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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  April 30, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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mayweather-pacquiao fight. she is sitting down with the heavyweight champion, vladimir klitschko. you don't want to miss that conversation. "money" starts here. melissa, thank you so much. cost of you are curfew as things heat up back in baltimore. restaurants bars taxicabs in baltimore are preparing for the worst. finding success where others failed. elon musk is how he plans to put an end to your energy bill. playing the field to miami dolphin player moonlighting as uber driver. battle between environmentalists and big business. at issue this guy right here. you recognize him, that is my good friend the delta smelt. he is nearly extinct. even when they say it's not it is always about money. melissa: from new york to seattle cities feeling the impact of the fallout in
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baltimore. protesters across the country flooding the streets in support and while a 10:00 p.m. curfew in baltimore succeeded in curbing violence, it also represents a real threat to local businesses, with one bar owner saying the economic to of the curfew will be greater than damage from the riots. here is discuss it all, charlie gasparino, paul vina from "the wall street journal." todd starnes from fox news radio. todd, start with you. guess what, you have to pay your taxes renew your license city inspection. you have people who drive taxicabs. you know curfew is in. they're not making any money. >> that's right, they're not making any money. the president when he gave the speech in the rose garden spoke derisively about the cvs that burned down. those were jobs that burned down. people need to understand there is much more than the people marching in the streets. what about the barbecue joint owner who, again was trying to defend his own property? he had to stand out there with an axe because the police wouldn't come to protect him.
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>> the point i tried to make two days ago about this, is that these businesses and these cities that are part of violent protests have a very tough time coming back. i tried to make that point several times the other day and it is based on fact. if you look at newark, new jersey. if you look at parts of l.a. that were, there were violent riots. >> right. >> never came back. for every washington d.c. that did come back which you have the federal government spending gazillions of dollars, you have baltimore and many other cities that face these violent protests that never come back. knew york, new jersey is perfect example. the economic to of these things is great and long-lasting. melissa: people in these community, paul, they had stories from some construction workers working on the zoo got burned down. i don't have a job. another woman who cleans houses. bus isn't stopping in her neighborhood. she has to take a taxi which eat up all the money during the day. if she doesn't go she loses her job. it is terrible.
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>> i just think not of baltimore, newark, ferguson all these places, these cities have been hollowed out, dead cities. factories left 40 years ago. nobody figured out how to get jobs backs in there. people, hard-working people but many of them are leading dead end lives. there is no real economic incentive for them. this what you need to do this is what i really think, what you need to do is really v. vamp education teaching kids 21st century skills. teach them how to build computer. build something into the technology age to take into the neighborhoods and sell to their friends. melissa: what was that second thing? >> raspberry pipe. it's a mother board, cheap way to build a computer. using these in emerging markets. they're teaching kids how to build something for themselves. >> first you have to stop burning down the neighborhood. >> you're right about that. that is a key point here. there are two economic stories. there is immediate economic story, obviously, construction workers. there is long-term economic
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story. do the cities ever come back? the record is very dismal on that. >> you're right. melissa: meanwhile democrats in congress are upping ante on minimum wage introducing legislation that would increase the rate to $12 an hour by 2020. that hike even more than the 10.10 wage favored by president obama. what do you think, paul? >> i think minimum wage is become a complete political football. i think actual level doesn't matter. what they should do index it to inflation to be done with it. that is what should happen. 10, 12, 15, whatever it is will be too low. inflation will eat away at it. nobody wants to index to inflation. melissa: you can't survive. living wage. none of these are living wages whether 10, 12, 7.25. these are part-time jobs. you're not supposed to live on them. even cbo says if you raise to 10-point tone we lose half a million jobs. if you raise it to 12 it will be worse. >> you have a problem when you start telling small businesses what they have to pay people. one thing to be telling ge, pay
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people $15 an hour. another thing where most of these folks work on minimum wage telling a guy that owns the chipolte you know franchise across the street you have to pay minimum wage. melissa: or knockoff that makes tacos. >> whatever. they operate on extremely small margins. melissa: the apple watch reportedly plagued by a defect that will cause shipping delays. the so-called tapping engine notification feels like a little tap on wrist, sound annoying breaking down over time. paul you're a tech guy. >> i want my watch without the tap engine. last thing i want is one more device telling me -- melissa: tapping. how irritating. >> can i call tim cook to get one without this? melissa: i like that. todd starnes i don't see you with a little tap, tap to your wrist. >> i thought about strapping this. it is not a good look. melissa: it's a good look. battle between new york city taxi industry and uber is heating up.
