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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  June 17, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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more than 2 million cat video you were posted on youtube last year alone, there they are. well, making money with charles payne, starts in 5 seconds. charles: donald trump declares economic war on the world. but when it comes to china it might be too late. >> what was the last time anyone saw us beating, let's say china in a trade deal? they kill us. i beat klei china all the time,m not saying they are stupid, i like china. charles: they are not stupid. as we head to think of the economy, china has amassed an army, engineers, largely educated in the united states, 2013-14 more than 274,000
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chinese steunt students in amern universities. majoring in science, technology, and engineering and math. big paying money jobs. 758 thousand "high net worth" individuals with a collect of fortune 3. tat 8 trillion dolla. big news because china hopes to replace the dollar as world's currency, china does own $1.3 trillion of our debt. any day now, any day, china will complete the man-made islands, positions in pacific. here is the real deal they want to defend billions of gallons of oil in the south china sea, china, something to be reckoned with. we have a great panel, fresh faces, i am charles payne. you are watching "making money,"
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let's meet investment pros, gordon chiang author of comes collapse of china, and editor of capital way forecast and money morning. great to have you here, regulars, hillary cramer. jim president of new world capital, matt mccall. said he will get longer pants, steve cortez. so last night, donald trump, explained to bill o'reilly how he would bring new china, mexico to its knees, but how about the real china. >> they have taken our job, and everything, we owe china $1.3 trillion. >> we're due to china.
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charles: gordon, you are well-known china skeptic, but it has been a long time, you have called for their collapse for a long time, what do you say? >> i think when you look at their economy they are in trouble. first quarter this year, say said 7 7% growth. the economy is deat the time de, donald trump hit a nerve, the chinese foreign ministry complained about him, this is unprecedented, they are worried because trump has the right idea, to impose cost on chinese for predator trade behavior. >> i think that the chinese are a "house of cards," china is where it is at because of central plans, and the local regional governments are poised
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to fall, they have been propped up by central planning. charles: they have more apple products than americans, and more things from caterpillar. you know we heard this for over a decade, there is going to be growing pains, so funny, we say, they grossed 6%, but, they kind of you know, have been come to a demise yet. >> no, i am we'ring of calling them -- weary of calling them a "house of cards," they or pace to actually be largest economy in the world, with a conscious effort back to early '80s. you know capital investment, reform, they got population, highlighted the education of that population, i don't think -- i would not short china any time soon, they have a government that is accommodating to their,. charles: let's bring in someone who is short china. what do you think?
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you are so confident it is imminent you are short china. >> i am, and adding to my short position, i don't think that there is family fundamentally wrong with the economy, they are going through issues, it now developing, there will be issued. the issue i have is with over speculation in the market, that say problem. charles: chinese stock market. >> yes, i think that will impact, if we get a chinese crash in the market, i think it could set the country back a decade. >> a lot of people say 1930 we entered into a recession, but smooth holly made it a great depression, added terror that donald trump is talking about -- tariffs that donald trump was talking about. >> this is a global economy, we don't make and live within the borders do we want to keep jobs
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here, yes, are they taking jobs away yes, but in a global economy we have to do business with everyone in the world. >> you know, i think usteve cortez, i thought about you, he said so many things have you said on the show, we're talking about an economic war. and also, he laid it out thick with respect to mexican dumping unwanted people, drugs and maybe rapists. i know you are someone who is sensitive to things with things like that with the latin or hispanic heritage, what did you feel? >> right, i thought it was a disaster, should we fear china as americans? absolutely not. by the way, a sense of history, important here. all thing that are said about kleichinatoday were said about n 1980s, we know how that played out, i think it is going to play
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out the same way with china. regarding donald trump, and mexico, i thought his comments were shameful, pandering at its worst, appealing to basin stinks of voters he hope, if you want a bad political strategy, poke in the eye the largest emerging demographic group in america, when is hispanics, i would say donald trump, saying they are rapist and drug dealers, have you met on the ground, in real life, met mexican immigrants and see how hard they work. they are highest workforce parttation rate in -- participation rate in america. i don't like -- i think he is a bafoon, i think this is a side show, i hope he will soon be
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cast aside from the republic elections, we need people who run states. who are not demonizing hispanics who have a pro growth strategy. charles: let's talk about this, coming collapse of china, how does this happen? what are steps you see that happen, they have done a good job, tip-toeing around that, they tapped brakes on their economy, at times deliberately, you know hard to -- to say, not give them some credit. they have done a good job. >> what they did in 2008 down turn they created a lot of debt to avoided adjustments that the rest of the world went through, they are growing at 1 or 2% if they are growing at all, and creating debt at 15% pace, they
