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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 19, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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a. reporter: he also urged people to extend sympathy to the family of ruth. as he put it, they have been swept into a whirlwind of an abyss. this on a day when we learned that the father and the uncle were among those who called in to police and positively identified them. >> thank you. lou: four months ago president obama more than suggested that terrorism wasn't as serious as some claimed.
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>> what is the famous saying about local newscast two you know, if it bleeds, it leads. you know, that is what folks watch. all about ratings. and the problems of terrorism and dysfunction and chaos that is the equivalent when it comes to covering international affairs. lou: the state department reporting today that the number of terrorist attacks worldwide have shot up dramatically. the president today did not offer common. >> the number rose by 35% last year that the number of the
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fatalities surged by 81%. and that the territories in syria and iraq last year. the report did not address this in yemen. nor did the reporter addressed the finding of the ramp corporation and the number of jihad as groups have on president obama's watch have risen by 50%. >> have you seen a record of confidence or success? >> it's not something that we can do by ourselves, we clearly have to talk to partners in terms of ringing all of the methodology there. and i believe that we have done that and we continue to do that and they are part of this. >> a state department spokesman asked where the u.s. is rolling back terrorism.
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>> we have had success against that in iraq and syria and we have made progress against al qaeda. but that does not mean that any point in time we are willing to declare ultimate success against these groups. there are worrisome trends in that report. >> president obama when he came to office said that he would fight terrorism in a smart way and with a light footprint. but what we have seen is that the obama administration has led to this explosion in violence and the emergence of a radical islamic caliphate in the heart of one of the most combustible regions in the world. >> state department officials have denied that the four-month delay in releasing their annual human rights report was rooted in a desire to avoid complications in the ongoing nuclear talks with iran.
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by which the regime continues to sponsor and support terror networks. >> whether it is expanding this that's a little bit harder to judge. >> the ambassador pointing out that more than 60% of all of last year's terror attacks occurred in just five countries. iraq and afghanistan, pakistan and india and nigeria. lou: james rosen thank you. and the fate of the president's trade agenda henge in a series of votes in the senate. mitch mcconnell is boasting that he will be able to give the president a huge victory by sending them to bills that the president has asked for. one bill gives the president fast-track authority to negotiate international trade deals and the other benefiting workers that lose their jobs
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because of these deals. >> we have reconstructed the process that gives us a chance to succeed and i think it's important to remember this. we are optimistic that we will have the same 14 democrats that we had in the senate last week. >> the democratic front-runner hillary clinton says that she is going to vote against it. >> at this point, probably not because it is a process. and i don't want to face the same. right now i am focusing on trade adjustments and i certainly would not vote for it unless i was absolutely confident that we would get trade adjustments. >> tillery clinton has been under fire from senator bernie sanders for waffling on whether she is in favor or opposed to what was clarified this week.
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turning now to the issue of illegal immigration, mexico may not care about securing their border with the united states on a but they have taken up a newfound new found interest in securing their border with the rest of central america. new statistics are showing that mexico is deporting more central american illegal immigrants than did the united states. compared to 70,000, the u.s. detained in the same timeframe. that's a huge reversal from the same period a year ago. the united states detaining three times the numbers of central americans detained by mexico. and the difference is that mexico last year sent 5000 federal police to their border of guatemala. the obama administration is giving tips now to legal immigrants on how to get work permits in this country. no one in this administration has been fired for releasing 65,000 illegal immigrants with criminal charges, rape and murder charges some of them are
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into american communities. we are coming right back and utter and better. stay with us. >> deranged killer dylann roof appears in court and on the case next. plus a massive wildfire explodes in a state desperate forónóv
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>> authorities no closer to capturing the two escaped murderers who escaped from an upstate new york prison two weeks ago. the state police say that richard matt and david sweat could be anywhere and they are prepared to keep going for the long haul anticipating a long haul. up to 800 law enforcement officers and agents have been searching for the two men and the estimated cost is about a million dollars per day. there are 220 state prison escapees nationwide right now currently on the loose. and president obama doubling down today in between fundraisers refusing to apologize for politicizing this church shooting massacre and in
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the media call for gun control. >> i refuse to act as though this is the new normal. or to pretend that it's simply sufficient that it's somehow politicizing the problem. >> joining us now the former prosecutor as well as cohost of the five, the author of the new book making the case come out of your own best advocate. >> he would flat out rather be golfing we look at someone to
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lead us and guide us in this healing process. >> it seems over and over. lou: he has the opportunity to be a uniter and he is consciously choosing this. >> you're making a good point because the choice is being specifically made and he's choosing not to do the right thing and instead seizing the opportunity to make it a political and ideological moment and that seems to be more about self-interest than what is in the best interest of the country. >> if it was not for his policy issue, it seems i would think that maybe he's doing this out of a need.
