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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 28, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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twitter @kennedy nation and facebook to all of you i hope you have a good night. moment. dobbs is next. lou: good evening. this city of baltimore on alert after violent criminals attack police burned and looting businesses destroyed 140 cars for the national guard is on patrol hundreds of officers from up and down the east coast arrived to help the beleaguered police department and we take it up with david clarke former new york police department homicide detective and ago deal. also tonight who is legally responsible for the
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businesses the cars and personal property that has been destroyed? the mayor, ed mayor rawlings-blake could be legally liable because she gave space her career appears to have gone up in flames and continue tonight. the financial liability may be mounting each day the police fail to bring order to the streets. and a belligerent act by ibm that may be considered an act of war. carrying out a deliberately provocative act in the strait of hormuz. the every did navy fired on a container ship bordered and then can -- to control an aircraft has been
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dispensed to the scene and robert scales as among our guests as he assesses the situation militarily. parts of downtown baltimore resembled a war zone. with the mayor's index performance is likely ended her career to give them space to destroy to her late decision to ask for help from the national guard. it is now in place and more police are in the streets but what will the of rioters do tonight? we have the latest from baltimore. >> local residents ted chin to clean up the mess to torricelli's to 144 vehicles in 15 buildings looting stores attacking police and firefighters in journalist
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with cinderblocks and bottles. this is some of what we encountered monday night. at least 20 officers were injured and 200 people arrested. the violence erupted soon after the funeral for freddie great who'd died one week after his byline partially severed well in police custody. his sister says this is not what her brother would have wanted. >> i don't like that at all. >> this corner store was one of the businesses burned. they have owned the home next door 50 years. >> is burned down. i took the hit. now it is gone. an innocent victim.
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>> national guard troops have been deployed to assist the baltimore city cops and thousands more soldiers and police officers are on standby. >> we will is put as much resources out as we can to make sure we do not have that situation. >> today we saw more what baltimore is about with people coming together to play in our city and clean the city to help heal the city. i think this can be our defining moment. >> city officials defended their initial response saying the investigators were 14 year-old kids and force would not have been appropriate. the issue to see the police are here with s.w.a.t. year we just had a large group of protesters had baptistry
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right to wear the pharmacy was burned last night and things are much calmer tonight officials are hoping with a curfew in effect with boots on the ground it will remain call but the fallout continues. there is the baseball game to be played tomorrow at camden yards but it will be close to the public the first time in history of major league baseball history engaged is played with no fans in the stands. lou: all that is going on in that city and a baseball game without fans? thank you for your reporting be safe. president obama has broken his silence on the violence in baltimore and a first he blasted the senseless violence. >> there is no excuse for that violence that we saw yesterday.
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it is counterproductive. when individuals get crowbars to pry open doors for looting they are not protesting. they're not making a statement. they are stealing. but then --. lou: then he had the temerity to blame the police as well as the entire country. >> i think the police department has to do some soul-searching. i think there is some communities that have to do soul-searching but we as the country have to do soul-searching. this is not new. lou: joining us now to help us better understand what is happening on the streets of baltimore wide leadership at the national and local level has failed to actor has been ineffective.
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david clark joins us tonight former secret service agent agent, former detective van fox news contributor bo dietl. but first reaction to the president's comment that he seems to blame the police departments for what is happening in baltimore. >> everytime he gets a chance to get the lead to over he stumbles. he needs to do some soul-searching to it mitt his failed liberal government policies for those living in the american ghetto. he cannot bring themselves to condemn the violence and stop there but but then through the police under the of us once again. i don't know what happened with this incident so i don't want to comment so he does not know either.
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the mayor has been a disaster from the beginning. she put her officers in harm's way and tied their hands behind their backs and when not let them advance or execute or use reasonable force to be aggressive and assertive to give them a chance to win to make order for the law-abiding citizens for the city and the officers safety. weber taking on casualty's last night. i don't blame baltimore's finest i saw them retreating as they had bricks and pieces of concrete pearl that them taking on 15 casualty's will the rioters had a nine. -- zero but i expect all reasonable force to be used to clear the streets at 10:00 to maintain order to get control of that city if
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they don't they may as well pack up and go home. lou: they have updated the officers injured trying to control the of riots and looting and violence the number is over 20. one officer was in critical condition last night but now they're all expected to survive their injuries. dan, how you speak to the fact this police department with the commissioner admitted he wasn't ready faber prepared? how could that be? >> there is a bizarre idea that is pervasive with big city liberal bears we saw it in 1991 with crown heights that people in these types of riots the hooligans or criminals were thugs need to
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vent and led off steam to destroy. but i have to ask on what? wire restarting the story in the middle? if that is accurate why do they need to vent? because they fall under the of governance of liberal policies. not trying to make a political fight you cannot start the story in the middle. i don't think they were unprepared to think it was the mayor. lou: even the police commissioner said the department was not ready. >> that is accurate but i think he takes on the chin for the mayor. lou: but she i cannot even imagine and she has a career anymore. what has been your reaction
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as a former police officer? to hear a mayor say that? >> when she comes off with a statement these are young kids that is why she didn't want the cops but then i listened to my president i think it was 640 murders in baltimore last year and they are young black kids killed by gang members. they are killed. the cops are not killing them also you will have 80 or 100 cops killed across the nation then he comes up with the wrong numbers. if they are getting pelted with those rocks and concrete than on top of it these poor people save their money to make a business and it is gone then dave berndt
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of senior housing development for old people? lou: also with the idea that the mayor and others talk about how transitory a dozen have been impact that somehow somebody will waive the wind. >> that is hogwash to listen to her talk she is the most incompetent person i have ever heard for her to come up with the statements every two minutes she should be taken now in a straitjacket. lou: the governor deserves special attention because governor hogan said he is taking control to make this statement with the mayor standing there with her jos' lack meaning he brings his entire cabinet to baltimore to take action is stirring -- assuring the people there will be proud of what they accomplish now?