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don't have a strategy to deal with their economic problems right now, but to build more go cities, they can avoided -- postpone the problems, but they cannot really avoided them. that is why whether there is a crash, as there will be, it will be historic. it will be large, it will roll over the world. charles: the world, you see the connection that china goes everybody goes? >> well you know it should not be that way because china head through prettiepredatory trade s been taking from other places. so, i don't think that necessarily takes the world down, if we understand china's proper place in the global economy, which we don't. but at this point, though, there is going to be a lot of panic people expect china to be world's largest economy as we heard. it is not really going to be because the u.s. is strong and resilient, we'll be left standing after this disaster in
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the world. charles: our -- >> charles. charles: quick. >> i think this doored are gordon's point, talent and capital of china is coming here, if china were growth store why are chinese getting money and young talent out as fast as they can. they want to be in america long-term a huge boone. charles: a great point that will bring us to the next real-real deal, chinese stock market super duper hot. here is what i find ironic. we're talking about money leaving, young talent leaving there, but a lot of chinese stocks that trade on american echarges are trying to go back to china, they are going home, yesterday, home end in management today -- up big, a name i talked about a lot, would someone buy some of the chinese listed stocks on american exchange? don't have you a couple. >> alley baba, you know, i have
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been a real proponent of baba. this is the amazon of china. charles: why would you belong baba? >> because baba is one of the few chinese stocks where the integrity of the accounting is on such a high level, because the investing is a an instructional level. >> the communist government control that company in they own it. >> yes. charles: the company that americans buy, a little room in bermuda somewhere? >> right, yeah, or, i mean -- we hav-- charles: jim, you are a conservative investor are you any of the chinese names. >> i did want to look into the your story about how companies think about going back home. but, i think that to matt's point the world is flat, this is a global economy, u.s. gaming companies doing well, i think a lot of you know as chinese wages go up they want a better life,
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cyou . and actually they have mobile gaming and on lea on-line gamin. i did look at that. >> gordon mentioned a implosion that would take down the world, that is like 1929. >> i see parallels. you have uneducated new folks coming in to market in droves. charles: i'll add to, that i think like 50 or 60% of the new accounts, every week, and none of them have high school diploma. >> they new accounted open in first week of april, two weeks in march, 2.8 million, this is the pace they open. average is according to a survey in china, 2/3 of the new accounts they open, education
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level is less than 15, average is 15 years of schooling. charles: that is assault we need to know -- that is all we need to know. >> this is shoe shine boy on steroid. giving tips, and putting all their money down. >> i would never base a investment decision on that. let's look at earnings. i buy a stock market due to earnings. >> if you can believe it. >> i heard that argument for 10 years, all of the time, if you can believe. >> there is corruption, there is drocorruption, there could be an on the barge banks. >> the market is going higher because of momentum. more buyers coming in, now manufacturing and corporation --
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>> i would buy noah, a we'll management firm in china, it takes care of millionaires. >> steve, would you buy any of these names here? i know you are more of a short-term trader, you could take advantage if momentum moves. >> emerging markets have been crushed, so i would not be a short here, but in general, do i want to short china, yes, i think petrochina in particular, biggest company that drives around the etf . charles: gordon to you, a lot of people on twitter, strong opinions on someone tweeted my a shirt from donald trump shirt line. you can't see it, but a donald trump shirt made in china.
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donald trump admitted high sold an apartment to a chinese national. but, you know, you are smartest guy i know whether it comes to china, why do they keep defying the odds. how long. >> reasons why they defy odds, they are lasting a lot longer than i thought, is because they are doing things which really are very, very serious, you know after 2008 downturn they created an amount of cred that the was equal to u.s. banking system, china in 2008 had an economy less than a third the size of ours, they created growth, and postponed reckoning they are also making adjustment so much worse than everything. and whether you start to look at unprecedented capital flow out of china in third and fourth quarters of last year, and first quarter of this year, that is a real sign. charles: it is, gordon thank you
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the 2015 c-class. at the very touchpoint of performance and innovation. charles: welcome back to the next real-real deal, keep tweeting, you have strong opinions on china and donald trump. all right now today, a lot of sobering news about the economy, that is what put a cap on any rally effort we had. fedex this morning missing top and bottom line, and lowered the economic outlook.
