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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 27, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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am off next week moving my entire family to new york city to be here with you seven days a week. i love . good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. a national debate on whether the confederate flag is a symbol now of division hate and oppression has been building for days in the wake of the charleston church murders but today big business short circuited the big discussion and took action to resolve the issue of the confederate flag on its own. as a result the flag appears to be rendered a civil war artifact and is now headed to the dust bin of american history. in quick order, south carolina's governor nikki haley called for the removal of the flag from the capitol grounds followed by a succession of major retail businesses that announced they're banning the sale of confederate flag merchandise
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from their store shelves and websites. walmart, amazon ebay sears, among those leading the way. banning the merchandise. today, hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside south carolina's state house demanding the removal of the confederate battle flag from atop a 30-foot pole where it's flown the past 15 years at a monument to confederate soldiers. the flag controversy stems from reaction to last week's church massacre in charleston after a 21-year-old murderer dylann roof posed in photos displaying the confederate flag. the debate quickly and, obviously, moved well beyond south carolina. fox news senior national correspondent john roberts has our report. >> bring it down now! bring it down now! >> reporter: at a rally outside south carolina state capitol, religious leaders and politicians gathered to urged the legislature to remove the confederate battle flag from the
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capitol grounds. >> there are hate groups that has taken this as an emblem of their hatred. >> reporter: appeared to get the message introducing a bill to allow them to remove the flag. lindsey graham says the state stands to lose if the flag isn't gone soon. >> for our economic future and ability to move forward as a state and a productive fashion, i think we have to cross this threshold of removing the flag. >> reporter: the debate over confederate symbolism spread beyond south carolina's borders. virginia's governor banished the battle flag from specialty license plates. walmart, sears, amazon and ebay removed merchandise from stores and websites valley forge, one of the oldest flag makers stopped making the confederate flag and in mississippi the republican speaker of the house philip gun called the symbol offensive and issued a call to take it off the state flag. the flag may be just the beginning. in tennessee, some lawmakers want to remove a bus of
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confederate general and ku klux klan member from the state house, in texas, the democratic congressman is backing students who want to remove confederate statutes including one of davis from the university of texas campus in austin. in baltimore a monument was vandalized while north of the city people debated whether the statute should stay. >> i think it's fine. it's part of my heritage. >> it's definitely a time for us as a country to reevaluate our monument. >> reporter: in washington, d.c. the many confederate statutes that reside in the capitol building now under new scrutiny. senate minority leader harry reid telling fox news moving one or more is, quote, something to think about. senator graham disagrees saying the idea to go back to rewrite who we are as a country is difficult as best but the confederate flag is a good place to find consensus. lou? >> thank you very much. john roberts reporting.
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president obama now using the charleston church massacre to preach tolerance towards the muslim community. following claims that the united states has not been, quote, cured of racism. the president is now voicing his frustrations over the treatment of muslims in this country. the president making his remarks during a white house dinner celebrating ramadan. >> here in america many people personally don't know someone who's muslim. they mostly hear about muslims in the news and that can, obviously, lead to a very distorted impression. >> joining us tonight is bishop e.w. jackson president of the group staying true to america's national destiny and a senior fellow with the family research council. great to have you with us. >> thanks for having me lou. >> the president is now claiming we are unwelcoming to muslims. the president says that racism is in our dna. the president is going to deliver a eulogy friday in a
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community that i think has been remarkable in its -- the unity that it has found and the forgiveness it's expressed toward a 21-year-old deranged person with, obviously, hatred of black people in this country. >> sure. >> whether he's insane or not, i'll leave it to others but he's obviously deranged. >> he's clearly evil. i have to say, i wish the president would earlier from the people of charleston. i mean they have been remarkably gracious loving forgiving, christian in their response to what's happened. who can imagine how you would respond to a tragedy like that where your loved ones are taken by some violent killer. having said that what in the world does that have to do with islam? and what does it have to do with america needing to be cured? we're sick now? i don't think we're sick. look hillary clinton said this is not an isolated incident. it is an isolated incident.
