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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  May 12, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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david: we had two losing days, monday and tuesday. what will happen tomorrow? liz: you have to watch the bond yields. we'll do that for you. see you tomorrow. david: meanwhile "the willis report" is next. gerri: hello everybody i'm gerri willis and this is "the willis report," the show where consumers are our business. >> latest crash tests are in. just three out of seven mid-sized suvs perform well. we'll have the details. tom brady's suspension. >> is it too harsh? i think it is pretty harsh. i'm a little surprised. >> is the nfl punishment too harsh or just right? the clintons go to war with non-profit charity watchdog. the man at the center of that war with the clintons is here tonight. drones take to the air and promise to change the way we get our food. >> you're looking at me on the picture, the picture from the drone camera. gerri: all that and more on "the willis report," where consumers are our business.
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tonight's america's newest mid-sized suvs are put to the test. the insurance institute for highway safety crashed seven of the newest models on the market, the results, well it may make you think twice before stepping inside. the institute's vice president joins us with the results. russ, great to have you on the show. little us a -- tell us a little bit about the test because it is different than the government uses. >> this is a different kind of test. this is called a small overlap front crash test. it is done at 40 miles per hour. it replicates what happens when a vehicle may drift over the center line of the highway and just clip other vehicle, headlight to headlight or go off the road of the highway and hit a tree or a telephone poll on the driver's side. it is based on research that shows 25% of the serious injuries and deaths that occur
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in frondal crashes are in these small overlap impacts. >> they have to be very common. how often do you hit dead on the front? i think it is pretty rare. that is what the government tests for. your results. you tested seven suvs. other thanly two came up good. what should motorists make of your results? >> this is pretty much what we're seeing as we test through different groups of vehicles. there are some auto make that's have some work to do with improving their vehicles. we raised the bar on safety with this test. and some of the automakers weren't ready for it with some of their vehicles. so what we're seeing as we do the tests automakers are responding and making changes as a result. gerri: so the dodge journey, dead last, gets a poor rating. why? >> this is quintessential poor performance with the journey. the problem with vehicles that are not designed for this kind of crash is that the occupant compartment can just collapse. that is what happened with the
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journey. we had the instrument panel moving back nine inches toward the driver. the instrument panel ended up on top of the knees of the crash test dummy. there was so much crushing and intrusion down in the foot well, that the parking brake came back and gashed the lower left leg of the dummy. so, a lot of structural intrusion in the journey. and, on top of that the steering wheel moved to the right taking the frontal airbag wit and side airbag and side curtain airbag did not deploy. gerri: not a good result. move on to the marginal vehicles. which of these suvs got an ehh rating? >> second lowest rating. hyundai santa fe, cheap cherokee and dodge durango. these are vehicles that, in performing in this test, their structures just didn't hold up very well. gerri: hmmm. i want you to tell me was there a vehicle that stood out to you, that really did well in these
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tests? >> stellar performance is the nissan murano. this is a redesigned vehicle for 2015. nissan engineers built this test into their protocols for engineering this vehicle from the get-go. so it comes out of the box with stellar scores across the board. gerri: makes a big difference whether or not you actually design for this. that's for sure. what other results do you have here that, you know, drivers need to know about? >> well one of the things that is interesting is the jeep wrangler earned a good rating in the small overlap test. partly because it has a really strong bumper and a strong rigid suspension system that helped the wrangler kind of glance off of our test barrier but the wrangler is only marginal in two of our other tests rear impact test and side impact test. it also doesn't have a solid roof. so it can't earn our top safety pick rating. gerri: good stuff. really good to see results. thanks for being on the show.
