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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  June 3, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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it's great to know he's on the right track. if you have a comment or question, tweet it to us. you can go to our website. full interviews. bonus content is there as well. "making money" with charles payne is next. ♪ ♪ charles: no, it's not just a dream. and no, it's not just the government. while the privacy debate has been the focus of the internet, it's the daily movement away from your cell phones that might be chronicle to the point where everyone is an open book. amber, the chip maker for camera posted a strong earnings report. several growth areas. wearables. ip securities. home monitoring. and quad cop te quadcopters. and nsa, they're back in business. that noose on our privacy begins to tighten. what does it mean for
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our freedom? and can we make money from it? how is it going? big crowded house today. my man matt is back. i'm charles payne. you're watching "making money." matt w walsh. scottie nell hughes. scott martin, chief market strategist at united advisers. one of the chief smack talkers. a contributor at the and he was a little absent for a while. he's back. (?) i don't know. what's that look, my man? >> matt mccaul is back with us as well. founder and president of penn financials. let's dig into the first real, real deal. >> fox news, there's a poll 65% of americans believe the nsa program actually prevented terrorist attacks in the united states. all right, matt welsh. you see the poll there.
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people feel like, you know what, we need this, even if it means we give up liberty, to coin your friend rand paul. >> yeah, they also say that 57% believe it violates their liberties. they believe the patriot act itself should be reformed. we're conflicted about this stuff. charles: well, the bill that was past, that's not gone far enough. the usa freedom act. >> it makes bulk collection of metadata illegal. it takes section 215 and basically off-loads that on to the technology companies which the government can then subpoena. they can't do it in a bulk way. it changes the term of that bit of the patriot act. that's two or 3% of the whole thing. charles: wasn't that the most egregious part? >> it was one of them. there's plenty of things out there. there's been plenty of
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commentary both from people who are critics and not critics. look, the gott government is collecting this in different ways. the fbi is sending cessnas out with shadow company names to go over american cities. charles: i know. i saw. >> we have the presumption that the government is doing much more than what we think. charles: we always think about that these satellites, way in space that we can't see, no, they have prop planes. they probably got the get smartphone too, scott. we log on. we tell the world everything about us. >> you do. and i still use the sports illustrated football phone. i know they're listening in. i'm willing to give up some civil liberties. some privacy for safety. because, at the end of the day, what are they going to do with the data? is somebody going to
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write on a bathroom wall with it? no. i don't care that they're coming in my life to protect me. >> they share that information with the dea. 23,000 cases have been opened by the dea. this is supposed to be foreign information they're getting, but instead they're going after americans in houston. >> that are breaking the law. >> when someone from jackson, mississippi, from butte, montana, it's obvious they may be a terrorist. >> this is why the people don't trust the government. (?) it comes down to actual security. we don't know about the things they -- they never happened. it's real easy for those people that want liberty. let's just repeal it all. unfortunately, when you open pandora's gate, you're not closing our borders. you're sitting there literally hitting the not that snake. when it attacks, don't be afraid. >> you're surfing weird porn. now the government knows
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that. what are you giving up? i walk through times square several times a day. you can look at my email, i'm sinked with millions of other people -- charles: i also will tell you, i worry about the slippery slope of giving away any kind of liberty or freedoms, even if you're not guilty of anything or even if you are. what do you feel? how do you feel about it? >> we're trading civil liberties. how much security are we getting? the tsa missed big explosives. 95% of the time. that makes me nervous. meanwhile, the whole time i'm putting all my liquids through. taking my shoes off. obviously, not exactly the same thing. it races th raises the question, are we getting what we traded for it. >> especially silicon valley, tim cook, he threw down the gauntlet against facebook and google talking about,
