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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  May 4, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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you can't catch us live. "making money" with charles payne is coming up next. have a great night. we will see you right back here tomorrow. ♪ charles: after holding on friday, stocks began this week higher. still stuck in that trading range. moreover, the short term trends of lower highs and lower lows are worrisome. the biggest news may be the action in the bond market which is beginning to stumble. the january bonds is represented by tlt closed near the low of the year. they've been pulling back steady and gaining steam to the downside. big time support right now. now, with the jobs report looming larger on friday, this market could be poised for a breakout. but will it happen? let's check in with nicole petallides with the pulse of the floor. nicole: charles, absolutely right. so what we saw here in the pulse of the floor.
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markets are higher. we're watching those bond yields 2.13%. that's something very interesting. traders have been looking at earnings. so far, so good. and keeping that keen eye on friday's jobs report. that will be very, very key. that's something they're watching very closely. overall, the markets gained today. they're higher for the month of may. today they gained a quarter of a percent to the dow, the nasdaq, the s&p, russell and transports also higher. so far so good. and mcdonald's is the name to watch. they're doing restructuring. planning on saving 300 million over annual costs. doing restructuring. trying new things. anti-antibiotic chicken. all day breakfast. a few more things they're doing. also more franchises. they're trying to turn it around. even testing delivery straight to your home. i'm in. sign me up. back to you. charles: you know, nicole, i sign you up for everything. thanks a lot. i'm charles payne. watching "making money." let's talk to the
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investment pros. bill. you know him entrepreneur and intuit small business spokesperson. damn. try saying that fast, bill. >> tongue twister.wister >> finally get into new york. nice to see you. we don't have palm trees. we'll have some fun. she's back, scottie nell hughes looking stunning. hilary kramer, a&g capital. looking sun, she should. a huge winner with texas roadhouse. i'll brag for her. and finally matt mccaul. founder of penn financials group. let's do it. dig into the first real, real deal. listen, here's the thing. the market we talk about it. we see when it's down. it seems like every time it holds at a key support point. now now it's the bond market that is very, very shaky. steve, how does it play out? steve: yeah, look, consumer areas have been pretty weak. bad april.
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a lot of areas doing great. emerging market doing great. china is on fire. charles: i want to ask you about the bond market. everyone called for the bond market to pull back. now, all of a sudden it's doing it and doing it pretty rapidly. what is that telling us? steve: charles, i'm not convinced the bond market is over. i've traded bonds for 20 years. in each of those 20 years, wall street consensus was that this would be the bearish year for bonds. so far it's early in the year. i don't believe income gains are significant enough to spark real lasting inflation. i believe rates will stay low for a long time. matt: i want to pigg piggyback n that. will you give it to germany? any of the european peripheral countries? charles: what about the stock market? matt: there are a lot of places that are looking purely for government backed bonds. if you're looking purely for government backed
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bonds, us is still the way. a lot of investors buying the tlt because they want state o safety. it's been cutting crushed. for me, as the individual investor out there, you must be careful. when the bubble bursts, you'll lose a lot of money on that. charles: the bond market is a bubble? matt: absolutely. >> it's interesting. germany's ten-year bond went from 0% to 10% quickly. we don't have to worry so much here. it looks like there could be a bubble brewing and bursting over in europe. charles: the battle of the bolls bubbles. the yields will start to go up as our economy starts to get better, can we go that route? is it too early to say maybe this is a confirmation that our economy is getting better? what will the fed do. scottie: there's a lot of data. if it turns out to be good, continues to be good, we're looking at possibly in september, maybe december, if we keep getting good news, they'll possibly adjust and maybe raise interest rates sooner rather than
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later. charles: bill, you're looking all fly. the shirt open. hand kerchief. yours is flying free. (?) you already have two restaurants. you'll open up a third one. you think this economy is pretty good. you're not afraid to start new businesses in this economy. >> no, we're not. we have two restaurants in chicago. a third opening in d.c. and business is doing well. people where enjoying the food that we're serving them. i'm not an optimist. charles: are you an outlier because you're a tv star? or is this representative of the entire restaurant business? do people finally feel comfortable, maybe not buying houses, but they're going out to dinner. >> i'm a small business owner first. i see what's happening. going to different parts of america. rural parts of america. people are confident. they feel good. they're buying pickup trucks and cars. charles: souffle better aboutsor about the rural parts. scottie had a big smile.