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they say 2.3%. economic outlook. centraindustrial production is a lot. but less optimistic from federal reserve, they changed their gdp numbers, seeing 2% for the whole year. the market finished higher, but you get a sense a lot hinges on a dramatically improving economy. we should be improving right now according to janet yellen. there is anecdotal evidence that we're seeing that, but in beginning of the years, for last few years, we've seen a lot of head fakes, if you will, your thoughts on janet yellen, the rates and market. >> i think that janet yellen is brilliant but unfortunately i think she is on the strong track, i think we need to normalize rates.
6:21 pm
the global economy cannot handle a dramatic change but -- charles: to gain credibility? >> i think the fed has lost all credibility. charles: showing you she is in tune can dangers they are creating. >> on track to normalize rates, i don't think there should be a time frame, they have to look at numbers, see how the economy is growing, they have t to be cog - >> a common wall street expression don't fight the fed, it works don't fight the fed, i think she is signaling, focus less on timing, they will know adopaccommodating. they are going to make a move this year raise a little bit, not normalize rates.
6:22 pm
rates will be stock friendly. charles: she said a lot of things but see said don't worry about the first rate hike, after that worry about the pace of hikes, telling wall street, i'm doing one so smart guys like shaw feel better. after that 100% data related. >> i think that is good news for stocks, i am cautious overall, but fed has your back, there is still a tailwind from fed policy, she made it clear today, you just because they raise once does not mean they will go on a sustained hiking campaign as we've seen for most of history, this has been a irregular time, as an american i hate that, it means we're not getting back to really dynamic animal spirits kind of growth, but it probably means that stocks are supported. charles: i wish that fed did not exist at all.
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and maybe one, all right, coming up, a ask payne round, you have a lot of great questions, we'll try to hit as many as possible, tweet me, i am @cvpayne.
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>> charles: we have eight news alert from the department of transportation inspector general investigating the faa and hiring practices after a fox business explicit report finding misconduct in the screening of air-traffic controllers. adam shapiro uncover the
6:27 pm
case where faa employees offered up answers to the questions for the exam. we'll have more on this investigation go to fox now to answer your questions , interest rates are so low with a minimal risk investment with a decent return that people cannot afford rest. -- risk. janet yellen was asked today if everybody on a fixed income you need to find a way to make money. many say they have paid good dividends that is the expense of would be willing to go. >> jpmorgan 2.5% dividend yield excellent management with jaime diamond and they
6:28 pm
have the capital base to keep expanding. >> but strong good dividend payers 3.six with that demand for boeing is very high across numerate -- numerous regions and also home. >> you said what are you buying? is that what you would say? >> said dividend is reasonable so that is the market swing will bounce back. i go with the balance sheet. >> go health care. there is a lot of old people out there. [laughter] paying the 2.3% dividend. >> i would go blinded had a terrible brian so you will get some value either do the
6:29 pm
high-yield and the lqd investment-grade bond for the majority with 3.3% dividend yield it may not sound like a lot but compared to treasurys that could be elevated. >> that is a good way to go if you're trying to generate money. >> what does that mean if a company issues senior notes? is in terms of seniority and really it is when people worry about the downside. maybe if they go bankrupt but on the flip side is they usually pay a lower yield you get that safety to get pale blue dash paid is you don't take the big risk. >> and they may not necessarily get paid. you know, that equity is wiped out for stocks but
6:30 pm
still be careful if anything is it guaranteed. >> you have first dibs on the assets. >> sports stars, they are the new venture capitalist. but the good news is you can't to. we will make you some cash when we come back. ♪ ♪ why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away
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charles: sports stars are a part of the big new venture capitalists thing but it is backed by a john elway on track to do $300 million instead -- in sales this year $35 million of debt funding then cheater just raised ted million dollars from a media company is the confidence generated from the athletes themselves. but bad as the self-proclaimed athlete. [laughter] what you think of all this?