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so this satisfaction with a lack of leadership from the president to be somebody who represents all of us versus his own political interests and ideology and his core group. that leaves a lot of the country left out. lou: you know to contrast this the mayor the family the family members in court today said that we are forgiving. they are a beacon for us in this moment of tragedy not just for the community there but for south carolina and the nation. and that was an inspiring moment. >> is incredibly moving and we have covered a lot of news events and shootings and tragedies and i don't think anyone was left untouched in terms of his show of emotion and
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forgiveness, it was such a teachable moment but i think for everyone to be able to sit there and handle this with compassion and grace and dignity. coming together in a community versus what happened. >> it is the polar opposite. let's turn to the reluctance. this president dealing with the issue of mental illness it is clear without western with this young person is troubled. >> the role that this country has described and described to those that were caring for the mentally ill. they are shut away just as they were a century ago in american society, instead of being treated and dealt with appropriately. what are we going to do? >> having spent so many years in los angeles san francisco also working with the death penalty
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and on these kinds of cases a large majority of the people that come in have mental health issues. he had some problems in his life that is what we should be focusing on, people trying to make it a gun issue and get very misdirected about the core reasons behind why this happened or why this was an individual that was easily succumb to the motives and hatred and racial situations. at. lou: it is always good to have your insights as well as your thoughts. we appreciate it always. >> thank you. lou: her book is making the case and it is great. we recommend it highly. it's available online and in stores. that is very convenient for all of us. thank you. vote in our poll tonight. should we blow up the tax code
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that senator graham paul suggests? we would like to hear from you. cast your vote at and in san bernardino, high temperatures and drought conditions driving a massive wildfire in san bernardino national forest the fire reported on wednesday. it has caused evacuations of dozens of homes, 400 people in 200 children near the summer camp. and coming up next, my politicians to exploit national tragedies and one person adding gymnastics to this. pretty impressive. we are coming right
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you got this.
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. lou: a few thoughts now on the charleston church massacre, a senseless heinous, awful
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tragedy that has shaken our nation and one that president obama immediately used to call for gun control as he admitted he knew little of what had happened. that has been his history, his pattern. the president yielded seems to me so eagerly to divisive nature and chose to be political exploitive and callously opportunistic rather than comforting to the
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. lou: no one seemingly numb or desensitized than the man we depend on to talk about this country's real and relevant. of mental illness, substance abuse and the desensitization of american society and quite apparently some of our leaders. our quotation of the evening. this is the importance of caring from rosabeth moss cantor, a professor at harvard business school, on the very american character of being friendly, of caring, when needed most. she said, quote -- the families of the victims in charleston gave all of us a wonderful example of such encouragement and support today as we try to extend the same to them, even as we sought to comfort them as they expressed their forgiveness of dylann
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. lou: president vladimir putin railing against the united states at an economic forum being held in st. petersburg today. putin blamed the united states and the european union for triggering the ukrainian crisis by refusing to take into account what he described as russia's legitimate interest. this man is thoughtful. i must say. he said they have pushed us back to the line beyond which we can't retreat. that would be somewhere, well seems to me perhaps just a little west of crimea. putin blaming europe over ukraine that didn't stop him from meeting with the greek prime minister today. ahead of those talk, russia said it's considering loaning the greeks more moneysa the country is out of time and money, and help them resolve their debt crisis, adding that greece has not asked for formal assistance yet.
