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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 20, 2015 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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i would be glad to i don't really care there anymore, and they say give us your freedom so we can protect you. that's our show. see you nextfbn on facebook. have a great weekend. good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. the obama administration today clearly acknowledging and demonstrating that whatever her strategy to defeat the islamic state, it is not only incomplete it is not working. defense secretary ash carter testified before the house armed services committee today. he made it clear the pentagon's efforts to train iraqi forces to fight the islamic state is failing and failing badly. >> our training efforts in iraq have thus far been slowed by a lack of trainees. we simply hadn't received enough recruits. of the 24,000 iraqi security forces we originally envisioned
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training at our four sites by this fall we hope to receive enough recruits to train about 7,000 in addition to 2,000 counterterrorism personnel. >> secretary carter and chairman dempy didn't foreclose the possibilities that military may play a more active role in the fight against the islamic state, but general dempsey also warned that american troops cannot be used to serve as morale boosters for iraqi forces. >> i would not recommend that we put u.s. forces in harm's way simply to stiffen the spine of local forces. if here not stiffened by the tlef on the stairway of life nothing we do is going to stiffen their spine. >> the pessimism over iraq permeates. internal documents obtain bid fox news shows that top aids of
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the director of the defense intelligence agency removed the word quagmire from draft testimony about iraq. the documents make it clear the director of iraq is a quagmire but senior dia officials consider the term to be too political. perhaps too reminiscent of other american quagmires whether afghanistan or vietnam. well some successes today in breaking up home grown terrorism plots, the fbi arrested a 21-year-old ghana man in connection with a plot to detonate a bomb in new york city on behalf of the islamic state. authorities arrested fareed -- after he allegedly tried to stab a federal agent as he was being taken into custody. the agent suffered only minor swrrz. he is the third person to be arrested in connection with the plot the target of which may have been the george washington
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bridge. in phoenix authorities have arrested a man who they say helped orchestrate the may shooting in texas, and he had aspirations to join the islamic state and attack the super bowl in arizona earlier this year. a prosecutor calls abdul monique abdul karim "off the charts dangerous." there have been more than 50 indictments of american or long-term residents related to the islamic state charged over the past 15 months. a federal law enforcement source tells fox news that such terrorists are expected to increase in the coming weeks. officials are making now an all-out push to find new home grown suspects before the fourth of july holiday. the f.b.i. also reportedly conducting hundreds of investigations in all 50 states. >> the u.s. military preparing to respond to the putin expansionist and aggressive
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posture. f-22 raptors may be deployed because of those rising russian provocations. they're saying that the air force could send a squadron of the stealth fighter jets joining increased air patrols as well as b-2 and b-52sts. data also stepping up interest to russian aggression conducting military exercises in poland. the rapid response force has been training for the first time after the establishment following the annexation of crimea. it wasn't altogether a success. amphibian crash. well joining us tonight former u.s. ambassador to the united nations fox news contributor john bolten good to see you. it's been a while. as we talk ash carter the
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defense secretary said things aren't going too well with the iraqis. it has been absolutely obvious now for months. what's your reaction? >> well i think it is stating the obvious, but it means that the problem in iraq goes much deeper than the fact that the iraqi army isn't up to it. the president is now sending more advisors to help get them ready. that's a fundamental strategic mistake from the u.s. perspective. we are aiding a government that's functionally -- and indeed the real effect is to send a signal to the sunnis in iraq and syria that we're aiding their enemy. we are driving them further into the arms of the -- i think iraqis cease to exist in the country and i think an effort to put it together is a mistake. >> let me make a proposition
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here. the united states gets out, period. leaves iraq to itself to its own devices and nature. there is little we can do it seems, if anything by military force in that country now because we have a president who will not commit sufficient force or manpower to the prospect. isn't that now where we are? what do you think of the idea? >> i agree with what you say about the president, but i do think there's a considerable marine interest in not allowing isis to -- >> what is it? what is that? >> because the territory that isis now holds has already been a magnet for terrorists in western europe and the united states. isis influence is spreading across north africa and throughout the region. i think they're a real threat. let me just say militarily you know the kurds with assistance from the united states including airpower have been dealing ice essetbacks. small i think in comparison to
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isis overall, but isis can still be beaten. not by aiding the baghdad government. >> let's be honest. they do not want to support the kurd uz because you don't want to offend russia wra. they weren't going to offend baghdad. the reality is that this administration has no soul. it has no center. it's perceived value in that reason to -- >> i go one beyond what you are saying. i think the real problem here is that the administration aaiding the baghdad government because it's so desperate to do anything it can to get on iran's good side to get a deal on nuclear weapons. >> washington is a ranced place filled with corrupt hearts and minds when it comes to the