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it doesn't happen -- this stuff is not happening all over the country. so we've got to deal with the reality of who we are as a country and we're a great country with opportunities for everybody. >> and we are a great people. but i believe that dr. keith on this broadcast last night shared to me a thunder clap of a revelation as he analyzes the president a's motivation for making such statements about this country for castigating us all and he said this president finds his power in the country's -- in claiming racism in claiming that we are not exceptional, finding fault with us as a nation. that's what his expression he finds his power in that. and i thought, that is just a horrible thing and something we've got to put up with as a country because we elected him
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president. >> never heard him say islam needs to be cured. he always suggests it's not authentic islam, the violence the terrorism, but one incident and all of a sudden this is authentic america and america needs to be cured of this. it's sad that somebody who has been so successful in our great country doesn't have a better vision and understanding of who we are as a nation. by the way he went to harvard law school so did i. i think he drank the cool aide i didn't. >> i can say this god bless you. you know the great thing about this country is we produce a senator like lindsey graham doing the right thing today, saying in my opinion, saying it's time to take that flag down from the state capitol, but he's been a senator from south carolina for a long time. he just discovered that flag and what it means to some people? the flag has become some sort of to me, again, a shiny object here. no question it's time -- it is going to be consigned to the
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dust bins. interestingly, big business in south carolina's governor nikki haley, has seen to that but for this -- i don't know this political conversion that we're watching here on the part of so many people that flag has been around a very long time and for them to suddenly find out it's an object for some of great offense. >> it was politically untouchable for a long time and now it's politically touchable. maybe this is an inappropriate moment to finally say you know what look everybody who flies that flag is not a racist it is a part of our history, a painful part but it doesn't need to be a symbol of our government because our government is supposed to serve all the people and supposed to bring us together. i love the american flag and i think that's the one that ought to be flown over our state houses and, of course over our country. >> i will tell you something that occurred to me today, and i would like to hear what you think about it bishop as quick as some have been to express
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their grievance at the site of that confederate flag i've seen very few people express their appreciation their gratitude, to that great american flag you just referenced for freeing those slaves and the 350,000 americans who gave up their lives to free slaves. it is too often a one-sided express of emotion and not always the best emotion that is expressed. >> lou, only one nation that ever existed on the face of the earth said as part of its founding all men are created equal and endowed by our creator by inalienable rights. that's something to celebrate and that's what makes us such a great nation and that's what unifies us. my organization's motto, one nation under god. not a nation divided by race culture and class, but one people all fighting for the same ideals and the same values. >> wouldn't it be a joy if this
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president were to have an epiphany about that. >> we're praying for it. >> again, i get to say amen. bishop great so have you with us. >> thanks so much. >> iran putting impossible conditions on any nuclear deal with world powers today. the iranian guardian council voted to ban access to military sites to scientists. the move comes after iran's ayatollah khomeini demanded the lifting of sanctions as soon as any deal is reached. those are significant obstacles given that negotiators are facing and working toward a deadline of next tuesday. the associated press reported this the united states and its allies are now willing to offer iran state-of-the-art nuclear equipment if tehran were to agree to limit its nuclear weapons program. limit, not end it. russia once again flexing its military muscle and new video shows the russian army
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training to shoot down helicopters using shoulder-mounted rockets. these during military drills in the country's south close to the ukrainian border. soldiers standing atop their armored vehicles firing those shoulder-launched missiles in exercises meant to check and display combat readiness. another scandal for the embattled secret service agency. this time a secret service officer had his gun stolen from his car after he parked it outside his girlfriend's apartment friday night in washington. there have now been 22 incidents of secret service agents and officers failing to secure their firearms or simply having them stolen from them over the past five years. that is embarrassing. we're coming right back. stay with us. up next -- new fox polls on 2016 and the charleston massacre.
