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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 6, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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a "strange inheritance" story you would like to share with us? we would love to hear it. send me an e-mail or go to our web site goal is to make you money in the long term. i'll see you on varney. >> good evening everybody i'm lou the mayor of baltimore today requested that the department of justice conduct a full stale civil rights investigation of the city's police department. which she of course is in charge of. mayor stephanie rollings blake, wrongly criticized for her leadership, today called on the justice department to investigate what she called the quote pattern and practices of baltimore's police department. a particularly surprising request by the mayor because the officials she pointed have been in charge of the police department for the past five
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years. what in the world is going on in baltimore? and is much of this just an element of the less on going campaign against law enforcement nationwide? tonight we talk with milwaukee sheriff david clark. also the islamic state threatening to kill pam keller the woman who organized the muhammad cartoon contest. they are warning that they have dozens of trained soldiers in 15 states across america who have orders to carry out more attacks similar to the attempted but failed terrorist attack in texas. we'll have the full report and discuss the authenticity of the claims and their capability of caring out those threats. fox news military analyst general jack is with us, and former president bill clinton laughing off questions about the integrity of his organization. he and his daughter are trying to brush off charges of corruption in the foundation
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that bears their name and that former secretary of state hilary clinton. bill clinton saying dismissably quote, i just work here. i don't know. we'll work on hilary's 2016 presidential race joined by journalist judith miller. we begin in baltimore where mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is now calling on the justice department to conduct a civil rights investigation and her city's police department. >> we all know that baltimore continues to have a fractured relationship between the police and the community. we have to have a foundation of trust, and i believe that we need the assistants of the department of justice and the civil rights investigation to shore up that foundation that is weak right now in our city. >> the mayor's puzzling request comes a day after
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attorney general loretta lynch was in the city of ballot moral turpitude a justice department spokesperson says lynch is actively considering the mayor's request in light of what she heard from law enforcement, city officials community, and youth three years baltimore. maryland's governor today lifted the state of emergency for baltimore all national guard and state police have been withdrawn. joining us tonight milwaukee county sheriff david clark. good to have you with us. when you heard that the mayor of baltimore was asking for a doj investigation of the department she has been in charming of for five years what was your reaction? >> embarrassing. she through the police officers under the bus for her own, she's been the mayor since 2010 and she's never given any indication anywhere or to anybody that she's had
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concerns about patterns and practices within the baltimore police department. she should have first gone to the commissioner and said i want you commissioner, to hand me a study within a certain amount of to inabout some of the pattern and practices about your police department as well as that you lead and she didn't do this. again, it's a failure of leadership. when you're the mayor of a city and i've never heard this come from her mouth i'm responsible for what's going on in baltimore if there's been any sort comings it's on me, she will not do that. if she asks the department of justice to come in and investigate anything, it should be whether the failure of the baltimore public schools to educate their children is a civil rights violation. she should be asking the doj to investigate the impact that her stand down order had on the baltimore police -- the baltimore riots. she should be asking the doj to come in and investigate the impact of failed liberal urban
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policies under her leadership and what impact it had on the american ghetto, of baltimore's ghetto, and finally she should ask the doj to come in and investigate why black on black crime is so prevalent in the -- not only the city of baltimore but in ghettos throughout the united states. but once again we get passing the buck getting all the pathologist and milds of the baltimore ghetto on the back of the baltimore police department. >> it is an extraordinary request by the new attorney general got to baltimore. she had reportedly wanted to go to baltimore last week as things were hot on the streets of baltimore and was persuaded by the political office of the white house. she was there and amongst the things she did while there and i want to get your opinion of it, sheriff she talked to the police folks herself.
