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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  April 29, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm EDT

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at moral obligation do you have to build with rioters burned down we'll come at this one all sides today. a dead stop we're in trouble. when would president obama to do to fight off an extending recession? hillary clinton family foundation failed to report 1100 donations mostly from foreigners. secretary clinton ran foreign policy . jerry seinfeld reran 120 million total. varney and company is about to begin in a moment you're going to see what i mean by love at first site. but first this. >> this pirate trend is a new look for the 90s. you're going to be the first pirate. >> i don't think the to pirate -- ♪ ♪
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working my way back along the road i'm here great to be back. thank you for all of your well wishes on social media very much appreciated. and i return with wonderful news. introducing -- cynthia and eleanor. new, twin granddaughters born last week, they are so sweet many my daughter and husband james they have three other children. they have a big family. heir doing very well thank you very much. now you understand what i mean by love at first sight. ain't that fantastic? we better get serious news of the day and serious it is, the economy. barely growing at all in the first three months of the year bring of recession. we're in a corner, we're going to print more money, spend more government money, raise taxes as the president wants, oh what a policy mess we're in.
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we're good with it. check that big board stocks lower at the gdp number came out. we did what are from the feted this afternoon that could move the markets. but with an economy like this when earth is federal reserve ever going to raise interest rates. without 37 18,000. right there center stage so we bring in steve moore distinguishedder at the heritage foundation. all are we on the brink of recession, steve? >> you take a few days off and the whole economy goes to hell. blame this one on you. [laughter] no i don't think we're on a brink of recession but we're going to get a bounce back in a second quarter but there's no doubt about a short piece we're lousy numbers a lot to talk about here. but one thing that concerns me the most. what i find is kind of a leading economic indicator is what happened to businesses, are they spending more or hiring more, are they building, you know, new plants and equipment and answer is they sure didn't in the first quarter. we have a being decline and that
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is very troubling to me. >> now, what about this policy corner which i think we're in? normally at a time like this maybe the government would spend more money maybe fed would precinct more money and cut taxes to put include in the private private sector but none of the above is going to happen. >> we don't want the federal government to spend more money or print more money but i think the tax cut would make a lot of sense. talk about this week after week on the show. we're not going to get that. >> if we have another couple lousy quarters of gdp growth president obama would see the right. ever economist believes we have to get that corporate tax rate down to be competitive but i think there's a fund mental problem here stuart. i think this is a result of policy. i think obamacare is slowing down business and investment and hiring. you've got that 50 worker rule.
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30 hour week rule pulling back on economy. tax burden is a big problem. and i think this just general attitude in washington that we hear from barack obama and hillary clinton an others kind of assault against business. i think it is just a depressant on the economy right now. >> back breaking. anyway i just want to move on quickly to baltimore. who pays for all of this? hold on a second to me this is a moral question. why should taxpayers be forced to rebuild while the rioters burn down? >> they shouldn't. that simple. united states taxpayers you and i should not pay for what happened in baltimore this is as a result in many cases of bad policies in the city of baltimore. i think that the people of maryland citizens of baltimore should deal with it. why people who live 10,000 miles a way have to pay higher taxes
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to pay for disruption in the city of baltimore. so by the way i would not be surprised if sometime in the next couple of weeks we see from president obama a big rescue package and a big bailout for city of baltimore i guarantee that is going to happen. >> it is going to happen. steve moore thank you for joining us so short got a big day a lot to get in here. >> thanks very much indeed. >> i wish we had better news. >> latest headlines coming out of baltimore here they are relatively quiet ten arrests two for lewding one for disorderly conduct. seven for violating the 10 p.m. curfew that remains in effect for the week. later in the day something that has never happened before. orioles game against white sox will be played in our empty stadium. closing the game toen ifs to security reasons. first time in baseball history that a regular season game will be played without any fans in the stand. then last hour, hillary clinton spoke about the situation in baltimore. listen to this.
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>> we have allowed our criminal justice system to get out of balance, and these recent tragedies should galvanize us to come to the as a nation to finding our balance again. everyone in every community benefit when there's respect for the and when everyone in every community is respected by the law. wall street journal editorial board. your response to that soundbite. >> should be law-abiding bonged the law she didn't say this but the the complication that is discriminates against young men of color. that is really not the problem in baltimore. >> fair enough were your editorial today it sayings baltimore shows how progressism has ill ifed urban america. you're saying that baltimore is a policy failure. >> it is the left can't governor it is oakland detroit
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all of cities governorred by democrats since 1960s they spend a lot of money. lousy schools these are thing that you need to have a healthy economy, stuart. you need to protect the people and take buttered off business and attract parents and others into the community by having quality education and baltimore has enough those things. >> that point meanwhile whole foods getting blasted on twitter, why? for feeding the national guardsman who moved into protect baltimore. the company sent this -- this is the whole foods tweet what they sent out yesterday we teamed up whole foods market mount washington to make sandwiches for the men and women keeping baltimore safe. well it didn't take long for tweets like this one to start rolling back in. as baltimore's poorest kids are left hungry due to school closure, no school lunch, whole foods feed the oppressor. >> redeck louse. but again they're not addressing the core problem.
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the core problem is that so many kids are on school lunch in baltimore that is what people should be upset about. why are kids getting fed by taxpayer. why not their parents have jobs where they can afford to feed these children? i'm not angry at whole foods i may raise the fact that these kids have to rely on public system for sustenance. >> do you believe the i can while they burn down? >> no, this is a rule voters get the politicians that they deserve. citizens of baltimore have voted for liberal policies since the 60s and look what they've gotten. >> okay. mary thank you very much indeed. you have to stick around for the hour i trust. some support here. >> glad to have you back. glad to have you back. >> big name stocks that are moving today i'm gong to give you a few. first off gopro selling those action cameras. to the free commercials which we give them you know stocks
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getting big boost 11% at 52. crackdown on luxury spending in china, that hurts the gaining business in mccall resorts getting a hit for that. 15% down for wynn. look at lumber liquidator wants criminal charmings against the company for importing banned wood products. could cost the company $10 million. the company is down the stock is down, 20%. oh. look at the price of oil please new high for 2015. a smaller than expected build in the storage tank announced last hour, up it goes, 58 256 is price for regular gas line on average across the country. $2.56. all right lauren is here with more corporate headlines incase you missed them. >> congratulations to you and twin here. mcdonald's slimmed down the menu no longer available deluxe
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quarter pounder six chicken sandwiches and snack wraps easier for kitchens as mcdonald's works on the turnaround we'll show you shares you can see they're down about a quarter of one percent. while american airlines grounded two dozen flights last night and you will not believe the reason why. an ipad glitch pilot has been using ipads instead of heavy flight paper manuals to save fuel but a software with glitch caused ma'ams in navigation data not to load so planes had to return to the gate to reestablish their connection. you can see shares of -- wrong stock over there. shares after a whopping 18% plunge yesterday within of quarterly earnings leaked early. second worse day ever. twitter missing revenue expectations for the quarter and maybe for the year as well. here's other social media companies struggling google
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facebook up now but some of the others are still lower and some sharply lower. stuart. >> good to be back. it is a question we were raised throughout this program. do we have a moral obligation to pay for the damage in bath moral do we we'll answer the question. also president obama calls for national soul searches but according to davy croc the president should do soul searches we discuss this next.