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scottie: america is made on the heartland. charles: i agree. interesting to hear you say that. there's been a shift from these large northern cities into the south, into rural areas. i think that's where the optimism is that will bring us out of this whole thing. the bond master, if we break down. we're in a triple bottom. it could be a technical thing at that point. no reflection or proxy of anything other than trading. >> it could be sentiment. i think it's driven mainly by international markets, by the way. to get that to that point of op optimism in the economy. you're flanked in chicago today. charles: i'm nervous. grew up in harlem. between two chicago guys, i'm nervous. >> as chicago -- bill's restaurant rpm is one of my favorite places. >> appreciate the plug. charles: i thought it was the old lp. >> i'll say this, it's not cheap. holy cow. i'm not sure that its
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success is representative of success and optimism necessarily among middle and lower income americans who are really still struggle and the consumer confidence number that was pretty shocking really is emblematic of that. charles: i'll tell you, on the consumer confidence thing, we're way below where we should be. there was a direct correlation at one time with the stock market. i'll also say that consumers will often say one thing and do another. >> sure. charles: we could be at that point too. >> that's exactly where i was going with this. the consumer is still spending. take a look at a stock like yum brands. even though there's activists there. shake shack. charles: oh, my gosh. amazing, it's a reflection of people going out there and spending big bucks for hamburgers. matt: that's not big bucks. that's not the average person. hilary: but we're talking about americans. and americans are -- charles: that stock is doing phenomenal. hilary: americans are spend money. we go to dinner. we go to the mall.
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we buy new cars. that's keeping our economies going. charles: everyone make sure you tune in tonight. liz claman's special warren buffett's america. she'll be talking to the oracle himself. warren buffett. plus, berkshire hathaway vice chairman charlie munger and microsoft founder bill gates. those three guys who work the gdp of most countries. all talking to liz. 8:00 p.m. fox business. the recent rotation out of the hot stocks. big money looked for a new home. the names and sectors you should be following. the next three minutes, we'll make you some money. ♪
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♪ charles: all right, guys. have to blow that whistle. open up the page from payne's investment playbook. the earning season, as you know, has seen some
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horrific reactions to companies that have missed or warned. big money fling. what were formerly hot stocks, they have to find new homes. the recent rotation into certain areas probably means that smart money is going there. and the big question right now is, should you follow? let's look at last week, for instance. the slowing moving sectors included the consumer stocks. consumer sick l cyclicals up 1.5%. that wasn't too much off the one-year pace. that wasn't necessarily bad. basic materials, while it wasn't one of the hottest sectors of last week, this is what i want you to take a look at. this is what they've done over the year. significantly different. after being down, i think smart money is starting to buy basic material stocks. let's go to the other end of the spec spectrum. the sectors that did well. to me, clearly, breaking out. both of them, energy. we've all talked about this a lot. over the last year down 8%. up 4% last week. and real estate, having
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a huge year. make no mistake. if you amorrize this, it looks like it can get even even better. we have the energy stocks up today. oil was down. most of them were up. of course, einhorn came in and tried to decimate the whole space. here's the thing, you have to understand rotation. it's not about quick trading. even though you could. it's also about building your portfolio and managing your portfolio. let's talk about this rotation. it seems like it's been going for a little bit. brings us to our next real, real deal. matt, you saw the sectors last week and the week before that. what do you think the message is? matt: my message is -- charles: the message of the market. matt: i don't listen to the market. no. the two sessions that are rotating back. first of all, i see the rotation as buying opportunities. i think they'll continue to move higher. financials had a great day today. the big financials broke out. jpmorgan closed at the best level since march of 2000. that's flying under the radar. that's doing well.
