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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  April 24, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm EDT

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10 a.m. eastern. i talk to lindsey graham about a host of things iran talks as well as hillary and her campaign on sunday morning futures. opening bell will be coming to you live from the milk and global conference live in los angeles next week live at 9 a.m. in l.a. from the milk and conference where we have a whole host of fantastic guests i hope you'll join me next week. time for barney and company taking us into the company. over to you charles. >> i can't wait to see your show sunday us and stuart back next week but a lot of big stories for you, yes you'll hear it first, chris christie is ready to run for president. charlie has a story and joins us in just a moment. there's also more on hillary getting negative number ons trustworthiness howl is this the issue that could actually sink her campaign? and italy forms on al qaeda terror plot at the vatican, and attended target was pope benedict adam sandler first movie for netflix is offensive literally people walking off a
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the set in protest and jason fresh off masters join us in studio to talk about the clothing line on tour. a big friday edition of barney and company and we start right now. ♪ ♪ >> get a check on the big board as maria was telling you not a lot of action in the fact that it would be low if it wasn't for microsolve the that is right having a day and what they were looking for. up big more growth in the cloud business. that is growing and growing so is that stock. amazon is winner after posting higher sales that has strong results in cloud business. but remember this company is spending more and stock is up big time right now. google getting boost take a look at google shares that is amazing parking google. making a nice move. but probably biggest most i would say guyses as starbucks
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hitting an all time high traffic was up. stock is up. s that a new all-time high. what does it mean? take a look at nasdaq as a whole broke the record today and it keeps on going. now, though, to fox business exclusive from our very own charlie new clues from new jersey governor chris christie's wife. hinting christie will macron for the white house. give us details. >> pat christie accomplished work fund workedded a angelo gordon telling fox business network that mary pat she's doing it for her husband to officially announce he's running for president. he looks like he is right now traveling all over the country. governor of new jersey, however, in iowa a every now and then. [laughter] or new hampshire. and any new jersey governor would do but he hasn't officially announced one of the close was a potential legal
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issue involving a shenanigans it looks like now based on her leaving the hedge fund we have that confirmed and she did tell people there that it is because he's eminently likely to announce he's running for president those legal issues are not the issue anymore. christie is running for president. >> i think the issue for chris christie is that the economy in new jersey what is he going to run on? nobody is newscasting in new jersey no jobs created in new jersey. but charlie this guy has a political gift. a communicator. conservative. >> i would say this about him, and i've written a lot of things about -- fortunately full disclosure i have nothing against him personally. he's a very good retail politician. what do we mean by retail politician? he can go out there, and nasty as he gets sometimes he's effective on the campaign trail. he does have an issue with the economy. but you know, it is going to be an interesting voice and added to now, i don't think jeb has
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officially announced yet but added to the amount that people who were officially announced we have crews, we have rand paul. rubio , all of the senator about about to get christie. i can't give you timing but i can tell you when the breadwinner of the families she's a million dollars year. when the breadwinner of the year quits her job and alerts their boss it is because my husband wants to be president. you know that he's going to be officially announced. >> here's the thing too guys it feels like he's been trying to soften that rough age talked about other last couple of weeks he threw out that little i don't know -- on social security being -- i think that was somewhat of a bypassing the primary saying listen, if i'm ever the candidate, you know, that was sort of a thing to the entire country. but i think he overplayed his hand already. those numbers are too low. >> good that he's speaking about national issues you compare that to scottwalk tear that comes amid walker this week on immigration, very popular
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anti-immigrant talk he hasn't really thought about national immigration policy about foreign policy. he's a wisconsin -- >> that is for the republicans though. >> christie has thought about these. >> become the nominee first before he can start >> joe biden believe it or not is a campaigner. >> more than that he's a communicate. problem with romney is that he couldn't commute conservative economic ideas and couldn't go to the average guy, i think
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christie can do it. >> all right let's move on now because hillary i tell you it has been the story every day. right she's more and more hot water of accusation that made clinton cash, right now looks like most american dos not trust her. i want you to take a look at this poll. a new fox news poll. 45% see it right there think that she's honest. all right mary castle from the board, trustworthiness is critical. i mean that could actually sift her efforts. >> a pole that says that joe biden is second choice if hillary doesn't run. but look, it is amazing to me that anybody trust hillary. >> problem in joe biden -- >> i'm sorry. how can anybody trust -- >> think that hillary clinton is coming across as trustworthy with computers take money from places. [laughter] >> who cares about that. but no here's what the poll should have said how many of you are surprised that hillary
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clinton received a poll? >> zero. >> that is where i think this thing stops at some point. it is so old reminds me i tweeted this out this morning it is hot cub time machine clinton style back, and buddhist temples, you know, renting -- >> the future and a going up for years and never sticks. >> years decade, for decades. >> even teflon is rubbed down. i'm going to tell you something if you guarantee and shave the back of your head you would see number 666. she's going to get away with this. [laughter] >> not just -- not just that, it is not the please, but the record. when she ran in 2008 she had no record as secretary of state but now look at what is going on in the middle east. how is she going to talk about that and justify it? >> no -- she's going to do it. >> what if democrats finally get so embarrassed by this clinton really -- panhandling at the clinton foundation that we've been hearing about get rid of her and
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say elizabeth warren we give it up. >> say they may it is more of a shakedown than a panhandle. come on. [inaudible] >> the poll kind of thing going on there at least it looks like it -- russia getting uranium this is scary stuff. >> it is particularly bad in the obama era if there's one thing that american voters hate, this era of government on the left and right is the idea of washington has gotten so huge wall street has a great time with cheat money, and it hurts her even more today than it would have -- >> i bet she's like no one is going to care. >> the thing is cynicism talking about the time machine. you go back to this same point to 2008 election everybody thought she was invincible. no one ever heard this have guy barack obama and she lost and she lost big. >> i will say this obama is not --
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not a sleaze ball he killed that time warner deal you know how many money they gave him? i'm saying there's a difference -- against it. >> silicon valley, they gave more. >> we have to leave -- >> he got me. >> all right guys more of today top stories, and lauren has headlines incase you missed it. lauren. >> that was a fine discussion. so funny man adam sandler humor not working on actors on the set of his first netflix only movie called ridiculous fi ninety arranges quit because of the movie a western used stereotimes disrespectful to native americans for instance there was a scene where a native american woman urinated while she smoked a peace pipe as you recall with sandler try to be funny and fell short. netflix says this -- [laughter] ridiculous -- >> funny. what? >> a lot of his movies don't do so well. netflix quote the movie has ridiculous in the title for a reason because it is supposed to be ridiculous there's the shares
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up almost a dollar 80 right now. and then talk about a full house return. you hear about this? call the "fuller house" it will also air on netflix. james spilled the beanings on "jimmy kimmel live" earlier this week and he was actress lauri known as aunt becky on the show on fox and friends earlier. >> secret anden ifs that it would be nice for us to be together. we love each other. always got along and had a great time making this show it would with be really special if we could all come back together. >> saying she looks the same as she did back in the 80s and 90s. i agree with that. >> i think that is going to be a hit had adam sandler stuff we'll see. >> "fuller house" over ridiculous fix? >> it is just a hunch up next more did i tail os and a terrorist plot to attack the vatican. was pope benedict's wife at risk? we have the full story for you after this.
