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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  June 9, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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breaking news out of detroit as well. general motors blindsighted in her own shareholder meeting refuses to answer is about pengdzing wire fraud charges related to the ignition switch disaster, and in which 13 people were killed. ahead of gm also saying that autogiant will go it alone telling the reporters that she rejebtsed overtures from sergio to merge the two autogiants. why did she blow him off. in two hours tesla ceo joins a conference call to address everything from the firm new battery system to the timing of that model x that is much awaited. last hour of trade anything can
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happen, if it is for money, count down to the closing bell begins right now. >> just as general motors is up about two-thirds of a percent mary bharara says gm will go at it alone but is that the right move for the autogiant joining us right now. wall street journal chief john she may be coming off great may autosales at gm. good news to crow about and boom she rejects potential merger and today she's hit with a news that doj might hit gm with criminal wire fraud charmings. how does that go over at the meeting? >> i think it is -- that that didn't go over too well and called pure speculation and they're not going to comment in a position to comment on what is going on with the doj just a very difficult situation trying to move the ball forward talk about what is to get their return and capital up and what
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has been a profitable year for them. to have them have the doj in the awkward police station for her to be. >> timing is interesting today as she's having that shareholder meeting, they're charged or at least the word is they will be possibly charged with wire and mail fraud over misleading statements regarding those ignition problems which leads me to this. why would sergio and fiat chrysler who stock is up nearly 40% over the past year why would they want to hook up with gm? >> i think this is a return to a discussion that we've been having in detroit about six or seven years ago when gm was -- five years ago running out of cash and chrysler also running out of cash. they looked a at the time. the return with sergio now in the picture, his argument is that automakers need to be bigger and need to be fewer to meet regulatory i'm sorry about the op but meet the regulatory and tech awards commands that are going on in this industry and fuel economy regulations, safety regulations, and then you've got companies that are
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very well capitalize to a lesser extent text la doesn't have a lot of money but a cash -- ramping an über ramping up the tech war. sergio spread it over 15 million units instead of nine for you and six or search for us. >> why did she scoff at sergio? she feels that hey, we have scale we're so great but look at this stock. fcau fiat chrysler looking absolutely gorgeous at the moment up 44% over year to year. gm down 4% year over year. >> keep in mind that a lot of that groat does have to do with the decision to skin ferrari off. >> correct. as its own. also this incredible growth numbers are 60 plus months of growth in the united states coming off of very low bottom. but they are doing much better than expected in the united states. and they don't have exposure to places like russia and just getted started in china. but yeah, it is -- it is a bit of a tail of two companies right now when it comes to share prices. but gm is far more profitable.
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far broader, and they have definitely more cash in the bank they don't have nearlys a much debt. now and hour and 53 minutes or so away from the tesla discussion. we know that elin musk already speaking so that is always interesting isn't it? that is a stock that is up one thousand percent over past five years what is he going to stay today any announcements? >> it is interesting we have a meeting today which they've become kind of side shows, you know, and annual meetings most big investors with weight coming behind closed doors, and elin says what is on elon's mind and we can expect him answering questionings directly talking about future product. talking pressures on the industry. you know, when he talked usually the stock does move. sometimes it is on twitter. sometimes it is live he's not aflaid to say where company is at. big question is can this company survive with the kind of money it has in the bank and address the capitalization and burning
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400 million a quarter in cash. >> great to see you john. we'll get the air piece situation picked in next time. >> by the way, lebron, lebronl is a kia spokesman. i don't know if he's handing that out to his teammate he may be no offense to kia. >> he better be driving one of his endorsing of them. in detroit within wall street journal bureau there. breaking news there we wanted to keep you updated on this, the white house press bereaving room that had been evacuated in just the last hour has now been cleared. the all clear is given. but we should also make sure that the -- the obama family has never been -- were never removed from the white house in briefing has started back once again. the press wants to know, though, at this hour, this is what we're hearing, breaking news, press is