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iranians and their likely prosperity and rising. what do we do with the reality that we now possess? >> for the next 18 months the best we can hope for is that the world goes complete. even in the ashes of a president who knows what he is doing, we have to think strategically to get to the day when some sane person -- i shouldn't say sane. some response iblg person gets in the white house and we can pursue american interests again. i'm not sanguin about the next 18 months i think the threats of the wraits are going to rise and i think the president shows no indication he has learned anything in six and a half years. >> ambassador john walton, always good to have you with us. for the first time in almost a decade new reports show berths
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among women ages 15 to 44 rising from 2013 to 2014. it may seem small, but it is the beginning of a recession in 2007. experts say the increase in the birth rate is evidence of an improving economy. the nation's fertility rate that is the number of children each woman is likely to have over the course of her life also rising slightly from 1.85 to 1.82. i said it was a slight rise. it's still below the 2.1 rate that's required to keep the country's population stable without counting immigration. donald trump's critics are calling him everything from crazy to a loun. will the donald have the last laugh? a u.s. nato military exercise showing off pure power to russia. should mr. putin be impressed? that's next.
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not writing emails about libya that he then forwarded to then secretary of state hillary clinton. it turns out bloomenthal was
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forwarding information from former high ranking cia officials who may have had business interests in libya, the latest revelation to the chairman of the benghazi select committee. just simply forwarding unintelligence and somebody by the name of tyler drumheller was sending. bloomenthal spent nine hours testifying yesterday in a closed session. a new poll shows the majority of voters and three critical swing states do not view hillary clinton as trust worth where i. 51% of florida respondents said they find clinton to be untrusty. in ohio the number is 53% who say clinton is dishonest. in pennsylvania 54% don't see her as honest. voters across all three states
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listing honesty and trustworthiness as honesty as their top issue when considering a nominee. former reagan white house political strategist fox news political analyst, good to have you here. >> nice to be with you. >> this is a tough one to know where to start. let's start with hillary clinton who looks like she's in trouble in three important states. >> this poll was a very critical one. people don't trust you, don't believe you're telling the truth, there's a tendency not to vote for you. very early in this campaign -- the most telling thing to me on the weekend was bernie sanders is very close to new hampshire. at least ten points behind her. >> there have been 14. lossed it by 35. >> my sense is she's not making the sale. she's certainly still a frontrunner for the democrats, but there's a lot of questions about who she is and what she is and what she's -- >> let's look at a couple of these polls here. clinton neck and neck and neck just against rubio and senator
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rand paul in pennsylvania. rube yoeb 44%. hillary 43%. as we looked at 45 clinton 44%. governor kasic there doing well in ohio. beating, in fact hillary rodham clinton healthing. 47% to 40% in ohio also. clinton just barely beats former florida governor jeb bush. 42%, 41%. i mean, this is -- >> the fact that it's in play here tells you that there's a real vulnerability on her part. governor kasic, obviously, is doing very well in ohio. very key state. you got to win two out of the three states florida and ohio particularly to be viable and i think we're very credible positions today. >> there is sort of a suspicious scent to hillary clinton and bloomenthal. the chairman of the health senate select committee on
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benghazi released. tyler, drumheller his words and his intelligence was being passed on by bloomenthal. the times reported they were going to run contracts from the libyan government at the same time. i mean it's a mess. why would you pass this on as if it's your own document. bloomenthal is a guy who has a tarnished reputation. one-time journalist ands accidental. in my sense it's just the usual clinton operation. they don't play by the rules. >> well the rules are, speaking of rules, the rules committee setting up you know the way for the trade promotion authority vote. thursday the president refuses to give up on this. these guys are playing -- right
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strictly absolutely on the orders of the business roundtable and the chamber of commerce. >> there's no question. the chamber of commerce bought half this country, the republican majority a couple of years ago, and they're basically pulling that today. the key thing my objection is why would you force a vote when members that don't know what's in the bill -- why would you basically give this president more power when you are concerned about the kinds of things he is doing in iran and elsewhere? i think a lot of republicans are going to be very unhappy with this congress and john boehner is being forced doing it by his own will to really discipline a lot of members that have been off the reservation. who basically are objecting to this. there's no rush to fwet this done i think to a certain extent. >> he also basically dashing the aspirations of most if not all of the republican candidates for president in 2016. this is a vote that he doesn't need to put his party behind right now because this is going to be a race.