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these guys are selling your personal information. is that what it is about? >> such a hypocrite. i'm one of those people. google has to pay their employees. they have to pay their bills. most people use their service for free. you know what, tim cook, go start an internet search engine, charge and then charge for an upcharge. that's how he makes his money. he charges for the upgrade. people are using it for free. it's your information. >> google makes their money because my company pays for people to look at it. those users -- >> they also collect the data of what you're using of what kind of ads you want on your page. >> my company is paying for that. so it's okay that's for free. their business approximate modebusiness modeli. >> they're collecting my content. she's looking for shower curtains. and you sell shower curtains. i have no problem with that. charles: we believe that people have a fundamental right to
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privacy. the american people demand it. the constitution demands it. morality demands it. laura, do you demand it? >> i think what tim cook is talking about is encryption on some levels. it's not just the government that's trying to access information. charles: everybody wants your information. our information is extraordinarily valuable. >> you're putting it out there. you're out there -- charles: do you guys have a problem with google selling it? >> no, because you're out there looking for it. if you're on google searching for it, you have to expect that somebody wants to find it. whether it's google, facebook, twitter, they have a privacy breach. somebody find out they changed something in the disclosures that you never read. somebody blows up about it. it's a big story. they told you they did this. charles: so does everyone agree with scottie -- you don't think apple is being hypocritical? matt: no, i don't think so. that's his view. charles: i think one of the narratives here is that, listen,
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facebook, google, are major potential rivals of apple. why not now try your best to preempt that at least in the public realm. >> they're database companies. apple is a things company. what it makes it interesting, i think this reflects that there's a growing desire for this sense of privacy. including facebook just came out with pgp enabled ability to do this. the internet of things, the next thing that will happen, this will be connected to the internet. your cufflinks are connected to the interpret. apple is trying to throw down a marker. that data should be totally private. the company that is doing the internet of things -- charles: just one second, guys. we have breaking news right after the bell on one of my favorites and yours. fireeye. codevelopment deal with visa. they will help merchants protect themselves against payment data cyber attacks. this is the first kind of joint effort to
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respond to these attacks. fireeye shares are up in the after market. i saw it up much more than this. listen, it's a stock i pounded the table on. there you go. $49..19. 49.19. the bottom line, this is a huge money making opportunity. >> fireeye, of the group -- palo alto networks. some other securities out there. fireeye is one of the cheaper ones. splunk is another one. if you're looking to get into that security, fireeye is a decent play. they had that weird debt offering they raised a few days ago. concerns about cash flow going forward. i like the name here. charles: you like it? matt: i love the entire sector. the best way is hack. hack. palpalo alto.
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>> when i showed you guys all those different areas where they're selling cameras, it's not just the gopro cameras anymore. people want their security at home. who is coming into the office. adt might be a play right here. a whole lot of areas can benefit from this. a lot of areas where the investor can benefit from this. >> you had me at gopro. i just got one. they're so fun. charles: all your stuff goes to -- >> not yet. so far i taped it -- >> gopro is getting into the drone business which is super hot. that popped the stock a couple of days the other day. charles: quad choppers you know what they meant. mobile eye. (?) that's another stock that i think will do extraordinarily well. there will be so many cameras on a car. not just the rear view. so many cameras on the car. nothing, but a driving entertainment system with cameras all over them. so much for private
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liberties. >> are the companies that you'll contractural give it to, will they cop it up to the government? there's a big difference between me volunteering -- >> don't use anything anymore, matt. >> you won't be able to do things in the backseat that you used to. >> what do you mean? >> now it's on tape, so it's good. >> what do you think, matt? >> you looked like this. is there any play on this? matt: anb. makes the chips for so many things. charles: even at these levels? matt: even at these levels. it has such potential. sales versus market cap low. the potential is there long-term. charles: what do you think is going to happen here? >> i'm not going to individual based chips on this program. mobile eye is good. it's starting to perk up again. i think it is a good value play.