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>> thanks as always, gerri. good to see you. gerri: good to see you. visit my website for the full safety ranks. we have all the information right there. also tonight "deflategate." tom brady's four-game suspension as well as the patriots historic fine and lost draft picks are inflating the twitter sphere. what does this mean for the pats going forward and broader economy as a whole or at least the broader sports economy? we're asking sports attorney richard roth. welcome back to the show. >> nice to be here. gerri: start with first things first. brady was the penalty mete the out to him was fair? >> absolutely was. there is clear evidence he engaged in the conduct. reason number two he failed to cooperate. he wouldn't give them his phone. he wouldn't meet with them. clearly if brady had nothing to hide, say look at whatever you want i did nothing wrong. four games is good result.
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gerri: four super bowl wins, three mvps. this guy technically, he is football and the nfl. if you want to find a picture in the dictionary it is this man. he gets a four-game suspension. he will not earn pay while he is out. this will be a big blow to the patriots i think. yeah, everybody will come out to see what happens. really? i'm not so convinced. >> i agree it's a big blow. another scar on the record. they had a scar couple years ago with bill belichick taking gameplan of the jets. it's a big blow. one thing you're not supposed to do is cheat. iron irony they were up 20-0. gerri: why bother? >> real question is, how many games was he engaging in this conduct? was it just one game or the season? is the record real or tarnished? that is the question that will be asked. gerri: am i only person in the world that maybe this is
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circumstantial evidence and maybe -- you're looking at me like i'm incredibly naive? >> you're not. i think new england would agree with you, new england fans but bottom line he did deflate balls. >> belichick, as you mentioned he was in trouble before. i'm wondering did he have any role in this? >> they don't believe some they don't know. this is something between the quarterback and the equipment people. that is really who was in control. gerri: they are really penalized here. they're out. >> l out. gerri: that seems unfair to me. >> i think it is unfair because if someone says to tom brady, tom, i'm not doing it, they will be out either way. i think it is unfair to them. tom brady deserves a four-game suspension. gerri: look at other notable suspensions for just a second. particularly sean peyton and ben roethlisberger. these guys paid, peyton was out two years for paying bounties. a four-game suspension for
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inflating the ball, we don't really know if he did it or not? >> far more. i agree with you, sean peyton far more serious. ben roethlisberger six games allegedly involved with a 20-year-old in a hotel. clearly much worse. you have compared the brady to four games it does seem severe to tom brady. it is all about cheating. yes, ray rice, go on to adrian peterson, on and on in the nfl. one thing they shouldn't allow is cheating. he cheated to win. gerri: i want to talk about the economic impact here. i think that is nothing small. nfl is the most popular game in the country. what everybody watches. tom brady is the face of that game, no doubt about it. nfl programing generates $3.2 billion. just ad revenue apparently the games add something like $5 billion to the broader economies in those nfl cities. this is a big deal. >> it's a big deal. gerri: will this hurt the economic impacts of this game in
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your view? >> i don't so. four weeks. watching new york giants playing green bay packers you're not affected. it is definitely a scar on the sport but i don't think on the broad picture this is a blip on the screen, all it is. >> blip on the screen. cheating scandal star player stays home for practically the first half season? >> it's a blip. economically a blip on the screen. gerri: richard so good to see you. >> thank you gerri. gerri: we want to know what you think. here is our question tonight, was tom brady's punishment too harsh, too lenient just right. log on to i will share the results at the end of tonight's show. a look at the best and worst airlines for summer travel. more accusations of abuse of power when it comes to the clinton foundation. the former head of sharety navigator speaks out. you will want to hear this. coming up after the break. tweet me @gerriwillisfbn.
