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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  June 14, 2015 8:30am-9:01am EDT

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jonah. >> hollywood taking full advantage of our fears. shows like robot wars and mr. robot and humans by amc networks. a 20% move stock. >> there we go. can't beat that. well never let a crisis go to waste. we saw it after baltimore. >> to invest in our children. >> we saw it after the anthrax. invest in 21st century systems. >> safety programs that are under funded. loo if we don't invest if will be -- >> and now that the tsa is missing things like bombs? >> i think everyone needs to understand that there is a price to be paid for us continuing to cut and cut and cut. >> i think what they're saying is if i had just spent more money on diet products i wouldn't be fat. fat chance you would believe it.
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fat chance any of us are going to condone it. welcome. i'm november cavuto. >> a lot of times we're talking about -- >> i don't think it's sort of. >> disasters. disasters. i do like what they've learned over the last few years. don't say spend. it's invest. >> what we need to do is -- invest. >> no. you're spending and it doesn't solve the problem. >> >>. >> it's either people that don't know how to do their job correctly or -- it's called getting fired if you miss a man carrying a fake explosive device
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on his body. there was the one undercover guy that got through. he set off one of the detectors. got patted down. they missed the fake explosive device. guess what it happened several years ago. >> more money maybe would have prevented that. >> no. >> >>. >> the problem is they are all liars. >> they spent money on community redevelopment and school and just go to amtrak. you know, they spend a lot of money on amtrak. you whan i'm saying? part of amtrak is very profitable. they don't want to privatize it. they need to spend more money on the tsa. one question is i don't think we should be cutting back. i mean you know this is -- if it only takes one guy to get through, and god forbid one guy
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gets through. maybe we should spend money -- you agreed with the premise that they need more money. >> no. >> i think they should not hire he's people that can't get -- couldn't get jobs at wal-mart to do something that's very very -- >> k-mart. >> incredible. >> ben stein. what say you? >> i think generally speaking you have a better quality of people if you pay them more. i don't think the tsa inspectors get paid very much, and i think they have to be on their feet all day, and they have to deal with very rude surly bastards. i think that's a whole different
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story. the more money we spend on schools in these urban poor areas, the better -- the worse the results are. not the better. >> you might be right. i don't want to lump all -- it's not the same common fixes. i look at the tsa budget. it's $8 million, $9 million. if you can't corps this sort of thing with that you are doing something wrong. invariably you hear this out of folks that we're not spending enough. i mean i heard this after the enron scandals and they said we need to hire more police. we hired more s.e.c. police and a lot of them are watching porn all day. nothing wrong with that. that's fine. i'm just saying that maybe we just need smarter police. we need better police. we don't need more more more. >> i think it's easy especially when you can't be bothered to wear a tie on national television. i mean -- >> you are such an elitist.
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>> i think it's good-natured you know chuckles. there's $7 billion. in all honesty, it's just a number. >> when he look at my -- it's just a number. >> easily $7 million is far toolgs to spend on keeping our airplanes safe or on policing world leading securities system. or on making -- >> i notice you didn't say anything about the great war on poverty and thinking that if we fill up the same poverty rate that we had back in 1966 when all this started that maybe more money -- you left out a lot of things here. shame ow. i'm ashamed to have you on the show.