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>> all right check on our big board we've deemed into the positive territory there so the dow would be down if it wasn't for microsoft look at that a rocket ship. more broke in their cloud business and, of course make stuart very very happy he's going to get well quicker no doubt about it. oil movement lower right now. but you are paying more at the pump guys gas up overnight now $2.50 for an average gallon of regular time is money. 30 seconds three other stories that we have for you today. tim tebow newest member of the philadelphia eagles so what do new teammates think about that? we're going to talk to one at 12:15. abercrombie and fitch change aing policy so you don't have to be hot to work there anymore. details on that. you could have worked there anyway. also in the noon hour with herman cain take a look at this if guy rounds on social media. a boyfriend filming his
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girlfriend fighting his mother. smiling throughout the whole thing. is this the future of america? >> no -- news of the another foil terror plot, aye tool i can authorities airing their announce of 13 people carrying out an attack against pope benedict back in 2010. lieutenant senior fellow joins us now. i mean, we know we talk about these high profile targets all a of the time. but this is big time news, and kind of shocking and that so many people weren't -- with al qaeda and plotting this. what are your thoughts? >> i think it is first off good that they've figured out to grab these guys that somehow the plot never came off. that a good thing. secondly, note that these guys were going to attack the vatican not hiding behind it. these guys guys guys are radical islamist they were out to do harm, and for goodness sake we have to have more of this sort of thing.
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aggressive going at these organizations and other thing to defeat a network a terrorist network you have to penetrate it and walk it back. so i think this is great. this is a good first step. i would like to believe we'll be helping italians trace this network and go after it in europe. >> i know there are a lot of foiled plots that we never hear a about. but ones that we do feels lying they're getting closer, like feels like we're capturing them in just nick of time. >> this is part of problem. one of these is eventually going to get there. they're doing the best they can and until we go to the source of this to afghanistan, to pakistan now to libya to syria, all of these places this will continue to regenerate. this policy of ours basically stop plots just in time is not workable. it is not sustainable. it is not going to continue to work and at some point and time we have to go overseas and take the network out and continue to see near misses until one gets
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through. >> i tell it is -- you're right only a matter of "time" i want to switch topics to president obama. because it does tell a little bit here. we're talking about, of course those two hostages one american, one italian killed in a drone strike against terror targets in pakistan. judge pal tano talked about this. >> government has no business being there unless sending in the military and cia has no business killing anybody there under the law. not talking about politics but the law. unless declares war on pakistan and hasn't done it. >> colonel shafer you agree on this one? >> beyond correct. this needs to be it, we need to get at the network overseas if that means declaring wear against whoever is necessary. we need to do that. we've been going at this for is years and coming back. how is that because we're not doing what is proper.
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other thing that two of which were criminalled due process, we could have captured them. i get tired of the president talking about how well the drone strikes are our best policy it is not helping because it is whack moll. what you need to do is human intelligence. penetrate the network and defeat the nec if not you continue to see this they fired missiles a off with less than 30% of what intelligence was there. i agree with the judge we have to have the debate and get serious about winning this war if we're going to win it. >> you do have sort of the antipolitical wing of washington led by president obama. >> right. >> having said that could one argue that this is -- part of executive power of the president. come on? people have to declare war to do a drone strike that is absurd one of the would you prefer they
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don't take these leaders? >> we have the internal -- ultimately what is going to get the job done -- do we need boots on the ground? >> no. >> we have taken a tactical weapon and put it into strategic operations this is stupid. what happens here is they kill leaders and regenerate and continue to attack us. we have to go in with raids capture these people and intire gait them. get them to guantanamo bay or equivalent to walk network back. simply killing one individual is not the feet that terror network. that is what i'm saying not saying we shouldn't use drones but part of a full spectrum is here. president obama is not doing what is necessary to use a special operations force to go in lane stop this. they could have if they used a raid on this they could have captured two terrorist we want and rescued a u.s. citizen this is insane the way they're doing it. >> i love the way you explained it thank you very much. see you next week. thanks. >> thank you. we have breaking news on that comcast time warner deal.
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eric holder authorized a antitrust lawsuit against this bill. mary what are your thoughts on that? >> first of all this investigation or this lawsuit is just breaking. this is entirely political, with charles. there's no antitrust reason to break up this deal. and as always washington is fighting the last war. it is not the future we shouldn't be worried about monopolies from broadband we have devices that use wireless and companies that want to deliver to us over the air. that is absolutely -- another replay of things. >> two giants that are going to hold off for dear life for longer maybe together. but here's the thing i think it is part of the continuum and anticapitalist because that has they saw two big companies getting together. that didn't help. but i want to name four companies. great atlantic and pacific. u.s., and mitch. guess what truman won the antitrust. he didn't have to thing called the free market. put hmm out of the business and
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service got better. >> it sure did. you know who pays american economy pay who is is going to investigation or take big risks if you have to worry about this garbage coming out in washington? >> i tell you what there's a lot of hype over that apple watch and this launches today. should you jump on the apple bandwagon we're going to discuss that next. but first this, from westwood high school in indiana, this is a musical performance. but it goes wrong. the stage collapses. at least 12 people injured. five of them seriously. ♪ ♪ >> oh, my --
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just because i'm away from my desk doesn't mean i'm not working. comcast business understands that. their wifi isn't just fast near the router. it's fast in the break room. fast in the conference room. fast in tom's office. fast in other tom's office. fast in the foyer [pronounced foy-yer] or is it foyer [pronounced foy-yay]? fast in the hallway. i feel like i've been here before. switch now and get the fastest wifi everywhere. comcast business. built for business.