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. mike pens saying his state will not comply with the epa effort to curb carbon dioxide by
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closing down existing power plants unless the administration dramatically overhauls the relevant regulations. pentz sent a letter to the president saying the plan currently written would make indiana electricity more expensive, less reliable and hurt his state's economic growth and kill jobs. end of story for governor pence. good work. brand new fox polls to share with you about 2016. on the republican side former florida governor jeb bush topping the list 15% support, among republican primary voters from 12% last month. support for donald trump get ready, here he comes, more than doubled since his announcement. rich i wish you could see his face. he comes in second. 11%. retired neurosurgeon ben carson third, 10%. he doesn't even have a campaign staff and he's doing great. no one else receiving double digit backing. on the democratic side former
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secretary of state hillary clinton blowing away the field. she has 61% support among democrats. lord it's something to see true believers, isn't it? senator bernie sanders netting 15%. he's doing well. vice president joe biden, a respectable 11% support among democratic primary voters. joining us tonight co-host of "outnumbered" on fox news jenna, editor and fox news contributor rich lowry. jed dia, that's an impressive poll result for bush. people were giving him grief. >> yeah. >> just a couple weeks ago about not dominating. he's nom dominating but he's in the lead. >> look at donald trump. what does that say about the voting public. people are actually listening to him. they're looking left and right for maybe we could switch it up. >> that seems rationale to me. >> maybe we could have someone outside the shirkcle.
6:18 am
if you heard donald trump talk this is a guy, regardless of what you think of him, he will shake up the system. so i think jeb bush should be looking at those numbers saying donald trump is that close? i need to maybe spice my campaign up a little bit. he needs to be pulled a "you're fired" on somebody. >> those stale old folks who are running against dodge trump. >> i don't know what a mashup of donald trump and jeb bush would look like. separating one to ten like -- >> donald trump weren't there you would make something of it come on. >> i wouldn't make that much of it. look he got a lot of publicity with his announcement. look at the internals do people take him seriously, no. do they like limb no. would they consider voting for him? his numbers are worse than that on anyone else. he has a tough row to hoe and when the new season of "celebrity apprentice" starts he will find some way to be behind that -- >> he -- you're still cynical.
6:19 am
>> it's horrible. >> the idea that hillary clinton is getting 61%. now they have hit her with just about everything she has had her integrity impugned if that's the correct word. you know across the entire horizon here. how could she have that much support. >> there's no one else. who are they going to vote for? a socialist. america is not ready. i looked at a poll today from gallup that said 50% of the country is not ready to vote for a socialist. >> that's one of the most encouraging -- >> well wait though. >> my country now -- >> 47% were willing. i almost fainted when i saw those results. i think bernie sanders makes sense, that's trouble right there. >> i was with a serious lefty the other day, serious person. >> aren't they are. >> really believes bernie sanders is not just going to win new hampshire but win iowa. look at new hampshire and he's
6:20 am
nipping at her heels incredible enough. i think those states are more important to focus on than the national poll in this instance. >> look at the comcampaign rallies, contrast the enthusiasm and emotion people attending the bernie sanders rallies versus hillary clinton, he has people excited about him. it may be less but those are going to go out and vote academics, hard core leftists will make it to the polls, stand there for hours if they have to. if it's a bad rainy day, they might sleep in. >> serious people. rick perry is not, you know -- 2%. jindal stepping in today. there's some terrific people here who are just kind of nay sinned in their campaign and the result of the public. >> you can take the bottom tier of this field and the people who haven't announced yet and any number of those people could
6:21 am
have won last time around. that's how crowded and talented the field is. >> i happen to agree, absolutely. >> marco rubio, rand paul these -- i think the more you hear of marco rubio the more the public is going to get behind him. i think rand paul is a contender. i think what's interesting is people keep saying the republican bench is too deep like 13 people now. i would rather have that problem than have to have all of my eggs in the basket of hillary clinton who's scandal prone, boring, not charismatic, not -- just not an inspiring candidate. at least we have 13 options this time around and most of them are pretty decent i have to say. >> i couldn't agree with you more. and, you know, talking with brad thorn, terrific best-selling author he is so enthusiastic about rick perry right now. he's -- i mean it's nice to see people what i'm pointing to is people this early are getting excited about various people. >> i like rick perry a lot. one of the key qualities a
6:22 am
politician can have, he can walk into a room and you actually like him which is nice. but he's going to have to go into iowa and really do work on the ground because he has a lot of making up to do from the debate flub obviously last time around. >> it's interesting. i think all of these folks who want to play will have to play hard. it will be fascinating to see. rich good to see deah. >> up next my thoughts on the republican party. gifting the president with more trade power. solar storms causing a lot of damage but within that there is some positive and i don't mean just a positive charge. we're coming right back. you total your brand new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain.