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you have exclusive details? >> melrose financial, not a household name for america, in new york city, own taxi or taxi medallion the right to pick up people on street. melrose does most of the financing. they're doing two things. they're threatening a lawsuit that demanding new york a-f eric schneiderman new york city's failure to enforce taxi laws. the failure is this. something on the books, only a person with medallion can pick up a street hail. what is going on with uber we love it and use it, they effectively picking up street hails. here is the other rub here. what the medallion financing company is saying allowing uber to encroach on territory not enforcing law basically fixing price new york city is guilty of manipulating price of medallions charging too high a cost. if you bid this thing out it would be much lower given the fact this thing with uber.
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this is the next big battleground for uber. this is right now a sort of kind of side issue but it is going to heat up. they will sue new york city because they have no other choice because they will go out of business. we'll see what happens. we'll see if schneiderman does go in. this is something he might do. melissa: meanwhile looking for pleasant fulfilling job with the federal government, think about that you might want to steer clear of the department of homeland security. employees picked dhs as the worst federal agency to work for. that is according to an annual survey conducted by the office of personnel management. i liked this list, todd starnes. nasa was best. i don't think that is surprising. both my kids want to work for nasa the 74% of people liked working there. >> that is a cool place to work. homeland security dhs, i kind of get that especially folks at tsa you would think the perks that some of them have to their jobs over there sitting looking at all of us acting the fool going through the security checkpoints. melissa: you have endless power. you can sort of stop anyone going through and give them a
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terrible time. >> you can except for people who actually be profiled to blow things up. melissa: right. those people you let go. paul, what do you think. are we too cynical on this one? veterans affairs don't like working there either. >> we're journalists. this is really big agency cobbled together 10 years ago. i have to think that they haven't quite figured out what the focus should be. that is of a affecting morale. the focus is so wide. so i think that is -- >> 10 years to figure out the focus? melissa: there you go. one colorado mom learning exactly how to cookie crumbles after sending her daughter to school with oreos in her lunch box. lisa pierson received note from the school this is public school setting. all children are required to have a fruit a vegetable and healthy snack from home along with milk lunchables chip, fruit snacks, peanut butter -- >> peanut butter? melissa: not considered to be healthy. this morning on "fox & friends"
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pierson responded to oreo shaming. >> i don't think we'll send her to school with oreos again. only certain small number of days left in school. so she will going with her normal, healthy lunch she always been going with. melissa: todd? >> okay i'm a nutter-butter man but i've been known to eat peanut butter every now and again. this is example government, this is michelle obama's let's move campaign. look, you have had a rough day learning abcs, you like kick back to eat a carrot stick? give me a break. give the kids an oreo. >> not totally absurd to give them -- you see some of the garbage they usually serve. melissa: not serving. this is what they're bringing from home. it was guidelines they have to have a fruit, vegetable -- >> what is wrong with that? melissa: don't tell me what to feed my kid. >> feed them poison. melissa: do what i like? >> you can kill your child. melissa: i will feed my child whatever i like. i'm not harming. i will feed my child whatever i
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like. >> but your kid has no right to go to that school. melissa: to public school, yes they do. >> public school can impose standards. what about -- melissa: every right, i have ever right. >> check with your lawyer. they have every right -- melissa: [inaudible] >> they have every right not to let your kid through the door, you know that? because they have an oreo? >> they have that right. they have that right. yes they do. yes they do. melissa: straight from charlie gasparino. i will feed my child whatever i like. nfl seems ready to make the call. superhero mario and fame must james miss. my tampa bay bucs first on the clock. hillary clinton gets her "burn notice." senator bernie sanders first to challenge the clinton machine. smart money coming up. ♪
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melissa: we have breaking news. a gap cited by mattress in the crib is larger than mandated by regulations could create trap hazard. the recall will be more than 300,000 mattresses from ikea. new candidate on the block. bernie sanders is official throwing his hat in the 2016 ring. steve moore from the heritage foundation is here. also a fox news contributor. what do you think? so bernie, he is in. is hillary running scared? >> no actually this is probably a favor to hillary because he is so far to the left she can juxtaposition more will look like a centrist compared to bernie sanders is already out talking about total campaign you know finance reform. he is talking about, he is, he is an avowed socialist. melissa: yeah. >> melissa people should remember that. by the way, a lot of democrats in the senate are to the left of him but not a serious threat to
