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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  May 5, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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your home. that's it for tonight's willis report. "making money" with charles payne is next. we'll see you back here tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> good evening, everybody. i'm tom sullivan in for charles payne. you're watching "making money." we have some new records on wall street. disney and netflix went to all-time highs. the race to 2016, what candidates are the most popular? we have the new poll information on who the frontrunner is for the g.o.p. plus, just how likable is hillary clinton? that's not a trick question. we're really going to ask that question. looking to buy a new home? that may be the easy part. gerri willis will join us later on why finding a mortgage could hold up your move. all that and more. let's meet our investment pros. joining us is steve
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cortes. bgc partners trader and senior strategist. scottie nell hughes tpnn news director. hilary kramer a&g. and matt mccaul founder of penn financials group. let's dig into the first real, real deal. and, boy, it's a big, big gains today on big names that we all love. new highs despite today's red arrows in the market. disney went up after huge beats on both earnings and revenue. and netflix, they're fighting against a merger it says threatens every single online video distributor. matt, you're a big fan of both of these. so market down today. these stocks up. >> yeah. that's always a good sign. disney closed down just a few pennies. it hit an all-time high intrad. if the market wasn't down, it would be up. it's about content. between movies and all the different theme
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parks and stuff that they have. they have that. that's not going away. netflix, same thing. a lot of original content. at the same time. plus, they tackled the millennials. both companies are positioned very well. they may be ahead of themselves a bit right now. a lot of times, buy the rumors. i think you want to be positioned in both of these. we own disney. we'll hold for the long-term. both these stocks, the differential that's going on in the market. the stocks remain strong. >> hilary, i was going through the numbers. it looked like one of the areas they made great revenue boost were on their media properties, which i presume was abc and espn. and those are the ones that in the past have always been kind of the stepchildren. hilary: that's right. but i think with disney, it's that it was so well across-the-board. and the consumer products. the licensing of "frozen." the consumer products are at $362 million of revenue. then new areas of digital. new game in the mobile digital area as well. it was interesting. even the crude line
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division of disney did well. it was interesting. contrast disney to netflix. and netflix though, it's not about that. netflix is all about content. content. content. the report came out. netflix hit a new 52-week high. international subscribers could reach 60 million people by 2017 and over 100 million after that. so i think that's really what the strength is. it's about that subscriber -- the subscribers wanting content. >> steve, we're all-time highs. a little lofty. >> a little lofty. there was a river of red on the whole. are there good stories? there always are. hilary, when you mentioned the disney cruise. i need to say as a disclaimer. i respect disney as a stock and company, i took the disney cruise. it was hell on the waters. holy cow. everyone got neurovirus. it was horrific.
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i won't go into the details. listen, while i respect disney, that's a singular story. because of espn which might have been the stepchild. it's now the golden boy. if you're not investing in disney, if you've been a consumer investor, you had a terrible day. terrible april. housing hit a three-month low. retailers are struggling dramatically. are there stories like disney? is the consumer doing well? no. matt: these retailers are pulling back from all-time highs. six, 7%. you can't hit them to hit a high every day. the fact they're pulling back a little bit -- >> they're not pulling back a little bit. they're pulling back a lot. matt: it's not a lot. >> i think the excitement for "frozen" will be shy of what we'll see for star wars. yesterday you couldn't go anywhere. may the fourth be with you. the new star wars comes out december. the best buzz for any movie. "avengers" came out. did a great job. there's a lot of great
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publicity going on right now for disney and their products. tom: yes. and "frozen" i know that will be another round of hits. i'm amazed at star wars. i find that interesting. >> i'm not a dork. if i saw one more may the fourth be with you or some sort of star wars reference on social media, i was going to lose my lunch personally. >> like you're on a disney cruise. [laughter] >> for four days on the water. tom: we have the gdp numbers a couple days ago. up two-tenths of 1%. the economy isn't growing. middle income is not income. it's shrinking. how will people continue to be able to buy netflix and go to the disney parks and everything else? >> the answer is they won't be able to. listen, i think, again, there are great stories. i'm not all negative. i think this is a time to be cautious. consumer confidence was horrific. the stock performance of anything retail oriented. housing retailers.
