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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 29, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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e-mail kennedy@fox business. we will see you tomorrow night with your desire. . lou: good evening, i am lou dobbs, baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake denies she ordered her police deputy to stand down in face of violent riots, looting and arson. but now a senior law enforcement official in baltimore contradicts the mayor, and claims she gave a direct order to the police chief to give way to those rioters we're joined by bishop ew jackson, and rich lowery taking off failure of leadership in baltimore but exam know a city that suffered almost 60 years of disastrous liberal
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leadership and failed policies, new revelation that clinton foundation is still withholding the i.d. i-ts of over a thousand -- identities of over a thousand donors and blaming a nonexistent canadian law for the lack of transparency, the man who broke the clinton scandal white open is here, and iran's chief nuclear negotiator committing to something that ayatollah said that iran would never agree to. we're joined by retired four-star general former arm vice chief of staff general jack keane, and the prozactive iranian -- provocative iranian military. >> we begin in baltimore. gang members calling side by side -- sanding side by side with city council calling for peace.
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>> i made a comment on yesterday out of frustration and anger. whether i called our children thugs, they are not thugs. they are just misdirected. we need to direct them on a different path. lou: this week. baltimore police said they received a quote credible threat that rival gangs have teamed up to kill law enforcement officers, joining us tonight, reverend jess lee peterson. editor of national review columnnist rich lowery. it is great to have you both. let me begin, if i may reverend peterson, what we're watching in baltimore has been a disastrous series of policies, over the course of 50 years that has driven out driven out people, driven out the concept of prosperity and success.
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and now we listen to a council president saying that people of misdirected? is that shameless simplification? if you will rationalization for failure? >> you know not all but most democrats don't have any sense of shame. baltimore has been under control of democrat for the last 40 years. and right now it is controlled by mostly black democrat politics. the government is pro dominantly black, and baltimore is worse than average city in this country. these are not -- i have to tell you that things are not going to get better for black americans until black americans drop their anger, take responsibility for themselves stop relying on the government. or anyone else to did for them. then things will start to change. we saw the people who were
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destroys property the other day were people who were not suffering due to poverty or white racism or police brutality, it was due to lack of moral character. as soon as we can be honest about that, the quicker things will change. charles: thank you reverend. lou: we're looking at -- we're come back to you in pay moment, we're looking at pictures from monday night out there. i would like to return to live mixtures in baltimore tonight. get this off the screen immediately. these live pictures, of folks marching democratic to this point peacefully. following last night's assersion by the police, and national guard, control over the city. it seems to have worked, a curfew in place but last night honored by vast majority of citizens in baltimore. i want to turn to rich, we have
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the spectical of a president. of city council standing next to bloods crips the gangs who police say were threatening them with their very lives. >> that tells you a lot about what is wrong with this city. and where its leadership. you know mayor saying, i didn't tell police to strand down, when a politician denies something that is highly politicaly inconvenient and contra dighted bycontradictedby the fact, usually the ipo poll fig tition -- politician is not. >> we saw police officers out numbered staning around while things were burned and looted and running away fromly otters, any -- from rioters, it makes it worse. lou: you know, reverend, president obama saying that everyone should be doing a lot of soul searching. you know, that is like an expression that means don'tous
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your brain don't think about what is happened, don't look at evidence that has been 50 years of calamity in baltimore the pervasive ignorance of liberal policies that don't prize either individualality enterprise small business people who build things contrary to what president once said, your thoughts. >> you know, lou at one time i had anger forward white americans because i believed the lie they are trying to hold me back because of my color and i heard the coded words that barack obama spoke the other day, people should do soul searching to me that said there is racism against black folks and -- it encouraged mate red hatred in me more so, i would have gone more
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to take out a white person, obama should be ashamed of himself, he has created this environment where people believe that white officers are racist. and because most black folks are angry, they believe this lie whatever you believe in will control you now they believe the president of the united states of america we'll see more police officers under attack. we'll see more violence in our cities. and i blame president obama the department of justice and the so-called black leadership, but most of all i blame black americans, as as a adult we're responsible for our lives not our government, and if parents would get married and raise their children, the right way to go then barack obama and others could not come in and man inlate them.