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hillary. he will get some of the far left vote. the scary thing is, the democratic party, actually has moved in the direction of bernie sanders in the last couple of years. so i wouldn't, i wouldn't rule him out completely. but not going to be a major threat. melissa: i watch "house" cards. did this as favor, just to get in there and act like there was someone else. have someone to take hits. i love when he said this is rigged economy which works for rich and powerful. not working ordinary americans. the country does not just belong to a handful of billionaires. i felt he was talking about hillary there. >> that is good point. like very subtle. melissa: yeah. >> but he is going to run against wall street. he mentioned wall street you know at least four or five times during his announcement about how the rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer. this amplifies the theme of what this campaign melissa, will be all about, democrats, whether it is hillary or bernie sanders or whether elizabeth warren will play this, you know rich versus
2:16 pm
poor trump card. republicans better be ready for it. they better have a message of growth to counter it. melissa: who is best positioned to have a message of growth to counter that? >> you know who knows at this point. really, truly, a lot of these republicans are just stuck their toes in the water. we really haven't seen them on the big stage yet. unlike 80% of the republicans who truly haven't made up their mind who it is going to be. on republican side melissa, we're all waiting for jeb bush. he has been so busy raising money hasn't said a lot about what his agenda will be. when he steps out that the will be a big event on the republican side. melissa: steve moore, thank you very much. the nfl picking newest millionaires in chicago. the tampa bay bucs are playing coy, the smart money, well, on jameis winston as the first overall pick. that selection slated to get at least a $30 million payout. who better than our own charles
2:17 pm
payne to break down investment strategy, host of "making money with charles payne." i am a suffering tampa bay buccaneer by marriage. >> are you really? melissa: sadly. not i would root for them. my whole house would be so much happenwer with decent game. we would not have to go to bed sunday night weeping. it would be great. what do you think they should do? go a little jameis winston. i wasn't too impressed with marrow wrote at that in the big game. -- mariota. with respect to, you know when we pick stocks right. but we do ultimately want to go with the stocks that we think have the most upside potential. and, in this particular case i know there is not a stop-loss you can use other than saying it was a busted pick. melissa: right. >> i just think that -- melissa: "johnny football" didn't work out that well. he got 8 million-dollars contract with $4 million signing bonus. he spent all the time in the club. >> you're too young to remember al davis, oakland raiders had
2:18 pm
best winning percentage of any professional sports team, any professional sports team he would drive up to the prison to pick out his players. he didn't show up at the nfl draft. melissa: you want them to be smart about it. jameis winston is guy like stealing crab legs from pub legs. stealing soda from wendy's. >> he walked out, didn't take his shoe off and slide it in there. this is young kid. still a teenager, maybe, 20, 19. i think with coach they have there, here is by the way, use reverse psychology, get a kid like this world is against you. you don't have any room to mess up. can you prove to the world they're wrong? or are you going to be a knucklehead? it is up to you. melissa: i'm afraid he would say knucklehead. >> i don't think so. i don't think so. melissa: a lot of happiness in my house depends on this. there you go. >> talk about numbers, i really think, when you get $30 million you don't have to steal crab legs anymore. melissa: probably true. his drive to get on the field
2:19 pm
takes him behind the wheel. we'll talk to a nfl pro who is picking up extra cash driving for uber- tweeted a picture of his first pickup. a teenager is rescued from a collapsed building. more money coming up.
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melissa: these are the stories that we are watching from around the world right now. dramatic footage out of nepal. the death toll is over 5500 people. can you imagine? some survivors are still being pulled from the rubble right now. one teenage boy was just rescued from a 7-story building that colapped around him. he was trapped for five days with no food and no water. what a miracle. over to greece where there could be a plot to remove the prime minister.
2:23 pm
italian newspaper says that euro officials are discussing a quote, plan b which involves replacing the greek leadership with a newer, more flexible government. the plan would allow greece to default without ever leaving the eurozone. landing in north korea where kim jong-un canceled his trip to russia. kim was supposed to meet up with president putin for world war ii memorial service. instead he will stay home to deal with quote, internal affairs. hmmm. tune in tonight for back-to-back episodes of "strange inheritance." in the first episode jamie colby meet as family turn as collection of rusty neglected cars to serious profit. all this and more, starting 9:00 p.m. eastern only on fox business. beautiful skin in ten minutes for 100 bucks. a new clinic called skin laundry, promises just that. the company's laser claims to tighten skin and reduce wrinkles instantly. they must sign coroner's release before the treatment.