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the european central bank approving emergency funding for banks, as the deadline nears, there will be a summit monday on the greek debt crisis. joining us now, forbes media chairman editor in chief and quite an economist himself, steve forbes, good to have you here. >> good to be here thank you. lou: let's start with, i think there is some truth in what president putin says when it comes to the greek debt crisis at least. they are pushing the european union, the united states, the imf the triad there are pushing the greeks straight into the hands of vladimir putin. are they not? >> well, yes, except for the fact putin's not going to give them any money any more than the imf is going to give greece money. i hope putin does because that means he's not going to have more money to stir up trouble in ukraine. but in the greek crisis both sides are wrong the germans and the imf are wrong, more austerity. greeks are wrong in not cutting back the size of the state.
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not putting in tax cuts to get the economy moving. crushed by tax. lou: they're both hanging on to decades old orthodox thinking that is empirically demonstrated to be stupid. >> yes. so when you have both sides going over the cliff just have to assume something bad is going to happen. there is going to be a default. there is no way you can squeeze blood from a rock. lou: the eu, does it leave the euro? >> no it won't leave the euro simply because its own people will not accept a new money from the greek government surprise, surprise. >> the greeks seem very smart they don't work, they don't pay their debts and won't take on new deals that aren't helpful. quite the folks. >> well, it's the whole mentality of the government. for all the talk of austerity, the greek people suffered. the size of the government in terms of the people employed has barely changed in the last six years, they'll cut pensions
11:36 pm
but won't cut the payroll. lou: senator rand paul you must have gotten to him, he's supporting a flat tax, 14.5%, haveu got to be cheering on rand paul's candidacy? >> well he's obviously a man who's exhibiting great growth. so i applaud him for it. and the good news is because of what he's done other candidates are going to be coming up with their own flat tax proposals. i know a couple of candidates who haven't announced yet who are coming up with their own flat tax proposals. it's good news it's going to get a public debate and a mandate to reform this horrific code. lou: how about jeb bush, five tax guy or do you think he's going to be resistant? >> he's amenable to simpfying the code. the first step in the right direction. he wants a good 4, 5% growth. we'll work on him. lou: and as you work on him, we've got a country right now
11:37 pm
dealing with an economy that has a lot of us anxious. it's not growing. there are no sign of its growth, and this president is trying -- well, the republican party, let's go right straight to the origin there. the chamber of commerce the business roundtable would a deal that will involve 90% of the world's gdp. are you kidding me? are we not -- haven't we matured and grown as you say, more than this? >> well what they want is a provision where if you get a trade deal, which they haven't had yet. you get an up and down vote in congress. >> the constitution says can you get that they don't need any special bill. >> yes, yes, you do in terms of the rules. lou: section 8 of article 1 of the constitution gives that power to the congress and the senate has the responsibility to advise and consent and approve foreign agreements. >> yes, but what they're asking for authority is when a trade
11:38 pm
agreement. lou: they want to give away their authority. come on. >> they have an up-or-down vote, no amendment. lou: up-or-down vote that is up plants the ability to amend agreements. that is a diminishment of authority and power. not an -- >> no country will make a trade -- lou: are you spending a lot of time in washington with these folks? >> no no country will make a trade concession if they feel that it's going to be -- >> any country stupid enough not to take advantage of the largest consumption economy, if they choose not to do business with us it's their loss i don't know of a single country that arrived at a single conclusion do you? >> every trade agreement. lou: i would love to know. >> every trade agreement since world war ii, you had an up-or-down vote the only way to get it done. it's amended to death and nothing happens. lou: and all of these deficits that we've run under gaff the
11:39 pm