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the regional banks best sector today. big money is coming here. and health care and biotechs got crushed last month. they came back today. i see opportunity there. this rotation of money. go into the sectors that have done strong, but have pulled back in the last couple of weeks. charles: give an example of a stock that has rotated was mcdonald's. they announced the turnaround plan. it received a yawn. does that mean the rotation play is done? that little bit of the bump is over, should people still look at it? >> mcdonald's will eventually go back over $100 a share. everyone was incredibly disappointed. we didn't want to hear about more franchises. charles: what did wall street want to know? >> we wanted to know about the menu. the changes would be to maintain competitiveness against companies like the shake shackso shake shacks o be competitive with
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texas roadhouse. and burger king is giving them a run for their money. investors didn't want to hear about buybacks. charles: we were talking about rural america. you call it middle america. real america. they always talk about organic food and this that. people like mcdonald's. something i think wall street is missing about wall street and mcdonald's. >> what person does not remember about going to mcdonald's and being happy. even my children, believe it's their reward and treat. charles: you think they can turn it around? >> it's the environment you create. not going in there for a hamburger and fries. it's going in there for the experience. the happiness. reminds you of being a kid. >> i like what they did in their last ad campaign. they peeled the curtains back. you saw the factories. they show they have nothing to hide. they're exposing the products and the ingredients they're using. i thought it showed that
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they were opening up the curtains. good move. after the pink slime and all that stuff. >> i don't know specifically on mcdonald's. when there's this much negativity on mcdonald's, there's a lot of opportunity. there's a lot of criticism of it being unhealthy. unhealthy still does well. charles: does extraordinarily well. i think it got too big. i think they made a mistake bending to the politically correct crowd. they overdid with the apples stuff. scottie -- >> it's a great happy meal toy. what kid never stole from their kid a happy meal toy. >> that's pretty ruthless. charles: some investment ideas based on this notion of rotation. the high-flying stocks. the twitters of the world getting hammered. where does that money? >> i'm going into restoration hardware. charles: i'm in there, already, baby. >> you've ridden it all the way up. i think there's a lot more to come because real estate. because housing is doing so well. the place to be.
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matt: i like amsg. health care. they basically own surgical centers. they take the doctors and put them in the hospitals. surgical centers. peg ratio 1.0. a lot of people are going to these centers. charles: outpatient facilities. but you don't like the place you can walk in. >> slightly concerning. charles: i got a dinner. >> it's like if they combine it with mcdonald's. a big mac along with your orthopedic surgeon. charles: and you probably would agree with this, considering the impact of the new health care law, it might be the only thing people can do. >> exactly right. matt: the trend is health care. we all need a lot of surgeries. they're also concentrating on eyes. baby boomer eyes are so bad. charles: i'm the only one with glasses here. >> i'm with you, by the way. i like things that make you sick and then things that make you well. that's a very good investment theme.
6:18 pm
in terms of sector rotation. i love energy. i think it's back after an absolutely dreadful year last year. the beverly hillbillies were going to have to move back to the country. charles: what did you make of einhorn crushing these guys? a lot of my favorite names. eog. widen petroleum which got upgraded. psg. (?) what do you make of these guys coming in and hammering this space? >> i think it's opportunity. einhorn is a titan and smart guy. i believe the fracking revolution in america is still extremely young. like any revolution, you'll have fits and starts. this is a long-term growth play, i believe. charles: i agree with you. we should let the audience know, "after the bell," we had a couple of these energy plays that reported, they missed on the top line. eog beat on the bottom line. so far the action is mixed. i like ibm. the place to be. they reinvend themselves
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more than once. if you want an old dusty stock, ibm. when it comes to robots, we have no problems, they want to mow our lawns. have you lost your mind? they're managing our money. my panel is quaking in their boots. ♪
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charles: all right. looks like the industry might be saying, if you can't beat them, join them. i don't know if you guys saw them by now. charles schwab, coming on real strong. realswe also know the robo
6:23 pm
advisers. robo advisers have taken $18 billion under management. interestingly, one would think robotic thinking, they'd all think the same. take a look at all the different variables that all these different robots say is your ideal portfolio. something is not right with that. let's talk about this. robo advisers. robo advisers. hilary, taking all your clients from robo advisers. are you nervous? >> i think the robo adviser model really makes a lot of sense, especially for the millennials. they don't want to pay the fees. and when you take a look out, 50 years, and you see what an extra ten or 20 basis points can do. it's really significant. and also, when it comes to robo advising, there's just too many statistics out there that debate whether or not a financial adviser who imposes their will on you is really something -- charles: isn't that what you hire them to do. matt: this questionnaire i fall