2:24 pm
we have the founder of skin laundry. thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. melissa: you got a lot of attention because of the release. a bunch of papers. sign a release to the coroner going in for the treatment. i never seen anything like that. >> we apply laser on you. we're a medical clinic. with that we have to abide by medical laws. therefore need to protecting privacy of our customers. melissa: i mean funeral directions. i have had babies. i've gone in for big procedures. >> unfortunately was taken out of context. we don't ask you sign away anything. we're protecting your privacy. melissa: skin laundry, what a good name. laser are the fabric, this is what everyone is doing to make themselves look more fabulous. >> lasers are around a long time. benefits are amazing. we apply it on more regular basis. we make it affordable to the mass market. melissa: so it is $100 a treatment. ideally like people come once a
2:25 pm
week though? >> we're all about maintaining skin. you know, with lasers. like, you can do other lasers. that is a lot more invasive. you can do that once a year or what not. they have generally down time. what we do in ten minutes we give you a nice clean. we vaporize dirt, makeup, toxins anything like that on the surface of the skin. we do collagen. it is non-invasive, walk away to to to work the rest of the day. melissa: is it a franchise? do you have a lot of businesses around the country? >> we have six at total. we're l.a. based company. our first clinic opened here in flat iron. melissa: you look fantastic. you will tell me you're 85 years old, right? >> i'm 102. melissa: perfect even better. see you after work. wait for me. thank you so much. >> thank you. melissa: thank you for your time. tesla's next act. elon musk inveils a new product category later today but will it live up to the hype?
2:26 pm
all about the price tag. the fight of the century already knocking some restaurants right out of the ring. "piles of money" coming up. ♪
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shopping online... as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers carpenters and even piano tuners... were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is. start shopping online... ...from a list of top rated providers. visit today. ♪ melissa: test was visiting please. the company expected to unveil a new product line later today. a battery that could run your home. charles payne is back. along with peter. >> i think that tesla how do we break out of the car situation. what else can we do. between that and this, what we are seeing is the next step of
2:30 pm
where there is automation. >> powering the home. maybe businesses. testing it out walmart. generating and storing their own energy. setting yourself up. >> i guess. we have had some bad storms in recent years in the northeast where power has on out. generate who makes these backup generators now their stocks are getting slaughtered today. your lawn musk cousin runs solar city. i think that it will be a grand slam. i was going to buy it on weakness. i was looking at 180, 185. i would not chase it.
2:31 pm
i will tell you that i think it will be an absolute unmitigated grand slam for the company. >> i agree. elon musk has very few sellers. >> a big change with that. >> shares hitting a new low. for the first time. this is why adult like this guy. that is why -- >> extortion. >> negative reviews going on. i cannot get them off. >> i wrote a piece. yelp will be out of business in the next five years.
2:32 pm
to see the numbers drop like that is such an exonerating feeling. the recommendations come from people that you trust. not from people that you have never heard of. >> at one time, we have the lawyer on. listen you have such a great league. you are a well known name. make some adjustments to the system. just tweak this a little bit. he seemed to be extraordinarily confident that he did not have to. picking out a place in the future. you have to make it so that it is so easy. >> okay. getting too expensive for buffalo wild wings. only showing the fight at a couple locations. do not worry hooters will be showing that you that at two thirds of its locations. thanks goodness.
2:33 pm
>> you have been waiting all day. i am going to ignore you. they do not feel comfortable with the cost. >> i think that buffalo wild wings is making a huge mistake. this is what you make your bones on. being the place to go for the pics porting either he had i think that it is a big mess. i am hosting the fight. >> where is my invitation. >> you are invited to everything at the house. i thought that you knew that. melissa: stick around, guys. i want to get a check on the markets. let's go to nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. >> we have had the market under pressure all day long.
2:34 pm
the vix the fear index is up about 10%. the dow is down 151 points. i wanted to take a look at the "new york times." this is an earnings story. the third quarter in a row that the "new york times" has seen rising profits. take a look at a rising chart. fifty-two weeks. the s&p 500 is doing great. up 11 and a half% roughly. they are working hard to try to keep those print ads. digital is where it has been at. also trying to change a little bit. including the men's fashion sector. trying to get those young people in as well. that great ad revenue for the "new york times." melissa: thank you so much.