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>>disappointing numbers and company blames strong dollar and the aftershock of lower oil prices go figure that one. always disappointing news with these guys. never disappointing with apple watch watch in stores today. only few have it available and a store in los angeles will open in half an hour. for now you can see it right now people will be lining up outside for a watch and cool apps available on it. well if you can actually get one. national travel editor jessica is here to tell us some of these
11:26 am
cool things are for the traveler, right? >> yeah yeah actually after fitness travel is the most popular category of apps for the watch. >> yeah. >> i thought it was going to be the health stuff tell me tuesday you're going to have a heart attack. >> definitely fitness is a big thing. but what app makers and companies are excited about is having the device on your wrist no matter where you go. >> why is that so great and do that makings traveling so much better? >> so something that the watch can do that your phone can't is start to interact with you and show you things as you travel that don't take you out of where you are. so it is more like it can gently reminding you this is the time that you need to catch the plane or catch the train but not like you don't have to take out your phone to stare at it. >> i understand too like a key -- so like i can maybe i'll be able to go to the hotel, straight to my room and wave this thing and get in. >> yeah star wood hotel and
11:27 am
resorts going all in on apple watch you can check in, go to the hotel, hold the watch up to the door, it will open. >> that is so, so cool i love it. what are the bar? >> that was my question. how about restaurants and bars? going to tell me where to go if i want to get a drink? >> it can, and something that like trip advisor and expedia want to do is try to learn what your habits are and really -- right. [laughter] hopefully in a noncreepy way so that if you're in a new city, but it is around 10:30 in the morning hey there's a great coat of place around the corner some great reviewed. >> we need more coffee. >> being polite this will tell you other places they've got you covered. wink wink, so are you excited about this and do you think this watch because it is one of the things where we know there's excitement with the core apple group saw them lining up out
11:28 am
there. but do you think it is so big that they go after this? >> i think this is a step along the way that we're stash thing to see where we will be in five or ten years. not everyone is going to go buy an apple watch and won't be immediately usable everywhere. >> it will be ewe ubiquitous part of our daily lives. >> not everyone wants to hold their phone all of the time. >> jessica thank you. >> jason is with us and a his take on golf up and coming star jordan speith hear what he was doing having fun. there with jordan sorry having is fun on fox and friends early this morning. >> pretty good. five steps back. oh -- sorry. >> replay that. get a shot. almost got hit. ♪ ♪
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the l.a. easy friday but we are starting to edge up. one reason is microsoft. take a look at pandora. it is although they had fewer listeners in the first quarter than expected. little financial engineering may
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be. xerox wishes it could do the same thing it is heard by the printer sales which is a no-brainer but also the strong dollar is down big time. more of today's top stories lauren has headlines in case you missed it. >> general motors's ceo getting a big payday earning $16.2 million, 80% more than her predecessor. she is the first female chief executive of a major card company shares of general motors are down 1% bird flew intensifies, minnesota declares a state of emergency, 46 on affected, state health officials expediting prescriptions for tamiflu but no human infections have been reported. wisconsin has declared a state of emergency. you might want to rethink desert, not one but two major brands recalling ice-cream because of listeria. jenny splendid all product off store shelves, one sample was
11:34 am
contaminated. there have been no illnesses for that company but as you know blue bell already is closing its creameries. that brand linked to tan illnesses including three deaths. >> with who we have on set. the founders the brands these guys make you look good on the courts. you are making yourself look good too. >> i had to get there. had some injuries last year and this is a rededication to the game of golf to get back out there. >> your name is always floating at the top of the leaderboard and this might be the thing it takes you over the top. >> we got a lot of great play going on right there jordan spieth has been playing unbelievable. a lot of young guys are playing great. and they get back in the mix and get that flat belly back again and get back out and get
11:35 am
competitive. charles: younger, leaner and they hit the ball. how did you guys get together how did you start work on buying guns >> they looked around and felt like everybody associated with that brand to play golf, they were not digging into the gulf market yet. they got such a strong brand recognition, >> people love your stuff. and you can see someone, probably wore them out, more for you guys and anything else. >> and having jason endorse our brand, he was like every day should feel this good guy.
11:36 am
all-american guy who loved golf fans loved having a good time. the fact that he loved our product made it easier. charles: you have a big gulf day yesterday, you are out with bill hemmer and jerry willis, the the two big wigs. got to tell me how did hammer do? >> i missed yesterday which was not a bad thing. charles: tell me how did hammer do? >> he did okay. you could tell he had some talent but he was nervous in front of me. charles: i am sure, probably not gerri willis. >> he had the best shot a pretty impressive. charles: check it out, sweet swing. i want to ask you about something that just came up perhaps when masters, paula kramer is saying what is the deal why isn't there a widow's masters? it makes sense. we understand the agusta they
11:37 am
had a big problem for a while. there were no women members. what would be the opposition to a woman's masters? >> i kind of like the idea. the concept of it. i think it would be great for women's golf but i don't have much pull over is there to be honest. charles: you people seem to have pull over verbage paul kramer is a big name and this gets the conversation moving. >> it will get it started and if you look back ten years ago or so when martha burke was out there advocating for what she wants and get the ball rolling, and it is up there. charles: i want to ask you guys about the economy. we always get mixed signals.
11:38 am
people seem to be still mired in his posts recession, many people say they never got out of the. are you expecting some traction in the economy? >> we have been doing well for the past few years and it is attributed to us being a family brand and the staples but doesn't go out of style. we think because we have a classic aesthetic people are willing to invest in our brand knowing it will be relative for of long time. before being domestic in america brand also important? does that play a role? i think people seem to be very selective in how they spend their money. >> definitely. being an american brand is associated with classic iconic clothing like what we do but we are more about a lifestyle than a fashion brand. charles: what is the lifestyle? >> every day should feel this good. we want to address every member of the family to do the things they love. charles: before we go, jason, you ran economics major.
11:39 am
give us a little economic help before we leave some key points to enhance your personal economy. >> find somebody that can help you out. find a pro that can manage your money but with what i do i'm spending a lot of money but i always try to say i am in the mode of trying to save 10, 15 just in case something happens down the road that i don't expect. charles: it will be hard when guys around you are spending a lot of money and you might look over and this is a long-term deal. >> it definitely is. the three of us are products of the american dream and we are doing exactly what we love. if you do what you love you will do that. charles: congratulations, very successful and always rooting for you. rock climber wind held widely regarded the best female climbers in the world is featured in a brand new documentary on the discovery
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channel and that airs this weekend. she is up next. [ male announcer ] we know they're out there. you can't always see them. but it's our job to find them. the answers. the solutions. the innovations. all waiting to help us build something better. something more amazing. a safer, cleaner brighter future. at boeing, that's what building something better is all about. ♪ ♪
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nicole: i am nicole petallides with your fox business brief keeping an eye on the nasdaq,
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the nasdaq moved to the highest level intraday the we have seen since the year 2008 yesterday closed at record all time high. the nasdaq up 40 points the s&p up 5, the dow up 25, the dow leaders including microsoft has been a leader today. microsoft is a big move over 8.5% the biggest move in a couple years. disney, merck mcdonald's among the other winners, disney and all-time record high merck, hepatitis-b treatment showing good numbers and 95%, that is some good news. goldman sachs and with that the price target of $37, believing in the management, they are making 3d systems which is down today down 40% in the last 52 weeks missed revenue and profit improved 8-1/4%. carley shimkus let your mom's got your back. your friends have your back. your dog's definitely got your back. but who's got your back when you need legal help?
