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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 29, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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inheritance, remember you can't take it with you. do you have a strange inheritance story you'd like to cher with share with us. send me an e-mail or go to our website. us. now leave you with the man xl himself, lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. president obama tonight corroborating some o@#ñ the claims that he's soft on terror. why else would the obama administration reverse morez;r
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that coming as defense secretary ash carter is in the region in singapore at which he is expected to demand that china immediately stop those projects. perhaps china has taken some note of how empty obama white house threats red lines and ultimatums have been over the years. we'll see. what will be the consequences of another reckless obama foreign policy decision? we'll be asking general jack
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keane. and the clinton foundation's pay to play scandal keeps growing. worsening it seems each passing day. this time, a czech supermodel paid out half million dollars to get former president clinton to accept a lifetime achievement award. a supermodel, a half million dollars and bubba. the clinton foundation scandal gets better and better. ed rollins among our guests tonight. after the united states will not be responsible for iraq's security the islamic state claimed responsibility for bombings at two hotels in baghdad. and in russia vladimir putin taking advantage of mr. obama's flexibility. conducting surprise military
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exercises and the sea as nato is holding its own military exercises. joining us to discuss the consequences to the president's decisions former army advice chief of staff fox news military analyst general jack keane general good to have you here. it seems an appropriate question tonight. has the president simply decided that every president over the last half century has been wrong on cuba wrong on europe and russia and china? >> what's been unfolding is nothing short of stunning, to watch the geopolitical policy decisions that the president is making, and certainly this one with cuba is remarkably similar to what he was doing with iran. he believes that a peaceful overture in iran nuclear negotiations will lead to iran joining the community of
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nations as a result of a decision on those negotiations. he believes that cuba by giving them diplomatic recognition and supporting their endeavors in the region will somehow get this communist totalitarian repressive regime to join the community of nations. there is nothing that supports that. all of our allies, none of our allies agree with it, and it's arrogant, and it's naive to watch this unfold. lou: and in the middle east the president seemingly acquiescing to iranian demands and negotiations over nuclear weapons limitations which will amount effectively to two to three months a breakout period, whatever the result of that discussion, if it does lead to an agreement. what are we to make of what is unfolding in iraq, the decision announced as sort of retroactively that the
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president had decided not to degrade, and not to destroy the islamic state? >> well, i think this week it's been very revealing. i'm sure as there have been numerous meetings with the national security apparatus dealing with the aftermath of ramadi. what the administration seems to be saying to us is that they're distancing themselves from iraq because of recent failures particularly ramadi and finding words to retool with the relationship. i find that disappointing, obviously. what's taking place in iraq certainly has relationship to us since 2003. our interest in iraq is not just about iraq. it's about united states interest in the region the security of the american people, and our interest for the stability of the middle east, and that is critical to us. and it appears that the president is beginning to walk
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away from iraq as part of what he's done in disengaging from the middle east. lou: as he walks away from iraq, the fight with the islamic state, what are the implications here for example the ambitions and the aggression the annexation of crimea, the threat towards scandinavia, eastern europe by vladimir putin? does this president and his passivity render nato effectively a shell organization now? >> well, you know, most of us looking at this the policy decisions the president has made and the implications it's had in the region and how our adversaries are taking advantage of it. we connect the dots and absolutely see the relationship of the adversary relationship of iran, of isis of putin, of china all taking advantage of the united states weak american
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power and weak american leadership. and that is going to continue, sadly right up until the administration ends. what he's going to turn over to the next president is going to be very significant in terms of our security challenges around the world. lou: this president his administration, talked of a pivot to asia at the time trying deflect from iraq and the disastrous policies, whether they are libya whether syria that the president has been woefully inept in carrying out, particularly over the past year but this pivot to asia now. ash carter the defense secretary is in singapore for an international security conference at which the chinese will have officials, and this defense secretary is going to continue, i would assume to bluster about what will happen to the chinese if they continue to build these artificial
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islands, and deploy weapons to them. it's impossible to imagine the chinese would take that as even slightly credible, on the part of this administration. >> yeah, absolutely right. i mean the chinese saw the rhetoric surrounding the pivot to asia which was camouflaged for disengaging from the middle east, which was the real policy decision, and the pivot to asia had no capabilities that went along with it in terms of military capabilities and diplomatic effort to change the dimension of what china was trying to achieve. you know, china now, it's clear has moved from a defensive military strategy to a regional offensive strategy to seek domination of the western pacific and the south china sea, largely at the expense of the united states and our allies. i mean, they were covering that for some time as they were beginning to build a higher capacity military, but now it's right out in the open. they don't hide it from