6:24 pm
into one track. we have different needs the next 50 years of my live. i'll avoid the next crash, i hate to break it to you, you'll get hit like everybody else. >> there's a completely new paradigm in the new world. because we have the internet. easy to use. you can pay for it through newsletters. or you can not pay for it and check out whatever you want to check out and go to a discount investor and make investments. that has freed -- charles: the do it yourself has run into troubles as of late. (?) we're talking about the millennials, scottie. i tell you what, i've read surveys where they're also the most skeptical about things on the internet. i know there's a draw based on price. why else? >> we love the technology. it's not like our parents are being condescending to us. it's not like we have to make excuses. we want this stock. it does exactly what we want it to do. if it's successful, guess what, we take the fame for it. charles: what if it's not
6:25 pm
successful. >> then we won't have a parent saying, shame on you. the other thing, it's when we want it. it works on the weekends. works at night. we don't sleep. charles: all right, bill. you have a broker at a marilyn firm. major firm. you like him? >> i don't like the fees that i pay him. charles: a robo says i can do better. >> i wouldn't do it. my adviser has educated me. the value they bring to the table. and i value their value. i see what they're doing. they're making me more money as a result. they're putting me in interesting investments that i'm not sophisticated to make on my own. charles: i don't know if you guys remember in 2000. the black box revolution. they would spit out these trading ideas. all these ideas are cute until the, you know what, hits the fan. >> i think this is the future. i read an article just today for the first time ever. etfs over the last 12 months, they've taken in more inflow than mutual funds. a lot of the etf investing is tailor made
6:26 pm
for robo investing. i think -- by the way, you want companies, buy the etf companies. charles: they always make money. all right, by the way, make sure you got to see. "strange inheritance." now, first jamie colby meets a man who inherits a barren portion of his ancestors montana ranch. he fails to make a living on it until he finds valuable dinosaur fossils there. then she meets a family with an alligator or crocodile ranch. she's not afraid. catch it tonight. 9:00 p.m. fox business network. well, america is under siege, and this could be the summer of riots. this will not only save the second amendment, in my opinion. we could see an up on gun ownership. what it means for your pockets and safety. ♪
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. >> well, sadly, guys, you saw it over the weekend, more and more of these events seem organized, the violence more and more people believe things are going to get worse with a lot of riots in major cities, i think there's going to be a real big up particular for guns. and here's the irony. there are fewer households that have ownership. it's almost baffling because they're sailing we've decreased from 59% to 39% right now. but there are a whole other reports that critic this, and what we know for sure is that gun ownership certainly in recent years in america based on data from gun checks; right? if you've used the data from background checks, these are people who want to get a gun perhaps so there's a correlation there. it's amazing. it was statistic for a long time. i mean we just went down here and this is about 7.4 annually
6:31 pm
and it all changed. you know, what changed it? the election of obama, that 700,000 average went to 1.2 million, just it that one month, since then background checks have actually soared an average of 11 million, 2013, 14 million. now, recently in the wall street journal nbc poll found that 90% of americans right now think that there will be a racial disturbance. so the answer to these disturbances is they're debatable, but one thing that i think is going to happen is that a lot of people are going to be looking for greater physical protection. already, guys, let's talk about this because, you know, again, it's some real sad, horrific scenes over the weekend, that things remind people that it's important to be safe and although the amendment has come under attacks, i think it's going to
6:32 pm
survive right now. but what about the public relations about owning a gun, should gun owners be ashamed. what's your assessment of it all, nor a? >> well, you know, criminals are always going to be able to find their way to a gun, so it's trying to say that the second amazement trying to do anything with that is preposterous, and i feel like a lot of gun shaming has been going on, and do you remember when all these people who owned guns how dramatic that was, it's always a liberal agenda to use situations to try to curb the appetite of gun control. >> right. i don't disagree with her, i saw that survey, 51 percent to 39%, something ain't right? >> if the numbers are not right. and, yes, there might be a try
6:33 pm
to shame gun owners, the truth is that it isn't working, people aren't out about it. they might get the background checks, but we don't know how many guns they're buying. you've got the guys, i like the folks that are out there publically defending like that second amendment and saying this is my right, but the majority of the americans buy their firearm, they put it away and don't let anyone know they have it, but i guarantee if someone steps into their house, they'll let them know. >> well, we have two guys from iraq sitting with us. >> be. >> well, we all know that chicago has become the poster child for just everything wrong in a city. every monday morning you've got the list. >> uh-huh. >> lots of people killed. >> yeah. >> it can be a dangerous place be what do you think of it? >> well, it's unfortunate, super intent mcarthie who runs the police force, he's doing a great job -- >> when you say they're doing don't think a great job but the numbers are high.