wto nafta the trade agreements, the result is what? >> more trade, capital flows. [ laughter ] >> lou! leave you with a factoid trade deficit for a little over 350 over the last four years and we're the mightiest nation in the world. when merchandizers get capital coming back, which makes us stronger. lou: we ought to boost the deficits, by the way, the number is 40 consecutive years of trade deficits consecutive years and amounted now to just about the size of our national debt which is $17 trillion. and as you know being a sage omist yourself that deficit means that we have sacrificed gdp growth in each of those years. gdp growth would have been higher had we not run a deficit. secondly savings rate would have been higher, investment would have been greater and prosperity would have been at
11:40 pm
hand and nearly every instance that we can consider over the 40-year period. i'll leave that you little jewel to think about. you get the last word. real quick. >> adam smith pointed out -- lou: my lord adam smith. >> great scotsman. lou: he was only talking about full employment economies. >> no, he wasn't. he said you get full employment by having trade. lou: and what was the first act passed by the united states congress upon being created this great union? >> a small tariff. lou: what was it called? what was it called? >> a tariff is a tax. lou: i understand. but what was it called? >> i prefer the tariff to income tax. i prefer tariff to income tax. lou: steve forbes will not say it. >> tariff tax. lou: the act was tariff act. >> but tariff is a tax. lou: i understand your
11:41 pm
insistence. >> i don't like taxes. >> i consider them fees the supreme court might agree with you, steve, good to be with you. the poll is should we blow up the tax code as steve forbes suggested, and adopt a flat tax? cast your vote at a free climber returning to his roots as he takes on his biggest challenge today returns to his roots. chris sharmin did the unthinkable as he climbed a giant redwood in eureka california. watch as he takes on the 252 foot tall tree with only his hands and feet and some sense of confidence because there is a rope with a harness. the tree estimated to be between 600 and 700 years old. incredible. for most of us learning to surf it's difficult. but two surfers proved they didn't have a problem in the world. watch as this couple performs
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. lou: a lot to cover tonight on wall street stocks close. lower on the week did better the dow down 99 points. the s&p lost 11, the nasdaq down 19. volume on the big board, 4.3 billion shares what a windup for the week. for the week the dow and s&p up less than a percent. the nasdaq posting a gain just above 1%. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. the pension tidal wave is about to crash down on american taxpayers. investments are failing to keep up with obligations so says my next guest. joining us manhattan institute senior fellow city journal
11:47 pm
senior editor steve molonga. great to have you here. >> nice to be here. lou: you wrote one of the most troubling disturbing articles i read in some time on this issue basically saying that pension funds we're in big fiscal trouble as a result our states. >> states, there are too many states, most importantly municipalities too school districts, cities that's coming down on them harder for reasons we can talk about. but, yes, and the actual number in terms of what we owe ranges from a trillion and a half dollars to four trillion dollars depending how the stock market does in the future. lou: looking at the number tril to 4.5, $5 trillion. talking about the numbers since the financial crisis began in 2007, really. numbers aren't more refined, more discreet. we don't entirely understand
11:48 pm
the total threat. we do understand this fiscal performances not going to continue the way that it has for the last four decades certainly, is it? >> no and that's part of the problem, the other reason it's not. first of all, the market, it's actually bounced back, but so much money is missing from these pension funds that you know, if you've got three or four trillion dollars that you owe, that's money that's not earning anything in the stock market. even though the market's bouncing back there is so much money missing. lou: who took the money? we've got a mystery on our hands. >> politicians. lou: oh, no! don't tell me. >> in conspiracy over 20 years with public employee unions were granted benefits that were never paid for, there was no dedicated money, and people just let -- lou: a tough troop. >> yes. lou: taxes are going to go up in the states and municipalities where obligations have to be met.