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charles: when we first started this show back in september, one of the ask payne questions was a guy asking, should i do gopro? the guy was upset. you remember when it took off. amberela. i hope he's still watching. maybe if he held on amberela, tell a few friends about the stock and the show. >> one thing, gopro is their big competition. the editing that -- automatically comes. talk about something free from apple. imovie. i can't compete what you can do with editing on the apple phone compared to a gopro. you have a selfie stick. you can use the domestic use for the iphone. >> she's walking around with her selfie stick. >> smacking people with her selfie stick taking pictures. charles: the caroline panthers. he's living proof of the american dream.
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103 million reasons to love this country. we do too. all the details and his contract extension. why you should be happy to be an american. even if you're not a football fan. stick around. ♪
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♪ >> all right, guys. welcome back to the next real, real deal. a big day for sports and money. nfl quarterback cam netwon signs a wopping 103 million-dollar deal. i think that's a true american success story. we have american farrell hooking up a huge deal with monster energy drinks. (?) one of my investment ideas. let's talk about the cam netwon thing. here's what bothers me,
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guys. you'll see often when -- i think opponents of capitalism, they'll say, well, it's just the rich people. they have a greater share of wealth than they had in 1980. the assumption is the same people. that's the -- so all you're doing is taking the top 1 percent of the 1 percent and saying now they have 40%. they used to have 30%. sitting on more gold coins. if someone like cam netwon was here, now he's here. >> i'm rooting for him. i'll be the voice of reason a little bit. 70% of nfl players are bankrupt. charles: that's not the point. >> here's my reason. he's just walking into this. get good advisers. make sure it will last you. >> you are the personal finance reporter at the that's your wheelhouse right there. >> yeah, i have to bring it back to that. make sure he's making goodns.
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charles: we all do, i hope. the point is, it's out there. it's not just sport guys. >> cam has $60 million to prove why he's so worth it. the guy is marketable. as far as the 1 percent goes, i like your comment charles, there's movement out of the 1 percent. that's what you want in a booming economy. you want to see this turnover and see things ebb and flow. cam has done great for himself. the team is not that great. he needs more people to throw to than calvin. charles: you and die hard carolina fans know what you're talking about there. you lost me there. scottie, listen, we're going into an election where we'll see capitalism being -- saying it doesn't work for everybody. that this system that we have, the somehow, quote, unquote, unfair, must be adjusted, that's the only way to even it up. >> you'll see that. you won't have hollywood. all the people still
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making these major numbers. you'll never see these guys out there on the campaign trail saying we need wealth distribution. absolutely not. cam, in his honor, he has a great charitable fund. i'm sure he'll spread this around. he has a great track-record. these are the guys that will continue to preach wealth distribution sometimes and they themselves don't -- matt: that's a great point. there's a lot more nfl players than ceos of large companies. and they're demonized. >> american farrell thing. first and foremost. that's a pretty good hook-up with monster. who thinks american farrell will win the triple crown. matt: they don't win it. last year sketchers and breathe right didn't win, but look at sketchers stock. >> i'm going on record that farrell is going to win. charles: american is in the name. >> it doesn't happen anymore. (?) >> in horse rating, a lot of times, these
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owners of a really good horse will keep them out of the kentucky derby and out of the belmont. the horse is fresh. it's not the best horse, but the freshest horse. they always end up being the spoiler. it will be a lot of fun. i can't wait for saturday. monster stock to go up on monday. >> why hasn't under armour gotten into this one? >> they got the nba champion mvp. ask payne speed round. tons of questions. this market is on the cusp of a major breakout. i want you to participate. we'll be right back.
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one of my favorite parts of the show, when we answer your questions about making money. curious about an individual stock, industry, strategy. let us know. ace tweeted, hey, charles, thoughts on google. hang in there, i think you're doing okay. google is going to be selling people's private information and making a lot of money whether scottie likes it or not. what do you think? >> i think it's great. they just announced. you can go on there and pick out if you can be targeted. so google at least is trying to sit there and lock themselves down. charles: but they will monetize anything they can. matt: and they should. i don't like the stock. i like the big tech names. facebook much better right here as far as valuations and technicals. charles: facebook was up huge today. apple was up 3%. and facebook was up eight bucks. >> i'm back to google. virtual reality. virtual reality is going to be a big mover in the next couple of years. hopefully google grabs it. charles: we'll see. jason wants to know.