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>> it is a day late and a dollar short. lot of that is symbolism the governor should have acted last night. he is the governor it is his state he should have acted unilaterally and sent in the national guard on sunday so they could quickly move those reinforcements. i don't like that kind of leadership i think it is a failure at the top by everybody involved with uniformed officers of men and women and the police department was left standing without the resources to defend themselves that was bathetic to put those officers in that position. lou: than, our chief intelligence correspondent has been reporting on the analysis of social media
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traffic in the baltimore area suggesting professional protesters have taken advantage of the situation that their presence is similar to that in new york gore ferguson for your quick reaction? >> right. they are heading up the crowd but there were city residents who had already planned on social media to go to the mall so was ted just the activist there was locals also and it was out there on social media adding to the mayor's problems. she should have ceded it was on twitter for the world to see. lou: some of that discussion is conducted with of media as well. but 230 arrest and 200 are adults. not children. >> as sir intelligence
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report this afternoon there was supposed to be is a demonstration in support of what is going on. the social meeting it is used it went out yesterday house with a high-school kids let's go to the mall that cop started to lot get up. nobody will bother us that is the environment that there should be sued personally for malfeasance. lou: we will talk with mercedes about that very issue. you don't want to miss that because there are issues created with the bears failure to act that really have not emerged before in say the government with implications at the federal level to carry out and enforce the laws of this country. thank you very much we will be back.
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>> iran becomes increasingly belligerent and provocative. major general scales on a potential flashpoint in the straits of hormuz. and some say this woman should have the title of mother of the year when she did in the
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lou: breaking news saudi arabia has arrested 93 terrorist with islamic state ties that planned a series of attacks including one targeting the u.s. embassy. the timing of the plot coincides with the decision of u.s. officials to halt all services that the embassy paper or reinforces fired shots and boarded a commercial containership in the straits of hormuz. the ship from a marshall islands flagship is now a score dared to dream the iranian port by four patrol votes of the revolutionary guard. united states is responsible for the security of of marshall island kraft at sea
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and it dispatched to the area the latest act of aggression comes from last friday where votes intercepted a u.s. flag container ship in the persian gulf before they withdrew. joining me now to assess the latest provocation from iran. general skills and our fox military analyst. now it seems this is a morality play for the president and he looks like the jump. >> is is all about the revolutionary court. they're the major terrorist organization. it is an effort to play tit-for-tat for the
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roosevelt carrier last week turning the effort back to resupply the rebels and in their own way to sabotage the iranian nuclear talks the last thing the president wants right now is for this incident to rule in the final days of negotiation but it is piracy and inactive for a ship in international waters united states navy was too late to turn this around so now we're in the kabuki dance. lou: how far was our carrier? >> bay were quiet ways 60 miles. the carrier does not normally go through the straits of hormuz. they are in the arabian sea probably hundreds of miles away. lou: the reason i am asking
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because of the capacity to eliminate the patrol votes and the inaction by the president it seems it is relatively straightforward of what we come to expect with a lack of serious response and a leading from behind. >> and he will lead to anything to data spokesperson retried to global this -- low ball this. the president and a administration. >> apologized for interrupting but i don't think there is anything resembling a modest level of expectation with the spokespersons for the united states state department. i take your point is exactly but this administration that
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will sabotages the talks? you are we concerned about would be the president by not being gentle enough for the i iranians to be too belligerent or ambitious with their aggression? two asides are sitting at the table and seems to work hand in hand it to skip through the tulips that permits the iranians to end with a nuclear weapon. >> first of all, the iranians will get a nuclear weapon. my great fear is over the years with the revolutionary guard are going to be the ones that will safeguard it. the largest terror organization of the world what type of expectation do we have once they have the bomb the military guard will
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show up to take possession? can you imagine a loose nuclear weapon under control of this organization? >> very quick. how long before they release boat? >> soon as they release that discussion they will take the vessel to attorney lewis just like they have when they milked it for all this is worth the vessel will go home. lou: general scales. '' in the poll will to believe baltimore mayor rawlings-blake as a result of the violence to richer administration failed to respond believe she should resign? the police commissioner told parents to get control of their kids and one mother
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touched his words to heart and took action for you will be impressed and your heart will be glad. lou: en gotta love her. she has guts and courage and means to take care of her kid. mother of the year. don't you which -- wish we had hundreds more? all bush refused to divulge her name but she was saying to the press conference last night. we salute her. of failure of leadership led
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every level of government on display criminals roaming the streets in my commentary is next for the with the death toll climbing facing dire circumstances we have the latest
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lou: the few thoughts are required on the disastrous decision made by baltimore mayor rawlings-blake as she seems of each passing day to shrink further from the challenges that gripped the city and already facing criticism for her response that swept through the city streets the mayor made these extraordinary comments over the weekend. >> we tried to make sure they were protected from cars and other things that were going on. also those who wish to destroy a safe as well.