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gerri: it's a list charities dread to be on, the watch-list of charity navigator a well-known charity watchdog. new reports claiming that the clinton foundation attempted to pressure the group to take them off the list. joining me ken berger, who was ceo of charity navigator when the decision to put the foundation on the watch list was made. ken, welcome back to the show. we know you very well. we know your organization very well. remind our viewers what this watch list is and how you evaluate charity. >> the watch list is something we utilize when there have been concerns raised about what is going on in the charity's operations. something that we think is so serious that we should make donors aware of it because it may affect their decision in terms of whether or not they are going to support an organization. gerri: when you took a look at the clinton foundation i know you don't do gumshoe
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investigation, but when you took a look at it, what did you find? >> when it comes to the watch list we based it upon media reports. we look what is coming in from different reputable media outlets. when we saw entries in the "washington post," "politico," market watch, all expressing concerns about things that were going on, in the operations and in the some of the decisions made about funding we thought that it rose to the level that donors should know about it. charity navigator doesn't make, you know, doesn't make a judgment one way or the other except to say, this is serious and people should at least consider it. gerri: so as i understand what you guys what charity navigator now does, you have left the organization although have ties to it still -- >> yes. gerri: you are basically telling people who want to give to charities which are the good charities that use their money wisely and get the most money to help people and those that do not. by putting the clinton foundation on the watch list what were you saying? >> we're saying donors, be aware that there are some concerns that have been raised by these
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media outlets. it has not risen to the level of a donor advisory, which we designate if there is government investigation or a lawsuit. but it is serious enough we think people should know about it. gerri: so, the big headline to me the clinton foundation did not like being on your watch list. >> yeah. gerri: what happened? >> this happened with charity navigator on a number of occasions with larger non-profits that have a national reputation. they want to negotiate. they want us to reconsider. they want to provide us with information so that we might not put it up there. gerri: they were trying to influence you? >> yes. gerri: they were trying to change your opinion? >> yes. absolutely. gerri: i understand that first they started in a nice way. first they were going to have you speak at the clinton one of their events, correct? >> i have spoken at two of their events, in the past. gerri: and so, then they upped the ante. now when i read the quotes from the clinton foundation acting executive director, they're not
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very kind. they say that you guys don't have an open book. that you guys aren't sharing information. true? >> no. it is certainly not true. if anything charity navigator is very much about openness of about everything that it does and process. everything that we did, when it came to the clinton foundation is up there on the website. we had email correspondence with them. i had a phone call with the executive director. gerri: how did that go? >> we did not come to an agreement by the end of the call but you know we are always open, charity navigator continues to be open to having those kind of conversations. i think it is understandable, an organization has those kind of concerns but, at the end of day it's a tough role to play to have to make judgments like that i can tell you. we get a lot of pressure -- gerri: a lot of pressure from the clinton foundation they need to have a spotless record. i just want to show a couple of facts that were published about the clinton foundation.
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in 2013 they spent nine million on direct aid but took in more than 140 million in grants and pledge. >> yeah. gerri: so as proportion of spending does that come anywhere close to what you like to see in a charity? >> it's a very unusual kind of structure they have so charity navigator discontinued rating the clinton found because it seems to be a pat-through. it has gal last. it is financial structure one that charity navigator decided not to render a judgment on. because of these reports charity 1/2 fate tore wanted to give a watch listen at this even though they would not rate them on their finances. >> ken, thank you for coming on the show. so good to see you. i know you so well. when i saw that i was shocked. appreciate your time. >> my pleasure. gerri: later in the show, you've got mail. we'll tell you about verizon's deal for aol. why this trade bill is so
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controversial. coming up.
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fast in the hallway. i feel like i've been here before. switch now and get the fastest wifi everywhere. comcast business. built for business. gerri: government moving too quickly? hard to imagine right? that is what happened when the state department was asked to approve bill clinton's lucrative speaking engagements. a stunning ap report that billed millions while clinton was secretary of state. as we learned from charity navigator before the break on the clinton foundation efforts to get off their watch list. guy benson from this show has been a big friend of charity navigator.
