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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 5, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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with you. ♪ ♪ you have a "strange inheritance" story you would like to share with us? we would like to he . kennedy: it is two for tuesday. last night, i watched two unbearable blow hards mutually pacify as nauseating it can be describedas emotional pornographic. david letterman, at one point, it appeared dave was confessing his love. >> and i look over and it's you -- [ laughter ] >> walking over here, i get a little, you know, kind of a thing -- [ laughter ]. kennedy: the two groomed and snuggled like a pair of sea otters. they couldn't stop laying on
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compliments thicker than a tub of cream cheese. here they are fantasizing about retirement. >> i was thinking you and me could play dominos. >> dominos? all right. >> go to the local starbucks and swap stories. kennedy: don't quit your day job, or do! i am a libertarian and certainly don't judge about these things, but those two should get out of room. i essentially failed out of high school because of david letterman, i would stay up until 12:45 in the morning on school nights to send in viewer mail. his show made me dream of wanting to move to new york. and limousine liberalism where he once told edgy jokes. a disappointing politico, consumed by the ghosts and gilt of his sordid staff and
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sexploits. who else does that sound like? maybe a messianic hope and changer who galvanized a new generation of voters. but the empty narcissism coupleeled with arrogance and incompetence is dangerous. to the two waning socialists who dashed the hopeful millions, i share a fond farewell i learned in indiana, don't let the door hit you where the lord splits you. the future of late night belongs to those who replicate the 90s in poignant song that belongs to a man named jimmy and jack who last night proclaimed winning takes more than words. ♪ more than words is all you have to do to make it real ♪ >> do you think they fought over who gets to do that in
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court? jack says i don't want to be gary sharon. a pilot who flew barack obama is here to tell us the truth about ufos. he's going to share his firsthand experience. you don't want to miss it because you want to believe. a man acquired the gift after sustaining a serious head injury. i got a keyboard at ready to see if he will tickle my ivories. what's an evening without stars, the moon and more "clinton cash" questions. i love it. i'm happy you're here. i'm kennedy. . kennedy: let's do it. a i new poll paints the picture of race relation in the u.s. it hasn't looked this bleak since 1992 with rodney king and the l.a. riots. i was there, it sucked!
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64% of people view race relations generally as bad, only 44% see them as generally good. public pessimism has jumped in the wake of freddie gray's death. tonight's panel is here. sherrod, a stand-up comic and a savior of mankind. >> savior on fox. kennedy: and political editor, and you can also see tom on a program called red eye. are you guys ready eyed to tackle race? >> we're red eye! >> so sherrod, i think this is all your fault. >> of course it is. kennedy: what happened? things were going great. >> why am i so outnumbered here? more black people. how about camera two join me on the panel. kennedy: jerod would make a fantastic panel.
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>> race relations are bad. >> i knew they were going to get worse. kennedy: it was supposed to be better, like hey. >> it is not better. >> us in the streets, we have to take the beatings of everybody upset about obama. >> you are wearing a john varvatos jacket that is probably worth $1700. i thought that was a hannity cut. let's be honest, do you have black friends? >> yes. >> that answer disturbs me. >> why? >> would you prefer me to say no. >> i don't believe you. >> yeah, so and so, me and you could be friends. >> ask me another question. >> all right, go ahead. kennedy: all right, if tom and sherrod both went outside and started mugging old lady, who would have the higher probability of being shot by police. >> okay, what should i say? >> sherrod, sherrod. >> how i should say it?
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kennedy: they say the police are more likely to use deadly force against a black person than a white person. >> to your point about obama, it's easy to pile on him and blame him. one of the few things i was hopeful for in the presidency is race relations would improve, we could put certain issues behind us, that hasn't been the case and it's disappointing. kennedy: has he made it worse? >> the polling would indicate that it is worse, whether he is directly responsible, i don't know, i wonder if there is self-reflection going on in the white house about why is it worse and do we have fault in that? >> he's hanging out with jay-z, he hasn't got time for self-reflection. kennedy: he's on letterman. >> he already won a second term. kennedy: he reminds congress of that every time he has a state of the union address. tom, i would like you to single handedly repair race relations in this country in two sentences or less. >> 34% says race relations are fine.
