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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  June 17, 2015 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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ambassador john bolton will join us here tomorrow night. good to have you with us. good night from new york kennedy: i am back. very happy to be here. i noticed there is a national epidemic of people pretending to be something they are not, the latest perpetrator, the man who believes he is presidential. you guessed it, donald trump has efficiently declared. >> ladies and gentlemen, i am efficiently running for -- officially running for president of the united states. and we're going to make our country great again. kennedy: woo! he spent whole time lobbying bombs, lighting
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the field on fire. it is crazy enough to work. i am also watches fascination and outrage over one woman's racial disphoria. i am amused at people's anger, here she is, rachel dolezal with matt law. low matt lower. >> was you african-american. >> i identify as black. kennedy: her parents said this is malarky. there has been comparisons with caitlyn jenner, and rachel dolezal. even rick santer unand lindsey graham have given caitlyn props.
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i can imagine fascination she fell, and on some level there might have been an awakening and a longing, she liked the way she fell, perhaps she felt the way caitlyn jenner did the first time she put on a dress and lipstick, but perhaps she fell like she was home. if someone wants to be black, let them be black. there is no an set o -- ancestrl struggle. but rachael dolezal does not feel the centuries of pain in her lilly-white bones, that is obvious, if she is lived as woman in two different races does that give her context for running something like the naacp? unfortunately this broad is nuttier than a sack of cashews and acted like a garden variety fraud. she deserves condemnation from
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those she has affected. she should be fired for being a liar. and called out but as far as transracial people directions els-- drexel istill my still my favorite. >> i am pretty. kennedy: not special enough to warrant this attention, she may be nuts but who are we to call or white? tonight on the show, is hillary clinton trying to hide herself from the press again? and a court rules your boss is fire you for smoking pot economy ven where it is legal. is that fair? and obama administration announcing they stay away from the oreos. why do they hate us so much? i love you. i am glad you are here. i am kennedy.
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kennedy: i can't believe i'm going to say this, but donald trump is running for president. >> i don't need anybody's money it is nice. i am using my own money, i am not using lobbyists or donors, i don't care. i am really rich. i tell you that. kennedy: i have assembled a great party panel. michael moynihan a columnist at the daily beast. >> thank you. kennedy: there was an excitement, people were moved. >> you know it was castro-ledge, i turned it off, i was this is enter ain'ting in the beginning.
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-- enter ain'ting i entertainine beginning. there is nothing serious. but, he is a lunatic. there something wrong with him. he believes in vaccine cause -- ricketts, he went off on this tangent about how much money he had and how much he hates free trade. it was entertaining 9 entertain. kennedy: he took aim at japanese, and chinese. katherine, you were deeply moved by the vibration of the speech, what do you want from a president parentrump.>> i want s who was woo hooking.
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>> i got in trouble for calling people at his rally nut jobs. >> they could have reasons we don't understand. i do think that you know existence of trump in the race, and he is making a legitimate point, i am using my own money. that is a good point, if you are worried about a big infusion from people with agendas in politics. kennedy: maybe that is what it comes down to, but does he have what it takes? can he get people to vote for him. >> looking at it realistically, polling 4% a among republicans, i think he really wants to make it to television debate. that would be entertaining. i can't wait to see him use bully pulpit on that stage,
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apprentice style, you're fired, i'm hered. >> i'll be excited when the press starts doing fact checking, just about the speech alone. his transition from caitlyn jenner's gender to rachel dolezal's racial ride, she said she identified as black since she was a little kid. i don't know if i necessarily buy that. but i do think that if there is someone who feels like they want to be another race, that is how they want to dress and talk, i don't have a problem with that but why are people so personalling offended by this person. >> i don't know, she is in a position she is trying to help, and rally for social just justice, she is doing it in a way to be helpful. i think that people got upset about deceit, and her parents
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called her out. kennedy: that family has problems. >> they are looking for an angle. this is same but to a lesser extent with caitlyn jenner. there is a fire as long as -- long as we have different legal standards for people in different categories. kennedy: but she has not violated anyone's rights, she applied to howard university as a white person. >> the people assume at very least they could get on that same hobby horse of racial preferences but now she applied as a white lady. kennedy: to a black university. michael, you have wanted to be white for some time now. >> yes. i am from mozambique, i have
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been miss mass car raiding as angerrish man. >> the thing about this, she has been faking hate crimes as a business for past 3 years, she e -- i don't think she is doing it to help people. i think there is some sort of mental -- >> attention-seeking valve? >> she sued howard university for suing against her for being white. i don't know what she is at-this-point. i think her parents come off as normal ones. i would go to media too if my daughter was holding up pictures of a black guy they met 3 weeks ago saying this is my father. she has some issues, some serious issues. kennedy: she took one of her adopted brothers. >> and rechristianed her as her own son. kennedy: here is my son. so, something is amis. but you know, who am i to say.