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confederate . a few quick thoughts if i may on the president's enlargement of his executive power and trade policy and negotiation. republicans handed president obama that power in a vote this
6:27 am
afternoon coming ironically on the same day that the commerce department issued its final report on our economy showing that in the first quarter it shrank by 2%. what none of the republicans who voted for mr. obama's expanded trade authority or the president himself even mentioned were the significant reasons for our weak economic performance, namely that our trade deficit the rest of the world cut into our gdp. today's revised figures according to economists show worsingening u.s. trade deficits took the biggest relatively quarterly bite out of economic growth ever. trade economist allen donaldson calculating our deficits have cut into economic growth by 9% during this recovery. which by the way has been the weakest in 70 years. the evidence is clear. the biggest losers in all the trade deals that congress has passed and presidents have signed over the deals are our
6:28 am
working men and women, our small business folks, and our middle class. millions of jobs have been outsourced overseas fewer job opportunities have resulted for americans here at home. in short, this president is presiding over the worst economic recovery since world war ii. what makes it even more remarkable is that despite the terrible record the president and congressional republicans are calling for more trade deals, even as they insist on passing the trade adjustment assistance bill which its sole purpose is to compensate and support workers who lose their jobs and wages as a result of the free trade deal that is being negotiated. if you have any doubt about what is being done to our country, to our working people and small business our middle class, let me tell you in one simple sentence president obama is successfully transforming the
6:29 am
world's only super power into a second-rate world power. and the richest country on earth into a third-world economy. one that is now dependent on foreign creditors, effectively assuring that america will be a debtor nation in perpetuity. our quotation of the evening, this one, by the english writer and philosopher, who said, quote, facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored. were it not so in washington, d.c. we're coming right back, stay with us. a new report on global terrorism and it is rising dramatically but the obama administration why should they worry? these beautiful trees are the biggest in the world, and for this man, a challenge. the video is next. there's something out there. it's a highly contagious disease. it can be especially serious- even fatal to infants.
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and i won't have to tell my kids "this isn't a drill." never let your gun get into the wrong hands. always lock it up. there will be a summit monday on the greek debt crisis. joining us now, forbe joining us now editor in chief and quite an economist himself steve forbes good to have you here. >> good to be here thank you. >> let's start with i think there is some truth in what president putin says when it comes to the greek debt crisis at least. they are pushing the european union, the united states the imf, the, you know, the triad there, are pushing the greeks straight into the hands of vladimir putin, are they now not? >> yes, except for the fact that
6:34 am
putin will not give them any money than the imf gives them money. i hope putin does because that means he will not have money to stir up trouble in ukraine. in the greek crisis both sides are wrong. more austerity, the greeks are wrong, in not cutting back the size of the state, not putting in tax cuts to get the economy moving nap ir' being crushed by taxes. >> they're both -- >> they're both hanging on to decades old orthodox thinking that is empirically demonstrated to be stupid. >> yes. when you have both sides going over the cliff you have to assume something is going to happen. there is going to be a default. there's no way you can squeeze blood from a rock. >> the eu does it leave the euro? >> it won't leave the euro simply because its own people will not accept a new money from the greek government surprise surprise. >> these greeks seem very smart.
