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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  April 21, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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with you. ♪ ♪ you have a "strange inheritance" story you would like to share with us? we would like to hear it. ♪ ♪ kennedy: hello, friends, i am watching your freedom being chipped away one at a time by big government and the coors just as notorious and toxic and prevalent. you probably know what i'm talking about. that is right, kraft macaroni and cheese. a food blogger, she started a petition on to bully them to change their beloved concoction to it here to some fussy booze was standards. it's not even the market for
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his, it's a bunch of uppity note also think that you cannot eat for yourselves. and as you may have heard on south park [inaudible] >> it's been a long day. >> prepare to be nervous, it's never going to be the same, secondly, the reemergence of an annoying player, tim tebow. i have to say that my brother has turned me around on the guy and unlike his disgraced heisman winners, tim tebow has never been to rehab taken bribes or killed his wife. and he never went to usc. end key may be an annoying
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person but he has never beat his kids or his wife. he has his own pretzel crafted in this righteous image. and lastly, i'm watching hillary clinton. "clintonia" is a rabid place. she found herself as the media caught wind of a new book about a suitable foreign donations to the foundation. >> we are back into the political season, therefore will we will be subjected to distraction and attacks and i'm ready for that. kennedy: we are evil to put this debacle in her rearview, she is
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setting out to prove that those that she is a really good listener. here is a clip of her saying a lot. eighty-eight times. it raises questions about secretary clinton that she needs to answer. did you and the foundation except some unethical donations? and did you promise any offerings? did your ethical breaches make you unfit to run for the highest office in the land to and should you drop out of the race, sister?
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>> let's get right into the show and see what we have cooking ♪ ♪ kennedy: hillary clinton continues the accusation that she traded favors for cash. these are serious accusations and this is the judge. smackers shows the contribution to a foundation of a contributor and it's hard to argue that that is not what we call a quid pro quo. kennedy: that's right, i love the judge, we have joanne, the cohost of redeye on the fox news
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channel, and joined by dagen mcdowell. and of course we have a writer the talked to justin and roasted him like a handful of nuts. >> yes, i did. kennedy: larry the cable guy, god rest his soul. >> okay, so talking about this. her people are categorized with some of be accusations and they actually sounded like scientology spokespeople at some point. >> thank you for bringing up scientology, my personal
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obsession lately. and so moving on now, stonewalling is what she learned to do during her husband's administration and you wind up with impeachment proceedings. and that's not going to divide the clinton haters versus the clinton lovers more than they were already divided, people love her are going to say that this is pointless mudslinging, they don't play by the rules, they will never play by the rules, then the situation changes. kennedy: when will there be an investigation?
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>> i would like to look into some of the dealings of former president gerald ford, which received millions and millions of dollars from drug addax. >> [inaudible] >> i am simply saying that on one hand, like $5000 versus itchy meth heads, you know, i'm talking about dirty algerians as far as i am concerned. >> okay, you worry. >> yes, i do. that is because books are a wonderful tool for learning. in the means that she is against
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literacy. >> i'm worried for her campaign because literacy is important for this campaign and she's in favor of book burning. and you could fill a wall of a small library. >> in dc there is a pile of lincoln books. they actually wanted to show how many books have been written about lincoln. >> if you ever want to sell a lot of books about the poker lincoln, that's the way to go. i wrote a book about what if lincoln was the pope and it was really good. [laughter] >> something else that is going to kill you, kraft macaroni and cheese will no longer be made with artificial preservatives and synthetic dyes starting in
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january of 2016, instead they will get the natural sources of pack peppery herbs and spices. >> are you going to take my yellow number five out of my candy corn? you want to get your real fake yellow coloring. >> i love the velveeta shells and cheese, so long as that doesn't change, and then you put crushed red pepper in there, it is delicious.