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obama has an agenda, that is to redistribute power in wealth. he said that he would send department of justice to baltimore to look into situation, because he want to -- the police department. >> maybe this is -- maybe she should look into the high unemployment rate, the disasterrous economy of baltimore that is direct result in large measure of liberal policies so-called progressive policies that doeny men and women -- deny men and bem an opportunity for a job to build a life and to seize opportunity that is almost everybody incident the result of this. >> idea that baltimore has been neglected is nonsense, this is city based to great society are model, always had generous
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subsidies from federal government and state government, but model has been high taxed hostel to business, they have succeed in chasing businesses out to suburbs then they have to lure other businesses in with subsidies then you get a krupp dynamic where -- corrupt dynamic where the government gives businesses subsidies and they give campaign contribution to stay in good graces, whole thing is corrupt and does not work. >> and some of the statist corporate welfare. we are right now looking at a establishment represented by leaders of both political parties in my opinion that will be challenged. just as we have to see the so call progressive policy that bankrupted sometimes quite literally their advocates and cities and states that have followed the advocates in the
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direction toward so-called liberalism. reverend jess lee peterson, rich lowero thank you. >> thank you,. >> hillary clinton broke her silence on riots and losing in arson and baltimore clinton furthered president's assault on law enforcement and indicted the u.s. justice system. >> from ferguson to staten island to baltimore the patterns have become unmistakable and undeniable. it is timen to the era of mazen coarse raising. -- it is time to end the era of mass incarceration we need a debut how to reduce our prison population and keep our community safe. lou: clinton noun foundation donor scandal is widening as she broadens her areas of concern about flaws of our society.
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1100 donors on clinton canada fun doing and based -- foundation, canada based enterprise happyenterpartnership had not been revealed. blames the nondisclosure on canadian law. a claim that was given 3 pinnochios by washington post fact checker today there no canadian federal law that bans charities from identifying their donors, do you see a pattern? we'll be joined by man who first exposed clinton administration question an dealing the blockbuster author of the book, peter schweizer will join us. in a moment, we'll coming right back stray with us. >> coming up, iranian foreign minister blasting nuclear negotiators claiming they and israel are the greatest threat to global economy egeneral jack
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keane next. >> a delivery of crucial supplies to american astronaut aboard the space station goes wrong that story next.
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lou: iran's foreign minister announce the negotiators and iran and world powers will begin
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drafting a written text of a final nuclear deal as early as tomorrow. telling an audience in new york that iran expects all sanctions to be lifted within a matter of days of signing that deal. adding that june 30 deadline for reaching an agreement is not quote, sacrosanct. as if we all thought it might be. comments from iran's foreign minister after forces seize control of a cargo ship in strait of hormuz. general jack keane is joining us. the ayatollah said there would be no written agreement with world powers this removing the nuclear capability from iran. and now that is what they are announcing what is going on?
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>> well, contradicts here, by i've government, certainly almost happens on a weekly basis. you know we're saying sanctions will be eased overtime, based on iranian compliance, and supreme allied leader of iran said they will be removed immediately on agreement and signature and president said that is likely to happen. so add this new chapter in terms of written document not a written document, we'll see what happens, but one thing we do know, we have a weak american president who is desperate to make a deal with iran. and they will have more sway or the outcome of this than we're going to have, that is the truth of it. lou: and at the same time. provegation state -- strait of hormuz, taking the ship if you will
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hostage, and the crew. and with ships in the area, u.s. navy vessels no response by this country even though it is an marral--marshall island flagship. >> your reaction? >> a u.s. protect or at -- the iranians trumped some up charges this is about a legal debt owed by the company, this is raw iranian power exercised in response to turning around their flotilla was that headed to provide aid to yemen and in response to saudi arabian led air campaign against the houthis in yemen. iran had their way in this region for a long time, they have been on a role, they don't like it when their nose is