6:34 pm
>> the numbers are going down. you know, it's fact that they've decreased them drastically over the last two years, but it starts in the home and that's the bottom line. we've got a -- make the environment better for these kids. we've got to get people working again in these areas where unemployment rate is at 30, 40%. >> some of these kids who have come to you asking for a job, would you give it to them. >> of course. >> i'm very -- i sit on the board of mercy kids in chicago, and we take in all different kinds of kids, we arm them with the tools they need in order to concede, and that's what it's going to take. >> right. >> it's a big shift that needs to take place. >> do you agree, steve. >> i completely agree. i was at lincoln park for a little league game, there were almost as many dad coaches as there are players, but as far as gun control, chicago is
6:35 pm
case a of the folly of gun control, because it makes sure that only bad guys have guns and not good guys, and that's exactly what's happening on the west shied side of chicago. >> hurl be with you're shaking your head. >> yeah. well, that's what's going on here. gun ownership isn't as as prevalent certainly, but i think that the trend is definitely going there, and that's why it makes sense to be a smith smith & wesson becaut makes too much sense, and the police forces, part of the problems is that they've been let go and streamlined and that's the problem we're having -- >> well, i hope -- in baltimore where they've restrained the police force so my that it makes the crowd bigger. >> yeah. >> i'm not a gun owner, but i'm the completely for the second amazement. i think a very small portion of the america are shaming gun owners. i don't think people are going to go run out and buy the
6:36 pm
guns, i'm in the 96%, but i'm not going to go and out buy a gun. >> would you buy a gun. >> no. i would not. and after the bell, i like legion yon, which is a company that has this big proximate. >> i had fox business at $12, it's 34, 35, and i still like smith & wesson, you know, i'm going to give you the last word on this. what do you think -- i think gun ownership is going to continue to go up, no matter what the stats say because i think americans are somewhat afraid. >> well, especially in the south, and i'm from arkansas and, you know, a lot of people will campaign on the fact that the option, the liberal democrat is trying to take their rights away with the guns. so in the south and a lot of states down here, it's a very popular campaign message when you start to threaten the second amendment. . >> what's your pick, steve. >> alcohol and firearms is not an agency, it's an investing
6:37 pm
strategy, so i like all the above, but i particularly like smith & wesson. >> smith & wesson and you said. >> rgr. >> all right, former president bill clinton playing political defense as he opens up about the political foundation and all that money that came in, blake has the details. >> hi, there, charles, bill clinton defending his name by nbc news. the former president defended the charity against the pay for play accusations during hilary clinton's tenure of secretary of state. they have never dolling quote knowingly inappropriate. >> and foreign did not conflict with the interest of the cuts and there's nothing sinister he said in trying to get wealthy peep to -- don't to help the poor. and he feels the foundation has become a target.