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34%? >> who are the people? >> people that don't live around other races. >> even i know that race relations are bad, and i generally whistle past the graveyard. i think everything is fine most times. obviously, they are bad, and it is similar. similar to the early 90s when we had the riots in l.a., similar now. but i took comfort in some of those, it was only 1-4 black americans said things are okay. >> 20 something percent, right? kennedy: yeah, what's going to make it better? >> communication, it's the people. it's not the leaders or obama, it's us, us. kennedy: i think we need to speak openly about race, any time you bring something up that is deemed controversial, you can't be deemed a racist otherwise you can't have honest discussions. >> exactly. race war is a popular podcast. we never shut up about race on the programs. kennedy: it's everywhere.
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>> everywhere. kennedy: a georgia mother, she kind of had her son arrested. it was a mock arrest, complete with arresting officers, handcuffs and a seat in the back of a patrol car. sounds like my weekend, yeah, baby, i love you! the officers flashed the lights, so they effectively scared the grade schooler but was it appropriate? guy, i think about this kid and do you really want to put the fear of god of the police into a ten-year-old? >> look, this seems a little extreme. i'm not a parent, and so i'm figuring the story about his background and he was having behavioral problems and the teacher came and he didn't care about anything anyone was telling him. i have respect for a parent take control and going to somewhat desperate measures to reel the kid in. it obviously worked. i'm not sure i love the
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publicizing the photos. kennedy: that's a weird thing. >> what she did, i'm not going to throw stones at that. kennedy: sherrod, you're a parent. >> lock the kid up. kennedy: really? you wouldn't stop at arrest? >> listen, if you need help to get this kid help, get the help. i don't want him mugging me years later. lock him up now. >> you think getting him in the system at 10. >> he's not going to suffer from getting a job the kinko's. lock him up. everybody was a kid before. you need to be thrown in the back of a police car. kennedy: my dad said if he caught me smoking, he would make me smoke an entire pack in front of him. it made me an efficient smokeer. >> moms that are clearly bad moms for a decade or two, do one thing in an act of desperation, they're mother of the year. the reason you had to call the cops, you are a bad mother for
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ten years. >> kids are sometimes jerks! >> how about the mother the other day. mother of the year. every network had heron. kennedy: toya graham. >> she's beating him with a purse and she's mother of the year? kennedy: in all honest, if your kid was rioting. >> the real mother of the year. kennedy: i'm so lucky, i'm breast-feeding at age 34. >> you nerds. kennedy: coming up on the "topical storm" for the ages. a man thrash the world series of diving. a celebrity fashion wtf and a koala bear who may have lost his obamacare. but first, have you heard about the terrifying franken hillary. we'll break it down bolt and bolt and that is coming up in a moment.
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♪. kennedy: not a day goes by without new questions raised about the clinton money machine. today the campaign responding to allegations about money for favors. all there in the new book, "clinton cash." >> the book is already being debunked. it is full of sloppy research and attacks pull the out of thin air with no actual evidence, and missing the most important thing of all, facts. kennedy: that was clinton press secretary brian fallon.