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anybody. and i think they're pursuing their own national interests regardless what the united states is doing, that's true of most nations. they are clearly taking advantage of american power weakness, and they know that this is rhetoric because they've seen it dealing with putin. they've seen it dealing with iran. they've seen it as you point out dealing with cuba. seen it more so with isis. this is a huge pattern where can you connect the dots of american power weakness. lou: general jack keane thank you, appreciate it. >> good talking to you, lou. lou: here at home more bad news for the so-called obama economy. the economy contracted down 7/10 percent in the first quarter down from initial estimates shrinking less than economists anticipated. they anticipated .8% if you can call that good news. winter weather and a stronger dollar blamed for the contraction since 2009. this has been an economic
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recovery that has been marked by at best, tepid growth. since president obama took office, the economy has grown at an average rate of 1.8%. 1.8% the historical average for recoveries in excess of 3%. we're coming right back with much more here tonight. stay with us. . the clintons embroiled in yet another scandal. oh, that bubba. this time a czech supermodel paying bill half a million dollars just to show up at a charity event. republican strategist ed rollins on all that and much more. and amazing video of a rescue in texas. the historic flooding there so bad, even the rescuers need
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olves a czech supermodel. we've been waiting for, this haven't we. the "new york times" reporting former president bill clinton needed a little coaxing apparently before accepting a lifetime achievement award from the happy hearts fund. the former president agreed to an appearance at the event only after charity founder petra
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nimkova offers the president, the bill, hillary and chelsea clinton foundation a half million dollars. there was a time that wouldn't have been required, we think on the part of the former president. hillary clinton will soon get a little competition on the campaign trail. former maryland governor martin o'malley set to announce bid for the democratic presidential nomination that will occur tomorrow in charming city, baltimore. o'malley teased the event by posting a video of himself playing hail to the chief. are you ready for this? here we go! ♪. lou: seems satisfied. in addition to being governor o'malley has been the longtime
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front man of an irish rock band. the name of which i don't know. joining us now former reagan white house political director republican strategist, fox news political analyst ed rollins. you must be overwhelmed by the memories of bill clinton playing saxophone as you hear martin o'malley strum a guitar. >> don't forget mike huckabee has a band, too. we've got orders in this campaign. lou: this is going to be great. lovely. o'malley? >> o'malley is a very legitimate governor. he had a good record for maryland, very democrat state. normally would be in a competitive race would be a viable candidate. obviously the democrats pretty much made up their mind that hillary is the nominee and it's going to be hard for him to get traction, but don't underestimate him, he's a good candidate, an interesting story to tell and understands a lot of the problems of states and cities. lou: i will first have to estimate him before i can
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underestimate him, and one of the problems i've got is he's announcing in baltimore. if there's a more screwedup city with a horrible legacy of a half century of democratic rule and corruption i don't know of it in this country. >> i'm not sure where he could go. mayor for 8 years governor for 16 years. i think he's going to talk about urban problems and what have you. lou: he's an expert on them. i don't know if he can claim he's an expert on solving them. >> there's no place else he can start. i don't think he can go another state and begin without insulting the people that are very fortunate him. lou: let's turn to bill clinton. a czech supermodel, half a million dollars necessary for him to show up at a charity event to receive an lifetime achievement award. bill clinton that's a lot of incentive for the former president. >> first of all, you have to understand, she wasn't just a model, she became famous when
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she was in a tragedy and lost her boyfriend and set up the charity after thamp the clinton foundation could live off endowment. it does not need any additional. that's what they're doing. the first check they ought to write tomorrow is back to the association and ought to put a freeze on as long as she's running for president and gets elected president. lou: when a man gets a check for half a million dollars from a charity that's inducive. >> they had to go down to 42 street to ciprianis. lou: bursting affection here for the former president on your part. but i can't even begin. >> listen do i like bill clinton as a human being? yes, do i think he was a great politician? yes. do i think he was a great president? absolutely not. this foundation which started out doing good things has become a total mess and i think people have a right to know what they're doing, where the money is and how it was run. that's going to happen in the