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demanding to know why president obama and his family were not removed from the white house when everybody else was. just to keep him safe why was he held for that standard everybody else was moved out. we'll get you answers as soon as they get it. general motors as we know resilient in lieflght charges we want to show stock here. gm is just slightly higher by 22 krents this has been a stock with all of the bad news out including the news today that the doj may be considering the wire and mail fraud charmings who knows. but right now up. everything else is down. tesla up 1,000 percent over last five years perspective is important. you can bet there will be fireworks and news coming out of tesla shareholder meeting. we'll be breaking developments from the tesla environment. 5 p.m. eastern you cannot miss it. elon always a colorful ceo we might hear something exciting and juicy. last night star of the pepsi commercials in the 80s was belting out hits. who was that? do you remember lionel richie. well dozens of other big names
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were there just at pepsi ko secret anniversary party. who else there? correspondent charlie gasparino with exclusive details on the cost as well. >> what is interesting about these stories after dennis threw that huge bash in 2001 to former tyco ceo became trouble. became a symbol of, you know, people didn't realize that these corporations put on these swanky parties. which i can point out they looked at as excess should point out that he had it in sardina. a -- ice statue of michael angelo jowrn nateing or the david urinating. so that is what was then, okay werkdz point out also that he paid for that out of his own pocket. pepsi co did not pay for the bash they had last time. it was a 50th anniversary secret and rang the bell at the new york stocks exchange.
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they're all over the place. everybody from roger goods el to jeffrey was there. they spent about -- much more than a million dollars. and here's what was really interesting, you know, they didn't have -- you know, a statue urinating roman statues but they did have lionel richie singing old songs. jeff and jerry seinfeld out there emceeing. we got wind of this from some of the people who were there, and here's why we heard it be this. you know pepsi has been under pressure from nelson to the active shareholder for expenses for paying 19.1 million. stock has lagged the s&p although it has better than coke and lagged major indexes. there's some issues does this company, is this company spending way too much money? some people who were at this sort of swanky party and it was about 500 people there, feasting on really nice steaks -- >> can we show the party around the cape again with the heads.
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because -- >> very good booze. >> let's point out some of the people on that. >> you know, roger goodell was there. jerry seinfeld. nelson phelps not there interesting. jeffrey who was a critic is activism apparently got the invite. john mariah, head of the giants was there. the head roger was there. it was a pretty interesting star-studded -- >> guy in the milingsz with the blue tie? >> that is a good question. >> well i do recognize -- the only woman there. ceo. >> by the way, all of these ceos past ceos there over past 50 years. >> what is wrong with the party charlie? let me play devil's advocate. >> i didn't cover him -- >> we were all on the same thing. hoorgs the thing, nobody played devil's advocate, i think that because it is considered like -- she's let's face it political
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correct. that soak. it is okay to blow a shareholder of money. >> forget -- why can't they have a 15 t anniversary party? >> why can't they spend 2 million of the money on his wife? >> should be able to. >> pass him on that brutally attacked. my question is -- do they have this type of party? >> not right now. >> get the stocks to perform better. >> they were that would be the case. even though -- i don't think what do you get out of these parties? >> jerry seinfeld -- >> the 250,000 a pop. is generally what he has. >> that is a lot. [laughter] >> stock is not so great and activist you don't want to be doing that charlie gasparino closing bell 49 and a half minutes away. apple halo is now hovering over your house. apple ceo jim cooke practically buried apple home kit news under the headline. but he wants apple bairvegly moving in into your house and sitting on your couch and flipping off your switches now
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the flip your lights on home kit wants to be internts of everything in your home. the two companies are the to hook up with apple so your home can be hooked up in ways you never dreamed they are right here. you have to see this demonstration. and how did these guys do it as upstate new york ramps up for two escaped killers who got ahold to drill a path to freedom. we've got the ceo of the largest publicly traded prison company in the nation. we'll ask him how do they get power tools, they get inside help an what is changing now with the rules. and shouldn't these inmates have tracking to attach to their bodies? will that all change, that all coming up. dow jones industrial is losing steam. stay tuned.
