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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  May 5, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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melissa: that's right lori rothman, thanks so much. for the first time isis claiming responsibility for a strike here at home. the attack occurred at a muhammad cartoon event. now isis is threatening there is more to come. "clinton cash," the tell-all book raising concerns about donations to the clinton foundation while hillary was secretary of state. it hits the shelves today. her team is fighting back. panera's problem his of healthier options. 150 ingredients off the menu. good health or just good marketing is? secrets a business that boasts about helping married people cheat, has big plans to go public even when they say it's not, it is always about melissa: crude awakens. oil rising above $60 a barrel are to the first time this year, hitting a five-month high.
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let's go to energy trader phil flynn at cme. he is also a fox business contributor. phil this is significant right? >> it is very significant. what it is sending a message to bearish traders that oil prices can go down and they can go up. people have to realize, we significant change in the fundamentals when prices crash. billions of dollars of capital spending cuts, rig count cuts. and now, u.s. production falling. and that is one of the reasons we're really seeing this market turn around. melissa: a lot has to do with libya as well? >> i think libya is definitely the factor propelling us higher but there are other factors behind it as well. that data we saw out of europe earlier this morning about how strong their economy is if you remember, melissa when oil prices were crashing one of the reasons was that european oil demand was nonexistent. that is really going to bounce back in a big way. that takes away one of the big bearish arguments we've seen. on top of that we do have an
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increase with geopolitical risk. we got a report out of saudi arabia they're cutting prices for u.s. buyers excuse me, raising prices. that is the first time they have done that for a while. melissa: what does it mean for prices at pump? because that is what people care about this time of the year. >> the bad news that prices at pump will definitely go up a couple of pennies. the good news, the price sensitivity of gasoline to oil is at the lowest level in probably 10 years. in fact if you look at the month of april, crude oil prices were up 25%. generally with a move like that you would see gasoline go up 75% of that. they have only gone up four cents. even though they will go higher it will not go as high as the price of crude is going, phil flynn, thank you very much. the response to "clinton cash," the tell-all book is hitting stores and hillary clinton campaign is fighting back. fox business's blake best of your memory man has the latest. how are they fighting back now. >> they are indeed, melissa. hillary clinton's released a highly produced 2 1/2 minute
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video before most bookstores even opened their doors this morning. that video directly addressed the book "clinton cash" and author peter schweizer who detailed inflow of money to bill clinton and clinton foundation while hillary clinton was secretary of state. the video was narrated by clinton's press secretary brian fallon, that the book has farfetched and crazy conspiracy theories and written by a friend of the koch brother. >> the book is being debunked far and wide, full of sloppy research and attacks pulled out of thin air with no actual evidence. it is missing the most important thing of all, facts. >> that is some of the video. clinton's website was ready for the release of "clinton cash." it had a full-page, 10-point fact check. now clinton has yet to personally address the allegations in the book. it is possible she could today at some point during a campaign stop in nevada. yesterday, bill clinton, defended the foundation telling nbc news it had done nothing, quote, knowingly inappropriate. there are also questions about
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hillary clinton's potential testimony on capitol hill coming up involving benghazi and her private email server. her attorney wrote to congressman trey gowdy yesterday, head of house select committee on benghazi that clinton would be available to testify at length, but only would do so once, as early as may 18th. the committee has yet to respond. a gowdy spokesperson told us today there was no update as of that point. melissa. melissa: all right, the response video and background music, odd. blake, thank you so much. warren buffett is betting on hillary clinton. the oracle of omaha speaking out on the 2016 race to our very own liz claman? >> i think she is most likely person to be president of the united states, elected in 2016. and i'm going to vote for her. melissa: hmmm. former secretary of state taking a hit in the polls though. still holding an edge over her potential gop rivals. this is according to the "wall street journal" here now is tony sayegh from jamestown associates and fox news contributor. simon constable from the
