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tv   Forbes on FOX  FOX Business  June 7, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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ames with stocks thinks it's going to make you rich overnight. work hard save. once you've got 5,000 or $10,000 saved, just buy the spiders. >> that will do it. today the united states is one of the most respected countries on earth. part of that is because of the work we did to reengage the world and say we want to work with you as partners with mutual interest and mutual respect. >> president obama saying he has made america the most respected country on earth again, but some here saying there are plenty of costly examples around the world showing why that's not true. so who is right? hi everybody. i'm david asman. let's go in focus with steve forbes sabrina shafford and bruce jackson. steve, the president says we're
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respected again, and you say? >>well michael jackson and barack obama has fantasy land. the russians the chinese, the iranians all believe now the u.s. is a declining power, which is why the chinese are flagrantly hacking the u.s. government files the way they came out last week, and in terms of the american voters. barack obama polls now under george w. bush. there's like for the united states but not respect in terms of global power. >> and we're tryinging to figure out what metric the president is using to make that claim. there was a gl lup poll we think is the poll that shows the approval rating going up a little bit. but the same poll shows the u.s. approval rating going down from 2009 to 2014. so it's confusing here.
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>> well i think a poll we should all consider is a very low bar that was bush and cheney for starters. they may not always like us but they respect us. they're in on the nuclear talks with iran for us. we have a trade deal going onto benefit the world's economy. so i think we're doing pretty well. >> but rich the question of respect is related to the question of trust. people show their respect and trust by actions. we had a meeting in the united states on isis to which we invited all these arab leaders, one of whom said sorry, i can't come to that. i have a more important date with the queen of england at a horse show. it has nothing to do with the administration. you can make the argument that
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the real estate is getting void by foreign investment. it has nothing to do with the president of the united states taking credit for this. >> and he's also taking credit for a robust economy. here's what he said about that. when i came to the u.s. the u.s. and world was going through a terrible crisis. we ended up avoiding a terrible depression his words, and within a year the economy was growing again. so he thinks things are great. >> this is not immaculate recovery by in means. it's so easy to flip the switch to $7 trillion in trending. the statement from the president reminds me of what he said in the the past. if you like your insurance plan you can keep your insurance plan. #mythoughtsarefacts. the problem with the u.s. and
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the administration is it appears not serious. not serious about cuba. not serious about syrian weapons. so respect is one thing. what we need is to show that the united states is the leading light of freedom and democracy and free market economies around the world. >> and sabrina, specifically the question that he was alluding to how many times has the president drawn a line in the sand and whoever he is drawing that line for, they go over the line and we do nothing? i think of syria and russian invading ukraine. there are a lot of examples of that. why should anybody respect us when we don't hold to our world? >> that's exactly it. it's a concept of respect is leadership. is this somebody who has a clear ideology and what he's doing as a leader? and that's why people aren't taking us as seriously. i look at the pew research center about our polls of
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netanyahu. and they were quite high. 40% have approval of him. i suspect they don't all like him but they respect he's a principled leader and that's what we're lacking in america. >> they say the only poll that motors is on election day, which i tend to agree with. but while we had a good jobs number on friday a lot of people still don't feel the economy is doing well for them. 60% believe we're in a recession. recession. >> give it time it may happen. >> we'll be better off. we are the most respected nation on earth, and per rich's point, it's not because of president obama. it's not because of president bush. it has to do we're still viewed as the place where individuals can achieve what maximizes their individual talents. people around the world want to live in the united states.
