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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 13, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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t 6 p.m., if you can't set your dvr you don't want to miss a moment, tomorrow a special show, charles and the crew in las vegas live from with the "money" show right now lou dobbs. lou: good evening, i am lou dobbs, new reports that united states may engage in a military showdown with china over the south china sea region, pentagon reportedly considering sending u.s. surveillance aircraft, and navy ships to within 12 nautical miles of disputed reefs that china has built up, and now claim as their own naive's goal to force china to make concessions. for its part china lashed out at united states for considering sending military force in to south china sea saying they were quote severely concerned.
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but will the united states follow through? and will failure to do so embowlin china as a -- embolden china as a result? the question is, what is the obama strategy? we look for answers. also president obama has a party inviting leaders of 6 persian gulf arab nations and almost no one showed up, president met with saudi crown prince. we called the meeting the g2 summit as a result. and white house refuses to acknowledge the snub. it is hard to explain why embahrain a king would -- why elba rainelse bahrain's king would attend a horse show instead. we take it up with ralph peters, and john hanna.
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strategy on the rails of amtrak last night investigation of the deadly am amtrak train derailment is focusing on the excessive speed, the train was traveling over 100 miles an hour when it derailed and crash in philadelphia running twice the speed limb out that stretch of track, we have a full report for you on the tragedy on which at least 7 people were killed, 200 others injured. we begin in china and washington with more tough stock from the obama administration, the state department promises there will be quote absolutely no doubt about washington's commitment to freedom of 1/2ing a and flight -- navigation and flight in region of the south china sea when secretary of state kerry is in beijing this weekend china's foreign ministry responded with a warping for united states, stating quote we demand the
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relevant side talks and does not take actions that are risky or provocative to maintain regional peace and sta billty, joining us now. lieutenant colonel ralph peters, good to have you with us. and china. this is a significant threat on the part of the chinese. it is also sort of antic an extravagant suggestion from your military they would send warships to the south china sea. >> this is a matter of grave concern. bottom line is that the chinese are not going to back down. they are not. they do not fear president obama. they do not respect president
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obama. that is a global problem. and second issue. chinese can't just takeover initial water -- international waters when they want, so what is the plan? what happens in the chinese or in local commander opens fire, hits or sinks au vessel. -- a u.s. vessel. what is the plan? what do you do then? i don't trust this administration to have clearly thought that through. now my biggest concern i was thinking about this coming into the studio, my worry these extreme case worries is that one spark goes off. chinese fire at a u.s. vessel. we get in a conflict with china or for that matter with iran or russia. i am worried about all of the others piling on seeing an opportunity. china piles on, russia piling on
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iran then you have a global struggle then the problem is our military is not up to it, it is too small too limited and just not prepared for multiinel conflicts. lou: to back just a bit up to where we are in terms of chain of decision making necessary to get to it point. why do you believe that pentagon would even pose a suggest or idea that would send surviolent aircraft -- surviolents surveillance aircraft and ships to south china sea. they would not do that without commander in chief would they? >> this has to be a presidential decision something of that gravity, there is a bit of a riddle to it, of course,. i think ashton carter, secretary of defense probably made a case to the president that we have already let it go on too long,
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china is building military islands in international water in disputed waters? we have rally always stood for the law of the seas, i think there is probably been a lot of internal debate, but there is a filing we have to send some signal to china at-this-point it is threatening to plow out of control. and also for our allies and clients and neutrals in the area they will have no chance, and no respect for us if we don't show the flag. lou: showing the flag, is insufficient. unless the president is prepared to go to war here. we would be i think expression would be damn fools to put our navy our survey surveillance aircraft in harm's way without a strong commitment to engagement if our insist stance is not met with a
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withdrawal on the part of the chinese from these islands. if i incrick? >> you are correct. we do not want to war china, i don't think that chinese' a war with us, but wars happen, for all of the money we put into defense, all high-tech weaponry our military could not defeat china. lou: if i could interject. we could not defeat china with the same mind set that our pentagon has possessed and civilian leaders have possessed over the last quarter century. our military has the wherewithal wherewithal. but -- that is not the result anyone wants. >> our military can defeat the chinese military, it condition
