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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 4, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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. that does it for everyone here. wishing you love. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. the city of baltimore maryland, once again on edge tonight after police arrested a man who appeared to be armed with a handgun. his arrest took place in the same neighborhood where violent riots broke out last week over the death of a man injured in police custody. we'll have a live report for you from baltimore. also tonight, federal investigators on the scene in garland, texas where two suspected radical islamist gunmen were shot and killed as they tried to shoot up a free speech event featuring a contest where cartoons of the prophet muhammad. we take all this up. this newest attack on free speech and the
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spread of radical islamist terrorism. i'll be talking with national security analyst ryan. also former un ambassador john bolton. and former president clinton defending foreign donations to his foundation. they said they never did anything quote, thinklyknowingly inappropriate. we'll be parsing bill clinton's words tonight. the widening scandal with former white house chief of staff john. we begin with tension on the streets of baltimore again after police today arrested a man with a gun at the intersection where riots broke out a week ago. fox news correspondent mike is live in baltimore. mike. mike: and, lou we're watching that intersection right now. you can see there's a good bit of activity. a good bit of excitement. more along the lines of music playing. a lot of people showing
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up just kind of interested in what is happening. a flurry of activity this afternoon. it looked like there was a police involved shooting. it was an arrest and a discharge. an accidental discharge of a weapon. what we saw at 2:45 was a foot chase that ensued with a police officer chasing a young black man. the officer drew his weapon. we heard a gun go off. saw the young black man go down. leading a lot of people myself included, to conclude that that young man had been shot. police now say what happened is that the young man was carrying a weapon. he either dropped his weapon or tossed it off to the side and that gun went off. when we saw him on the ground he looked to be in bad shape. he was uninjured. he hurt himself during the fall or exhausted during the run or he was playacting. but he was taken away in an ambulance. the police took custody of him at that point. a lot of flurry of activity. by all appearances there was a shooting.
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but that situation has now kind of dissipated. a little bit of excitement that stirred the pot. it's calming down. people are hoping for a boring evening here lou. lou: as the entire country. mike, so much. mike reporting from baltimore. in garland texas, a traffic cop is being hailed as a hero tonight. the officer who has not been identified killing two heavily armed suspected radical islamist jihadists with his service weapon. in so doing prevented a deadly attack. fox news jonathan hunt with our report. >> bullet casings and evidence markers littered the ground monday around the vehicle in which the two shooters arrived at the american freedom defense initiative conference. the afdi event involved a competition and 10,000-dollar prize for the best cartoon of the prophet muhammad. any physical depicks of
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muhammad is considered blasphemous. they wore body army. opening fire on one security officer was lightly wounded. before coming against one alert police officer who officials say undoubtedly saved lives. >> the police officer in that car began returning fire and struck both men, taking them down. >> a whole bunch of gunshots. then all of a sudden, we see the cops everywhere. >> the shooters were identified by officials as 25 elton simpson and 44-year-old nadir simpson was convicted in 2011 by making a false statement to an fbi agent. the fbi claimed he was associated with someone they believe to be trying to set up a terrorist act in arizona. the judge ruled that investigators did not
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prove a terrorist link. simpson may have been the person tweeting before the attack using #texasattack. may allah accept us at mewat -- two of our brothers opened fire. the president at the afdi defended the contest. >> we had a free speech conference. and clearly what happened is indicative of how very vital this conference was -- was needed. >> white house spokesman josh earnest said the president believes no act of expression justifies violence. both investigations in phoenix and here in garland are likely to continue for some time yet. as officials work to discover a time line of how this plot came together. and whether the shooters had any direct ties to known terror groups. lou. lou: jonathan.