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it's going to be a general race election. i also believe it's going to be about the american worker the american family. to do this is a matter of policy -- >> it's equally as important. a telling voting group. we talk about hispanic voters and women voters. hellry has advantages with and what have you. the white male catholic vote in those seven critical states is what is going to make a difference. those are the people displaced by the work force. my sense is bill is not good for them, and by the time we get through with this thing, it's going to be a lot out there. donald trump hit on that note yesterday, and others will again. >> and as always you have hit on that note spshgs we appreciate you. >> thank you very much. >> sounded like music to me. thanks a lot. by the way, ed did you get your bottle of empire spray? >> i didn't. i'm not sure my wife or my dogs will let me inside. >> this is what donald trump's p.r. folks a lot of show host producers, and talent. >> i didn't get --
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>> also, we got chocolate. i'll admit it. i ate the damn chocolate. there's a note too. along with the politics doesn't have to stink. you have that part right. anyway ed again, thank you. in north carolina they're on edge since the shark attack sunday and this video just may not help nen right now. at least half a dozen sharks caught swimming in the same water at emerald isle in north carolina. it's about two hours north of oak island where the two teenagers were attacked sunday. on the west coast california's drought reportedly sparking water wars in the golden state, according to the washington post. wealthy residents are tired of being shamed for the water usage. wealth where i people being shamed? now, that is a shame. and if they can pay for it they say they should get even more water. one resident in rancho santa fe telling "the post" "we're not
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all equal when it comes to water." that's right. in california you don't have water. the rest of us are better off. a california couple planning a patriotic solution to their drought. instead of looking at brown grass for the rest of the summer the deckers used more than a dozen cans of spray paint to paint a giant american flag right there on their lawn. now, that's inventive, and that's adapt. republicans and democrats pushing that trade deal that they call free, but it's very costly for american workers and just about nearly everyone else. things getting a little too hot at a summer concert. stay with us. we're coming right back.
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seriously? you're not at all concerned? about what now? oh, i don't know. the apocalypse? we're fine. i bundled renter's with my car insurance through progressive for just six bucks more a month. word. there's looters running wild out there. covered for theft. okay. that's a tidal wave of fire. covered for fire. what, what? all right. fine. i'm gonna get something to eat. the boy's kind of a drama queen. just wait. where's my burrito? [ chuckles ] worst apocalypse ever. protecting you till the end. now, that's progressive. a few thoughts now on the politics of trade and the
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cynical efforts of the republican led house rules committee and the gop leadership of the house. the rules committee is working tonight at this very hour to get a revote on the trade bill that was detlooetd feet last friday and why it's really wrong to call the tpt the president's trade issue because he has certainly adopted it but so has the republican party. the plan in fact is that of the chamber of commerce and the business roundtable and they've been pushing it for ten years now. republicans should be very careful what they ask for as well because hillary clinton has finally decided to do what she had refused to do until yesterday. she now has a position on trade. >> it needs to number one, protect american workers. number two, it needs to raise wages and create good jobs at home. number three, it needs to be in our national security interest. the president should listen to and work with his allies in
10:27 am
congress starting with nancy pelosi. >> nancy pelosi. whatever you think clinton is talking bshg putting american workers ahead of foreign workers, and the republicans better be taking notes. while republican leaders are sounding more like corporatists all of this ahead of the 2016 presidential election where republicans should be focussing on support for our middle class. american jobs and the small businesses that create most of the jobs in this country instead of pushing a quote unquote free trade agenda that costs nearly every american something. that's part of the reason the president and congress want to keep the legislation secret. it's welfare for u.s. multinationals and it's a job killer and wage cutter for our middle class and all who aspire to it. over the last 20 years median household income in this country has climbed about 5% when adjusted for inflation.