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we worked very hard to keep that balance to put ourselves in the best position to deal escalate. lou: she said '' we gave space to those you wish to destroy''. lou: destroy they did for the beleaguered mayor rawlings-blake denied that she ever said such a thing. >> i never said nor would i ever say we are giving people space to destroy over city. my words should not be twisted. lou: twisted? issue really trying to blame the media? why would she suggest that the media twisted her words? wish you really suggesting her citizens should not believe their ears? again word for word what mayor rawlings-blake did say in her words '' we also a
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gave those who wish to destroy space to do that as well. i feel for the mayor who was distraught and confused and seemed paralyzed and has a responsibility to her citizens and her police force to lead well and not shrink from the moment. you may ask where has been the president then? a made his first comments today in he had his blame the media response. >> you have seen multiple days of peaceful protest that were focused on entirely legitimate concerns of the community in baltimore that did not get that much attention. one burning building on
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television looped over and over. lou: he did no better than mayor rawlings-blake he also could not find the courage to forswear the temptation to blame others for his lack of leadership loretta l. lynch was sworn in just yesterday but today she said to a justice department officials were sent to baltimore in she condemned the violence. why is the nation so patient of tepid efforts on the actions of our readers? the people deserve better and leaders who can unite to speak to all citizens as to all americans. liquidation of the evening from a man who always always, always, always took responsibility as a great leader does.
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>> the search for a scapegoat is the easiest of all hunting expeditions. eyes and our purpose of the 34 president. we will be right back. >> the mayor of baltimore disappoints just about everyone but could she be held liable for the destruction caused? our attorneys on that issue and more next. a kentucky legal victory to protect its religious rights.
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lou: breaking news looking at live pictures hundreds of demonstrators mobilizing before the citywide curfew goes into effect has been ineffective and ignored over the last couple of nights. however at this hour there are no signs of violence. the national guard is out on patrol and hundreds of additional police officers from surrounding states have been brought in to reinforce police to convey a strong impression of force and we will follow this throughout
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the hour. joining us tonight how how our fox news legal analyst to discuss what is transpiring so many people say the mayor should be held accountable with the of malfeasance. is it impractical? finigan fortunately right now they have qualified immunity the you cannot go after them civil or criminal and for what they say. that could be changed but right now she and the police force have qualified immunity. lou: that sounds very lawyerly. >> there is a presumption in those public officials are
11:41 pm
conducting themselves in the best interest of society. >> in this day and age that is one highly debatable assumption. >> but unfortunately they do. it could be overcome. >> what about destruction of property by all the rioting? and they are not kids despite the claims for they are adults. can they be held charged? >> absolutely criminal charges first arson and assault and many other charges several felonies. they can be felony liable charges. >> of course, those people
11:42 pm
have no resources. >> they cannot afford the attorneys could you think will pay that? >> many people whose businesses were burned cannot afford an attorney there is no recall provision in the city of baltimore the matter how much they would like to change of leadership at this point. let's turn to the federal case with florida lynch sending the civil-rights division and was dissuaded by the office of the white
11:43 pm
house? >> for two individuals to go forward. >> symbolism? >> it may be meaningful but not really. >> it is so hard to reach to go after a police officer you have to show it was under color of law to deprive someone of civil liberties because of their race. lou: someone in that white house should be speaking clearly with the destruction of a city and for him to use a just if there is any reason or purpose or justification or a rationalization.
11:44 pm
>> they are attacking law-abiding citizens they are destroying their own neighborhoods. lou: they will be disappointed on that. >> and there is a constitution as long as to terms are filled and no more. be sure to vote you believe mayor rawlings-blake should resign? cast your vote. in baltimore there are reports of media members being physically attacked and our fox nord -- news correspondent was nearly run over by one such criminal in a stolen car. >> are you watching this picture? did you see that?