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thank you very much. jonathan hunt. the fundamental cause of the garland attack was not the islamic state in his view, he says it was sharia's law ban on blasphemy. ryan for the clarion project dedicated to exposing the dangers of islamic extremism in this country. (?) great to have you here, ryan. these two decided they were going to go into an event. a free speech event designed to be provocative by drawing the prophet muhammad. but you say it wasn't about the islamic state. >> not really. you can be a supporter of the islamic state. but how you get there. we know the first individual that was i (d) was being monitored by the fbi. he was convicted of lying to the fbi. (?) lou: about going -- >> to somalia. they believed to join an al-qaeda group. all the way back to the fall of 2006 was when the fbi was deploying
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informants including one that was a muslim to find out what was going on with this guy. we have to ask ourselves what are the beliefs that lead someone to join isis and engage in these types of attacks? lou: that is an interesting view. and understand your enemy. i'll be very candid with you. i've heard that nonsense from people who have been talking about afghanistan and iraq. the north africa throughout the middle east. the reality in this country, the issue is that we believe in free speech. and we enforce our constitutional rights. and, frankly, we have every right to be as provocative or insulting as we want. and why would we not be if we're motivated to do so? >> sure. and i agree with you. but what we have to zero in on is the ideology that causes these types of things. lou: i get that. we've heard that there's an ideological motive to behead christians on a a
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beach. in this instance, i don't give a damn. the reality is, they're barbaric. they're murdering people. and trying in this instance to murder. >> right. well, you're doing a good job of describing them. until you understand what the themes are then you can't counter them and pick the correct muslim allies in order to refute that. lou: that sounds like political correct nonsense to me. you're trying to play it both ways. >> what are both ways? lou: the reality is, that you're dealing with someone who tried to kill people. they were shot down in garlandgarland, texas. beyond that, what do you need to know? >> i want to know why. and we know why because, again, when you look at the documents -- lou: wait a minute. amongst the people there were geert wilders. he understands radical islam very well. the victims of europe of radical islam are documented. we understand why.
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sharia law. the issues of blasphemy. other religions are against blasphemy as well. that doesn't give them any particular right nor does it seem to give us any great particular advantage when people decide to kill one of our citizens or a number of our citizens. what difference could it possibly make to go into an intellectual cul-de-sac to discuss sharia law. we have a constitution. (?) we have law and by god, it's going to be enforced and obeyed. >> and you're repeating the point that i agree on. we have to talk about the radicalization process. lou: now you said something different. >> i've been consistent. i want to talk about the ideology and how to refute it. lou: if you want to debate that's fine. the reality is, you mention the words radical islamic radicalization. that process is interesting. these happen to be
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somalis once again. and what is the understanding of that? what do you understand about the process of radicalization from the somali population in this country? >> obviously there's a problem coming from that specific community. this is a problem that goes beyond that community. that's why i brought this book to illustrate the problem. lou: let's look at the book. >> this is an authoritative manual of sharia law. when people say, they're viewing online propaganda. you have to let me finish the sentence. lou: i will let you finish. i will interject. i haven't said the islamic state had anything to do with this attack. you're talking about somebody else's broadcast or view of the world. i didn't say that the islamic state had anything to do with this event. >> no. i'm trying to give my analysis. i'm saying -- lou: that is my prerogative. >> of course, it is. i'm asking, what is the mind-set that leads someone to join isis? these individuals are
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radicalized before that. you have to interrupt that process. you can't just focus on the individuals. you have to let me finish. lou: actually, ryan. i think the third time you've said that. >> because you're not letting me get a sentence out. lou: you continue with sentences that are irrelevant to the questions i'm asking. that's very gracious of you. i don't know what broadcast you appear on. but typically on this broadcast we ask that our guests answer the questions of the host. so let's try this again. what is there unique to the somalis in this country that makes them susceptible to radicalization is there. >> lack of integration is the general consensus. they're taking themselves out of the society. when you're in that bubble it's when radicalism can gain a lot of ground. because there's a natural confidence that comes between the freedoms that you've been saying that are so important. i agree with you. and radical islam.
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lou: that's awfully good of you to agree with me. >> i've been agreeing with you the whole time. i don't mean to be rude. lou: that's okay. that is acceptable. the fact of the matter is that we have two people dead who from all accounts deserve to be very dead. and we have two people that traveled from phoenix. we know nothing about them really. very little at most. the truth is, we owe a great debt of thanks to the people the officers the law enforcement agencies of garland, texas for protecting their citizens. and i hope that that's an example for everyone. >> oh, absolutely. lou: all right, ryan. thank you so much for being with us. appreciate it. >> thank you. lou: tragedy in new york where decorated police officer ryan moore today died after he was shot in the head by an ex-convict. moore is the first policeman to be killed since december in new york.
