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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  April 28, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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♪ charles: twitter reports its earnings. it wasn't without drama. the results were tweeted out before the close without the company's permission. they had a top line miss and very lackluster guidance. sent the shares plunging up to 20%. twitter not the only nasdaq stock struggling after the close. fifteen long years to get the nasdaq back to a long time high. struggling to hang on to the gains. we must point out. while we're trading at these new highs, adjusted for inflation, the nasdaq probably has to go another 1500 points to the upside before we break even. it was a tough session for nasdaq. apple gains faded. a litany of earnings missed including
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twitter. this could mean a disaster. let's talk about this, guys. nice to see you here, chris. i'm charles payne. you're watching "making money." matt mccaul. chris. david nelson is with us. scottie nell hughes. and steve cortes joins us from chicago. let's begin with twitter. the leak and the actual news. what do you make of it all, steve? steve: charles, interesting. when you say it's a leak. certainly it got out before twitter wanted. it's not as if there was certify surrecipient to us means. they got it from the website and use twitter itself. overall for the market, what's of concern, twitter clearly disappointing results. much more concerning to me is apple the biggest company in the world. apple did today what the s&p did yesterday. that is, hit an all-time high. have a gigantic range. and then close down on the day. that's an outside day reversal. the technicians often talk about. i think it's a
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concerning side b sign. so i think tech had an amazing run. there's a lot of reasons to be cautious here. charles: yeah. maybe short-term, matt, maybe because of technicals. i look what apple achieved. with the watch. apple pay. anybody who would sell this stock who is not a day trader is nuts. matt: i have to agree with steve. a couple days. into monday, we could have pullback in the nasdaq. if you're investing long-term, you're investing in the fundamentals. the fundamentals tell me the stock is going well above $150. if you're on the sidelines, buy apple. people are concerned about nasdaq. after hours, the nasdaq is up a couple of ticks. some bad news after the bell. overall indices holding up pretty well, in my mind. charles: it's volatile by its very nature, chris. some of the names we've seen -- twitter is not a billion dollar company. it's not the kind of company -- but it's a well-known company. a company people recognize.
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putting it all together. how are you feeling about the nasdaq and the markets in general? >> the nasdaq. we've seen a lot of companies come out. a lot of disappointments. the market itself, the s&p 500, i look at all the time. what are we seeing? earnings are contracting in the first quarter. second quarter. possibly third quarter. revenues will be down year over year first half. i see that. i see the market at 17 and a half earnings. they'll only grow 1.6 persian before we 1.% before buybacks. i think it's getting stretched. (?) >> what do you do? have you closed out positions because of this? >> let me flip it around. right? that's i if you buy the market. we don't buy the markets. we buy stocks. grow their margins. deliver better etfs. and they have tailwinds. i hear matt talk about apple. we have mobile. right? we have apple pay. we have something new coming in the form of apple tv.
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we've got water -- the big industry in california. cyber security. a lot of areas. charles: a lot of areas, david. you're not necessarily the contrarian. but you're sort of the nonbeliever in the crew. >> i'll take chris' point. chris makes a good point. there are too many people myopically focused on the nasdaq. there's no comparison between that and the dot-com bubble. most people weren't trading back then. i was there. i remember it. some of these companies weren't generating revenue. to his point, the earnings are soft. charles: that's not news. we saw earnings coming down. >> but it's the guidance that's concerning. charles: the guidance is concerning. no one is talking up the second half of the year. kind of early for that. gopro talked about their second quarter. that may save their stock. i think the top line misses more than the bottom line. because this is a trend that's gone on for a long time.