5:22 pm
we had ken berger on many times. what do you make of the clintons trying to push them around? >> they are bully, when they don't get their way. an independent group does a lot of great work notifying people what charities are doing right and wrong. listen, know based on the facts they're not spending a heck of a lot of money on charitable causes. they're spending a lot on travel on office supplies. lavish trips and galas. it's a real problem. that being said there seems to be two different standards for clintons than everybody else. bill going to the state department and then actually getting that approval. there needs to be a complete and total independent disclosure, and, investigation, i wouldn't call it an investigation, as to what they have done, what they have received in terms of monies, and if there is any nexus because i believe there is an intersection of money and politics. gerri: guy money and politics,
5:23 pm
that's for darn sure. your reaction to the charity navigator brew hue hue here. bill was able to get approvals for 50 million in speeches like that? >> i think the senator is absolutely right. this is another example of the clintons setting forth a totally separate set of rules for themselves than everyone else. they were angry they were being held to the same standard. there was phone call placed to board member. there was the long phone call you discussed with that previous guest. ultimately when they didn't get special treatment. what did they do? they started impuning charity navigator going after their practices and integrity and going on offense. that is what we see a lot from the clinton machine. this is no exception. this is just disappointing but not surprising. >> just to remind people we mentioned this in the last block, clinton foundation raised 240 million in 2013. spent nine million on direct aid, nine million. rest is mostly salaries.
5:24 pm
yes, sir there are galas. in the charity world that is unacceptable. nobody does that. i continued to be shocked by it. but scott, when you look at this what i keep wondering is it seems to me we're getting a clearer and clearer picture how the clinton foundation operates. why isn't there more outrage? >> well, because you don't have the mainstream media really reporting on it. i believe fox and a few other groups are referencing it. this is what they do. they kind of hunker down, hope it blows over wait until the next crisis, wait until the next story and poo-poo it, go on the offensive as you have seen. i find it unacceptable. as i said you need to have a full, fair, and open disclosure, not only of the money that they raised but where that money has gone and if there is a connection between what the state department was doing and what bill was getting. it is just too close of a comfort and quite frankly doesn't pass the smell test.
5:25 pm
gerri: doesn't pass the smell test. i want to switch tracks for a second and move on to the trade pact with pacific rim nations. it has been under negotiation for 10 years i think. we're talking about massive massive trade pact. very little information about it has been made public. the senate, they don't even want to talk about it, guy. it was cloture vote. no no, we don't want to talk about. senators are trying to save it even as i speak. what do you make of the whole situation? >> the politics are fascinating. president obama who is in favor of this trade deal. republicans overwhelmingly in favor of the trade deal. you have the president's own party, the democrats, who have filibustered just today, they filibustered moving forward to debate on this. i'm sure senator brown is chomping at the bit to get in on this discussion because the person leading the charge on democratic side of this on this filibuster is elizabeth warren. we hear so much from the media about the right-wing and tea party and ted cruz or
5:26 pm
whomever dragging republicans to the right. this is yet another example of the democratic party living in fear of the left-wing of their party and elizabeth warren is the champion of that. gerri: all right. scott, we're ponying it up for you here. let me just quickly because the president jumped all over her about that issue. i want you to respond what he said. he said about her comments objecting to the trade pact, the truth of matter is, elizabeth, elizabeth warren is as you know a politician like everybody else and on most issues she and i deeply agree. on this one her arguments don't stand the test of fact and scrutiny. now that is a fight in the democratic party, my friends. >> absolutely. it's a fight. you see senator warren has no record of accomplishment while being in the senate. certainly knows how to make sound bites but actually getting down and rolling up her sleeves and getting things done, she is the leader of party of no right now. you have an opportunity to create good, middle class jobs,
5:27 pm