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two officers were killed then in an ambush in brooklyn. moore was shot saturday through the window of his unmarked police car. by a suspect he was trying to stop for suspicion of carrying a weapon. demetrius has a lengthy rap sheet. all of this, further tragedy. the mainstream media isn't fully reporting about officer moore. we're coming right back. stay with us. >> coming up, the saudis leading the coalition campaign against targets in yemen. the saudis, egyptians, and other arab states making their own deal on iran? we'll take it all up with the former us ambassador to the united nations, john bolton. here next. ♪
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♪ inal nuclear agreement with iran. according to the wall street journal leading persian gulf states now are asking for major new weapon systems in exchange for backing any deal with iran. the leaders of the six nation gulf cooperation council, that includes
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saudi arabia the united arab emirates are meeting with the president next week. they want to use that meeting to ask for additional fighter jets, missile batteries and surveillance equipment. maersk met with iranian officials over the seizure of its vessel. the maersk tigris seized last week by iranian patrol boats to accompany all us flagged ships as well as uk flagged ships. maersk says they have yet to receive any official documents from the government of iran regarding the seizure of the 2005 cargo dispute that allegedly led to this latest incident. saudi arabia today denying it has deployed ground troops in yemen. stepping up strikes certainly against the iranian backed houthis and targeting a number of airports across the country. joining us tonight,
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former us ambassador to the united nations, fox news contributor john bolton. ambassador great to have you here. >> glad to be here. lou: let's start with the fact that the iranians have a maersk vessel. it's a marshall islands flagged vessel which means it's a us protectorate which means we're involved. what do you expect to happen? >> i think this is very serious. i think the fact that they took a marshall islands flagged vessel is the closest thing they thought they could get to a us vessel. it's part of what used to be the trust territories of the pacific islands was a clear signal that they can control the strait of hormuz. that's why we're escorting us and uk flagged vessels. they did this on the very day that the foreign minister was negotiating with john
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kerry. it's a thumb in our eye. right now, they're getting away with it. >> they want sanctions lifted immediately should there be a deal. this president is not knocking down that request or demand depending on how you want to style it. that seems mad that that would be the outcome. the process itself seems mad. john: i couldn't agree with you more. but the whole idea of when the sanctions are released go directly to leverage. when you give them a signing bonus for simply inking the deal when you give up other sanctions. you're reducing your leverage. the notion the president has talked about snapback sanctions. will somebody in the white house please explain how that will work? it won't work in the un security council based on any experience. russia china would have a veto. wouldn't be afraid to use it. >> you probably go to the same place to get that nation snapback as where you get your doctor back. saudi-led airstrikes
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continuing against yemen. saudi arabia egypt this is turning out to be a little stronger i think coalition with stronger commitments to their objectives than might have been first assumed. what do you think? >> i have to say, i agree with that. i think they're sticking together. i think it's because the opposition they've encountered is stricter than they expected. -- whom i've had the good pleasure to meet. are being much more successful in resisting this force than they expected. so this battle over control of yemen. over whether a stable government can be re-created there in the backyard of these gcc countries is a critical issue. lou: i want to turn to garland texas. two radicalized somali americans apparently were killed because they were attacking a free speech event. i want to get your
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thoughts, and your view about how it was handled. the outcome. and what we can expect going forward. >> to me, obviously facts remain to be uncovered. it's a terrorist event from everything we can tell. it wasn't a demonstration that got out of control. it wasn't muslims offended by cartoon images of the prophet muhammad. it was a terrorist attack against a free speech event. i think we better get ready for more attacks like that. suicide bombers and all the rest. from isis in syria and iraq, across north africa thousands of people, our own fbi has said have come from the united states and europe with valid passports to get trained in terrorism. and they'll be coming back to this country. the notion that the war on terror is over is just flatly wrong. lou: and one only has to look across north africa, the middle east and garland texas, to realize the truth of that statement. there's some charges against the organization that had put on the
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event, that they were being very -- in itself were being provocative. how do you respond to that? >> good for them. that's what free speech is all about. if free speech means protecting the people who agree with you how hard is that? the whole theory of free speech is that the truth emerges from contentious debate. provocative intense debate. the idea that there's style standards that we have to go under, it would be foreign to the founders of the first amendment. >> well-said. thank you for being here. glad to see you. be sure to vote. do you believe, quote, knowingly inappropriate, end quote is a defense of conduct for any secretary of state. cast your vote at the city of tel aviv looking at baltimore for a while. hundred of ethiopian -- crashing and alleged
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police brutality. triggered by a viral video showing an israeli policeman beating an ethiopian soldier. more than 60 people hurt in the clashes. up next federal government statistics about as good as the unpopular policies they are designed to protect. my commentary next. and the second installment of the avengers well dominating. highest possible level of performance. we'll take up the box office here next. stay with us. ♪
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♪ lou: a few thoughts now on some things that matter. and matter greatly. and why sometimes those things that matter so much aren't counted at all. by way of example, a new census report shows that more immigrants are entering in from china than from mexico. in 2013, 147,000 immigrants came from china. 129,000 from india.
