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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  June 26, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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report comes out is done. look at stock index futures. they have been mixed for most of the morning. but here you have all of them turning to the downside. dow, s&p and nasdaq futures down, kicking off the 6:00 a.m. hour on the east coast as these reports out of france of a terrorist attack continue to unfold. now to dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. "mornings with maria" over to you. >> here i am, sandra. i am here. i'm happy you're back, sandra. see you in an hour, we're following breaking news in the latest developments out of france. at least one person is dead at factory near the city of grenoble. french media is reporting that the victim was decapitated by a terrorist who left an islamic flag on the ground. there are reports of others injured after a man allegedly burst into an office near the eastern city of grenoble carrying an islamic banner or flag. also reports of an explosion at the business believed to belong
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to a gas or chemical subpoena southeast of lyon. french media reports suggest one alleged attacker is claiming ties to isis and has been taken into custody for questioning by french police. france is on high state alert since this terrorist attack occurred on the "charlie hebdo" magazine and a jewish supermarket in paris in january. we'll bring you much more throughout the hour as well. we'll take a look at reaction. good morning, everybody, i'm maria bartiromo. it is fried june 26th. with me jason trennert and fox business's dagen mcdowell with me as well. more on the terrorist attack in france but other headlines also, we want to bring you the supreme court still has work to do after yesterday's historical obamacare ruling. among the headlines we're awaiting decisions for from the high court, whether the 14th amendment permits states to deny marriage to same-sex couples or deny recognition to same-sex marriages performed in states or countries that allow them.
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we'll talk to david boies, he helped overturn california's ban on same-sex marriage. that made civil rights history. we'll talk with david boies and other cases he is working on. supreme court justice and employees will be forced to enroll in obamacare if one congressman gets his way. congressman brian babin is proposing a "scotuscare" act to uphold subsidies of obamacareo offset the cost of buying insurance. presidential candidate donald trump suing univision after the spanish speaking network dumped his usa pageant for comments he made about mexican immigrants. trump reported this to fox news's gretchen carlson. >> univision, i will have to sue univision because i speak negatively about trade with mexico. i love mexico. i love the mexican people. i love them. they're great people. but mexico is taking our negotiators to lunch. our president doesn't have a clue. they don't know what they're
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doing. mexico is making a fortune. somebody has to bring it up. univision says you have to stop talking badly mexico. i love the people of mexico. sandra: univision is controlled by consortium of investor that includes a billionaire investor that has been a long-time supporter of bill and hillary clinton on the democratic party. speaking of hillary clinton the state department says it is missing 15 work-related emails from her time as secretary of state. the democratic presidential candidate said all the relevant emails were in the hands of government. hillary's vise grip on democratic nomination is being challenged. bernie sanders closing gap in latest new hampshire polls that have him within 8% of hillary. california lawmakers have given governor jerry brown a tough decision, the state legislature approving end to exemption from i am my nation laws due to religious believes. it grew out of low vaccination
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rates in some california communities and outbreak at disneyland that ultimately affected more than is 50 people. -- 150 people. greece is still without a bailout and they will not talk about it until this weekend. athens is only days away from defaulting on the loan payment due early next week to the imf we saw heavy selling in asia. look at damage, down about 1 and 3/4% in hong kong. that is the stiffest. futures indicating a weaker start for the broader markets here in the u.s. dow jones futures indicated fractionally higher. pressure elsewhere. back to the breaking news of the moment. reports out of southeastern france saying a man has been decapitated and islamic flag has been raised near a french factory in grenoble. there are also reports of a loud explosion at a factory and several other people have been injured. french media outlets said at least one arrest has been made. the man is claiming to be a member of the islamic state.
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we want to talk more about this attack in france and see the ramifications here. i'm bringing in former fbi agent jonathan gilliam to talk more about it. jonathan, thanks for joining us. what are your observations off the bat as we try to figure breaking news developments out? >> right off the bat sounds as though the person is known to the local police which will make the investigation go much faster. i wouldn't say it's a benefit to the police when they do these types of terrorist attacks and come out with isis flag. so you know their motivation. now they can instantly, even before law enforcement gets on scene they can start querying sources, they can start doing database checks, looking at past chatter to see if this is any big the main thing right now they're trying to see how big is this growing to go. will this be preliminary attack or could this get bigger. sandra: does this strike you as sort of a new game changer here, going into france, decapitating
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somebody in their country, as opposed to what we've been seeing with these, with these crazy people decapitating people on their turf? >> right. no, i think france has had this, an attack happen before. i think just beheading is just another one of their types of attacks but i think you're going to start to see this more and more. we have to stop looking at these people as lone wolves and start looking at them as homegrown operatives. that is the reality. you don't have to go through isis boot camp in order to be part of isis. these individuals most likely have been trained in some way, shape or form. whether on the internet where they read it, learned some things. because logistically they're so close where these things go on, they have some people going back and forth to syria and coming back they can actually get some very good training. maria: the prime minister tightening security in france. that has been the case since the heck dough tragedy but what do you think takes place now? what are you expecting from law
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enforcement officers in france as a result? >> you know france is difficult to tell. of course all law enforcement pretty much works in a similar fashion. however, it is in france and i'm not sure if, how they tighten things up. like here you may have raising police will go on standby and have more secure footing. but in france i don't know. seemed like after the "charlie hebdo" attack they rallied around the french and everything kind of calmed down a little bit. i think they have to start looking at this saying this may be something that is here to stay. sandra: dagen? >> france's anti-terror prosecution opened an investigation. swift action there. here in the united states we arrested a number of individuals who were trying to leave the country and join isis. do you think we're doing enough in this country? have we just been lucky in terms of attacks in the u.s.? >> i think we failed all the way around, whether it be complete strategic war plan that takes
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the fight to them in the middle east and secures us here. you know, one. things about succeeding here is that we have to really get together with the other countries like france and build a coalition of stopping the movement online. we are not stopping the movement online. in fact that is growing. so that is how they can coordinate these attacks so well. and that's why you see like when one thing happens in france you will see movement from other places because they're coordinating online of the other thing is they coordinate their movements quite well through the internet but i just don't see overall strategic war plan that incorporates, not just the middle east fighting but really taking care of our domestic plan here because, i'm here to tell you, there is way more than 70 islamic fighters in this country that want to attack us, way more. maria: what are you seeing in that regard then? how do we -- can we even characterize it? can we get our arms around the number of people here?
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>> they have estimates. we don't know what those estimates are. i can tell you from the chatter i have heard it's a lot higher than 70. and the mosques really inside the united states is where the most can be done themselves. they can police themselves. if they hear anything then they immediately turn it over to the authorities. police themselves. so a lot of surveillance programs have been pulled out of the mosques. it is up to the mosques to police themselves. that is the hardest part of this whole thing. maria: jason, you're looking at things from an economic standpoint. so far markets and economic conditions have not been affected by the islamic state and these horrible things they have been doing. is this a kind of event that people will stop and take notice. >> i'm not sure. in a way almost unfortunately because we're becoming inured to this type of activity. it is becoming, seems to be coming somewhat endemic. somewhat part of our daily lives. the question i have going back to what dagen is saying before.
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i've seen reports that would suggest the threat level in the united states actually is, probably should be higher or, so i would like to ask you, what your opinion of that is? is there a chance that this is taken to different level in the united states in terms of how we're viewing things as a result of this attack? >> you know, since this is a business show and you all talk numbers i like to think of things on a possibilities scale rather than a probability scale. >> right. >> when you talk about attacks on a numbers scale and people say, well, the probability is not good because it is not a known attack, most of these attacks happen on days they didn't know it was going to happen. that's why they're successful. i would say the possibility of attacks here in the united states, it is no secret, it is very high. new york, we're not very far from where i consider ground zero which is types square. >> right. >> you can go there any day of the week, i walked through that last night, 6:30, jam-packed. we're talking 50,000, 100,000
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people there. maria: an accident waiting to happen almost although it is heavily, there are a lot of police officer there is as well. but you make a very good point. let me bring in kt mcfarland national security expert. she is at telephone now. kt, you have been following this and see the gas factory attack. one individual has been decapitated. what is your sense of this? they are claiming responsibility, the islamic state. >> we have to understand there are two kinds of terrorism coming to the west. one is the citizen of a western country, american, european, who goes to the middle east, trains, comes back and starts the fight. the other is the person who never gets out of the basement, who just goes online, gets radicalized and hooked up and goes out to try to do something. the first type of a terrorist is lethal one. the second type, maybe. the problem with both of them is political correctness prevents us from taking a much closer look at them. you know, maria, ever since
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september 11th we devoted our resources towards looking at the entire population. what we should do instead use metadata analytics we developed, forget about 95% of the people. take a quick look at them. they're not a problem. focus like a laser beam on the small percentage of people who fit terrorist profiles. maria: yeah. that is a great point, kt, but, i mean you've seen efforts to pull back from what you're talking about. i mean on a local level, ending stop and frisk. >> yeah. maria: this whole political correctness. do you agree with kt's analysis? >> absolutely. one thing you mentioned about stop and frisk, programs like that, the surveillance programs that they had in the mosque, you really won't ever know the true impact that they had because like stop and frisk, is it amount of guns they find or amount of guns left at home because at the didn't want to get in trouble? that is an unmeasureable number. the same thing with the mosques. how much did you discover while
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we were in there versus how many people decided not to attack or go somewhere else because they found out surveillance was in there? those are unmeasurable numbers and kt is absolutely correct. both those individuals she pointed out there can ultimately attack and kill. the biggest problem we have though is that the administration loves numbers andthey think the probability is low for an attack, they just kind of think it is not going to happen. as you can see in france you don't know these things are going to happen, you have to expect it all the time. maria: kt, what are the steps, do you expect the u.s. to be getting involved in any way here? what do you expect is taking place right now from the authorities level? >> certainly hope everybody understands that next weekend is the 4th of july weekend and there is no better time or target than the united states on the 4th of july weekend. i certainly hope that our threat levels have been raised internally if not externally. you know, again you are numbers