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"wall street journal." rich lowery from the "national review." he is also a fox news contributor. rich, let me start with you, why is warren buffett loving hillary clinton right now? >> basically a democrat. i hope that is not really his reason for voting for her. he thinks she is going to win. actually it has been looking, hasn't been looking so great lately for her. we've seen a big erosion in the polls. some of which is inevitable when she stopped as secretary of state but some which is clearly driven by this awful narrative on emails and cash. melissa: i want to challenge you on that. simon, i think it is because he thinks she is going to win. i'm not sure he is necessarily devout democrat as he wants to back the winner. >> i think he wants to back the winner. i'm not saying if this happens, if there will be a quid pro quo if she wins. melissa: like what? what does warren buffett need from anybody. >> he likes to make money. he likes to have businesses that have little competition, very secure market space. maybe he is railroads don't need competition from a pipeline for
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example. melissa: tony, what you do think about that? also the fact that yesterday he is saying that he is finally admitting that he understands that raising the minimum wage is going to cost jobs. he said he will write something about that soon. that is change of tune from what he is saying in the public. >> can you file that warren buffett too rich to care. he doesn't care about higher taxes on businesses and average people. he doesn't have to pay them. knows how to avoid them. doesn't care about raising minimum wage. doesn't hurt his business. rich's point warren buffett benefited in outsized way from obama policies. see clinton as natural extension of policies. simon is right, keystone one of the things many people believe he got in return supporting president obama to support his railroad invests of the that being said look at this poll, melissa. this is super important. important for viewers to understand. you don't look head-to-head numbers about hillary against republicans early on. you look other indicators like her favorability which is going down. like the trustworthy and honesty
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question which she is around 35%. is hillary clinton going to be able to win when american people don't trust her around don't like her? that is a big many pro, the fact she is not thought of honest and straightforward, nobody cares. we don't expect our politicians to be honest and straightforward. i take point on negative numbers have jumped. 42% from 30 sick. that was just last month. that is big problem for for people who hate her. >> the last seven weeks are really bad. numbers on independents. her favorables in the independents are among the 30s. that is not a place they want to be. they're rebutting book with website and video. i think it is too late. i think narrative is already set for most people this was gross money-grubbing conduct. melissa: simon, do you agree with that? the video was ridiculous. what was the background music? so hokey. didn't respond. have all-out assault on your credibility and honesty an money
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you have this guy in the background? >> truly false, why didn't they sue. why don't they sue for liable? this is spin. if it was truly false they would sue. melissa: thanks guys. isis claiming responsibility for the attack outside of a texas art show. the tear griffith group is offering no proof but warns that future attacks on the u.s. will be worse. fox news's jonathan hunt is in garland texas with the latest. what do we know about the isis claim? >> melissa, that isis claim came via its radio station al-bayan. in the message on that station they said, that the attack was carried out by two, as they put it quote, soldiers of the caliphate. now officials are looking into that claim and basically there are two options here. one of course it is true, they did direct the two shooters, elton simpson and nadir sufi. the other may well be it is
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opportunistic claim to take responsibility for something that happened which they had nothing to do. they hoped by claiming responsibility they strike further fear into the hearts of america. officials are pouring through the details of that message. they're already pouring over the social media accounts of the two shooters, simpson and sufi. they have, as you. the apartment they shared in phoenix, arizona. at the moment we're hearing via the white house it is too early to say whether isis was directly connected to this attack. mess lissa. melissa: we heard from simpson's family, right? what did they say? >> elton simpson's family through the put out a statement through their attorney. they expressed sympathy for victims of attack. the statement went on to say, i'm quoting here, we just sorry
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lost where i was there. the statement said we are sure many people in this country are curious to know if we had any elton's plans. with that we say without question, we did not. the search of that mean nix apartment -- phoenix apartment went on 24 hours. a lost items seized from it and two vehicles there. the two suspects attended the same islamic community center and those who knew them there said they too were surprised at what took place here in garland, texas. listen here. >> shocking because he was he had a nice positive demeanor and he was very polite and always had a smile on his face. now, what took him from that person to what happened, i don't know. >> worth pointing out melissa, if isis is indeed claiming responsibility for this attack
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they are claiming responsibility for an attack which was ultimately an almost complete failure. melissa? melissa: jonathan thanks so much. panera pats itself on the back for removing artificial ingredients but the move may be more about marketing than improving the food. plus new evidence of a gene linked to obesity. why you may have to work harder at the gym to see the same results. that's not fair! more "money" coming up. ♪
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nadir soofi.