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>> not much change this morning, we're down 46 points dow holding 18,000. former chairman has a new job with the investment from pinco hired him as an advisor and will
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close periodically engauge the clients. in other words got some serious money, get to meet the guy. time is money. three out of the third them for you. nfl draft in chicago this year big money event now a lot of people watching. we have a live report for you at 12:23 this morning. to baseball, white sox orioles game closed to fans and weekend games move to tampa bay. we're talking you to the stadium next hour i'll tell you this, this decision about no fans at game that is not going down well. last one, form ravens ray lewis posting this video telling teens in baltimore violence is not answer hey, get off the streets. >> good for him. we'll show you a clinton of the hour here we go. baltimore clearly won serious money to rebuild destroyed neighborhoods question is who pays do we have a moral obligation to pay let's ask
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bishop the president of stand that is staying true to america's national destiny always a pleasure to have you on this program. i ask you that same question we've asked everybody this morning, do i have a moral obligation, me, and other people outside baltimore do we have a moral obligation to pay to rebuild that society? never to reward lewding destruction of property but we've had a black president he says of a phone and pen and call the president of grade school, apple tell them help me not to government but through the private sector to go in and -- newscast in these inner cities and create some jobs, as far as i'm concerned he's done absolutely nothing for the black community. conformation those people deserve that help? i know this is a very difficult
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question to ask, sir do deserve help if they're burned down their own community? >> let's keep something in mind there are lots of good people in these community victimized by this lawlessness as police when rocks are thrown at them. you saw that mother rescue her son out of that crowd. those people have to be remembered we have to pay, punish the lawless, but we've also got to give hope to people that are looking for opportunity and a frankly the president and and his administers have not provided it. >> whole countries needs to do some soul searches. here's what david clark said about this. listen to this for a second, bishop. >> mentioned we need to do soul searching searching he needs to do it about his liberal policies that have prolonged the american ghetto. >> saying we all need to do some
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soul searching, you say? >> what he blamed the congress and media for the unrest in urban america. he's the first black president of the united states we've had two black attorney generals now we've just had second one now. we have a city that is run by black mayor, black police commissioner time to start taking some responsibility for your own actions and providing some leadership instead of telling the rest of the country like holder did that we're a nation of cowards we know what needs to be done. we don't have leaders who are willing to do it >> i've been away sitting at home watching events unfold in baltimore. one they think that occurred to me what i would want to see is our president, other authorities of a people in power delivering a very strong message to those rioters, knock it off. idea not hear it. >> that america is a racist unjust place.
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this is the country where you can riot and lute and do these sorts of things you try that in some of these countries america is place where we want to maximize ability for people to express themselves but you're right it is time to say there's no tolerance for lawlessness and violence and lewding those black business that are been destroyed in that community, what do they do and turn frankly ting there's got to be some sort of plan to bring the private sector in and raise up those people trying to do something positive in that community. >> it will be very difficult, sir. it will be very, very difficult. i think black community in baltimore has taken a significant hit in pr terms sorry to say that. >> stuart i'm a minister with men things are impossible. but with god all things are possible. so i still believe that pastors in that community and the decent people in that community can rebuild baltimore and put these stubs in their place. >> god bless you bishop you can
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come on this program any time you like. [inaudible] can you believe this? whole foods getting criticism for feeding national guard troops in baltimore? up next, we bring you one business that gave free lunches to children who were out of school because of the riots. if you're taking multiple medications does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene available as an oral rinse toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good a dry mouth isn't biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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>> all right look at goodyear cost of raw materials went down and @rofit up and stock is up 6.38% goodyear reaching 89. classes canceled for most in baltimoreing and most of those enrolled in the school free lunch program. they're teamed up to make sure kids did not go hungry. kate owner of red emma's bookstore and coffee shop opened her doors to feed baltimore kidsing and say she's -- fed a couple of dozen young people each and every day. that is a sign that came up right at that . >> terrific. >> say that again. she's on the phone right now. i thought with -- katy are you on the phone? >> oh hi yes this is kate. >> sorry to say that. thanks very much for being with us. how many kids have you fed? >> you know welcome it is hard
11:25 am
to say. we've had a really pretty steady flow of folks coming through at our location at red emmas but what has since developed intoi- using our cafe and our bookstore space at the place for folks to bring food donations for discrimination arranged a the city taking food to the reck centers to charities taking food into the communities and making sure that stuff is getting otopeople. >> i think this is precisely the kind of thing that a lot of people want to hear about. to the community coming to the to help itself and crucial time. you're doing exactly that. as your effort being matched by other restaurant people other organizations in baltimore? >> yeah, there are other organizations that are doing this same work there are a couple of restaurants that are -- that are getting involved. folks are contacting us and
11:26 am
brings stuff for us here to donate. but also, you know, this call, this call militarily came out of the group and advocacy owners and from a group of progressive clergy in baltimore. so you know, call actually started in the community as a leader responded to the call we weren't the first and a haven't been the only so. >> well done. from all of a us who were watching this program and in part of this program well done indeed you're ding a fine thing. thanks for joining us. see you soon. >> thoughts? >> america, americans -- we're generous people we saw here in new york after 9/11 too we don't talk about it a lot and god forbid we have situation where is we need people to step in like this. but americans are in crisis this is what we do and a proud of the country. >> bring down hammer on rioting idiots and praise those -- >> this lady is perfect. good for her. >> donation made to clinton
11:27 am
foundation judge andrew is next. seinfeld of proking a show about nothing can bring in a whole lot of money. how is $180 million sound? >> office christmas gift. item you this human fund is a gold mine. >> not a church, you know. >> a whole with later. >> that is classy. the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day.
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whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do.