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all that tells me that the consumer right now is challenged. and particularly the middle income consumer. they haven't benefited from stocks. matt: the fact is that wages are starting to pick up. take out last month's job report. >> why? matt: it's one. let's see how it comes off on friday. one off in my opinion. >> i see the numbers. i have to tell you, i think the quality of income is still poor. the quality of jobs is still poor. >> the consumer is actually still spending. tom: but that can't go on forever. if you have poor quality jobs. hilary: i think in this economy and the way we're set up and the way that there's so many people on different -- different kind of consulting and -- tom: the rich people are still supporting -- >> so here's the thing that's so interesting. you have earnings after the bell. potbelly did well. up 3%. and then you have
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noodle&co. poor earnings. they're making decided strategic moves. another one. avon today down 11%. (?) >> let me bring in the next real, real deal. it ties into something we all buy. not necessarily avon. it's oil and gasoline and so goes oil, so goes gas. oil hitting the highest level in five months. we're now above the 60-dollar mark. there you go for the first time since december. and if gas prices are following, this has been the area, steve, where they say this is the big trillion dollar bonus. it really has been. now what? steve: now i think it's dissipating. and i think the gains of gasoline were ambiguous as a whole. gasoline and oil jobs mean so much to the united states. it was ambivalent. regardless, i love this sector. i'm not all negative. this is a sector i love. oil hit highs. as did gasoline.
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brent crude did as well. it was a sector left for dead. a lot of times when they're crying, i'm buying. there was a lot of crying in texas and in north dakota. i think it's time to buy the energy american renaissance. >> we're much cheaper than we were a year ago. we are still a buck a gallon lower. >> today was the most expensive day. it's still pretty lower than a year ago. we all knew we wouldn't live in this bubble with gas prices staying low. we knew they would go higher. what did we do to prepare for that? it's obviously showing we didn't spend the money. hopefully that meant we saved the money. tom: that's one of the questions. where did that dividend go? matt: savings have gone up. look at the numbers. savings have gone up for individuals. that's a good sign. i disagree. we spent a lot more than we did last year. we're saving and spending. there's more jobs going out. more money coming in.
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steve has been on oil. charles have been on oil. 40% off the oil. i don't think we get back to $100 a barrel any time soon. probably see a trading range. the oil stocks have upside potential. you can still make money with the oil stock. >> the consumer was very selective. in this, you're not selective. you have to fill the car up. you have to heat or cool your home. >> that's right. that's why there are some specific companies that will do well in energy. generally, i'm not touching the energy complex right now. so many of these companies, even stellar companies like chevron have gone out there and borrowed so much money to pay a dividend and buy back stock. what happens when rates start to rise and the balance sheet looks way too leveraged. matt: they're borrowing very low. i think it's a great move to borrow money low. now while you can. nice move. a lot of companies have been doing well because of that. tom: we'll see how far this goes. another restaurant jumping on the all
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natural bandwagon. is this the non-gmo movement? the wave of the future or just another trend? and will it hit the change bottom line. we'll debate that next. ♪
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>> panera breads new menu. simple healthy, but is it tasty? that's still to be determined. ron has decided the food chain will remove dozens of artificial ingredients from its menu. over 150 artificial sweeteners and colors and flavors will be banned by the end of next year. they already use chicken raised without the use of antibiotics. other companies, they're on this same bandwidth. chipotle.