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she talked to policemen, to those that lead the police department. and thanked them. and i have to say, i was impressed with her demeanor, her generous gesture, and the fact that she was recognizing the police department for the very tough jobs they have to do and the job they did. what were your thoughts? >> well, so far so good from loretta lynch she met with both sides, and that's probably the smartest thing to do. i think to get involved in local policing, this is a further attempt by the federal government to federalize local policing agencies. if they have some problems, it's the responsibility of the mayor to figure this out and to figure out a way forward for the city of balti not to call in the federal the united states department of justice. >> uh-huh. >> i wonder if this mayor would have asked the united states department of justice to come in and investigate the
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baltimore police department if john was the attorney journal or alberto gonzalez, and i'll tell you the answer, the answer is, no, she wouldn't. >> yeah. and, you know, there is a little history here too. she has also wanted to get past legislation that would have given her greater power over the police department to simply deal with any complaint against a police officer that is failure to faithfully discharge his or her duty is an officer and recanted when somebody suggested there should be the same penalties for someone in elected office. do you think there's anything telling there? >> well, the buck stops with her. but then again, i don't know if that would have been a good idea under her administration because -- isn't it a failure
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of leadership from the very beginning and like i said accountability starts at the top. i just want to hear from the mayor of baltimore her you are the these words. any problems that exist in the city of baltimore are my responsibility and i'm going to find a way forward to fix that. she will not say that. she continues to point fingers. but the thing that bothers me the most are these committed and men and women the about that time more police officer has to endure all this failure of leadership and continues to get the blame for what ails the baltimore ghetto, the failing schools the kids growing up without fathers absent fathers nobody can find, you know, decent jobs and those are all ideas and those are all recommendations that have to come from the city of baltimore administration, not the police department. the police department is the only entity in baltimore that's protecting black lives in these crime ravaged
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neighborhoods. how can she sit up there now and say they're racist, they discriminate, when they're the ones down there every day trying to improv the lives of black people. it's inconsistent. . >> thank you. >> my pleasure. >> now cells in 15 states in country following the attack of the muhammad attack in texas. now there are more leaders with multi-million-dollar bounties on their heads. fox news corresponded kathryn heritage with our report. >> with the online threat from the american jihaddist following the attack in texas was the work of isis, it targeted the blogger who organized the cartoon contest while forcing evidence to back up the complain, the threat
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filed to a website singling that maryland, virginia, illinois michigan, and california. while the analysis is on going on fox news told us it did not come from isis leadership, but one who wants to associate himself with the terror group. investigators are taking a hart look at the twitter traffic we first told you about on monday here in fox. the suggested members of the terror group knew about the plot in advance and even mentioned the suspects. >> want to review whether the claim is accurate and if so at what level isis may have known or potentially even sanctioned this attempted attack. >> i don't think the administration should stand on ceremony whether this was an official formal attack. >> and four rewards between 3 and $7 million for information leading to the capture of isis leadership including this
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man, the group's media mouthpiece. what's key here is that the same strategy was used by the bush administration to track down owe psalm. more evidence that the obama administration has finally recognized isis is a legitimate threat to u.s. national security. lou. >> thank you very much,. >> you're welcome. >> we'll discuss the rise of the islamic state in this country, we're coming right back. stay with us. >> jeb and hilary leading from behind no love from jeb in the hawk eye state and bubba isn't defending hilary. again on the race for the white house. and space x takes a huge step for safely sending astronauts into space. that dramatic video is
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damage over turning an 18-wheeler damaging at least a dozen cars. much of the great planes tonight is under a tornado watch or warning including parts of north texas oklahoma of of course. kansas and nebraska. we're watching the severe weather, we'll have updates for you as the situation warns. in politics tonight wisconsin governor scott walker maintaining a sizable lead in the state of iowa. likely republican shows governor walker with 21% support followed by senator rand paul, senator marco rubio, 13% each. former governor jeb bush. are you ready? a distant 7th place. 5% support. former president bill clinton not doing the best job defending his family's allegation of corruption. here is the former's president answer when asked why he wasn't being more outspoken