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♪ ♪ good to be back something here i really appreciate all of your nice comments. infact, we're going to run some of them right now. >> not sure i recognize you you look like stuart varney and sound like him but it has been so long. >> thinner. mr. suave and i like that. no other commence please. craig says yes please replay that iconic photo of him on the tractor wearing sandals and songs. stop that. i almost went to the bank and closed my account. maybe the judge will have something to say about todd when
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we get to him. who knows. [laughter] where are we now? we're down not much but we are down. we have a dismal gdp growth report of .2%. dow is down 58. look at the share price of kraft east of sales changing what is called pricing structure. down 71 cents. price of oil going straight up, 58 dollars a barrel and gas going straight up to two cents overnight higher. 2.56 is average for regular right now. more talk for hillary clinton cofounder of the clinton foundation affiliate says there are 1100 undies closed donors to the clinton foundation. most of those from foreign countries. let's go to fox news chief correspondent ed henry for more of that. what is going on? >> in the clinton cashbook
11:33 am
talking about him a lot recently he sits on the board clinton foundation and he's also a donated millions of dollars to the clinton foundation. he's sort of spoke out to bloomberg news and wanted to defend himself against some of these allegation answer course of that noted this fact about the 1100 pun disclosed donors. clinton phones saying they don't have to be disclosed but claim donors do not have to be disclosed and they give the money to the canadian affiliate so trying to say there's a difference than directly giving the money to the clinton foundation. when had president obama was coming into office in 2008 2009 his representative signed that memorandum understanding with hillary clinton and her aids as she was incoming secretary of state that agreement specifically says, affiliates like this canadian one should apply in materials of disclosing to the white house, and the public who is giving money.
11:34 am
so they're also by the way canadian tax experts are say they can't finding anything in canadian tax law that tells you you don't have to disclose to a nonprofit and should be disclosed this is yet another problem for a campaign especially because this morning as she spoke out on the baltimore riots talking about criminal justice reform and how we need to restore trust for the public, this is coming as she's facing all of these questions hillary clinton. about how she's been doing business husband has been doing business that is why this is not going away so far stuart. >> had to restore trust as that as the back drop. judge. >> she either needs to be sued
11:35 am
by someone who says hey by paid $750,000 for your husband to speak for an a hour. he have told the same jokes earlier because you promised this would so happen if i pay and thus and so didn't happen. that this is under oath and easier than the following to require the fbi to say look at all of this contribution clinton foundation decision by secretary of state. 750,000 fee to bill decision of secretary of state by hillary we see a pattern here what look bribery start an investigation. but the fbi would commence a criminal investigation, or that some disgruntles owner would sue for their money back. >> fbi investigation or self suit from a disgruntles.
11:36 am
>> solution to both of those is what is in e-mails which is deleted that is evidence. >> as we were talking before the break when you destroy evidence in a civil case not about a criminal case entirely different story. civil case when you destroy evidence, the judge says to the jury about you may presume that evidence that was destroyed would go against the person who destroyed it. now, her problem is a political problem. not a legal problem. because if you donated to the clinton foundation, if you donated clinton foundation unless they promotessed for political reason it is that they would reveal you. if you donated to a holding company in canada that really was a clinton foundation but had a different name so you weren't making a check to the clinton foundation and nobody knew that money was going to them that is not a crime. but that is a political
11:37 am
subterfuge. >> going to stretch on for next -- >> i don't think so i don't think she'll get away from this. if gi is fateful to rules when it starts criminal investigations they would have started when that book came out. >> the suggestion does america care? does america care? >> well or do clinton comply with rules of law or separate rules for them? >> a lot of separate rules for a lot of different people judge as you well know. a pleasure to be back with you i should say. how is that? >> always a pleasure. miss you had dearly my dear friend. senator buddy, he's a self-described social u.s.. he's expected to announce he's running for president he'll make an announcements tomorrow. a move that is sure to fire up liberal ultra wing we've got that. let's bring in turning point founder charlie cooke. all right charlie i don't know
11:38 am
why you're laughing you know why you are laughing. you know that millennials love this. they of lot socialism nonsense let's take a step back. great news for hillary clinton for youngest person in the democratic -- [inaudible] >> great news for her. [laughter] start with that bernie sanders is 73 but ideas are old about robbing rich and destroying things that are existing. i think it is exciting when gop that if they're labeled as old white party heads to, two latinos under 50 running for president of the united states and democratic party has two people white people legal age of relater in this country. if one left one is to talk politics on the surface. let's play that game. gop is inwithing that way and also just back to sanders ideas are socialistic and last thing is hillary clinton is not, she's just as extreme as he is in certain ways but she's not clean
11:39 am
as the judge is talking. >> you might have to back me up on this one. winston churchill if you're not a socialist by age it have 25 you have no heart and if you're a socialist after age it have 25, you have no head. can you apply that argument to the millennials to bernie sanders? >> agree with that 100%. with bernie sanders go ahead judge. >> won't bernie look hillary moderate by comparison and thresh broaden her appeal. or will he siphon off less wing voters without him in the race would hold had their noses and vote for her. >> i agree, you know he talks about a very anti-wall street anticorporate message and hillary clinton as close connections to rile up left wing ors that are disenfranchised with the less of progressive action. i think he's going to really cause a lot of ruckus and my generation might -- fall for it. but it interesting to see left
11:40 am
become older and older and free franchise ideas. >> he wants to audit the fed and hates the patriot act. >> move along. seinfeld signing a deal with hulu. about with a show about nothing. some of the i'm a huge seinfeld fan seen everything. >> made before you were born you realize that. >> relevant about everything. what i love about seinfeld is they talk day-to-day, parking spots, beg salad, poofy hair and funny and relevant. i say not a million per episode you can monetize that if you're a long time pack on demand video streaming which my generation is using. >> [inaudible] >> never saw it. >> never seen it. >> i don't watch television stuart. you know that if you drive a bus for a living you don't get on a
11:41 am
bus in your free time, do you? >> actually yes. >> actually judge -- >> up next social media playing big role in riots who was background posts on twitter and facebook. turns out so-called professional protesters played a big role, got full details for you in a moment.