6:25 pm
coke or pepsi, long-term. thank you very much. i'll go with pepsi. pepsi is going twice the rate of coke. i like the diversification there. i like the execution of the company. i'm leaning that way. in this country, both have their issues with the decline in carbonated soft drinks. if you had to go with one, i like pepsi. matt: i like pepsi. valuation-wise much more attractive. a little more on the food side, i prefer that over the beverage side. charles: you still putting peanuts in your soda? >> absolutely. charles: you're too quiet on this one. cory tweeted me to ask, is short or days to cover a better metric to use? first, let's explain to the audience what the first one is. short days to close. you take the total short position, and then you divide it by how many shares are traded each day. that tells you how long it might take to cover it for someone to
6:26 pm
actually pay back that stock. when you go short, you borrow a stock. you sell it in the hopes of buying it back. some company puts a million shares out. someone sells 100,000 short. 10% is short. percentage of float is what i like more. what about you guys? >> i like the percentage of float too. there's some names out there in the 40s, 50%. you need a piece of good news to get the shorts scared out of there. the high percentage of short float. but also something that might be coming out with good news. charles: we talk a lot about shorts on this show. i will admit, i hate shorts. there's a need for them in the market. i have to be honest, they're usually brilliant. they're usually right. they're greedy. they'll short a stock at 90 bucks. matt: yeah, and most people at home are not the best short
6:27 pm
sellers. they're better to stay long. let the professionals do it. i think they're both great metrics. charles: that was a real smart -- real smart question. we love our audience. they're brilliant. all right, guys. the adp report is out. let's just say it's underwhelming. we have the big jobs report on friday. we'll try to handicap that along with the market. interesting day in the market. someone just used that term. it applies to stocks as well. we'll be back.
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♪ charles: all right, guys. you know what, i admit it. i determined today that it might actually be more fun to watch the sands of an hourglass trickle through the funnel than watch the market. the dow finished 64 points. well off the highs earlier. nonetheless it was still up. we get this every day. up a little bit. down a little bit. you can feel the tension. it's in the air. you can cut it with a knife. always ahead of a job report. it's a dud. the adp report we saw today is the same on friday, there might be a lot of yawns and confusion. the number was better than the previous two
6:32 pm
months. at 201,000, not setting the world on fire. there is something that is on fire. we're talking about bond yields. they continue to climb higher. and they're gaining momentum. i have to tell you, speaking of yawning, the street is treating this move nonchalantly. there will be a lot of turmoil and massive winners and losers. on that note, i want to say that the street is waiting for word from greece. all right, scott. i'll ask you, scottie. you've been saying that this greece thing is pretty important. and every morning it does sort of -- it's sort of an anchor. then as the session goes on, we forget about it. how can they pay this? >> i feel like we're on a hamster wheel. we'll find out if they come -- it's like the fed sitting there raising rates. who will have a solution or give us an answer first. i don't think we see the end in sight for now. charles: there will be a comprise.