raise the boat for middle class people, raise the pay equity for men and women. actually become a player in the world stage because we are a global economy. yet she's making sure that it is stopped because she is kowtowing to the unions and special interest groups. no different than what she did to get elected. here you have a bill that passed committee 20-6. senator carper, a good guy voted with republicans. but it is embarrassing quite frankly we can't be leaders on the world stage, not only militarily on for return policy you about now in trade. i support the president. i would have voted for it. maybe she should have reconsidered. gerri: guy quickly before we go, what is the fascinating here the president can't carry his own party. looks like democrats are running from the president. >> well, they can't even corral almost any votes within his own party on this issue. the democrats were almost lockstep as the senator
5:28 pm
mentioned in their filibuster. the politics are interesting. i saw a quote before we came on the air gerri, senator sherrod brown, very liberal senator from ohio, who is suggesting that the president's criticism of elizabeth warren on this might be rooted in sexism. i wonder is elizabeth warren is racist? if we get into this identity politics circular fighting squad for once to watch conservatives let the left eat themselves alive by their own stupid demigoddic rules. gerri: thanks for coming on the show. >> thank you gerri. gerri: bring you breaking news on a big shareholder battle at dupont. activist investors nelson peltz trying to shake up the dupont board. charlie gasparino with the latest. >> gerri he is asking for four seats on the dupont board. iss, major proxy firm sided with him. this is what nelson peltz is
5:29 pm
telling people on the eve of this shareholder vote that comes tomorrow. he is increasingly pessimistic about winning the for board seats. what he is saying the best he thinks he is going to is at least one. that one will be him. this is coming from nelson peltz himself. he is increasingly pessimistic about winning this very closely-watched proxy battle between dupont and peltz's fund. they own a major stake in dupont. they want to shake things up. three of their people including nelson peltz himself. what he is telling people he doesn't think they will not win. the main reason they will not win because index funds which own substantial chunk of dupont are likely to vote against him. while active investors vote for him. would follow the iss recommendation. that is the proxy advisor firm. gives advice what should happen in the proxy battles when antiindividual investors want changes in the company. they sided with peltz.
5:30 pm
he is saying activist investors want his board seats. index funds is likely to vet against him. that is the tally. we should point out this is moving target. the vote is not done yet. we should find out about it tomorrow morning. theoretically anything could happen. what he is telling people nelson peltz is telling people he will win one seat behave on his calculations. that one seat will be him. he will be on the board. that is what he is telling people he should point out. his try i don't know fund -- did not want me to run the story. because the vote is not coming out to tomorrow. i will tell you this. i will just give you this. the these are my sources, okay? it is what he is telling people. now maybe he is, one of those guys that don't like to predict victory, thinks it is bad luck but clearly indicating to people he doesn't think he will win what he wanted which is four board seats.
5:31 pm
likely to come away with just one. that one will be himself. gerri, back to you. >> charlie, thank you for updating that breaking news on an important story. nelson peltz. i know you will cover it tomorrow. thank you so much. from farmer jones to farmer drones we'll take you live to a farm where a new crop of technology is changing the game. next the top republican on the senate banking committee tells our peter barnes about his new legislation to water down dodd-frank. stay with us. ♪
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gerri: welcome back to the willis report. time for a look at other stories in news, authorities in nepal expect the death toll from today's earthquake to rise, the second quake in three weeks so far 43 people have been killed
5:35 pm
on april 25, another earthquake killed more than 8,000 people. >> and verizon buying aol giving verizon on-line content. >> more personally, verizon ghosts also on-line advertising know how. >> and verizon agreed to pay to settle charges that it allowed phony charges on customer's bills. two companies worked with third party vendors to sell prell premium texting services including horoscopes and sports scores when customers did not sign up for them. >> respect published by the graduate school of journalism said that magazine failed in reports and edits of the story. those are some of the stories in
5:36 pm
the news. >> back to dodd-frank, richard shelby availing new legislation, that would provide the biggest changes to financial services since dodd-frank. peter barnes sat down with the senator is joining us. >> this would be the biggest piece of banking ledge like since dodd-frank financial reform in 2010. dodd-frank supporters say it helps to make sure taxpayers will never have to bailout big banks again. but some critics say it went too far. senator shelby said his bill would fix some of these problem and help customers save money. >> we're trying to give relief to the small and reasonable banks, they didn't cause systemic risk to the economy. secondly they are over burdens with regulation, trying to lift that burden, which costs a lot