11:45 pm
get back. get back. get up on the stairs. are you watching this? >> get back. lou: incredible no one on the streets think we were injured. up next with the death toll still rising saying as they deal with the aftermath of the strongest earthquake in more than 80 years. we have the latest in a report showing how close the clinton foundation finances could be tied to hillary's term as secretary of state. if it gets worse and worse
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lou: the death toll now 5,000 people dying search and rescue continue to look for survivors and the
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government has said half a million people have been displaced and 8 million without water or food or gasoline since the disaster struck. turning to the campaign trail the clinton foundation donors are lobbying the state department has been revealed. james rose and has the report. >> a who's who of corporate america and heavy hitters compiled by fox from the clinton foundation records in federal disclosure forms of to a hundred companies and individuals and foreign governments donating millions to the clinton foundation while lobbying hillary clinton state department. fox reporter, author of the sympathetic biography says it gives a sense how common it was for influence seekers to give to the foundation showing that they cannot police themselves.
11:51 pm
aid to the front runner did not respond to requests for comment but the state department counted eight defense that was at worst and coherence. >> in 2009 the then nominee set forth a number of undertakings to address her financial interest with the consulting of former president clinton and matters with the foundation and the initiative. as we have said those commitments with beyond many of the requirements. >> the official ceo is acknowledged this week the foundation failed to disclose foreign government donations three of for years and is now refiling tax forms for them filing earlier disclosures of the book clinton cash. >> we never had a situation
11:52 pm
with a sitting senator and secretary of state whose spouse takes in tens of millions of dollars. >> former governor their primary challenger to clinton cut short a lecture to return to baltimore but that clinton and use twitter to say she was praying for safety and answers and the death of freddie gray. lou: planted cash offer will be our special cast tomorrow night. the dow was up 72 points the s&p upsets the nasdaq down five twitters stock is down 18%. listen to my records three times a day on the salem radio network. the nfl is relinquishing that eight decade-long tax-exempt status of this
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. lou: a lot to talk with todd sterns tonight about. a kentucky court ruling election imprinter has declined the right to print messages that conflicts with religious beliefs.
11:57 pm
joining us author of the book godless america, todd sterns great to have you here. >> great to be with you, lou. lou: let's start before we move to baltimore on the kentucky ruling. the wave of decisions previously. >> lou so far it is the only case where the christian business owner has come out victorious. this is a small t-shirt company called hands-on originals, the guy who owns the company named blaine adamson and the local lgbt organization wanted him to make t-shirts for the gay pride event and he declined to do so and suggested they go to another company that could provide the same type of businesses and service. he was brought up on the kentucky human rights commission. lou: wow. >> i broke this story, and told me that christian business owners should leave religion out of the businesses.
11:58 pm
just before we came on the, a i had a chance to talk to blaine, he said today is a great day for freedom every american should have freedom to live and work according to their beliefs without fear of punishment from the government. that is what the judge ruled there so it's a victory for hands-on original joos next up, appeal. >> probably so, we'll have to see how it plays out. lou: turn to baltimore. i mean what we are watching there is disastrous for the city. businesses being torched. i'm afraid the community has been so severely wounded and it's going to be a longtime before they recover from this because of the inept leadership in part of the city. >> this is absolutely outrageous. earlier today president obama, i had a chance to watch and rewatch what he said, he really was the community organizer in chief lou. i went back with my stop watch. 90 seconds went after the criminal thugs and spent five minutes going after the police department. seeming to go after them and
11:59 pm
say they're the baying problem here. this is very disturbing. but the glimmer of hope for me was the mom who went after her son. lou: i would love to put the video up as we go out tonight with time waning the picture of the mother go ahead. >> lou, i got to give me something, 12 mamas with cast iron skillets and you put a stop to this lickety-split. lou: i want to smend her, the police commissioner in baltimore has done so. our candidate right now for definitely mother of the year. >> absolutely. lou: todd starnes good to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: time for a look at online poll results -- perhaps listening, as todd starnes pointed out to the president's words today as well. that's it for us tonight.
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thanks for being with us. coming up tomorrow, special guests will be "clinton cash" author, peter schweizer. thanks for being with us. good night from new york." (?) >> a letter arrives in the mail with news of a strange and lucrative inheritance. >> if i got a letter like this, i would think it was a scam. someone is scamming us. >> so is it a scam? >> i said, you know, ray, there is a fine line between a genius and idiot. he said, yeah, i crossed that two or three times a day. who is this mysterious benefactor? >> he's a hidden man. >> he didn't have the family life. he didn't have a friend to talk to. he really truly was a man -- >> but an inheritance? >> that's the "strange inheritance." and the strangest story still.


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