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rubbed they got it rubbed, that is what this is about they are letting everyone know they are still power with influence in the region, and the sstraits of hormuz is place they chose to challenge u.s. and allies. lou: and latest concession to terrorist on part of this obama administration fbi reportedly helping facilitate a 2012 ransom payment of family of warren weinstein who was killed in the drone stroke. where is this damage administration going? what are your thoughts they seem to be turning a soft under belly on this country's know enemies. >> it goes without saying that, whether you have a policy to negotiate with terrorists you invite more kidnapping and more
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hostage taking as a result of this. so i think overall policy has been a good one. but i also am sympathetic to the families negotiating on their own, if they could to seek a radioa --ransom relief, i think that telling them they would be pros prosecuted and charges that is a mistake. lou: would you be so sympathetic if there were a president who said that anyone who takes an american hostage will be facing the full power and middle east the united states, as we search for those kidnappers and hostage takers with amount of destroying them. as quickly and possible? >> yeah, i agree with that, force of united states behind that and relentless in pursuit
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of that, that is should be your number one as aspect of this policy to deal with them, not just those who contributing to the taking of hostages but the entire environment, and infrastructure, that we're dealing with, this goes away if we defight isis, that is a reality of this, if woo we defeateddal guide at way we should could -- if we defeated al qaeda the way we should have this goes away. lou: general jack keane. >> thank you lou. lou: vote on our poll, do you believe quality of life for american middle class working men and women should be given priority over establishment politics and ideologies of democrats and republicans? we'd like to hear you from, cast your vote at lou -- >> off the thoughts declare a russian supply vessel to be a
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loss with 3 tons of food, water, clothes and equipment falling into a uncontrollable spin after reaching orbit yesterday. astronauts have given up trying to regain control of the capsule. it was written off. >> up next, in city controlled by democrats if more than 5 decade blame in baltimore should be in one direction my comment mary next, and man who exposed clinton foundation's cash dealings. and political dealings, and their relationships is joining us live, peter schweizer. stay with us.
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>> lou: a few thoughts now on baltimore why one of the largest cities seems bereft of truth -- true leadership and the accountable voice for this city.
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but then a democratic city council president yesterday's seemed to deny the last few days of turmoil in favor of rationalizing the violence. >> this is something that was bubbling long before freddie gray. this is decades of neglect neglect, decades of hurt and we have to heal. lou: bubbling at? of course, the democrats have run the city for almost five decades. baltimore has not seen a republican mayor since 1967 40 years ago. the state of maryland has only three republican governors during the same period including the current governor, governor hogan. all legislative leaders are democrats as well as all
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three u.s. congressman's to include parts of the city. democratic leaders have been responsible for half a century of neglect and pain as the council president put it to be hurtful with their policies to be a waste. those leaders and their policies have driven out businesses and good people. the baltimore population peaked 1950 and has tumbled more than 30 percent since then. be an employment rate is eight .4% with nearly one-quarter of the population living below the poverty line. not a single fortune 500 company today is headquartered in baltimore parolee for have their headquarters in the state of maryland. decried mr. regis particularly with the eight largest police force in the
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country prepare the violent crime rate four times the national average the city's murder rate is more than eight times higher. baltimore is an embarrassing and tragic demonstration of the consequences and impact of bankrupt liberal policies over the past 50 years. and the likelihood that they will change direction for themselves or their children or city is deeply disappointing. >> i find great things not so much where we stand by what direction we are moving. to reach the port we must sail with the wind or against it but we must sail. the words of oliver wendell holmes sr.. we will be right back. stay with us.