11:42 am
>> i'm nicole stocks are under pressure today after a week of
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the unexpected gdp growth of two tents of one percent. dow down 73 ponts at 18 down a half percent down nine points. nasdaq down 26 some of the dow loses on the dow today includes united statessed health that is a big within. down three and a half percent and ground out the bottom five, about on the other hand we're going to turn hours around to look at hotel stocks and several are hitting all time highs including hilton worldwide star wood. and different pieces of news. star wars is up about 8%. marriott is reporting after the bell and twitter checking in on this one down 20% over yesterday. numbers came out. revenue dropping again here down about 5% to check with customers and ads. you drop 40 grand on a new set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only
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>> now this baldwin blame veteran ises for riots in baltimore just listen. >> a lot of these young poem and i love our nation's veterans some of them are coming back from war. they don't know the community and they're ready to do better. >> attempt to walk back those comments. listen again. >> i wholeheartedly retract what i said, and i've thought tremendously about this and a to our nation's veterans to you, and to our secrets this morning,
11:46 am
i have the utmost respect to all of you. i owe you a tremendous apology. i am truly sorry. >> all right. mike baker is with us. he's with a shot or two in anger no doubt with the cia. is that correct? >> with the agency yeah for over a decade and a half. great organization if any young people are watching looking for a career. i wholeheartedly recommend it. >> aggressive vice haven't you? >> not lifeate fi or achbook tat iswherthat erctionis vwingff fm reity. insde t orgizaton includi with a drone program made the news recently with the death of the two western hostages. there's a great deal of indication that goes on. into the interrogation program they've read memo to see how
11:47 am
much back and forth was about littlist thing during the course of an interrogation. >> trying to imply that you shouldn't go from fightings over into the police force because you'll be aggressive provocative i think that police aggressiv and provocative on occasion. >> they have to be brave. they have to be smart capable, they have to be willing to do a job that most people would never consider doing. because of the dangers involved. >> got to run to the sound of the gun. >> full disclosure brook baldwin i do like her. i'm very glad that she issued that apology because it was the right thing to do. i can't imagine what was in her mind when she made that comment it is untrue. our veterans come back and we should do everything possible to work to employ them when they coming back. because that work they do in the
11:48 am
more it trains them and prepares them for private sector some of the best people i know they come out of the military and they've learned common sense, they've learned how to get job done. leadership, discipline these are things you want in the police force. >> you do indeed. >> then this one for a we can second. dozens of the social media accounts calling for action in baltimore. are linked baltimore and ferguson they're linked. how do you stop professional are testers on social media there is a direct link between people calling for action ferguson, action in baltimore same people same social postings, i would have thought it went easy to track them down quite frankly. >> right looking at this data and if you physically locate somebody in ferguson, and then you physically locate them through their social media account in baltimore you would have to be naive to think there may not be a connection in materials of why they're in both elections during the course of the protest and riots that break
11:49 am
out in both of those locations. i know what drives people crazy who worry constantly about privacy issues you have to worry about that. not saying that you don't. if somebody is going to use social media to engage in criminal behavior to insight violence, then we have an obligation to do what is -- lawful to monitor that social media to ensure that we get ahead of the curve and we prevent from public safety reasons we prevent those criminal acts from occurring. >> you don't necessarily have to prosecute what you you should do is expose. >> at a minimum what it does monitoring social media it helps law enforcement, you know, understand the pressures that are building understand what the temperature is of the people what may happen, allows them to deploy resource properly, and it allows them to pinpoint those individuals coming in who they have no interest in social justice. they're worried about looting causing violence for public media as sake as possible. allows to pinpoint individuals
11:50 am
to get our hands on them. enings do you think that i we, america has a moral obligation to pay for rioting of theings budgeter down. >> we should take those aced and we have evidence of engaged in all of this and essentially not put them in jail, but for the next three months, four months, six months how long long it takes be engauged in rebuilding that city. that is what those people should be doing. if you destroy it you better be involved in putting it back together again. >> always good. >> check this out. this is newest most advanced drone on the market. you want one? you can buy this thing. it is here in this studio meet the man who owns it, runs it ahead made it, next.
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>> 3d robotting announced a new drone called solo first smart drone we have one in the studio along with 3d chief revenue
11:55 am
officer. get that colin quinn welcome back. it is sitting there on the set going to put it on the camera. how much? >> 999. and can i buy it anywhere? >> pretty much. they'll be on shelves near best buy near you first of june, but yeah almost if i ever camera shop, on outdoor places. >> you explain most advanced drone available only the market in what way is it most advance? >> so really quickly it is first drone that has ever been built on autopilot but this actually has a one gig hertz computer that also on drone. >> so on the hand you have the seam processor computer so could have two computers access to internet to your smart device and so it becomes literalsly a drone connected by computers. everything about it is easier
11:56 am
they want to get cool video on drones or get cool photos from the sky. >> also want to attack somebody. you ever thought of that? >> our computers don't make that easier. >> in all seriousness i'm going to buy one of these things. when i do i get it home, i send it off to jfk interrupt air traffic. it is your drone, and you sold it to me. >> so first of all you couldn't do that because we have a geo fence on it more than 1,000 meters away from you, then it will just return itself home automatically. >> so i can get into mischief an just like a car. ran buy a porsche and get thrown in jail for it or do all kinds of things illegally with the videocassette and it is not toyota's fault or -- bmw fault but up to you to act responsibly with the technology. >> now you have --
11:57 am
>> 3d robotic has raised $100 million. >> we have. >> going public at some point? >> we'll see. we're rallying back same backers and drop cam. >> how many do you expect to sell this calendar year? >> a lot. >> come on, come on. >> you know, 100,000. like to do 100,000. >> i think you might. 1,000 a piece. colin come back to tell us when you hit 100,000 in sales. okay. >> okay. happen in three months. [laughter] >> thank you very much indeed. [laughter] we'll get back to the baltimore story in a moment to have the hour charles payne weighing in who is going to pay? is there a moral obligation for you to repay to rebuild what was burned down by the rioters do you have that moral obligation plus the dead flat president obama that could be handing to hillary clinton. would that kill her campaign?
11:58 am
fresh out of varney two minutes away.
11:59 am
12:00 pm
. >> to the man who is selling a nicotine free cigarette. what's the point? this is not your average business show. here it goes.