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upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision or any symptoms of an allergic reaction stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. why pause the moment? ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. for a free 30-tablet trial go to charles: crossing earlier this our downs shows -- eric holder had authorized an antitrust lawsuit against the comcast time warner deal. adam shapiro, comcast ceo brian roberts, known to be a big-time obama donor. maybe this is crony capitalism didn't win. >> maybe it did. maybe those opposed to the deal gave even more to the administration. they of done that in the at&t, t
11:45 am
mobile deal two years ago. end also the situation with the fact they were going to control 57% of the broadband market going forward but contest isn't the only organization that donates. is true that mr. robert gulf for the president in 2013 and had 12 meetings at the white house starting all the way back in 2010. he was on the president's jobs council and spokespeople said there were never discussions about the merger with the administration but again comcast isn't the only big companies it donates money happen to get out the. stuart: charles: one big-name against it was read hastings and silicon valley has been charting their elbows saying we want to see at the table. is washington wall street thing no we want to coming because all the action is in silicon valley the great news is in silicon valley all the green news is in silicon valley feels like a gaining more political clout. >> at silicon valley, look who has the ear of president obama,
11:46 am
mr. schmidt at google. but you have established old media companies, very quietly donated to the democrats in the past. news corp. in 2012 gave obama $58000. fox sports was not thrilled with the idea of the merger going through. neither was netflix, they were not thrilled with this merger going through. the question to ask you and mary kissel were doing this earlier, what happens to the time warner cable customers in new york city? what happens to their service? you have an industry that the revenue picture is not so terrific as things start to contract as people cut the cord and go over the top. how will they maintain service? you know how people feel about customer service in regard to time warner cable. that is the consolidation of the industry through comcast time warner cable what happened to the average american you might wind up paying for that service the break is supposed to protect
11:47 am
you from but the service may be worse. charles: something will come along that is a threat to them and anything the coming along. they make a play at time warner cable again. creative destruction works. that is why i don't like these antitrust things. >> there is nothing creative about donating to politicians. charles: that is a sure thing. it is a real big weekend for the discovery channel, premiering the award winning documentary value uprising it tells the story of the men and women who scaled the peaks of el capitan and in yosemite park. here's a preview. >> free climbing is a prize. the most visionary climbers kept trying it and going after it. they wanted it. and she crushes it. oh my god. it was ground breaking, earth shattering and it was up one.
11:48 am
charles: very impressive stuff and we are joined by the superstock, lynn hill, one of the climb is featured in the film the first person to free climbed one of the most difficult cases of el capitan and. welcome to the show. you must be honored. this will be impressive. rock climbing has come on to the scene, over a decade now. every commercial you see when they talk about success and overcoming difficulties our rock climber. is synonymous with something hard to do but something that if you can do it is amazingly rewarding. >> it is. obviously is the best sport there is a life style activity and a challenges be on so many levels and the biggest is here your imagination and your confidence and climbing is a great activity for people, it teaches you to be self-reliant and have confidence in yourself. charles: you got to have
11:49 am
confidence in yourself. some of these people to scale buildings, no harnesses and you talk about your brain but do you feel any due diligence? do you take photos of the mounting? how dna won't get their midway and there are no options? >> climbing is a pretty developed sports. we have guidebooks. is like a road map that shows you. charles: the tough part of el capitan and you were a pioneer blazing a path that -- for others. how did you know you wouldn't run into -- get there -- have you ever had to come back down? >> i did have to go down on a couple of occasions. the point is it is well known climb, done by people all over the world. the climb is established. what i did was i was the first person to rock climb free climb that means you use the natural features on the face and you put protection in the rocking case you fall. i am not one of those people who does free soloing without a
11:50 am
rope. i believe in not gambling with my life because i love my life and i don't want to leave my son without a mother. charles: there's a large degree of risk. there's more risk than me crossing the street later today but that is why it is so exciting and why you have become a superstar. >> the introduction of artificial climbing walls and the popularity that you see climbing now you see films on television commercials people are intrigued because it is so beautiful and it is like ballet or gymnastics. once you master the basics you take calculated risks and it is not as crazy as people think. charles: congratulations. going to be a hit. john stossel and the race for 2016. who is going to get his libertarian vote.
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charles: take a look at this. florida senator marco rubio leading the pack for the republican nomination for 2016 with 13%. that barely edges out wisconsin governor scott walker, he had 12%. kentucky senator rand paul comes in at 10%, former florida governor jeb bush and former arkansas governor mike huckabee both at 9% each. john stossel is with us. which of these candidates will protect individual freedom best? john: rand paul. charles: with that no-brainer? john: i libertarian. he is libertarian that is the closest i have got as a republican primary. charles: what about the other ones would be different? what will marco rubio not do that rand paul would do?