11:29 pm
and 129,000 from mexico. all of these numbers are from the us census bureau. not customs and border protection. not citizenship and immigration services. there are sort of estimates. so while we are grateful to the census bureau folks for their report, they fail to distinguish between legal and illegal immigrants. the census doesn't want to take into account legal status. it isn't political correct. instead a person to be an immigrant if they're foreign born, to say they previously lived in another country. while that might include illegal immigrants, it doesn't count them. why? well my best guess is that the government doesn't count what might conflict with government policies and practices. the census bureau isn't the only government agency that doesn't count what matters. because it might undercut the preferred path of policy, which empirically isn't working in the interest
11:30 pm
of the nation. the bureau prisons, for example, says 24% of current federal prisoners are noncitizens, but that includes both foreign born legal residents and illegal immigrants. why? well the bureau prisons turns out to be part of the justice department. which until last week, was run by attorney general eric holder who was the president's top political advocate in the administration. and it's unhelpful to share too much information about illegal immigration with the american public. and so they don't. and how about the outsourcing of jobs? surely you would think our commerce department would keep detailed records of jobs created, jobs destroyed or the number of american jobs shipped to cheap overseas labor markets. nope. that wouldn't be helpful to either the administration or the chamber of commerce or the business roundtable. it's unhelpful for the american public to know too much. and now, of course president obama is pushing the transpacific
11:31 pm
partnership. a us asia trade deal that critics argue would lead to the loss of more jobs and cut wages even further. center jeff sessions in a memo warned such a deal would hurt workers and open the immigration floodgates. as if they're not already flood opened. writing this. the time when this nation can sufort loss of a single job as a result of a poor trade agreement is over. the president is already subjected american workers to profound wage loss through executive order. foreign worker increase. on top of existing record immigration levels. the president has circumvented congress with serial regularity. but the tpa would yield new power to the executive. almost the last thing this administration and for that matter, the republican congressional leadership want is for the american public to have an accurate accounting of jobs outsourced to cheap foreign labor markets. the economic impact of
11:32 pm
illegal immigration on our working men and women. our middle class. in terms of jobs and wages lost. it isn't a pretty picture. now, the quotation of the evening. and the public's right to know. when the public's right to know is threatened and when the rights of free speech and free press are at risk, all of the other liberties we hold dear are in danger. former democratic senator chris dodd. chief lobbyist for the motion picture association. some would say there's some irony in his having made that statement. we're coming right back. stay with us. coming up, a terrorist attack thwarted in texas. the senate working to review any deal with the leading state sponsor of terrorism. senator john our special guest. ♪ and nasa -- an extraordinary drone called greece lightning. what when cigarette cravings hit,
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♪ lou: the senate could vote as early as this week on legislation targeting the iranian nuclear deal. joining us now john barrasso a member of several committees, including energy, natural resources environment, and foreign relations. he's also the republican policy committee chairman. senator, tell us about your amendment that would require the president to certify
11:37 pm
that iran is not supporting terrorism against the united states. john: well, i think we should force the president to certify that there is no terrorism because we know that iran basically is a country that supports terrorism. we've seen it with hamas. we've it with hezbollah. now we see it with the houthis. the president doesn't want to do that. the most important thing is that the american people get the chance to see that whatever deal the president comes up with, with iran that it should come to the congress of the united states before it goes to the security council of the united nations. the president is so eager for any deal, he will accept a bad deal. lou: senator, what you say makes great sense and reflects the will of the american people according to every poll and survey certainly i've seen. but the reality is, this is a president who is charging ahead. the president seems to
11:38 pm