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missing on the top line. that's a reflection of the overall economy, isn't it? >> that's something for me that's -- top line has been soft for quite a while. we found ways to goose the bottom line. revenue is i subjected to currency fluctuations. we're seeing that. the dollar, which we were so concerned about is in danger of breaking down. matt: it would be a big boost for next quarter's earnings. the dollar was at a 15 year high. if the dollar came down, if it does weaken, it could be a boost to earnings going forward the next quarter. >> i agree with you. but, still, you have to look at the comparisons year over year. the dollar will be big on that basis. that will weigh on the second quarter. charles: steve, here is the thing, what is interesting. moving away from the nasdaq. caterpillar acted interesting. agrayerium was interesting. these were names that were very, very hot two or three years ago. under the radar. could we be seeing a
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shift? maybe a shift from the high-flying names to names that could be stable, but have big upside potential. >> i think you might be on to something there. might be time to get out of the names that the millennials loved and get into names that your grandfather worked for. for instance, miners. they had a great breakout recently. a ton of rotation going on right now. the high fliers are extremely dangerous. biotech has been a bio wreck, be careful of those sectors. i'm looking at miners. part of that is the dollar is giving it up a little bit. those are extremely currency sensitive. miners and very prozzaic companies are doing well. >> let me talk about twitter as a business. forget about the stock. as a business. a lot of people second guessing. maybe they shouldn't have come public. you talk about a big
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week for twitter. who hasn't been on twitter for the last 24 hours. the riots in baltimore. earthquake in nepal. no better source for information. >> especially with the riots for baltimore. people were watching television, but they were reading their twitter feeds. twitter will be here for the long-term. whether they get bought out by somebody else, the actual brand and content of twitter will always be here. with the earnings that came out, it was literally, a bunch of kids playing in the playground. they started pointing fingers. who did it first? it didn't matter. the stock dropped. you know it will go back up. you know it will be a good company. matt: they have a great company. monetize it. scottie: you won'you won't see o bankrupt. you know it will be successful. that's the point. charles: here's the thing though too, twitter maybe hearkens back to the old days. the funky metrics that counted. eyeballs. whatever. clicks.
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eyeballs. listen, i own twitter at 30. and i'll own it for a long time. i don't plan on trading it. there's a lot more risk there. they have to at some point figure out a way to make money on this thing. i think it's management too. if they fired dick costello tomorrow, it would be up higher. matt: a great opportunity for someone who is a long-term investor. i think it's a great opportunity. >> we have governor larry hogan. he's speaking right now in baltimore about the latest. let's take a listen. >> city, where we held our cabinet meeting. where each state agency outlined their efforts to assist the baltimore city community. immediately following that meeting, i listened to a group of community leaders who voiced their concerns and provided input on how we can begin the long process of restoring our
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community. we've been here all day. and we will continue to be here until the threat of violence ends. our primary mission, again, is to maintain order. and to begin to repair the damage inflicted by the violence and looting from last night. acts of violence and destruction of property cannot and will not be tolerated. baltimore's families deserve peace and safety in their community. but this is far from over. i have here with me -- going to turn the floor over to general linda sing the general of the maryland guard. she'll have a few comments. before i do that, i want to thank this entire team here at the maryland emergency management agency who have been working around the clock coordinating state and local assets, and they're doing a
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fantastic job. thank all of you in the room. genseng. general sing. >> thank you, governor. i want to thank all the folks that have actually welcomed the maryland guard into their neighborhoods and really into our neighborhoods. i want to ensure that you understand that the maryland guard is not just coming in to help protect and really to help reinforce what the police are currently doing. they're doing it because it's also where they live. a lot of these individuals are coming from those same communities. and so it is extremely important to them that they work with the police department, they work with the governor, and with the mayor to be able to stand side by side to protect a city that we so love and that we so believe in. and as a as result of that which i think is
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monumental. in the last 24 hours, we've activated 1700 guardsmen. that is unbelievable numbers. typically it takes us about eight hours to do an activation of a couple hundred. so we did 1700 in less than a 24-hour period. and that should say to you, the city of baltimore, how important it is for the maryland guard to be there to support you. because i did not get any complaints. people came in from all the various parts of maryland, regardless of where they lived. whether it was in the city or in the county. and they did it with a smile on their face so that they could be there to support the police department. they could be there to support the communities. so i think that's extremely important. the other thing that i would like to say is that, you know, we are extremely professional in the way that we are going to carry out our events and how we will deal with our