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>> this is breaking news reporting that the two killers who escaped from prison four days ago at this hour, right now have been cornered by police. "the daily news" is reporting murderers found 40 miles south of the clinton correctional facility again. this is what we know they've been cornered by heavily armed
3:16 pm
bus loads of correction officers are descending on town of wills burrow, new york, this is miles from where we last saw them escape. police also focusing on a prison worker in upstate new york. to see whether she helped these two murders escape. authorities do not know how they were able to get those power tool it is that let them cut through walls, slice through metal, and escape. but they say they have likely help from the inside possibly from this worker named joyce mitchell. joist has been impairragated as they investigate this further. of course yesterday in a dramatic vision andrew cuomo retraced escaper when you look at this it is hard to believe he was cutting threw two foot wall thick walls, climbing ladders they have to navigate dark narrow pathways underground through a manhole on a street
3:17 pm
he's offering up to $100,000 but the breaking news right now from the "daily news" is maybe they've cornered these guys. so as we check this news, and we're waiting on it, we ask how can something like this have gone undetebted by prison guards and inmates and fox business exclues uv korntion of america ceo presidentday monday who was also a correction's officer himself here live now, first of all, if these guys are cornered that is great news. >> great news welcome great news. >> when you hearted that two convicted murders were able to escape from top security prison, what was your first thought? >> let me first say that men and women of new york department of corrections are soflt best in the business so i'm very confident in comes days and weeks as they learn new details through the investigation to take appropriate steps. accountability issue with employees or physical issue with the facility, and i'm very confident it will take appropriate steps. >> but what areathathathath=
3:18 pm
>> they somehow made it to the honor block to wear civilian clothes. would that ever happen at your prison? >> the question this this case goes back to the new york department of corrections in the
3:19 pm
comes day and weeks we get more details on that. but relationship to housing and individuals in our facility it is a close conversation we have with our state partners who again we do business in 19 states. >> how do the two guys get any title of honor in it? >> if they're at the end of their sentence done 20 or 30 years. >> which they haven't. >> done appropriate work within the facility main an education or close to release and maybe stepping down to a cloar dust can custody to see for release and grace back into the community. >> you ever been very concerned about prison overcrowding. could overcrowding have been an issue here and i know we don't know the answers yet. but what do you do about overcrowding do you less lesser criminals out? >> i don't think you don't know facts here in new york. but generally what we've seen in other states that overcrowding it does create a stress on the facility. maybe with programs, services, it could be the case where you've got more inmates from a ratio from a staffing
3:20 pm
perspective so we've been really key solution in a lot of states. california at 200% capacity in their system overcrowded and a great solution. we've up to one point 10,000 inmates in our system to help relieve outcrowding that lowers the stress, lowers the strain on services, and really allows them into a normal environment where they get good program and services. >> okay here's the report you can see it on lower part there. killers have been cornered, what brought about 40 miles north. spout 40 miles south of where they first escaped from that prison. we're thrilled to have you especially at this very timeday thank you so much. >> publicly traded company. corporation of america david is ceo and president. good luck to you. >> thank you, liz, and we can look at those prison stocks and see how they're reacting here. they're down not a surprise here but noisy on stocks. but again, this is a situation that is developing the second we get more on whether these two killers have indeed been cornered we will get it to you. closing bell exactly 40 minutes
3:21 pm
away. ♪ this guy he's rocking streets as a hero triple crown jockey victor, made history riding american pharaoh, to the incredible vicialght of beaumont saturday. so we're walking on the streets trust me we have to keep themoff of off of the way. guess what he's not just a jockey he's a trader too. >> what has been been your big stock investment where you've really made a big invest ?ment >> he made a killing on it, the interview and the answer straight ahead. interview of everything is the future for your home and your investment. two companies on the cutting edge who were teaching their wagon to apple can you imagine siri turn off the lights. count down to the closing bell we'll come right back two companies capitalizing on the apple hailer.