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>> to the point, when people say is a construct. this is an argument to made she is doing that. taking it -- constructing her own house. >> it is deceptive to say i should be to police oversight committee and head of naacp, when everyone is wait, you are not black? kennedy: what are you going to do 6 and 1? more with panel. hillary clinton runs in to trouble with the press, they are trying to follow her on the trail, but who would suspect that hillary might be dodging reporter? >> and topical storm, blowing through the rock gets into a car crash with fans, then things get interesting. >> jurassic world's chris pratt. the subject of a classic prank.
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it's just boneheaded but that said a little overheated on the rhetoric and first they came. they are going to eliminate it. >> i don't know. if they are doing this during a campaign, look how cool i am. what is she going to do? >> i think you do have this overblown rhetoric and also i say this as a reporter,
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reporters can be the worst. i think it's entirely possible in this particular circumstance reporters are shouting censorship and it's like yeah you brought this on yourself. at the same time i think hillary clinton campaign strategy is like be to everyone and hope that no one is paying attention now. >> but everyone is paying attention. >> nobody's paying attention. >> every mistake that she makes is being documented by the press who she has promised that the event not too long ago she would start a new relationship more transparent relationship with the press. >> which sounds familiar. >> you may recall her doing the same thing with russia. >> maybe she needs to push the reset button. >> it seems that way because she started this whole thing up wanted to be close to the american people everyday
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americans but it seems at every pass she is running into show that she's not bad and it really is unfortunate. i think people want to see a challenging democratic, they want to see a challenge that i want challenge i want to be alysia diverse range of candidates a real competition here and it's a real shame. >> i think they want to control who can go roe is. in some ways it isn't necessarily fair. >> i don't blame them. if i'm writing a campaign, the obama administration is going to choose the people. they know it's going to be slow. >> we heard about the relationship from the mistresses text. >> i think i would love to see a magical universe in which hillary and the candidates are out there talking freely with
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the press and telling the truth. this particular story is one in a long string which unfortunately those reporters are going to forget when it comes time to vote. all those people will vote for hillary. >> that's so sad. i would never abandon you. our panel will be back in a little while. some important pot just to chew on. should your boss be able to fire you for smoking weed? even in places where it's legal? we will discuss discuss that the first to lebron james can help you understand economics. the world is about to mak
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>> hi there you may be surprised to find the rolling stones
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lebron james in a popular tv show on the cover of an economic cover. that's a perfect tease for popular economics. everyone will have to prove that free markets work and you don't need an econ degree to understand it. the editor of real clear markets political economy editor at forbes and the author of popular economics with the rolling stones "downton abbey" and lebron james will teach you about economics. first let's get into lebron economics. explain because lebron james obviously in the news right now. the cast in tpo grenades trying to dig them out. what is it about lebron james that can explain the basic economic and sebile? >> it's a lucky break for him. he's the best basketball player on earth. if you wanted to he could play the nfl is a a tight-end but if he did that it would be at the expense of being the best basketball player in the world.
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the cavs would not be in the finals. it's possible you and i would be good at cutting our own hair and making the clothing that we wear but even if we were good at it would be the expense of being a television host -- television host that we focus on what we are best at an important around the world. all the things that we will exchange for her work. >> i understand it on a macro level but does that mean people should specialize on but they love to do and do best? >> we are no different from lebron. that's the beauty of free trade. you'll get to do the worst that animates her individual talent and leave the other things to other people. it's a wonderful thing. imagine what life would be like if we had to provide her the food we eat in the clothing we wear. >> comparative advantage is one thing that you say economics are basic. politicians try to complicated. why is it in best interest to complicate something?