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they want to prosper here. what a shame we're not open to people in the way we are to foreign gifts. >> i think john makes an important point. there still people literally dying to get into the united states. despite going down economically and in respect of others we are still the extraordinary nation. >> we're an extraordinary nation. this president has unfortunately hit the economic principles that has made us great. this upcoming election cycle l will be a good one. reagan has tax proposals, health care proposals, monetary proposals to get america moving again, and i think that's what the world is counting on the u.s. coming back again, as we always do. >> bruce, after all this do you still think that the president is onto something with his respect thing? >> i do. i do. i think in the last two years you give him some credit on the pacific trade deal. he's a lame duck president. he could golf every day, i
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assume. maybe that's what i would do. but he's pushing forward and tryinging to win the democratic vote. >> we don't know what's in the trade deal. half of it is still secret. we just found out part of it had to do with global warming. i'm not sure exactly how because we don't know what's in it. >> well you bring up a great point. but by and large there are 18 countries, i think, that are involved in the deal. and i think that they want this to happen. so i think respect meter will go up if he can get it done. >> rich sometimes world leaders differ from the opinion of the people. you look at what happened in australia. australia is a significant country because of the people going against the whole climate change thing. that was the the main reason they changed leadership in australia. so maybe a lot of the leader who is are want the president are
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out of touch with their people. >> we all know it's politically correct to say you like president obama even if you don't have respect for him. the underlying support that he has is not nearly as strong as the polls may show or he may think. >> is it illusion? some people have used the word illusion. >> he thinks his thoughts are fak. i think that's always been the problem with the president. i think four of the six leaders did not attend the president's meeting in washington, d.c. they said seconds. i don't see people dying to get out of the country. that's the important point of this discussion i think. is how respected the united states was before president obama came into office. >> john if we get the right policies together do you think we could have a growth spurt to make what we have seen over the past several years of our recovery look as pathetic as a lot of us here think it is? >> oh of course it would.
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it involves the government doing nothing. there's a myth promoted by republicans and democrats that recessions are bad. recessions are healthy. we cleanse ourselves of bad habits. leave the economy alone. get the policy that steve talks about a lot. i would just add part is being a magnet for the world's talent. let's open it up. >> got to leave it at that. obnoxious patdowns by the dsa may make you nervous but it shouldn't. tsa screeners missed weapons and fake bombs 96% of the time. is it time to privatize?
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for killing a sheriff deputy. now back to more of "forbes on fox." >> the tsa definitely not a-okay. airport security workers getting an "f" on tests conducted by undercover agents. they say screeners did not detect their weapons or fake
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explosives nearly 96% of the time and john says that's exactly why we need private companies handling this. not the government. go ahead, john. make your case. >> absolutely we need private markets. let's face it, with the tsa, one year practices don't work. you get more funding for them. when your employees do a lousy job, they are not fired. and the private markets we starve that idea and get rid of bad employees. imagine how much better and quicker airport security would be how much safer we would be if we left it up to the private market. >> and bill how much more polite they would be. how much of us have been treated like scum when we go in there, like we're criminals? everybody has. private sector private sector folks are little more cognizant of how the customers work and what they like and don't like. >> well they might be too nice. listen john if you want to privatize, start with schools where you could do real good. security forces should be very last on the agenda. and ask yourself do we really want our police our military
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or our tsa be run by people that cannot be tempted to cut costs or increase dividends? >> steve, the government the private sector will not accept this first of all. 96% failure rate. this guy has been taken off his job as director or acting director of trk sa. but in the government he's still working for the government. if this was the private sector he would be out on the can. >> 96% failure rate. 4% would get you canned. and what they should do is have competition. tsa could compete but have private contractors compete. especially on effective security measures. get the brains working for the private sector. smoother security and better security. >> sabrina, by the way, when i said they treat you like scum i saw you raise your hand i think everybody has a personal horror story. >> you're going to shuffle like cattle and they take your wiffle
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bat. >> they're good at bats, lousy at bombs. >> this is after perfect example of why you don't want a one size fits all program. if anything it makes it less safe. if i were a terrorist, i would think, well i figured this whole thing out. what i really want is it privatized so every airport is a laboratory in which they can try the the best tackics out. we could have thousands of ways to make sure we're catching the bad guys and not holding up me and my three kids because of their sippy cups. >> now bruce, we should mention it's not like the tsa are doing nothing. in 2014 over 2200 guns were discovered in carry-on bags 83% of which were loaded. so they are doing something. but they failed the tests miz miserably. >> yeah we had problem with private companies in the past. 9/11 and this type of stuff. my issue with the private companies is you still have to have government involved and maybe jaded because that is
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chicago behind me. it's when the bids are left and the chronism takes over. sabrina talks about local control. you have more governments involved in that and who knows what you're going to get. >> it's true. every transfer would be complex. by the way, that's why a lot of us were arguing for private tsa in the beginning. we did here on forbes about the enyears ago. a lot of americans want for example, the kind of security they have in israel. i know the government is in charge of that. tel aviv airlines. it's a government service. but if we wanted something like that, we could get it in the private sector. >> yeah although i think israel is not a model that transfers the united states because we wouldn't put up with the time it takes. the great model is singapore, where you get a high level of security you get great technology and you get a friendliness. it's all fast and efficient, we should outsource from singapore.