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communities in general. we have trained. this is what we train for. we are trained to be able to support the police department. we are trained to be able to support the government at the time of need. so rest assured, that we will use the appropriate precautions and the appropriate steps to keep you and our citizens safe. and i thank you. >> thank you, general. before i turn the floor over to clay stamp, the director of the maryland emergency management agency, i just want to thank lieutenant governor boyd rutherford for his leadership. as i was heading up the office, the new governor's office in baltimore city, he was here working with director stamp and managing this operation. and we're working together as a team. thank you, boyd, for your efforts as well. now we'll turn it over to clay stamp. >> thank you, governor. as the governor's
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emergency manager, i have the honor and privilege to work with -- charles: there you have it. governor larry hogan continuing to reassure the citizens of maryland in particular. baltimore i. general singh. there were no complaints. we'll have more on this situation in baltimore when we come back. so stay tuned. ♪
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♪ charles: we just heard from maryland governor larry hogan. and general linda singh. they are firm that there won't be any violence tonight. they'll stand strong on that. joining us now to make more sense of it all. we have in studio, the first time ever, mike baker, former cia operations officer. scottie nell hughes.
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tpnn news director is with us. and jamie colby. the host of strange hrps"strangeinheritance." she was in miami and reported on the riots there back then. and rebecca is a maryland attorney. and, of course, rod wheeler. lucky to have him back. former washington, dc, homicide detective. rod, you were in the middle of it all last night. did an amazing job. tell us what happened since then with things on the job. >> just like you indicated, charles, yesterday it was just all hell had broken loose. i was on the telephone with you as a matter of fact on this show when everything was taking place. i can tell you today has been completely different. significantly different. we've seen a couple of little squirmishes amongst the crowds. we haven't seen anything as bad as we saw yesterday. i do think we're making progress in terms of restoring the peace and
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tranquility of that community. don't forget, we have another night to go. i can tell you, there's been chatter on the internet and various social media websites where people are talking about gathering again tonight. so still going to be time for us to see exactly what will happen. charles: you know, mike, i want to piggyback off that. this is starting to feel a lot like there was serious organization. that it wasn't impromptu. that it was planned out. when you hear chatter. we hear chatter about isis. we hear chatter about terrorist organizations. now we're hearing chatter about something like this. mike: yeah, and anybody who thinks it happens at the spur of the moment. you don't want to say it's a conspiracy theory and say it's all planned and organized. there is some organization among outside agitators. this is what they live for. it sounds bizarre. i hate to say. but from observing social media. from watching social
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media. we're geolocating people from out of ferguson during those problems and now physically present during baltimore during these problems. charles: what do you make of reports that there are actually professional anarchists who have canvassed the nation. they go from city to city. they're teaching how to hold these protests, where you put the police in uncompromising situations. where you make it difficult for the police to do their jobs without being bad guys. >> we can talk about this all day. we know from dealing with violent urban situations, both here in the us and in europe, there is, there is this professional anarchist group. and they share best practices. and you see them at the group -- you see them in conferences in seattle and paris. out there doing this very thing. so it's not -- some people say, no, it's not. it's just people venting their frustration. there is this underlying element. something you saidas you said, t
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extremely difficult. there's sharing of communication. and legal support. operational planning. how do you get out there? how do you provoke the police in the best manner? charles: you know, rebecca, i know you're an attorney. you work with several -- you have several cases that are involved in maryland police. one of the big criticisms over the last 24 hours, and i think it was expressed by president obama himself, is that the media always focuses on the burning buildings. always focuses on the looting and the rioting. but never really focuses on the victims or peaceful protest. do you share that concern?
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>> it was progressing peacefully. you had individuals doing the right thing. and the police did not have to be in that position. then all of a sudden, it progresses to the point where you have all of these people acting out. and i do need to note, it was not just children. because there -- charles: rebecca, we'll come to this. right now we have to take a break. we'll continue to cover this. we have to take a break. here's the big question. we're heading into nightfall. will there be a repeat of last night? we'll pick up this discussion when we come back. ♪
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charles: that's a scene right there, you're looking baltimore.