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show. you're a business show. if you focus and prioritize everybody and everything, you prioritize nothing. if we have limited number of resources that we can devote to protecting the homeland, one of the first things we should do is put it into intelligence and stop wasting it on granny who gets on a plane with the grandchildren on the way to orlando to see disney world and start focusing instead on people who fit a certain profile. it is not, it is not racial profiling. not any other kind of profiling. it behavior profiling. like palantier and other companies which developed software to do metadata analytics even using social media to ferret out bad guys and who are at risk being pulled into the bad guy net, we should take full advantage. maria: you point out it is july 4th independence weekend is a prime time for bad actors to hit. we should point out next week is
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the deadline for any deal with iran. you wonder if the big headlines of the day are going into the islamic state's motivation? >> also the month of ramadan. for them it has a religious significance as well in a twisted way. >> one thing to piggyback what kt is talking about, when kt said about looking at specific groups, listen, we've had several mosques have several attackers come out of them. it is my opinion that the united states government has to start taking a stand. if they have an attack come out of a mosque, that mosque should be shut down and an investigation should be opened and if they find any other semblance of radicalization inside of there or movement inside there, that mosque doesn't come back. that is the way we have to start looking at these things. if the mosques are not going to stop it, then we have to be willing to go in there and do that ourselves but that is where you start getting into, as soon as lawyers are involved where you start getting into problems. >> i would say politically, i
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don't necessarily disagree. >> most people don't. >> i'm just saying by the same tone in token in free society it is very difficult. constitution makes it -- >> at what point do we look at enemy within and weigh that? that is the problem. >> kt, i want to ask you very socially liberal country, france is, what have they done, how have they changed, how is the culture there changing since the attacks earlier this year on "charlie hebdo" and that market? >> i think it is quite interesting because when people start, academics and pundits started talking about there are certain areas of france that are more dangerous where they, there is open recruiting, the french and paris government retaliated, no, no, the problem you guys accusing us. british having a better approach, where they're having national debate and talking
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about more restrictive legislation that allow them to crack down on hate speech, open recruiting. europeans have a problem. they will have a much bigger problem. what we've seen the massive amounts of refugees, particularly coming out of libya and syrian civil war and other parts of iraq. if those people make their way to europe, 90% are people are search forge better life but they will be salted with people coming to europe to do bad deeds. maria: great analysis as always, kt mcfarland. jonathan, great to have you on the program here on a day with developing stories. thank you so much, jonathan. coming up a big win for president obama yesterday as a supreme court ruling in favor of the president's health care law. we have a member of the department of health and human services will join us it's one of the most amazing
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maria: welcome back, everybody. we're bringing up to date on breaking news. terrorism in france. at least one person is dead at factory near the city of grown noble. -- grenoble. cheryl casone with the latest. >> good morning, maria. we continue to follow developments out of france. at least one person dead in a factory near grenoble. the person was decapitated by a terrorist who left an islamic flag on the grounds. a man allegedly burst into the an office near the eastern city of grenoble carrying islamic banner or flag. we're still getting details. there are reports of an explosion at this business believed to belong to a gas company south of lyon. one attacker claiming ties to isis and taken into custody for
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questioning by police. let you know, local paper reporting that french interior minister on the way to the site. local authorities have possible red alerts. monitoring red alerts in the area. authorities expecting some type of terrorist activity in that region, maria. we'll keep you updated as we get more details and fresh information. maria: cheryl, thank you very much. turning to other top stories of the day and top story in the "wall street journal" by the way, in a historic vote the supreme court ruled that obama administration can continue to subsidize health insurance purchases for americans across the country. joining former secretary of health and human services tevi troy. their for being on the program. your observation on the news yesterday? >> i would say that the supreme court decision isn't hugely surprising but is disappointing to many who believe a law should mean what it says. and justice scalia's dissent was pretty blistering. also if you look at justice
6:23 am
robert's opinion affirming the law, he was pretty critical of the law saying this is not a way serious complex legislation should be written. maria: do you think the interpretation was more about the impact of the decision ruling it down would have had? why this different interpretation of the way the law was written? >> i think it is pretty clear from justice roberts's opinion he was concerned about disruption. it is true there would have been disruption if they ruled the other way. in fact i was with a group of health care executives when the ruling came out, they were not only somewhat pleased when the ruling came out this way and showed me on the phones their stock tickers. all the health care stocks and insurance, hospitals were going up, all in the green. there was concern about disruption. i think that is one of the reasons it happened. but the fact is it doesn't change the fact even according
6:24 am
to "politico" the law remains unpopular. there are still high premiums and people lack choices. maria: costs have skyrocketed, jason trennert. >> what is the role of the supreme court? is the supreme court there to worry about disruptions that might happen because of a law that was passed might be unconstitutional? it seems to me if you're a strict constructionist, the supreme court would be there to actually just rule on the law. maria: read the law as it is written. >> as it is written to make a decision about it. i don't think the supreme court now is seems to be becoming more of a political institution which is, i would say distinctly how it was not supposed to be set up. which is disconcerting. this is slippery slope. and again, it goes back to what we were just chatting about. maria: sure is. >> what is the role of supreme court, what is a law. it can be interpreted differently as political circumstances change.
6:25 am
>> that is a really great point. back when roberts was being appointed talking about one of the advantages to roberts that he had a keen political mind and would be able to bring along liberals into the majority on more opinions. instead what it seems he is using his keen political mind as it were to make and craft political decisions not necessarily to conservatives liking. >> repeal and replace, republicans saying it over and over again. can they do that? does anybody have a plan to move forward and rip this law up or do you think it is here to stay? >> first of all, i don't think anything is happening in the remaining year plus of the obama administration. i don't think republicans problem that they don't have a plan. i think perhaps they have too many plans. there are 12 different plans in response to king versus burwell if it had gone to the plaintiffs. i think the republicans will go through the sorting process called the presidential nomination process and at the end you will have nominee and
6:26 am
the nominee will have a plan and they will coalesce on a plan and people won't be able to say they don't have a plan and the american people will be the judge on the plan going forward. maria: the implication for americans today, we already know premiums have skyrocketed, costs around obamacare and anticipating obamacare have gone up so much. what are you expecting from here on out? >> i expect people to continue have high costs. i think when the excise tax goes in, employers will feel more pressure and give up their plans. only people that get obama care subsidies will have their costs masked by the subsidies but rest of us will feel the pain. maria: thank you very much. of it evi troy joining us. breaking news out of france, one person dead and apparently beheaded. french president hollande is expected to speak on this shortly. we'll take you there live. on other big headlines topping "wall street journal" this
6:27 am
morning, china's market selloff accelerates. big selloff overnight in china. nato commander saying putin not done in eastern ukraine and e.u. leaders are low locating 40,000 migrants and greece going into the weekend.
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maria: welcome back. making news this morning. reports of southeastern france and amman has been decapitated by isil in grenoble. also reports of a loud explosion and people injured. french media outlets reported one arrest has been made and the man is claiming to be a member of the islamic study. like berman was more in washington. reporter: we are starting to follow this as well here. one person has been killed, one person decapitated from the fact area outside of france. 10 others have also been
6:31 am
wounded. at this point to remains unknown from what we can gather as to whether or not those suspects in the case because we are told there are to suspect, whether both suspects have indeed been captured or identified by authorities. we can tell you as far as the person who was decapitated, this is according to our producer in paris. the person may have been brought into a car and decapitated there appeared it is unclear if that person was an actual employee of that plant or not. according to our producer, more terrorist acts in the area. as you mentioned the phrase president is expected to speak on the matter any moment now. again to recap real quick, one person killed, 10 people wounded as coming from our producer in france as we continue to monitor the situation.
6:32 am
train to the next question is what is the response to this. we will here shortly. this is not something to look at lately. what talk about this for a second because police told the french news agency that it is an islamist attacker covered with arabic writing to the gates of the gas factory in eastern france. it was pinned to the and the gas factory. >> there are reports of event alerts among agencies for some kind of an islamic terrorist attack. it is stunning how swiftly they did react to this and how quickly the french officials are moving to the scene in beginning a terrorist investigation. the thomas attack within, the children still in school so there is no current risk right now. >> a man described as a witness said there is a group of men
6:33 am
carrying the islamic flag forced their way in an rehab did the person in targeted the gas tank. right now on the phone is so firmer cia fred joining us. thank you for weighing in. what is your take on development side of france? >> maria, we note that atheists is a global movement and they are trying to have a tax like this worldwide. we don't know whether the attacker was a full member of a faith or the islamic state. that doesn't matter. the islamic state is trying to inspire attacks like this and i'm afraid they've exceeded. maria: it could be lone wolf are not lone wolf but all under the umbrella of isil because they are trying to lure as many possible people into their corner. >> the success in iraq and syria, the purpose of this is to inspire attacks worldwide against the west and spread the
6:34 am
violent ideology. in many cases they are recruited over the internet. maria: if they can get into the area so easily and behead someone, what is to say they will not do it anywhere in the world. what should be done from the u.s.? >> that is really the question. the french have significantly stepped up domestic intelligence recently. while we move away from the nsa program because of the leaks by edward snowden. they know this is a serious threat to security. maria: what would you like to see from the u.s. perspective at this point. not stepping away from things like nsa. >> maria, the first thing you have to do is the president has
6:35 am
to recognize the threat. it is not violent extremism. it is radical islam. this is a threat by a violent islamic ideology. it is not a group of terrorists. it is a movement we are at war with. they are poor at best. i'm not sure the u.s. is at war with them. maria: urc law-enforcement rush to be seen here. spokespeople say and emergency services were at the scene because of the explosion the fire has been put out. they are not getting much information that the come any supplies gas for industrial use. what is your sense of why this company was the target. again, are we going back to isis is main moneymaking area selling oil and gas on the black market. >> i think they were looking for a spectacular explosion. it is too early to say.
6:36 am
all of these terrorist groups want huge terrorists generating the max amount of ability. maria: jason trainor is here looking at things from a business standpoint. they wanted an explosion at a gas fact array. we know they are selling oil and gas on the black market. >> if i'm trying to pull out the broader scenes, it seems to me this is continuing to be a big hit to multiculturalism and continue to be big supporters, i would say populist movement within the u.s., which are somewhat dated basic in nature. but certainly it is also something if you think about it from an oil and gas, it probably probably provides some support for the idea that you want to develop as many sources of your oil and gas as possible because you don't want to continue to do
6:37 am
business with places that are particularly friendly to you. everything that has been said, in societies there is a continuum between security and freedom and right now we are airing as we shed much more the side of freedom. for more attacks that go on, the more we'll err on the side of perfect security. maria: fred, let me ask you this then i've asked this earlier. the french government and the nation as a whole try to really ramp up their security after the attacks earlier this year on charlie hough do when the follow-on attacks. have they done enough in terms of plug in the security holes, plug in the intelligence holes they have and are they doing anything better than we are? >> what's interesting is the attacker was on a terrorism watch list. i find that very significant.