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>> big money politics rand corruption and though clinton's. the revelations that could end the presidential ambitions. the author of "clinton cash" , peter schweizer is our special guest. remember the missing emails we were told were lost from will was lerner? they have been found. by
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lou: we will go to the author of "clinton cash" common peter schweizer is with us but right now breaking news pictures of several hundred protesters and demonstrators in union square. they are they're protesting the death of freddie gray. police have already arrested a number of them pushing police officers. there has been some scuffling but nothing that appears to be anything egregious as what we have seen by demonstrators turned to writers -- rioting but they are expressing solidarity with those that have been instrumental to
11:35 pm
create that chaos to bring it to new york city. doing so with only limited success because the new york police department said any one marching in the streets will be arrested and that is where you are witnessing right now as police officers march with some of the protesters that are under arrest for returning to the investigation of the of role of the ira's targeting of conservatives in conservative groups by lois lerner has entered a new phase. treasury department's inspector general found 6,000 previously missing emails have been found and will be delivered to congress. they are from 2010 and 2012 when the irs has a smart -- admitted targeting teapartier groups for the
11:36 pm
tax-exempt status so-so be among the most critical that the commissioner himself said to congress their ear retrievable they are missing and they are lost and he is completely wrong. hillary clinton with the first major policy speech talks about rebuilding trust despite the scandal that threatens revisions for the white house. >> we must begin to rebuild the bonds of trust and respect among americans. between police and citizens, yes but also across society. restoring trust in our politics, our press comment our markets between neighbors and people with whom we disagree politically lou: the man whose book that
11:37 pm
reveals a number of disturbing questions and more they and troubling users, talking about the trust of hillary and bill clinton joining us "new york times" best selling author peter schweizer from the soon-to-be released "clinton cash" it is on sale may may 5th. congratulations first of all,. welcome to the studio. i have never seen a book like this. weeks in front of your publication in the stories and revelations from your reporting are bombshells. >> it is crazy totally unexpected had the galleys and went to some investigative journalism that said we found
11:38 pm
interesting things and they have. but then it exploded in there has been some reached by clinton's but the fact is here briard talking about the book before it is even out the. lou: one of the things that must be disturbing is "the new york times" is moving with your allegations and charges as a foundation for its reporting you have to love that. >> a hour great reporters. if you present compelling evidence and they will report on it. that is what a great reporter does. that is what they have done. the facts are the facts. the trouble the clinton camp is having they try to make
11:39 pm
the discussion about me through twitter or the facts lou: i may be wrong but i believe they were the first to use the phrase politics of personal destruction it is a tactic in has been throughout decades hillary and bill followed by a logging rights to a canadian billionaire. it goes on and on. in india and deal for a nuclear energy. into cells and date that was the main gauche trade? [laughter] tell us about this. how does it escapes scrutiny up to this point? to make it was a very intensive research project with a lot of people looking
11:40 pm
at it. we "follow the money". a lot of money going to the foundation and the clintons with the speaking fees but it is also global from all over the world. we had business before the state department looking at shipping records, tax records so it is a very difficult story to put the pieces together for once you do date -- to realize there is a template that clinton as senator or secretary of state takes on a foreign interest once it to go their way the money flows to them and she delivers it is a pattern repeated over and over and over again. lou: a pattern of corruption without question. we will turn whether or not your books "clinton cash" has likely stalk her ambitions to be president of
11:41 pm
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n 32 points the big board picked up third 18 million shares. listen to my reports three times a day on the salem radio network. we are with peter schweizer for the soon-to-be released book "clinton cash" it is on sale may 5th. it is great to have to hear. it is such an important book because what you layout is a pattern of behavior and conduct in embarrassing misjudgments on the part of the of clinton's. it is unparalleled in
11:46 pm
american history. >> i don't think there is anything close. win hillary clinton was put forth as secretary of state the obama transition team had simple requirements in basically they had to disclose all contributions contributions, had to do things related to bills speeches. lou: the memo of understanding was a ticket to whenever they want. >> they could not even honor that commitment because we know today they have 1100 contributions that were never disclosed. in the book ratio how that works how they set up the canadian entity as a path -- as a pass-through for the foundation than also we talk about up politician who was listed as a donor between one and $5 million but he doesn't have that kind of
11:47 pm
money and was asked by the press he said that is not my money somebody else made the donation so even the names listed every cannot have confidence. lou: that was the main go deal another brilliant trade deal brought you by the u.s. government. and now this president is seeking trade promotion authority and they want to give him the constitutional responsibility it is my angeles. uranium one. that is extraordinary. 20% of the iranian assets of the country despite their review of the department of state under secretary clinton gives those assets to the russian government? gimmick is giving it
