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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  May 17, 2015 2:30am-3:01am EDT

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>> gary. >> don't like retail stocks bear. >> gary b.? >> dunkin is going up 20% by the end of the year. >> john you have something to say about dunkin. >> i'm a krispy kreme guy, sorry, gary. >> cavuto toeon business is coming up next. i think the effort to suggest that the poor are sponges, leeches, don't want to work are lazy are undeserving, got traction. look it's still being propagate propagated. i have to say that if you watch fox news on a regular basis, it is a constant menu they will find like folks who make me mad. i don't know where they find them right? they are all, like --
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>> well, i knew it. we did it. if this country has problems chances are fox news caused them. >> i think it is fair to say that i don't always get my most favorable coverage on fox. rupe rupert murdoch who owns fox news. let's just say he doesn't have an obama sticker on his car. i was watching fox news and they said this is horrible. >> we are that and then some. i'm neil cavuto. for a president who insists he doesn't watch fox, he sure seems obsessed with fox and for good reason. because it's time for me to fess up he's right. if it's bad, it's fox. it's me. and if it's a lot bigger than you know it's us to review. that missing malaysian jet liner they still can't find fox news. that drought in california fox. sticking it to jerry brown. that asteroid -- that hit russia a couple years back.
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fox is sending a warning to vladimir putin. the kennedy assassination, that was a fox news cameraman. know you know. i know what you're thinking fox news wasn't even around back then. two words, time travel. because that was also fox news in abraham lincoln's booth. and the titanic, yeah we sunk it. wanted environmentalists to just think about it. the hindenberg, fox. hurricanes fox. fast and famine, fox and fox. the dinosaurs wiped off the planet fox news. the play fox. the inquisition, fox. msnbc, not fox. that one was like a gift. but i'm telling you, i'm telling you, everything else was exclusively us. so now you know. what does a nation do to charles payne, charlie gasparino,
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curiously, my friend ben stein isn't here this week. curious. we'll leave it at that. but enough about him, charles payne, back to us. the president's on to us. which means he's on to you. what do you think? >> yeah. he's definitely on to me okay? and his minoiions have let me know. it's funny that he says fox news is the leading proponent to cast the poor sponges as leeches and users, but i tell you what on the other end of the spectrum without a doubt, president obama is a leading voice in a sense that someone born poor in this country, particularly black and poor have no chance that they have seer row opportunity to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and they are somehow an astronaut shot into space, no gravity, nothing to hold on to nothing to grab on to no way to control their own destiny and to me that's a bigger crime. >> what do you think?
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>> now i know why i worked here. we were responsible for that all pretty good stuff. >> not the 100 years of war but that would have taken a lot of time. >> same valentine's day massacre. what is interesting about president obama, you would think a man of his intelligence which i think he has a great amount of intelligence and a lot of researchers, could have come up with the whole list of how badly we comment on poor people by himself. but he didn't. guess what he got it from? he got it from media matters. that's the left-wing, i don't know what they are, sort of a commentary that dedicates a lot of stuff about fox. they came out with a list which i made by the way, i was very happy i actually made the last item on beating up on the poor. they came out with the list i think charles was in it 25 times. the greatest thing against war, that was picked up by jon
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stewart. this is from the far left. >> what do you think? >> i think he likes attention and he's going to get it from the liberals and get it from the very news channel that he openly despises right? he likes negative attention and positive attention. but if you want to focus on poverty in this country, he has done more to transfer money to the poor and to these programs whether it's food stamps or getting more people on disability. whether it was large parts of the stimulus. whether it was obamacare. you still have wages that are not keeping up with inflation. media and household income not rebounding with the economic recovery. and inequality is greater today than several years ago, period. >> period is right. adam i know the only time you watch fox news is when you're on it like now. but i know you like that other channel. but here's what -- i'm kidding. here's what i found interesting in the president's comments. everyone can be thin skinned, and they are entitled to that i am. but even when msnbc took him on
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this trade deal, he pointed that out. so even a very friendly channel to him, when someone disagrees with him, you know he points it out. >> now, look we all are sensitive to criticism. some more than others but i'm telling you, there's a pattern to this behavior. and a pattern to how he reacts when anyone even on his side questions him. whether it's elizabeth warren or liz. you know what i mean? that's what i find very telling and very revealing. >> i don't disagree. presidents are notoriously thin-skinned about their press coverage. this one is no different than the ones who came before them. >> but john kennedy kept it quiet. if he had a problem, he wined and moaned about it to his staff. ronald reagan too. famously he had many annoying sessions with his chief of staff talking about it. but not in public. >> and i also was going to go to reagan. and you brought up kennedy. these were two lovers of the media. these were two presidents who
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consumed the media and interacted with the media aggressively playfully, seriously. and so on. i actually think, neil sort of taking the high road on this conversation if i might, given my perspective, that the president got it wrong. the conversation i find very frequently on our program, for example, and that deegan just brought up is that we tend to have a tone in our that the government is always the problem, that obama is always the problem, his administration is always the problem, and that we need a lot less of that and they do a bad job. i think that is what he should have harped on. he should have said you guys just assume i'm wrong. you assume i'm wrong all the time and let's talk about that. >> let's declare why he's mad. for many years, you know you had one debate going on, is listen i worked in the quote/unquote wall street journal on the reporting side "newsweek" magazine. >> you still do. >> i know but i was not on the editorial pages, i'm saying. it was one way of thinking. >> was it delivering them? >> i delivered them too.