12:01 pm
♪ >> they claim to have my back, they also claim that you're saying the say things on social media regardless. thanks, everybody. it really is good to be back. good to be with you. we're down, not bad but we're don't even 66. disappointing -- well, awful gdp number out this morning. we only grew at a . 2% rate, the economy is at a virtual dead stop. we're down 76. gopro, now there's a stock today, cashed in on their sales for all those free commercials we gave them, the stock's up nearly 12%. twitter down again today. bad earnings, which will reach
12:02 pm
early on twitter. check the share price down 5%, $40 a share. gas getting a lot more expensive, it was up two cents overnight. national average now up 2 . 56 a gallon. and baltimore the city still cleaning up the damage, and i want to know, do we have a moral obligation to pay for the damage done? it help us sought through this one, and the too r tea, the executive director. nigel, can you first if i may -- i poess that question. do we, does america have a moral obligation to pay to rebuild what the rioters burned down? >> you know, i hear the liberal, you know, coming up with tired old stale solutions that they had 50 years ago. 30 years ago. and, no, the answer is no. the shortly answer. the realities is you would think that baltimore, that the
12:03 pm
baltimore schools do not have any money and that we just need to throw money at the problem. do you know, stewart charles that of the top 100 school districts in terms of spending that baltimore is number two. by the way that's per pupil in the schools. it is not a problem of money. it is not a problem of guilting the american people, it is the question of hosting local officials most of them that are black the mayor that is black holding these folks accountable and having radical school reform, vouchers, charter schools let a thousand flowers bloom. >> thank you charles here, same question. do we have a moral obligation to rebuild what the rioters burned down. >> absolutelian the. nigel made a lot of great points. i would add when president obama came out yesterday, his six answers to baltimore, it all boils down
12:04 pm
and i think nigel hit the rightly word that all of america shouldful guilty within the back community, and the president really made a really serious when he said we could fix this problem beg your pardon to, so the collective "we," we've got a whole group of people -- and first of all, i reject that, it's acceptability not the obligation of society. . >> okay. i've been away for a few days at home, and i was watching the events unfold in baltimore. and i kept waiting for a black leader to say hey you kids, knock it off. knock it off now. i never heard it, i never heard it in strong, serious terms from anyone. why not. >> well, you know -- i'll tell you. i'm going to give you two answers. number one locally, i have some people in the ground there, and i'll probably be visiting baltimore in the very near future, but i have people on the ground there and what
12:05 pm
they are telling me is actually some men within the community, some adults within the community are intervening and are trying to put down the violence and to make sure the exercise of their first amendment rights, the right to protest is being done in a peaceful manner. and the bad news is that you have a black leadership establishment within our country that has been invested and not holding you people responsible within our own community, responsible for their actions and wanting to guilt white people or guilt the government into spending more money that never trickles down to the people who need help but actually goes to feed either the bureaucracy with the government or some poverty programming captains like most of these folks that are in the
12:06 pm
establishment are . >> hold on for a second, because i want you to listen what former nfl star ray lewis had to say about those riots. >> your kids, you have to understand something. get off the streets. violence is not the answer, violence has never been the answer. saving grace. peace -- we don't do nothing for them doing this. we have -- we have a deeper issue, we know what the jungle looks like, but this isn't it, baltimore, get off the streets. >> charles, you first. >> well, you know, it's interesting because you started the last question, black leader, who determines the black leader. there's thousands ask thousands of black men saying exactly what ray lewis is saying. they don't get a mic. the media has helped to create the so-called black leaders. every single night i've been
12:07 pm
saying the same thing on television for more than a decade. there are a lot of black people out there who is, you know listen this is how it should be. but they will never be elevated in the mainstream media because it goes against the narrative that will help the push, and somehow society rescues them, and i like what ray lewis said because we do control our own destiny,. >> what charles said was brilliant, i've been out here, my father has been out here for decades the is silent majority and those of us leaders that are speaking for the silent majority and let me tell you something. i believe there's a quiet revolution taking place in black communities all across the country. actually minority communities and poor people generally. they understand that the big government failed ripple policies that have been
12:08 pm
monopolying fought within these communities for half a century are not working and it's time for something different. >> einstein's definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting a different result. thanks so much --. >> now to the gdp report. the economy grew, will you look at that. that growth, hardly . 2% growth. that's it. i would say that that economy is in a virtual dead stop. here's the question. is this a problem for hilary clinton? fox business senior says, yes and he's here with details. make your case, john. >> well, at least it isn't zero or negative. i mean come on. >> what kind of case is that? >> give the president a break. i will say this, and i've been doing a lot of reporting on this speaking with the wall street democrats people
12:09 pm
who give a lot of people to hilary. they say this. she's afraid of one thing. it's not e-mails it's not been the conflicts of interest, it's the economy. the economy is run economic expansions generally run in seven year spurts, the seven years is coming to an end, and this economy for as 67 as it has grown, it has never really grown, and what you see is this so we have some bad weather, we had a strong dollar, we had that during the 19 '80s and we have very good job growth, when that happens in the obama economy everything stops and she knows we're still on very shaky ground. she would love according to her wall street contributors, i mean her dream is to have the economy off the table so that she can focus on bigger grander issues, like, how she's breaking the glass ceiling and things of that nature. and it looks like that won't happen, at least to the extent she wants it to happen. i don't think we're going to have a great economy, i think
12:10 pm
her best bet or outcome would be a continued sort of malaise in the economy. >> yeah. >> and talk her way out of that one. >> yeah. >> but i will tell you this. the flip side, does janet come to her rescue and despite the fact that everyone wants her to raise interest rates sometime this year, she put this off until after 2016. >> oh, i'm sure she will. that's not going to help hilary. >> it will help her margin. >> it hasn't helped the economy. it's helped wall street. >> but remember even at wall street stuff those trickly he into gdp, it will help at the margins and create the impression that at least this isn't going south when it really is. i'm telling you this is what she's worried about. i think the republicans have one issue against her and it's the economy. i don't think they'll make any way on the clinton foundation once they find an e-mail that she was smart enough to destroy. >> the economy is the achilles heel? >> i think so. >> all right. iran fires on and ceases a commercial cargo
12:11 pm
ship. tell me about the administration on this one colonel ralph peters on this subject next. >> my understanding is that we're going to internationally recognize route if you would like, we could come back to you right after the briefing on that specific.
12:12 pm
12:13 pm
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12:14 pm
. >> our chief, that would be jack as the company has been expanding too rapidly, so he put a frees on the rest of the year down goes the stock 1.5% and yahoo is down 2. according to the bureau, the home ownership is at its lowest level since 19 89. ouch. so joe is here, we're down to 63% of american adults own a home in which they live. >> yeah. >> down from 69% in 2004. i think that's a terrible thing. >> we haven't seen these
12:15 pm
numbers really since 19 93 and there's a big debate going on among analysts right now. are we -- by the way, we have a race, the clinton bush here's of the home ownership boom in this country. the housing boom in this country. >> but the class on, that was middle america living the american dream. >> right. >> and it's gone. >> it's gone. two things are going to happen. either we're going to fall into levels that we haven't seen since the 19 60s new lows some say that's going to happen, but because of the credit is starting to lose, and actually some of those millennials are actually going out and getting loans, and this only has been in the last couple of months, this is a lagging number that we're looking at, this home ownership race, this is the past you own it and you own it now. i think things are getting better, ask the ratio to their credit, i know we've been a little bit tough on them, they do want to own a home, they're trying to get out there and buy a home.