11:56 am
john: the intensity of the social conservative, social conservatism, marco rubio says let gay couples adopt children no, as he put it. out of foster care they are the most disadvantaged in this state, they should not be forced to be part of a social experiment. foster care is a social experiment. at least rand paul says the budget is the issue leave everything else to the states. charles: is walking the walk? he had some steps with female reporters. people saying it is good to say you want young people good you say you want minorities, is you walking the walk? >> he is being real. i don't care what he does. if he is being abused. as politicians are. charles: a long race. it is john: he didn't scream. charles: the majority of voters
11:57 am
don't trust hillary clinton. they you think that will be an issue as well? john: i hope so. these polls are stupid. i trust where people must put their money where their mouths are. she is a 46% favored to win the presidency but that at least means the odds are against her because he is not a 50%. charles: what the mean? john: in europe where is allowed, of people put their money where their mouths are. in that beating the front runner for the republicans is jeb bush. way ahead of marco rubio. follow the money. he has got the money. charles: thank you very much. our two of varney in two minutes. la
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> it is noon here in the east, and here are your headlines hillary has trust issues and dolly says he's only the candidate on a gop field who can attack her. and bunch of big name stocks are a bubble coming? we're going to ask anthony
12:00 pm
skinner. one of teammates is here as well. is he happy about the media circus that follows him everywhere? he'll tell us. herman cain joins us in the second hour and he wants to know why they have pay for a share have a problem paying their taxes. here's a whacky story of the day. customizing your kids dr. manny will be here to weigh in and knows about your kids. a fresh hour of barney starts right now. >> we begin with hillary clinton, she's feel heat from accusation made in the hash. a new poll shows that majorities of americans just don't trust her. take a look at these numbers from a news poll 40% of voters think that hillary clinton is
12:01 pm
honest. i have to tell you something tammy i think polls are going to get a lot worse for her as allegations go on. but thes souring, "new york times" seems to be hitting her hard. >> also suiter next book is about jeb bush so you can't accuse him being a partisan here. hillary has a particular rock she's known and known for decades and not a new individual that people have to figure out. not just specifics that are quites shocks but the fact that it reminds peel of their previous problems, and when you've got a number for someone like this so well known already established in the minds of the american people, you're route. this is not beginning to be really flexible and like oh, we were mistaken about her. if it goes anywhere, it is going to go down i think. >> i think also it is one they think to say that you start to connect dots in your own mind you saying golly how does someone make $130 million speaking there's never strings
12:02 pm
attached 700 grand and connect the dots they say well russia ended up with more uranium it gets worrisome. >> prosecutors arranged this country would love to be able to get that i recall hands on these died of detail, and then when you also have, of course, the forgetting to tell the irs about $130 million. it would be luke if you went to h&r block and they called said you made $5 million last year you thought you made $55,000 you might say waked something is wrong. so the american people can relate to issues and not impressed. >> not impressed i'm telling you worrisome stuff. dolly is expected to join soon and she's hinge she's only gop candidate and here's what she said. because i'm a woman, there are many things she can't say, she can play the gender card and talk about the first woman president or the war on women. tammy setting herself pup to be
12:03 pm
the republican attack dog i'm the only one who can lay out same criticisms of hillary but without getting pushback that it is gender bias as a femme myself you've seen this coming up. now there are many women in politics there are more qualified women that is takes away that argument that hillary is singular option for people where that matters. i'm excited about about that candidacy people who see her and say yes this is a genuine possibility an go after hillary if way that other feminists can do so properly. >> and a i know i read your tweets and pieces quoted often. it seems to me that you feel too that this can hurt the feminist movement she runs on any idea that any criticism of her is somehow gender bias at some point that backfires. >> also it not wanting any competition at all it seems like
12:04 pm
hillary doesn't want that either. fact is that makes this kind of an -- the feminist movement was empowering us so welcomed face any competition prove ourselves properly, and it seems at this point to want to use that as some kind of strategy to keep people away. that is not what the net movement has been about and what women should embrace. hillary is learning that lesson. >> for the judge of the content of your character. >> remember that. appreciate it. we have a quick news alert for you. only form in the country to buy an apple watch in west hollywood california people are lined up for a chance to get this smart watch, and doors just opening up at the top of the hour. a lot of excitement there. u not as much excitement on the big board dow sup here. down earlier i want you to tack a look at nasdaq we made an all time high. picked up from that yesterday. anthony is here, of course when you start talking nasdaq all
12:05 pm
time high the next they think you hear is bubble, bubble coming up in two minutes. oil is moving lower. 57 bucks right now. that means gas is up again. overnight $2.50 for a regular gallon the cheapest gas in the country continuing to be in jared, virginia for $1.89 you heard it here first on charlie says that new jersey governor chris christie is gearing up to launch his presidential campaign listen to this. >> announced to resignation from the hung fund point blank that she's doing this in preparation for her husband to officially announce he's running for president. chris christie looks like he's running for president right now. traveling all overt country he's governor of new jersey somehow finding himself in iowa every now and then. >> fox news contributor anthony is here. how does christie affects the money race. it is a money grab. you're one of the guy who is
12:06 pm
writes a pretty big check. >> the phone will start ringing now. i have to say no. >> i'm sure they were ringing, but go ahead. >> i'm a scott walker supporter but governor christie had a good record but i think this is a lot like waves in the ocean, and his wave was the 2012 wave so this is going to be a hard slot for him. not saying that it is impossible all of these guys have a path to the presidency including carly but i just don't think it is leakily. >> so window of opportunity is saying -- >> yeah, he was the reformer,s he was bull talking governor in the blue state that is scott walker's man tell right now and governor did hurt himself only the beach with governor romney it 2012 and half of those donors sort of remember that. >> hurt himself in new jersey with "bridgegate" too. >> up, this one on the fox news poll leading the pool of republican candidates, so far anthony you can see it, it is very very tight what are your
12:07 pm
thoughts because rubio i think kind of had had a good launch. i like what he had to say. he was clear concise and exciting. >> and he's a great public speaker. but i do think what is happening right now is he's a flavor of the month. if he can sustain that, that will be very interesting. but this does reminding me of the governor of texas can't remember his name, he forgot different agencies here. >> how to compare him to what is his name? [inaudible] but really though -- comparison? >> in the polls when he made his announcement in 2005-- 2012. >> he couldn't remember his own platform. >> more to that, though. it was immigration issue with governor romney. there was the flaw about the federal reserve and wanted to lynch, ben bernanke. you'll find in the governor perry would admit this, that this is superhigh stakes a totally different atmosphere. >> stay right there anthony now
12:08 pm
lauren has headlines. >> hi charles again. we're talking lunchtime stuff. door to burrito chipotle making deliveries in 67 cities after a partnership with post mate. sure this is convenient. but it is expensive. there's a 9% service charge at least a $5 delivery show. show you chipotle shares up $3 today. stock is up 25%. well another school cancels an american sniper screening. university of maryland postponing it after complaints from amuse muslim calling it war propaganda as art. that protest 318 signatures and 30,000 students at umd charles i'll leave you with that thought. >> i can't believe colleges keep going -- absolutely. >> a great movie. shame to ban it. >> i want to get back to the
12:09 pm
market particularly nasdaq in record territory. anthony is still here with us. obviously, nasdaq new high they have nightmares and start sweating. last time they weren't too pretty for the markets. >> that is true but evaluation this time is a little bit better. we were in the thousand multiples dealing with eyeballs back then if you remember. charles, this is a little bit sturdy. i think that huge problem here is that federal reserve. where the federal reserve will mauve over the next 12 months we've talked about that on your show if the federal reserve stay where is it is right now, i actually think the market will be higher next year than this year. so there's a little bit more stable underpinnings here. we're not in bubble territory full markets have a tendency to die in euphoria not old age. : one thing we know is there's no euphoria about this. in fact, when we hit the new high yesterday bloombergs came out and they've been out. but loudest cry that i've heard
12:10 pm
of and i couldn't argue there could be a bubble in the bubble crowd it has been a big bandwagon why not jump on it. we won't pull back. but concerneddened yo federal reserve that would be a one time event whatever the knee jerk reaction is if the economy is getting better that should be good for the market. >> economy getting better. some better demographic movement in the deployment market that is lower middle class getting higher wages that would be superpositive for the economy. i think with the good they think about where we are right now, we can measure these businesses in 2000 we really couldn't measure these businesses yet. pundits. >> a couple that is still getting -- going up with not necessarily because of the bottom line right? amazon, huge day to day does it give them the benefit doubt. naysayers that is an example where we should right now. >> turning back last 15 years amazon has not made money in the last 15 years. >> yes a 4047 stock?