6:33 pm
>> a comprise in the fact that they'll end up extending the loans. they're not forgiving the loans for a little bit longer. you'll never see them -- matt: it makes it a nonevent for the market. it's not though. the market would not be up today if anybody thought that they would default between now and friday. >> treasuries would have got smoked if there was any kind of default. charles: this is the proverbial kick the can a little bit. >> they can keep kicking the can a little bit. it will happen for five or ten years. everyone knows it should be the drawing ma again. (?) >> let it flow down there. >> everybody knows that. but they don't want to have to admit it. >> if they pull out, where do they go? rumors of russia and china. >> rumors. >> europe has to save greece. charles: i don't know. i don't know that i agree with that. i think greece needs europe more than europe needs greece. having said that, i
6:34 pm
think they're all a basket case, except for germany. what about americans? we always talk about this as a cautionary tale. we have $18 trillion of debt. 16 million, tea partiers came around. we were told we would fall off the cliff. 18 trillion, oh, i'll buy a couple of coins. what happened? >> republicans control both houses of congress. he we're not greece. and fortunately in the sense that we're the reserve economy and currency of the world. >> and we own our own debt. >> we're too big to fai fail. >> all right, let me ask you about this jobs report, lauren. it was a yawner. i'm not even sure where wall street wants the number. i'm saying that a good number will be good news. these days a good number is 250,000. what do you expect? >> the markets are
6:35 pm
reacting a little to this. everyone is waiting. no real enthusiasm or panic. jobs are slightly better. housing is slightly better. we're waiting to see what will happen at this point. charles: the bond market. telling this is a parabolic move in the bond yields. yields go up, the economy gets better. that's not necessarily the case. they were absurdly low for so long. >> i think our new range now is between two, five, and three. and i think economic numbers will get better. the bond years are telling you right now they will be getting better. >> that's right. that's a huge change. >> yields go up. bonds go down. bonds go down -- >> i'm sorry, you got hit. >> where is the money going now? >> you led off with the key point. this wasn't talked about during the day. the market reacted pretty well to high rates. the market has not been in a good mood at all. today was a different story. charles: maybe thimaybe this wie
6:36 pm
so-called rotation. don't miss "strange inheritance." jamie meets a family that has a world record car collection. a real estate investor who fills his furniture witquirky furniture. that's how you connect the dots. starts tonight. 9:00 p.m. fox business network. the united states is in the process of sending hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of brand-new military equipment to the middle east to the iraqi army. but how much of it will end up in the hands of isis? this is nuts. we keep doing it. it keeps backfiring. no pun intended. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ charles: i'm sure you guys are seeing these videos. i mean, disgusting. isis driving around in these long caravans. brand-new pickup trucks. toyotas out of the box. we paid for it.
6:40 pm
>> now, it's time for "upon further review." charles: i know it's crazy, guys. but we're talking about arming the enemy via arming our allies. isis driving around in brand-new pickup trucks, courtesy of the united states government. don't forget, of course, they won back ramadi through the use of humvees they turned into bombs. they were captured from the security forces we gave them to. the government wants to send more money and military equipment to iraq. will american forces have to face that equipment one day? >> absolutely. isis has 1 billion of us
6:41 pm
armored vehicles. this is what you get when you have irresponsible planning and withdrawal. barack obama made a campaign promise. this is the result of him being irresponsible to the promises of the american people. >> there are no boots on the ground. there are a lot of humvees down there. a lot of weapons. machine guns. these guys, every time they run away, the enemy gets it. is the solution to put boots on the ground or walk away? >> when we leave, take everything with us. or we go back in and get it back. clean up your toys after you play. it's simple. >> hundreds of billions of dollars training an iraqi force. building an iraqi democracy and using scare quotes, isis walks into town. you've been training us for ten years. sorry. got to go. we're the world's policeman and arms dealer when we do those activities in crappy and terrible places in the world. they will use our weapons to shoot back at
6:42 pm
us. charles: the libertarian solution is to walk away from the whole thing. >> it's to not engage in war that is completely elective and then to sit there and stay there. charles: now that we're there and it's really half-assed. >> i know it's the belief that if we stayed there and signed a force agreement and all that stuff -- american public opinion is not something to be trifled with. we don't want to be in a place for 50 years. the money. >> when we go in, we need to actually go in. we need to stop doing a pr campaign. we did not go full force. we started pulling back. we didn't at the beginning. then we started to pull back. charles: i will say, we never did go in, the way -- the pal doctrine with overwhelming force. fo500,000. kept the generals on the job. one thing we can agree on, we have to give up
6:43 pm