have no trouble, if you will in inserting his view, and it would be no more than that, it seems to me that iran isn't sponsoring terrorism. at what point -- we know that iran is the world's greatest state sponsorshipstate sponsorof terrorism right now. a third of our casualties in iraq was a result of them trying to kill our men and women in action. why is there not simply a statement on the part of the republican-led senate and congress to say, this is a -- this is a fool's errand to even go about this negotiation with a nation that sponsors terrorism that demands the extinction of israel. >> well, i think that the president actually would like to veto any legislation that we put forth saying that he must come to congress. but the president has backed down because we
11:39 pm
have bipartisan support to making the president come to congress. let's face it, lou, this is all about the money. the relief of sanctions gives huge amounts of money. tens if not over $100 billion to iran. and i'm concerned that they'll use this for terrorism. you and i know they won't use it to build roads, hospitals or schools. they'll use it for additional terrorist activity. and the problem with this president is, i think his judgment is so poor in foreign relations. we've seen it with his red line in syria. we've seen it with the reset button with russia. and his desire -- to pull all the troops out of iraq. which set up an opportunity for isis to take hold. i mean that's why i just don't trust this president's judgment. now he's playing what seems to be a schizophrenic game with iran. we're flying bombing missions. air support over iraq while the iranian army is on the ground. and at the same time, we're dealing with yemen and the straits of
11:40 pm
hormuz at the other side of iran. i just think the president has to be held accountable. lou: and i think that phrase is the perfect phrase. and really underlines your constitutional responsibility in the senate. and that is, to provide advice and consent of any agreement by the united states carried out and negotiated by this president. yet he's giving every indication that he'll ignore the senate if it displeases. it's a whimsical demeanor that he's adopted here toward the congress the senate. what recourse -- how can you hold him accountable? what recourse have you? >> well the american people realize that iran with a nuclear weapon makes the world less safe less stable, and less secure. and we want to expose what is actually in the agreement and why that
11:41 pm
exposes the american public to this additional risk of iran with a nuclear weapon. and we know we're going to have a nuclear arms race because saudi arabia and turkey egypt, the emirates will all want a nuclear weapon if iran develops a nuclear weapon. and, remember, the president two years ago promised that the goal of negotiation was to stop to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon. lou: right. >> and now he's changed his tune. and now it's just managing a nuclear-armed iran. lou: senator good to have you with us. thank you very much. always good to see you. senator john barrasso. nasa unveiled a new high-tech drone. they're calling grease lightning. wow. a ten-engine battery-powered drone. combines as you see the attributes of a helicopter and a conventional aircraft. it looks like well, 10 inches -- a very little package. it can toggle between hovering and flying with the flick of a switch.
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it has a ten-foot wingspan. quieter than the average lawn mower or as noisy. depending on how you look at it. up next the second installment of the avengers movie franchise. fell just short of the first. but, you know, not all is terrible about its box office record. we'll have that for you. and mayday protests in seattle. one man was found in extremely comprised position. some would call it just dessert. that's next. ♪ life begins with a howl, we scream, shout shriek with joy. until, inhibition creeps in, our world gets smaller quieter, but life should be loud. sing loud, play loud, love loud. dentures shouldn't keep you quiet life should be ringing in your ears. live loud, super poligrip.
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lou: on wall street today, stocks closed higher. modestly higher. the dow up 36 points. the nasdaq rose 12 points. volume on the big board 3.1 billion shares. a reminder now to listen to my financial reports on salem radio network. and stick around after "lou dobbs tonight" for a fox business report. warren buffett's america. our liz claman sitting down with the two richest men in the country. warren buffett and bill gates. as well as berkshire hathaway vice chairman charlie munger. join liz right after this broadcast 8:00 p.m. eastern. at the weekend box
11:47 pm
office the avengers age of ultron easily claiming the top spot. debuting with $188 million. (?) the second biggest debut weekend in movie history falling 20 million short of the franchise's first installment. it did represent 85% of the total weekend box office. that is a new record. 85%. man! lions gate, age of adaline was second. 6.2 million. universal's record-breaking furious seven falling to third after a strong three-week run on top. a name honoring both her grandparents and the queen. duchess gave birth to charlotte elizabeth diana on saturday. fourth in line to the throne behind only her father her brother prince george.