10:28 am
5% over two decades. we've lost about 3.5 million swrobz to off shore and outsourcing since 2003 according to forester research and we've run an annual trade deficit every year since 1976. you can thank trade promotion authority in large measure. the president's trade agenda will only extend that record of misery for working americans and small business and it's a hell of a note but have i to thank wiki-leaks for releasing details about the president's secret trade agenda because neither party will tell the american people what is in it. i'm hardly used to saying this either. my compliments to minority leader nancy pelosi and the democrats in the house who opposed the secretive bill. our middle class and small business as things stand tonight, owe them much. our quotation of the evening.
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both parties, the president, the gop house and senate leadership insisting that the tpt legislation be kept secret from the american people. yet, demanding that we pass without the public's knowledge of what its impact will be on their jobs their standard of living and the american way of life. now, this is what john f. kennedy said about secrecy in our government. he said the very word skres where i is repugnant in a free and open society. we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and to secret proceedings. like the ones we are watching right now in washington on the tpt. >> in new jersey monster jam world champion. i love just saying that. tom -- made history in a mack v truck. i'm saying that like i know what it is. he landed the first monster jam front flip. that's what it is.
10:30 am
wow. that didn't work out too well did it? my. is that what he was trying to do? metlife stadium. the truck flipped not once but as you saw twice before landing on all four wheels. let's count that again. let's see. there we go. that's one, two. i see the landing if you ignore the roof of that car, that truck, that it is a landing on four wheels. he was going for a guinness world record but his rear tires bounced into an over rotation and did not hit the ground cleanly. we've seen that. what's it called in figure skating? no that's a different thing. triple axle. let's turn to one musician who learned the hard way if you play with fire, it's not good. guitarist michael clifford of the group five seconds of summer performing on stage in london saturday night when he was
10:31 am
accidentally hit by a pyrotechnics display. his hair immediately caught fire. the concert ended shortly thereafter as you might guess. he suffered burns to his head but he tweeted out this picture saying he is feeling better and his face is actually fine. don't believe you're lying. pope francis issues his -- on climate change and the reaction is very hot indeed. we'll have that next.
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the issue of climate change -- the pontiff set to release an incyclical tomorrow that has already been leaked but it will make a moral case for action to curb climate change. governor jeb bush suggesting the pope risk politicizing religion. >> i hope i'm not like going to get castigated for saying this by my priest back home but i don't get economic policy from my bishops or my cardinals or from my pope. i think religion ought to be about making us better as people and less about things that end up getting into the political realm. >> governor jeb bush not hesitating to enter that foray. earlier this month candidate rick santorum also said the church shouldn't be weighing in on scientific or political
10:36 am
matters. joining me now fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. great to see you. >> and to be with you. >> the pope's choice an incyclical that this is a big deal within the church and likely to become a big deal on the campaign trail. >> i was raised in a very traditional catholic household. i believe that this pope is. this pope is sometimes difficult to understand when he veers off as governor bush and senator santorum have accused him of and in my view quite properly areas outside the competence of the papacy. for him to suggest that capitalism is evil as he did in a paper about a year ago and for him to suggest that global warming is a scientific fact and you cannot be catholic and deviate from that is not serving the people he was chosen to
10:37 am
serve. i'm going to take this further than governor bush did. his job is to get souls into heaven period. his job is not to tell governments how to spend money or industries how to keep the atmosphere leer. >> his incyclical, the timing is unfortunate for the pontiff because at this very moment the tenure most reliable measurements show that we've been in a decade long cooling period. >> yes, yes. in fairness to the pope i haven't seen it. i don't think you have seen it. certainly the english version hasn't come out yet. it's supposed to be 190 pages. we will have to read it to opine. >> i assure i won't. i will -- two or three of our colleagues will ask me to do so and i will do so. this pope has a tendency to say things authoritativel wr that
10:38 am
are outside. >> that territory. the reality is that he has talked about capitalism. >> right. >> unfavorably. he has talked about climate change and the policies with his judgment which is as you suggest, perhaps not his to make. and thirdly, to talk about a new global authority to assure that his views are institutionalized and this is the most troubling aspect of what he has said. >> if he means moral authority, he is entitled to that but if he means coercive authority, then i don't know what he is talking about. he is talking about the don, some super government? now he is really really off the beaten path. >> and, you know as we look at what has happened in this country, we're sitting here looking at the prospect of the supreme court. we'll be judging obama care to be unconstitutional or supported, and a host of issues facing this country.