12:16 pm
if wages can pick up a little bit, they'll get there. >> the growth, give me four or five% growth in the economy for a couple of years and you'll have a boom. >> well, you didn't get much with the gdp today, did you. >> no. we did not. >> you look good today. >> thank you . >> and they fired shots and boarded a commercial containership, they then escorted the ship back to the coast of iran. the state department isn't saying much about this. listen to spokesman jeff. >> in international waters when this occurred. >> well, i just go back and check with the press precise location, i haven't seen the precise location, again, it was international route. >> you see further into iran waters, that would sort of imply that it was already in iranian waters, was it not.
12:17 pm
>> well, again, i haven't seen a chart with the pinpointing of the location, that we'll have to come back with more details. >> i would say confusion on a significant scale, but that's just my opinion. ralph peters is here. ralph, what is going on with the seizure of this ship wit iranians? i think that's one of the prospective moves i've heard in a long time. >> provocative careful calculated. and it's narrowest point is about 21 miles wide. now, the waters divide, iran technically does own out the halfway be but in the middle of that 20 miles is a six mile window. two miles in the very center are for the is shipping, there's buffer zones on two sides of that. so this ship could have been technically in iranian waters, but my recognized
12:18 pm
international treaty, there is free passage for ships in that center zone. so what they did was careful picked the ship that was not u.s. flagged, they did not to want direct confrontation with the u.s. navy, and they picked a ship we couldn't miss and 52,000 tons, and it's not always about with us we're second here, the real target is saudi arabia, that ship was on its way to saudi arabia and the red sea to the gulf of iran and the gulf of eden and headed up to dubai, and the gulf and the saudis are the ones who have been bombing the iran hutu's in yemen. does that complicate it enough for you? the iranians were trying to seined message to the iranians stop bombing the hutu's and they could close the streets any time . >> where is our interest? where is the interest of the united states of america?
12:19 pm
it's our navy is in the middle of the saudi's and the iranians. who's interest -- what is our interest in the outcome of being in the middle of that fight? >> well, it's the choice between -- and i guess i would have to go with the saudi but clearly iran is the greatest menace at present, and i think the irannians strategyically, and the iranians are worried about yemen that's not how they do it. they respond in other areas so we're such into the woods on this, the obama administration has really no sense of what's going on, and oh, by the way the good news is nobody wants this to escalate, the iranians are sending a signal, and they obama administration certainly
12:20 pm
doesn't want a confrontation with the iranians . >> okay. is there any doubt in your mind, 20 seconds left, is there any doubt in your mind that we are losing hands down in the middle east? >> i'm almost on the verge of saying we've lost. there's still a narrowing though. they're not going to take another president it's going to take multiple presidents to undue the damage that the obama administration has done, if it can be undone. >> come back soon. thank you so much. >> thank you . >> up next, the baltimoreorials playing in an empty station the first time ever, and the nfl draft approving that's very big money. we'll take you to both locations in just a moment
12:21 pm
12:22 pm
12:23 pm
12:24 pm
. >> for the first time in baseball history a regular season game will be played in an empty stadium. no fans loud at the baltimore orioles game, rick, they just don't want big crowds together, is that it? >> well, that's part of it, stewart, they're obviously concerned about any incidents with fans and protesters, there were some attacks outside the stadium on saturday before the game, and
12:25 pm
they were worried that there might be a repeat of that, so it is completely empty for a baseball game, the first time in major league baseball's game 145 year history, there will be no fans at the game, it's closed to public again and the major league baseball made the decision after talking to baltimore orioles trying to make the best available resources, you know, putting them where they need to be. just getting a look around the empty stadium it's pretty remarkable that they will play this game in front of virtually no one. they'll still do the announcements, the national anthem, but the gates are locked, the concessions are closed and you're looking at empty seats. the players i spoke with they say they're pretty disappointed, but they understand. they didn't want to jeopardize the fan's safety, they say the fans are a huge part of this game because sports with unite
12:26 pm
people but he also said he didn't want to second-guess the commissioner. so we will be here along with almost no one else. >> okay. how do you do a 7th inning stretch when there's no one there to stretch. they very much. next the nfl getting ready to hold a draft this year in chicago. jeff is there. hi jeff. >> i'm kind of an outsider to this. i want you to explain the significance of a whole bunch of guys on phones all talking to each other where -- wait a minute what are you doing? i think you were at the nfl draft. what are you doing? >> you know who that is you're looking at there live, put his hands up in the area relevant air, that is the commissioner of the nfl so whoa he just went down, he's down, look who else i found there, do you know who this is also? i've got alexis with me on the
12:27 pm
mount rushmore of fox business network. >> that is right. i'm so happy to be with you. >> she was partnering with the nfl, she's the ceo of an organization -- less make sure the commissioner hasn't died yet. >> he just finished,. >> yeah. that deferral payton's son now the commissioner kind of failed out a little bit but partners with the nfl in fitness programs, that's jared payton right there he's actually doing it pretty well. commissioner was a little bit stiff. >> well, i think i can tell you right now that if you asked me to get into that simulator, i would be able to see more than sketchy. >> you survive fox business network, she's not going to survive the skydiving. one last look there. that's jared payton, i don't know what happened to the commissioner. we have not heard from him. and, oh, -- that's pretty cool. that i did you know? that's pretty cool. >> yeah. all right jeff.