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>> turn on my kitchen. ♪ >> okay, the light is turned on. >> turn on my basement. ♪ >> okay, the light is turned on. >> i like that. now we look at apple. do you like that? one day after the big conference where apple home kit and apple music detailed, and stock is saying that at the moment so is wall street, but guess what if you want an apple halo type house here's the announcement you might have missed. hid incline the apple music hype with something called home kit. what you'll be able to do is tell siri to do much more than just ask for scores of your favorite teams. you can ask to turn on lights, lock the doors, roll up the blinds, turn on or off the ac, even if you are not there. home kit is set to work with
3:27 pm
icloud to operate a slew of products from anywhere in the world just by asking siri. the news comes days after first batch of home care products launched and fox business exclusive we have two of the only five companies in the groundbreaking bunch. that is michael he's president of vutron who lets you control devices and lights. gary schultz head of product development another i-home that turns any device into a smart one. how did you guys get the deal with apple only five companies so star? >> well we've been making reliable lighting control products liz for over 50 years. so it is very important lighting is reliable. we have set high standards of excellence. apple has high stands so i think it was a great match. >> we actually shot a little bit of how your company lutron will let us play that right now so our viewers can see. >> siri turn my lights on.
3:28 pm
♪ >> okay, the lights are turned on. >> siri set my lights to 10%. ♪ okay, i set both of the lights to 10. >> it is a little bit of mood lighting i kind of like that gary you're doing lighting but other thingings too. >> our device the smart plug will control air conditioners, portsable heater, toasters, ovens, a broad range of small appliances. we've been working with apple over ten years on the variety of solutions, and we're proud that they invited us allergy in the development of home kit. >> are you looking at michael saying he's my competitor or two different spaces? >> not at all. we've been talking to michael's team throughout this process, and we're working with them and other areas of the smart home solution. >> who michael will this hurt am i shutting out a bunch of different companies that sell their best buy and sell even through target where you can have a little remote camera. you can check on your dog or you
3:29 pm
know you can check on your house plants who knows? >> i don't know that it will hurt things liz. ting that opportunities think about the potentiality. it creates great experience. what we create is great experiences when we saw a variety of venues so we think about create the experience boy the opportunity is rolling out. >> how much does that cost what you have here? >> 2029 dollars in an an l store, or in a retailer. >> what about your products gary? >> first device from i-home is our smart plug that is $39.99. >> anybody read -- anybody read the velt scary, scary possibility. but i think it is great. it is really amazing to be age to control things from your remote areas. good luck to both of you. michael the company is called lutron gary schultz i-home i have a bunch of prubtses i love clock radios that do 50,000
3:30 pm
things. >> great to have you both. good luck to you. >> thank you here we have the closing bell 30 and a half minutes away. american pharaoh and vicker to espinoza linked after pulling off that unamazingly ware feet first time in 40 years, the jockey has quietly won five of the last that translates to a lot of cash and a lot of selfies from fans right outside fox business. we got him, i speak to him about plans about what he's going to do with all of the pharaoh's gold, and shocking new developments about your safety at america's airport. could a terrorist actually be patting me down in captain chuck nash tells us why we all need to be concerned. he's next on count down an an update on whether those murderses have been truly cornered.