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as the day has gone on, crowds have begun to swell. we're less than four hours away from a city-wide curfew, that begins at ten. rod, you were there last night, you gave us an amazing blow by blow, and you saw this thing building from the beginning. the national guard is there, the governor has given us his word, and it feels like even today as the crowds even got larger, they were trying to stress peacefulness. so how do you feel about tonight turning out? is. >> you know, i think tonight is going to be completely different from last night, and let me just quickly explain to you and the viewers why i say that. well, tonight we have about 5,000 law enforcement officers, which is also backed up by 1700 national guard troops. last night we had 200 law enforcement officers before the contingent, the large contingent of officers arrived, and we had 2,000 protesters. so because of that, i think tonight is going to be a lot
6:28 pm
different. real quickly, charles, where the problem is going to come in tonight is going to be right around the 10:00 hour. let me tell you why, because that's the hour the curfew begins. these people out there last night, they're not going to want to go into the house tonight at ten, and that's when the clash is going to happen. charles: scottie? >> the police, can law enforcement win in this area? we knew this was going to happen. there have been some disturbances all week, and you could have had these same numbers yesterday. tonight at 10 p.m. when they go for the cuff few -- curfew, can law enforcement win without a pr nightmare? >> i think they can, i think they will be able to win, so to speak, tonight by getting people off the street. i do think there's going to be a significant amount of resistance from some of the rioters out there last night. but again, let's face it, it's the law now. 10:00 tonight, everybody has to be off the street. and real quickly, you are 100% correct. what we see tonight as far as the i law enforcement
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contingent, we should have saw that three days ago, and i blame the mayor of that city for not taking the necessary steps to get the people out there. charles: i want to -- rebecca, i did cut you off before we went to break, so go ahead and finish your point. >> i think that the mayor was trying to say things -- and i don't want agree with what she did, but i think she was saying, look, things are different. we have a black president, we have a black mayor, we have a black attorney general, we hear you. we are changing the way we are dealing with things. this is going to be investigated, this was horrific. she said this was horrific. we are listening -- charles: so what part don't you agree with, rebecca? >> she should have had this fully, 100% ready with all the police officers because the anarchists, like you indicated, came in, and the people that came in are professionals. they are not, they are not showing what they are feeling. they are the ones who always get the attention like you mentioned. and you give a little, and
6:30 pm
they're going to take over, and that is what happened, and it ruined everything that all the good protesting has been doing. charles: well, you know, mike, i know that the president endeavored to sort of say it was a small group of people -- >> sort of. charles: there's no doubt there's some outside agitators, but i would venture to say almost everyone we saw last night running around probably were local. now, were they spurred on? were they encouraged? did the mob mentality take over? perhaps. but i think we do a disservice when we start to try to exonerate people who commit crimes. >> absolutely. >> criminals. >> you hear the sort of i understand their frustration which, you know, implicitly suggests that -- and so i get why they're doing what they do. i don't get why they're doing it, but i think this is much more layered. we always tend to want to make it simple. charles: it's knew watchessed. >> it's not simple -- nuanced. >> today was different. and today was different because we finally got some strong,
6:31 pm
thoughtful leadership from the city management, and, you know, it would have been nice to see something more from the president, frankly, other than saying it looks like guns up every week. he still tends to lead with, yeah, you guys -- there's a real problem here, and i understand what your problem is rather than try to groupfy everybody. but tonight may -- unify everybody. the community organizers have had a chance to talk. parents will hopefully now, you know, try to rein in some of those kids out on the streets. as rob mentioned, the police, a much stronger presence. but he also said at five of ten people aren't going to look at their watches that are intent on looting and say i've only got a couple of minutes to get home. charles: jamie? >> yeah, i want to make a note for viewers, you may think i don't live there, it has nothing to do with me, and it's just a group of people who are causing trouble, it's going to cost all of us. you have to think about who's going to pay for all of this damage. some of these businesses may
6:32 pm
have business interruption insurance, they may have theft and loss coverage like the cvss. mom and pops probably can't afford that coverage, but taxpayers ultimately will pay for this. and the people who worked in those places, they're going to be entitled under the state law in unemployment payment. charles: well, there's going to be all kinds of costs to this, rebuilding costs and lingering costs. again, i think the people who live there will be hardest hit, but i think it's also important for america because this could be a preview of summers across america this year. we're in a dangerous position. we're going to watch, continue to watch this very, very closely. crowds are gathering right now. the government promises baltimore will not have a repeat of last night's chaos and rioting. the curfew is set, but will that be enough? we're going to talk about will the violence be curtailed and contained tonight. ♪ when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill?