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have you seen this? drink your favorite box wine without the fear of consequences. even the worst offenders. coffee and catch up and soy sauce. your new weekend sure it is by elizabeth and quark. charles, what do you think? do you believe it? >> you never even saw him come in. all of a sudden, bam you have mustard on your sure. >> i have ruined enough ties that i could start my own buffalo wild wings. >> the kids u. they are much better than normal. >> technology is actually really interesting. if you look, they show it on the sides of building.
2:36 pm
can you imagine buildings or buses not getting dirty. >> it just looks like a plastic sure. maybe she is wearing a white plastic sure. >> thanks, guys. >> i think i have polyester shirts that can do that. [laughter] >> the gyro copter landed was on radar. they thought that it was something completely safe. one player is spending his spare time making a few extra bucks. genius. we will show you how. at the end of the day it is all about that extra dough. ♪ do you want to know how hard it can be to breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that helps open my airways for a full 24 hours.
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melissa: i am melissa francis with your fox business brief. row calling another 600,000 vehicles for ford. steering problems. especially for drivers and cold areas. 2014 model has been recall three times. how is that possible. casual dining is back after a seven-year decline. traffic has stabilized in the past year. spending in restaurants is up 3%.
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everyone can get free ice cream today. that includes the limited edition. yes, please. that is the latest from the fox business network. giving you the power to prosper. ♪
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the aftermath of the gyro copter landing on the capital lawn has revealed how the sausage is made here it let me tell you it is not pretty. the tiny .was so small that they said it could be a flock of birds. top officials also produced this exchange. >> is there anything that we have done that we would do differently if that were to happen today? a terrorist doing the same thing. anybody? >> we believe that this is a team effort. >> we know a lot about the team. bad news bears were a team also in they did not do very well. >> that is just embarrassing. said to appear in court again next friday. you may want to bring your autograph book along for the
2:42 pm
ride. when he is not training for the miami dolphins aj francis is putting his new car to work. driving for uber. he joins us now on the phone. you are making a lot of money. why are you out there driving for uber as well? >> it is a way to keep my mind from being idle. we get off at like 1:00 p.m. it is just another opportunity for me to go out and make some extra money and said of me sitting on my couch and playing games are eating junk food. >> i love it. you say you know what is better than nfl money more money. that is basically the name for this show. we salute you. do people recognize you when they get into the car? >> no one has recognized me yet.
2:43 pm
i dropped one lady off at her job and her boss came out and he recognized me. he was like, are you the dolphin player and i said yeah. nobody has really recognized me yet. >> that is amazing. how much have you made in a given week? >> the most i've made in one day, i think $130 in about an hour and 15 minutes of driving time. >> there are a lot of odd jobs out there. you have done a ton of them. >> yes. i would shovel driveways in the winter when i was a kid. i was would bald lawns in the spring and summer. i have been a butcher. i have been a security guard. the main thing with all of those jobs -- the main thing with those jobs is you have to stick
2:44 pm
to a schedule. you have to be put onto your own schedule. the guys have to tell you when to come in. with uber, today i'm not working because i have other stuff to do. i am trying to get my masters. >> you are playing professional football going to school and driving for uber. i also read that you conduct taxicab confession conversations with the patrons in your car. do you tell them that you are doing this before you do it? >> yes i do. the go pro is right in their face. it would be hard to miss. i said, if you would like to be interviewed, i would love to interview you. everyone that decides to get interviewed absolutely loves it. every single person has said no.
2:45 pm
>> what do the other players on the team say? do they know that you are doing this? >> a lot of them do not understand why i would want to do this. i just do not happen to be one of those multimillionaires. those guys that can do whatever they want with whatever time that they have, they just do not understand why i would want to do it. for the most part, guys respected. especially in the off season. you only get paid in season on the nfl. everything that you get paid during off-season is per diem. i am trying to make everything count. melissa: aj, thank you so much for coming on. you are an inspiration.