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and forceful in defense. >> i just work here. i don't know. oncu. >> you know, you did look -- there's one set of rules for politics in america and another set for real life, and you just have to learn to deal with it. thank you for saying that. >> well, the president the former president somewhat dismissive and somewhat condescending there hilary clinton refusing at all to respond to allegations fox news contractor judith miller, she's also an author of a book which we recommended to you highly, editor of the
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national news, thank you all for being here. >> hello. >> am i overstating to say that the president was being once dismissive and condescending there. >> i think he's a little rusty at politics. he hasn't been asked pointed questions for a long time, and, yes, i was really surprised by his answer. normally he's much smoother, this was not his finest hour. >> well, it was better than the nbc interview, which was a complete train wreck. and the sense you got from that interview and a little bit from this answer is earlier think so this is some terrible act of unfairness that there are these rules that don't apply to anyone else that are being applied to them when of course it's exactly the opposite. so it's that note of self pity that is clinton at his worst . >> but do we give him any extra credit for not using the
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phrase conspiracy, he seems the victim here and will get more than 10% of the money to those that it purports to serve. >> you're very tough though. >> i am, and i apologize for that, i don't mean to be an absolutelyist in these things, but the reality is that this is starting to take on the ropes that the clintons are the most corrupt political family in america. i don't see much contesting for first place beyond the clintons. >> well, they're going to litigate every attack, and the narrative is set outside the details meaning that this is gross money grubbing, and most people out there they're not following every detail of the debate, but that is getting through. >> jeb bush, 7th place in iowa. scott walker, 10 points ahead of his nearest competition against a broad field. are you spiced.
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>> i am a little surprised. i mean i thought jeb bush at this stage would be doing a little bit better than this since he seems to be doing really well on the fundraising side. >> uh-huh. >> but you can lead the horse to water but if it won't drink -- >> who is the horse and -- >> a different part of the anatomy, without a clear front runner and clear player here, it takes the pressure off of hilary and look. we can be snide or questioning of her strategy and bill's strategy, but it happens to be working for them among democrats. >> yeah. >> trusting them is up in the polls. >> i certainly wouldn't be snide with the democrats or republicans, i would just point out -- well, it is curious why you would correlate the amount of money to the effectiveness of a can't. candidate. he's going disquiet quiet hard and strong here to reach for
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the presidency, even if he does think it's a fairly stated a family heirloom that he pervs. >> yeah. he has just been at the fundraiser, but scott walker is a great match for beware this is a man who easily to religious voters, and jeb is very much not a good match for iowa. so jeb doesn't have to win iowa, but he can't finish 7th. >> and in texas two dead terrorists and threats from isis after a claim that they have at least terrorists in 15 states and they threaten out -- to kill the woman who organized the muhammad cartoon contest. >> you're doubling down on their threats. yeah, we don't know who the the is in this instance, we don't know if this is the person in the senior isis, but, you know, lou, it doesn't
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matter because they have the ability to now inspire attacks. that's the difference with al-qaeda which used to decide when how where whom. now they're leaking it to the locals to make those choices. we're in knowledge i think for a fear of pretty rough time. >> well, they're not doing tool. two tries two dead terrorists. >> so far. >> you've got to be -- about that result. >> yeah. absolutely and if all the forces of civilization around the world were as well armed, as well prepared as cops in texas, we would have a lot less to worry about. >> yeah. >> besides will be a life changing event and i've been appalled that a lot of the commentary is blaming her when she is exertion her first amendment rights and making the point that you should be able to draw these kinds of images in america without being under threat for your life. . >> and i would like to point out, and i know you're aware of this, but as well armed the police, the law enforcement is in texas the citizenry is --
11:23 pm
>> exactly. and in new york you have the counterterrorism program which is quite fierce and intensive. >> so says judy miller, we'll greet her enlightenment later. >> thank you . >> do you believe baltimore mayor blake's request of the doj investigation of her police department that she's run for five years suggestions that she is utterly -- i'll be kind. incompetent. cast your vote. and test today of its dragon capsule escape system designed to save astronauts. launch from florida's station it separated from the booster section and floated back to earth with the help of
11:24 pm
parachutes. this was a organizer success. space x's ultimate goal is to carry nasa astronauts to the international space station by 2017. go space x. and president obama finds new friends to support his curious policies. my commentary next and a massive x class solar flare sends a message to earth. more on the threat of solar max rising from sorely minimum.