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melissa: pa nair are is caving to public pressure to clean you up its menus. critics say it is more of a pr stunt than a boost to food quality. tony and rich are back. what is on the no, no list. >> 150 ingredients. it is huge. goes on and on. among the no-nos.
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some fat substitute. propel lien glycol is ingredient in deodorant and cigarettes. you hear where they're coming from with panera bread. melissa: they only had 460 ingredients. >> can't taste any much better right? melissa: i don't know. what do you think, tony? is this a pr move? is it the pc police? >> there is actually a legal and federal law reason to think about this. michelle obama obama and others gotten as chain restaurant have to list calorie intake. 1500 calories for soup bowl and bread and they don't want it, right? reality if you look at data out of groups like teutonic, which is food research group. 48% of americans say they want healthier options but only 23% order healthier options. if they follow the research, they find the market is leading them down the road. melissa: rich, seems we're
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throwing everything out of the window. i understand looking at antibiotics in chicken and we're becoming immune to antibiotics that they're not working any longer. seedless watermelon. that is gmo. got rid of seeds. not spitting them out. chuck it all out. >> so inconvenient to spit out the seeds? melissa: yeah, i'm a lady. >> 150 of their ingredients out of 400, if they had been bad for you everyone was dropping dead as soon as they left the place. you're absolutely right, some of it dies, get rid of it. some has fancy and scary looking names. it is pr thing. gmo, chipolte has done completely bogus. no evidence of that is harmful to anyone. melissa: if they pay the price down the road if the cheese looks a little off, colors of things change because they don't have chemicals in there, it doesn't last as long lori, from a business perspective there could be a real cost to this down the road. >> absolutely. their overhead is going to get
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higher pause the food will not last as long. that is the point of putting preservatives in food. melissa: yeah. >> they will probably have to go through more and more purchases of their inputs. >> if they don't want to impact taste, it will take time. took dunkin' donuts four years to make doughnuts without trans fats without negatively impacting consumer experience win is enjoying a sugary doughnut when you order it. it is not an overnight thing either. the market could like consumers did with mcdonald's negatively react. >> completely right. very easy for people to say on surveys we want healthy options but to actually order it and eat it. melissa: totally. thanks guys. a few stories on our radar. mike huckabee is running for president. the former governor launched the second bid for the white house from his hometown in arkansas. huckabee wants to fix the country's debt and restore it is leadership in the world. megyn kelly will have governor huckabee's first and only television interview today. tonight on fox news tonight at
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9:00 p.m. eastern time. france and saudi arabia weighing in on the nuclear deal. they say any agreement with iran must be quote, robust verifiable and no threat to it is neighbors. more and more countries are coming out with their concerns, saying iran deal could destablize the region. the boston marathon bomber was reduced to tears after his relatives took the stand. dzhokhar tsarnaev was seen fidgeting and wiping his eyes. the jury is listening to arguments when whether he rediff the -- deserves the death penalty or life in jail. china's new all robot factory. a dating website for cheating spouses. ceo of ashley madison is hoping london will be more receptive. he will speak out for the first time on the new ipo announcement. do you ever have too much money? ♪
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melissa: from the u.s. to every corner of the globe money is flying around the world today, starting in somalia where john kerry has become the first secretary of state to ever make a visit. really? he was greeted by officials who said his surprise arrival was a great moment for the nation. kerry held a series of high-level meetings but never actually left the airport. his visit was to show solidarity with the government in their fight against al shabab militants. over to china where they're building a all-robot manufacturing plant. it is a electronics factory. managers plan to introduce a thousand droids. this will end up reducing the workforce by 90%. watch out. one government bureau says thousands of other factories have plans to replace humans with machines by next year. we should not be surprised by
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that. landing in russia where the olympic city of sochi is hosting a test tube festival. it's a two-day event that lets people show off their body ink as they should. tattoo artists go to practice their technique to drum up new business. there you go. tune in tonight for back-to-back episodes of "strange inheritance." new tonight, it is shark teeth week. in the first episode jamie colby meet as woman who inherit as nearly bankrupt animal sanctuary. teaming with lions tigers and bears, oh my. i had to do that right. starting 9:00 p.m. eastern on fox business. eat well and exercising regularly but not seeing results? genetics may be to blame. some people may carry obesity gene. they could be more susceptible to gaining weight despite routine fiscal activity. we have a doctor here.
