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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  July 1, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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tree until breaking news this morning. stock market continues to bounce back from losses this week. u.s. stock futures ahead of the opening bell. dow futures up 142. breaking this morning, president obama set to announce the u.s. is restoring full diplomatic relations with cuba this morning. don't order those cuban cigars just yet. christopher is developed nation not to pay the imf on time cheney countries like sudan and some top way. the report from athens. a stunning upset in world soccer. the u.s. top-rated germany ahead of the world championship game.
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good morning everyone. i'm sandra smith joined by lauren simonetti and nicole petallides. welcome to "fbn:am" cover your first look at today's markets come in the latest breaking news in what to expect expect for the day. breaking news this morning. a prominent black church in south carolina cops fire. no injuries have been reported. investigators say it's too early to determine what caused last night's fire at the month on african methodist episcopal church. the church burned down in the 95 by the ku klux klan. it is about 50 miles north of charleston were nine people were shot and killed at mr. and church last month. disagree the seventh african-american church since the shooting. federal federal investigators have not found any link between buyers and none have been labeled hate crimes. a dramatic development today in the u.s. cuba relations.
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moran has the latest on my. lauren: it's a good opportunity for businesses. six hours from now, president obama expected to announce a deal to establish full diplomatic ties between the u.s. and cuba and reopen embassies in each other's capitals. the bigger story than in a half-century. the efforts began last year when obama and rule castro swap prisoners that led to a series of meetings. the last e-mail and cuba was removed. meanwhile the u.s. flag raising ceremony to celebrate the reopening of the american embassy in havana is july 20th congress considering an independent general american tourism to cuba. the u.s. economic embargo against cuba is in place so you cannot load up on cuban cigars at least not yet. sandra: moran, it has to go to
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congress, too. it is now one and done. greece meanwhile been under uncharted territories. the first country to default on a loan from the imf. ashley webster joins us live from athens. good morning. reporter: good morning, sandra. let me get out of the way and show you what is going on right now. this scene being played out across athens and across the country. they branch itself open to allow senior citizens the opportunity to get into the bank and take out a portion of their pension. i just spoke to a woman about five minutes ago. it took her an hour and and a half to get into the bank you're literally one man and one out and she wasn't able to get the full 60 euros. she was only given 50 euros. the atms are also very busy. you can also feel the tension ratcheted up today compared to the last couple of days we've
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been here. people very concerned as the greek government has been unable to reach any deal with its european creditors in the future is very uncertain indeed. the aim here is to get as much cash as you can. there is concern in brussels and frankfurt that the great bakes may not be able to survive the rest of the week. they are running out of cash. there are concerns certainly before the referendum to on july 5th at the banks would not service their customers and are running out of cash. that is why the greek government proposed a $29 billion bailout that will be considered later today the eurozone finance ministers. for people here they want the politicians to get their act together and could you imagine not getting access to your bank account. it's very unclear whether the banks will be open again tomorrow.
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obviously people made their money to pay their bills, to buy food. also reports in long lines continuous supermarkets. no doubt another day has gone by and you can feel the tension on the street. police presence now which i haven't seen before as well. it kind of speaks to the nature of what's going on in greece. back to you. sandra: the story continues to unfold. will be back in touch with you. a story just like that unfolded a little bit closer to home. puerto rico could become the next greece if it's not allowed to declare bankruptcy. nicole following this story this morning. nicole: at the island struggles $72 billion in public data. the governor, alejandro garcia padilla has called on creditors to postpone bond payments and
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structure the data. you've heard that song before. it is still unknown whether bondholders will agree to better choose to resolve the issue in court. "the new york times" reporting hedge funds such as awful as a management, paulson and management. basing their bosses and puerto rico. the times says hedge fund managers saw the price of bondholders plus 17% earlier this week. as you know, the u.s. commonwealth are not really eligible for restructuring the debt because they are not a municipality. in the meantime, the investments have been dwindling and i've made a lot of money. walter roth bad on tsipras, did well, bad on ireland, did well there. >> adam shapiro has been doing a lot of reporting on this and the actual exposure to the u.s. investor when it comes to puerto rico was large and quite concerning when it comes to situation right now.