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not a model of objectivity. however, my next guest knows a thing or two about the clinton subject. he wrote a clinton book of his very own, here to help us sort out sordid facts and details. it's frankin hillary. i think i like it. the audacious rebuilding of a political machine. daniel, welcome. >> thank you. so nice to have you here. as we're hearing about another clinton book, what did you find about this subject, the clinton foundation of the donations when you were doing research for clinton inc. >> my book tells the story how they left the white house in a scandal and disgrace and came back threatening to return to the white house. this is a little more narrow. kennedy: have you read "clinton cash"? >> i did, it's well researched, impressive reporting, it's a more narrow focus, but it's great. i recommend it. kennedy: there is so much to
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focus on with the family, and they are cause for speculation for conservatives and liberals, republicans and democrats alike, what is frankenhillary. >> i wrote this week in the magazine where i worked, weekly standard, i wrote about hillary and how she embodies the worst traits of a lot of recent politicians and amalgam of the bad body parts. john kerry flip-flopping, now changed her view on immigration. kennedy: on immigration, on marriage, on census reform. >> basically repudiated her entire past and no one cares. >> people say that was her husband, she was a very public figure back then, obviously really involved in health care, and also supported his views. >> she spoke out. he wasn't like forcing her or keeping her in the boudoir. >> that's not their style. kennedy: right, the dynamic
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duo. >> she has barack obama's arrogance, she has the arrogance to flip-flop on the issues. >> and feel she isn't held to any accountability or standard. >> she can do whatever she wants because she is hillary clinton. and barack obamas had a similar trait at his worst. that is a bad trait she has. she has nixon's paranoia. kennedy: do you think she is nicksonian. >> it is an insult to nixon. he was a patriot. a good american, and he had failings, he wasn't perfect. who is. kennedy: what you're saying she wishes she could be nixonian but to be clintonian is worse. >> it's bad, she had the paranoia that nixon had, that was ultimately his down fall. kennedy: she has a winning personality, she is so charismatic. >> like al gore, wouldn't you love to have them on for an hour or two?
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kennedy: that would be a form of torture. they do that at gitmo. they play christina aguilera and ship al gore in. >> if you've seen her give a speech and we will over the course of the campaign, you might fall asleep in the middle, that boring. kennedy: negative ratings have gone up, people have a more negative view in the wake of the book and the contents and the e-mail scandal, do you think that this stuff is going to stick and is it going to tank her presidency or her bid for it? >> she's not going to give up. she is ultimately fighter. that is something she's going for. nixon, he had a sense of shame and put his head down. the clintons have no capacity for it. she'll continue to fight, so she has to be beat by somebody. barack obama was able to beat her last time. kennedy: she is beatable, the clintons are beatable. >> nobody is sticking her to it. martin o'malley is weak. kennedy: he's trying.
10:18 pm
>> not really. if i were in his place, i would say these allegation are disqualifying. he doesn't say anything like that? he's like, we don't need a bush and clinton. kennedy: we will see what happens. we have a lot of time, as these things develop you come back and talk more, you are well researched on the subject would. >> love to. kennedy: thank you so much. coming up, a cinco de mayo gift for you, chipotle's secret guacamole recipe revealed, or is it? the panel will return to take a dip in that one. first a pilot who flew barack obama around 2008 is here and he's going to tell you about a close encounter he had, not with the future president but with the ufo? that is next.
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kennedy: hello, there andy is a retired pilot with decades of professional flying experience, including getting none other than then-senator barack obama between campaign stops in 2008 when running for president, and he says ufos are real. but how does he know? because he's a pilot, and he's seen one and joins me now, andy, thank you so much for being here. tell me about that night. it's april, 1989, you're the first officer on a regional airline flying from kansas city to waterloo, iowa. what did you see in the sky? >> unbelievable. kennedy: okay. >> we took off from kansas city, beautiful clear night, got up to cruise altitude, around 15,000 feet. for an hour 10, hour 15-minute flight. wispy scattered clouds at cruise altitude, a crescent moon visible, about the left
10:23 pm