11:49 pm
secondly like new jersey, illinois come to mind. >> california. lou: we're seeing adjustments as well. where the public employee is not going to get the bargain for a result because they can't afford it can't find the money and also getting legal support, new jersey just got that governor christie to reduce the pension payoffs. >> new jersey did. one of the big problems one of the reason this issue is not going away and getting worse in about half of the states laws in court decisions have given extraordinary proctions to government worker pensions far beyond what we have in the private sector including in some cases like illinois you can'ever, ever change. lou: but that's challenged and looks like it's changing. >> well, in some places it's changing hasn't changed in california yet. there's a big pension a ballot initiative that's going to try to change that to change the constitution. lou: if anybody beats the public employee unions in california that is going to
11:50 pm
happen. steve it's great to have you here. >> great to be here. lou: come back, we want to follow this very carefully, very closely. great work as always. tiger woods heading home. woods finished with worst ever performance in a major, 16 over par. woods' day began rough tiger slipped in front of the cameras on his way to bogeying his first hole. he missed the cut at a major for only the fifth time in his career. woods' last major victory now seven years ago. whoa. a metaphor for his career, visually. we take up the issues raised by the charleston shooting chief among them mental illness and drug use in the country. brian williams starts apology tour. seems like a modern fellow.
11:51 pm
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>> nbc brian williams kicking off his apology tour. >> looking back, it had to have been ego that made me think i had to be sharper funnier, quicker than anybody
11:55 pm
else. put myself closer to the action having been at the action in the beginning, i said things that weren't true. >> that's kind of funny because basically television journalism, you don't have to be the smartest or the sharpest, or so my career has approved former middle health policy fellow in the congress, doctor. >> thanks, lou grad to be here. . john: let's go to dylann, i said earlier so obviously deeply ill troubled, is that an unfair statement to make? >> no, and i think your comments before about the fact that people aren't getting the help that they need and less than half are getting the treatment is obviously a very concerning -- this was a tormented soul who needed help and i don't think anyone would have seen this coming, but certainly no one is
11:56 pm
surprised by it. >> and he had to repeat his freshman year in high school, and i'm not going to cast blame here, because blame is generally appropriate. but they had to understand that this kid had trouble. he drops out, he hasn't worked his best week at all determined five years ago. his family had to understand that there's something terribly here. did they not? >> well, you know, what? a lot of people want to break down this complex situation into a simple problem and say it's guns or mental illness but this was a perfect storm of events that came together to create this tragedy. as we know most people who are mentally ill are not violently and most people who have firearms are not violently. >> now, this is a drug i've never heard of before, but apparently it's a powerful
11:57 pm
narcotic. >> yes. it's a pro pirate name to use for people who are addicted to opiates. >> and this drug, it seems like we don't know nearly enough of the side affects of these drugs for them to be so freely prescribed, for me it seems overly prescribed,. >> i think there are some psychiatrists just like bad practitioners in other fields who prescribe them. but if they're monitored properly, they can be useful. >> and apparently abusing these doctors which means doctors or psychologists -- >> oversight. >> is deadly dangerous. i have to ask you about the psychology of those family members that turn this just a bit. i was so inspired by those family members who in court said they forgive.
11:58 pm
it was so powerful, it was the stuff of which i wanted all of the elected officials we have, including the president. those people were leading us. it was such a positive powerful message. i think for most of us. >> lou, i think they have to find goodness in their heart it is a toast human strength, human dignity and when you've lost touch with your children, when you should pay attention to that. >> that is a powerful and wise statement as well. thank you so much, doctor. >> thank you. >> great to have you here. >> appreciate it. time to look now on our online poll results should the pope butt oif politics and ideology? 89% of you said "yes." only 11% said "no." well,
11:59 pm
apparently there's building consensus on that issue, at least to this country. the recommendations for you as we close out this week and america, the story of illegal immigration and the powerful forces at work political to drive illegal immigration open boards and change the nature of the country itself. john, the quiet man and john as he writes calls him not only the quiet man, but the independencable president. i think he's right on both. and into discussion on the left attempts to close out discussion in this country with political correctness and furious, work in media. the president shadow, comes out july 7th, you can pick up code of conduct to get you through that little gap.
12:00 am
it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. have a great weekend. good night from new york. >> we're told that science creates monsters. >> man eating tomatoes. >> the leading fight against gmos. >> which brings this question from actors. >> how dopped do you think we are? . john: very. and so is your ex. >> antifreeze needs to be removed immediately. >> the good thing about scientists is it's true whether or not you believe in it . john: but what is true? i'm told men ask women are exactly equal. >> i'm a man. well, on anybody's perfect . john: i'm told i can e


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