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course of this campaign. lou: latest poll, hillary v. gop. against clinton only marco rubio and rand paul come close if the election were held today. yet you've got five, five of the candidates at 10% republican candidates and none of them do well against her? >> first all -- lou: and i know it's early. >> early in the stage, and not a national election state by state election. my sense, the more telling story is not how they do against her at this point in time how they do against each other. we have a very crowded field, and no one is moving forward. i don't know whether that's good, bad or indifferent. i think it's disturbing when have you 12, 13, 14, 15 people all legitimate people in their own rights and they're going to tear each other up but the process is long and distracting to the american public when they should be trying to make the focus where the country should be going. lou: how about a counterview, ed. you're the political maven
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here, how about a counterview that these folks getting engaged in this race for the republican nomination means that somebody is going to have to talk about issues. they're going to have to talk about the 1%, 99%. they're going to talk about income gaps. they're going to talk about a country right now that is shoveling jobs out faster than they can be created even as a president beats his chest about creating 16 million jobs which is utter nonsense. we have 30 million people unemployed. a labor force participation rate that is below 63%. the madness goes on! >> i think first of all, i'd love to see him as moderator as one of the debates and the debates are too short and not the only part of the campaign. we have legitimate people who ran states got elected in states, people capable of talking about the issues and i hope the forum is they can do
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that along the course he's. we talked about a country that desperately needs answers to the serious problems. lou: ed rollins good to have you as always. >> thank you. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight, the question is -- cast your vote at emergency officials working overtime in the state of texas rising floodwaters continue. dozens of people are trapped tonight still. in a northeastern suburb of dallas, a police officer supervising traffic on a local road himself in need of rescue after those water levels suddenly rose to alarming levels. the police officer was trapped in his suv. a helicopter was able to airlift him out of harm's way. earlier in the day another woman on the same road trapped on the top of her car rescued by a passing hovercraft. the storms go on in texas. up next, the lead from
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behind president, has he struck again? my commentary coming up. that's one small step for m.i.t. researchers. a big old giant leap for robot kind. wah! go!
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. lou: a few thoughts now about the obama administration's pension for passivity and denial, not a criticism at all, of course, just an observation or two or three. you probably notice the white house is all but unimaginable ad mixture of incompetence high bound ideological certitude contempt for heritage and disregard and all the facts and consequences. today mr. obama accelerated his role back of 50 years of american foreign policy with hardly a single trumpet sounding. and he is leaving absolutely no corner of the world unaffected.
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officially removing cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism. only 45 days after he announced his plan to reverse a half century of foreign policy with cuba and without symmetrical alteration of policy. and despite three day long inclusion on that list in qatar the five former guantanamo bay taliban detainees traded for bowe bergdahl a year ago are now free or at least they will be this monday to travel, anywhere. and return to terrorism against the united states. our allies or anyone else for that matter. in iraq, the obama administration backing away from months of promising to degrade and destroy the islamic state announcing this week that the united states will perhaps be helpful to our allies including iraq but no longer be responsible for securing the country. >> our strategy is to support
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the iraqi security forces in doing what we will not do for them. the united states is prepared to train them, to equip them, and to back them on the battlefield with coalition military air power as they take the fight to isil in their own country. the united states is not responsible for securing the security situation inside of iraq. lou: while president obama withdraws american power from region after region around the globe there's barely been time for a vacuum to form. iraq is fully reliant on iran, and indeed dependent upon the iranian backed and led shia militias to battle the islamic state. russia stepping up aggression amassing heavy firepower on the border with ukraine threatening not only ukraine but the baltic states scandinavian countries as it launches large scale military exercises and provokes the united states and our allies with jet fighters and long range bombers. in the south china sea, china
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continues expansionary policies positioning weapons now on the artificial islands that the chinese are constructing. china bellowing stern warnings of war to the united states without response from the white house as the chinese have constructed now more than 1500 acres of new land on the spratly island since the beginning of this year. the obama administration seems undeterred in any way, and mr. obama must laugh when he hears his critics say he has no strategy in foreign policy because he clearly does, and what many of his critics refuse to acknowledge is that the obama strategy is unwavering and it is deafening. the president is rolling back decades of u.s. foreign policy. reneging on countless commitments and once reliable alliances, withdrawing not only from iraq and afghanistan but the middle east as he offers weapons to some allies but not all, and no more degrade and
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destroy the islamic state, that would be much too big a commitment for this president. a president who has acceded to vladimir putin's annexation of crimea and much more territory across eastern europe and acceded his roll to the ayatollah khomeini as well, and few would imagine that chinese president chi is worried that our president would present much of an impediment to chinese territorial expansion, and certainly our president is hardly concerned about our own borders or those who cross it now at will. president obama has proved that if he is anything, he is flexible, as if flexibility with american interests and values were a virtue, rather than a dereliction and indifference and what i happen to believe is this president's unilateral surrender of american interests and values all around the globe, and at home as well. i can't tell you how much i