side, nice night. something really strange out this way, there was just what looked like a moon dimly visible behind some of those thin wispy clouds. kennedy: so a round red disk. >> nope, a white disk. kennedy: a white disk, wait a second, the moon is over, there holy crap, what is that? >> wasn't quite that exciting yet. kennedy: okay, then what happened. >> first trying to figure out. you see stuff in the sky all the time and you learn to identify all kinds of bizarre things. this thing is sitting here, we're looking for searchlights on the ground. immediately, you could rule out moon because the moon was a cressent and this was a full thing. kennedy: sure. >> 40 minutes we're flying. kennedy: and you see that thing sitting there on the horizon, how far away? >> don't know, it's hard. there is no real depth perception. there's clouds, they look
10:24 pm
close. this looked close, but i couldn't tell you exactly how far away it was. 40 minutes we're flying along and have to get busy. talking about it, have to get busy getting ready to descend into waterloo, and i'm hedged down getting weather and talking to the company, telling them when we're going to get, there the captain is doing something else. when i look up, it was like, oh, my gosh. kennedy: then what happened? >> that's not what we said. kennedy: okay. >> both eyes on this thing. a gigantic red ball, the only way i can describe it, above the clouds. it was big, it took up almost half of the window, and we just are looking at it. kennedy: is it closer to you at that point? >> i don't think so. kennedy: but it changed color. >> it was above the cloud, it wasn't below the cloud. it was whatever the white disk was. kennedy: now white disk to a
10:25 pm
red ball, and then it disappeared into the clouds. >> as we started descending, it slowly started coming down, quarter of it hidden, half hidden, three quarters of it hidden. this happened over a minute, half a minute, and the instant all of it was behind the clouds, the clouds just start flashing on and off, lights like they were in -- it was unbelievable. just boom, boom, boom. kennedy: and you reported this, and they told you to -- >> wait, wait, it gets better. kennedy: we don't have time, we have to get through, andy! i'm dying over here. >> the lights are flashing and you could see the cloud pull apart into two. it got thinner and thinner in the middle, the instant it was finished, the cloud separated, as it pulled apart, it was all gone. kennedy: do you think it was ufo? >> no question. kennedy: do you think it was alien spacecraft? >> probably. kennedy: do you believe in aliens?
10:26 pm
>> billions and billions of stars, trillions of planets. >> did you believe in them before the experience? >> yes. kennedy: if you could talk to the aliens right now, what would you say? >> wish could see them again. so cool. kennedy: have you done anything or put yourself in a position to see that again? >> how do you do that? kennedy: i don't know. >> i don't either. kennedy: you have been to alien conventions. i know a guy. maybe i can put you in talks with some of the people. >> no, i just lived my life, never saw anything again, it was the most amazing thing i've seen in my life. kennedy: did it change you? >> no, but it was amazing. >> do you no longer fear death? >> i never feared death. kennedy: see. the key to life, be open to new experiences, and sometimes okay not to have an explanation for everything, am i right? >> that's for sure, you can't explain everything. kennedy: i'm glad we don't have an explanation for everything but am glad to hear the story.
10:27 pm
for what it's worth, i still believe in aliens, do i. a guy who got a severe concussion and then could magically play the piano. what is happening tonight? it's all a gift for you. he's going to play a few songs in a few minutes. the stars come out for a fashion gala in new york. i'll take them up in the "topical storm." excellent looking below the surface, researching a hunch... and making a decision you are type e*. time for a change of menu. research and invest from any website. with e*trade's browser trading. e*trade. opportunity is everywhere. new york state is reinventing by leading the way on tax cuts. we cut the rates on personal income taxes. we enacted the lowest corporate tax rate since 1968. we eliminated the income tax on manufacturers altogether.
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. kennedy: just when you thought it was safe to settle for ordinary news, along comes the extraordinary absurdity and knocks you off your perch. this is "topical storm." topic number one, you have been practicing your cannonball? it's been a long cold winter and folks cannot wait to take the high dive right into summer and a giant pool at a diving world series. yes, that's a real thing. i hope they have catcher's mitts. benjarvus decided to crash the
10:31 pm
festivities, he's a prankster and decide to strip down to tighty blackies. security tried to stop him. and a little bit of an enima. jarvis left his keys in the pool after he jumped which makes me wonder where in god's golden earth was he hiding them? quite a speedo. topic number two, the slingshot catapults riders vertically with a g-force of 3-5 enabling them to experience total weightlessness, for most sheer terror ensues and then it's over. but the man in the video is not like most. >> ahhhhhh! . kennedy: unlike you and i, he is no mere mortal.