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>> i think it's simply because they feel like we need them. we feel like they -- we need them to get through life but the reality is life is simple and so is economics. about removing the barriers to produce. we want what we don't have and we work in order to get it. >> people from both parties running for president are still using the 1% example the rich people getting richer is bad for poor people. they are operating off of the zero-sum economic principle and you say that is not true, rich people getting richer is a revel in. >> why do people get rich in a capitalistic society? they get that way by taking what is enjoyed by the rich and making it available. the cell phone in 1983 cost $4000. it was brick sized. you couldn't call anywhere unless you wanted to pay a lot. people make billions doing that. michael dell earned billions by taking a computer that used to
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cost $1 million making it something we own several of. that's how we get rich and society. we take what a few can enjoy and make it available. imagine a world without the one percentage. >> antitrust is something that drives me crazy. it's one of the principles in your book you talk about "the sopranos" and antitrust. >> antitrust presumes the regulators contain a future and predict what business will be like. if we look at "the sopranos" abc, nbc and cbs turned it down. hbo ticket and it became one of the most successful shows in hbo history. one might say maybe we should neuter them because they are good at picking the right shows. hbo turned down breaking bad and turn down madmen. amc took both the shows but also turned down, took fx turn down breaking bad in favor of courtney cox.
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the idea that antitrust regulators can is not a serious presumption. >> which came first the love of economics or pop-culture? >> easily pop-culture. i do figure out a way to make a living with it and here's how to do it. pop culture can tell you everything you need to know about economics. we intimately understand economics. he just hasn't been explained to us. >> popular economics thank you. a fascinating read. coming up "jurassic world"'s chris pratt using a fake dinosaur. plus what happens when the rock johnson gets into a car accident and the other driver happens to be a fan and?
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dogg dust and you have yourself a perfect storm. topic number one. "jurassic world" had a record-setting world premiere over the weekend making 511.8 million dollars worldwide. we all love dinosaurs. no one could be happier than the blog busters star chris pratt but how would he like to meet an extinct monster face-to-face? watch. pratt was prank on his way to the premiere. viral video creator bodega behind it and he handled as well as a handsome human actor possibly could and it speaks to a little ptsd from shooting the movie. topic number two.
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snoop dogg is ready for next act and this time he's going bigger than dr. dre. he wants to be the ceo of twitter the real ceo. dick costolo announced he is stepping down so snoop is taki taking -- raising his game. the first order of business to get the moolah and as a result if snoop was twitter ceo hashtag treading on twitter as we speak and hear some of the ball went through tyler james tweeted snoop as ceo we know the color scheme would be green. if snoop was twitter ceo he would up the character limit to 4/20. if snoop was twitter of ceo we would have to whistles and twitter would become to his old and wall street would be like -- which i believe is not a bad word. topic number three.
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pomeranians are this cute little dogs that look like living stuffed animals and a pomeranians who is stuffed with cuteness and they taste like tina butter. walking the dog is too exhausting when you are that adorable. jim decided to take his lazy carcass to a toy start so he could ride a little nerdy. ♪ ♪ >> is so catchy. my girls are getting a dog soon and my worry is they will see it and make up their rational mind for their own reasons. oh yes ladies they are cute but make no mistake he is not a dog. he is a fetish. i am leaning towards a french bulldog because they are compacting classy and you can put berets on them.
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topic number four. duane the rock johnson is a great driver in this movie but in real life the san andreas star was driving in wakefield massachusetts when he sideswiped a local man struck that the man was so flattered that he was hit by the rock. he was wrecked by the rock. he would not allow the movie starred to pay for damages. the rock posted this picture an instagram with the caption he refused to accept any money. they want to thank him for being so cool about the whole thing. life is funny because you never know who you were going to run into and sure as hell never know who's truck you will sideswiped while driving to work. he can sideswiped my truck any day. by the way that the same same thing that happened when i had a fender bender although to be completely honest he took the matter into his own hands and took the report. topic number five.
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how low can trim make a charles go? you don't even know. the 22-year-old phenom is the world champion of the limbo. she's in the "guinness book of world records" and she holds the lowest limbo record. she recently attempted the limbo with a clearance of 9 inches. can she contort to such an impossibly low point? watch as madam guffey makes her debut. a big drum solo. she practices six hours a day because it's not an accident. excellent is a habit not an act. mr. tidbits the instructor at our school had that sign on his door and i agree completely.