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defeat china -- it can't defeat china, that is hard, we're not structured to do it. we're not going to do it, you hit the key point we are not prepared to fight a real war. psycholog-- psychologically we have a leader ship at the national level that has never even suffered a bloody nose, let alone casualties. >> thank you -- did you say i hit a key point? did you say that? >> yes. lou, infinite number of monkeys and typewrite typewriters. lou: thank you i am vlad glad i pursued the point. >> you are brilliant. lou: turning to answers after a amtrak train derailed in philadelphia the train it
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turns out was traveling over 100 miles an hour on the dangerous curve. but that was ignored by lawmakers on capitol hill, they are engaging in a lot of heated debate about aging infrastructure and rail funding. fox news correspondent in philadelphia with our report. >> reporter: last night's deadly amtrak crash in philadelphia puts in stark focus potential implications of slashing its funding drastically. would more taxpayer money have prevented the derail the some democrats think so on capitol hill and white house. >> republicans unfortunately are considering legislation at the committee level that would cut fundings from the amtrak budget
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-- >> reporter: those concerns were moot congress voted to cut funding 30 on 21 in house appropriation committee led by republicans who decided not to vote based on the emotions on this awful day. >> have you no idea what caused this accident. and to use that as a means of supporting last amendment support it if you want to, but don't use this tragedy in that way, it is beneath you. >> reporter: the arguments about infrastructure and inquiries at the crashsite happen simultaneously. the engineer is not talking, we have no explanation for the startling discovery that the train 188 was traveling 100 miles an hour, more than double
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the 50 mile per hour speed limit for this curved part of the track, and more than 70 mile an hourspeed limit on part of track before that. was there something wrong with the train? or did the engineer have a lead foot in. >> it is incredible for many people walked away from the train last night, i don't know how it happened. but for the grace of god. >> reporter: companies and countries have been spending billions of dollars trying to figure out how to make trains go faster. but how much does it cost to make a train go slower, you know like the speed limit. >> thank you very much peter. lou: we're coming right back, stray with us, more ahead.
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lou: breaking news, senate leaders have struck a deal to give president obama authority to fast track international trade deal for congress to surrender its abillty to amend such legislation a day after the president's own party blocked the measure, but democrats have rolled over it seems and republicans remain in solidarity with chamber of commerce under the proposed geimproposeagreement, senate would vote tomorrow on 4 proposed bill, to complete negotiation on 12 nation transpacific deal that represents 40% of global gdp and a third of world trade. new yorkers can rest a lot easier tonight because of the heroic actions of nypd officers, new york police today shot and wounded a mad man suspected of
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randomly attacking several pedestrians with a hammer. man is believed to have attacked three women and a man this week. some of the victims hospitalized but all have been released, police officers today shot the suspect several times after he lunged a officer and her partner with the hammer. the suspect is in critical but stable condition. >> president obama is scheduled to address national peace officer memorial service this friday as part of police week, some officers who feel that president has carried out a campaign against law ep enforcement plan to turn their backs on the president my next guest will be attending that service, joining us, milwaukee county sheriff dave clark. your thoughts on the pro priority of the officers turning their backs? >> thank you lou. first of all, i think that
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president of the united states should name someone else this represent him it has not been a good year for him in local law enforcement, showing nothing but contempt and disdain for the american police officer. as for those individual officers that i heard may top turn their back on him that is a decision they will have to make. i would support it. sometimes, it is misinterpreted it a salute to the fallen officers for the way that political class for way that president and others have turned their back on us. lou: and if that happens, you could expect there will be considerconsiderable blow back from national media your thoughts. >> well. the liberal mainstream media has been carrying the anticop rhetoric false narrative about the law enforcement officer
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that is -- by this cop hating crowd. also a big deal about president obama, and eric holder, and mayor de blasio, continuing to bash us in this difficult time, it has been a deadly year for law enforcement receives, line of duty deaths are up 90% in last year. so that is what, i say in face of that difficult time, i think it would be wise politically for the president to take a flyer this year. lou: we're putting up a graphic 51 officers, killed last year. this is up from 27 previous year. i understand tonight you are attending, a candle light vigil