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people are going i knew it. i am doing everything right and i'm gaining weight instead of losing it. this is amazing. they took people that have genes of high-risk of obesity, put them on the same workout regime of other women without the gene the women cut the gene gained 2.6 pounds. the women without it lost 3.6 pounds. on the same workout. that is not fair. >> on same parameters are slightly un-- how much they ate. they tried to keep track of that. the degree of exercise high-intensity exercises weights quite intensively three times a week for a whole year. and the women in the high-risk obesity group certainly did gain that weight. they gained weight and lower obesity risk group actually lost
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weight. melissa: were they gaining weight because they gained muscle mass? >> no they gained measurements of their fat distribution. the fat distribution in the high-risk group actually didn't change much but the low risk group, right the people who are losing weight easily they actually lost nearly three pounds in body fat. melissa: could be that the people with the certain genetic makeup or whatever it was, that gives them a tendency to eat more. maybe unrelated to exercise? >> it could be. i mean, like i said, they kept some sort of track what they were eating, not as strict as the exercise regimen but it is true that exercise can affect the hyper thalmus, that is one of the suggestions that exercise impacts hormones. melissa: exercise makes certain people hungrier. that is not good. >> they with low risk exercise less. melissa: i say that exercise makes me hungrier. i have to ask you about, sleep
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walk something also hereditariry. we're talking about what is hereditary today. >> right. melissa: this was study in "jama". 50% of the kids who sleep walk their parents were sleep walkers. >> yes. there has been previous research in sleep walking. they thought it might have a dominant gene defect. none of that prove right. the topics we're talking about today the gene variations are small variations. there is not like a whole chromosome that is abnormal a whole gene that is abnormal. this is variation of snips. melissa: yeah. >> there is a collection and normal variation in a population. melissa: this is interesting because if both parents are sleep walkers they found the kids likely to do it too. zooms logical that it is likely nature not nuture. thanks so much. i love it. two dudes talking retirement. president obama joking with david letterman for one last time. wait until you hear their plans for the future. plus your baggage their
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>> the force is strong with this one. disney better than expected earnings report. jonathan hoenig. he's also a fox news contributor. nicole petallides is joining us from the floor of the new york stock exchange. boy, nicole, they have proven they know the formula. from "frozen" to the avengers. they have it. >> that's right. disney is a big company with so many different avenues.
2:31 pm
>> that they're doing well. that's why you see the stock rocking it. >> look at the last six years. fifteen dollars a share to $113 a share. for exactly the reason nicole elaborated on. cable consumer. "frozen" which has been a huge moneymaker. i would avoid the stock. the outperformance we talked about it. the other is the strong us dollar. that will put a crimp in the large cap stocks like mcdonald's coke and disney. >> i guess. it's hard to agree with you on that one.
2:32 pm
provider. this is a big change. >> they have more than 22 million high-speed internet customers. this is groundbreaking. this is technological evolution. it is pretty amazing. nobody can live without the internet anymore. it is just a way of the future. melissa: we are a hybrid family and my house. we have real television and streaming television at the same time. >> we don't see any black or white. technology changes the way we
2:33 pm
get this information. what are the brands. what is the programming. compelling brands. compelling programs. >> i asked my children to play board games. let's play sorry. it is a big deal. melissa: airlines earning more and more from baggage and reservation fees. three and a half billion dollars last year alone. only 63% from fairs. the rest from our cart options. as stockholders looking at the business this is clever. >> it has been clever.