10:32 pm
except for his hair! that is fantastic! where i can get me some? topic number three. a brazen rabid koala waltzed into a hospital and wreaked bloody havoc on unsuspecting waiting room patients. maybe it didn't go havoc, look at that little guy. do you know what a hopped up koala can do to a room full of unsuspecting hospitalgoers? sure, he's cute here at 3:00 in the morning in the security video, when he's by his lonesome. they're the drug addicts of the animal kingdom. they are high on eucalyptus which is essentially marsupial bath salts. he could have chewed someone's face off! he's a cute little guy. there you go, bugger. nice! topic number four. it was the gay old gala with the theme was china, and a few
10:33 pm
stars rode the fashion rick shaw to victory. speaking of big, sarah jessica's headdress was like a big bloody peacock. it was a co lab with philip tracy and h&m, and it's so fashiony. she kind of got carried away. i know, the women in the room are groaning. rihanna looked like she borrowed something from the beast's closet during the beast phase. it took two years to makers hopefully a lot less time for her to return it. oh, rihanna. and queen b, beyonce challenged rose mcgowan and britney spears in skin bearing bedazzled birthday suit. i love the high pony. i guess that makes jay-z her
10:34 pm
baroni. just because california is in a doubt, doesn't mean mother nature can't dish out water sports. there is a huge swell in socal as the wedge was kicking chicken. newport beach california. 15-foot waves. that separates the men from the dead. south-facing beaches are having a field day. zuma and malibu getting pounded with 10 foot sets. it's beach break, it will break your neck if you aren't careful. if you are land locked have, that salad in honor of those getting good surf. a little bacon, blue cheese crumbles goes a long way when you are far from the ocean. and those of you getting harassed by big surf when you are in over your head. remember these words of wisdom. >> when life gives you lemons, take the [ bleep ] lemons and bail. kennedy: that is our motto. if you have weird stories you would like to see in "topical
10:35 pm
storm," hashtag it "topical storm" and tweet me at kennedy nation and can you find me on instagram. a man emerges with an unusual side effect. he can play the piano perfectly. he's going to play for us in studio. what would you do if you turn on the local news were and face-to-face with your spouse, smooching someone else. sherrod small, guy benson and tom shillue toss that one around next. zero heartburn! prilosec otc. the number 1 doctor-recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 9 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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♪. kennedy: there it is! nice work. it's a magical night. welcome back. happy cinco de mayo. chipotle has given the public a cinco de mayo gifto that is muy deliciouso. the powers that be have granted
10:39 pm
access to the coveted guacamole recipe. this is total malarkey. i don't believe this -- was this a smart move? our panel is back to discuss sherrod small, guy benson and tom shillue. tom, i have been in southern california for the last 15 years, okay? >> yeah. kennedy: and let me tell you guacamole that is that smooth, because i know real mexicans and you put either mayonnaise or sour cream to give it the texture. chipotle is not copping to something. >> chipotle has great guacamole and they don't thin it down. i know what you're talking about. a lot of places have -- it's watery. they have good guacamole. the whole reason is for them to
10:40 pm
make it for me. why do i make it at home? >> it's ready, they scoop it into the plastic thing. what's the thing about going to dinner, when i get the guacamole they have to make it in a cave man dish. it's ridiculous! i don't need to sit there while you make the guacamole. kennedy: chipotle apparently puts preservatives in the guacamole, it never browns. >> it does brown. you girls woof it too fast. kennedy: now you are getting sexist. >> women love guacamole. kennedy: don't you think there's a secret ingredient, they're not copping to something? >> i want the record to reflect, i commit to bits. i have wondered why doesn't this turn brown, i never thought of that. >> it will. if you don't wolf it. kennedy: couple reasons it doesn't turn brown, you either have to have the avocado pit or load it up with preservatives,
10:41 pm
citric acid or lime juice, not enough to prevent it from browning. sherrod, you are down with brown. >> i like the guac done. i don't want to be like chipotle at home. kennedy: you want to be like hillary clinton and don't talk to anyone. >> stick it in the bag and stuff it down. >> i think they're being completely shady about this. they are gluten-free. >> i want the chip recipe. there is something about them. most places you can't get the chips, there is something on there. >> there's salt. >> that's it. >> finely ground salt and the chips are perfectly thin, not too thin. >> there's a little citrus on it. >> did chipotle pay for the segment. we are eating their product on the air and talk about how perfect it is.