6:38 am
the french are trying to find a care or spirit you can arrest everyone. some of these may be associated with the radical website or done something that didn't merit arresting them. you didn't know which one will commit an act of terrorism on behalf of radical islam. dagen: the suspect is in custody at this point. if you're just joining us, there's been a shocking attack taking place in france at the headquarters of air close to the city of leon in southern france. two men burst through the factory gates in a car. one jumped out and decapitated an unnamed victim. his severed head was said to have been covered in arabic writing and left hanging on a nearby fence. the terrorists estimated gas bombs injuring dozens of workers. the 30-year-old man known to security services was arrested at the scene telling officers he was a member isis appear but
6:39 am
would you say in terms of his faith and anyone else involved. do we know who was involved with these two men who burst into the factory? >> it is too early to know whether it is these people or whether they were part of a network. a lot of these attacks are directed by isis. i think this is going to have to be studied. the e-mail contact, cell phone contact to find out if they are tied to friends and are there ties to isis and syria and iraq. maria: thank you for a much bigger will come back to you soon. we are waiting to hear from french president who will bring you the latest for the terrorist attack in france this morning where one person is beheaded and 10 others injured. stay with us. back in a moment.
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maria: welcome back. we will bring you up to date on breaking news. one person is dead married city of grenoble. >> getting a lot of new information i france. at least one person is dead at the fact great near the city of grenoble. the victim was decapitated by terrorists who left an islamic flag on the ground. also getting word from fox news that the vic and was brought into the fact rate, the victim
6:44 am
was not killed on sight. there are also reports right now of others injured after the man allegedly burst into a not near the city of grenoble carrying a flag. reports of an explosion at this business is believed to have gone to a gas or chemical company. french media reports suggesting one of the attackers is claiming ties to isis has been taken into questioning. we expect the minister of france to arrive shortly. as you mentioned we expect to hear from the president at some point in the next hour. maria: cheryl, thank you. more with former u.s. ambassador to morocco marc ginsberg. thank you for weighing in here. what are your observations this morning. >> obviously we are waiting to hear what is the motivation behind the attack. my first instinct is to think
6:45 am
this may be in response to the united states to kill the leader of the isis operation in north africa that failed. this was the person who had led an attack on a gas installation in nigeria and killed many algerians. that is just supposition on my part, but i am trying to along with you trying to figure out the motivation for the attack. secondly, i just came back from jordan and it points out in the work i'm doing against isis that the infiltration and self radicalization has made it to ground zero for operations in europe. maria: they are claiming more than one man involved in the
6:46 am
attack. two men were driving into the same gate after 10:00 a.m. before driving around in circles during gas cylinders around the main yard. is there anyway to zero in closer? one man is in custody, but what do you expect law enforcement to do at this point in terms of getting their arms around all of those as well? >> clearly the question is if there's been a premeditated act as we saw in the attacker may have been other co-conspirators. after all, we have seen in france that there's this underground railroad of operatives either self radicalized or have come back from having thought for syria or iraq. that is one of the great dangers we face here in the united states. the danger in france's largely because there are so many muslims, the largest muslim population in europe and it has
6:47 am
been a center of gravity for self radicalization and for operatives from europe. >> you make some great points. i want to cut over to france for a long period here's the president of france. >> there is no doubt. a body was found decapitated. as far as we knew, there is one dead and two injured. the ministry of the interior immediately went to the site. the individual who suspected to be the author of the attack has
6:48 am
been identified. troops have been deployed in the region and have been protect the provided all measures are being taken to prevent another tragedy and any other action. the minister of the interior will speak immediately after i did to provide useful information given that there is an ongoing investigation which is in the hand of the internet as a prosecutor.
6:49 am
in this circumstance first of all our thought goes to the vic dems. -- victims. the european council is going first with the united states. we all remember and have in mind what happened in all countries and in our country is about. therefore it cannot be the only dirt. we need action, deterrence and therefore the necessity to support the spread of violent and never fear it is not possible circumstance it is about been on the job of the french people and protecting all people trying it out the truth,
6:50 am
identifying the individuals. i will be leaving the european council after talking to you as i told my colleague and i will be holding a meeting at 3:30 where we will by then have some information and will make some additional measures. last day as i said, the suspects have been arrested and identified. the investigation is ongoing and i leave it to the authorities in charge to provide some of the nation even of course as you understand to make sure the work of our services is essential. thank you for understanding.
6:51 am
maria: francois hollande trying to give some comfort on an horrendous story. we are talking with the former u.s. ambassador to morocco, marc ginsberg. not much new information from the president of france, but certainly a somber tone as we learn that one man has been beheaded in france in french media are reporting that perpetrators are claiming to be an islamic state members. your observation from francois hollande comments they are. >> i was listening to the president. there are two key points that emerged here. one that they did capture the perpetrators and there will be more facts that hopefully disclose. it's going to be hard fact it alone. i think the question is what is the reason and what was this for
6:52 am
individually random individual or was he targeted in why was he targeted. that's the information we are trying to determine. i don't know, but i am only supposing there was a reason why this particular installation was attacked by isis. i am only supposing that this could be a direct reaction to the failed attack on the isis leader in north africa by the united states and france. dagen: ambassador, fox news did respond that this is a u.s.-based conduct. any significance in that? >> again, the question is whether or not the individual has a direct relationship with the united states and whether or not in the end it was a reason why it was singled out. i don't think i can have a
6:53 am
complete conjecture this morning. maria: what would you like to see in terms of response with an american company ,-com,-com ma air products variable which electricity in terms of the u.s.? >> i'm familiar with the company. they are very reputable and well respected company and i think part of what air products does and i'm going to be very curious to see whether in the end there is a tide to north africa is isis operations. the failure of the obama administration to take these threats more seriously. talking about devices but in terms of what needs to be done, i'm afraid i would never give the administration more than a t. if not a failing grade right
6:54 am
now. maria: you want to see a stepped up back today? is there something you'd like to see happening? >> ground zero will make its territory in syria and iraq. days ago the president is going to send 250 additional advisers and anyone that pentagon, and he won against anti-isis activities understand after the duel offenses in iraq in the last 24 hours understand the u.s. role only as good providing additional advisers to the iraqi military as well as air traffic control operatives who will be able to target isis targets on the ground.
6:55 am
these are forces that would be era spotters. the administration refused to directly that this violates boots on the ground. it doesn't get us anywhere versus trying to throw a band-aid that's not working. maria: it is an ideology in place. despite the fact that news is getting worse. thank you for weighing in this morning. we appreciate it. >> good to be with you, reappeared maria: marc ginsberg, former ambassador to morocco for the u.s. this ahead of an important weekend. tuesday is the deadline for the iran talks to take place, not to mention tuesday is the deadline for greece to pay the $1.8 billion payment to the imf. the supreme court ruling in favor of the obama restoration to health insurance subsidies causing health care stocks to rise yesterday.
6:56 am
nicole petallides has this week's report. >> good morning, maria. a group after yesterdays finding we have for the supreme court subsidies upheld. let's look first at the health care sector. this has allowed drug names in it and that has been to the upside in this path of of a percent this week. names such as johnson & johnson and pfizer. ihs has the health care providers and that in fact moved higher yesterday. we will watch a lot of the hospital names who have surged in particular on the heels of the ruling. those are three to keep the kenai on. much more this morning coming up after the break and the breaking news. behold, these are two wind turbines.
6:57 am
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maria: good morning. breaking news reports on the southeastern france saying the
7:00 am
man has been decapitated an islamic flag raised very french back yuri n. grenoble. a loud explosion at the factory and several people injured. french media outlets they won a best has been made in the man is claiming to be a member of the islamic state. we'll bring you former fbi agent and also sandra smith and mike collins, my guest for the hour. your take on this tragic event in france this morning. >> this is more in the same. and the same period in france was logistically easier to get people over and train people that are from there, you'll see continued attacks. let's not beat around the bush. france's immigration policy has allowed a massive amount of immigrants to come over basically unchecked into their country. it is easy pickings for those recruiting. maria: it is a very large muslim population. sandra smith, one of the
7:01 am
pinpoints of isis has been targeting people of my. we don't know if this is a lone wolf. french media says is part of the islamic state. obviously it looks like what they have been doing, decapitating. maria: we have no idea where this person came from, how he was recruited. they talked about the corporate angle of the recruitment was phenom line. this is a growing part of the story will continue to be. bottom line, the fact we talk about a u.s.-based company, a new jersey based company with operations, air products, interviewed the ceo of the company, sat down in new jersey. you are talking about big implications as the story begins to unfold. the u.s.-based company with operations in france and quite frankly an area that so many of us know just outside of leon. 20 miles outside of leon.
7:02 am
this is just a tragic, tragic story unfolding. maria: does it become a game changer the fact of what sandra is bringing up that this is broad daylight in a very busy area 20 miles away, which is the third-largest city. >> you know it really does hit home is the fact this is a factor when they've had in broad daylight. not that far away and you see they are very bold now and not holding back on who they are either. that is very telling because a lot of operations are in secret with a stake in somebody who will bomb sent to them. it looks like this is another one of those attacks from what we see here that they've been in with the flag drawn, the isis flied out. i think you will see more this especially in france. maria: it is worth mentioning is a gas factory where the attack
7:03 am
took place. once again, i don't know if we care what the motivation was, but is this about oil and gas are just about these crazies wanted to behead people? >> well, at the end of the day when we are beginning to get used to the londoners were used to at the ira with horrific things and people get hurt badly. the motivations, we are pretty sure what they're all about. we are now beginning to get a man to this awful stuff. maria: so far the economic impact has been very little. >> zero effect on markets. these are events and unless there is a bunch of bad and i hate to say it, but unless you see it here, i don't think there's much effect. keep in mind that two words soft targets that will continue.
7:04 am
>> wouldn't you be surprised if something didn't happen here and wouldn't you be surprised if there were a major market reaction to get parochial about it. >> i'm amazed it hasn't happened here. it tells you where security is pretty darn good. when it does happen, they should be in effect but i do not think is long-lasting. markets are much bigger. maria: it took place close to the city of lyon in southern france. blake burman has an update right now. >> i want to bring your attention to a well-known propaganda published back in january that threatens the u.s., belgium and france. here is the quote in the video from the translation. we advise you that we will come to you with car bombs and explosive charges and we will cut off your heads. as we are hearing from this
7:05 am
attack today, there was what appeared to be an explosion after the car according to reports rammed into that facility there. the countries that were mentioned, the u.s., belgium and france are now learning this is a u.s.-based company. we obviously know this took place in france and right now as we saw from france, said six talking a little while ago, there is a special meeting taking place in belgium. so why the three countries were mentioned back in this video in january in which they said we will come to you with car bombs and explosive charges, clearly would imagine authorities would check out whether or not the video from january has anything to do with what happens today. maria: blake, the scenario appears a terrorist carjacked a man, decapitated him and rammed the car into the explosive canisters. one person obviously has been killed and decapitated, two
7:06 am
wounded. we don't know how many people were involved. one person has been arrested already. maria: >> the french president said the investigation is still ongoing, especially some in this early. it does not appear -- he talked about how those behind this have been identified. it does not appear that anybody at least at this point is still on the loose their as far as the explosion or the explosion or at least what happened at the factory. we are also starting to hear from those around the area. one witness said the windows were trembling. another said i heard a really loud noise. maria: just an unbelievable story. jonathan, sandra, you wanted to jump in. >> it's also the south of france with comments coming from our reporter over the news channel.