2:46 pm
>> appreciate you guys. charles payne is back with me now to discuss. did you hear it? that humility? i remember having crummy jobs. i have a work ethic. i want to go out there and make money. >> i love this guy. he has gone to school. he is realistic about going to the nfl. you are right this is an old school work ethic. athletes had to do things. they had to sell cars. this is a beautiful thing. i love it. melissa: so many athletes going broke. they also have the wrong attitude. they go out and they spend like there is no tomorrow. he still is hustling. >> he is smart. we call it the scrambler.
2:47 pm
i am a scrambler now two. you pay me enough, i will cut your grass. melissa: yeah, whatever. >> i am not great at it but i will do it. >> all right breaking news right now. 106 people have been released from jail. 106. they have not been charged for their roles in the riot. they are still pulling video footage from the violent gathering more intelligence about those that broke the law. they are also monitoring social media. a few stories on our radar right now. and active volcano in chile is a rafting yet again. the third eruption since last week. flights to and from south america could be affected here at the pilots of a virgin american plane reported seeing a
2:48 pm
drone as they were flying into dallas. it was hovering around 200 feet above the plane. a coalition could have serious consequences. hawaii on high alert. several breaches after a third shark attack this year. marissa mayer taking on a massive paycheck. not meeting any of her performance targets. you can never have too much money. ♪
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2:51 pm
s making money today. including marissa mayer. $42 million last year.
2:52 pm
not bad. one of the highest-paid executives in silicon valley. she would have made an extra 13 million effort company had met all of its performance targets. she improved approved the company's reputation with her leadership did hoping to make more money. the amazon billionaire just tested his new rocket. it is called the new shepherd. it went up 58 miles in the atmosphere before coming back down again. tickets are expected to cost about $200,000. it sounds terrifying. ellen degeneres. together making a television show on a classic dr. seuss. it will be the most expensive animated program ever produced. you have to take a look at these markets right now.
2:53 pm
it is going to be a big final hour of trading for sure. let's check in with cheryl casone. >> everyone is talking about the big five. the record breaking fight. we have two big guest to give us a preview. joining us from las vegas. a lot of property interests. interest. a lot of business interest in las vegas. he has money on the fight. also the mayor of los angeles will be joining us. she will be talking about the economic impact of the big fight this saturday. a lot of other good stuff coming up as well. charlie gasparino will be coming up in the 3:00 p.m. hour with a big interview. he will have one of the chairman's joining us. we will be talking about security regulation and the
2:54 pm
latest things that are happening. it is an exclusive interview. coming up on "countdown to the closing bell." >> thank you so much. a battle brewing in california. here he comes. what it means for california's dire water situation. at the end of the day it is all about this guy. ♪
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2:58 pm
flouting near sporklers 200 yards from the shore. she sustained severe injuries to her torso. they were unable to save her. this is hawaii's third shark attack this year. the delta smelt he's at the center (?) of the big battle over water. it may be nearing extinction anyway. we're along the california delta. have you seen a delta smelt today? i bet you have not. >> no. there's only one in the delta, according to the sampling. this tiny fish is the poster child in this brought. they claim the water is rightfully theirs. >> it's a fish that nobody really cares that much about. it's a small obscure fish. >> 3 inches long. ounce for ounce, no species carries more weight. >> when we are diverting our
2:59 pm
water to save a couple hundred pinkie sized fish. there's something wrong with our priorities. >> it's not right. it's not even true. >> dr. peter spent his career studying the smelt an endangered species that they tried to save for 20 years. >> the delta smelt is in decline because the delta is in decline. >> the delta provides water for 25 million californians who need to fallow farmlands and face fines for using too much. massive amounts of freshwater are diverted to save the smelt. >> when you're faced with the decision of a pinkie sized fish over california families, that's an easy decision to make. >> i'll inject a tag. >> most california smelt live in giant temperature controlled tanks where researchers artificially inseminate eggs to keep them from going instinct.
3:00 pm
>> are farming more important than fisheries? >> when we choose fish over people, that's a problem. >> probably is, melissa. not enough water to go around. not for the farmers. smelt. back to you. melissa: that's all we have. dow down 200 points. "countdown" starts now. cheryl: a rough day for the markets. also, a lot of news to cover on the next hours of fox business. what's the root cause of riots? and what do they cost cities in terms of rebuilding, police protection curfew? we have answers for you. even peaceful protesters can strain city budgets. what do the presidential hopefuls say the solutions are? we're taking a look. the fight of the century taking place in vegas this weekend. it's paying huge dividends for advertisers and sin city. we'll catch up with the mayor o


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