12:11 pm
>> they have grown the foot fingerprint and they have analyst who is have bought into this gigantic castle building you will without looking into profitability. i think apple is a safer play for the individual investor. >> flip side of that, though, is microsoft hammered i don't know, the test or retested all too many high. but again they've moved. they've rechanged the company. this is a pretty steady company. >> as a value informs tore i love microsoft above all of that. however microsoft 15 years ago lost its fashion statement in the markets you and i both know in the invest account business but a little bit of a style trend here now. apple has the style. netflix has a style so does amazon. >> microsoft doesn't. >> appreciate it. we have big interviews an brian cheski ceo two heavy weights changing the paying of their respective industries. you don't want to miss it here's
12:12 pm
your lineup for the rest of the hour. you don't have to be cool an attractive to work at abercrombie. ugly people get those resumés ready. rich need to pay their fair share? why aren't they paying their taxes? we're going to ask herman cain. and then tim tebow god fearing football player going to talk to one of his teammates next.
12:13 pm
12:14 pm
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12:15 pm
>> news of a terror plot today. italian authorities say they're
12:16 pm
arresting 18 people who conspired with al qaeda to attack pope benedict in 2010. tony shafer says we need to do or more to stop is these plots earlier. roll it. >> this policy of ours to basically stop plots just in time is not workable. it is not sustainable. not beginning to continue to work. so at some point and time we have to get serious about going overseas and taking the networks out, and that is how we do that and helicopter to see near misses until one gets through. >> italians say the group tom l that government there. tim tebow is back that is right back in nfl. he signed a one year deal with the philadelphia eagles so does the team think? mario about this new edition to your team, pretty exciting, everyone, you know, all everyone texting each other like all pumped up. >> yeah, my phone blew up sunday night when we found out about the acquisition did you hear about it? i was woken up to a text it be. but been a good thing so far. i got to work with tim tebow
12:17 pm
with a great position group. and so quarterbacks go with linebackers, line barker being the position that i play. good to work with him hand in happened. >> a lot of criticism. people saying you know what the heck the guy couldn't mac it in the league, and what is up with the eagles trying here. will he be quarterback or try something else. he's doing the quarterback job? perfection 100%. the thing about chip kel rethey wants to bring in 90 best player and fight it out. it is not about bringing in guys for political moves or anything long those lines more so bring in the best 90 plays and see what happens. >> last year seattle got rid of a couple of players and problems in the locker room. free decor if you will and they ended up riding the ship going to the super bowl. does someone like had tebow have a factor that also is a positive? >> 100%. you know one of our mottos is cultural beats scheme 100% of the time but all a of the right scheme you can have all of the
12:18 pm
right players but if you don't have culture in the locker room and something that transcends the grass and happens between the pads on the football field then you won't ultimately win. >> i think, i love him rooting for him as a matter of fact. i'm rooting for him, not -- >> eagles. >> i want to talk to you about the final line. $1 billion deal with former players suffered concussions. i want to listen to what anthony attorney mark lemere had to say about this bill, though. >> the settlement was fair it was originally 750 million, and judge maid them tweak it up a little bit and take a cap off. the allegations we have a chance to be involved in those cases. the allegations is not just you knew what you were getting into but really the players didn't. because the player were under understanding once dock say you're okay -- >> absolutely. no excuses everybody knows. >> everybody knows that means
12:19 pm
young guys in the future don't bring this up again. so you get a few concussions on your career, ten 15 years from now you won't be, you think that is okay? >> here's the problem that the nfl is trying to restrict what falls under that concussion and what falls under that disorder trying to restrict if you have lou disease if there's long-term damage you should be able to file individual will file. >> huge mets fan did an interview this week where he said, he had a lot of criticism for this sport. roll the tape. >> i'm an endangered species, a black baseball fan. why don't black people like baseball anymore? >> that is almost 20% of all major leaguers were african-american. and i could actually have conversations with other black
12:20 pm
people about baseball. hey, what is up man see the game last nights in yeah, it was great. now if i say to a black person did you see the mets game last night they'll say what the [bleep] is a met? >> what are your thoughts on that? >> interesting when i heard that comment those comments initially had i was wondering what really is the issue and what it cools down to is that african-american young athlete even those of old don't have players that they can relate to. i think that is why it was such a big deal when you saw monae davis young girl that was in the little league world series, she captivated audience from young boy, young boys not because she was a female in the world series but 18 girls prior to her that were in the little league world series not because she got a hit but six girls but african-american. that separated her. >> but is there something, a serious plot or just let's face it other sports that are more popular within the black community? >> i think you hit it right on
12:21 pm
the head there's other sports that are more popular. i think baseball is, you know, america's past time sport. i think that games leak football games like basketball, those are what isn't cooing to captivate the audience. african-americans are not gravitating towards baseball because it is a past time whereas football, basketball those games are starting to take overt market. >> you're getting sharper and sharper ever time you come on. i have to step up my game. i appreciate it. up next abercrombie and fitch is change or their hiring policy you don't have to look like a model to work there. we're going to discuss that next.
12:22 pm
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♪ >> we have some breaking news right now, those pictures you're looking at just came in to fox business, it is an accident involving a construction client in new york city that crane collapsed on to a truck now this is on east side of manhattan. 44th street and second avenue we're told one person is injured
12:26 pm
cruse on the scene right now, and we will keep you updated. now, some big consumer names you know are hitting lifetime highs, dominoes, steve madden, sketchers among them take a look at these things they're soaring i want to sign retail. new rules now going into effect at abercrombie and fitch drop their appearance policy you don't have look like a model to work in their stores. lauren is there. >> i like looking at the six packs. >> loiter in the store. >> and then i have to plug the nose because they drop 100 cologne bottles in there. we'll show you shares they're down sharply this year over past couple of years they have an increase, i can't tell you the last time their sales went up. company is thinking these changes this is what they are no longer hiring based on attractiveness. you don't have to look like a
12:27 pm
model. no shirtless models at the store events. you don't have to feel intimidated if you're a man walking in, and finally no hair style guide. they said if you have hair that didn't look like it was naturally streaked by the sun that wasn't good. pink hair nlse ring facial hair see if you can get a job at the social. >> i bet to your point though they may start to have to hire these people because real people are attracting consumer sharpers. >> founded the company he did a good job with the company back in the day. he's gone now they have to make changes. no longer exclusive club for attractive teen. >> every now and then you have the retailer you have to sell clothes. >> the whole point right? >> check this out. this is a selfie video now a boyfriend made this video tape of his girlfriend beating up his mom. >> what? >> flat out disgusting. herman cain is going to respond. he's up next.