7:07 am
she is saying there are comments coming from the mayor is talking about the continued terror threat there. he has stated that the terrorism threat is at a maximum. the french have obviously launched an investigation here. counterterrorism officials are aware of the reports that are unfolding coming out of france. but to back up lakes point that isis propaganda video seems it was directly pointing to their plans for the attack. either way, in addition to them saying they were going to do this in france, belgium and the u.s. are also targets according to the propaganda video. >> it was nice of them to let us know. the truth is our government especially pays very close attention to the messages that come out in these attacks or videos. a lot of the times they really do send a message. again, in france right now, they
7:08 am
should have been -- their threat level should have been so high that they are fully prepared for this. i can tell you when i saw the response when they went into the daily for instance, it was not tactically a good entry. the whole thing was really shady and the fact that the security was so lax, it really gives you a sense of the way a lot of communities around the globe are, where they are just not taking this seriously. the world is not what it was 15 years ago. >> as much as anybody can be prepared, you don't know what small city, was back to read. everywhere at this point. >> you may not stop it, but you can reduce the impact the attack as if you're ready. maria: what about the terror alert. casey mcfarling made a point to
7:09 am
say let's not forget next week as july 4th in the u.s. what better time to attack america other than independence weekend. do you expect changes in terms of the terrorist threat level here as well as in france as well? >> i think there will be a hype level threat awareness here in the city. there has been some chatter that there may be some targeting, some aspiring to target the fourth of july celebrations. i think everybody out here should be aware no matter where you are because ultimately civilians, not even police officers, the greatest tool to stop a terrorist attack there is. though technology greater than she meant beans. >> i'm from orlando, home of the theme park. something like this gets even more serious than i can promise they are serious already about it and they will make sure first
7:10 am
things first, protect the people, protect the city since. >> or more we learn, the more this is not appear to be so random. greg is also reporting the new french reporters saying this individual is on an authority watchlist. she is seen as a possible threat for this type of action. >> you make an excellent point about randomness. the attack in south carolina and is random. these attacks we know the ideology hates us. you have to be aware and do while you can, but you have to have a plan to act when it happens. maria: jonathan gilly and joining us for what has been horrific news. coming up during the hour. we want to go to break with some other headlines. a busy morning this morning. the supreme court has worked to do after the obamacare ruling.
7:11 am
it is whether the 14th amendment commits states to deny marriage to same-sex couples aren't in iraq nation to same-sex marriage in states or countries that allow them. super lawyer david boyd helped overturn the ban on same-sex marriage in the supreme court ruling which made civil rights history. he's my exclusive guests this hour. justices hour. justices that employees would be forced to enroll in obamacare of one gets that way. the high court's decision yesterday will uphold the subsidies underwrote bomba care provided by the government to offset the cost of insurance. donald trump is suing univision is a spanish-speaking networks dump his tactics because of comments made about mexican immigrants. trump reported the lawsuit to gretchen carlson. >> univision. i have to suit univision because i spoke negative about trade
7:12 am
with mexico. i love the mexican people. they are great people. but it is taking our negotiators to lunch. our president doesn't have a clue in mexico is making a fortune and somebody has to bring it up. univision says you have to to stop talking badly about mexico. maria: univision is controlled via investors that include pain a. a longtime supporter of bill and hillary clinton on the democratic party. speaking of hillary clinton, it is missing 15 work-related e-mails from her time as secretary of state. the candidate has said all of her relevancy and elsewhere in the hands of government about benghazi, et cetera. the democratic nomination is still being challenged. ernie sanders has closed the gap in the new hampshire polls within a percent of hillary clinton. the state legislature within and
7:13 am
to exemption from immunization laws based on religious or other personal beliefs. measure grown on a low vaccination rates in communities than an outbreak of measles at disneyland that affected more than 150 people. european finance chiefs without a greek bailout. an important meeting on saturday they will not talk about it again until the weekend. athens only days from defaulting a down payment due on tuesday to the imf. looking at a mixed market in terms of futures. waveguide gains this morning for broader averages despite the fact that things in europe. we will have more on "mornings with maria" when we come back. stay with us.
7:14 am
7:15 am
7:16 am
maria: welcome back. reports out of southeastern france today saying that man has been decapitated and the islamic flag raised their french back during an grenoble.
7:17 am
several people having been answered. media outlets say one arrest has been made in the man is claiming to be a member of the islamic state. it is my right now is police commissioner howard shafer. thank you are joining us on this story. your observations in france today. >> i think it is what is going to happen in the future. self radicalization or direct to in the middle east. what we are seeing is random attacks based on ideology. one of the things happening right now is the n.y.p.d. has an officer assigned to interpol which is very close to grenoble, and ensures on the scene getting as much intelligence as possible. >> you were something could happen in the u.s.? >> you could absolutely have been here. maria: what do we need to do to avoid it? >> we need to do at the french
7:18 am
should not do here, which is this person on the radar screen not keeping tabs. it is difficult to do but that is what we have to do 24 hours a day. the only have to be right once. we have to be right 100% of the time. maria: kt mcfarland mention let's not forget next week as july 4th and what better time to attack america than independence weekend. what are you expect even the independents begin in terms of security on the ground in the u.s. >> symbolism is very important. we have a dozen police officers to do nothing but insights here in new york city. we are better prepared than any city in the united states. that doesn't mean we're not all marble. maria: how are we protected and better off? >> the most important thing is not responding to incidents and stopping things before they happen. that is happen 14 or 1515 times
7:19 am
under commissioner kelley doing the same thing. maria: when you look at the country come the shootings are 20%. violent crimes are up 40%. chicago martyrs, new york. what has happened in this country when we see a break down in terms of crime. >> this is a totally different issue. this is the war and police. what we've done is given a message to our police officers that if you do your job and your job and do it assertively you would get arrested, lose your job, be criticized and because of that we are seeing police sitting around not doing what they're supposed to because they're afraid. i attribute that to politicians for our president on down same police are racist and that's the wrong message and what will happen as they could revert to what we saw in the 80s 2500 homicides. shootings are up in new york and around the country.
7:20 am
a shooting that is not fatal is homicide. >> i was just going to debut on the story now confirmed. confirming the incident did happen at their facility. the u.s.-based corporation that does happen now. all have been accounted for. and the site is secure. >> it's a great target because it is in the country to stump for things as the enemy. it is the u.s.-based firm. it is perfect for what they're trying to do. maria: commissioner, thanks for joining us. we will continue to bring you the latest on the attack in southeastern france and the other headlines of business. back in a minute. you probably know xerox
7:21 am
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maria: let's look at the u.s. markets, futures right now pointing to a mixed situation. we have been seeing a better performance over the last few minutes, and we're expecting a higher opening for the broader averages. i'm with mike holland today, and your thoughts on the global market story right now. >> there's so much going on, as you were saying earlier. the big story in the markets is china. china on june 14th hat a $10 trillion -- had a $10 trillion market capitalization, and it had doubled in the last 12 months. the china a share market was 50 times earning. $1.2 trillion of that 10 trillion has gone away, so it's 12%, but it had doubled. the rest of the china market is ten times earnings. it's a little bit of a reflection of what's going on here. social media stocks, biotech stocks, a lot of things are really expensive, and the rest of the market -- so in contrast to 2008 when everything was cheap, now some things are
7:27 am
really expensive, and some things are really cheap, relatively cheap, and china is a great example of that. i think the china market's going to be fine, but there's a correction that we're in the middle of. maria: and the nasdaq or equivalent of nasdaq in china plunging the most it ever has on record. >> yes. maria: so high risk or sort of, you know, volatile stocks are certainly coming back down to earth right now. >> when you go up 100% in six, seven month, you're going to come down quick, and that's what's happening here. there was massive speculation. you had some crummy companies going up 30 and 40 fold in that area, and that's just not going to last. it smacks of what i call bubble liberties, and let's hope we're not even close to it, but there are parts of the markets especially the no sales biotechs with $10 million market caps, i think they're close to it -- >> gary, one of the reasons for this decline was huge expectation that is the margin requirements were going to be increased. so the leadership is actually
7:28 am
doing some things to rein this stuff in. we're talking lack of leadership here. they've got it in china. maria: yeah. we're going to also talk about the other major story of the day and that is, of course, obamacare, the affordable care act held up by the supreme court. continuing coverage of the news in france and the lawyer who helped overturn california's ban on same-sex ruling, david boys is here to talk to us about the latest headlines on that. back in a minute.
7:29 am
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maria: welcome back. he has been named one of the most influential people in the world by "time" magazine. my next guest is david boies, chairman of boies, shilller and wexler llp. >> good to be back. maria: we know that a man has been beheaded in france, and the islamic state apparently taking responsibility for this
7:32 am
according to french media. your take on what has transpired this morning in france. >> this is just another example of how serious the terrorism threat is, and we've got to recognize -- every government, our government, every government around the world -- has got to recognize this terrorist threat and given to deal with it, and we've got to not be reluctant to call it what it is. this is terrorism. maria: why have we been so reluctant? obviously, the administration has walked this cautious line here, but when you look at new york, for example, we stopped stop and frisk. what happened? shootings shot up. >> i think there is a legitimate desire to be careful we don't sort of condemn a whole group of people for the acts of a few. but this is not a close call. i mean, they behead somebody, they wave arabic flags, they identify themselves as being with isis. this is not a close call. maria: right. let me move oven to the other big -- move on to the other big
7:33 am
headline of the day, the supreme court has held up obamacare. >> i think it was an inevitable decision, i've said this before. i said before you could not disrupt the affordable care act this way and deprive millions and millions of people and tens of millions of families of their health care. it would have been a disaster. i think the best thing that the court could do for the republican party is to not have that kind of disruption on the eve of an election. maria: yeah, okay. so you didn't want -- you don't want to see that kind of disruption, but the interpretation of the law was different the way the law was actually run. >> there's no doubt that the act was badly drafted. maria: correct. >> no question about that. but i think as the chief justice writes, you have to look at the entire act and understand what the purpose is and not interpret it in a way that destroys the purpose. so i think that it was pretty clear that the drafters did not intend to eliminate these subsidieses, although the language they used was very, very poorly drafted.