5:37 pm
of money. >> will this bill, save money for consumers? >> absolutely, because everything is passed on to the consumer if the smaller banks have less overhead, having to comply with rules that should not have been put on them, it will be more profits for them, and less cost to the consumer. >> and last question, what are the changes you make in most gang area? >> -- in most mortgage area. >> they are complicated. the way that smaller banks are treated when a deal with mortgages, we're trying to give them relief it goes back to the question who caused the systemic risks? the small banks did not. >> is this going to be a bipartisan bill? >> we hope so, it takes a while this is a discussion draft we believe this is a good bill, a
5:38 pm
good start. >> senator postponed marking up his bill in his commity from this week to next week after democrats protested his process for drafting it. a consumer financial advocacy group, better market attacked it as a trojan horse measure that helps wall street firms under the guys of providing relief for community banks. gerri: so much for bipartisanship. what else would the bill do? >> include supervision to provide more tran transparency and oversight of federal reserve. require fed to make economic and policy reports to congress quarterly, instead of every six months. and it would give fed discretion to limit its extra supervision of big banks to firms with assess the more than 500 million instead of all banks with assets of 50 billion right now. >> they are struggling, peter thank you.
5:39 pm
okay thank you. gerri: when we come back, jeff block has a live report from a farm in illinois looking at using drones. >> and summer travel season kicks off in less than two weeks. if you are looking to the skies we'll have a look at best and worst airlines. but first a consumer gauge at the numbers that matter most to you.
5:40 pm
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5:43 pm
chance of having your flight delayed this summer. >> it is not a good track record. it should be getting better, we have about 12% few are flights than 7 years ago. the skies are less full. there is a new next radar system but as always northeastern corridor controls the rest of the nation. gerri: united, jetblue american are worst performers, what do you tell people who ask you how can i try to get on a flight. there is nothing more annoying than missing a first day or half a day because you are stranded somewhere. >> you know you can't read tea leaves best thing to do if you are shopping for summer travel, earlier flights in morning 6 a.m. they 10 to be more on time
5:44 pm
-- they tend to be more on time, they don't have the trick trickle down issue. in new york and florida is there is a issue in chicago that trickles down later in the day if you take earlier flights, i know it a tough 4:00 a.m. wake-up call for some folks but they are more likely to arrive on time. gerri: you say know when to shop? >> there is a handful of days where there are few are flights in the air tuesday wednesday and saturday, there are few are fewer flights in the air that means there are more likely to be fewer issues. and you may have a couple of empty middle seats. gerri: that would be nice. what do i need to know about prepare? and then the situation with a young flyer.
5:45 pm
>> so a couple things on the day of flying there are a couple of great web site, flight stats look at weather map they have projects on delays. 1 in 4 is going to be delayed. i have taken 5 flights this year three have ben delayed. you know it will be delayed. you have to have a back up plan, it is almost impossible to change your ticket on-line and almost impossible with several thousand people calling in to the phone number. find yourself a gate agent go outside back to security sneak in to vip club, to find a human they will help you. gerri: quickly report of a father was separated from his 4-year-old on delta flight, della saying -- delta saying you have to pay for upgrade to sit with your child. when is that going to end? this not first time it happened.
5:46 pm
>> no it happening there is a zero tolerance policy, if you want a seat next to your child and confirm it, it will cost anywhere from $30 to $100, they will wait to last 24 hours to release seat then find their child, 10 rows away from them. gerri: that is ridiculous. >> you know you are at the mercy of people on plane saying would you like this middle seat, so i can sit next to my child. i have done that personally, the airlines have to fix this. gerri: i agree. this is ridiculous, paying that much more, rick thank you. >> thank you. gerri: now from airplane to something else drones, a bigger role in spring planting for farmers, last week the faa approved testing of farm drones to fly beyond the line of sight, jeff flock is in illinois with a look at how this works.