on this nation building. i don't think in america thinks it's working. >> if we went in and out, it would have been chaos too. charles: speaking of chaos, violent crime is up all over america. particularly in new york city. the pc driven agenda, mayor bill de blasio has shifted the focus to something more pressing. man spreading. when you sit down, guys, and you take up too much seat on the subway station. "upon further review," is it better that we don't see the crotch of oblivious guys or maybe we should fight real crime on the street? >> it's crazy to arrest someone for man spreading. >> they arrested two guys. >> this is a quota issue. the cops have to make their quotas for the month. the foreign tourists pushing through the subway. charles: muggings in central park are a little bit more ignoring. >> i can't believe they made a sign telling
6:44 pm
people not to man spread. charles: look at my seat. they gave me a seat as a gift. this is your new one-year seat. >> this is so -- with everything that's going on in the news, this is to show that men need to cross their legs that we have to. matt: i like this. i ride the subway several times a day. old ladies are standing up. young guys sitting down. i want to grab them on the back of their heads and tell them to stand up. charles: the crime spikes across urban areas across this country is becoming something that is very problematic. i grew up in new york city in the '70s. it was hell. pure hell. we're selling 100 million-dollar apartments here. this is the boomtown. richest city in america. bill de blasio will have to make serious choices, guys. >> he will have to change the messaging a little bit. it's not working. he'll have to get back with the people. you know, chicago, similar situation.
6:45 pm
i mean, spike lee alone is making the movie that everyone is mad about. it focuses on the violence and the distrust a lot of the youth have the police. >> de blasio has one agenda. he'll push his agenda from day one. he doesn't care. read the papers. they're up in arms. >> too bad. they don't trust him. >> sit there. let's make sure the criminals aren't the only ones with the guns in their hands. it works very well down south. you have lower crime rates. chicago, new york, d.c. higher crime rates. charles: they have more man spreading down south. >> they have more room. >> they have more room to spread out. >> maybe they need more room to spread. >> do you feel safe in the city? >> i think it's a good question. i feel less safe. summer, it's a time when crime will uptick anyway. charles: it will. matt: central park changed. charles: it has. the stock recommendation is next. it's a name that i think is poised to break out big time. retailers have been doing good this week. this maim may surprise
6:46 pm
you. we like to do that from time to time. that's what we have to do to make you money. we'll be right back. you total your brand new car.
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♪ charles: all right, let's get down to it. try to make you some cash today. lululemon. you guys remember when this stock was unstoppable. lulu. it has been stop. mostly because of their own undoing and own
6:50 pm
problems. here's when the execution got good. beat the street on each of the last four quarters. i will admit, the earnings estimates have moved down. there have been a lot of insider sales. two large blocks. two insiders. the last time they reported gross margins, they moved back a bit. those are the negatives. the caveat. the departure of their vp of retail. changing the whole thing up. chip wilson, brilliant guy. founder and chairman. got off the board last month. made a lot of mistakes. and i think it hurt the company. but i've been in some of these storms recently, it looks like they're starting to hum a bit. here's what you need to know. this space is growing like crazy. some competitors out there. but i think lululemon is the name to beat. if you like it, use 58 as a stop loss. my target would be $75. matt: no. i don't like this one. i agree, the space is amazing. the growth potential
6:51 pm
within any type of clothing line. athletic. leisure. especially with women. the women's oriented storm. two in california. one in shanghai. they came out today with a michael jordan golf shoe. they can do whatever they want. if they want to go after this space, it will be a threat to lululemon. >> retail is tough. nike has taken a lot of share out of lululemon. retail is tough. charles: athletics part is hot though. between shoes and athletic gear. >> but if they stumble over themselves like they did sometime past, people don't shop there anymore. charles: you look like you might be into yoga a little bit. >> i do like yoga. i think workout clothes. they're all the same, at the end of the day. i go to t.j. maxx. charles: the new yorker trying to act like the common folk. you go to t.j. maxx and
6:52 pm
marshals. >> if you're going to sweat, you can sweat in a pair of 12-dollar pants. it looks exactly the same. lululemons doesn't make you look skinnier or toned. >> it's not the clothes. how much you're working out. charles: i'll put everyone down as a no. i love it though. these are the ones that i can't wait to work out. all anyone ever does is complain about the government. guess what, if you don't go out and vote, it will never change. there's so much apathy in this country. i'm sick of it. we'll talk about it next. it is time to change our fortunes. ♪
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6:56 pm
night, due to a quirk in the system, all 40 assembly seats were at the top of the ballot. they were all up for grabs, while out of the 40, 5, only five were contested. only 225,000 people voted. that's out of 5.4 million. talking less than 5% of the people in new jersey. this kind of indifference points to why this nation's lawmakers have mostly stopped. they stopped doing their jobs and why progress is largely grinded to a halt, nothing ever gets done and everybody gets elected. the race to the white house has just began, i know it's early, guys, there is hardly any buzz in the air, so monotonous, on the democratic side they said we have to stop the elizabeth run thing, the bloomberg run, give me a break! barack obama saw a lift in voter turnout. we went to 62%. i'm going to be surprised if we can get back to the 2000 level of 54% next year.