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to salute those officers killed in the line of duty, give us your thoughts about what that means to you the other officers and how you would expect perhaps the administration to also honor those officers, perhaps tonight? >> well, it would be a good time to take heed. this is a somber week. but this is also a week police officer week to you know rally around the things that we do to keep our communities safe, every dhow en lows are am officer -- every law enforcement officer in u.s. of america knows someone to their wall, over 20,000 names of officers killed in the line of duty, people that i worked with and people that i attended police academy with. it is a moving even tonight and the ceremony friday, i would encourage anyone, any time any chance you get a chance to visit
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nation's capital stop in at the law enforcement memorial you will be moved by what you see there. lou: sheriff david clark thank you for joining us. >> thank you lou. lou: would you support going to war with china over the south china sea dispute? cast your vote at lou: the search continues in nepal for a missing marine helicopter, that was carrying 6 u.s. marines and two nepalese military personnel. helicopter had been delivering humanitarian aid in a rugged area east of nepal's capital yesterday, when it lost contact. declared missing after. >> up next, president obama's conpounding policy -- confounding policy toward china makes less sense today. lou: one of nicaragua's biggest
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lou: a few thoughts now. defense secretary ash carter considering an increase military present near contested spratly islands after last week warning china against building the man-made islands on coral reefs. expanding artish in ally land to cover as much as 2000 acres of land. once completed they could include harbor, surveillance installations and airfields the obama administration has a lot of tough choices to make here,
7:27 pm
possibility of miscalculation on both sides rises as rhetoric rises and threats mull uply. president obama -- mull flying president obama as we know almost always never engages. while obama administration seems to recede from confronting a and seeks to negotiate a nuclear reactor and advance technology deal with china that could provide technology for quieter submarine power as china continues to make sure its aggressive ambitions if the obama administration has a strategy beyond withdrawal, it is not obvious. but it is glaringly contradictory and confounding the obama administration seeks a deal that would give china greater capability while considering direct confrontation
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in south china sea. make sense of that, if you will, if you can. >> secretary of state kerry travels to beijing this weekend. he would leave no doubt -- in south china sea. that message to be delivered only days after secretary kerry had a similar talk with the russian leaders in sochi russia that meeting resulted in nothing, as is so often the case with the secretary's meetings, but i believe give then administration's general lack of talent and its resulted lack of clarity and strategy, nothing is usually the best outcome for all of us. our quotation of the evening. >> nothing in all the world is more dangerous fannin than than sincere
7:29 pm
ignorance, we're coming right back, stay with us. >> coming up, it appears that the yemen ceasefire did not last 24 hours gulf arab coalition dropping more bombs on the enemy. john hanna will join us on the arab summit with mr. obama. and how seriously should we take china's threats. >> a bmx extreme rider pulls off a high-flying stunt, you don't want to miss it, when we return, stay with us.
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lou: in politics new fox news polls show bad news for hillary clinton. former secretary of state's favrah bill tie rating dropped to 45% nearly 6 in 10 americans say she was improperly influenced by clinton foundation donors while she was secretary of state. and in head-to-head polling she now loses to rob jeb bush. governor huckabee losing by 3 points, that is within the margin of error. lou: u.s. military disputing claims by the iraqi government today, iraq's deficient ministry -- defense ministry announces a
7:34 pm
strike killed the islamic state second in command a pentagon spokesman said it has no information with which to cooperate the claim, joining us in john hanna former national security adviser for vice president dick cheney. good to have you with us. to gulf summit, two heads of state from six nations show up, is that still a summit. >> hardly a summit, call it a meeting of deputy heads of state and the president. lou: we're going to call it g2. what can be clearer message in this meeting amongst these 6 nations or their delegations and
7:35 pm
the president than there is distrust on the part of the arab states of this government and positive policies. >> huge, lou. a fundamental crisis of confidence in the gulf and american leadership, watch what president has done for 6 years his entire presidency virtually has been about getting the united states out of the region and cutting a grand bargain with iran afternoon the arch enemy of these gulf arabs so, coming to this meeting, they were not playing shields in his photo op. lou: also making it is voice well heard today iran making it clear if u.s. or any other nation trying to intra intradict a
7:36 pm
ship, that app aid ship, there -- >> my gets guess it is a lot of iranian bluster, but you never know for sure, more than 25 years ago a much less capable iranian navy tried to challenge ronald reagan, and lost you know a good part of their navy, went to the bottom of the sea. so there is always a chance that the iranians could miscalculate challenge us then we'll see if president obama has about ronald reagan in him. lou: if there is a ronald reagan in him it is not obvious his secretary of state meeting with russian leaders and leaves the meeting in so much -- sochi with nothing, then turkey en this on to beijing where his folks made it clear, he is going to make it