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tree into the sky you caught up a global markets. asia seen mixed action over there. the shanghai down. we continue to see weakness in the markets. the nikkei and the cost be up to the high side. in europe, by the way, close for the holiday over in europe we are looking not the cac and the dax. the cac in france at 2% in u.s. stock market futures looking like this right now. strength is to kick off wednesday morning. dow futures at nearly 150-point, pointing to a higher open. the broader s&p and nasdaq looking higher. 3000 pages of hillary clinton's e-mails. they were generated in 2009 during her first year as secretary of state. some may not show mrs. clinton pay special interest to hire controversial aid since blumenthal was reportedly prohibited by the obama
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administration from joining clinton's state department team. the republican presidential candidate donald trump filing a $500 million lawsuit against univision after the spanish language tv network decided to end its contract to broadcast the miss u.s.a. and miss universe pageant. >> i have a signed contract for five years on the pageant. they have no right to terminate any terminated day. they didn't send a letter. they terminated with the pr statement. sandra: they are in breach of contract after trump made controversial remarks about immigrants from mexico. he will talk more about the lawsuit later this morning. he'll be joining maria bartiromo on "mornings with maria" at 7:00 a.m. eastern time on the fox business network. don't miss that. donna karan stepping down as chief designer to devote more time to her foundation. the 66-year-old cofounded the
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company with a date has been in 1984. many say donna karan international defined the way american working women dress for decades. the company says she will remain a close advisor. and look at headlines "wall street journal." i ran global powers than president obama says the u.s. is prepared to walk away from the deal must too bad it's that type monitoring. bosses reclassify into the relationship with contractors surprises. they find many ways to take workers at the former payroll. pass the drivers complain about long lines at tesla's recharging station to have the electric vehicle company chastising frequent users. also in today's journal poison control experts baffled by the dangers behind those plastic laundry gods. the paper said seven people have now died from this and children have been hospitalized at the rate of about one half the day
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since 2012. children display a wide range of symptoms making it difficult to pinpoint causes. manufacturers have made containers and enlarged labels with the pressure remains for further safety when it comes to capsules. coming up, a big upside and the u.s. beat top-ranked germany in the world cup championship game. we will have the highlights if you missed it last night. u.s. ambassadors on a winning streak. two futures higher ahead of the opening bell. you are watching "fbn:am," your first look at morning market and breaking news. ♪ you are looking at two airplane fuel gauges.
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sandra: let's get you caught up on global market action this morning in asia's tax finishing the day mixed. you can see the shanghai, another big loser for the average today losing more than 5%. the nikkei and the co-speed to the upside. we are also looking at the fact that hong kong was closed for a holiday. looking over in europe this morning we are seeing green arrows across the board. some decent canister of tear. the cac in france and the dax in germany at the percent. shura time u.s. stock index futures pointing to a decent rally. dow futures up 160 points right now, bouncing back from recent losses. turning to sports, the u.s. women's soccer team will pay for the world cup championship on sunday. team u.s.a. scored to do nothing
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when. carly woods scored on a penalty kick in the 69th minute. kelli o'hara added another goal in the game for goalkeeper han solo. the u.s. will play all against the winner of tonight's england, japan game. coming up, one of last night carly lloyd will be joining maria bartiromo on "mornings with maria." another reason to not miss the show. and baseball, late night love for the yankees. beating them two to one for their four straight big rig. author pools had his american league-leading 24th and also his 13th for the month. two upsets on the women's side. the highest player so far movie the 106 -ranked player. lots of upsets in the world of tennis lately. eugenia becher was runner-up last year fell in the opening round to a qualifier and on the
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men's side, all advanced in straight sets. coming up this wednesday morning, president obama set to announce the next step in restoring full diplomatic relations with cuba. we will have the latest on that story for you. looks like the future is how faith and fingerprints scans are replacing passwords. checking u.s. stock index, futures looking good. dow futures up triple digits according to a higher rope in. take a look outside. a stormy morning for new york city as the city begins to weaken. you are watching "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. ♪
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sandra: breaking news this morning. u.s. stock market continues to bounce back from losses earlier this week. breaking news right now. the isg report and the prime minister a lack says tsipras is ready to accept bail conditions. when looking at the dow futures up 166 points, they were on the double digits when we started the show 20 minutes ago. they are building a earlier gains. tsipras will accept great bailout terms. we'll continue watching the story this morning. also breaking this morning president obama set to announce the u.s. restoring full diplomatic relations with cuba this morning. greece becomes the first developed nations joining countries like sudan and zimbabwe. we will have a live report for
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live report from athens. a stunning upset and women's world for cup soccer keeping the call up too late last night. the usb top-ranked germany is ahead of the u.s. championship game. good morning i am sandra smith joined by lauren simonetti and nicole petallides. welcome to "fbn:am," your first look at the latest breaking news and what to expect for the day ahead. greece this morning in uncharted territory. this has become the first developed country to default on the loan from the international monetary fund. your zone finance leaders do to hold a conference call today to discuss the debt crisis over there. the european bailout officially ended yesterday after finance ministers rejected a request by greece to extend the federal program. the default deepening fears about whether greece will remain in the eurozone. that is a big outstanding question. both prime minister a lack says tsipras urging greeks to vote no on yet another bailout. the billionaire investor wilbur