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if you have any weird stories tweet me and use the hashtag -- and find me in the neu look. it is so. i had to wait five weeks for it. coming up the panel is back. apparently you can still be fired for smoking pot in colorado even though it is legal in that state. plus the government striking again. now they have a nine year french
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>> welcome back. yesterday in colorado marijuana is legal the state supreme court ruled employers can fire workers for off-duty pot use because
12:39 am
it's illegal under federal law. the case was brought by a 35-year-old quadriplegic fired after testing positive for th thc -- thc. my panel is back. michael moynihan and kathleen i'm going to start with you. as limited government people we feel employer should be able to fire whoever they want willy-nilly for headscarves and any preference they might express. go ahead and give me a -. >> i didn't know you better i would assume you were doing a colbert on me. the reason we drug test and don't hire you if you test negative. this is a place where my personal preferences are clear. this case in particular, sob stories. this guide uses marijuana to help him with spasms. at the same time it's terrible
12:40 am
publicity for the dish network. they fired him. it's also their right. >> michael what is the solution? obviously the federal government can reclassify marijuana or fully legalize it so it has to go to the supreme court. am i wrong about that? >> to the first i can't leave the dish network would do something like this. much like the hillary clinton thing what is the deal with people not thinking about the pr consequences of what they do? it's not them -- some guys smoking eyes. >> you are pretending you don't know about drugs. >> out of my mind on heroin but to your point they can fire whoever they want.
12:41 am
i don't understand why people do this. why this blanket and on what you do in your free time if you are quadriplegic. first it's bad pr and i hope everybody on earth can -- >> yaviv tested positive for oxycontin he would have gotten a high five from dish. the obama administration is using its regulatory muscle. to crack down on trans fat. the nannies and fda are set to face up the that can lower good cholesterol that you are in favor of this band. >> science has proven that trans fats are horrible for you. >> sower booty calls. >> we should ban those two macs i get the point maybe not wanting to flat out bennett like the soda thing going overboard
12:42 am
but the fact is it's not good. however i'd like to point out that people before the band came on her way to the game. companies have been eliminating trans fats for a long time. people have been pressuring companies to stay away from it so really politics is following up with what the market says. >> michael are you importing your lord from bulgaria? >> moldove i think. >> it's illegal and i just want to throw that in there. it's only added trans fats. >> is the current trans fat. >> i said on the show before >> i said on the show before where i am from an indiana my dad pointed this out. they had a lord oil -- a lord audio because they make pie crust better.
12:43 am
>> i like oreos. but oreos you have the luscious footage of the oreos going through the machine. >> oreos are still good without trans fat. >> they are not as good. my heart is still broken. >> they are not as creamy. >> now you can enjoy an without heart disease. >> i worked hard to get my body index up. >> the prison worker accused of helping two convicts escape from an upstate prison in new york remains behind bars. more details continue detailing joyce mitchell's alleged sexual relationship with both inmates. michael you said in the green room he thought she was super hot. you stand by that?
12:44 am
>> i hooked up with her when i was in prison. >> you know her from prison. she is the harpo marx of upstate new york. by the way i just want to say to the parent company twice referring to this woman on the front of the paper as the shawshank. >> you make a minor twist on it. >> i think this woman is an american hero and they should take her out of jail and put her in congress. >> obviously she was trying to avoid an awkward exchange. she didn't need a love triangle. it's too much geometry for any woman. >> all of those have occurred. the details are getting a lot of
12:45 am
attention and the combination of the escape he but escaping from prison a lot more common than you might think. >> 2000 people escaped from prison. >> i think prisons are big and disorganized. >> bearcat net. >> beautiful women -- >> -- women are a lot like joyce mitchell. >> i would argue no. they know their goals. they stop at nothing. no-holds-barred. it gets more and more sad for
12:46 am
more details to come out and she wanted them to kill her husband. it's so sad and his name is lyle. >> you bring up some great points and i am forever changed by this story. kirsten and michael moynihan thank you for being here. coming up another miss america talks about her book getting real. she will tell is the most embarrassing moment as miss america. look at how hot she is. oh my gosh, look at that.