6:35 pm
>> i did not write that. [laughter] >> athletes are put down all the time for the bad things that they do they spend their money so the fact they are becoming on entreprenuers i love it. he is a legend out there he has car dealerships and nolan said in the arena football league. we should follow that lead. >> i know there are some sites but we will bring it down in a couple of weeks to the investment company so people can get involved. it may be higher risk but is it worth it? >> look exactly at the business plan for review were not receiving cash and yes.
6:36 pm
but this is off-limits to high net worth individuals. >> alibaba and 82 finding and 60 million than 100 million then $45 billion in day go public then they get numb and nibble at $130 billion so although there is risk the way they find it could be that opportunity. >> agreed. but for every idea it does make it there is 1000 + that do not. charles: really? >> easily. we always hear about mark cuban but maybe there were ted houses that had the same idea.
6:37 pm
>> i like what g. dear is doing because he is in the space that he knows. he has lived the role and content is king but for a average investor because there is no lot less due diligence. >> as a broker doctors lost more money in medical stocks [laughter] you know, what i am talking about. >> you may know it too well i know that sport better than anybody i cannot pick winners to save my life so be careful about confidence. it is great. we always hear the negative about sports and how they are broke there are great stories and participation in
6:38 pm
high-school sports is one of the key indicators of day later success in life. vendors do well but so do the jocks. charles: they both do pretty good. [laughter] poking around that st. louis cardinals dugout investigators have discovered that he was packing. so what happens to the organization remains to be seen. we will tell you about that. plus your medical records if you work for the government they are for sale right now. ♪ ♪ with type 2 diabetes and your a1c is not at goal with certain diabetes pills or daily insulin, your doctor may be talking about adding medication to help lower your a1c. ask your doctor if adding once-a-week tanzeum
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allegations of medical records. dado everything about you.
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charles: i have to tell you it seems like every single day be hear about another story that involves then it evil hackers of china or russia. but now reeling over the possibility it could be front office personnel for the st. louis cardinals hacking into the account of the houston astros. but remember that record-breaking breach? now we are hearing near government records of the federal government could be on sale right now for just $500. joining us now the reporter group broke the story.
6:43 pm
i don't care what charlie gasparino says you are a great reporter. [laughter] tell us about this big neck health records go $500 on the black market you can use it to buy prescription in drugs, and it submitted false insurance claims it is disturbing not only in the context of the opium breach by a security vulnerability is of the state exchanges. charles: how do you know, about this? anybody can peruse the internet? government health care workers? >> a personal profile goes for about $10 that is about 20 times of your credit card records and then never of health care fraud cases. charles: so what about the major league baseball hat?
6:44 pm
china is is stealing the records it is said j.j. the password values the that with health care website that with the of reports that we could of teva sometimes she forgets something simple that leaves you open to a huge vulnerability. charles: fisker is you more than china? iraq is an epidemic. it is just built into the technology is the company will figure it out is the next trillion dollar company because this is a pandemic problem across the entire internet. charles: we talk about this all the time it feels like we are known to the news but
6:45 pm
the federal government doesn't want to spend money finally the wall street banks throws in cash at it. >> but it does get spent on a lot sooner than realized they finally had the 52-week tries and that companies will be forced to hire them including the united states government. >> to be up 26% year-to-date the a government was hatched by anonymous. plus every time something is packed everybody gets tacked of the guy across the street does that i know it. charles: and the from the conference call. >> we had to update employees because former employees were calling.
6:46 pm
[laughter] >> you are one of the best. late breaking news as usual. tonight a short-term trading idea but that is how we make money. ♪ ♪ i've smoked a lot
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charles: breaking news and has just ben price we talked about last night one ri was $17 but now $20 a share.
6:50 pm
according to sources for about shareholders are selling quite a bit of stock. the ipo will give this a valuation of 4.$1 billion. that kid with the hair and the pants he would buy $35. you say go? >>. [laughter] i don't know where it will go. but if it trades up that 35 very easily to borrow but if i get in early. >> of the field is that 31. >> it would be up your trade >> you don't mess with these? >> no.