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hope i'm wrong. our quotation of the evening this from fdr who said -- a 32nd president of the united states, franklin delano roosevelt on. we're coming right back, stay h us>> b >> the market is balanced. if there's a real demand forrest coca-cola, it comes in the nexts shipment. >> because it has been artificially i deflated by the federal government and the state and local government, that means that the water has been running out he ar slon agtime because of how they decided to divvy it up. sta >> what is your argument againsted relief. desalinization? >> you have to use particular enzymes. as well as chemicals that are used to make sure that happens
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and they saved a lot of those chemicals are dangerous although israel never had a problem with this and it is very expensive herriot it is extraordinarily part of this. they should certainly be pursuing it now. >> there is a new plant opening now in san diego. >> yes they need to ratchet up the water resources. >> we have our guest on the phone. author ben shapiro. >> caller: it's good to talk to you. the question that i have is it possible for state attorneys general to possibly bring prostitution charges against the obama administration and the members of congress. the citizens and the constitution sitting back and turning their heads away while we are flooded by illegal aliens and i'm not afraid to use that term because that's what it is.
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and i am scared because what i see happening is given the back taxes for the past years for these all you know the housing and everything, that is buying votes for the next election. what is it going to take to finally have others in congress decides ted cruz, mike leigh, trey gowdy the great patriots that they are what will it take to get these people to stand up to this administration. >> i am totally open because the people are coming for free stuff, come in and work. and it's a principle that i'm
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fundamentally opposed, if i am king for a day, i would trade you for a guy that wants. because it's a character that matters and not your place of origin. the problem is that we have a system of benefits of you are now getting onto people and that draws people here. they are not bad people and everyone has selfishness. we are all taking benefits from the federal government some level everyone takes something until we change that mentality and stop offering a lot of the things in the first place, it's going to be lost. the answer is you are watching it right now. and it's temporarily put on hold by an injunction we will be if it goes all the way to the supreme court or not. but as long as it is more political palatable to the hispanic vote in the media by pretending that you have a plan that doesn't end with closing the border and doing something about the folks that are here
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illegally, you don't have a solution. they want cheap workers. and many want voters. no one is in favor for the individuals and here is my view. everyone was in the country legally lou: the month of may isn't over yet the number of murders skyrocketing in baltimore for a double murder of a seven girl boy and his mother brings the total of those killed up that 38. that is the most homicides and a single month since 1999 and 32 of those were black for good disturbing trend 189 out of tune in to 11 homicide victims in baltimore are black. nationally 7,000 blacks are murdered each year. 94% of the time the killer
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is another black person according to the bureau of statistics. joining us now bishop jackson a senior fellow with the family research council. great to have you with us. going to baltimore to launch his campaign we have the mayor saying she once begun -- fema to come in to allow the writers to have space to destroy. there is the madness and there is it not? we cannot be witnessing this type of violence and lawlessness and incompetence with leaders of that community. >> i had done black minister representing 20 states
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across the country to address this issue for anyone would make a better mayor than the one they have got. she needs to go. she is much more interested to portray herself as victims of racism the and to create a safe and secure environment for the decent people in those communities. it is tragic. to show people that died in the last 18 months to of them died was struggles of police. 212 died as a result of black on black crime but somehow we are supposed to ignore that to focus all of those two incidents? it is tragic. lou: president obama is leading a campaign against police and the new attorney general is an accomplice of the president while working for him and she conducts an investigation of the baltimore police department. she should be in the
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judgment of the surveys we have taken, should have been investigating the incompetence of the people. >> with the left. >> you don't have the statistics and i don't mean any disrespect but we need to you today about. he has no authority with inner-city is if he has had six and a half years to redress these issues said was a perfect position to do a. he just needs to shot up in the foreign with leaders that care rather than impostor over racism. lou: when you talk about the number of blacks killed by
11:39 pm
police in baltimore and the number killed through black on black violence you said two to 15, 212 y is not wise of the civil rights leaders and activists from all across the country to say that black lives matter but that the matter greatly? and to find out the root cause to acknowledge what is wrong and we have got to be given to fix it because this is a country in pain pain, disappointment and futility since the war began in 1965.