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lou: washington, d.c. is always at best perplexing but a few thoughts on what has become a bizarre exchange of public remarks by obama white house senate majority leader and of the house. the tpp a proposed free
11:29 pm
said treaty for pacific rim countries countries. accounting for 40% of the world's economy. majority leader, mitch mcconnell said that senate plans to debate legislation to give president fast track trade authority as he put it very soon. praising the president on the issue. >> at the risk of having some of you faint i want to compliment the president for the way he is handling the trade issue. i thought what he did last year and speaking the truth, to his face was welcome. it shows he ask intent on working with us. lou: intent on working with us? us includes -- well big business. but not so many middle class working men and women. senator mcconnell described working closely with the house as a quote
11:30 pm
almost out of body experience. the appearance is this it seems to me, that the big business republican majority leader is trying to shove congressional constitutional power ofure constitution down the throat of president obama, who is same fellow sued by this congress for exceed could his presidential authority abusing his executive power. which in case of trade republicans would like to further expand not constrain. through something called trade pro morgue pro motion authority. that means that president obama would not have to put up with noisy congress. now want to give away the constitutional power in the issue of trade at least.
11:31 pm
but in an absurd twist mr. obama having gained favor of capitol hill republican leadership, now faces democratic opposition to the tpp . among opposition, senate minority leader harry reid, say she not only a no, but she a hell no on this free trade bill. imagine, 15 senate democrats lining up against the president and measure in the house, number is 60 democrats opposed and house speaker boehner is now urging the president to be far more vigorous in meeting demand of big business, and avoiding the issue of fewer middle class jobs and lower wages that ul one result of fast tracking free trade bill. >> every democrat leader in the house and senate are opposed to giving the
11:32 pm
president what he is asking for. and the president needs to step up his game. in terms of garnering more support among democrats. lou: boehner beseeches hillary to do more saying that the president needs her help desperately saying she is not sit on the sidelines and let the president swing in the winds. white house seemed perturbed by the speaker's prodding. >> have you speaker of house suggestions he just does not need help of current democratic president. it seems a little early for a desperate alike to suggestion you need a candidate for office from the other party to help you advance the agenda. lou: oh, man. obama, boehner and mcconnell, what a triad. who would have thought it would be left to senator reid to articulate the wise
11:33 pm
course. their big business betters insist they not worry themselves over more outsources and more american jobs and cutting the wages of middle class further. remember harry reid's wise council, hell no. now our quote of the evening from dick gephardt that is kind of trade policy we need globalize with fairness and standards in the world so work wherever it is performed is given a fair wage for their hard work. we're coming right back. >> coming up, ayatollah said a nuclear deal may not happen. >> and u.s. allies in the region make demands before they agrow to anything.
11:34 pm
general jack keane is with us. also 4 time super bowl champion tom brady -- accused of cheating? say it isn't so. the a-t
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lou: breaking news now pentagon announced an end to navy's mission to protect u.s. and british-flag fargo
11:38 pm
ships in persian gulf, they started escorting them a week ago. the pentagon said their mission has ended because there have been no issues with american or british-flagships since. the tigris will likely be released in two days after a undisclosed find has been paid. >> that development just hours after iran supreme leader threatened to walk away from nuclear talks with the u.s. and world power accusing american officials of threatening a military attack against again iran, something he warned could end any possibility of a nuclear agreement khamenei gave no details about the alleged threat or who made the thret threats.