7:37 pm
clear to the chinese that the waters of the south china seas will be freely freel. as well the airspace, it is not your reacted to this late concern about freedom of passage? >> this is the fundamental problem with the obama administration's foreign policy. and the -- the essential weakness at the heart of the policy when you try to be tough, nobody believes you it opens way for provocation that we're seeing whether 42 china russia or iran, it creates a huge potential for the type of thing that obama has been trying to avoided which a conflict with any of these major powers. i think that the chickens are coming home to roost for a very weak foreign policy. lou: it is a strange pattern
7:38 pm
that is now observable in this administration's conduct of policy on one hand with china as it threatening them, it is trying to negotiate and has negotiated a part of a deal to acquire advance u.s. nuclear reactors and advanced technology nuclear technology from united states at the same take as it seeks to reduce iran's nuclear capability in its program, with its talks, it is also confronting confronting iran over yemen. this is a peculiar pattern sanctions against russia while russia acquires crimea and continues to if you will, carry out a incurring in eastern --
7:39 pm
incursion without consent, this is destructive of u.s. interest. >> as i agree with you lou, i think you know, the uncertainty and unpredict billy is the most -- unpredictability is the dangerous thing if people don't know what you stand for that is when you get to dangerous territory. enemies challenge you in ways that can escalate to dangerous conflict. and your friends and allies you rely oo when times get tough do not have faith they can believe you any more. lou: one thing as becoming clear. those red lines don't amount to much do they? >> they are pink and fading to white. lou: john hanna we appreciate it. >> thank you lou. lou: foundation for defense of democracy, vote in our poll, would you support going to war
7:40 pm
with china over the is off south china sea dispute. >> x-game star pat laughlin pulling off a bicycle stun this week, he is flying through the air, lands on a bike waiting for him. how does he do that? and emerge without immense pain? no prizes, no money. laughlin testing new stunts during a practice run. look at that. incredible. plan up next, inquisitive tourists too close to the action one of the western hemisphere's most active volcanos. >> and a truck explosion create a shock wave strok strong enough to throw a young man across his
7:41 pm
yard. we have it all. stay with us, we're coming right back.
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lou: we're following breaking news on amtrak train derailment, officials identified third of 7 victims, is a wells fargo senior vice president, one of other
7:45 pm
victims an associated press employees and another a hid mid shim mid shipman, the other 4 remain unidentified. >> and train engineer, applied emergency brakes just moments before the crash derailment took place as train traveled 106 miles an hour into a dangerous curve. where speed limit is 50 miles an hour. >> 23 patients remain in the hospital. 8 are in critical condition. lou: on wall street stocks closed mixed. volume on big board 3.3 billion shares and listen to my financial report 3 times a day on the salem radio network. >> inspector scwhren inspect general for department of homeland security
7:46 pm
unveil a scathing report on obama administration. neither white house or homeland security department have been keeps track on whether illegal immigrants are de54ed from u.s. >> according to homeland security deputy watch dog despite a 21 billion dollar investment, it impossible to assess whether obama administration has made the departingation of illegal criminals a top priority. republican ron johnson is chairman of senate homeland security committee. >> the pain point is that department is not collecting data information they need to understand and produce good policy. >> reporter: what makes it
7:47 pm
report stand out are interviews with immigration agency who said they can't access an individual's criminal history as a result aliens wanted for a felony in their home own key but in the in u.s., may not be identified as a dhs enforcement priority. dodgethey did not dismiss the findings but say that republicans are to blame. >> because republicans block it. lou:. >> reporter: the number of unaccompanied children rose. >> that was caused by u.s. policy, that is manage this administration does not admit. >> reporter: senior homeland security official, said that -- not a one shot deal there are many chances to deport someone
7:48 pm
built into the system, a spokesman said they are creating a centralized database. lou: that is happen to note. thank you. >> nicaragua's most active volcano, living up to its reputation, a group of tourists caught within just feet as it started to erupt spewing ash rock and gas into the air. then they leave the area. local authorities claim that no one was injured. >> a raging truck fire in russia escalated to an explosion seen and felt for miles massive fireball created a shock wave it lifted a bystander 10 feet in the air propelled him 30 feet across his yard, the truck carrying acylic solvent when it
7:49 pm