6:38 pm
>> it's a very deliberate attempt to take the foundation down. and there's almost no new facts known now that wasn't known the first time. >> the state department once again backed hilary clinton today, a spokesperson reiterated the department's view that there's no evidence donations to the clinton foundation testig hilary clinton when she was the country's top dim diplomat. >> yeah. this isn't going away. speaking of politics, two more in the ring, is it time for a nonpolitics to be our president? and i'm going to give you a history lesson. tweet me let me know what you think. we'll be right back
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
>> so carly and been carson, they are announcing, they are running for the gop, now, if you hate career politicians and you always say you be of, here's your chance. tweet me and tell me what you think
6:42 pm
. >> so today carly and been carson, they did -- we knew they would do it, they announced the gop candidates for 2016, it's been a long time since the party put up a nonpolitician, but it has happened. 19 40, window wilky that's right he was a democrat but he switched from being a democrat, and he hated what dr was doing, so after the first rounds of voting, he got less than 1%, but he came to the definition and he had a little bit of momentum by then and
6:43 pm
pulled off a major from the behind victory. at the very time he was a very strong hawk. so, scotty, upon further review, history says that there's a chance that ben or carly could actually be nominated. >> i'm all for bringing more business into the government, but the problem is that these guys don't have a chance, they're going to spend more money fundraising than bringing in, i think that's a perfect place for a businessman, unfortunately, at the top you need somebody that has been ved by the people,. >> isn't that what the election -- is that what this whole process is? we vet them and decide which one we like. >> yeah. let the public decide. and, you know, what, what i like about each of these candidates is that they're both fighters. look at carly. she has been survived cancer, she has run a huge company, and she is going to silence
6:44 pm
the argument on busting through the glass that hilary clinton is going to do. look at carson, look at his humble background. i mean these two are fighters and i think a lot of people are tired of the politician advancing, these two people are giving us something fresh. >> i felt good when i heard these come out because no offense the tea party have no -- >> the tea party can't -- >> i love the fact that he came out and he's not politically correct. he actually said today he's not politically correct? >> here's the problem. we say let the problem decide; right? well, unfortunately, it's he or she who raises the most money is able to get out on the commercials and the radio adds -- >> but, unfortunately, the public won't know who they are. >> but in 2008 barack obama did not come in with the most money. here's the thing with the miss conception. the money didn't make barack obama, it follows him. as he started the game, people
6:45 pm
started to change horses, and that's when he raised the money because if you remember it was a foregone conclusion. >> right. >> that hilary was going to win in 2008. >> but it was just the two of them. we're dealing with everybody and their mother right now and the problem with these guys when you run for the office you get publically vetted, but she lost in her last race. we don't need ben running for the highest office by the had you been and media, it does not work. >> right. >> and ben carson is a great american success story, but to frown president of the united states after not being elected for anything -- >> running for the president of the united states as your first term as a senator. >> exactly. >> that's true. >> and that's why have made going to elect the governor is believable strong, there's a lot of great governs and one of them is going to be the next president of the united states. >> you can't rule out ted
6:46 pm
cruz. >> i've got to go to you for the last word. >> well, look at the great two fresh new candidates. hilary is a weak candidate, and this is our ball to fumble, this is our chance to to get a trifecta. >> i think everyone would agree with that, your ball to fumble. now, you know, thanks a lot for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you . >> and my next pick is a online retailer, time to make you some money. when we come back
6:47 pm
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. >> all right. let's do it. let's get down and make you some money. here's my stock idea for tonight. gd coms, it's a chinese, you know, online internet play. they beat it by 6,600 h 600%, they'll probably do 35%, that means they're taking huge market share, almost twice that of the industry over there. st tie th had 5f maet sharen tacons. eir stoeeni t yes ago, e ars a, they're over 26 million right now, the will largest fulfillment center in china, the fourth quarter, up 1 70%,
6:51 pm