10:42 pm
something for free. >> i think the secret ingredient is baby tears. >> they make children cry. and that is a perfect preservative. if you put them in guacamole, it doesn't brown and put it on your skin, it doesn't wrinkle. >> you gabby girls, if you give it five minutes, it would turn brown. kennedy: tom shillue with secret sexism. a woman, yeah one of the broads rung the boston marathon took a break to steal a kiss from a male spectator. barbara of tennessee, she kids a stranger and a dare from her daughter. right. the photo went viral and thought to id the man, and in the end, she found him! actually, his wife found her via letter she sent to the local media, saying in part, for me, i'm not mad.
10:43 pm
right. our friends have gone the a lot of mileage and thoroughly enjoyed watching them give my husband grief while i run over him with a steam roller. guy, do you buy this for a second that the wife, a was somewhat accepting of it, and the husband wasn't totally smittenly in love with the runner? >> i buy it. there is apparently a tradition this part of the marathon where women come and offer kisses to the men who jog by. a little reversal of the genders there. she came up, planted one on him. it was captured. >> in a photograph. >> i'm glad everyone is being a good sport and moving on. >> that's what i tell girls at the bar. it's traditioning are it's what we do here. come in and make out. kennedy: they do it at wellesley, one of the finest institutions in the country. lay it on me. if i'm a runner, a dude in the boston marathon, very difficult
10:44 pm
race to qualify for, by the way, and see the lovely co esd, i'm going to be worried about mouth herpes. >> i don't know why the sweaty girls want to kiss the guys. i'm opposed to children trying to set up parents. >> lock her up, lock her up. kennedy: they need chiquita hill's police. >> there is nothing viral about that. no reason people should be staring at that stupid photo. kennedy: look at his neck craning up. >> enough with the fixing of the parents. it started with sleepless in seattle, the stupid movie. kennedy: started with full house. >> stay out of your parents' love life. kennedy: you sound like the ville nan scooby doo. the only thing viral about the picture is the herpes they're sharing. >> there was a good smooch.
10:45 pm
>> that was a good line. kennedy: i'll take the credit wherever i can get it. so sherrod, you have ever kissed a strangeer? >> yes. kennedy: what happens? >> sex, i don't know. kennedy: no, no, kissing, just kissing. >> kissing leads to the gateway drug to sex. kennedy: this is true. >> it's the. kennedy: and 40 weeks later, you have a baby. >> i don't know about weeks, because i'm gone by then. am i right, tom? >> i can't vouch for that, sherrod. i can't, you can. kennedy: tom, have you run a marathon? >> i ran the first 13 milis and quit, and later on, i ran the last 13 miles. i've done the whole boston. kennedy: not in the same day? >> no, several years apart. i've never been able to run a full 20 miles. kennedy: is it considered a marathon? >> it could be several years. >> i want someone with the tape like, this where were you?
10:46 pm
>> i ran the last half first, when i was 13 i ran the last half, and about 17, ran the first half. >> you started in the middle, tried to cheat and start in the middle of the marathon. >> i don't think people should be running marathons. it's too long. i get up to 13 miles. kennedy: that is the perfect distance. i ran the new york city marathon in 2013, broke my foot. 26 is too long, guy benson. >> wow. you twisting it up? kennedy: yeah, going into the park. i was on first avenue. >> i'm trying to wrap my head around this. you are ran the second half of a marathon at age 13? >> yeah. >> he has no friends. >> i got lost. i was watching. >> you are very impressionable. well, everyone is running. kennedy: gentlemen, thank you very much for being here. tom, sherrod, guy, you are extraordinary, and i adore everything about you. >> same here. >> adopt them.
10:47 pm
>> i will, totally adopt him into my bosom. derek suffered a concussion six years ago, acquired the ability to play the piano beautifully. you have to hear the beautiful story. a very rare condition. so stick around. and you'll hear it.