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. lou: joining us tonight will ron red eye co-host former miss new york usa joanne nosuchinsky. good to have you here. >> hi. lou: important but pushed to the back of the book as it were. north korea executing his military his defense chief with an antiaircraft gun, joanne? >> apparently this guy fell asleep during a meeting. so now all of the other officials in these meetings will not blink. they will be too terrified to do a long blink for fear they are executed. lou: all that has happened with the succession of dictators, the last thing he would do is fall asleep at a meeting. >> he could have a late night could this be the definition of overkill. the good news for us i guess, is when you start killing all
7:54 pm
of your major military officers, dilute your officer corps, it's a good thing for south korea, the united states best if their military is not on its toes. lou: and maybe other communist nations emulate a successful regime. >> one would hope. lou: and go from there. millennials according to a "gallup poll," 44% of millennials. this is an astounding poll, reveals 44% of millennials believe privacy is kept most or all of the time by businesses or companies and they trust business but they don't trust the nsa, joanne. what is going on with the millennials? >> not that us millennials are too trusting we're blissfully ignorant. there are things we'd rather not know. lou: i would say the nsa and other government agencies can get behind that your thoughts? >> i think when you have a generation raised on reality television that tends towards a certain exhibitionism, yeah, it
7:55 pm
makes sense, not so much they're not concerned about privacy they really want people looking at the photos. lou: and that may go hand in hand with the other finding on millennials. a pew research poll finding millennials who do not consider them religious is rising. 25% used to call themselves unaffiliated, now 34%. god is not dead but pushed to a corner. >> religion isn't cool. that's the thing. if you preach that you believe in something, it leaves you vulnerable to criticism. no one wants to get into that. lou: any strong religious feelings about this? >> joanne makes a good point. >> i always do. >> you have been known to make one or two on occasion when you preach something forcefully. we're in a time "gallup" found that americans are comfortable with a gay president than an evangelical at this point. christianity has a branding
7:56 pm
point and that's something christians have to figure out internally. lou: and speaking of gays the gays is the expression there swedish pro-gays, by the way, 1944 they dealt with this issue the swedes were quite advanced more than i think most of us realized. last year sweden was irked at signs that foreign submarines were entering their waters and the sweden peace and arbitration society, i love that name dedicated to study and promotion suggests sitting out gay propaganda by morse code to the russians. >> that's creative it's a tactic for sure, and might work, which is the sad thing. it just might prevent the frugz entering their space. lou: it is extraordinary. the russians are so vigorously
7:57 pm
anti-gaye. >> yeah. lou: but you could track submarines to see how truly anti-gay they are, that is one thing you could do. >> one study you could do. this is an example what the kids, what the millennials call trolling. russia has a horrible record on gay rights and it's a good thing to -- it's a good propaganda coup for the west. lou: what i like about the story, i hope it would suggest our pentagon to our commander in chief that maybe there are other ways in being creative in engaging with the enemy simply, you know, a low cost and clever one. >> make love not war. lou: there's an expression i have never heard. >> i just came up with that right now. lou: seems so reminiscent of my youth. actually -- let's turn to washington very quickly. obama is having a really bad week again nothing seems to be
7:58 pm
going his way, is there any way he can create a legacy preserve a legacy if there is one to be had here. washington you people talk like that legacies, right? >> all the time all us millennials in washington get together and discuss the president's legacy. it was jonah goldberg pointed out that the president has one singular political talent, that's getting barack obama elected. beyond that, the country has taken steps in gay rights obamacare would be his biggest economic legacy. you see the democratic party is more divided than we thought it was for a long time. >> i want to apologize for obama for working at fox news apparently that's the biggest detriment to his legacy so he says. lou: he's pretty upset about that. but he hasn't blamed us yet for crimea, or for that matter for the south china sea. >> but there is still time.
7:59 pm
>> the night is young. lou: the night is young, and what a way to close on barack obama's legacy good to have you with us will joanne thank you so much. time for a look at our online poll results, we asked -- get ready tom brady 79% say goodell is -- do i say that right? goodell is a liability for the nfl. that's about 80% by my calculation. time for a few of your comments. started so kind. richard wrote on my facebook page -- now there's a thought. and raymond in new jersey --
8:00 pm
good idea. let them loose. coming up tomorrow, former ambassador to the u.n. john bolton. good night. neil: out of all the republicans promise, they will, will, will not tax us down and rite of passage proving to the right they will cut taxes the most. welcome, everybody i'm neil cavuto. and apparently size does matter, when it comes to republicans running for president, they're tripping over each other arguing who has the biggest tax cut. kind of in the eye of the beholder. let me review. chris christie the latest to say top corporate tax rate 25%, top personal rate of 28% gets him noticed. rand paul early on favoring a single flat tax at 17%. marco rubio says a simplified tax code would take the top rate down to 35% but do


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