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i think one year. one of my jobs in college was that. but there was only one voice and that was center left. that was in the media. fox came along and actually provided the other side and that's what the liberals are so mad about. that's what president obama -- there's one network that actually questions some of the doney things he does. >> not that we have to cover our own fannies here but we -- we are defending republicans and democrats. i expect us to be thin skinned. i know you pay attention when it is about us. i kind of have a different standard for my presidents whether republican or democrat. and i know the latest remarks are in the contest of an hour and a half speech talking about poverty, whatever but it immediately had gone to us and the discussion about us. and i just think that's all well and good but in the end it comes back to are you delivering the goods? are you, mr. president, working with congress or failing to work with congress or congress failing to work with you getting it done? >> right. are your programs and your
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efforts changing inequality in this country? no you didn't focus on economic growth. instead you focused on inequality. to paraphrase the economy just got worse. he's thin-skinned. i have said this before like my grandmother, he always says let me be clear. because we are too stupid to understand what he's saying when we disagree with him. so it's basically like either you agree with me if you don't agree with me you're a big dum-dum. >> let me tell you this on a national stage. the opposition to left-wing progressive thought was one guy on crossfire. bob novak, the prince of darkness. >> there are a lot of thin-skinned conservatives. >> i'm not saying that but liberal politicians are not used to the media critiquing them. >> they should be now.
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but go ahead. >> charlie, that's not new news. that's exactly what i was going to say. i think they have gotten the point. i think that part is obvious. >> well, that's why he's so mad. >> well, first of all, obviously the president is flattering fox news by mentioning fox news. but you know what he really can't win if he doesn't have this sort of playful exchange and take jabs people are going to say, why can't you be a regular guy? at the same sometime the president should be taking the high road. >> thest a >>it's a bigger story here. liberal politicians, until fox news were not used to having their feet held to the fire. if you look at what is happening in new york city now, look at their mayor. he's a very progressive mayor. it's one against a million. you look at what is happening in new york city a very progressive mayor, comrade bill de blasio. >> i know. >> he's touring the country while there are murders on the uptick in new york city. you don't read too much about that. >> no. by the way, what was that
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nonsense abouttinue to update you
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on these stories throughout the day. back to "cavuto on business." it's the union version of do not as we do. union workers believe they should get massive wage hikes, but when it comes to their own survival unions are perfectly happy doing something else. the uaw is pushing a plan to hire thousands of new auto
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workers at a much lower wage to protect union jobs. but wait a minute isn't that the same argument that fast food owners have been using? a two-tier paid structure for younger, less experienced workers to keep their jobs. they'll talk about a piece and a work and a double standard. charles payne, what do you think? >> i agree 1000%, neil but this is not necessarily new. the unions are -- one of the reasons they have crumbled with respect to a percentage of the total workforce is because these kind of policies. they are in it for themselves 100% and the whole hierarchy and the seniority kind of thing is discouraging. we saw it in the throes of the great recession when certain police departments wouldn't hire young cops because older cops had to get all the things and that's the way the unions work. we see it with union dues and across the board over and over again where the things that they are sort of worried about that they preach they are practicing. >> i have no problem with the
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uaw position. i think it is fine. but then don't lecture others what to do when you know it makes very good business sense overall to protect and keep union jobs this protects everyone rather than shoving others out the door. >> it's about building the number of people in the uaw, period. it's recovered in the last six years but extremely slowly. what the uaw membership is 400,000. it was a million and a half people in the late '70s. it's about adding numbers of union workers and collecting the dues. and it fills the coffers so they can donate to democratic causes. >> and push people -- >> are you going to mention that my dad was in the union? >> really? what do you make of this? i have no problem with that policy. but i just think you have to own it. >> but they are doing something really good here. i think they should be co commended. the guy learning the craft is --