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>> 25 minutes before the closing bell rings turned south turned red for all major indices remember we have bond yield spiking tenure yield at the moment that is pretty much at its highest since october. so this is not positive for the stock market but crossed unchanged line some 33 tiles today alone. we have more breaking news on that case of the fugitives new york "daily news" reporting that the two killers who escaped from prison four days ago are at this hour right this moment, cornered by police. the paper is saying that richard mat and david sweat found 50 miles south of the correctional facility that is actually just 20 miles south of canada people thought maybe they rushed to canada somehow. no at the moment, they are
3:36 pm
cornered supposedly according to "daily news" we have heavily armed bus loads of correction and police officers descending right now on town of wills burrow new york. focusing on a prison worker in upstate she perhaps may be helped two murders escape now we have "the new york times" weighing in that they too were saying that two murderers have been captured. they're extremely dangerous. possibly armed extremely dangerous, two convicted murders escaped saturday from up north of new york. yet another shocking new report on the tsa today. yeah, add this to that internal investigation finds that 73 airport employees cut security clearness from tsa although they were on the terror watch list. senate homeland security holding hearing. inspector john said he thinks that tsa can actually fix these problems. listen. >> tsa has taken some steps to
3:37 pm
implement our recommendations and address security vulnerabilities nevertheless some problems persist while tsa cannot control owl risk to transportation security, many issues are well within its control. >> okay, here's the most frustrating aspect of all of this current law, does not permit the tsa to require a social security or passport number at hiring which is how people and corrections officers and, of course, police would trailing them and find out if they recall in trouble. we've joined now joined now by fox news analyst chuck nash who protected our naval aviator for 25 years. captain nash. this is really disturbing. i thought it was bad that people at tsa were letting pocket knives get through the undetected but now 73 potential terrorists who were given jobs at the tsa? >> you know, at what point do you want to grab somebody by the throat and throttle the heck out of them. this is insane for people who
3:38 pm
don't think that political correctness can kill people, i want you to consider what is going on here, this is slts insane that you can't require a social security number to do a background check on someone if you go into the armed services. i guarantee you they do a background check on you, and if you apply for a security clearance, they do another background check on you. so this is ridiculous that we're giving access to people inside the security perimeter of our airports who have not been properly screened. we -- did we not learn anything about everyone in for goodness sakes. >> captain nash went 25 years ago when i applied for a job at wsyx channel 6 action news in columbus, ohio, they gave me a background check. so what do we need to change and how quickly can we change it? >> well, you know, unfortunately what we're seeing is that the bigger the government gets, the less efficient it becomes. and so what we do is we layer more briewr rock city on top of all old briewr rock city
3:39 pm
thinking it is going to get better and sits and definition of insanity had is doing same thing over and over again expecting different results. it won't happen. what we need to do is going after that bloated thing called department of homeland security and we need to skinny it up and make it more efficient. because all they did was they turned -- they turned it into a huge government bureaucracy and it is not serving the american people and we're spengdzing billions of dollars a year on tsa. every ticket that you buy flying on an airliner you pay $2.50 to cover the tsa cost. >> it is bad enough that terrorists got through on 9/11 and then we started tsa, and now we have terrorists working there. so my next question becomes whose job should this be? how do we get this going fast? >> that is where senate oversight committee's come in because what the congress controls, at least what they haven't given up yet but what they still control under the constitution is the purse. they have the power of the
3:40 pm
purse. so let's see what these profiles encourage up there on capitol hill are willing to do to make sure that this organization receives accountability that is deserves. >> outrage and frustration on taxpayers, this is just crazy. captain nash i'm glad what we showed some outrage i think it makes people feel better. i wish you were in charge. i really do. >> first word that comes to mind when you hear about people only the terrorist watch list, working behind the airport security perimeter first word is, duh and then it is just outrage. >> how did it happen? >> again we're asking the same question about what is going on in new york state with the two murdererrers running around. a pleasure to have you again. thank you so much. >> you bet liz. >> now we have two reports "daily news" and new york times are reporting two murders have
3:41 pm
been cornered. lebron gamings even things up on the court in the nba finals. cleveland versus warriors but he may not be making one was bigst sponsors all that happy but infuriated plus my interview with victor espinoza talking horses, and investing and what was he thinking when he crossed the finish line on the back of american pharaoh. he will reveal it, next on count down to the closing bell. you total your brand new car.