6:57 pm
i hear that the best people don't want to run, voters are skeptical. they don't want to vote. at the end of the day, if we take this indifferent approach to elected leaders, they're going to take an indifferent approach to governing us. that's what's happened over the years. can you imagine that? only 5 contested seats. matt, what do you make of it? >> i hate uncontested seats and i'm a happy and proud voter, i don't necessarily think we should be striving for the highest possible voter turnout rates. it correlates well with things are so screwed up that everybody has to vote, right? this is what happens across the world. charles: you think things are so great? >> no, less voter turnout, right? less to your point. >> scottie, you mentioned voter apathy more as a republican issue, i think it's a republican issue, we need to find a way, it's a number one basic right of all americans. >> i agree, the same thing with the obama election, we don't want people to vote to wear a
6:58 pm
little sticker that says i voted. it's a civic duty but do your research, not go in because you have a great robo-call from a celebrity. that's the problem with america today. charles: i want people to vote. >> i want you to do the research. charles: because i don't vote for the guy you wanted. 64% was great. obama won, those are dumb voters. vote how you want to vote, if the salesperson can't sell you, they don't get the order. yesterday former arkansas governor mike huckabee spoke to neil cavuto and mentioned a potential fix for social security. listen to this. >> here's something i would take, give me this option, give me the option that at age 65 instead of long-term social security payout. give me a onetime cash benefit tax free, i walk away, the government walks away and that's my choice. let me have the choice, that might be something that a lot of people would say, i'll take that and invest it. charles: that's all pandering, guys, we talked about voting,
6:59 pm
elderly voters have the highest turnout, get what they want and nobody is going to fiddle around with social security. here's the thing, scott. governor huckabee did he make sense? >> i actually appreciate him talking about that third rail, because too many times, welfare spending now the biggest part of our budget federally. needs to be taken on. charles: welfare? you're calling social security welfare? >> yeah. charles: oh, man. older folks say i put money into that. that's not the same as someone who doesn't work getting paid. >> in huckabee's case, if he's talking about paying out the full amount, right, to somebody at 65. the nice thing about social security when they pay it every month, you have it. charles: that part, he is out of his mind. imagine getting a windfall at 65. >> more than we have now, because we have to bail everybody out. charles: that's going to be nuts. great tweets, share a couple of them.
7:00 pm
ask about the china bubble. you had another tweet -- that is one of scottie's kin folk. thanks for watching, here's lou. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. the obama administration claims they have a winning strategy to fight terrorists at home and abroad. but at this point in the conflict, it's the radical islamist terrorists winning abroad, and they're doing it with weapons that the administration and the pentagon chose to leave when u.s. forces withdrew from iraq. islamic state forces are overrunning iraq with the help of american battle tanks, humvees, machine guns and howitzer mobile systems and the islamic state is beginning to stir within our own country. the islamic state


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