11:48 pm
20 percent of our assets while hillary clinton secretary of state her family foundation and speaking fees taken in $145 million from nine shareholders involved with the uranium one. can use a conflict of interest? think of that number we talk about campaign contributions as we should in the tens of thousands we are talking more than $140 million. lou: amazing. have you contemplated as president when she may be able to do for her husband's speaking fees? [laughter] how the foundation may blossom? between 10 and 15 percent is the estimate that 10 percent went to a charitable purposes the rest was travel or expenses and salaries
11:49 pm
stick the infrastructure of the clinton foundation and is populated with political aides passed them present those on the campaign, the fund-raising apparatus native people who raise money for the presidential campaign in 2008 and later. it is a wonderful place for those in and out of service waiting to take the white house. lou: maybe they could take a position with the campaign somewhere. i don't know if you imagine if you would have this impact it is profound and growing. congratulations on the book. "clinton cash" available on line beginning tuesday or in bookstores everywhere. the baltimore mom who stopped her son is speaking
11:50 pm
out. we take that up with the "a team"
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11:54 pm
making arrests warning the protesters they would be arrested if they went out to the streets. they are being put in handcuffs. for most part, it has been orderly. joining us now former miss new york. and andy levy. great americans brilliant comedic minds. >> comedic minds. lou: what is the correct -- funny as hell? >> i will take them all. lou: this video of this mother taking her teenage son to task. this is -- i have to tell you this woman means business, this guy has sense to listen to mom
11:55 pm
what do you think. >> i can only imagine the fear that came over his eyes looking at police and proest on -- pretestors he sees his moms, that fear is to great he just starts walking away, i love it. lou: can you imagine what his buddies said to him. >> interesting thing they -- she said her son actually has not apologized to her yet. for disobeying orders but he did tell her that all of his friends are telling him you better get your mom a nice mother's day gift. his friends are supporting her you don't get with teens. lou: i think this is probably -- i don't know, i want to believe this is a turning point for a lot of folks in baltimore. maybe the nation, listen to mom do what is right and understand there will be consequences if you don't. the baltimore city counts, just
11:56 pm
about time i get my hopes up on, that city council president said things like this, he wanted to apologize to the rioters for calling the little darlings thugs, your thoughts. >> i don't know, thugs can be a racially loaded word. lou: racially loaded word? >> absolutely no doubt about that we saw this with richard sherman last year in the nfc championship game, people calling him a thug for doing something. lou: you carry a lot of hurt and injury. >> i am. lou: not letting go. >> no. this is what we have come to, people apologizing for saying thug and we are looking to gangs for leadership in baltimore. lou: your reaction? >> we should not spend our energy disciphers words, there are bigger problems like andy
11:57 pm
said gangs who are condemning violent. i will not make them heroes, i will not say i'm proud of them for that, it soar absurd than hookers for hillary i did not think we could get there but we did. lou: levels of absurdity in morn politics. >> i thought they were interviewing the gang members saying we trying to bring peace the kids are out there acting up it proves that even gangs understand that millennials are the problem. >> that is right. lou: thank goodness baby boomers are off the hook now. we carried a unfair burden for so long just because we ran up the debt. >> thanks for that. lou: and so many novel social -- well change and behavior. we're -- we have breaking news here. there we are.
11:58 pm
moving in near 21st street, and 6th avenue. these protesters are appear that police are moving in to bring them under control. likely to be confrontation here. but if there is, it is one that will be the responsibility of demonstrators, police have been clear in new york throughout they will not tolerate anything approaching level of conduct by police in bal -- early days in baltimore. and those demonstrate. we have seen no effort to breakaway to attack the police, per say or anyone on streets they are staying within the confines at least of sta --
11:59 pm
civility. it passes for that i think. your reaction to this? >> new yorkers know how to protest that is for sure, i think we'll continue to see mostly peaceful protests. and our new york police department know how to contain it i am not concerned about my walk home. lou: there is a reason they are new york's finest. finest. >> judging from the direct they might becoming for you on, lou. lou: here i stand. surrounded by. >> for 30 seconds. lou: protected by and you joanne. >> oh, hell no. lou: no? >> i will take care of it. >> thank you. lou: thank you time for a look at results of our on-line poll, do bluff baltimore mayor steve stephanie rawlings-blake should resign? 93% of you said yes that is it
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for us, tomorrow christian adams on race, and politics and politics of now. good night from new yorknow. ♪ ♪ >> on a cool spring evening in north carolina a car crash kills a renowned coin collector. he's carrying the crown jewel of his collection, but is it really one of the rarest and most valuable coins in the world or a clever fake? >> just imagine she's sitting there saying to me they say i'm not real, what do you think? >> half a century passes before the man's heirs and the public learn the truth about his precious cargo. >> we sat there on pins and needles, and then the numbers started coming in. [applause] ♪ ♪


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