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>> they are stuck on stupid. they believe they have a narrative of all problems were created by the white man. all issues are racism. don't look at my incompetence as a mayor or the prosecutor because we are black and champions. they ignore all the deaths over the last 18 months but to focus of the one is based in arms which which is sad because so many people buy into with but zero lot of people are starting to wake up looking to leaders you really care about the black community rather than making themselves look like racial champions. lou: they simply preserve their own basis of power within the black community. it is great to have you with us. there is so much we need to do talk about i hope we can continue the conversation to talk next on the breakdown
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of the family in this country and how we can restore respect for the family and support the family to understand clearly it is important as a solution to what is happening to folks in this country. >> and restoration of values and faith with the bridge that brought us over. lou: that is wonderfully said. thanks for being here. be sure to vote tonight. who has bigger trust issues? hillary clinton or president obama? japanese officials have ordered the complete evacuation of a small island in the southern part of the country after a volcano erupted for the second time in the past two months. mass of plumes of black smoke and ash almost 6 miles into the sky over the past
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few weeks we have seen more than a handful of volcanos come to life in mexico mexico, nicaragua mexico, nicaragua, indonesia , indian ocean and the philippines. some people are thinking the earth is getting very angry or those that warner brothers have just come up with the best p.r. stunt strategies ever for the weekend release of the move the san andreas uppercut disaster movie. flat was day relaxing resort turned into a dry wasteland. is this the end of the largest lake? and massive flooding is not the only danger from oklahoma and now they are contending with the snakes seeking higher ground. that story and more. next. usaa makes me feel like i'm a car buying expert in no time at all. there was no stress. it was in and out.
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lou: on wall street stocks clawed toes to lower the dollar falls with a to 50 points the s&p down 30 nasdaq 28. volume on the big board picking up at 3.8 billion shares for the month of may and the s&p is 1% higher
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nasdaq has monthly gains of 2.5%. don't forget to listen to my report three times a day coast to coast, on the salem radio network. a health warning for those of the northeast cdc says now they're watching 150 people who may have come into contact with the new jersey man who has just died of a viral disease endemic to west africa and it has symptoms similar to ebola at least six of the people are at risk of developing the disease that spreads with contact of bodily fluids of the infected person. california is in danger of disappearing forever because of the drought. "the washington post" capture dramatic images that used to be a playground for the of hollywood stars in
11:48 pm
the middle of the sonora desert t abandoned and the lake bed is toxic because of years of farm runoff and the wind that blows the justin to the nearby communities the federal air quality standards have the highest levels of low air quality rates it is all dried up. in miami police asking for the public's help to identify but a gain of the source inspected to rob valley's three jewelry stores. video of one of those shows for of the suspects jumping over the counter and tackled one of the clerks before they start grabbing jewelry. they still love to $100,000 but it could be as high as half a million dollars.