2:34 pm
it has helped the stocks tremendously. a big component for airlines. the specs have been great. consumers have been quite frustrated. go back and look at 1977. airline travel is still adjusted for inflation cheaper then it was. it may feel like it is more expensive, but still it is still rather cheap. melissa: change fees of 6%. melissa: baggage fees. reservation change these. overall, if he does bring a toothbrush -- do not ask for a drink. you can probably get to where you want to get. melissa: just walk with
2:35 pm
everything. like you said, toothbrush in your pocket. unleashing a prize guacamole recipe. two avocados, to two spoons of lime juice onion kosher salt. what in god's name is so special about that? >> that is groundbreaking. already called to get these ingredients. there is nothing revolutionary about this. >> jonathan, if you go to that is basically what is on there for guacamole. there is absolutely nothing special about this. >> this is a reaction to the whole pink slime outrage.
2:36 pm
i do not know what is in this. i do not trust it. transparency. this is simple. this is natural. this is good for you. people lining up to pay extra just for guacamole. >> i remember reading some articles about the price. >> you do. i do not. crude oil is up on the day. $60.40 a barrel. oil breaking the $60 a barrel barrier for the first time in months. dragging the market down near session lows. down 114 points right now. selling shares. failing to go public in canada.
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betting on a better reception in london this time. plus it is a dream come true for one american hero. from the battlefield to the football field. seattle's newest rookie. at the end of the day it is all about money. ♪ do you want to know how hard it can be to breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema.
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♪ melissa: i am melissa francis with your fox business brief. the stock market lost a trillion dollars within minutes. many still question whether risky trades are going unsupervised. members face drilling today by senate subcommittee. shares of touching a record low today. that is a head of a big earnings report on thursday. experiencing a slowdown in growth. it has also spent a lot of money fighting counterfeit goods. mainly because of a surge in imports of consumer goods. the largest deficit since october 2008. that is the latest from the fox business network. giving you the power to prosper. ♪
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♪ melissa: where there is smoke there is fire. just check out the official website. a los angeles rams page. it has since pulled down. that is not stopping the talk of the team moving back to l.a.
2:42 pm
mike is with us now. thank you so much for joining us. was it a sneak peak or a snafu? >> i really do not think snafu is the right word. their story checked out. their "legacy" page was up. current information but with the boston patriots as the url. again, their story checks out on that one. it is obviously a business possibility. this has all been in the works. so many levels. the high levels of the nfl offices. i find this kind of funny that people think -- i do find it funny. melissa: stranger things have happened. we have seen earnings leaked
2:43 pm
online that way. just minutes after the final pick. the seattle seahawks. 34-year-old former green beret that served 32 words and iraq and afghanistan. here's what he told fox and friends this morning about the opportunity to try out for the team. >> it was right after the last pick of the draft. they be a minute later i picked up and it is him. we would like to invite you out here and we cannot wait to see you compete. it was unbelievable. the fact that it was realized is pretty unbelievable. >> it is unbelievable. it is really touching. if he makes the team, he will be the oldest player on the team. he is only 34 years old.
2:44 pm
>> i am not going to bet against this guy. i will not vote against any member of our military. these guys have been in the real trenches. these guys understand what it is really like. what is working against him is his age and his size. these will be the obstacles to make the roster. it is a lot easier to be on a team. a long way to work here. especially since the seahawks have made it previously. he will inspire some people along the way. it will be a fascinating story this summer. melissa: it is. having someone like this who is really serious who has their head on their shoulders it
2:45 pm
could be what he contributes to the locker room. >> they love that competitive nature in seattle. >> thank you so much. loved having you on the show. the dating website. it is for people that are already married. the parents are hoping that london will be more receptive. i am joined by noel, the ceo of ashley madison and its parent company. >> i think everyone is curious. melissa: a rowdy bunch. >> they are curious what the business is. melissa: you try to do this in canada. we are looking at a merger.
2:46 pm
seven years later. the second biggest dating service in the world. >> it is based on people cheating. >> i use the phrase married dating. melissa: married dating. you both sound very savory. what is your plan? the darker side of dating. melissa: listen, we are looking at the darker side. these are the bigger marketplaces. melissa: i am a libertarian. i celebrate anyone's right to what they want to do. what is a the plan for the $200 million? >> think about it. not everybody wants to work for it.