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kraft. nestle all started doing the same thing. hilary, is this some move to try to get the millennials in the door? or is this some kind of consumer pushback they're getting? why are they doing this? >> because mothers today require that their children are eating foods that do not have these artificial ingredients. i mean, it's just something that's being demanded. and it's a grassroots social media movement. and it's become really essential. we'll eventually see mcdonald's head toward this. mcdonald's has already been improving the chicken in their chicken mcnuggets. it will be real chicken. it's kind of ironic. at the same time we're trying so hard to reduce artificial ingredients from panera, we're using let's say deodorants that have carcinogens in
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them. it's all kind of ironic in a way. matt: this is a big pr stunt. i go to panera from time to time. mine has 700 calories. twice as much sodium. twice as many carbs. same amount of fat as a big mac. >> i want to go back to mcdonald's. >> this is the thing. go into chipotle. they talk about how we have this healthy stuff. if you get just the bear bare stuff, but everyone wants sour cream and everything else. >> i'll be honest. i feel cheated. i paid the higher prices for a peanut butter jelly sandwich thinking i was getting all natural. now this study comes out. every single major headline. wait a minute that wasn't all natural peanut butter. that wasn't worth the additional $5. it might backfire. >> you grew up on all these artificial whatever's. >> look where it got me. (?) >> i have no idea. publicity stunt. which worked. we're talking about it right now. that's probably smart. panera seems to me
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creates an ambiance that's very impressive. pleasant employees. so i think the experience is important there. i will tell you this about restaurants in general. food costs wholesale food costs have been plummeting. that's terrible news for farmers in the midwest. corn, soybeans. those lower costs are great for margins of food processors and food retailers. >> one thing about panera bread, they're community friendly. they donate all the food they don't use to homeless shelters. >> that's the thing. social media made a big change in that. the word media makes a big difference. now to our last real, real deal. you may no longer be able to try on clothes at your favorite store. oh, darn. major us retailers are closing more than 6,000 stores in the coming years. this year alone,
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abercrombie & fitch plans to close 180 stores. seventy-five for arrow. seventy for coach. forty for jcpenney. and 14 for macy's. macy's is opening this new plan that they have. their four new discount stores. their off-price stores. macy's backstage. they will start by opening up some stores, new york, this fall and then spread it out across the country after that. scottie, off-priced macy's stores. are they trying to do nordstrom's rack? >> i think that's what it is. it's helping to move some of the stuff they weren't able to sell instead of sitting in back of a storage closet somewhere. they're seeing what nordstrom's rack is doing. they're seeing we have bargain hunters today. they'll have to keep up the same kind of quality customer service you get from the macy's brand and keep the stores clean and organized. that may be more difficult. i'm upset they're starting these in new
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york. you need to go into the middle america if you want the bargain hunters. expand. >> i get that. i think they're really well-managed. i think they want their top management here in new york to be able to kind of roll this out where they can see it. i think macy's is a terrifically well-run company. they're talking about massive new investment in digital. online shopping. >> right. that's why we're also seeing all these stores closing across-the-board at all the major retailers. because it is without digital. that's right. macy's had a restructuring and put $170 million into being digital. i think what we'll see is that what stores will represent, there will be a showroom. almost back to the old sears roebuck. it was a showroom. order from the catalog. in this case it's the showroom. it's the flagship. you have to have these stores. but then people order online. >> i'm going to throw you a curve. simon malls have had the
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stories about some of the malls in america aren't getting the traffic they were before. will this hurt the mall owners? matt: you have to differentiate the high-end malls and low-end. the malls that we used to hang out with our friends, they're gone. the fresh air malls have been doing well. skc, out door out let malls. that works. the change in demographics. the companies you mentioned that are closing. they're struggling. they're closing for a reason. these other companies are doing well. nordstrom rack is a boom. their online presence is the best. macy's is moving in the right direction. i love the way they're moving. >> .005% of the 3.2 million that we have in retail. >> the question is where it will be. when it comes to investing, which is better in the male brefd zero and risk taking or the calculated moves a
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woman making? that's a big assumption. perhaps it's the best of both worlds will yield you the best money. we'll debate this next. ♪
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just because i'm away from my desk
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doesn't mean i'm not working. comcast business understands that. their wifi isn't just fast near the router. it's fast in the break room. fast in the conference room. fast in tom's office. fast in other tom's office. fast in the foyer [pronounced foy-yer] or is it foyer [pronounced foy-yay]? fast in the hallway. i feel like i've been here before. switch now and get the fastest wifi everywhere. comcast business. built for business. ♪ tom: nothing like the gender wars to stir things up. who are better investors? men or women? studies show that definitely we have different styles. men are generally more competent and do it yourself investors who tend to trade more, while women, they are more cautious generally. more likely to get professional advice. and tend to trade less. in addition more women participate in company retirement plans, and they tend to save
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slightly more than men. so, hilary, don't tell me women are better than men at this. hillary: women are better than men. >> that's what i thought you would say. >> and i think at all levels. any woman next to a man who decides i'll make an investment and growing a portfolio tends to do better. the reason is that men's egos get in the way. women, we're ready to multi task. we're multi dimensional. we can use our mind and do reality checks. do we want to invest in macy's? macy's merchandising makes sense? we think through in those days in that realistic way. (?) and women also are more conservative. you know, we don't go for the big betting. even if you go to las vegas or atlantic city, you'll see men are at those tables. those are the high rollers. matt: i do agree.