6:35 am
they don't work they don't pay their debts and they won't take on new deals that aren't helpful. p quite the folks. >> it's the whole mentality of the government. for all the talk of austerity the greek people suffered. the size of the government has barely changed in the last six years. they'll cut pensions but won't cut the public payroll. >> rand paul senator paul you must have gotten to him. he is now out supporting a flat tax, 14.5%. you have got to be cheering on rand paul's candidacy. >> he's, obviously, a man who is exhibiting great growth and -- >> and intellect. been right out there. >> so i applaud him for it. the good news is because of what he's done other candidates will be coming up with their own flat tax proposals. i know a couple candidates who haven't announced who are coming up with their own flat tax proposals. it's good news. i think it's going to get a public debate and ultimately a
6:36 am
mandate to reform this horrific code. >> how about jeb bush? flat tax guy or think he's going to be resistant? >> he's amenable to simplifying the code so that's the first step in the right direction. he wants a good 4% 5% growth. we'll work on him. >> as you work on him, we have got a country right now dealing with an economy that has a lot of us anxious, it's not growing, there are no signs of its growth and this president is trying along with the republican party -- let's go straight to the origin here, the chamber of commerce the business roundtable want another trade deal that will involve 90% of the world's gdp. are you kidding me? are we not -- haven't we matured and grown as you say, more than this? >> well what they want is a provision where if you get a trade deal which they haven't had yet, you get an up and down vote in congress. the republicans control both -- >> the constitution says you can get that.
6:37 am
they don't need a special bill -- >> oh, yes you do in terms of the rules. >> section 8 of article 1 of the constitution gives that power to the congress and the senate has the responsibility to advise and consent and approve foreign agreements. >> oh, yes. but what they're asking for authority is is when the trade agreements -- >> they want to give away their authority. >> no no. they have an up or down vote. no amendments. >> yeah they have an up and down vote that sue plants the ability to amend agreements. that is a diminishment of authority and power, not an -- >> no no country will make a trade -- >> are you spending a lot of time down in washington with these folks? >> no. what i'm trying to get at is no country will make a trade concession if they feel that it's going to be amended. >> any country stupid enough not to take advantage of the world's largest consumption economy, if they choose not to do business with us it's their loss. i don't know of a single country that's arrived at that
6:38 am
conclusion do you? >> every trade agreement -- >> i want to know -- >> every trade agreement since world war ii you've had this up or down vote it's the only way you get it done. otherwise it just gets amended to death and nothing happens. >> all of these deficits that we've run under wto, nafta, all the free trade agreements the result has been what? >> we've had more trade, more capital flows. we've had a -- lou, leave you this for the evening. a little factoid. a trade deficit for 350 out of the last 400 years and we're the mightiest nation of the world. when we sell merchandise we get capital coming back which makes us stronger. >> we ought to just boost these deficits then. we've had 40 -- by the way the number is 40 consecutive years of trade deficits consecutive years. and they have amounted now to just about the size of our national debt which is $17 trillion and as you know being
6:39 am
a sage economist yourself that deficit means that we have sacrificed gdp growth in each of those years. gdp growth would have been higher had we not run a deficit. our savings rate would have been higher vincement greater and prosperity would have been at hand in nearly every instance we could consider over the 40-year period. i'll leave you that little jewel. you get the last word. come on. real quick. >> adam smith pointed out -- >> oh, my lord. how -- my lord adam smith. >> great scottsman. i'm a scottish descent. >> he was only talking about full employment economy. >> no, he wasn't. he said you get full employment by having trade. >> what was -- what was the first act passed by the united states congress if i'm being -- >> a small tariff. >> what was it called? >> it was called -- >> a tariff is a tax. >> i understand.
6:40 am
>> what was it called? >> he won't say it. >> i prefer a tariff to income tax. >> tariff tax. >> it's a tariff tax. >> the act was, tariff act. >> tariff is a tax. >> i understand you're insistence. >> i don't like taxes. >> i consider them fees. the supreme court might agree with you, though. great to have you here. >> great to be with you. >> stunning imagery you have to see to believep and if you will look at this spectacular video of the northern lights. these images taken near minneapolis. steve burronski a minister of the au stro nomcle society captured it all on his camera not only in normly seen as far south as minnesota the lights a result of a severe solar storm. incredible. up next we take up what is well a looming crisis for
6:41 am
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a pension tidal wave is about to crash down on american taxpayers. investments are failing to keep up with obligations, so says my next guest. joining us manhattan institute senior fella, city journal
6:45 am
senior editor steve malonga. >> nice to be here. >> you wrote one of the most troubling and disturbing articles that i've read in some time on this issue. basically saying that pension funds we're in big fiscal trouble as a result our states. >> states. and it's not every state. there are some states that have been responsible and most importantly, lou, they're municipalities too, school districts, cities. that's coming down on them harder for reasons we can talk about. but yes, in the actual number in terms of what we owe, it ranges anywhere from a trillion and a half dollars to $4 trillion depending upon how the stock market does in the future. >> we've been looking at those numbers, a trillion to 4.5, $5 trillion we've been talking about those numbers since the financial crisis. >> we have. >> began in 2007 really. the numbers still aren't more refined, more discreet we don't entirely understand the total
6:46 am
threat. we do understand this fiscal performance is not going to continue the way that it has for the last four decades certainly, is it? >> no. and that's part of the problem. the other reason that it's not, first of all, the market you know it's actually bounced back but so much money is missing from these pension funds, that, you know if you've got $4 trillion or 3 or $4 trillion that you owe that's money not earning anything in the stock market. even when the market is bouncing back there's so much money already missing. >> who took the money? we've got a mystery on our hands. >> yeah. politicians -- >> oh, no. don't tell me. >> you're right. in conspiracy over 20 years, you know a public employee unions were granted benefits never paid for, no dedicated money and people let -- >> a tough truth. >> yes. >> taxes are going to go up in those states. >> they already are. >> where obligations have to be met.