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>> lebron james might have some explaining to do at least
3:46 pm
to samsung. king james bought his entire cleveland avenue clears team apple watches for nba final to show his appreciations for their hardwork. problem is, he's been the samsung spokesman since 2012 and they have the galaxy gear watch this snts the first time he's made this faux pas last year he mistakenly tweeted annoyance with the samsung phone and quickly deleted that tweet, but guess what he was annoyed because he had deleted everything on his phone so he was letting the world know that tonight is game three of the nba finals. calves are tied at one a piece. no tie here triple crown party is still raging for jockey victor espinosa he can't count how much money he wins in endorsement and everything else by riding into the history books over the weekend. mobbed by media request but he came us to. i got a chance to spend some time with espinoza to talk about the whirlwind after his beaumont
3:47 pm
win and at that moment. >> victor, at this very moment, what were you thinking? >> oh, my god, liz, i was just shock. my body was gone to numb but my body racing a hundred mites an hour. >> 150 miles per hour. [laughter] >> back it up 35 seconds, you can see that finish line. what was going through your mind then? >> i was like come on -- i want to wire to come close quick. youyou know a lot of things cano wrong. just a matter of seconds so when i see the quire so close, like i didn't think about it. i want to celebrate a little bit early. because you know like i can say anything can happen. but as soon as i cross the wire just a relief like my body just relax. >> at any point because there's a famous fir of the jockey for secretariat who won triple crown looking over his shoulder at
3:48 pm
that last second to see is somebody breasting down my back. did you look back at all? >> no, yints want to turn. i was so afraid to move. because i don't to discourage american pharaoh he was just -- such a high speed, and it is like emotion like -- just to have it so powerful. >> so now they're in the money. you donatessed your winnings from this race. a lot of people are thinking, why did he do that? [laughter] you donatessed your money to city of hope which is a children's cancer charity. but the money that you do have, you like to invest. you're a smarts businessman, everyone is beginning to come out of the wood work and say, buy this, and invest in that. i can get you in on a private offering free ipo. what do you do in that case? >> you know, i like the invest a little bit, and stocks and stock market. i watch the stock market every day. stopples i trade daily. sometimes i hold it a little bit longer. >> you trade daily?
3:49 pm
>> how do you trade? >> i trade tower -- [inaudible] and i do my trade like sometimes daily. depends what stock that i get, sometimes i keep it longer, also a little bit. just incase something goes wrong with the market then i have safe and rolling space. >> people tell you buy low sell high. [laughter] >> that is right. that is the key. >> what has been your best stock investment where you really made a good profit? >> oil. >> oil -- >> where did you buy it at? >> barrel at 46. >> wow. >> and i thought it was going 40 but i feel like i -- buy a bunch in there when it was 46 and look at it 60 and yesterday it was up. sold it and i guess profit in there. >> you are going to continue to race this horse. how about sarah will you race saratoga with american pharaoh? >> i love to, but it is not my
3:50 pm
position -- for the owner, going to decide to do with american pharaoh, i mean both or too much for him to risk anything, anything can happen to him. but you know what, whatever he goes, i'll be there. [laughter] >> that is wonderful. now are you pimping out your house are you putting gold fixture on your bathtub and what are you going to buy? you have to treat yourself? >> well, you know what that is true -- i have to think about what should i get. [laughter] >> what do you think? you immediate to help me. >> iemg i'm not a millionaire because i donate my money to the charity. but you know, but no my hero has been all bill gates, since i was a little kid he was my hero read first book from him, i will never be like him because i will always make my money. >> but he donates all of the money that he made too.