11:39 pm
joining us now to track about this is general jack keane. what do you make of the ayatollah threatening to walk away from talks stamping his foot a bit claiming he has been threatened by military force. >> he is grandstanding again. look the ayatollah wants a nuclear program and he wants removal of the sanctions. we'll leave his infrastructure in place. and his r&d program in place, and we'll "like" going too remove most of the sanctions when the deal is cut, he is on his way for what he wants every time he raises his voice and grandstands, by and large he gets it. this is just to remind the obama administration that he out there. other thing on the ship business, they made their
11:40 pm
point. they -- this was a quid pro quo for what was happening in gulf of edin. they will release the ship they accomplished what they wanted they wanted everyone to know they have a power to effect the straights of hormuz and we're still here. lou: and preparatory to any agreement, if the ayatollah can take any more gifts from obama administration, our arab partners are now asking for greater military support, greater military equipment, including the f-18 super hornets kuwait to get 28 of them. there are a series of orders from emirates, from saudi arabia from the other states qatar jordan, egypt
11:41 pm
for these sophisticated fighters and technology, what -- what do you make of this? is it -- does it basically suggestion that we'll see a done deal quickly? >> yeah, i mean -- what they should be doing at that meeting is putting their cards on the table in terms of what a nuclear arm means to the region, and why this is a fact fashion way that iran's nuclearing a as opposed to go in there with a shopping list of what they need to upgrade their military. which means they will capitulate with the administration on a deal, that outrageous after all they have been talking about . it seems on the surface this capitulation by the gulf
11:42 pm
states. lou: and yet it leaves israel in the most dangerous position one could imagine with a nuclear iran. can israel, irrespective of negotiations and interest of arab states, can it tolerate the threat of absolute nuclear annihilation? >> i don't see how they can and their prime minister has said this from the outset. and clearly we're going to come down to that. that is the path that we're truly on. the ayatollah he heard secretary of defense saying that military option on the table, he knows full well it is not. it has not been on the table for years they know that. and everyone that is around this administration knows that and our allies know it,
11:43 pm
it will come down to israel. and shame on us it would come to that. lou: shame on president obama and his administration. i will reserve shame for the rest of us pending the ou you general. >> good talking to you lou. lou: vote in tonight's poll, do you believe baltimore mayor's request suggestions she is incompetent? >> the sun has unleashed its largeests solar flair of the way. capturing moment that the flair burst from the sun's surface, producing an hourlong radio blackout over much of pacific ocean and western north america also produced a audible radio bursts that was heard here
11:44 pm
on earth. up next, a massachusets park filled with parents and children the scene of a shocking shocking natural disaster. we have that for you. >> two heroic po loofer police officers, risk
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lou: on wood woot today stocks closing lower. nasdaq fell 20, volume on big board 3.8 million shares listen to my reports 3 times a day stick for neil cavuto's first on fox interview with 2016 presidential candidate republican carly fiorina 8 p.m. eastern, that is immediately following this broadcast. >> in chelsea massachusets, a day at the park ending in horror a massive chestnut tree fell on a playground full of parents and children two boys, ages 8 and 2 suffered nonlife threatening injuries, all of the trees in the park were analyzed 5 years okay 4 were removed, the tree in question is only one that passed inspection. >> in upstate new york two
11:49 pm
brave police officers ignore their own safety to save's new york family, they rushed into a house without protection found a mother, 14-year-old daughter, who passed out from carbon monoxide poisoning. they carried victims to safety and found a toddler who remained conscious. >> the victims and police are recovering from the carbon monoxide exposure. >> a gust of wind turning a routine flag raising ceremony into a painful event for a mexican soldier raising him 40 feet into -- look at that. hanging on for life, he fell to the ground after wind subsided a bit. flag got caught around his weapon and he could not break free. he suffered a broken leg. he did return to terra firma.
11:50 pm
lou: a reckless california man redefining term thirsty he crashes his suv into a lucky 7 minimart to steal beer. there he is. not as much beer as you might think high-tech just 5 beers, he took 5 beers and left the scene a good samaritan followed him until police could cash up and make an arrest. up next. verdict is in super bowl mvp tom brady well the prob the probability is he is guilty. probprobability? this is the way that nfl is doing it now. i smell sweet controversy we take that up with our a-team here next.