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in general, it's a much different investment style. men want instant gratification. they want that quick bic. thbuck. the returns are almost the same. tom: we did girl, boy. girl. >> if you're someone that likes to take a lot of risk, go with the man. if you want a long and steady, go with the woman. i prefer a man because i'm that passion -- i want to see a quick return. my husband on the other hand, he went for a woman, long-term. >> i was in the retail investment business for 32 years. i never could tell which one it would be. but every couple i ever met, one was interested in investing and one wasn't. and you never knew before they sat down. >> no. fascinating. scottie, i'm with you. i'm with all of you. long-term, in general. gosh are we being in general. women are more disciplined.
6:26 pm
it yields long-term returns that are better. if you want big hits, look at hedge funds. there's not a significant hedge fund titan out there. if you want out sized returns. probably men are better. for the long haul, women are better. matt: i'll probably get in trouble. when you're doing well for them, they want to meet your nieces and daughters. when you're not doing well, they will write you off quickly. they're very emotional. >> you're either a hero or a bum. matt: but the women take it personally. >> i will say this, from our standpoint, if everything is going great, my husband -- he knows if i walk in, something is wrong. men would rather deal with amen one-on-one. with the females, you may need -- >> there's an ad on television that shows a couple walking in to get a bank loan. the woman has her credit score. kicks her heels up on the desk. very bold.
6:27 pm
>> exactly. tom: i'm not so sure. i don't think there's a difference upon genders. it depends upon the person. it really does. i see you scottie as someone who is in charge of your investments. >> i have been. prior to this, i'm a southern girl. we like to trust our husbands. i think women are waking up. becoming more independent. have their own bank accounts. making their own money. >> okay. but it's very interesting. what i have found as a woman who founded my own hedge fund and went and raised money institutionally, is that men and women want to invest in men. they're very hesitant to invest and put their faith in a woman as a professional manager. tom: really? hilary: there's no doubt about it. men across-the-board are just more attractive in terms of, i trust that person with my money. tom: i'll trust your word on that. meantime, speaking of hilary, hillary clinton takes a hit in a wall street journal poll. why are her
6:28 pm
unfavorability numbers growing? the book clinton cash hit the shelves today. her camp is going on a big pr defensive. ♪
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tom: a new "wall street journal" poll shows that hillary clinton's unfavorra bill tie numbers are growing. >> the latest 2016 presidential poll done by "wall street journal" shows that hillary clinton might belowsing some of the popularity contest, as a they're of people with a negative view of her jumped to 42% from 36% in march. and a quarter of registered voters viewed her as honest and straight forward, down from 38% last summer. tom: likability seems how you get elected today that
6:32 pm
is important. >> that is, but you don't have to be most liked. you just have to be liked more than the other guy. the reasons that barack obama got in office he was liked more than mitt romney. >> the thing with hillary clinton's numbers they are basically unchanged over a year ago. it may have had a blip but any time a news story comes out, you see a blip, i am not a hillary fan by any means but we see the blips every time. >> she has dominated the news cycle, she has gotten a lot of advertising. i really think that she and i am biassed here, i think she will not end up being president or even the nominee, he combines trust factor of her husband with the like billy of bob dole, she thought she was going to
6:33 pm
be core nated. she hates campaigning. she went to a safe place like new york, is she selling a purple state or virginia. tom: this goes to point just because bill clinton was liked and your spouse does something well does that mean do you it well. >> clearly not in the case of hillary clinton. like a billty me is everything. we really vote about lik like -- likability. and with hillary clinton has lost, is that she used to have the ability with her husband to make everyone filfila afilliated. i am jewis jewish and i would talk with bill clinton i thought he was jewish.
6:34 pm
they don't have that any more, they are not able to -- >> it depends on wh talking about 76% of the democrats still agree with her and approve of her, your point with 76%. they -- no wobbles the jump in -- n no one is going to jump in. tom: dnc will hole 6 debates for the candidates, i am thinking who will be on stage. >> i hope you are personally. >> disagree, i think there will be challengers. >> a real that will challenger. >> martin o'malley is running you can see it in new hampshire, i would be surprised if o'malley does not run. >> but compared to 8 in right now, if he was in g.o.p. side he would be doing what everyone else is. i don't think he can do enough. >> he is letting her beat
6:35 pm
herself, she may beat herself, and then let them go and he'll jump in and get the scraps. >> there is the 6 g.o.p. presidential candidates, mike huckabee, we all know here, and love. i don't know if -- i don't know people really, really, really respect mike huckabee as a man. i don't know if they would vote for him, but, you have 6 candidates, have you picked a leader yet? >> i am still observing for right now. >> this is the jv team, the starters are not on court yet, none of those 6 will sit in white house -- >> none of those 6. tom: i guarantee it will be a southern governor or int scott walker. i am in camp of rick perry, the locust serving governor -- the longest serving governor of america's most successful state.