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♪ ♪ charles: we're back with the latest in baltimore. protests continue as nightfall begins to set in. will the police and national guard be able to keep everything under wraps? rebecca, i want to understand where you're coming from because you chime in periodically, and i want to understand what you think is going on here with respect to this case in itself and how it all gets resolved. what's the solution? you're right there in the heart of it all. what would make things better? >> well, we've actually been working on this personally for over three years, and it is not simple. it is not simple at all. we're talking about 201 adults who have been arrested, 34 juveniles who have been arrested, all the communities -- charles: are you talking about last night's protesters? >> last night. two people were shot too. how do you make it better? charles: and 15 police officers were injured. what is your point? what is your point? >> what has to happen is we all know that we have decades and decades of issues with the police. the police are getting worse,
6:37 pm
not better. but what has changed for the first time is there's legislation now that are going to put body cameras on all the police officers. this is the first time ever that they are now understanding that we're going to be watching everything that they are doing. charles: okay. >> and it's african-americans, it is white -- charles: let me go to rod for a second because to be quite frank, i think the police should welcome these body cameras since 99.9% -- >> it's not 99.9. charles: let rod talk, rebecca, please. >> i don't think they're as bad as my co-panelist just described. we do have issues in the african-american community, and i'm the first to tell you about. let me just be clear about one thing, charles, the rioting that we saw last night that i was right in the heart of had nothing to do with willie gray, the decedent that was supposedly killed by police. it had to do with thugs going into the liquor store stealing
6:38 pm
red berry amsterdam and passing it out on the street and then women going into the hair salon store stealing fake wigs. that's what it had to do with. it had nothing to do with the decedent at all. charles: and this is where, scottie, you think there's a big mistake with the messaging. in other words, there should be a unified message. wrong is wrong, right is right and perhaps you'll get the change that you're looking for. >> rebecca, i have to ask you, are we dealing with a race issue or overmilitarized police and aggressive police? 41% of baltimore pd is made up of african-americans. they've done a great job of trying to recruit this, so to blame this on police brutality, how is that helping the problem? >> it is not, it is not just police brutality, you're right. it's the militarization of the police, it's the breakdown of the families. having a master's degree in social work and working in prince georges county, there's no more family. and it is these children that
6:39 pm
have grown up without a parent there, children from 0-6's personality has -- charles: and, rebecca, the solution for that falls upon who? >> parenting. family breakdown. no taking care of infants. it goes very back to the -- charles: here's the thing. okay, let me bring in jamie. >> you're not going to fix this. charles: president obama echoed these themes today in his long answer to the question about baltimore, and i didn't hear him once talk about the actual onus of the individual. you know, call me romantic or whatever, i think america's the greatest country in the world being born here first and foremost -- >> it's a privilege. charles: you're lucky. if you're -- out of the six billion people on this planet, you've got an amazing step up on everyone else. abject poverty, to quote the president, you're riching than 80% of the world. >> look where you came from. it's in your book. you came from nothing, you were in harlem, and look at you today. >> so, jamie, when are we going
6:40 pm
to start talking about individual responsibility as part of this ultimate puzzle? >> exactly. >> you know what these people are responsible for, the unintended consequence of their actions last night? it takes the attention away from willie gray's family who actually suffered a loss. charles: and -- >> if they understood that -- charles: and freddie gray's family begged the protesters to remain civil, and they were outraged by what we saw last night. charles: hold it right there, rebecca. >> look what they did. >> listen, that will be resolved. >> horrific. charles: we'll get the outcome on that, but we should not have riots before the outcome. believe in the justice system, it works for all of us. by the way, crowds are gathering, you can see it there. those are live shots. remember, though, there's a city-wide curfew, and it starts at 10 p.m.