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>> gretchen carlson is a familiar face at "fox news." she has been with fox and friends for eight years and she has her own show the real story every day on fmc. you may not know she was a prodigy or she went on to win her miss america crown before she started her career as a reporter. all that and more is detailed in a new book getting real out today. hi wretched. i have been looking at the video and i haven't seen it for so long. look at the hair. >> i love that. >> it's amazing. >> you told any to stanford you were going to take time off from school and the turkey rating at stanford and run for miss america. you were told it was a horrible idea which i think was stupid however if you had stayed at stanford what do you think would have happened? >> i probably would have been a lawyer. i took my lsat the same time is
12:51 am
preparing to become miss america. when i ended up going into tv i have that as a backup option that tv didn't work. >> you said you are have a child and teeth constantly and it seems like a drastic right angle. >> i was a serious violent estin that was my talent in the pageant and i was a kid. the big lesson is i didn't pay a lot of attention to my exterior. i got into pageants because i burned out on the violin. my parents wanted me to find another goal. my mom called stanford and said i got a brochure in the mail. 50% of your points are for talent. i would rather play football than anything else so once i decided to do it i had to drop out of school.
12:52 am
>> did you go back to stanford? >> the greatest pleasure of doing that other than my degrees to pay for it with scholarship money. >> other than the talent this is a scholarship pageant. one of your most embarrassing moments when you're running for miss america was when a new york city reporter started peppering it with embarrassing question. my favorite part about the story is you found that person. >> it's not like i went to see corrupt at the first press conference she asked me do you do drugs and have you had sex? there were a whole bunch of other questions, inappropriate. the message in my book is how dare anyone does that to a woman who's trying to call bush anything? 10 years later i was working for cbs news. it's not like me to be revenge on -- revengeful but i said i am gretchen carlson. i know you don't remember me but
12:53 am
i was miss america and i was when he took down. i want to let you know that i'm a correspondent for cbs news now and you are not. >> that's a beautiful story. we all long for justice. we all have people we would love to do that with but how dare she try to take down women just because. the whole point of my book is to be inspiring to young women middle-aged women and older women. you are never too old to be inspired to do something. >> you are never too old to reinvent yourself. >> life works in mysterious ways. i never thought i would need in television and never thought i would have kids. i had an fertility as well and i'm blessed to have two children. >> you show pictures on real story and here you are the number one news network by a mile. i'm sure that he didn't necessarily picture that when
12:54 am
you were 17 years old. do you have a charmed life now? >> i do but i talk about the tremendous struggles. i had a life-threatening stalker and i have never told this story before. for years and he stopped my parents. i got fired a week after i got married and the boss told me you will be fine now that you have buzzed in. not really because that was my self-identity. people still looking for their jobs right now understand the pain. >> sometimes people look at their personality and they say they have never had to confront anything. my book tells the real story and i hope to inspire the people to keep going. >> there are so many great messages and i love that it's optimistic and the best part of your life the most exciting part is you never know. >> i say the end is a cliffhanger.
12:55 am
>> gretchen carlson thank you. coming up hillary clinton releases her spotify playlists. i will break it down for you next. stay right here.
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>> hillary clinton puts the hip and hippopotamus. stealing an idea directly from the obama songbook she has released her spotify playlists because as you know she is mrs. technology and with their multitude of devices and their love of song and culture, so what's on mrs. clinton's playlist? katie. of course. katy perry of course. ♪ ♪
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>> i have the eye of the tiger, a fighter dancing to the fire because i'm a champion and you would hear me roar. then there's kelly clarkson. ♪ >> what does and kill you makes you stronger. i have killed a lot of people. my favorite is the marc anthony song. [speaking spanish] i get chills just thinking about it. my guest is -- my guess is hillary clinton hates modern music. this is a ham-handed goofy ploy to make her seem relevant. if you want that star singing
1:00 am
about limiting government and improving the economy then i will be listening. until then i will sit this one out sister. thank you for watching the show tonight. follow me on twitter at facebook kennedy >> the following is a paid advertisement from star vista entertainment and time life. >> ♪ you're the meaning in my life ♪ ♪ you're the inspiration >> ♪ that's how much i feel >> ♪ feel for you, baby >> ♪ how much i feel >> ♪ well, i need your touch >> intimate moments, cherished memories, unforgettable romances, the language of love can be spoken in many ways. and nothing ignites your emotions like the power of love. >> ♪ i'll always love you ♪ for the rest of my days


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