6:51 pm
but i just give them the scale. [laughter] i think it is a good kind of stock and i agree with that 100 percent. >> i see the long term hold looking at 19 million people last year that was 196 million. some of those with the growth is just like facebook charles: the apple watch has not lived up to the type of. has found a niche of 85 percent of the market. nobody keeps that but i think i've underestimated they have $1 billion of 100 million through the bottom line. >> this is a great company and they will be reported tomorrow at the open but they increase the stock
6:52 pm
price with the guidance and a 20 but increased shares of the insiders can sell and the vibration is half of garden and there is a lot of competition. i do agree with a long-term holding and it will start up momentum. charles: venture capital has already been taken twice which is unusual they do have insiders selling but that doesn't normally happen. i like to see companies companies, with one or two earnings reports but i thank you definitely hold. >> i don't know lot of other companies specifically. that was a great story but ipo in general this close to the all-time high i think for regular investors that is a dangerous game. be cognizant just not the price you pay but who sells it to you? this is a classic case of the ipo of strong hands
6:53 pm
through we cans so we very cautious. >> if you are a nimble trader get in there and make some money but i would not campout. reheard donald trump say he is rich be don't get rich along the way. he is actually an inspirational story. don't miss at. ♪ ♪ here is a simple math problem. two trains leave st. louis for albuquerque at the same time. same cargo, same size, same power. which one arrives first? hint: it's not the one on the left. the speedy guy on the right is part of an intelligent system that creates the optimal trip profile for all trains on the line. and the one on the left? uh, looks like it'll be counting cows for awhile. so maybe the same things aren't quite the same.
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6:57 pm
his play was so remarkable, the experts say he should vb mvp. the accolades don't take into account the shots he missed. the point is that you have to take the shots, sometime a lot of shots. now let's take our latest presidential candidate. donald trump missed a lot of shots, too. anybody remember the trump shuttle. 1989. he took it over, they had gold lavatory fixtures, out of business by 1992. what about the trump magazine, debuted in 1997 as a periodical for vip's. stopped going to press 18 months later. what about go partnered with travelocity. the guy travels everywhere, attractive site, it stayed in business one year. trump casinos in atlantic city. you could have bought it two years ago for 20 million dollars.
6:58 pm
how about trump mortgage, debuted in 2006, put to bed a couple years later. trump wasn't interested in the business. trump steaks featured on sharper image catalog. enough said, and then there was trump vodka. of course he's a teetotaler but the billionaire magnate knows luxury, he wanted to take the market by storm. this brand faded away. many of the failures had his name on it, donald trump was not directly involved in it, and like basketball a team sport, one guy is a king and the other guy may be president. the moral of the story, never, ever give up. we talk about the shot that you never take, and one of the reasons people don't make money in the stock market is they don't invest in the stock market. those are real life icons, inspirational. they never gave up and that's what they have in common, hilary. >> right, about investing, going for it, whatever it might be. make sure you have enough -- you're not throwing all of your
6:59 pm
eggs in one basket. charles: a little disagreement with that. when people open up a business, they are throwing all their eggs in one basket. if you don't, you might regret it. maybe not the stock market, but opening a restaurant, a laundromat. entrepreneurship is starting to go back in the country. speaking of sports, want to ask you about the next big sporting event that starts tomorrow. what's going to happen there? golf has fallen off a cliff. do you golf? >> i do golf. charles: why have so many regular people moved away from the sport? >> it's time consuming and difficult sport to master. the tiger phenomenon is over. charles: the guy with the big hat, with the puma hat? >> rickie fowler. charles: i love him. >> a lot of great athletes. dustin johnson is great, too many to mention, that's part of the problem, you don't have a singular star leading the parade. charles: rory mcilroy wins? thanks for having it on,
7:00 pm
appreciate it, great job. at home, we appreciate when you watch us. tell your friends about it. market may break out tomorrow, see you then. right now lou dobbs is next. want to keep it right here on fox business. . lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. the obama administration today clearly acknowledging and demonstrating that whatever their strategy to defeat the islamic state, it is not only incomplete, it is not working. defense secretary ash carter testified before the house armed services committee today. he made it clear the pentagon's efforts to train iraqi forces to fight the islamic state is failing, and failing badly. >> our training efforts in iraq have thus far been slowed by a lack of trainees. we simply haven't received enough recruits.


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