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you're down with crestor. yes! when diet and exercise aren't enough, adding crestor lowers bad cholesterol up to 55%. crestor is not for people with liver disease, or women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant. tell your doctor all medicines you take. call your doctor if you have muscle pain or weakness, feel unusually tired, have loss of appetite, upper belly pain, dark urine, or yellowing of skin or eyes. these could be signs of serious side effects. i'm down with crestor! make your move. ask your doctor about crestor. charles: a baltimore mom caught on camera slapping her son for taking part in last night's
6:43 pm
riots. i want to know how you feel about this. i'm saying she is mom of the year. tweet me, i'm @cbpayne.
6:44 pm
>> and now, it's time for "upon further review." charles: you know, this is a classic case of keeping it real when it goes wrong. now, a writer yesterday was stopped in his tracks by who we think is his mom, you know, as -- [laughter] she took the old school approach to participating, as you can see. of course -- to participating, of course, embarrassing the heck out of her son. she kept him from probably also being arrested. my mother would have done the same thing. if she told me not to go out there and loot, i wouldn't have gone out to loot. i would say about 95-99% agree this is mom of the year, but i did have a few people complain that violence begets violation, and they took issue with the actions of this mother. so upon further review, is this the mother of the year or is she
6:45 pm
part of the problem? joni courtney, you have got -- you're a mother. >> yes. charles: you know, this is a situation where she saw her son ready to make a drastic mistake. >> right. and i can see why people say it might be a little violent, but my gosh, if we had more parents out there that were really getting their children and saying get yourself out of this situation, this isn't the right place for you to be, you don't want to get in trouble, like, this was the time right now that we really need parenting. and you you could see the rage t that woman has, you know, with her son. she just wants to get him out of that situation. she's, you know, you could -- you know when you feel that intensity about something, you absolutely can see that with this woman. >> her name is toya graham, everybody was trying to find her, and she says that's my only son, and at the end of the day, i don't want him to be a freddie gray. charles, last night you told a story about how at some point,
6:46 pm
you know, you were getting, you know, some boys were beating you, and your mother came after you. moms have to be aggressive. attack me, no big deal, go after my children, mama bear comes out. charles: we moved to new york, we became a single family with three kids. we live inside harlem in the '70s, it was tough. i will tell you one quick story, we got beat up a lot because we spoke proper english and wore the wrong clothes. one day i fought the ringleader. if it was a disney movie, it would have been over. they circled me later on that night, about 12, 13 of 'em. one guy was choking the hell out of me, and as i was blacking out, who do i see running out the building in her nightgown and a knife in her hand? >> a knife? mama meant business. charles: it wasn't like a movie beat-up, i was being stomped, jamie. but these single mothers in these commitments, i mean, people -- these communities, i mean, people don't understand what they do. i tip my hat to them.