3:51 pm
maybe that is how you're living in following his foot steps. >> following them, right. >> you're 5'1". >> i wore my flats. for you so i wouldn't be too tall. good luck you're standing tall today. >> thank you, thank you liz thank you for having me. >> a sweet heart he really is. we want to thank victorrist pen trading oil he made a fortune. [inaudible] lead by example. yesterday we asked you what you thought about they they are rowd as an investment. don't invest in things that eat and need medical attention. [laughter] bob says horse racing is a hobby. not an investment and let's throw out what bill had toe say. a bad idea that they will dilute the thrill and enjoy to the sport. gary taking a totally different approach decided to buy a formula one team instead. oh that is pricey. listen, we love the comments,
3:52 pm
keep them coming for more on victor visit liz and also fox they did a whole interview different focus you have to hear and see matt rocco's interview with him, very interesting stuff here, and again, at liz claman, we've got you covered. closing bell eight minutes away, we're looking at the markets at the moment, and here we have the dow and s&p, again very indecisive for the moment bulls have snagged a hair to the upside. and we do have the nasdaq up on the transport slightly lower. the management founder, president scott black he's a genius investor a billion under management. keep our count down close later on after the bell. david and melissa francis talked to the original real housewives stephanie frankel. what a businesswoman she's turned out to be following the count down. stay tuned.
3:53 pm
we'll be right back. you do all this research on the perfect car.
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liberty mutual insurance. . liz: minutes away before we hear the closing bell ring, it's a mixed picture at the moment. when you mix red and green, what do you get? indecisiveness. could stocks be entering the zone of death? new fears are rising if the s&p, and you could look at it over a year, may be entering an area where it moved too high, could accelerate a move to the downside in return. here to help us make sense of the latest anxiety rattling investors. "barron's" guru scott black, delphi manager and president. scott, do you believe in the zone of death that the s&p looks like it's bumping up against? >> not at all. i'm not a technician, but i do look at the s&p, and right now, it's at about 18 times this year's earnings and
3:57 pm
historically a 16 multiple, and if you look at small and mid cap stocks as defined by the russell 500, there's not a lot of great values out there. liz: that means a guy like you look at every detail of stocks may very well win in the end. how do you find a cheap stock that isn't a dog stock? >> well, we call through about 6500. there are companies that have lagged behind doing well. i have two of them for you. one is a bigger name which is viacom. the stock is in the 60s right now, selling at about 11 1/2 times this year's earnings, not a lot of topline revenue growth, they took out 350 million in costs by reshuffling the organization, they had a smash hit, the first animation, they did 74 million for the show, and they've done over 315 million, and you get two tent poles coming right now. you have tom cruise in mission
3:58 pm
impossible and another terminator. joint venture in india, and they also have a new expansion of paramount pictures with subtitles. 8 million people signed up internationally. i think it's a legitimate, 9, 10% grower and a cheap stock. liz: spongebob plus europe plus india is smashing. the patriarch of viacom sumner redstone, "vanity fair" had a huge piece on it, there's concern where the patriarch may be getting old and may be gone someday soon, what does that do for a stock's value? >> well, the real issue is philippe doman who runs the company. i know they have estate overhang and plans, i can't weed that out. from a pure fundamental standpoint, nine times enterprise value, they generate well over a billion a year in free cash, high return on
3:59 pm
equity. in the biggest concern is if people unbundle cable. that's what's holding the stock back. it's not a must have channel like espn, they have 70% revenue blocked with the mso for three years, i don't think it's as big a deal as people think. liz: scott, everybody needs to go on, we've had so much breaking news. scott black of delphi. extend over to david asman and melissa francis. melissa: a pair of bomb threats clearing out the white house and the capitol. what is going on in washington? talk to james rosen, he was the last guy out door at time of the threat. david: the obama administration may have found a way to help taxpayers bail out college loans. you want to hear the details on the story. melissa: the skinny girl herself joins us live to give us the skinny on floating
4:00 pm
brand. everyone has a great idea about a product. she's going to tell you how to turn your idea into millions. closing bell sounding on wall street, here's a look where the major averages are ending the day. barely in the green as we settle out there. looks like the dow turned negative there. david: this is important, if it goes negative, it will be four days in a row. still settling, down about 5. couple minutes ago up 5. if it settles negative, it will be four days in a row. since march. melissa: that's right. david: here's everything you need to know right now. melissa: tense day for nation's capitol. two major events evacuated due to security threats. >> apparently the capitol police is clearing this, so we should


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