10:48 pm
10:49 pm
10:50 pm
. kennedy: imagine diving into a shallow pool and smashing your head against the bottom, so severely, you are rushed to the hospital with a serious concussion. you suffer hearing and memory loss and endure persistent headaches, migraines. that is exactly what happened to derrick amato. he emerged from the accident with the ability to play the piano exquisitely, with no previous experience. this makes derek an acquired
10:51 pm
savant. he has written a book about his story and he's here tonight. he's going to play piano in just a little bit. derek, you didn't have any piano experience before you hit your head in the swimming pool? >> i played chopsticks when i was a kid. kennedy: you never took piano lessons? >> no, a regular boy, i played baseball and chased girls. i didn't want to take piano. kennedy: you go to a friend's house who has a keyboard and start playing? >> sat there chatting, and it was a peculiar, i kept looking over at it like i was curious. kennedy: drawn to it? >> yeah, drawn exactly to it, and then i -- after half hour or 45 minutes i walked over and i was just going to tinker and next thing you know -- >> did it just pour out of you?
10:52 pm
>> poured out. kennedy: what was going on in your head when this was happening? >> almost like a euphoric. i remember i was out in my own little space. and i wasn't even back to regular marbles, right? kennedy: how long between the head injury and the piano playing. >> i was on holiday visiting my mother, so after the accident, i slept for like five days, and then i popped out of it, i knew i had an accident, but didn't know what kind of accident, and then i thought, well, i can start packing and go home to denver. kennedy: still groggy, in pain. >> my eyes are black, head is swollen up. kennedy: you are playing piano. you said you are scoring music as you're playing, and you see something that looks like musical notes in your mind's eye, were you worried that you were going lose this gift once you found you had it? >> i wasn't worried i was going to lose it, i was worried how i was going to tell my mother the next morning, she already found
10:53 pm
out i was a little nutty, and how do you wake up the next morning and tell your mother that you have fluid piano abilities after a head injury, you know? there's going to be questions. kennedy: and you read music now. >> i have no clue you. >> can't read music? can you play by ear, songs you are familiar with or stuff you just write. >> i can play, and do covers, if i hear, it some stuff i can play quickly. might take me 15 seconds a minute. kennedy: wow, you can retain it that quickly and regurgitate it? >> yeah. kennedy: are you psychic? any other abilities that the accident unlocked? >> no, not really, none, no, not really. kennedy: so you are going to play for us, what you are going to play is the music you are hearing in your head? >> right, that's what's going on at the moment, yeah. kennedy: i mean icannot wait to hear, this i can't wait to hear what comes out of you.
10:54 pm
what pours out of your being. i've had a bunch of concussions, the only thing i have the ability to do is annoy people. you have a gift. thank you, will you stick around and play? kennedy: absolutely. he will play an original song, so please stay tuned nar and ask yourself what have you gotten for your concussion lately? impactful?" what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do.
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fresher dentures, for the ♪best first impression. love loud, live loud, polident. ♪ fresher dentures... ...for those breathless moments. hug loud, live loud, polident. ♪
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10:57 pm
. kennedy: welcome back, derek amato is back for the night cap. guy who had a serious concussion six years ago and somehow he says it gave him the ability to play some mean piano. i know what he wants. to see him in action. derek, tickle the ivories. ♪ ♪
10:58 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:59 pm
♪ ♪ . kennedy: that was stunning! i loved it, derek, thank you very much. >> nice to see you. >> incredible what the human brain is capable of, and sometime all it takes is a good jostle. thank you so much for being here. thank you. thank you for the music. >> thank you for having me. kennedy: follow me on twitter, on facebook, e-mail any time, including your request for
11:00 pm
derek. i don't know if he'll ever get the kwshgs but it will make you feel so much better. i know i feel better. thank you and have a lovely night and see you on thursday evening. i'll be in chicago tomorrow. bye-bye. lou: good evening. i am lou dobbs. racial issues for national politics today a new attorney general travel to baltimore to meet with the family of freddie gray the man who was a rally cry for the riots that shut down much of the city over days. the attorney general's visit coincided with the president's appearance last night on late night television that he told david letterman and his audience says race explains much of what had been dewi take that up tonight with the president's contradiction from just last week.


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