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>> no, no. >> i won't say we always spend our money wisely. you raised very good points. i am trying to make changes in things we should spend money on. >> if someone pays you for a job, you are obligated to try to do it right or to the best of yoir ability. >> to the best of your ability. >> maybe they are going after were -- maybe we just say this is what you want to -- >> i think the problem is the caliber of the person they have for the most part. >> i know -- everyone here -- >> >> here it is again and
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again, and we'll hear it again if we have some others. >> we have got news 10 the habit of the last 15 years or so of throwing cash at every problem, right? any kind of problem, whether it's a national disaster or not, it's give the problem money. give more money and so now that's just the solution to solving every issue. i don't think -- listen $11 million was spent on just training agents in the last several years since the last review. you had a half million dollars in new screening equipment that was bought since 2009. listen how about next time i go to the airport you'll tell me to uncross my arms when i went through the metal detector. because i was just hanging out, and i walked through with my arms crossed, and -- >> maybe the analogy is we have thrown a lot of money at urban -- these rotten school districts, new york city baltimore. they have some of the higher per
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capita spending around. >> and guys like you are still -- >> thank god i went to a suburban school. >> we have done that and guess what the money was transferred to unions right, and they did very little with it. i think the issue here is with the tsa. i don't know how the tsa is run. i don't know if it's run by the union or if the government is running it, and they're obviously running it bad. when you throw money -- maybe we should privatize it. >> why? >> >>. >> 77 -- 73 aviation workers who had terrorism links. that's why. >> do i need to add anything? >> let's by all means privatize it and see how that works. >> i can tell you how it works. it was private before 9/11.
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>> well it was private. zoof we need all of these positions and all of these cases are better and smarter people. not physically -- >> we'll get better ones and then -- >> you know what that -- >> it never fails. >> that gets to the issue of private. you want an aggressive patdown, let me go. there's an issue of privacy and not man handling people at the airport. i'm a woman. i can man handle somebody. what? >> that makes you uncomfortable,
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sir? >> you would go after every nonenglish speaking passenger. >> southerners are just as curious as well. >> meantime david is on deck with what's coming up next. >> the u.s. sending even more military to iraq, and it's doing more of the same. only wasting more money and lives. plus baltimore wouldn't be in this mess if it wasn't for free trade? that's what this union ad is claiming. some here saying that claims a real riot. we'll see you soon. >> i wonder what they're going to come out on that. anyway we have a lot more coming up. love that. meanwhile, when -- this
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well hillary clinton is about to get speaking and all of that just pandering, when one of her biggest backers says on fox business you do have to start wondering. >> to me it's all politics. trying to get elected, get a no, ma'am nation. >> you don't think she would exercise that if she became president? she would be an anti-wall street president? >> listen i think hillary clinton is a very smart individual. >> well another mogul was listening, and let's say home depot co-founder ken langone immediately got involved. >> he is effectively saying she's saying things she doesn't believe in. very frankly, it's the john's of the world that allow these people to mislead us to get
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elected to do something totally different than they said they were going to do. this is what is wrong with politics. >> well he is right. >> who is right? >> ken is right. we should point out that john mack is trying to be treasury secretary. he thinks that he has a shot at it. >> you say that. you might genuinely have -- >> yes, but he does want to be treasury secretary. these guys want to end their career on a high note. >> a jaded, cynical -- >> he might genuinely like hillary clinton, but he wants a job. >> he wants his name on the dollar bill. >> you are right. >> he wants -- he would be a better secretary than jack lu. he would be a good one. the problem is that john doesn't realize this is not the democratic party that he thinks it is. it's not the democratic party of him and his friend larry fink at black rock that are marginally liberal democrats. >> or communists.
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>> these communists are running. comrade bill de blasio elizabeth warren. that's where he is wrong. >> ben stein, i guess it is saying something about our system and maybe he is just exposed the reality that is there. don't believe what she's saying. she doesn't believe it. she's more like her husband than the left wing as she appears in public. that is a sad commentary if this is all for show. >> i don't think she even appears as a left winger. she's sh shrill but not particularly left wing. all politicians follow the money. she'll follow the money. if elizabeth warren got to be president, she would follow the money. i think mrs. obama should be president. i like her. she would follow the money too. everybody follows the money. that's what life is about. >> the message that we're getting loud and clear is that don't believe what you see or ignore what's in front of you because she is not that left wing. she is not that anti-business.