11:49 pm
wildlife officials warning flooding in texas and oklahoma is causing snakes to seek higher dry ground sneaking into people's homes and yards and a warning that could have been helpful to one man in oklahoma. too busy looking at his smart phone to realize there was a snake in front of him he stepped on it as a 4-foot bull snake that went into attack mode he escaped with only minor scratches but when they are a round it is probably could not to be oblivious at all. this situation awareness is recommended in snake country. now take a look we have robotic engineers from m.i.t. spent more than five years to develop is the
11:50 pm
first four legged robot. can run and jump over obstacles at the same time. it weighs 70 pounds can clear obstacles up to a foot and a half while maintaining an average speed of 5 miles per hour. the goal is to use the robot to help police or firefighters save lives. impressive. can you spot the reason this statue was taken down? we take on the of rage. next.
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. lou: it's early in the 2016 campaign season, you may have noticed, supporters of senator rand paul, they're already out with what may be the most absurd ad of the season, but it's a fire breathing eagle involved. here we go. >> get ready to take this road to liberty. the biggest rival senator rand
11:55 pm
paul! the head of the washington time machine, barack obama and it's so-called -- neil: well that's about all i could stand, i don't know about you. lou: joining us national review opinion editor patrick brennan, national republican committee, i think they owe credit to the red eye just not funny. alex, what do you think of it? what do you make of it? rand paul. >> it's really interesting, because it really plays to rand paul's base which is younger voters, and the college republicans did a lot of work in the fall, experimenting with popular culture and ads to young voters and played to our advantage. i think there's something to be said for using this humor and this kind of lightheartedness in our ads. lou: i can't ignore the clinton -- this is a fascinating story to me. bill clinton suddenly requires
11:56 pm
half a million dollars as well as the proximity to a supermodel in order to give a speech for a charitable event, what do you make of it patrick? >> this is something bill clinton never, ever fails to impress. the fact he is paid half a million dollars to show up to a dinner a supermodel is hosting. the explanation is ridiculous that the supermodel made half a million-dollar donation to the clinton foundation to get him to speak there because supposedly the supermodel's foupgz do the great work together in haiti and that's what it takes. it's appalling and it's bizarre nexus of wealth and fame. lou: alex are you offended by the fact the president would request half million dollars from a charitable organization. >> no one has problems with the clintons making money when. they're making it off a charity, it's downright distasteful and making it off secretary clinton's connections
11:57 pm
using official capacity, it's objectionable. it speaks to a greater narrative about the clintons that is disturbing. lou: speaking of disturbing main splaining i never heard until today. a sculpture that created controversy at the texas university of the incarnate word. it went viral on twitter. the sculpture showing a man with leg propped up on a bench talking presumably condescendingly according to the critics to a woman. twitter said the man was mansplaining. explain that word? >> half a dozen instances where the very scene played out for me and a male colleague and friend. it's a bunch of activists on twitter who are using social media and other activists using title ix complaints on campus
11:58 pm
to remove what they find objectionable from the campus. what i find funny about that, that plays into the female stereotype of fragility in and of itself. if i as a woman find something objectionable. i would hope that people would give me enough credit to be able to ignore it or to take action myself. lou: i think they were looking at the customary expression of awe as the man is revealing great cosmic truth. this is crazy. >> for millennials, man splaining is called education. lou: you and i are going to get messages rightfully so. bronx colleges two bronx based colleges rivaling dartmouth, harvard and yale in earning power a decade after graduation this is upsetting to a lot of parents, i know
11:59 pm
some who must be trembling at the very thought. where did you go to school? >> where did i go? harvard, you are an upset parent too. lou: absolutely. >> it's not shocking, there is economic evident that great schools select the best and the brightest and don't add a ton of value. we expect maritime guys are ship captains and engineers and make good money. they used to teach you something useful beside how to make money. lou: alex, your thoughts? >> look i think the higher educations in big trouble. we're seeing a topdown system bloated with costs and not doing much of teaching anymore i think millennials are going to get saffier with online classes and alternative forms of education. lou: very few people talk about productivity and universities in the same breath. patrick brennan alex smith,
12:00 am
great to have you here. >> thank you very much. lou: quick look at online poll results from yesterday -- cavuto coast to coast. >> what do you need to know about college? >> dear richard best friend. >> that is the duty you can major in game boy. >> students pay a fortune. the fastest-growing form of consumer debt paying for things like this. >> ed bass, a climbing tower >> and they want to give more of your money. >> is the economic imperative. >> one and actor


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