7:34 am
maria: yeah. and that is exactly how it took place, each though justice scalia was very upset and now is calling it scotus care. [laughter] one of the major victories you had and really moved the needle for so many people, and that is when you went up against the supreme court on same-sex marriage in california. today the supreme court is looking at same-sex marriage, we are going to hear from them later on today on a federal level. tell us how you won't in california and what you're -- how you won it in california and what you're expecting from the supreme court today. >> the real question in california was there any justification at all for this kind of prejudice and bias, was there any justification at all from taking away from loving couples the ability to marry just because of their sexual orientation or gender? what the district court held was there was simply no basis for that at all, and one of the great things that happened is that that helped continue to generate a change in this country where today 37 states permit marriage equality. and if the supreme court
7:35 am
decides -- as i hope and expect it will -- that's a federal constitutional right, that all states have to abide by it either today or tomorrow -- you will have in all 50 states marriage equality. it's just a great development, it's one of the most important civil rights decisions of my lifetime. maria: it sure is. you have to have felt so proud when that decision came down. this is civil rights history. and you make a good point, 37 states at this point, how is it possible that e court will not see that as a changing of the mentality for america? >> i think that's exactly right. america's changed. what america has done is looked at this issue and said this is something that belongs in the dark ages. it doesn't belong in modern american society. this is a culture of equality, and i think that we're recognizing that that means everybody -- regardless of race, regardless of gender, regardless of sexual orientation -- we're all americans, and we all deserve equal rights. maria: do you see a change in the supreme court over the last
7:36 am
year or so? i mean, it feels like there's a tone change whether you look at what's gone on with obamacare or, of course, same-sex marriage. characterize the supreme court for us right now. >> think what you're seeing is an attempt by the court to reach common ground and to avoid the kind of 5-4, divisive decisions that have existed. i think that one of the things the chief justice is trying to do is to bring the court together so that you can reach more of a consensus. it's important -- maria: are they getting political though, david? >> well, they've always been political. there's always been, always been politics in the supreme court. i think the court got more political starting 25 years ago than it had been when i first started pacting law. -- practicing law. but i hope that maybe there's a trend to reducing at least some of the partisan politics that has characterized some of the connector's decisions, and -- court's decisions. maria: let me move on to your
7:37 am
most recent victory, and that is with hank greenberg who sued the government, and you argued overreached by taking almost 80% of aig, charging the company 14% interest rate. judge wheeler said that, yes, the government was illegal, your case is right, your argument was right, but you didn't get any damages. how'd you feel about the decision? >> well, it was great to have the court accept that there are limits on executive branch power. i mean, this was not a case just about aig or about bailout toes. this was a case about whether or not the executive branch could take upon itself the right to seize and take over private corporations without congressional authorization. it was very important to vindicate that basic principle. on the other hand, we also think that when shareholders are damaged, they deserve to have compensation. and there's a legal question that the appellate courts are going to have to decide as to whether damages are available to shareholders who were clearly hurt. the court rules that it was illegal, the court rules that
7:38 am
they were hurt somewhere between 18 and $23 billion worth. and the question is, duds the law -- does law give them a recovery? we think it's very important that when there are constitutional violations, that the law give a remedy. and that's what the appellate courts are going to decide, probably all the way up to the united states supreme court. maria: you are going to, obviously, appeal this. what is the timing on that? you're representing 275,000 shareholders here, not just cv star and hank greenberg. >> exactly. these are people who in some cases lost their retirement stavings, college funds -- maria: everything. >> there are 275,000 of them, and this is about them. what the court held was they were badly damaged, severely damaged to the tunes of billions and billions of dollars unconstitutionally. and then the question is, does the government have an obligation to recompense them for that damage? we think they do. it's a legal question, and it's something that, as i say, ultimately i think the supreme court is going to have to
7:39 am
decide. maria: what about the fact that wheeler also said the reason that we're not agreeing to damages is because if the bailout was not given to aig, the company would have gone out of business or bankrupt. >> but remember, the bailout loan is different from the confiscation of the equity. bailout loans were given to hundreds of companies. none of them -- other than aig -- were ever asked to surrender ec i withty -- equity. yes, the bailout loan helped companies. that's exactly what congress intended. they intended bailout loans and charged interest. they did not intend or authorize the grabbing of equity the. so, yes, there should be a bailout loan. that has nothing to do with whether they can grab the equity or not to, because this was unique to aig. and secretary paulson was very candid in the trial. he said it was for political purposes. maria: political purposes, what he said on the stand. >> on the stand. maria: it's interesting, because this case like many cases that you are leading had wide
7:40 am
implications, and it feels to me it is empowering the insurance industry, empowering financial services industries to push back on government, you know, who doesn't want to be deemed systemically important or too big to fail? you're seeing metlife through the government can, prudential is making noise, do you think this is an act of empowerment? >> i think it does not just for financial company, but for all companies and, indeed, for all citizens. because every citizen has a stake in not having the government have unlimited and arbitrary powers. the federal reserve at trial said we can do anything we want. we can impose any condition we want. that's not democracy. that's not the kind of rule of law society that we have and that every citizen, individual or business, depends on. maria: have you appealed already? >> we've already filed our appeal. maria: and what's the timing on that? >> it'll probably take place over the next 6-9 months. maria: nice to have you today.
7:41 am
congratulations on all your hard victories. david boies there. thank you. we're back to our breaking news, new details on the terrorist attack in france, congressman peter king is going to join me next. pack in a moment. back in a moment. ♪ ♪
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maria: good morning. we are bringing you up-to-date on the breaking news of the moment. terrorists in france, at least one person has been beheaded, he is dead, pound to be beheaded at
7:45 am
a factory near the city of grenoble, joining us now on the telephone, congressman peter king, also dagen mcdowell, sandra smith and mike holland. congressman, good to have you on the phone. your observations of what took place this morning in france. >> it's still early, but the fact is this has all of the, all the hallmarks of an isis attack, certainly an islamist attack. what the actual motive is, you know, some reports that the factory is owned by an iranian shiite, that could be a motive or more likely just a isis attack upon a western institution in a western country. maria: yeah. >> and, obviously, following up the "charlie hebdo" attack. maria: air products is, of course, an american company headquartered in new jersey. >> right. maria: but the suspect had been under surveillance, congressman, from 2006-2008. so here's a guy that was on the
7:46 am
terror list and still he's able to get in his car, drive through the gates of the air products facility, behead a man and, of course, he's now in custody. but how is it possible that officials missed this when he was around surveillance for all those years? >> one of the realities is there's no way that all the people under surveillance can be followed all the time. just to, for instance, i was aware of an incident recently in new york where there were just five or six suspects under surveillance. the amount of manpower that that takes is incredible. you're talking about 24/7, it just multiplies out, and in france they have many, many, many people on these terror watch lists, all of whom, i believe, should be surveilled, but they try to do the best they can. i think france has stepped up after "charlie hebdo" can. they're going to have to do an
7:47 am
after action call here to see if they should have been following this person more carefully, and that's why intelligence is so important because you can find which of these suspects you should be following more closely than others. maria: tell us how things change in new york on your watch. >> well, i can tell you the nypd is on full alert all the time, especially over the last month. you've seen this in a series of arrests in new york and also northern new jersey over the last several weeks, so they are very much on a high alert in new york. they're almost always at high alert, it's even higher right now in view of these recent arrests, that also extends out to nassau and suffolk counties where they work very closely with the nypd. maria: michael holland, you're bringing up next week is the 4th of july. >> yeah, congressman, how are we preparing for potential threats in new york? >> yeah. every, every national holiday is
7:48 am
a, makes us more of a target and especially so this year in view of these recent arrests. you'll, again, you'll have the police doubling down, doing extra shifts, doing extra surveillance, tracking every possible intelligence report, working closely with the fbi, the joint terrorism task force, homeland security. any sources they have, they're talking to those sources now more than ever, and this is standard. it'll be the same thing leading up to 9/11. but i would say what makes this a little different is the number of arrests that have been made locally just over the last several weeks. maria: real quick, dagen mcdowell. >> congressman, there was a well known propaganda video put out by isis directly threatening france, belgium and the united states earlier this year. how confident are you in the u.s. monitoring what is being put out on internet and the recruiting that is being dope on social media -- is being done on
7:49 am
social media? >> i am confident that an awful lot is being done. it's what we don't know. as far as social media monitoring, we do that. in fact, that's led to a number of arrests. but, again, as you were talking about, you know, millions of possibilities here. and to narrow it down. but it is certainly the french have certainly stepped up their intelligence gathering. they coordinate closely with us, and we are monitoring this country all the time. but, again, you don't know what you don't know, and that's why we can never, ever let our guard down. these threats are so severe. maria: congressman, thank you for calling in today. we appreciate it on this very busy day. congressman peter king join ising us. >> you're very welcome, maria, thank you. maria: up next, we take a look at how markets are reacting to the news of the terrorist attack in france, that and all the details ahead of a very important weekend. iran deadline coming up, greece deadline coming up. we'll preview it all next.
7:50 am
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7:53 am
♪ ♪ maria: welcome back. i want to show you the markets right now and what we're expecting when the opening bell sounds. we've been really focused on a very busy morning of headlines, in particular the beheading in france. the markets, meanwhile, are looking higher this morning. money moving into equities. it was a tough overnight in asia, and we saw delines in china -- declines in china, japan, in fact, the nasdaq equivalent in china fell the most on record, the nikkei down a third of a percent and in hong kong weakness to the tune of 1.75%. in europe, mixed markets this morning in the face of various economic data. as you can see there, london is down half a percent, the dax is lower as we speak. we're talking global markets here and, mike, we talked earlier about valuations.