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why are you suggesting they are not? >> because seeing how they are pushing the fast food workers to demand -- i understand that but it's an example of a union necessity. >> i'm a union guy. there are different unions in this country. >> you don't think the workers union advocates the same thing? >> no. they are different unions with different policies okay? >> okay. be careful what you're saying here. if the service workers union advocated the same thing, this is a union advocating a policy it deserves the union to advocate the same policy would you call them on it? >> of course. that's the nature of the union movement. >> okay here we go. adam what do you think of that because i think charlie gasparino wants it both ways what do you say? >> i'm going to get all ethnic on you at the same time. i find it very uncomfortable
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when i have to follow him when he says what i'm going to say. and furthermore, i have to agree with him. unions are not monolithic. >> they kind of preach from the same choir. that's fair to say. >> to some extent. >> that's true. the uaw is behaving in a business-like fashion here. and, at the same time tomorrow -- well, if they were to turn around tomorrow and do something that was just good for their members and wasn't fair and wasn't business-like, we would have to say, they are doing the best they can. it's a tough road for them. >> charles, what do you make of that? because i think unions do generally read from the same script and i think that a message do as we say, do as we -- i get different vibes. >> agree with you 1000%. here's the problem for the uawn the last sixtwo years six major
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auto part companies have relocated to mexico. the uaw has succumb to the nature of free market. they have had no choice. and they would do the sciu thing and did it for years they bankrupted the auto industry but now they absolutely have zero choice. it's called survival. they have not changed their stripes. >> when i come back with "forbes on fox," dave is ready. what is on deck? hi neil. making a lot of money in america is like winning the lottery. the president is suggesting it but isn't it called living the american dream? plus more millenials are dropping out of college and that's great news for all of us. we'll explain on the flip side at the top of the hour. thank you very much david.
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watch out for that drone. yet another one getting a little too close for comfort to the white house. just a day later, in pittsburgh a drone nearly colliding with a news chopper. says it is going to take a real tragedy before something gets done but we've had a lot of these near whatever incidents and i'm telling you, you're right, it's only a matter of time. >> the tragedy is going to be someone flies one near me on a beach somewhere because i'm going to take a baseball bat and walk my way across the country and destroy every hobbyist drone in existence. and then the faa is getting in the way of commercial drone use. they won't sign off on amazon using them. they're getting in the way -- >> calm down i didn't launch the drone -- by the way, just mentioned it -- >> but you're sitting here. >> who are these people?
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they're like nerdy guys, right? >> i don't know if you criticize them they get completely outraged. they're like i don't know star trek fans. >> careful, my base my viewership. you and i have discussed it. it doesn't take much. we've seen seagulls sucked into jet engines. i think whatever happens. it could be an accident. there could be quite a few of these things flying around there. should we be policing them by new faa guidelines i'm told are there but not being enforced? >> i think we have two things. the hobbyists that used to be relegated to the parking lot of an empty mall just four or five geeks flying these things. listen that might be the way they introduce themselves to you but -- >> obviously we've learned that's not the way to do it. >> no it's not. but we are hurting the commercial area. other countries are way ahead of us on this. it's a shame because we're missing amazing opportunities.
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drones will be a part of everyday life at some point. get used to it. the hobbyists, stay away from dagen. >> speaking that, amazon and some of these others are looking for drones to deliver packages. we heard news hey, wherever you are, we can have it dropped off. if you're walking in the parking lot, central park in new york and get mugged, they can probably send you a weapon. my point is they're now, you know ubiquitous everywhere. >> it's really cool but i totally aplayedplaud the need for government regulation to make sure they are safe. >> you have to tell those geeks -- >> this is scary, if they want -- >> not funny, i totally agree, there's going to be a tragedy and it's going to be because some geek. >> remember it's not the size of the drone.
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charlie and dagen, thank you. meanwhile, a lot of worrying over interest rates spiking. but not these guys. they have the stocks ready.
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stocks go up when rates go up. charles payne, you're first.
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>> ibm has been a winner. i think it's coming back. it's a stock to buy while wall street doesn't love it. >> krg is a regular banking etf. if rates dough do go up. >> david is next. if we can't ask from society's lottery winners to just make that modest investment then really this conversation is for show. >> the president suggesting that the super successful in this country are super lucky. like lotto winners. now, where have we heard that before? >> if you've got a business you didn't build that somebody else made that happen. >> i did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of, you know fat cat bankers on wall street. it must be because i worked harder than everybody else. there are a


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