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>> well john the great thing about a private sector solution to this is that the market would decide what americans want. i mean the market could change if they want something like israel or if they want something like singapore or something in between, the market would provide it. >> yeah absolutely. markets make mistakes all the time. the big difference relative to government is market mistakes are starved, and then we go onto something that works better. and imagine the different airlines competing to figure out the best way to do it. there's no incentive to let criminals through because people use the the airport and use the airline. but let the private entities compete with government. we know they're making mistakes. the problem is we know they're being perpetuated with more and more taxpayer dollars. >> steve, we argued for a private answer to this a long time ago. when they were setting up tsa. is it too late to go back? >> no again, have the competition between the tsa and private contractors. >> so give people a choice. >> and the government can oversee it in terms of having certain requirements met, as they do in managing the
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airports where private contractors have done a more efficient job, even though they pay the same amount of money. let's have the competition. get the brains working. >> are there's the forbes answer folks. you got it right here. eric what do you got? >> hey, david. the supreme court ruling for not hiring a woman wearing a religious head dress. should companies have the right to hire who they want? we'll debate it. plus, a high school principal says he's okay with a teacher using russell brand clips. wow, we'll see you at the bot m of the hour. >> up here first, are you a lawmaker too drunk to drive? call a 24 hr hour car service, all paid for by taxpayers. the forbes gang on that outrage coming next.
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well talk about a free ride. outrage over california senate members to call a government provided 24-hour car service when they're too drunk to drive. all on the taxpayers' dime. we joke about these guys spending like drunken sailors. now we have proof. >> i thought california was really taxed. they're suffering from a drought. they have five bankrupt cities in the state. personally pay for an uber ride to these guys to the unemployment office. they should be arrested for drunken publicness under the same laws they write. >> don't tell me you're in favor
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of this. i couldn't believe when you read your point of view. >> winston churchill, fdr, somebody has to stand up for the drinking politician and i'm the guy to do it here. the fact is they are going to use uber. they are going to use cabs. we're talking about $60,000 a year for the service. i think it's a good bargain. >> a bargain? but bruce, by the way, there's several sources on the story. one job applicant was told he would give rides if they weren't drinking too much. just pick them up and take them home. that's outrageous with proof. >> yeah i mean whether it's aaron schock and his downtown abbey decor and congress. the taxis should come out of their pay and not be an extra line item in the california budget. >> rare occurrence. i agree wholeheartedly with bruce. disagree wholeheartedly with
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rich on this. what do you think. every time he uses the card service or is arrested for drunk driving. >> senator tipsy. i would love to see a real senator tipsy. steve, you have to bring sense to all of this. what's the forbes answer? >> the forbes answer is keeping them off the road. i fear the fiscal drunkenness than on the road drunkenness. california is having a bing of revenue. they're spending it fairly well. don't say drunken sailors. that's an insult to those who earn the money. it's the fiscal drunkenness they have to worry about. >> doesn't it come back to the voters? you have to can these guys if they're going to spend your tax dollars going out and drinking and then hiring some cab service. also on your tax dollar to take them home. these guys don't belodge in office belong in office.
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>>over taxed californians should vote out congressman boozey. >> you're in silicone area. isn't there a voter remorse for having elected these guys? >> yeah you know silicon valley is -- it's a liberally, fiscally conservative broadly libertarian, and i think there is a disgust level. >> let's hope they kick them out. it's off to the races but not just today's races to t investing
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their time, talent and treasure horatio alger members focus their efforts on lighting a path of opportunity for the nation's most deserving students. these paths are well-traveled by association members and led them to their own dreams. through generous scholarships and mentorship programs, horatio alger members light a path for the next generation of american leaders. to learn more, visit we are back with a basket of dividend stocks. >> that's right. i like the broad based index. >> that's a great picture. the corporation. why do you like it? >> well, somebody has to do the dirty work.
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>> all right, gang. thank you very much. we hope everybody wins this weekend. that's it for forbes on fox. thank you for watching. keep it right here. b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b business blog continues with erin boling and cashing in. it's freedom of religion religion versus the free market. she claimed that violated her religious beliefs. abercrombie said it violated their policy. should private employers be able to decide who they want to hire? welcome to "cashin' in." welcome, everybody. abercrombie is known for hiring model types, and has hence changed the head scarf. they're caving to police. but shouldn't they be able to choose who they want


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