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kennedy: frank's red hot sauce is good on everything. >> that's open wound. [laughter] you cannot get it all. [laughter] >> but you disagree with kraft? >> i think that we should also, it seems like petitioning this tobacco to change the spelling of kool cigarettes, you know, it has to be detrimental to prison literacy. >> it seems like now. two i think that that is the guy's last name. and so it is spelled that way. >> and i think it might be hawaiian, they have like three letters in the alphabet. okay, but there's way too many
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letters in that alphabet. kennedy: we have to go on being rushed, and i have to say that mint chocolate chip ice cream that is not green is bad for you and i said it right here and that is the word on the street. we will be joined a little bit later on, coming up we have the presidential speakers revered, stories about ellen hillary throwing down and throwing books at each other. and an author that has all of the inside dirt, we are going to get good and muddy in just a little bit. and opening doors to women for the first time, we have that next.
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people ship all kinds of things. but what if that thing is a few hundred thousand doses of flu vaccine. that need to be kept at 41 degrees. while being shipped to a country where it's 90 degrees. in the shade. sound hard? yeah. does that mean people in laos shouldn't get their vaccine? we didn't think so. from figuring it out to getting it done, we're here to help.
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kennedy: welcome back. the first ever seeing students open this week, and 16 of the 19 physical soldiers past the physical fitness test. here to discuss that, we have amber smith from concerned veterans for america and a former u.s. army helicopter pilot that served in iraq and afghanistan. welcome. >> thank you, it's great to be
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here. kennedy: let's talk about this. because i know that people are worried that if you allow women into special forces you will have to somehow lowered standards. is that what is happening in army ranger school to . >> today was a historic day. the first day that women were allowed to attempt to try out for ranger school. and it takes a lot of guts for anyone to basically go and start ranger school. a man or woman. but the most important thing to remember in terms of the ground military operations, the whole controversy is to ensure that the integrity of that standard remains. it cannot be lowered,. >> maybe your standards evolve, and another that's not a popular question for people who are
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watching inside the military, but i think it's valid, maybe the standards can be shifted a little bit. maybe you don't have to do so many chin-ups or there's a different way of measuring physical and mental acumen. >> unfortunately general dempsey, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, has sort of mentioned something the way that you did, he has opened the door to lowering that standard, saying that the top commanders in each of the branches of service should have a good explanation as to why those standards need to be held high and if they need to stay up high. the answer to that question is yes, absolutely, they need to maintain that standard. they are there for a reason. combat hasn't changed is because women are involved. the mission standards or success does not change just because females are now involved in the equation. that is why that standard is there to ensure to make sure that we maintain the most elite and lethal fighting force in the
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world. kennedy: so far the women actually had a l3 world. kennedy: so far the women actually had a lower failure rate than the men. but that was not the case with this. what happened there? what is the disparity between the army and the marines? >> there is obviously ongoing competition, but the women who did not make it through this with the first set of tests, they still have a long road in front of them. it's over two months long, mentally and physically challenging, they are having to do all kinds of different faces and this walk-in crawl and run sort of approach to these phases, just a few hours of sleep per night, two meals per day, and peer evaluations as well and so they have a very long road and in terms of the
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marine officers not making it through i think that the comparison will have to wait and see how the females do in ranger school because today is just a number one. >> i think that it's super intense to want to go into a field that is male-dominated where the authors that against you. or you were you love your country and you want to fight as a member of the special forces. i commend the men and women who put themselves physically and mentally through all of the rings. i think that they are incredible and that is why we have the best fighting force on earth. so thank you for coming by, we will definitely keep our eyes on this. it's almost like this live-action unfolding sequence of events and we will he how the men and women will think about it. >> thank you. kennedy: coming up next, "full
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house" is returning with new episodes. and after a decades long study, a doctor concludes vitamins could give you cancer. that's horrible news. and he's going to explain why coming up next.