12:28 pm
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it before let's check the big board, sluggish out the gate did gaining more traction dollars up 43 points. pretty good but really great is the nasdaq. we had new records yesterday a real big move for the nasdaq
12:32 pm
into uncharted waters. troubles are announcing for secretary of state hillary clinton. numerous claims in a new book about improper fund-raising. what are the details? >> mitt romney has come out and said in his words this looks like bribery. the presidential candidate marco rubio said of these accusations are true then it is that this qualifier for hillary clinton's presidential campaign. a new york times article details how the chairman of a company that sold uranium production interest to russia used his family foundation to make contributions to the clinton foundation totaling $2.3 million. last night at an event in manhattan hillary clinton did not address the article at all. her campaign has called it, quote, utterly baseless. the times reporting the upcoming book clinton cast published by harpercollins and as the same majority and has this network, peter schweitzer sat down with bret baier.
12:33 pm
listen here. >> we are talking about uranium, things that relate to the nuclear industry we are talking about the russian government which already provides equipment and material to iran. the problem is hillary clinton's family foundation the clinton foundation was receiving tens of millions of dollars from shareholders who wanted the russian government to acquire them because it would be a financial landfall. >> there is a businessman who was named as having profited along the way he slammed that article, wright lighting--highlighting in bold this is not about me but an attempt to tear down secretary clinton and her presidential campaign. you can catch more of bret baier's interview in tinkle clinton web tonight on the fox news channel at 10:00 eastern and again tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. eastern on fox business.
12:34 pm
that special brings into question contracts that were awarded in haiti after the devastating earthquake and the influence the clintons had over that process and one example company that received a technology related contract was run by an irish businessman who set up speeches for bill clinton and paid millions to the foundation. charles: the plot thickens. that is going to be some big stuff. can't wait to see the special. the clinton cash book, it is bad enough but according to a new poll most americans just don't trust her. this is from a new fox poll you looking at 45% say hillary is honest. herman cain is with us. it is hard to believe people could think someone is not trustworthy and still vote for them for the highest office in a land. >> that 45% of the clueless in america, that is the only way you can't explain it. how with all of the scandals and
12:35 pm
questions, i know that this whole state department keynote speech thing is going to continue to attract a lot of attention but how people can look the other way and try to ignore it baffles me. i happen to believe the people who are still supporting her are as clueless as you can get to think the she is honest and trustworthy. charles: ultimately even clueless people get a chance to vote and someone will have to articulate to them why or what is going on here and the track record to your point goes way back from taking $1,000 and making it $100,000. you are an amazing business and that you couldn't pull that one off. >> i wish i could. maybe i could retire early. someone suggested the republican candidate, the ones that have declared and going to run, they ought to be talking about what you are going to do and how you are going to do it. not enough to just attack hillary that won't get you
12:36 pm
across the finish line because you still have those middle voters. don't care what you call them the middle voters that you are going to inspire them to be excited about your solutions and they need to be bold, i think the republicans can pull off. charles: you have the mack worked out, relatively -- you tried to put it in terms that were relatively simple so what would be the difference? if you were running right now how would you tweak it and what would you know? >> i would say look folks, the operative word is replace the tax code. personally if you prefer the fair tax i can get in front of that parade. if you prefer the flat tax i can get in front of that parade. if you prefer 999 i can get out in front of that parade but the reason the american people have not endorsed replacement of the tax code is you have people who believe in each and they won't come together.
12:37 pm
we have one we want to replace it with a and you have got to have a president willing to provide the leadership in order to make it happen. that is how i would tweak my message and say we got alternatives you decide. charles: whenever i bring a flat tax, the fair tax people go nuts and vice versa. let's stick with taxes. it is in b.c. the al sharpton network not paying their fair share big-name makers have their tax problems. hypocrisy but this is not. >> as one of my associates on, this is just hypocrisy, spectacular his hypocrisy. the few people who watch their shows, they say no big deal, i guess everybody has tax problems. it is the same mentality fit still believe they can trust hillary clinton.
12:38 pm
charles: i think it is beyond the pale. i really do. something i want to show you and i want your opinion because i saw this earlier a selfy video making the rounds on social media, the boyfriend filming his girlfriend fighting his mom. he was smiling all the way. is this what we have come to as the nation? >> you know what? -- charles: talk about facebook and instagram. these kids want to be instant superstars but it is appalling. >> i almost care about this. let me care a little bit. that is the lowest common denominator and the democrats are good at appealing to the lowest common denominator. the same people involved in that
12:39 pm
silly selfy thing are the same ones who will vote for a candidate because they will make it easier to get food stamps for easier to get another program so is the lowest common denominator is all i can say but the democrats know how to appeal to that level of voter. charles: i got to tell you something. i am not blaming obama specifically for that but when he was elected i hoped that kind of ignorance would go away. in fact it has gotten worse in my opinion. >> i agree with you. it has gotten worse and the reason many people in the black community don't worry about it, the mainstream media isn't going to talk about it. some of the urban black radio stations are going to talk about it. i have an audio news nugget on my website, called black stats and it details the facts about how things have gotten worse for black people in
12:40 pm
the last six years instead of better. too many people in the black community as you know don't get this information. that is why we have it. charles: they really block it or attack us. we will hit before the hour is over. have a great weekend. genetically modifying your unborn children. we are talking custom-made babies becoming a reality. dr. manny will explain it all. that is next. the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do.
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12:42 pm
>> i am nicole petallides with your fox business brief. on the day of records. the s&p 500 moving to record all time highs, the highest you have ever seen. and nasdaq making a bill on highest record since 2000. up 40 points and the dow is up 35 at the moment of 1/4 of 1%. consumer stocks hitting all-time highs. dragging the markets, amazon yum brands domino's pizza and disney among those things that doing exceptionally well and hitting lifetime highs. we are watching xerox under pressure, quarterly revenue lower printer sales strong your dollars. new high you can see up 263
12:43 pm
after they did well with sales and profit in the first quarter. much more "varney and company" coming up. >> with everything connected, some smart phones to fringes isn't it time big infrastructure was? that is what micro net is doing. ceo joe sufuta explains. >> people i used to being connected with their hand-held devices. the industry such as the utility business and the oil industry, as infrastructures continue to age they revamp them and bring them up to date. l.a. allows them to interact with infrastructures and the diagnostic information in advance of a problem being discovered. we have sold some major problems to the biggest companies in the world. there will be a time when
12:44 pm
everything around you will have to be involved. >> watch the full interview on line. charles: we showed it to you before the break but you got to see it again. it is news the s&p 500 all time high record territory, same thing with the nasdaq, took 15 years so is taking another victory lap. scott shellady is in chicago.