12:28 pm
time's up. i come back alexis comes back -- [laughter] this is a big surprise, jeff. >> we've got somebody else. >> i want to see you on that contraption later on this afternoon okay? it's an absolutely must. you've got to do this, son. >> i may need a second job after this, so there you go. >> yes. you may. he'll be back. and the social media in the baltimore riots some say it helped spread the violence, maybe instigate it too, we get the take on that in a moment, also did baltimore's mayor really tell the police to stand down? >> [inaudible] no, but you have to -- you have to understand it's not holding back. it's responding appropriately. if you don't have all of your equipment in place because are things changing in realtime, we can't respond, you can't
12:29 pm
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>> and ladies and gentlemen here's the sector report we're looking at technology starting with microsoft, here now i, obviously, everybody knows i own some microsoft and you have good news for me today on microsoft. >> bigger fan than you are,
12:33 pm
stuart. we know this company is management chain has been sad. the direction is going in is absolutely correct. stock down to 40 and aening the stock is going considerably higher. i had a 60 dollar price target and raised that to 65. they're doing no wrong. that i think direction they're moving in materials of the product offering cloud, everything they're doing is correct and beautiful. so you have to own this stop. >> okay. yes you do. well said young man. still on the same sector go pro a lot of action cameras, the stock is taking off nicely today. are you buying gopro do you like it? >> have not been a fan i'm becoming fan. i think first quarter numbers were terrific. increased to profit margins from 40% to about 45%. the cap position is really nice now. and new acquisition is a great at tv to it and between 50 and 40 dollars if it gets to 35 i'm
12:34 pm
out. like it for sure. a long way to go higher. >> what do you make of twitter. they have disaa pointing numbers which were leaked on twitter yesterday. the stock absolutely tumbled would you be buying it at under 40 a share 39.98 right now. >> twitter has a problem and that is management credibility. metrics that it has pointed to in terms of their growth, they don't hit this metric they move the metric i don't like that. when you have a problem with management you have a stock where you don't trust management or trust projections an i don't like the metrics of the company it is not worth buying here. too speculative. >> how about apple? i was sitting at home watching results come in 61 million iphones sold in what 13 weeks or so. you're going to buy apple at
12:35 pm
128? >> yes. i think you cannot own apple that is like microsoft two most owned stocks. a physical will be without a doubt first triple evaluation company with a lot higher to go. i think the iwatch is going to hit it out of the park increase ecosystem for all kinds of folks. i think this there's nowhere to go for the stock but up. >> ohing we liked what you have to say about microsoft at 65 so glad you're on the show. great to be back with you. [laughter] >> thank you stuart. >> thank you back to baltimore. dozens of social media accounts urging protests linked both baltimore and ferguson . come on in. dr. keith ablo your take on the professional protesters fanning flames on the social media that you really don't like. go. >> here's the thing i like social media for certain things
12:36 pm
donating for charity et cetera. but bottom line is emptiness of people's lives when they play out a lot of their life stories on social media invites this weird intersection between things like the word purge, the movie with ethan hawke calling, pretext all crime being legal. calling people to do that is calling for people whose lives are otherwise empty and who aren't building anything to tear things down. and you can get people to do that because what are they doing? you're turning self-hatred inside out. people with not enough saying a.m. not happy with myself. i'll tear other things down. >> so it is a tool. a convenient tool to be used by people who don't have enough going for them to do the right thing by in and a of themselves. that is it? >> it is another drug. yeah, still we know what fills people up for real, right? pursuing something you care about with passion, if it is
12:37 pm
business, if it is medicine whatever it is, pursuing in education if you vice haven't had good luck in life. caring your city this is the opposite that have. that is why so much we hear is about destructiveness with social attached with these these are potentially empty people who find a fake life on social media and then not liking that at all and who would, they tear things down and instead of building them up. >> i want your comment on psychology of rioting and rioters i was watching and looks like a lot of those youngsters were having fun frankly they were having fun. and a they were being led into a mob mentality. comment on that, please. >> well here's the thing disempowered people will take their power where they can find it. right, so burning a city can substitute in a pathetic way for
12:38 pm
being powerful being a i believe get things done when you haven't found it in yourself to do it. don't forget this disempowerment present. i go back to that issue but it is true, we've entitled people to not do things with their lives to entitlement, that does not feel good to people. they know there's a game being played on them. that just be quiet we'll give you some checks don't try to get too much done in the world and stay at home. they're not staying at home because in the end, they know that that is an incredibly offensive thing done to them and makes people angry makes them hate themselves and then they turn it outward. >> do you think america could change and could shift with different leadership that stressed individual responsibility and individual effort. do you think we can turn this around? >> 100%. look i'm not going to, you know, pick a favorite. but we've got a guy running
12:39 pm
potentially for president. ben carson who happens to be one of the first black neurosurgeons in america and worked at hopkins where he was a professor. right look at that, him growing up with not any money, but with good values becoming chief in the city now burning. now, sure. a leader like that or others who are running can shift things dramatically by telling people you know what, you have been duped. the state told you that your powerless and they have to take care of you. how does that feel? isn't it awful. doesn't it make you want to burn the state down? well guess what, we're going to have safety. we believe in you. in what you can do and you're going to use the tools in this city to do it. so preserve them. hold them dear. because we care about you. >> you know, keith you make far too much sense but please come back on the show good to see you. >> thank you.
12:40 pm
up next pope francis arguing equal pay for women. jonathon morris is next.
12:41 pm
>> i'm nicole with your fox business brief. stocks under pressure i have the doctoring downwards as a matter of fact dow down 150 points at
12:42 pm
17952 and s&p 500 down 17 points and next check of the nasdaq down 55 points that is worst of the bunch down one whole percentage point. one area that has been showing bright side is energy. this is area of all of the sectors of transocean. and offshore with moves to upside of four five, six percent for transocean we have latest numbers and those for the eia report. also let's take a look here at airline a spirit airlines stock is down 10.5% and you can see rest is lower as well. and liquidator justice department continues to look forward and may be charmings sales are dropping. stock is down 19%.
12:43 pm
12:44 pm
>> europe is on sale, if you are shopping with u.s. dollars, valuable dollars that is it. watches real estate for us. all right, what financial advantage do i have with american dollars if i buy some real estate in europe? >> well thanks to the green back, and its acceleration you actually have more buying power now in europe about 24% more buying power than you've had a year ago if you were to go this way. many americans they're in the trend of looking at parts of europe. >> to a simplistic level if i looked at an apartment in europe somewhere that cost $124,000 six
12:45 pm
months ago would it now cost me 100,000 dollars? >> it would be 100 grand now. >> that kind of cut. getting that kind of cut. yeah. >> where is the bargain in that? >> three international living that survey they followed boomers that is where i think the focus is in this one looking to retire overseas. then looking in listen portugal, looking in parts of italy not rome. not tuscany there's actually a city called -- parts of ireland as well fuglia italy. and portugal and then in spain. some of the coastal regions of spain, and a lot of americans the reason this survey was done to look at financials of it you can live in italy. you can live in spain, anywhere from 1400 to 1800 a month. not going to have an extravagant lifestyle on your retirement salary but americans and boomers have had the lifestyle they're ready for a more lower key simplistic final 20 years of
12:46 pm
their life. >> have more social security check paid to me wherever i go elsewhere in the world. i could probably live reasonably well because i'm -- i'm playing with u.s. dollars. >> yes. >> and health care would maybe be -- wait a second. >> beinger story, though. >> medicare here. >> look at the system and many other parts of the world but social pis health care look and not just american story. but talked about costa rica health care is 25% of the cost of u.s. health care. health care is rising up, up up, and in this country, these boomers are finding that in other countries they can have a -- a decent health care system, a good health care system in other countries and in europe come on. i mean and your money stretches you've got to weigh this. >> dollars -- now, let me tell you.