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kennedy: a pill popper, a vitamin scare. a new study released about effective vitamin intake could cause cancer, and was led by the universe be of colorado cancer center. joining me now is doctor tim byers. welcome. >> thank you. it's good to be here at. kennedy: let us discuss that i take vitamins for a number of reasons, which we can get into shortly. my doctor has prescribed them. but first over to you guys in the medical profession, you guys
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realize that people who ate a lot of fruits and vegetables had a lower incidence of cancer. so if you are healthy and you take a lot of vitamins, you would also have lower cancer rates, but that is not what you found. what did you find? >> what happened was based on the observation that you mentioned, people that eat more fruits and vegetables have lower cancer and we figured maybe it is the vitamins in the fruits and vegetables. so over the past 25 years we have prevented cancer prevention scientists, they have conducted large-scale studies in which we divided people up into those, can we gave vitamins or placebos. and these dozen studies have failed to show any benefit and that is the good news, the bad news is that in several of the
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studies is an indication that they actually had higher cancer rates. we are not just talking about the same multivitamin but most of us take everyday, we are talking about giving vitamins in two or three or five or 10 fold levels. kennedy: that is the mentality that some people have, especially those that say if i work out once a day twice a day is even better, if i take a thousand milligrams, i would like to ask you. my mom is undergoing treatment. even though i'm on a gluten-free diet, my body doesn't produce even though i'm on a gluten-free diet, my body doesn't produce enough vitamin b. and i am somehow turning myself into a ticking timebomb.
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>> those kinds of situations are different. we are talking about the general population and our observations are as well, if you don't get enough vitamins, that's bad for you. if you triple or quadruple the average intake, that might be good. that is why we do these studies. they can be bad. kennedy: i want people to take things away from this. what are the three categories that you should not take too much of? were three instances where people could be putting themselves at risk? >> eisai beta-carotene and
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e even bullochbe even bulloch asset. people shouldn't take those unless they have a medical condition such as you do. people shouldn't take those in levels that are higher than what you can get. kennedy: but some of those are so good for fighting hangovers. [laughter] >> i will definitely take your advice, you know, i will rethink my vitamin policy. but the medically prescribed one i'm going to stick with it, thank you for taking time. >> you're quite welcome. see one coming up, william shatner has a solution for the drought. all he needs is your help. plus a billion dollars. and we have your topical storm
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kennedy: like a cherry blossom bursting on the branch, but that's floury news to let your senses with nonsense. this is your "topical storm." i love a good profanity laden coach bill down. and bryan price had that chernobyl at press conferences yesterday. the skipper went on a five minute long rant so full of f-bombs it could have been written by quentin tarantino. luckily for you we have the audio. so if you like this as much as baseball, enjoy. >> i am being as candid as i can be about this team and our players and then we have to deal with this, every team has no every guy that is here and what they can and cannot do. so tweet i'm sick of this
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[bleep] kennedy: i think that he was upset. topic number two, not your ordinary priest, he calls himself the decreased. and check out his reaction with the new trailer. >> holy cow, who is talking. >> that is luke skywalker right there. >> oh, wow. that's amazing. [laughter] kennedy: the force is strong
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with that one. and topic number three, the government is always trying to force social engineering on its most prominent citizens. and no, it's not the epa or the fda. the nsa, the spy agency, they are teaching kids how to recycle. >> hello, i am the recycling mascot and we are going to dig through all of the trash and then analyze it. good luck and make me happy. kennedy: yeah, just like we are analyzing your cell phone records. and we will make sure that all of that data is carefully scrubs of your good friends can spy on,
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i mean rely on, mom and dad. what are we raising? a bunch of hobos? topic number four, we talked about california's dire drought and now the golden state is turning to dust as it enters the fourth year of droughts. who better to propose a solution than a man who has gone where no man has gone before. a horn dog from back in the day who wants to save the day, i give you captain kirk. >> i want to build a pipeline that is safe from seattle, like the alaska pipeline, place where there is a lot of water, too much water. how bad would it be? >> you have to love his passion and creativity. but something tells me that he might just skim a bill or two
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off of that kickstarter fund. and well, unlike jerry brown in california, at least william gives a shatner. okay, let's play kickball, the last went to the playground is a rotten egg. last week a buffalo was so psyched to frolic in some reindeer games, he busted out some students. there you go, dodgeball just doesn't have the same thrill after you play dodge buffalo. it was trapped in a closet the closet and then shot to death by authorities, causing one individual to rethink bringing his warthog and for show and tell, he opted instead for a slinky. i love it.