6:47 am
secondly like new jersey illinois come to mind, for example. >> california. >> we're going to see -- we're seeing adjustments as well where the public employee is not going to get the bargain for result because of two factors. one is they can't afford it, they can't find the money, and they're also getting legal support, new jersey got that governor christie to reduce those pension payouts. >> new jersey did. however one of the big problems one of the reasons this issue is not going away and getting worse, in about half of the states laws and court decisions have given extraordinary protections to government worker pensions far beyond what we have in the private sector including in some cases like illinois you can't ever ever change. >> that's challenged and it looks like it's changing. >> well in some places it's changing. it hasn't changed in california yet. there's a big pension, a ballot initiative that will try to change that change the constitution. >> if anybody beats the public employee unions in california that is going to --
6:48 am
>> it's going to be -- >> it's great to have you here. come back. we want to follow this carefully, very closely. great work as always. a free climber returning to his roots as he takes on his biggest challenge to date returns to his roots. chris did the unthinkable as he climbed this giant redwood in eureka, california. watch as he takes on the 252-foot tall tree with only his hands, feet and some sense of confidence because there's a rope nearby with a harness. he didn't successfully climb to the top of the tree estimated to be somewhere between 600 and 700 years old. incredible. for most of us learning to surf is difficult but two surfers proved they didn't have a problem in the world. watch as this couple performs acrobatic feats while surfing. the video captured by a gopro camera attached to their surf
6:49 am
board as he maintains his balance of a female surfer standing on his back doing a split in the air and other stunts. i find that very impressive. the people of charleston and south carolina come together and lead the nation in healing without racial boundaries and without politics. and president obama, he'll be in charleston talking instead of listening to these true leaders. and this is what happens when some city leaders go along with the war on cops. extraordinary scenes police officers on our streets being used as punching bags. the e-class has 11 intelligent driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't. and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test,
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now to what critics call a liberal led war on law enforcement. cell phone video capturing a violent attack on two new york city police officers. the dispute centered on an open container violation. the male suspect pushed a police officer as they tried to handcuff his sister. she was punching them scratching and reaching for a female officer's gun. the male suspect then went around and sucker punched the male officer in the back of his head. both officers were treated for injuries. the mother -- the brother rather and the sister were arrested on assault charges. joining us now the five co-hosts columnist for the hill juan williams. great to have you here. >> great to be here. >> as you watch that, new york
6:54 am
city streets, the idea that people no longer respect authority, attack police officers in the performance of their duty what is going on? >> well in that instance i just think your heart goes out to the police officers. they're trying to establish some order in what is a chaotic situation and dealing with people who have no understanding that they are assaulting an officer of the law. they're in serious trouble for that act. that is not a fight with somebody on the corner. but in larger response to your question lou, there's no question you know what's going on i know what's going on. we have a breakdown of the american family in the minority communities that is pronounced. and the first time that they see anybody in authority, especially a male authority figure saying you better behave it may be the police officer at the door. and too often if that officer is a white officer they then load all sorts of baggage on the fact that person is there, in fact to defend law and order and -- >> and protect that person's
6:55 am
family. >> and a semblance of protection for that family. exactly. >> we've come a long way when -- i have to say, i ascribe great blame to community leaders in the inner city. the power structure whether they be community organizers whether they be the ministers, the black churches the people who should have the greatest influence, are doing, it seems, on a given day, the least to change attitudes in the street so that people don't get hurt so that officers are not in jeopardy. >> look i usually you and i have different points of view. economy come in here tonight to be in your amen corner. i wrote a book about this. i watched what happened after ferguson or baltimore i never see naacp leading a march against the drug dealers. i never see them stand up and say, you know what's going on here in terms of the lack of appreciation for education, high dropout rates no matter how bad, but you're leaving education