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>> joining me now former new york usa both cohosts on red eye fox news contributors, it seems as if i just saw you both. >> yeah. >> delightful to have you here. >> thank you . >> let's start with bill clinton because it just seems
11:55 pm
the right thing to do. could we begin remind the audience of this and i will have i think of the whole thing alleging that the clinton foundation is a corrupt enterprise led by clintons. >> i just work here. i don't know. >> democratic -- >> but, you know, you did -- look there's one set of rules for politics in america and another set for real life, and you just have to learn to deal with it. >> well, there he is. i thought i laid it out there pretty scare. >> i used to say this all the time when i was waitressing and bartending, i used to say i just work here, that's because my name wasn't on the menu thinks name is on this foundation. so a series question deserves
11:56 pm
a series answer, not a brush off like that. >> are you offended? >> highly offended. look, this sums up the clintons perfectly. nothing is ever their fault. ever ethical problem they're just explained away or slugged off. i don't blame them at this point because they get away with it every time. >> yeah. >> he knows the rules, there are two sets of rules no, there's three assess of rules. the third is for them and he knows that and nobody cares that's just said that . >> it is truly amazing how the national liberal media -- i think a lot of the media it goes beyond that, really just don't want an accounting, they they don'tment hold be able toable the president oh, yes, they will hold accountable mitt romney. >> oh, if this would have been the romney administration, he would have had to pull out of the race. >> didn't i you're exactly right.
11:57 pm
so women held hostage by the name by their boyfriends. this is the most interesting stoir. a woman used her boyfriend holding her ask children children hostage she uses a pizza pizza hut app -- i'm trying to find the word. app. not new to technology. not new to much to tell you the truth. use the app to call for help. >> yes. brilliant woman. although she took the time to add pepperoni to the order. every second it valuable in a hostage situation i'll i do love meat myself, i don't know if that was the best decision. >> well, i don't think she should be ashamed she might have been forced. >> that's true. >> huge props to the pizza hut employees who didn't treat this as a joke. >> right. >> because they could have
11:58 pm
easily just ignored this. i hope that they get a nice bonus out of this or a free trip to new york where they could try some real pizza. >> yeah. and i think it raises the question, does the hostage taker give some and deflate gate, tom brady, he had been accused of in the know on the scandal. >> uh-huh. >> what do you think? >> look, i hate the patriots, i hate tom brady but i am a serious journalist, i have to be fair, balanced. >> of course. >> so i read the report and sadly i think the patriots should vacate the super bowl, i'm not happy about this, but i've got to be fair. >> you don't often put that objective. >> thank you i think it sets
11:59 pm
me apart. >> one about things brady though, it was sad if he's in on this, we have a bigger issue and that's his insecurities if he doesn't think he could win the super bowl on his own, i think we need to build his confidence again. >> i think again we've gone to none of the issues. thank you very much. great as always. >> thank you . >> and i just want your opinion on something very quickly. look at our online poll results. there it is. the question was -- [laughter] could we put the question down here why i could read it? yes, thank you. we and if you could agree with the president and discrimination are going to cause violence in ballot moral turpitude 98% of you said no, and i justment to thank you for voting, and andy, i know you're part of this poll. >> i have a political science degree, so yeah, i am a scientist. >> excellent and joann, are you impressed. >> always. >> excellent that's all we
12:00 am
ask. thanks for with being with us. here tomorrow, billion real estate coming up next is "strange inheritance." thank you for joining us. announcer: 100,000 creepy crawlers. >> spiders that will cover your whole face. announcer: all collected from the far reaches of the world. talk about a bug's life. >> old is he wanted to buy the collection. announcer: there is a bigger story behind this request. >> that was a bigger eye-opening experience than the film. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ of. jamie:


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