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and you know i'm right. if you have any weird stories that you want to see on the topical storm, send me a tweet. you can also find me on instagram. coming up next, full houses returning with new episodes and i will tell you what other '90s shows that i think that they should bring back. we will play the tape next.
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you are gonna need a wingman. and with my cash back, you are money. forget him. my airline miles will take your game worldwide. what i'm really looking for is -- i got two words for you -- re-wards. ♪ there's got to be better cards than this. [ male announcer ] there's a better way with compare hundreds of cards from all the major banks to find the one that's right for you. it's simple. search, compare, and apply at first round's on me. ♪ ♪ kennedy: welcome back, martin o'malley had a few choice words for an economic argument advanced by republicans. >> it's not true that regulation holds poor people down or keeps
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middle-class from advancing. >> watch your mouth there, it's bad language drawing more of the media coverage, his campaign sends a message, they are, i said it. we have our panelists here again tonight. so going over to you first. a potty mouth in the body for sin, what did you make of his comments he made. >> he is going to need to go all the way out for people to pay attention. the only reason they were listening to him is because he is cursing. >> he thought that he would really take on the problems with that. he is a regular bryan price.
10:40 pm
>> they forget that they are outraged momentarily. like lbj dropping more f-bombs and i actually think that that is not true. >> yeah, my mom is going to call and be like, what is that. and i'm not worried about your mom. people on the second floor. >> well, he is in a celtic rock band. which is like really probably the least gubernatorial behavior of all of those things.
10:41 pm
and it's like bank robberies and south boston. kennedy: the dropkick murphy's. [laughter] >> typically if he is knocking over an armored car somewhere. >> what do you make of his dream? >> i would like to say that it doesn't make you seem cool, it just makes you seem it angry and i don't want to be looking at bad that in listening to that hostility because it ruins my by. kennedy: people think that these are the millennialist that are cheap and dirty lazy birds. >> it's like don't mess with my >> it's like don't mess with my aura. kennedy: because i'm unemployed. [laughter] >> exactly. kennedy: he said that minimum wage is the security crisis which drives me crazy because companies go out of business because they cannot afford to
10:42 pm
employ people paying the minimum wage, none of them are going to be paying social security at all and more of them will be on welfare. i love these economics. >> all of these major retailers are waging their minimum wages, trying to get ahead. more government, bigger government, it's going to be the only way that hillary clinton can run on what is going on. >> more government and big government is bad for business, even he says the tax code is too much. but republicans are the ones right now, rand paul in the light. what do you say? >> yes, we talk about this and it's like, what do you think of this. >> i still think that you're very hostile. >> did you see what i did? [laughter] >> and by the way, i have said
10:43 pm
way fewer remarks than i typically have. kennedy: i will tell you about the run up during this commercial break. >> he was the mayor of baltimore, right? kennedy: yeah, sure, he was just the one guy. [laughter] kennedy: speaking of people, mcdonald's taking the day april 20 to start its all-day breakfast menu. so, my goodness. do you know what happens when people get denied breakfast at a fast food joint? >> you have to order something from the lunch menu. >> i don't want lunch. i want breakfast.
10:44 pm
i'm really sorry. >> i'm really sorry as well. [laughter] kennedy: is that war of the roses. [laughter] >> that is so unfortunate. so how do you think they will embrace this love of breakfast? >> i do it often, it is easy to go to. i feel for them, they have been struggling with sales and i think that this is a step in the right direction. also they are underrated and i love it. and just a regular old cup of joe. >> i have seen the videos and they are pretty disgusting.
10:45 pm
[laughter] >> was there a before picture. [laughter] >> i will say that hashbrowns made every bad hook up okay the next morning. but they serve it all day long and it can just turn the world around. bad day at work, if you like stabbing her coworker, go eat some hashbrowns. >> when you have a belly full of sausage and maple syrup pancakes. >> i think it's great that mcdonald's is sort of loosening their grip on the draconian policy against canadian bacon at 10:30 a.m. >> or do we no longer have a lock remapped where does it end?