5:47 pm
>> reporter: i have covered a lot of spring plantings, but technological ways improves, this year some more crazy. look at -- i think we have a look at camera that afixed to the drone the eye in the sky for farmers, this is about to launch. >> we'll take off and show you what it can do. >> reporter: this is what they use to make sure that the crops are -- planting is good. you don't have wet spots or dry spots. >> a tool box we can use to determine a lot of different things like where wet spots are and plant health. >> reporter: you are controlling it right in -- you can talk to me and control it right here as we speak. >> yep we can go up, down, right, left, sideways. we can do it here at your fingertips. >> reporter: you would like to do more with this? right now you use it for on businessization. that -- observation in that is
5:48 pm
all it is approved for right now, but you would like to fertilize with it and dust your crops? >> if we could put fertilizer and pesticide we could use one of these in a smaller area, where it is necessary. >> reporter: much more efficient than just jumping stuff out of a plane. >> we can pinpoint where it needs to go, and spray those spots rather than the whole feel. >> reporter: japan, for example is where this drone that is where that is made, they use that in agriculture over there. >> they use this and other systems similar to it for different functions in their agricultural areas to fly the fields and maintain health of the fields. >> reporter: very good, i tell you, technology, you know we've come a long way even in 20, 30 years that i have been covering the farms planters, and
5:49 pm
combines and computers now eyes in the sky. right there sounds like a swarm of bees. >> thank you jeff appreciate your time. >> are you breaking into the real world or ready for a new path? the city to make a great place to start a career. why new college grads should be looking, next.
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>> that is where i would have to go next. >> there's a lot of company
5:54 pm
doing business. anything to add as to why this is a place to start your career? >> welcome of you w.h.o. know is home to so many corporation headquarters and then you have how they are really embracing this economy. gerri: the outlier is denver colorado. why is that working so well? >> when you are having a career, you want that for families you want a large population of 25 to 34-year-olds as well as a family that you're trying to make their and denver is a strong health care hub as well. gerri: okay, let's go to the worse places to start your career. i love it when you do the flipside. obviously this is a city that has had lots of problems in two california cities, fresno and
5:55 pm
stockton. can you tell us about that? >> fresno and stockton had some of the weirdest unemployment rates. they are at 12% unemployment the opportunities are just not there. gerri: in ohio ohio has had its share of pain. what is owing on their remap. >> welcome it still has this plant and they are trying to do better. they notice that they are not doing well in the economy, city officials and government have really tried to take a riskier and go going to other industries. alternative and history and they are actually doing really well. gerri: thank you so much for coming on. really interesting study, we will be right back
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
with gerri: we now want to hear from you come in the nfl handing tom brady his punishment of a four-game suspension for using them properly inflated
5:59 pm
footballs. was that too harsh? here's what some of you are saying about this. too harsh how can you punish someone on evidence that would not stand up in court. and the punishment is ridiculous, there's no solid evidence against brady. are all of these people new england patriot fans? and chris says honestly i don't care, i have no respect for the nfl. we asked the whole western on this as well. 30% said too harsh, 40% said too lenient. logon to for online question every weekday. and a pablo picasso painting has set a world record women of algiers, that is what you are looking at part of the sale of masterpieces of offered at christie's auction houses. and that is it for tonight
6:00 pm
"willis report", thank you for joining us. coming up next we have charles payne and his show "making money." have a great night. ♪ ♪ charles: this morning at 9:30 a.m. this was the big one. this long-overdue session where the holes finally give up and the bears rejoice. and at the low point up more than 180 points and then all of a sudden it just stopped going down. and the pressure came from the global bond market and a lot of people cannot explain it. the knee-jerk reaction is to sell everything and ask questions later. but of course there is a school of rock that say that higher yields affect a better economy and then there's that thing called common sense and at some point, they do rebound. so the market averted a disaster today, but a lot of people are still


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