7:54 am
want to fete your take on how -- get your take on how to allocate capital around the world today. >> very important to be aware of the disparities in the market. you just mentioned the largest part of the market, china, is down 7.5% overnight, the largest decline since 2007, and that's the most expensive part of the market. the rest of the market is fairly valued. it's like ten times earnings versus fifty times earnings. you've got stocks priced to the moon and then stocks like johnson & johnson, jpmorgan, exxonmobil, google, apple, all these stocks are are reasonably valued. you have to be careful, you probably don't want to -- i've always been a big fan of index funds, you probably don't have a reason to go -- >> i have a big question mark on the transports and what they're saying. i keep hearing the economy's getting better, don't worry, and the transports are tanking. it's probably the most economically she sensitive area, and they typically very often
7:55 am
will lead the market down, so it's something to watch very closely. maria: this is the earliest of technical theories, called dow theory, the dow transportation average, dow industrial average moving in lockstep meaning that the companies that produce items like the industrials are going the same way that companies that carry those products, the transports, but the transports have broken down. >> gary, she's very good at this technical stuff. [laughter] do not challenge her. >> i've been writing this for about nine months. half the market's in a bearish market. the commodities, the transports, gaming and so many other areas. the good news is the financials are leading right now, and i've never seen a bearish market when financials are leading. as long as they stay in good stead, i think we're okay -- >> [inaudible] maria: would you buy the banks here or sell 'em? -- >> definitely not a seller, but i'd wait for pullbacks, and i still think they're in good shape because short-term interest rates are staying down and margins are expanding.
7:56 am
>> big picture, americans are underinvested in their own country. >> nobody's buying. >> they continue to pour money in international markets, and they don't trust the u.s. which is sad and a bad investment mistake. maria: europe is up, japan is up. i mean, the valuations are probably better in europe. what do you think? >> when we start talking about europe a year ago, six months ago, maria, there was a great gap between the two. europe has done better. the last quarter there's been a little bit of a catch-up, but i still think europe -- it's not an either/or. we earn europe. maria: sandra. >> i wonder if the next big catalyst for the stock market is deals. >> oh, sure. >> i mean, if you were really looking for the next leg higher in the market, if some of these deals come to fruition -- >> just on a fundamental basis, take supply out of the market, it helps. >> and the biggest owner in buyer stocks other the last several quarters has been the corporate community buying their own stocks and buying other communities. as you say, sandra, right now
7:57 am
particularly with the health care thing, you're going to end up with a huge amount -- maria: great point. the health care stocks have been the leadership of this market. take a short break. mike holland, thank you so much for joining us today. we've got a lot more on the terrorist developments out of france. stay with us. you probably know xerox as the company that's all about printing. but did you know we also support hospitals using electronic health records for more than 30 million patients? or that our software helps over 20 million smartphone users remotely configure e-mail every month? or how about processing nearly $5 billion in electronic toll payments a year? in fact, today's xerox is working in surprising ways to help companies simplify the way work gets done and life gets lived. with xerox, you're ready for real business.
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maria: good morning, break breaking news. the latest report out of paris, france, a man hijack ad car, decapitated him and ran the car into gas canisters at a gas factory in southern france. two are wounded. police arrested and identified the main attacker. there are conflicting reports about a second attacker who may or may not be on the loose. police have identified the decapitated victim but have not released his identity. the factory is owned by an american firm, air products. earlier we heard from french
8:01 am
president hollande. here what he had to say about it. >> translator: there is a terror attack, no doubt about it. the body was found decapitateed with a message written. as far as we know as i'm talking to you there is one dead and two injured. maria: for more i want to bring in jed babin. former deputy undersecretary of defense joining us on the telephone. gary kaltbaum is with me on set along with sandra smith and dagen mcdowell also with me. jed, we want to keep this up with you. your take on the events in france this morning? >> kind of predictable. french intelligence networks can't keep up with this. frankly our fbi has done a good job. this is kind of thing we could see here sooner rather than later. the body of the man they found
8:02 am
was probably beheaded at a different scene and body transported there with a message written on it. this is a kind of terrorist attack any idiot can perform. maria: what should be doing in the u.s. at this point? >> well at this point, two things. number one, we need to keep the fbi going as hard and as fast as they are trying to find these people and shouldn't be shy gathering them up and arrest them when they become dangerous. it is very hard to tell because these things can go operational in matter of hours. second thing we have to consider more people in the united states need to be personally armed. you can not defend yourself against terrorist bombing that is not something you will hear or see or stop. but if someone comes into the room and tries to behead you, if you don't have a pistol within arm's reach, you're going to die. maria: wow. that could be seen as controversial statement at a time that we are seeing shootings up in the double digits, sir, violent crimes up in the double digits across the country. what do you say to skeptics
8:03 am
absolutely the opposite, guns need to be off the streets? >> well i think that they're ignoring, sticking their heads in the sand, they're ignoring facts. frankly i'm going to remain armed and friends are remained armed to protect our families. those that choose not to will suffer consequence at some point. i hope they don't. i hope we can protect anybody. at the end of the today if you don't protect yourself you will not get protected at all. maria: sandra smith, you're looking at headlines. latist from you? >> the intelligence, obviously very critical of french intelligence and their lack of keeping track of these guys. maria, bottom line the attackwer was on a list. maria: specifically on a watch list, under surveillance from 2006 to 2008, sand today. >> are there flaws in the system? are there too many people to keep track of? what is at the bottom of the french intelligence not being able to keep track of these
8:04 am
guys? >> the real problem here with the french intelligence they don't have the means to keep track of enough of these guys. having somebody on a list is meaningless. we have people on the terrorist watch list employed by tsa for god's sakes. maria: exactly. >> yeah, putting them on a list is nonsense. you need to have -- yeah, you have to investigate people, very hard, very fast. tough gather intelligence where they are. and find a way to either arrest them or not. you can't, there is not enough cops in the world to watch all of these people. maria: gary? >> my main question is knowing what these people are about and what they're willing to do, why not pick somebody like this up? why not take them in, always err on the side of caution? this is whether we're talk france or any other country around the globe? maria: political correctness. what do you think, jed? >> more than that we still have a nation of laws until at least the supreme court destroys them
8:05 am
entirely. you have to have an offense or probable cause to arrest somebody to believe they will absolutely commit a crime. that is what you have. if you don't have probable cause you can't arrest people. we still have a system here which we have to respect. i'm certainly not saying we should do anything else. we have to respect the system calls for grounds to arrest somebody. in france it is different. >> even on a terror watch list as they name it? >> well, yeah. i mean terror watch list, again it is meaningless. you can put anybody's name on there. you could put anybody's name on there for any reason. we don't know how they put people on there. we don't know how people are taken off there. you have to have due process. that is what our constitution is all about. we can't as frankly said we can't sacrifice liberty for the sake of security because we will deserve neither. we have to preserve our constitutional system. maria: dagen mcdowell. >> jed, we have headlines, tunisia coastal hotel shooting.
8:06 am
islamic state claiming responsibility for attack in kuwait, four dead there, according to reports. you have this attack in france. just seems like this is spiraling out of control in terms of the world's ability to control terror and its continued rise? >> well, ma'am, if you're looking for argument you're talking to the wrong guy. things are spinning out of control. i think we have a very large number of tools we can use against terrorism. we're using roughly none of them right now. the air campaign against isis is a joke. the things that we're doing to cooperate with nations that might help us is really not very good. so there is a lot of tools in the president's tool box but if he doesn't use them, it is just not going to happen. maria: jed, good to have you on the show. thanks very much for sharing your insights. >> thanks. maria: jed babin joining us more on the terrorist attack in france later this hour. we'll look at the headlines this
8:07 am
hour. the supreme court has work to do after yesterday's historic obamacare ruling. we're looking for whether the 14th amendment permits states to deny marriage to same-sex couples or deny recognition of same-sex marriages from states that allow them. justices and employees would be forced to enroll in obamacare if one lawmaker gets his way. congressman is proposing the "scotuscare" act he is calling it following the court's decision to uphold obamacare provided by the government to offset the cost of buying insurance. last hour i spoke with super lawyer david boies to get his reaction to the supreme court's ruling on obamacare. >> they could not disrupt the affordable care act this way and deprive millions and millions of people and tens of millions of families of health care. it would have been a disaster. i think the best thing the court could do for the republican party is to not have that kind of disruption on the eve of an
8:08 am
election. maria: presidential candidate donald trump is suing univision after the spanish speaking network dumped his usa pageant after comments he made about mexican immigrants. trump reported the suit to fox news's gretchen carlson. >> i have to sue univision because i speak negatively about the trade with mexico. i love the mexican people. i love them. they're great people but mexico is taking our negotiators to lunch our president doesn't have a clue. mexico is making a fortune. somebody has to bring it up. univision says you ever to stop talking badly about mexico. i love the people of mexico. maria: univision is controlled by consortium of investors includes a billionaire investor that is long-time supporter of bill and hillary clinton and democratic party. speaking of hillary clinton, the state department is missing at least 15 work-related emails from our time as secretary of state. the democratic presidential candidate said all relative
8:09 am
emails were in the hands of government. hillary's vise grip on democratic nomination is being challenged as well. bernie sanders closing the gap in latest new hampshire polls that made him within 8% of hillary. california lawmakers gave jerry brown a tough decision. the approving end to exemptions from state immunization laws due to religious beliefs. the concern was because of low vaccination rates in california communities and a measles outbreak at disneyland that affected 150 people. athens is now only days from defaulting on a loan payment that is due on tuesday of next week. check the futures. we're expecting higher open for broader averages. stocks are looking higher. the opening bell is about an hour 1/2 away. coming up i will speak with gop governor and now presidential candidate bobby jindal. you want to keep it here with
8:10 am
that. "mornings with maria" back in a minute.
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8:13 am
maria: welcome back, a busy morning. lots of headlines we're developing in the upstate new york manhunt underway for escaped prisoners. my next guest is involved in the ongoing search. joining us is the one and only duane "dog" chapman, "the bounty hunter." dog, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. maria: how close do you think they are catching these guys? >> oh -- maria: that is the question. >> that is a terrible question. so far they have found dna in a cabin. i think they have kind of zoned in on them. so, who knows, the weather plays a big part. if it is raining the dogs can't smell the tracks. these guys are 21 days. they're getting very hungry i. i would think any day, as far as the report looks like any day they will have them. maria: you know what strikes me and want to get everybody's take on the table. it strikes me how unbelievable it is they got so much help from
8:14 am
the inside. first of all, we heard that the hunting cabin they hung out in and left their peanut butter and boots and dna behind, that is owned by correctional officers. >> right. maria: there are a lot of cabins in the area. they chose that ones, why? somebody told them i owned the cabin. go to that cabin. what is your sense how much inside help they have gotten. >> 12 years, the guards tell you in prison, i'm doing time just like you are. 12 years with someone, they become close as brothers. so -- maria: or lovers. >> or lovers. it's a human thing to trust people. so i don't -- i think the girl made the biggest mistake having sex with them, getting close to them. the other guards, matt the rat is a snitch. and in order for him to get favors he ratted on other inmates. so you get pretty close to people when that happens. i think they were just out there, knew it is not hunting season right now. all those cabin abouts are empty. i think they broke into a random cabin.