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she is not that anti-one percent rsh she's locked herself increasingly into a very difficult corner. >> locked in and will be pushed further into that corner by those on the far left who are also running. bernie sanders, elizabeth warren your shadow candidate, i guess, because she's doing everything she can to push hillary to the left. it raises the issue. charlie can speak to this too. >> i don't want to hear about it anymore. >> you -- i do. you promise the people of wall street wink wink you give me the money. i'm want going to be as left wing as i'm running. you have to honor that if you want to get re-elected right? >> she can't -- she can't get re-elected if she turns her back on the left. >> first get elected. >> yes, she can. >> hillary may evolve like some presidents have evolved on things that they probably always believed but couldn't get elected believing until the
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popular perception of a particular issue changed because if they're going to win, and you see the way it's going, then you evolve. >> don't voters put another finger at you? >> with the primaries, are you hearing that the republican candidates got on the far right to make it to the primaries, but then had to run in the middle. same thing you're hearing on the left. it's pretty interesting. >> i just think it's a dangerous message for democrats in general because they ended the week torpedoing a trade deal that was essentially a victory for bernie sanders, and i think what they're sending, aem, is the unequivocal message, we are not only out of the mainstream but we're out of the planet. >> well i agree on that negative message that the house democrats -- >> you agree that you were out on -- >> no. i don't agree at all. >> i think that -- i'll wait. i think that -- >> you're not. >> if i remember correctly
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. >> remember when your mom used to say drink all your milk sng you got to drop that carton and put it down. the -- all the salty foods. in fact anything good. anything wonderful.
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>> do you read about this is this they are now cracking down on salt in new york city soda in san francisco, and maybe even milk in schools across the country. please tell me this is nuts. >> it's actually happening. they want to say you're going to eat this dish in new york city that's got too much salt in it i think they should hire people to stand over you, back back back while are you trying to eat. >> they're doing it in new york. you know the drill. ewe seen this before. what do you make of it? >> i love salt. i love sugar. i love fat. i know i'm very overweight myself. i only have one life to live. i want to eat it eat -- live my life being fat, salty, sugary foods. i don't want the orwelian standing over me and i find it
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a rule to be able to try to control my intake of food are mentally ill. >> it's so funny you talked about the salt stick. between that the calorie count, and everything else pretty soon every item will have its own page. >> your burger. >> it came from originally the meat was raised in africa. doesn't have any antibiotics on n it, but sometimes they do on the way in. a little bit of salt. 400 calories. >> i'm eating hot dogs. i'm the wrong guy to get this message. i understand. does it go too far? what do you think? >> we are making light of the fact that there's an obesity problem. >> oh -- >> here we go. >> by the way --
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>> a lot of causes for the obesity, and one of them is bad government policy. i'll be the first to say it he subsidyized all the sugar -- you keep sugar prices low and high fruk toes corn syrup. >> don't get me -- >> you have got to be kidding. >> the intake of some kid ingesting a big sugary soda, you think that's because of the u.s. department of agriculture policies. are you kidding? >> as somebody who is in favor of some of the stuff, i would say two things. number one, we have socialized medicine. the government is on the tab for all these fat people that are -- >> the term is calorieicly challenged. >> a lot of people want to know how much salt is in something. sodium doesn't get you fat. >> it makes you blow up. my face gets as big as a tire
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wheel when i eat these things. >> what else are you eating? >> we got crazy in my family but we don't have -- >> this is what happens if you eat properly. take a look. i want to say -- i want a steak. so they are the best. >> me and my wife -- what stocks could kee
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one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. >> real quick. >> mobilize. it's amazing.
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the automated cars it broke out this week. >> adam. >> hack a basket of cyber security stocks up 20% since january when i mentioned it. >> wow. >> ben. >> slid always. >> look at the time here and time for -- hundreds of u.s. military trainers and more military equipment going over to iraq to also help isis but the general that once headed the president's -- saying that strategy is failing. here's what he told neil. >> do you think isis is winning? >> yes, i think isis is achieving the objective that is they have set out to achieve. i think that they feel probably very emboldened. this trickle effect of sort of strategic drips, if you will just doesn't appear to be working. >> and that trickle, by the way, adds up. we've already spent more than $25 billion training tens of thousands of iraqi troops since


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