiers have died in afghanistan in 2001. the united states has invested 5 billion, china is stepping up and they are going to spin him as $46 billion and they have plans that include energy, roads, mass transit. maybe it's time to realize that they are accessing minerals, materials, and a customer of the future. you know, china is not moving a big aircraft carrier into the middle east. no one is calling on them to save the world.
6:57 pm
i have always been an advocate of america being a part of this. >> it might not be the strategy, but there's an issue that america is dealing with, it's called national security. when was the last time that you saw a bomb going off because of terrorists in the middle of china. that is one of the main motivators because we are afraid of that and we want security to come out of it. they have been doing this in africa for years and they are making money and they are doing it. we are actually going to make some dollars off of it stay on clever agitator is, they bring in the own workers, they even hired the locals, even in the caribbean, it is amazing to me. >> the chinese are doing everything right from their point of view. but if we choose to do this, we will beat them because we have technology, ingenuity, capital markets, it's up to us.
6:58 pm
>> natural resources, they are going to own natural resources. >> we have ethics, we have morals, they have corruption and they have the veil of communism and both of those factors are really a part of it. >> i'm glad you mention that, china just mentioned that, the united states launched its first aircraft carrier a century ago. no contest, we have innovation and a culture that will foster creativity, the only risk is acting like china. it's a road to nowhere. soviet country, they refit the it. i don't know if it is about military, i think economically is where they want to play ball with us, tomorrow we have earnings out before the bell with boeing, and coke, and i
6:59 pm
like, mcdonald's, steve i'm going to you, earnings out after the bell tomorrow morning which is most important and set the tone for the market? >> i am going to be a chicago home or this. two chicago companies boeing, it is a dangerous world, i like different stocks, and i like mcdonald's, why there is no little to like about it right now, there is so much bad news er --n only help about do bet better from rear. charles: what do you like? >> mcdonald's the bar is so low. charles: you? >> organic revenue growth. the effect of the dollar. charles: listen quick, housing market, housing market, you have been right on this this week matt last week. >> housing index. charles: existing homes are out
7:00 pm
tomorrow, thank you for watching, thank you. you at home watching us every night 6 p.m., dvr the show if you can, i will be hosting for varney tomorrow, right now, lou dobbs on fox business. lou: good evening, i am lou dobbs, the united states world powers and iran resuming nuclear talks in vienna, iran has 50 billion dollar reason to agree to a final deal with new report that obama state department is not ruling out giving iran a $50 billion signing bonus if it brokers an agreement. we take that up with john negroponte. and hillary clinton attacking herself. reportedly saying that our economy requires a quote, toppling of wealthiest 1%, we will examine her queen of


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