6:36 pm
tom: and everyone growns abouts dynasty of bush and clinton. >> and we have a long road, but behind jeb is marco rubio. >> rubio? he is doing bitter than a lot of people thought. tom: you don't want to miss "strange inheritance" tonight, at 9 p.m., jamie colby will meet a woman who inherits a new bankrupt wildlife refuge with the hundreds exotic animals living there. then she meets the sons of a legendary taxidermist who leaves them all. >> sunday shootout in that texas car t cartoon contest, is first time isis claimed responsible for an attack in u.s. >> with terrorist using social platforms like sweater and face -- twitter
6:37 pm
and facebook, how to we fight terror in the new digital era. new york state is reinventing by leading the way on tax cuts. we cut the rates on personal income taxes. we enacted the lowest corporate tax rate since 1968. we eliminated the income tax on manufacturers altogether.
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or may become pregnant. tell your doctor all medicines you take. call your doctor if you have muscle pain or weakness, feel unusually tired, have loss of appetite, upper belly pain, dark urine, or yellowing of skin or eyes. these could be signs of serious side effects. i'm down with crestor! make your move. ask your doctor about crestor. tom: isis posting on social media that two men that attacked the prophet mohammad cartoon event were "w attacks are coming. at the cloud is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer,
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that's what i'd like to do. tom: sunday shootout at the cartoon contest in texas where -- dallas area in garland, texas, is the first time isis claimed responsibility for an attack in u.s., they announced it today on a syria-based radio station, warning of future
6:41 pm
attacks that will be worse and more bitter how they described it. u.s. officials are investor dating they believe that two gunmen involved were inspired by the terrorist group's propaganda. what is spreading this propaganda? with terrorists using social platforms like twitter and facebook to recruit. we've been talking about the digital world, they are good at using it. >> we don't need another trade center bombing to evoke terrorism, you need things like this, in little places like walmarts and grocery stars, little things here and there. terrorism is second thing that is most occupy be vote ing voters mines going into the election. tom: the -- has changed. i think scotti is on to
6:42 pm
something we're going to brace for these one offs from various people that are inspired. >> tom, i think sadly they use our strengths again us, of the first amendment. god bless that texas policeman who ended this before it became a horrific even. tom: he is the hero, but one man, they had body arm. and heavy fire power he killed both of them. >> this an interesting point, now that police are undermined, and police are in a position where they can't really act ofingsivel offensively and take chances that they used to because of unrest they have seen, i think if will pre-- present
6:43 pm
a real danger to us in the u.s., because we're not always going to be protected that way. >> it is a concern, but you know, most of us live in new york city, you walk through times square every day, and i file confident in our government, and what is going on. i believe there are probably hundreds attacks in early stages that have been thwarted things 9/11, and i believe that will continue, things we don't hear about we don't want to hear about it. is danger increasing is social media absolutely. >> it takes one attack. >> to hillaries point about will policing of america bees same because some people don't want it to be the same. >> you know nsa half of thefines they would be tapping they now cannot tap. tom: i know. we're celebrating first amendment. >> they can't look at our facebook pages. tom: she has right to say what she wants then we --
6:44 pm
peter king said he need to tear apart fourth amendment. >> there are a lot ofmming that matter -- amendments that matter, and especially fourth amendment. >> well are you looking for a new home? are you going buy a home? how do you get the best mortgage? gerri willis is going to join us and tell us how when we come back.
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tom: welcome back, are you looking to buy a home? springtime, maybe you are. you probably have a lot of questions about most gangs and -- mortgages and down payments, that is why we brought in fox business' gerri willis to break it down for you. they wanted me to ask you, is this the right time to buy a home. >> it's always the right time. tom: they say it is always. >> they do. is it? so headwinds low rates. but not a lot of inventory, not a lot to choose from, prices have gone up, i think you need to know whether you with get a mortgage at what cost, that is important part of the equation, the big banks have left the field, a lot of small players in there, originating loans, wells fargo number one, j.p.