a move through 36, and i think this bad boy is on of on the traces races. matt, what do you think? >> this is a trifecta, making 53 cents a share, next year over $4 a share and the third one, it's in china. china's market's hot right now, a lot of money flowing over there, so you want to invest in this. >> i think the competitor of course that's where i have my money on, that's where -- i think jd, there's no questions. going to -- >> i think -- i don't know why, but it feels like it. >> right. >>ndhe strong if they're strong on thursday. >> yeah. >> and you mentioned china, you've been to china, bill. >> i've been to china a couple of times, it's booming, and the people are making it happen, i don't know much about the stock, i'm not a stock picker -- >> a lot of people on wall street, we always say you can't trust the numbers on
6:52 pm
china, but we always pray they're good. [laughter] >> do it begin. manufacturing number. >> start praying. >> but you can see that it's palpable though. >> well, you see all these buildings, you don't know if they're vacate or not. >> would you consider opening a restaurant there. >> no. >> no.? >> not yet. i would go to due bay and the middle east way before. >> yeah. >> let's leave it right there. by the way, make sure you tune in tonight, warren buffet's america, he's going to be s you've got bonusracle gets, vice chairman charlie and microsoft founder bill gates. no short of intelligence on that one, make sure you tune in tonight 8:00 p.m. on fox business. well, we've got big numbers at the box office, but a lot of people were disappointed. we're going to talk about how to make money of these big sporting events because it's just starting. when we come back
6:53 pm
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♪ >> time now for my marching orders. this weekend was really exciting. even if the fight was a dud for fans, it was a huge giant moneymaker. so much so, that it actually might have stopped the avengers. the age of ultron from breaking its own record. ironically, the fight could have scored more cash if it wasn't for the pirating from the periscope stuff. who can forget the kentucky derby? all fantastic finishes and story lines. can't forget my team, the san antonio spurs. you went out with dignity. and steph curry named nba, his career is moving along. invest with this guy. you'll make a lot of money. huge weekend for sports, i hope everyone had a great time.
6:57 pm
bill, sports entertainment, that's got to be great for your business. right? >> it's great for our business. obviously we had the nfl draft in chicago last week, they bought one of our restaurants, it was a great weekend for us. charles: if not tennessee, you're close enough to kentucky. were you guys wearing the hats? >> absolutely. charles: that's what you guys do anyway. >> this was a great week for all sports lovers. enjoy periscope while it happens. i know technology will limit the pirating the part. timewarner, all those guys are figuring out how to police this down. matt: they said they had software that wouldn't happen. it did happen. that basketball game, take that fight and throw it out the window. that basketball game was amazing. charles: i think so. steph curry made mvp.
6:58 pm
if you put all your money in michael jordan endorsed, all your kids would be going to college. do the same thing with steph curry. >> i like curry, the mvp. 26. nice story. charles: real nice guy. >> as far as the fight goes, i bought the fight. spent $100. fell asleep. it was a 100-dollar nap, but i didn't miss anything. charles: some tension. but that's it. disney. churchill downs. mgm. under armour. all these things. first, scottie, on the pirating thing. something will happen. scottie: they'll create technology with that one. they said nobody could have their phones out there. you'll see it more. charles: how will you stop people bringing their phones? would anybody buy twitter? matt: yes. most likely we're jumping in. may not be the bottom.
6:59 pm
but like the long-term. charles: what about disney. churchill downs. >> you mentioned right under armour. i love them. this company owns the youth market. particularly young boys. they are under armour crazed. >> i'm still with two of them. redding international. movie chain. makes sense. consolidation there. also, wynn. the casino just got absolutely destroyed. i think las vegas is coming back. charles: well -- japan. >> because we're going there next week with the show. charles: bill, you're in town. you're working on something big. >> i teamed up with the folks at intuit quickbooks. we're launching small businesses, big gains. all small business owners register. commercial during the biggest football game during the year. one small business owner. gregister. tell everyone you know. it's going to be an amazing campaign.
7:00 pm
it will change the lives of many small business owners. charles: you're in the right show. that's all we talk about. you're a great guest. nice having you in town, steve. all right, if you can't watch the show, dvr it. lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. the city of baltimore, maryland, once again on edge tonight after police arrested a man who appeared to be armed with a handgun. his arrest took place in the same neighborhood where violent riots broke out last week over the death of a man injured in police custody. we'll have a live report for you from baltimore. also tonight, federal investigators on the scene in garland, texas, where two suspected radical islamist gunmen were shot and killed as they tried to shoot up a free speech event, featuring a contest where cartoons of the prophet muhammad. we take all this up. this newest attack on free speech an t


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