10:39 am
what do you believe the supreme court will decide? do you have a sense of it? >> i do, and my sense of it is from my familiarity with the way the justices think and my awareness of what they said in their questions, oral argument. i think they will find that the four disputed words established by the states were a bonefied honest scrivener's error. i wouldn't rule this way because i think that obama care is profoundly unconstitutional. it is the job of the court, most of the present members of the court believe, to find a way to fit the statute in the constitution and there are many many cases where obviously it was a scrivener's error. they wrote 22 instead of two. the court will correct those errors, and i think they'll correct this one, and obama care will still be around until the government decides that it should be out of the business of taking care of how to tell us to
10:40 am
take care of ourselves. >> four words. i think very good precedent because the chief justice managed to torture both the reality semantics and good judgment i think, and interpretation of intent when he changed the word fines to taxes. >> if the government says -- >> they changed four words instead of just one. >> if the government says it's not a tax, the challengers say it's not a tax. the court should find it's not a tax, but they found it was a tax, and that's what saved the individual mandate. >> i honestly don't know of any president at least in my lifetime in which a justice or a court has simply decided that neither side knew what they were talking about and said this is what you -- >> almost unheard of. in fact if it happened to a lower court, these -- if a lower court did it these guys would reverse the lower court. only these guides did that.
10:41 am
they're infallible because it's final. >> you know what is so amusing to me. the president going on and on about this idealogical court, this partisan court. somehow his mind was purged into the memory that chief justice roberts and this very court upheld his signature law. >> if the president's criticism as to how they should rule on this is outrageous and will have no affect on the court whatsoever. i suggest before he made that criticism, they already voetd voted, and they couldn't care less less. >> that makes it -- i was about to say something i shouldn't. >> it doesn't make it quite unanimous, anyway. good to have you with us. >> turning now to major league baseball's cyber gate spy gate whatever you want to call it. it's outrageous. the fbi and justice department are now investigating whether officials for the st. louis
10:42 am
cardinals hacked into the internal network of the houston astros. the investigators say they uncovered evidence that cardinals officials hacked the astros' database and then stole information about internal discussions about trades scouting reports, and proprietary statistics. the cardinals at this point are saying that because it is now a federal investigation, it would be inappropriate for any of their executives or officials to comment. america recovering from the great baby recession, and donald trump says he has the perfect running mate to win the white house. just about everything about donald trump seems to be perfect, don't you think? we're coming right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ (charge music) you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first. charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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got some snbz foi. donald trump, man, social media buzz. more than any other republican candidate so far. facebook reports more than six million interactions and trump''s announcement compared -- some critics are seeming a little eager to dismiss him and his candidacy. the new york daily news called him a clown. the national review on-line's kevin williamson who can be a little grumpy called trump a
10:47 am
witless aprile. i didn't think that was very nice. come on. patrick brennan and the college republican national committee chairman alex smith, good to have you both here. let me ask. i mean would you vote for donald trump? >> i think that donald trump's entry into the race -- >> let's start with the expression look. you're always intrigued what will follow. >> that being said, i think that donald trump's entry into the race showcases twersty that we have on our seen where ied we have a number of different candidates coming from a number of different backgrounds that bring to the table, you know a diversity of experiences that the democrats just don't have. they have one candidate that has been delivering old ideas. >> and a socialist. who else? that's it. a socialist and hillary clinton. that's not enough to defeat donald trump, is it? >> no donald trump is not a
10:48 am
socialist. what i think he appeals to the reason why people talk about him on social wreed is because most people don't care about politics and they more than likely hate politicians, and donald trump shares their hatred for politicians. >> is that interesting, though i think, perspective. he says he is really rich which he really is. >> so is justin bieber. >> he really believes very convincingly persuasively that all those other folks that have been running the government are losers. how do you rebut that? >> look there's a wide opening in this field for someone to come through who has a different experience than everyone else and i think that donald trump does bring a new perspective to the race that should be taken seriously. >> because he does suggest will he build a fence and that the mexicans will pay for it. i'm wondering if he is not secretly plotting that russia will attack china and also take conveyor of that issue.