8:15 am
maria: you do? you don't think someone told them to go the to the cabin? >> no. the peanut butter was years old, they said this morning. of course they were starving. dna, as far as dna i took a week to find out. within hours they found out it was them and i heard there was bloody sock. maria: that's right. >> the blood they can come up with two hours, that is a match. dna takes longer. as long as they're up and up and they really were there. we don't know how long they were there or what day they were there. so i don't think they could have gotten away, i don't think anybody picked them up. >> what is going on in these prisons? you're familiar with prison life. what is happening in the highest security prison in this country that two inmates, in for murder, are able to make this sort of escape? they still yet to be found but they're in there, they're having sex as you point out. having relationships. they're cooking. getting ahold of power tools, somehow quietly making an escape?
8:16 am
i don't know how this is highest security prison in the country? >> that doesn't happen in every prison or at least back in the '70s, it wasn't like that. i don't care if you ratted on president, you're still doing time. it is incredible, i talked to victims, a couple of them, like the guy is having sex. cooking cheeseburgers in his cell. maria: go have hamburger meat. >> here's a razor blade and hacksaw. there is all kinds of rumors, the punch they had, punch on four corners yet sawed from the other side. you see how straight the angles are? there is something going on here. maria: what do you mean it was sawed from the other side? what are you suggesting? >> i am saying that my source told me they used the punch on inside. made four holes, one, two, three, four in the corners. from the other side it was sawed. a hacksaw blade, that straight of a line, come on, guys. >> just logic has to dictate there are more people involved in this. after a few days, where is the first arrest?
8:17 am
i'm thinking -- maria: think there are insiders. >> there has to be a bunch more. i don't know why they would do it, let these two guys, the worst of the worst. do you think more arrests are coming? >> yes. there are sells next to you, they can hear you sawing. there is a lot of money involved. a lot of favors. probably couple murders involved. there is a lot more going on in that section of the prison. maria: let me give you some color because i was told by a source who was down there when the governor went to see the prisons. and when he went to see the cells to really examine what went on. apparently governor cuomo said to one of the other inmates, you didn't hear all the sawing? you didn't hear all the drilling? >> right. maria: then the inmate said to him, no, i was sleeping. >> he said you didn't hear anything? even though the sawing was going on? he said no, governor, i didn't hear a thing, i was sleeping. so the governor answered, wow you must be a good sleeper. the guy, says like a baby gov.
8:18 am
just giving you some color because my source was down there when the governor was looking at the cells. >> in terms of catching them, the longer they're out, does it get easier or do they get confident and they get wileyer and smarter the longer they're on the run? >> no, longer on the run, the smarter they get. the more confident, exactly they get. maria: wow. >> yeah. they get invincible. maria: more than two weeks. >> been 20 -- maria: 21 days. >> put odds on -- >> how do they get food and drink? they will be emaciated and hitted ground. >> that is what i thought. the only reference i had jesus 40 days didn't eat or drink. i watched show naked in the wilderness they're eating worms for three weeks. i'm like, wow, who knows what they could do. yummy, right. >> springtime odds they get caught? >> 100%. these guys are not getting away.
8:19 am
this is new york. this cops that are here they don't give up, sister. >> maria, i spent time in upstate new york over the weekend. we're driving down the highway, cop after cop after cop. they were not checking for speeding. when we drove by they were making eye contact with every car that drove by. >> yeah. >> resources throwing at finding these guys are astronomical. maria: said a million dollars a day. >> i guess more than that. maria: dog, you're a good man for coming. duane "dog" chapman joining us. 13th republican announcing he is running for president. louisiana governor bobby jindal will join me. we are talking obama care. the fight is far from over. we'll talk with latest development out of terrorism in france. stay with us. ♪
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♪ maria: welcome back on this friday morning. our next guest is the 13th republican to announce he is running for president. louisiana governor bobby jindal joins me for his first business network interview. sir, great to have you on the program. welcome. >> maria, thank you for having me. i'm a big fan of yours and the network. thank you for having me tomorrow. maria: governor, i appreciate that, and right back at you. i want to get your take of the horrible developments we're talking about this morning in france. obviously french media is reporting isis has claimed responsibility for beheading of an individual. one person is dead. others are injured. how likely is something like this potentially to happen in the u.s.? >> maria unfortunately wish i could tell you it is unlikely. we saw the attack in garland, texas, already in america. we've seen other attacks in other western countries. our thoughts and prayers go out
8:24 am
to the victim's families. this is american company with locations in louisiana. couple things we're not doing today this we need to be doing. number one, our commander-in-chief, our president, needs to make sure we'll hunt down and kill these terrorists. he likes to talk about containment, degradation, nonsense. we need to hunt down isis and those arming an training the -- then arming an training the kurds. the only commander-in-chief that continues to tell our enemies what we won't do instead of what we will do. secondly, we need to make sure we don't have the same problem in europe, those coming to the countries using their freedoms to undermine freedoms given to others. maria: governor, let me ask you, someone on the show earlier mentioned next week is independence day, july 4th holiday are to the u.s. what bert time to attack the united
8:25 am
states than on its independence holiday. we're seeing headlines of other potential attacks around the world. what do you want to see done in the u.s. to insure that we are not attacked next week? >> obviously we could do more to defend the homeland. we can't always. that is not best and only way to defend ourselves. we need a president that goes on offense. i like to hear our commander-in-chief of in light of these other attacks condemn radical islam. call for muslim clerics and leaders to condemn the individuals by name, not just the generic acts of violence. these individuals are not martyrs. they will enjoy reward in the afterlife rather than going straight to hell. support people with different religious beliefs than their own. our president wants to protect us from microwave popcorn and
8:26 am
trans fat. he seems to denigrate christians and because of crusades. one of the things, common sense to say people want to come to america they should want to adopt our values, learn our language, come here legally, roll up their sleeves to get to bork. unfortunately we have a president who is too politically correct. if you say things like that some will call you racist or anti-muslim. that's nonsense. take the political handcuffs off the military. give us a plan to win the conflict. let's hunt r hunt down and kill the terrorists. maria: we've been talking about on a smaller scale in new york and chicago where shootings are up in the double digits because of this political incorrectness in some areas i want to point out in some areas. let me move on, governor, you were of course back if 2001 appointed assistant secretary for the department of health and human service. you served as health care policy expert in the administration at that time. what is your take on the supreme court ruling yesterday to uphold the affordable care act? >> well look obviously i
8:27 am
disagree with the court as ruling. i agree with scalia. apparently words don't have a meaning anymore. if they want to make law, run for different office, like congress or legislature. secondly now the courts spoken on one part of the law, time for the american people to speak. president is trying to declare victory. never mind this law creates entitlement with we want afford ones we got. never mind that obamacare puts millions of americans into inefficient medicaid program. never mind he breaks his promise. he told us he would lower cost. keep our doctors and our plans. that is not true. never mind we're increasing government dependence. he is making the case for socialism. we still have to repeal this law, get rid of this bad law. replace it with a conservative approach to health care. i'm only candidate with a detailed plan on how do you repeal and replace obamacare with a plan that gets rid of all tangs increases, all the spending. actually lowers costs. empowers patients and their providers, helps the truly vulnerable. look, obamacare is unpopular
8:28 am
with the american people, red, blue and purple states because the president lied. it doesn't do what he said. it doesn't reduce costs. just because the court made the wrong decision on one aspect of the law doesn't change the fact this is a very bad law that needs to be repealed, needs to be replaced. maria: by the way he keeps saying it will cut costs yet everywhere you lookings governor, costs have skyrocketed. the average family swallowed much higher expenses for premium. the average business is sitting on cash because it costs them so much more money. so, tell me, what is the replacement? because you're right, we haven't heard an alternative from most of the candidates. >> maria, you're exactly right. we offer ad 16-point plan around three principles. one in terms of driving down costs. we give a standard tax deduction so individuals can buy their health care either through their employer or separately. secondly we do voluntary purchasing pools with erisa-like protections with group purchase and power through the employer or outside the employer.
8:29 am
third, allow cross state purchase of insurance to encourage more competition of choice. fourth, crack down on frivolous lawsuits. fifth we encourage expanded access to health savings and medical accounts and welfare accounts. premium supports an medicaid global accounts. if you do that with flexibility, global grants. if you do fundamental things i just said for health insurance you can drive down average premium for families by $5,000s, cover millions of additional americans. to help vulnerable give $10 billion a year to the states for those with preexisting conditions, those priced out of the individual market. do things like high-risk pools reinsurance and other mechanisms. finally we give more portability. we're laser focused on reducing costs. the president talked about it as a candidate. remember in 2008 he said he was against the individual mandate when secretary clinton proposed. it. he was against the cadillac tax when president mccain proposed
8:30 am
it. his plan contains both. he was wrong as a president and candidate. melt reform is to lower cost and gives them act test to high quality health care. maria: glad you mentioned all that. putting health care aside, governor how else will you differentiate yourself. we said at top of the interview you're 13th candidate for gop to run for president. how do you stand out. >> one of the things i said at my announcement jeb bush says we have to lose the primary in order to win the general. i absolutely disagree. what they're saying, the establishment is saying that we have to hide our conservative principles, nonsense. we have to run to win. let's stop trying to make the left and media like us. hour is late for america. president obama is trying to turn the american dream into european nightmare into celebrating government dependence, socialism. over $18 trillion of debt with no plan to pay it back. we're offering detailed path back. there are a lot of talkers in this race. we have talker had in the white house. i'm a doer.
8:31 am
i cut my state budget 26%. gut over 30,000 state government bureaucrats. top 10 state for private sector job creation. that is real reform we need in d.c. we measure success how people are doing in the real world, not in the government sector. maria: does that mean you're willing to lose general election to win the primary? that is not going to fly with republicans right? >> i'm willing to win the primary and win the general. i think being conservative, for repealing obamacare, term limits, securing the border, growing private sector economy, rebuilding nation's defense we can win the general election. i think we need to boldly show people conservative principles help every american. it is good for every american who simply want their children to be able to work hard, play by the rules and join the middle class. let's give a real alternative. we know secretary clinton will be four more years of president obama's failed approach to foreign policy, domestic policy and our culture. let's show the american people there are real alternative that we're not just cheaper
8:32 am
democrats. maria: any thoughts on what trump said about illegal immigrants from mexico, governor? >> i didn't hear his precise comments. i do think we need to secure the border. i said that all awrong. we don't need amnesty. this president has broken the law and broken the constitution. maria: great to have you on the show. thanks so much, governor. >> thank you, maria. maria: governor bobby jindal there. we'll be right back.