12:47 pm
look at the big board for a moment because we've dropped well over 100 points. now down 127 down 146. 150 now below 18,000. the federal reserve will have something to say later on today that could move the market as well. personally we have lousy gdp numbers i suspect to be a long, long time before the federal reserve raises interest rates. but we're down 127. then we have pope fran us speaking in front of tense of thousands of worshipers in st. peter's square called the wage gap between men and women pure scandal. he went on to say this, why is it taken for granted that women must earn less than men, no they have the sail rights. here is father jonathan morris from the program. thank you. >> if this were the united states of america, and you had a man and a woman doing exactly the same job, now with the same experience, same hours, whole ball of wax, they must by law earn the same amount of money.
12:48 pm
>> as they could. >> what is the pope talking about? >> he's speaking to an international audience. a global audience where unfortunately not everybody has got ton the page that we're at now. >> jumped on all of the easy bandwagon. >> equal pay for women, equal tax the rich pay better wages. kind of a pop boiler -- almost liberal statements to the coming out. >> you know what liberal statements in countries that are way behind where they should be are very good statements. we're used to looking at topics from a republican -- democrat standpoint in 2015 united states of america, he is speaking to a global audience. >> and you approve of this? >> absolutely. it is a scandal that women doing the same job with the same hours, same cigars are -- circumstances. >> he's talking to a global
12:49 pm
audience. it is huge. >> not america and europe because the law here that that is the way that it is. >> people have said why don't you fix your own ship. speaking about the fact that there's not a lot of women running things in vatican, and i think that is important. a great point, and he has to do that. is he positions himself as great social reformer? >> he's trying to preach the gospel, and that is social reform. >> preaching gospel is social reform? >> absolutely. because it is a scandal to say that all people no matter what their skin color is no matter their gender is equal so many place where is that is not lived and that is scandal. >> how do you or pope determine the parable in the vineyard objected for working all day long for one, and others worked for an hour and got one dinary
12:50 pm
and owner of the vineyard said i'm the boss. >> therefore when you're the boss you're the boss. when it comes to god -- supposed to give out mercy he's the boss but doesn't mean therefore that no matter what you worked however long you've worked, talent is then we should all be paid the same. gospel is not communism. the gospel is not socialism as we know it. but it is a recognition that god is the one who can dole out mercy and he is by definition just. >> you know parole if i didn't know better i would said you would set -- >> ran from the west side highway because there was so much traffic and i cared so much about being on your show. i'm sweating. i ran ten blocks -- [laughter] >> might have to -- >> jumped of the car. somebody else driving i said see if you can keep up with me, and a -- >> were you praying to make this show?
12:51 pm
>> stuart varney is a just man but -- but -- i will reach the wrath for not arriving on time. sweating i apologize. >> funny thank you so much. >> i have no idea what i just said. >> you did very well. >> but there will be e-mails thank you very much indeed father up next the company that makes a nicotine free cigarette. i will ask the ceo what is the point?
12:52 pm
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12:55 pm
>> it is world's first zero nicotine cigarette called imagining. the ceo of 20 second century which puts out the imagine egg cigarette. and we welcome to the program. >> thank you, thank you. >> what is in it? >> authentic tobacco. which is minus nicotine lowest nicotine tobacco. >> taste like nicotine like i get that tobacco taste? >> taste like regular tobacco , same smell, same burn. >> tar? >> offing there's tar. smoke associated with cigarette. >> what the devil is the point of me smoking a nicotine -- free cigarette? >> to provide the smocker with authentic tobacco cigarette but without the exposure to nicotine. david kessler said former fda commissioner a press release he said, fda should reduce nicotine levels in cigaretteses to
12:56 pm
nonaddictive levels if we reduce the numb of the stimulus we reduce the craving harm reduction strategy. >> you take the drug nicotine out, why should i have a second tobacco less -- or magic cigarette? >> many tell us they enjoy smoking and want to enjoy it or enjoy cigarette with a cup of coffee or with a drink but they don't want the addiction to nicotine. >> don't they want the effect of the nicotine? effect of nicotine is not just addiction. some say that it improves your concentration for example. i've hazard that said. what is the point of smoking a cigarette which contains tobacco with no psych atomic effect on your head. >> many don't, but the point is to smoke a cigarette without addiction. so if you enjoy nicotine you can smoke higher nicotine cigarette. >> if i go to buy a pack of 10
12:57 pm
or 12 how much for that? >> this is not available in the united states. [laughter] >> now he tells me. where is it sold? >> let's talk about that. >> where is it sold? >> ? spain. >> how much in spain. >> 7 a pack. >> in the united states -- >> 15 a pack. >> when is it coming to america? >> as soon as i have authorization to disclose to the public that our very low nicotine tobacco cigarettes are in fact, very is low nicotine. in europe, manufactures are require toddies nicotine yields on their pack on united states i'm prohibited from communicating that fact to consumers. >> trying to get it over here. henry magic we've got it. thanks so much for joining us. we appreciate it. more varney after this.
12:58 pm
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expand or relocate to new york state pay no taxes for 10 years. all to grow our economy and create jobs. see how new york can give your business the opportunity to grow at . stuart: i thought you were at the nfl draft. what are you doing? >> you know who that is you're
1:00 pm
looking at live. put his hands up in the air. that is the commissioner of the nfl, roger goodell! who yesterday, whoa, just went down, whoa! he's down. stuart: he did go right down there. my time is up but it was great being back. time for deirdre bolton. deirdre: glad to have you stuart, thank you so much. investors responding to this morning's weaker than expected gdp reports and setting up for a highly anticipated fed decision less than an hour from now. . different form of anticipation, to chicago for a preview of the nfl draft. and hulu scoring a major deal with "seinfeld." >> listen to this marcy comes over and tells me her ex-boyfriend was over late last night and yada, yada, yada i'm really tired today. [ laughter ] >> what do you think she was tired from? >> obviously, the yada, yada. deirdre: we'll bring you the multimillion dollar price tag for jerry


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