10:49 am
he has a great disruptive presence that might just be been fishl to the whole bunch of republicans. don't you think? >> yeah i like his disruptive sentiments. i don't think he has a very serious whered of how he is going to follow through. >> oh hell we have so many people with nonsense somber you know -- listen to this president. blah blah blah. he goes on with the most boring person in the world, and meanwhile, being serious doesn't mean you're effective, does it? >> running a business is very different from being a politician and trying to win electrics, and -- >> you're right. one is an honest profession. >> i think it's just -- >> it's like some sort of organism that feeds on the life of others. the reality is entrepreneurs,
10:50 am
business people build things, and they -- i know. i'm not supposed to say that in the obama era. heats really what happened. i think it's a wonderful contrast. it can bring a certain dynamism to the field of candidates that's very attractive. it has terrific candidates in it and more to enter. trump may be making an unintended contribution. what do you think? are you buying anything? >> no, not entirely. to be honest i think -- look he has the potential to did hes rupt the race but in order for him to last he is going to have to show some -- he made the right -- he doesn't have any conservative principles or instincts about how he dislikes china and dislikes people coming across the border. one of his businesses has fought for eminent domain. trump -- >> maybe that's where we should be looking at that as a richelle to continue the current crop of
10:51 am
politicians and office hoerld. we're running out of time here but i have to say this quickly. the birth rate in the country is up. a signal of optimism about the future on the part of millenials? >> i think that it's -- i would couch it with this. i think it's reflective of the marginal growth that we've seen in the economy, and i think the birth rate has increased marginally as well. if we as a country are okay as a 2% as the new normal and not 4% -- >> it's a great, great signal for faith in the future bright hopes and treasures. great to have you with us. up next railroad's -- ronald reagan's biggest secret revealed. a black belt in something that he'll tell you about. black belt in bad assery. we'll talk author
10:52 am
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i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit >> "new york times" best selling aught orl brad melt sdmr er uncovering a great american secret while conducting research for his new thriller "the president's shadow" as you see right there on your screen. secret service agents telling him that former president ronald reagan, well, carried a gun with him at all times. had it stashed in his briefcase
10:56 am
while he was on official business. he says reagan even took his .38 caliber pistol with him, one suspects it was a revolver and not a pistol on air force one in case a disturbian broke out in midair. joining us now the author of the brand new book "the president's shadow" available in bookstores on-line tomorrow. he is also the host of the history channel block history. he sauls a friend of mine. i'm proud to say. congratulations on another obvious blockbuster, which we recommend to you highly. fwood to see you. >> always good to see you, sir. >> the plot for this -- here you go again. i mean how do you divine all of this material from the archives from history is amazing to me. >> usually i can pinpoint exactly where i get the idea from and this within i just woke up with it.
10:57 am
no up with is bothering her. she smells the mulch, and out of the dirt she pulls a severed arm. she doesn't know how it got there or past security. >> literally the beginning. >> truly. one through three of the book. she certainly doesn't know the puzzle that's been inside that arm. you know me. i take that idea and then i go to the secret service, and i say what would you do if you were investigating that? they said to me this is true. they said to me the first thing i do is i redecorate a room. what are you talking about? thu of it this way. if you renovate a room and you put new wall paper up i paint it you can get the first family out of the house and investigate. press won't know. >> if we hear that the first lady or the president, someone, in the family has decided they're going to redecorate then usually the secret service
10:58 am
is taking security to another level. >> sometimes redecoration is just a redecoration but i said to them you're telling me every time? >> not every time but think of this brad. clinton, bush and obama have all redecorated rooms while they're in office. what's happened here in the name of home decoration? i thought now i have chapter two. i literally start with the reality of it. >> we don't want you to give away any more of the book. i want to ask you about reagan. i have never heard that he carried a .38 in his briefcase. did that before he was shot? >> we're trying to pinpoint. i was in secret service headquarters and there's a little museum back there, and we were walking through the museum and they told me. the amazing part is since we broke the story -- they said that the reason he carried a gun is he said i trusted my friends in the secret service, but in case someone else comes at me again, i want to be ready. we know for sure it was after
10:59 am
hinckley went after him. we don't know if it was before as well. >> you know some of the secret service agents re well over the years. >> the vet service, i mean what else can you share with us on the secret service that other folks wouldn't -- >> i think one of my favorites, especially for you and, you know, is that the secret service aren't the only ones who are guarding us. someone said what about the great patriots. it was actually a great patriot. when you look when the cia had their meeting a couple of years ago a great patriot paid for them and i just love the idea that regular ordinary citizens are also looking out for us.
11:00 am
>> great to see you. congratulations on another blockbuster. good night from new york. [ dynamic music plays ]


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