10:46 pm
can we now wear white after labor day? where we break down the boundaries? >> i just wear whatever. >> whatever is the least pete on. [laughter] you know, burger king loosening its grip. kennedy: last question, who has the best franchise in the country? >> mcdonald. >> mcdonald's. >> i never go with the fry option. >> i will take stake in -- stead
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shake. their fries are thin and crispy and gluten-free. coming up, secrets of the white house. an otter that knows all the dirt and it's not afraid to share next you total your brand new car.
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switch to liberty mutual and you can save up to $423. for a free quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. kennedy: the staff that runs the white house. president bush, president nixon, palling around with the white house staff who had seen and done it on. the stories have wrapped up in the new tell-all, inside the private world of the white house, kate anderson broward is the author. how are you. >> i'm good, how are you? kennedy: i'm always intrigued by
10:51 pm
people that inhabit the white house. it's such a bubble. but let's talk about some of the most famous residences and right now a lot of people are talking about hillary clinton. what is the most notable from her and bill in the white house amax. >> one staffer told me that they were the most paranoid for his family that they ever worked for, to change the phone lines to interior circuitry so that no one could listen in on phone calls. he actually had an usher fired for talking to barbara bush on the phone because each administration is really close and barbara bush was having trouble with her memoirs, so she called her old friend at the white house and this usher picks up and talk to her and then the clintons found out. it was all about discretion and loyalty and you have to be loyal to the family who is there. so he was fired because of that. the clintons really didn't know
10:52 pm
how to deal with the staff, they always felt like people were going in on them. kennedy: let's talk about the obama's because apparently they have a close relationship with many staffers. >> they are close with a lot of the african american staffers and the president has said they see their own grandkids in the family's daughters. he has asked one butler that he spoke for to speak french to her daughter so that they could learn the language, because they are young, reminds us that but some of them have been there since the kennedys and they remember what it was like the kennedys had their kids there. so it's very exciting for them. kennedy: they aren't just there for this coming have to know this and they pretty much stay on board. and so richard nixon acted like
10:53 pm
the party, didn't he? >> yes, he loved the bull, so late one night h and there was n there that was really beloved on the staff and the president said do you want to bowl with me and the two of them did so until two in the morning. and he said my wife will never believe this that i was out bowling with you, so the president went into the oval office and wrote a letter to his wife explaining what they were doing and another staffer said that there might have been a bottle of scotch involved. kennedy: that was the 60s and 70s. we only have 30 seconds left very at what happened with george bush and the pesticide? >> oh, he was playing horseshoes and they accidentally sprayed him with industrial-strength pesticide and he had to be
10:54 pm
decontaminated. but because he was who he was, he said let's get back to the game. kennedy: he was a good sport. the most beloved for his family that has been in the white house. we really appreciate you coming by. if you love politics come you have to get this. it's a great book. coming up, the relaunch of "full house" on netflix. what other '90s shows could be revieweds i stru at and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. the or visit
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single mocha with. kennedy: your appetite for 90s retro came knocking and now fuller house is official. a spinoff show coming on netflix. john's famous is going to produce a comic candace cameron will be in it, and jodie sweeten is also in it. and there is also going to be a
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reunion of sorts. if they cannot everyone down. and will bob saget work blue? we may need a few '90s reboots single mocha. ♪ >> all my gosh, claire danes and jerrett lehto. two of the most decorated and sought-after actors. and by the way, pop rocks. ♪ ♪
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>> i think that the '90s and fresh prince might be the king of the new millennium. bring it back. ♪ ♪ >> you might even be a scientologist. but there was one music show that i love back in the '90s. they played the best music area did i wonder whatever happened to the show. it was also part of alternative nation. >> you are the bad guys.
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kennedy: thank you so much for watching the show. you can follow his on kennedy nation and send us an e-mail anytime at fox ow,u dobbs on fox business. lou: good evening, i am lou dobbs, the united states world powers and iran resuming nuclear talks in vienna, iran has 50 billion dollar reason to agree to a final deal with new report that obama state department is not ruling out giving iran a $50 billion signing bonus if it brokers an agreement. we take that up with john negroponte. and hillary clinton attacking herself. reportedly saying that our economy requires a quote, toppling of wealthiest 1%, we will examine her queen of


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