6:56 am
behind. why aren't we saying to young people that's wrong, and we know that's not the road to success. they will complain about high incarceration rates and never see them stand up and say crime breaks down a community, that it leads people to flee. poor people and elderly, have to live with bars over their doors and windows as if they ares the ones in prison. >> yeah. and today, our president, i say this sarcastically, elevating public discourse once again, using a racial slur that is in any household in any family in this country -- >> in mine. i have to tell you, i've been at war with the rappers who say they're going to take possession of this awful word and by taking possession therefore -- >> what lofty goal for them. >> how stupid. they think they're going to take the word -- in fact what happens is i think a lot of white people who feel they can't say it publicly are now singing and rapping along and that's in the song. black people use it so i can use it.
6:57 am
why can black people use it and white people can't. this word is about dehumanizing people of a certain race. and making them into human -- it is wrong and the president thinks he's elevating the conversation. he is pushing us down back into the ground on this conversation. you do not use that word. >> and you hope that he's listening. i don't know if you had the opportunity to see kevin, our white house correspondent. >> i did. >> talking about on a personal level with his own family. >> right. >> he is covering the president of the united states the most -- one of the very most important jobs in our craft, and he has to go home to his family to explain why the president of the united states would use such a word. that is -- >> i think the funniest thing is if president obama was here on the set he would say i was trying to say you got to go beyond saying i don't use the word to, in fact, address the larger issues of race in the society but he has led us to the point where we're not talking about larger issues we're talking about his use of the "n" word.
6:58 am
>> finding out he's a again ne sist as well suggesting racism is in our dna. i can't tell you how impressed i was by as i said the elevated discourse of the white house. >> disappointing. >> thank you, sir. >> nice to see you. >> always impressed by your discourse. >> you're very kind. >> nice of you to catch up with mitch mcconnell and kind of bring him up to date. >> i bet he's delighted with me as always. >> you're doing something right. a lot right. good to have you with us. >> thank you. >> if you're looking for something great to read this weekend, some recommendations for you as we close out this week. ann coulter's adios america. the story of illegal immigration and the powerful forces at work politically to drive illegal immigration open borders and change the nature of the country itself. john sununu "the quiet man" the story of george h.w. bush. john as he writes calls him not only the quiet man but
6:59 am
indispensable president. i think he's right on both. guy benson's "end of discussion" the left's attempts to close out discussion in this country with political correctness and furious work in media. brat melter "the president's shadow" comes out, pick out brad thor's "code of conduct" to give you through that gap. shane wrote in slavery was abolished 150 years ago. one bad apple doesn't make us all racist. i think that that's a fair statement. the president doesn't however, feel like it's any impediment to his generalization. tom says americans do not think hillary clinton is untrust worthy. we know from the evidence she can't be trusted. i'm not quite sure what that meant. says thank you, lou, for your coverage of the trade deal. it seems all of our leaders are hell bent on destroying our country. we love hearing from you. e-mail me tweet
7:00 am
me @loudobbsnews on twitter follow me on twitter loudobbsnews. links at good night from new york. thanks for being with us. good night from new york. >> show me the money. >> hedge fund managers making all of america's kindergarten teachers combined? >> some have much more money than others. >> and this ted dollar bill hamilton's face is not on it and will be replaced by a woman. >> you know, who she is? no. no. >> bad government is printing money like crazy then doing what?


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