2:47 pm
there could be some acquisitions to be done around the globe that could further accelerate our growth. i think that it would be a great endorsement of the company. retail investors having access to the business. melissa: you are married; right? >> happily married. melissa: you are not wearing a ring. >> a football injury. my wife knows. melissa: as a married man how do you run a website? life is short have an affair. >> we could take warren buffett. he invested in things like coca-cola. anybody would know. there is direct coalition. a massive demand.
2:48 pm
any brand that has gone through the world we will address the market place. people have affairs. melissa: you make money by charging men. >> we are in the communication business. our biggest competitor is the workplace. >> i have not been to your site. do you have to be married? >> you have to be married. 80% of the communication does happen between two married people. >> i can tell you are ready for your roadshow. more than 600 episodes and counting. the simpsons well on its way of breaking records. macy's opening stores dedicated to discount it goods. we can never have too much money.
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♪ ♪ better shop around ♪ ♪
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♪ can see we are really trading off right now. you can see that dow jones industrial trading down 156 points on the session and heading lower. take a look at oil right there. that is -- that is a high for the year so far. whether it is on way of wall street or main street, here is who is making money or losing money today. including pacquaio.
2:53 pm
he had a significant tear before his big fight with floyd mayweather. estimates put his earnings at $180 million. he made more than $83,000 per second of the five. insane. also making money -- the simpsons has been renewed for another season. that is just 10 less than gunsmoke which holds the record. bart totally worldbeat them. one day at least. macy's is opening four new stores all macy's backstage. they are just for clearance of goods. 80% off the original price. we are headed into the last hour of trading. let's check in with liz claman. what do you have coming up? liz: they love you out fox
2:54 pm
business. we are watching the selloff on this tuesday. why the jitters? we may have a reason. what it may indicate about growth in the first quarter. we have dow component cisco. just kind of wavering around. our investors worried about the future of the networking cloud giant now that 20 years ceo is moving? we've got him and we will ask him. what about broadband. you know that we all want it faster. would it surprise you that when you step on a united flight that that airline may not even own the plane? we have the guy that probably does own the planes. he will tell you which airlines that may
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the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. after all, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned... every day... using wellness to keep away illness... and believing that a single life can be made better by millions of others. healthier takes somebody who can power modern health care... by connecting every single part of it. for as the world keeps on searching for healthier... we're here to make healthier happen. optum. healthier is here.
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♪ >> boy, i hope you like steak with your cranberries and stuffing. the largest outbreak of bird flu could hit thanksgiving tables across the country. more than 21 million birds have been killed by the disease. no sign of an end, farmers warn they're running out of time to raise enough turkeys for
2:59 pm
thanksgiving. one last visit to david letterman president obama stopping by the late show and reviewing the duo's plan for retirement. >> what will you do when you're not president? >> well i was thinking you and me can play some dominoes together. >> dominoes. president obama: we can go to the local starbucks. you know, swap stories. melissa: that sounds about right. i mean, letterman's ratings are building into the close here. president obama's approval less though. >> yeah. they're perfect together in the respect they checked out from their jobs. melissa: oh, come on. letterman is still in it. what are you talking about? >> slowly, but surely, he'll be checking out. barack obama picked starbucks all the time. melissa: we're getting breaking news that sales force has been halted on reports that microsoft may make a bid for the company.
3:00 pm halted. you can see the price of the stock. this is on news about microsoft. liz claman. nobody better to take over this hour as this story is breaking. liz, take it away. >> we're getting nicole petallides on the floor. halted. it was halted last week. right now it was halted up merely 6%. what's going on with that company? whether you're a fan of descrerngzdescrerngz oravengers. or you love star wars. disney seems unstoppable. hitting another all-time high. if you googled a movie review recently, how did you do it? google reached an important milestone. it shows how far technology has come. we're looking at that. a changing of the guard at cisco. john chambers. why he's stepping down and how cisco plans to change the face and the


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