12:45 pm
the next thing that will come of this month will be a bubble what do you think? >> what we are seeing is an important investor articles sentiment right now. is up for the good judge whether there. or bearish or neutral we are at an all-time record high of investor sentiment be neutral and that is because a lot of folks don't want to pilot the highs but the q e engine is still working in europe and asia so they will stay on the sidelines unless this thing slowly but surely goes higher as we see more money push into the system in europe. i think it is dangerous but someone tells me it is dangerous and i think i would be very skeptical about going into the market now. before i think a neutral thing is bullish. if we were at an all-time high on bullishness i would be worried, cabdrivers in new york trading the market i would be a little more worried. >> that is what we say in chicago. when the milkman goes on milk
12:46 pm
it is time to sell. with the neutral sentiment i think there are equal and opposite ends of the idea that our keeping people frozen in the state but we will see, probably a slow grind higher because of that if nothing else. charles: we will talk to you next weekend. have a good weekend. gas at $2.50 scott, we would have talked to him about that but let's keep it going. i want to talk about something really crazy. scientists modifying human embryos, customize your kid. dr. manny knows a thing or two about babies and joins us now. we have seen this in the science-fiction movies but i am hearing more and more that it is becoming a reality. >> this is the most unethical science i have ever seen, something recently reported by chinese scientists tried to publish the study where they were looking to alter sort of the embryo in such a way that it
12:47 pm
would reproduce itself and eliminate certain characteristics. the bottom line is there are some inherentable diseases we have. sickle cell is a typical example of things like that where yes, kids are born with the disease and they can transmit that trade to other offsprings'. what chinese scientists tried to do is alter human embryos living human embryos and they were not successful. they tried to publish their research in very reputable journals and said we want nothing to do with this. the comment by a lot of scientists is this experimentation is so unethical that it has to be stopped worldwide. right now you have many scientists doing it behind closed doors and ultimately the outcome of this paper which showed that you cannot really alter the jenna mix of an embryo in such a way that it then doesn't have cells that will
12:48 pm
have that abnormality that is not possible. charles: what is wrong with the idea of eliminating -- the body seems to attack itself. we get cancer internally. what is wrong with -- beautiful healthy life? >> you know why? once you start altering the genes of cumins, what they found in this paper is you create more problems. you fix one thing but break another 20. ultimately it is telling you something about nature, how god created us and there is a lot of diseases that need to be tackled and a lot of therapies especially in cancer research where they are doing gene therapy but that is on the individual. you can create conditions in your own human cells to create conditions to make a disease go away. create another line of cells that make the proteins unique
12:49 pm
but to alter read genomic state in such a way that humans would reproduce and never see that disease again, man cannot do it and shouldn't do it and that is the ethical debate a lot of scientists are saying wait a minute, we got to stop this. >> if everybody is perfect and beautiful and healthy what happens to plastic surgeons and doctors and beauty pageant host and all that? we are all perfect perfect society. >> perfect society there is no such thing and i hope this brings light to an international forum to put a stop to cumin research when it comes to these. charles: i believe everything is saying -- i do have to be devil's advocate but i will say i do believe they -- going to get to that point where they will be able to make major alterations and create designer babies. >> designer babies is a different ethical dilemma. this is completely different. this is altering your genes so that you will never transmit
12:50 pm
that disease again. it is a big thing. design babies, that is another thing i have a major problem with. charles: thanks a lot, good stuff. updating the story we brokers on "varney and company," charlie gasparino st. chris christie's wife stepped down from her job at a hedge fund. the governor's office just confirmed mary christie did indeed step down from her job. according to charlie gasparino the governor is about to announce he is running for president. we will await word on that. minnesota declaring a state of emergency because of bird flew. how worried should we be? we have a full report after the break. tonight, strange inheritance starting at 10:00 p.m. eastern with those jamie colby. the first episode of piece of american history. custer's last stand. >> i got a call from of friend and he mentioned david humphrey. >> i remember that name because i actually read that book and i thought it did a lot to resolve
12:51 pm
what really happened at the battle of little big board and i was more intrigued when i found out there were all these sketches and paintings he had done of these indians from life.
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charles: updating a breaking story we are following. a crane accident in new york
12:55 pm
city. two local media outlets reporting one person has died. a malfunction caused the construction crane to topple onto a truck. these are the photographs from the scene. this is on the east side of man hadden, crews are on the scene and we will keep you updated. 16 states have reported cases of bird flew. millions of sick chickens and turkeys have been euthanize and the governor of minnesota declaring a state of emergency due to the outbreak, jeff flock is in chicago with the latest. jeff: no threat to cumin is that it is the bigger and bigger story as we go. minnesota of the number one turkey producing state in the nation and they have destroyed about 2.5 million turkeys of car and heading chickens in minnesota as well as other states as well as you point out, 16 states. i was at a chicken farm all week ago on the varney program and we see how these chickens are
12:56 pm
raised the way this seems to be spread is through water fowl wild waterfowl and that seems to be the best guess about it right now. is starting to hit some of these not only big operations back yards style operations like the one we visited and the carcasses are beginning to pile up and there's a question about what to do. we have a picture given to us by an animal rights organization that says the large operations are partly to blame for the outbreak of bird flu, it shows how the chickens are depopulated or euthanize. it is not ready you spray foam and it chokes them to death. that is not pretty but dying of the bird flew is not pretty for them either. maybe even more painful death. is not a good situation all the way around. the only good news i would offer is this is not in the food supply. usda assures us of that and cdc says it has not jumped to people
12:57 pm
yet from the birds. so keep your fingers crossed. charles: thank you, appreciate it. more varney after this.
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
>> chris christie has a good record but i think this is a lot like waves in the notion that his wave was the 2012 wave. this will be hard slot for him. not impossible. all these guys have a path to the presidency including carly fiorina but i don't think it is likely. charles: anthony says will be a rough battle for chris christie if he enters the presidential race. charlie gasparino reported here first, the governor's what has stepped down paving the way for him to run for president. here is what some of you had tuesday say about the program. how you feel about genetically customizing an unborn baby. the same way i feel about genetically modifying foods and modifying weather patterns to fit an agenda.
1:00 pm
don't do it. would you will do stay here because dierdre bolton is next. dierdre: america's drone program under scrutiny policy makers digging through failures in pakistan where one american and one italian hostage were left dead. the ceos of the most powerful tech and media companies in the world, brian chetsky and shane smith our our exclusive tests. earlier today we spoke about the future of tv. in your view it sounds very clearly tv is not did. >> for sure it is not. dierdre: we sit down with actor raymond crews on his new role and what it was like in breaking bad. the u.s. military drone program in question after two hostages were killed on a strike on al qaeda. one was an american. >> we do believe the operati


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