6:47 pm
>> i love this mother even knew where her son was. i mean, at a minimum talk about taking responsibility like we were talking about these people should take personal responsibility. parents have got to take responsibility in this country, and even if you don't live there, tack to your -- talk to your child about what's going on there and if they have a problem with the police. you know, if you teach your child to dislike police officers and they're in trouble, they're going to hesitate to ask one for help. charles: i wish we had more time. joni courtney, you were fantastic. jamie colby, you're always fantastic. don't miss jamie colby, "strange inheritance." you never miss it, but i'm going to remind you anyway. all this week they're highlighting inheritance that almost got lost in the trash. in the meantime, protests continue in baltimore. crowds are beginning to gather. the governor has promised baltimore will not have a repeat of last night's chaos. it says the national guard is in place with police officers, although there have been new reports of even new looting
6:48 pm
today. we'll be right back. when cigarette cravings hit,
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♪ ♪ charles: all right, guys. time now to address your questions. remember, you loaded me up. i'm way behind, but we're going to catch up. david on facebook: hi, charles, my 3-d stock is killing us, is it time to sell? i'm having trouble with this. stratus warned that stock is down, i think it's oversold, but i am worried because your next report is 21.20. a horrific loss, i'm holding on, but it's a tough one. >> sometimes you've got to bite the bullet. i'm very close as well. strategists warn they're down 17% after hours, maybe all that bad news is baked in, that's the only hope i have here. charles: you guys have hard
6:52 pm
stops? >> unquestionably. sometimes the market knows more than you. charles: 10%? >> i'm about 75. charles: really? -- 7.5. >> we start with 15, and then we'll scale it all the way up. if the thesis holds, we'll scale into the position. charles: all right, cool. mark says: i'm a radiologist observing all the hospitals upgrading to a 3-d mammogram, with new ma cheeps what does your panel think of the logic? first of all, i love the way you're connecting dots. i found out about intuitive surge call. look at this chart though. i don't think i would chase it. i think you're right, and i wish you would have acted on your instincts a little earlier. a lot of technical resistance betweens here and 35. i'm not in it, but i hear nothing but good things. >> it's a pretty good company. it's a little expensive, they're trying to challenge the high setback prior to the financial crisis. that's what -- that was the high. >> the problem is it's valued
6:53 pm
high, it's not growing earnings the next couple of years, i think it's overvalued. charles: a little late? >> what he said. [laughter] charles: that was good stuff that you're connecting these dots, and i want everyone to start doing that. remember, this curfew in baltimore begins at 10 p.m., but crowds are gathering. obviously, we hope, we pray that it stays peaceful. we'll discuss can it, we'll be right back.
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>> charles: breaking news nasdaq released on that twitter leak three '07 p.m. made an early version of the earnings release public. nasdaq says they are investigating the root cause but it did not affect any other clients. clouthier marching orders. a mess on consumer confidence.
6:57 pm
blue worries me even more because that is expectations. this shows that they don't expect good news around the corner. everybody bush is getting hammered today. twitter is getting crushed. finally they turned a corner to put out some guidance the stock was down $4 but getting absolutely hammered over here. it is about $20 and panera bread. big-time names that you know, that your getting crushed. we will talk about the fed but first consumer confidence? >> i thought we jews we're going up?
6:58 pm
>> we've not paying attention to the economic indicators? >> locked up -- lack of wage growth housing numbers are falling. personal spending has been falling people are nervous and rightly so. >> this is the biggest myths since 2010 relative to expectations despite falling gas prices or the stock market their reality on the ground is simply they are not that confident purported as a reason to be careful the consumer sectors are trading very poorly so particularly in consumer areas be cautious. >> buffalo wildlings are down. >> chicken wings.
6:59 pm
[laughter] over last year paying higher charles: 41%? [laughter] >> i will hold the stock even minimum-wage over last year as well. >> also getting hammered in the after market. >> they cut the dividend. that is serious. also the comments those statements he says the atmosphere has changed a and that is concerning to me. charles: i think the chinese government is shaking things up. >> talk about consumer confidence to save the federal reserve will have the post meeting analysis of they will raise rates. probably not june but may be september. >> i don't know. charles: i don't think they
7:00 pm
ever would. >> 40 back dash o% with expectations. charles: the control room is yelling at me. watch the show. don't miss a moment. dobbs is next. lou: good evening. this city of baltimore on alert after violent criminals attack police burned and looting businesses destroyed 140 cars for the national guard is on patrol hundreds of officers from up and down the east coast arrived to help the beleaguered police department and we take it up with david clarke former new york police department homicide detective and ago deal. also tonight who is legally responsible for the


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