11:48 pm
a former green -- found his way to the nfl at the age of 34. the seattle seahawks reached a -- with nate. he did tours with afghanistan and iraq before returning to college at the age of 29. he went undrafted over the weekend. but says coach pete carroll called him and offered him a job just moments after the final pick was announced in this year's draft. in seattle, something police certainly didn't expect. during mayday protests they had to rescue a shirtless man wielding a hammer who got upside down in a basketball hoop. these are things that happen in seattle. authorities had to help cut him down. no word on how he got there. a lot more unclear about this. a tongue-in-cheek tweet. the seattle police stating that he would possibly be charged with
11:49 pm
property destruction or, quote, at least goaltending. humor. up next, president clinton breaking his silence on his foundation's donor scandal. a denial reminiscent of, well, previous scandals. we'll say it that way as we take that up. and more with former white house chief of staff john. john is next. stay with us.
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lou: joining us now former white house chief of staff under george h.w. bush. john sununu. great to have you with us. how are you? >> i am great. lou: i would like to quote clinton's deficient of his donation. he said, there is no doubt in my mind, that we have never done anything quote knowingly inappropriate in terms of making money to influence any kind of government policy, your thoughts? >> a very clintonian expression. you have to know the clinton definition of knowingly is. lou: well, i think inappropriate might be tested as well. is it your sense that he and
11:54 pm
hillary x chelsea they are going to survive a foundation that puts just 10% of the money raised toward the actual causes that they are trying to donate to? >> you know the problem they have 90%. the question is, what did that billion plus buy over the last few years. and what were they doing what they preparing for a campaign? was it a political action effort in hiding? i think they will have to start answering questions to -- from their donors to what they did with the 9s 90%. >> return to republican field, tomorrow governor huckabee to announce. today we heard from carly fiorini and dr. ben carson they are running for the republican nomination.
11:55 pm
this looks like a field that will expand from here. >> it is a good thing that such diversity in the party right now. i think each one of them brings a slice of the party back to coherence. i think it is important carly is a very smart lady, she has managed a very significant institution, she knows how to speak directly on the issues. i think she will be a formidable voice for the republicans as they go and attack mode on hillary through the primary season. ben is admired by all of us who are conservatives he is outspoken, he is direct. and he is certainly will articulate the issues in a way that will attract republicans with energy back into the game. it is good that the republicans have a wide, deep and strong field. lou: are you excited about the possible that's governor jeb bush could be meeting
11:56 pm
former secretary of state hillary clinton as two dynasties collide? does that thrill or concern you? >> well, i think jeb has a much better chance than hillary. i think that hillary will find the problem that we opened up with, will be spoken about and attacked and addressed over the next few months. i think at some point the democrats are going to throw up their hands and say we can't have such a tainted candidate. lou: all of the questions about their foundation. is it possible that clinton is getting hit too early in this campaign, is there time for seeking forgiveness and seeking redemption, and return to the campaign trail with greater vigor. >> that might have some validity if this was all her problem.
11:57 pm
lou: turn if we may to what is happening right now with the iranian nuclear deal, we are told that administration continues to tell us, they are close to a deal. the senate seems to be get more agitated listening to senator john barrassa. they want serious restraints on this -- how do you think that will go? >> i think that senate is getting more concerned that hearing some rumors that language is extremely soft in what they are putting together. i think that key individuals in deciding whether this thing gets slid through or not are some of the democratic senators particularly senator schumer . i think most of the senators are now beginning to pay attention to details. they are getting concerned because, they really don't like what they're seeing,
11:58 pm
they are seeing this president give the store away. lou: and the events in garland, texas. two terrorists, shot dead as they tried to i did send to a -- i did disend on a free speech event. you are surprised this. >> i think we should all be concerned about terrorism and freelancing terrorism even if it is not connected to isis. i sawa line a message, that is that in united states we shoot back. lou: don't you love it, god bless america. into sununu good to have you
11:59 pm
with us. >> thank you lou take care. lou: looking at our on-line poll results do you believe a special prosecutor should be named to try the six baltimore police officers, 88% of you said yes. >> time for a few of your comments. i'm waiting for bill clinton to say how do you define foreign and donation? debbie wrote is there any chance of a fair proceeding, the baltimore prosecute cher recuse herself. and the defendants should be granted a change of venue. baltimore mayor proclaimed that they had taken back their city, i would ask why
12:00 am
she surrendered it in the first place? that one is my favorite. and take a second to like the fstarts now. jamie: a cowboy inherits a baron patch of prairie. >> it is not big enough. >> beneath the soil he finds prehistoric treasure. >> this is one of the most important discoveries of this century. >> this is a job -- will this cow poke's "strange inheritance" lead him to a boom or bust? >> lightning does not strike in the same place very often maybe never


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