8:33 am
8:34 am
8:35 am
welcome back. t. boone pickens are predicting that oil will crime back to 70 by the year end, in fact, he said 75 by year end. thank you for joining us. >> well, this day is going fast. isn't it? >> it is, you're talking about the price of oil or the morning show? >> the presidential race there, i went to an event last night for jeb bush here in dallas. maria: right. >> and i mean, it's coming faster than you can imagine.
8:36 am
maria: so are you supporting jeb bush then, boone? >> yeah, i'm supporting jeb. i've always supported the bushes. maria: we heard from bobby jindal and he basically said he's got the only plan to repeal obamacare. we heard what the supreme court said yesterday. does jeb bush have a plan. >> i haven't heard it if he has. jindal is a smart guy, he can really talk fast, but smart guy -- listen, we've got some good candidates. whoever we get on the republican side, we're going to beat hillary. maria: hillary seems to have not been impacted all that much by the scandals swirling around her, whether it's the e-mail or the donations to the foundation, but you still think that the republicans will beat hillary? >> yes, i do. maria: why? >> i mean, look what obama's done. he's delivered the house and senate to the republicans.
8:37 am
he didn't have either one of them when he went into power. today the republicans have both of them. you just watch, we'll get up there in 16, this guy if he makes ten decisions you can count on nine of them being bad. so he's working every day to deliver the white house to the republicans. maria: you mean obama is. all right, let me switch gears and ask you about the oil markets, boone. i want to get some of my colleagues in. we're all looking at this move in the oil markets that has been really fast and furious. we're all going back up to $60 a barrel on price of oil. you predicted this, you've been right, and you think it's going to continue going higher. what's behind that prediction? >> well, you look at the industry. the industry is actually the superpower of oil and gas in the world today. we desperately need an energy plan to get off opec and quit
8:38 am
paying for both sides. none of those things are mentioned by anybody because of the $2.50 gas. that isn't going to remain forever. here you need to look at energy as a powerful, powerful asset that america has and it's got to just drift along, nobody says anything. maria: do you think the fact that a thousand rigs were cut, that production really did slow down as a result of the decline in oil prices, that's why you saw demand increase? because, and you saw supplies decrease? do you think that's behind this move up in oil recently? >> of course. what you have-- now you're approaching two million barrels a day year over year on increase in demand. last year it was 660,000 barrels was all the demand was. that was part of the collapse of the oil price. now you've rebuilt and you're coming back, but you look in
8:39 am
today's journal and it says very clearly, consumer spending is up almost 1%, that -- the most increase since 2009. yes, it's helped consumer spending, cheaper gas. sandra: i know you've got a team down there in texas and looking at crunching the numbers in the markets every day and here you predict oil prices are going to be on the rise. what are we missing from the energy markets. you're so inside baseball. for those of you watching the markets closely, what do you observe closely, whether it's oil or the natural gas market, which you've been a big fan of for many years? >> well, natural gas, take advantage of it. it is the cheapest. we have the cheapest energy in the world in the united statesment take advantage of itment all right, what is it? you're 75% cheaper than the
8:40 am
rest of the world on natural gas. you're 10% cheaper on oil and you're half the price of gasoline as the rest of the world. take advantage of it, understand how to use it and use it to our advantage. so, yes, you're going to be back. you've got a thousand rigs have gone down. you start bringing those back up, it's going to take you two years to get those rigs all back up and going again, okay. sandra: boone, real quick-- >> what about the price of oil. you're going to be at $70 a barrel by the end of the year. >> and do you have making the natural gas company, talk about more mergers in the energy sector with prices being down like they are. >> well, you've got that, the freeport deal spinning on gas production. there's stuff happening, but kelsey warren energy transfer,
8:41 am
i mean, the guy is smart, the company has grown dramatically, and williams company is a big lumbering piece that would fit very well with kelsey warren. the deal will happen and i think it will happen pretty quick. maria: we'll leave it there. boone, good to have you on the show today. thanks so much. >> sure. maria: we'll be watching, boone pickens. good to see you, boone. maria: we'll bring you headlines out of southeast france. one person has been killed, two wounded. back in a moment. hey america,
8:42 am
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>> welcome back. breaking news this morning. the latest report out of southeastern france is that a terrorist carjacked a man, decapitated him and then ran his car into explosive cannisters at a gas factory in southern france. at least one person killed and two wounded. police have arrested and identified the main attacker. the gas factory is owned by a u.s. company, air products, based in new jersey. the official suspect in the case has been known to french intelligence services. for more, i want to bring in middle eastern analyst and your take on this walid on this story from france. >> it's an important benchmark for french officials. i was there last night. this morning, this is indication that the jihadists,
8:46 am
unlike in the beginning of the year, they attacked charlie hebdo newspaper and now across france, there's little the french government can do. dagen: there have been other reports of attacks, one that happened in tunisia, 27 people killed in attacks on two hotels in tunisia. there was the isis claimed responsibility for the attack on a mosque in kuwait. is this situation out of our control and the world's control? it seems like the more we try to fight it, the more that these terrorists ramp up their activity? >> well, the more we try to fight and not finish it, of course, the terrorists are going to believe that they are winning. this all boils down to the battle in syria and iraq because it's been almost a year
8:47 am
now that isis has been in control of parts of iraq and of syria. they are able to use propaganda so that jihadists believe they're winning the game. yes, we are inflicting high casualties on their leadership and material, but the situation underground in syria and iraq is provoking these attacks around the world because they believe they're winning the day. maria: i'm glad you mentioned this has been about a year. the truth is we've been doing air strikes since last november. has it worked or is isis getting stronger? >> every air strike, yes, we've taken out trucks, guns, leaders, but what is not working is the strategy, meaning by striking from the air and not having reliable partners on the ground, we are not reversing isis. the part we are doing is good, but this part is not enough. we need to have reliable partners on the ground and i don't believe, for example, that the government in iraq at
8:48 am
this point in time with the iranian influence is capable of doing this. so we have to revise this strategy in general. >> i've got to ask a question and when i look on the web and i see video and pictures of these animals in plain sight in iraq, parading around, murdering more and more people. maria: broad daylight. >> in broad daylight, too, isn't it about time all the countries get together and say enough is enough and really do something that's going to make a gargantuan difference? it seems to me they're not afraid of anything at this point in time. >> that is simple and plain truth. as long as isis on the ground, iraq and syria are active in this barbarism, what they're doing is actually extending a message to more jihadists around the world to either join them or perpetrate what they saw today in france or tunisia or kuwait, we've been seeing for many months now. so, indeed, if we do not
8:49 am
reverse isis on the ground where they are strong, where they are sending those messages, expect more of this to happen. and more individuals are being recruited, most likely the ones who, you know, executed the action in france may not be members of isis per se, but sympathizers. people have been excited by the fact that isis is still alive despite our strikes. maria: we will leave it there. we appreciate it. walid phares on the telephone. back in a moment. here at the td ameritrade trader group, they work all the time. sup jj? working hard? working 24/7 on mobile trader, rated #1 trading app in the app store. it lets you trade stocks, options, futures...
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he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. right now, find the lowest prices of the season, with the c4 queen mattress set only $1499.98. know better sleep with sleep number. >> welcome back to mornings with maria. we're keeping a keen eye on breaking news out of france. traders on wall street see stocks looking slightly to the
8:53 am
upside though it's been a down week. a true winner will be nike. nike likely to open at a brand new fresh lifetime high and likely to add more than 20 dow points to the positive side. nike came out with better numbers for the latest quarter and gave forecasts that beat the street. they have 90% of that ba basketball shoe market and that's starting in 2017 with the nba. and other things traders are talking about, the russell reweighting. mornings with maria continues with breaking news.
8:54 am
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>> welcome back. just about 30 minutes away from the opening bell. gary and sandra, dagen, final thoughts? the broaderages, would you buy into it? >> i know we're range bound. there's talk about greece next week. but i think we can come back five years and we're still talking greece.
8:57 am
i think it's a nonstarter. we're headed into earnings season and that's going to dictate policy. maria: it feels like groundhog's day. deal, no deal. sandra: when you get sick of looking at the european markets, put focus on the markets, shanghai nearing their market territory, 19 from a 3 cent high. and these markets are moving and they're moving fast. dagen: consumer discretionary could do well in the short run. you've seen a pickup in the economy and in housing and particularly ahead of the federal reserve moving later this year. maria: look where we are, guys, we're in the half point of the year. the first quarter was awful. second quarter was okay. what's to say that the second half of the year is actually going to break out? a lot of capex coming ban and-- >> is the consumer coming back? let's see if they're willing to jump into the market.
8:58 am
>> the good news it's amazing we haven't corrected more after 2013, 2014. the bad news we haven't had a bear market in six years and not even a correction in almost three years because of central bank intervention and i do believe we're going to get a doozy in october until europe and japan started their massive printing of market which i think saved the markets back then. maria: you say the transports tell the story? >> could be. maria: because the transports are down. dagen: maybe. >> they are an important cog in the wheel and at the least i would avoid them at this point in time and they-- definitely potentially can drag down the rest. dagen: you mentioned people haven't just not been coming back in, people are dumping billions of dollars in u.s. stock funds every week and i think that people have never committed back to u.s. stocks and that's a mistake. sandra: the energy market, boone pickens telling you $75 for gas and are we going to
8:59 am
have two major health insurers. maria: cigna, aetna or humana. >> when you have a strong currency in your own stock price and easy buyouts, a lot of the companies are not growing so they've got to buy somebody else and health care is the place to be right now. maria: we'll leave it there. good to have you on the show. sandra smith, dagen mcdowell, always a pleasure. tune in on monday we've got former hhs secretary tommy thompson with us joining us to discuss the latest on the health care rulings. hank greenberg will are talking about the latest on his appeal and celebrity blogger perez hilton. we're looking at a market that's expected to open higher here and we did hit an all-time high on the nasdaq composite earlier this week. real momentum in technology. even though it's biotech stocks. would you buy biotechs even where they're at now?
9:00 am
>> heck no. the biggest bubble. 2 200 tech ipo's with no trading out there. that's a disaster, i just don't know when. maria: bottom line. i'll see you on fox news channel sunday morning futures. stuart varney. stuart: deja vu, a terror attack in france. local reports say two islamic terrorists drove up to an air products factory. a decapitated body was found. the head was dumped near the gates and it had arabic writing on it. an explosion was reported. isis flags draped on the factory gates and president hollande says it bears the hall marks of terror and multiple suspects have been arrested, one on france's terror watch list. join us, b


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