6:49 pm
morgan two, but quicken, not even a bank, is nation's third largest mortgage lender. and penny mac. and flag star, top 10. >> who? >> that is what i said. >> when it housing boom takes off they will be the big winners. >> if you want to work with a big bank in a will service the loan for you, but they are not offering best terms right now, the smaller institutions give you best deals. tom: then you get to fannie freddie and conventional loans they sell-off, now are they making the fannie and freddie loans again, because jumbos for the e expensive
6:50 pm
homes were really hard to get. >> let me tell you who it is easiest to get money for, if you want to be your own man, this is not the market for you. if you are low income, and struggling, you can put 3% down, and have a 580 credit 64, get a loan because of the federal involvement. president obama said lending to low income people is a priority in my administration. tom: that is how we got here. >> it would be difficult for me to get a loan rights now, versus someone like you said low income. >> you have to prove everything, new rules, means you have to show incredible amount of documen documentation, if you don't get a w-2 from somebody else. >> is it easier to buy preexisting. >> in a know how to do that, easy peasy.
6:51 pm
what they have been over is what they are willing to do. if you are in market right now, you have to go on a web site like bank, and see who will give you best terms, and compare offers more now than before. >> the terms are still, the worse term better than most mortgages were 5 years ago? >> rates have come up a little bit. but, i believe that it is still difficult -- tough for matt to get loan right now. tom: because he is self-emptied. >> yes. >> the w-2 that gerri willis mentioned everything is, you have an employer who pays you a paycheck, you are okay. somehow you will get it. especially if you are in lower income. but if you have a 1099 or a
6:52 pm
llc, forget it. even if you can show double the assets, liquid assets, you know what i'm going to get a mortgage even though i can pay cash. tom: if i have been in business for 20 years, and i can show a steady stream of income. >> right, you can have assets, you can have 10 million dollars in the bank, and if you go from mortgage for a 1 million dollar property you will not get it. tom: about what happened to blackstones and other investors who went in and bought all cash. >> they are flipping that. tom: are they selling homes so buyers can go out and buy home. >> they boosted the price, because they got into marketplace, still not in the market. we're still working on, that you know, i mentioned before that big banks are out because there were such heavy regulation on them, and they faced $100 billion in fines, they have backed
6:53 pm
off, they were 60% of market now they are 30. tom: they are not going there again. we have these millennials that have student loans up to their ears work ratio for qualities they don't. >> they are renters, a lot of stones that blackstone have, they are now renting them, it easier to ren rent than buy. tom: thank you, gerri willis week-long special 5:00 right here on fox business this week. >> on eve of 5 year anniversary of flash crash. do you remember that? send the dow plummets a thousand components in seconds. -- thousand points in seconds, what did we learn from this? you don't want to miss it.
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>> tom: it is time for your marching orders. tomorrow is the five-year anniversary of the flash crash. when the dow plummeted nearly five -- 1,000 points in just minutes. you were around for that. >> i was. i was in a car coming here to do a segment. had the smart phone but not the quotation i remember pulling over to take a deep breath. clients were calling me. sell everything right now. by the time i got over the bridge it was okay. >> the number five did is a good tamayo. we have not even mention that yet.
6:58 pm
>> we shelly's mentioned that. [laughter] but i don't have anymore stories but but it is still completely unsettled and with the government says it is completely out. >> we have some young guy year in london that his parents. >> this board by. holy cow. >> the sec wrote 104 page report and that was the reason all this happened now five years later we get a guy was living in the basement with mom. >> but that would not happen tomorrow? there is more high-frequency trading going on now.
6:59 pm
>> but stocks cannot go to a penny and circuit breakers halt within a price range so they tried to correct data. its still could happen simic they fix what happened in the past. >> i would argue now because of the volcker role dealers cannot hold inventory i think we are more susceptible than rework five years ago sadly. because of central planning. >> but if you are the individual investor downstage trade you could be wiped out. tom: you don't have high-speed trading under laptop. >> if you are in and out you see something happen with the margin and the leverage you could be in big trouble. tom: invest for the long term. thank you very much. joined charles every night
7:00 pm
here at 6:00 p.m. eastern. do not miss one moment of making money right now we send it over to lou dobbs. lou: good evening. i am lou dobbs. racial issues for national politics today a new attorney general travel to baltimore to meet with the family of freddie gray the man who was a rally cry for the riots that shut down much of the city over days. the attorney general's visit coincided with the president's appearance last night on late night television that he told david letterman and his audience says race explains much of what had been dewi take that up tonight with the president's contradiction from just last week.


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