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ross weighed in on an interview with making money on charles payne. a no vote could have severe consequences. >> i think the great people will figure out that a no vote means no two year out coming out to the future for greece, note to greece, and no two banks coming out to almost everything. sandra: ross is a part of people who sandra: ross is a part of people who invested $1.5 billion into greece's third-largest euro peg. the dramatic development today the u.s. cuba relations. laura has the latest on this. lauren: and less than 24 hours president obama will announce full diplomatic relations between the u.s. and cuba to reopen embassies. the biggest step yet yet toward sending bogus than a half-century of enmity between the two. i first began last year when a bomb and roll castro had
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prisoners that led to several meetings. the last one in may when he was to move from the list of sponsors of state terrorism. the u.s. flag raising ceremony can celebrate the reopening of the american embassy in havana. congress is also considered ending the also considered an also considered ending the ban on general american tourism to cuba. the u.s. economic embargo against the nation is in place and only congress can lift it. obviously a hot topic in the 2016 presidential race that businesses are watching carnival cruise lines chemotherapy watching carnival cruise lines connector bmb participated not ready. hilton hotels. the airlines absolutely. tree into huge investment opportunities. a lot of these big eyes looking at potential investments over there. the mac people are forgetting history and things that went on. and the meantime, the disney store is a great one. sandra: puerto rico could become
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the next greece. everybody talking about this as well. nicole: at that is the one and we are getting from economists and officials of the islands goggles. a $72 billion public debt. the governor alejandro garcia padilla disclosed on payments and restructure the debt that the debt but it's unknown whether bondholders will agree to that or choose to resolve the issue in court. "new york times" reporting hedge funds, facing big losses on investments in puerto rico. puerto rico was the hot investment last year and people jumped in. hedge fund managers saw the price of bottom holding fall 17% in just a couple days this week. the u.s. bond funds total have the exposure over $11 billion in puerto rico. late last year talking about that being a hot investment in a guest talking about it and the
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funds moved into that. opcode, frank lindh, goldman sachs but do not puerto rico. right now a bit of turmoil. >> i am curious to see our end-all commitment. they want to file chapter nine like american cities have. that doesn't seem to be the case. sandra: i want a job and continue to talk about this story. a look at global markets because news come in and that is moving markets right now. we've also got our life reporter from athens ready to go. european markets surging to the upside. the cac at 2.5%. look at this. i've double digits when we started this hour. now it's 163 points. actually, what to bring you in here as we have reports coming from the "financial times" bessie peter schechter is blinking and is prepared to
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accept bail conditions. this would obviously be a positive as the market is interpreting it. go to you now. reporter: reportedly at this week from the great prime minister to the troika. the ecb, the european commission and the imf basically saying he will accept all the conditions laid out on the table from the creditors this past weekend. although he does require a handful of what he calls minor changes. what is minor to mr. tsipras and what is minor to mrs. merkel of germany we will have to wait and see but it certainly shows the desperation from the greek leader because clearly the situation is going from bad to worse. the bank had just opened to a senior pensioners to get access to their money. you could feel the tension assert my rising, the anger is rising and quite frank with you i don't know the greek speaking
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system will last much longer given the amount of cash being taken out even if it is only 50 or 60 euros per day. the markets react to the news that perhaps the greek leader is having to back off when he said greece was being blackmailed, that have a shameful what was being asked. what is the alternative? dropping out of the euro. we will continue to follow the story and get an actual statement from the greek government and the european creditors. sandra: ashley, i want to keep you there. your life in athens, standing outside of clearly continued lines of great people trying to take money out of wherever they can in the country. the headlines role than in the markets here are surging. european markets a new u.s. stock index futures up triple digits. dow futures up triple digits, all on this report from the ft
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that greece and its prime minister are competing here. the call has been following the story as well. nicole: i want to jump in. it looks like it's coming together. first of all either tsipras will go down as the best negotiator and history of the creepiest person who drove greece raced to the class. a couple bones of contention which you probably haven't got to read yet. the taxes on utilities and the like but that a greek island would get it last because getting goods to the island and the like is a little more difficult. that was number one. the retirement age to age 65 and by the year 2022 also has a bone of contention. of course they were retiring in their early 50s. trying to push up the retirement age. actually. reporter: yeah, well the
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retirement age has gone up considerably since the good old days when they were retiring in their early 50s. that is now up to the early 60s. the proposal of the retirement age of 67 by the year 2022. there has been contention of a tax exemptions enjoyed by the greek islands. these things i think can be sorted out. there is no doubt about that. we will continue to follow it but it is greece is being backed into a corner and has no choice but to accept the terms or face even worse consequences. sandra: i want to recap what is happening here. we have a look at local markets as well. ashley is life or at the napkins. this is moving markets right now. a report out of the ft that greases conceding in accepting bail conditions. working our way up to the height of the overnight session up 187-point. based on an ft report that alexis tsipras will accept all
5:30 am
bail out conditions for creditors on the table this weekend with only a handful of minor changes. this is according to a letter the great minister said late tuesday night and obtained by the "financial times." this is moving markets right now. we are watching it for you on "fbn:am" on the fox business network. keep it right there because they've got lots more in greece on this breaking news. stay right there. you wouldn't take medicine without checking the side effects. hey honey. huh. the good news is my hypertension is gone. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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sandra: as you cut off a global market action. stocks are getting in and have continued to gain in the last few minutes after you now see that greece and its prime minister alexis tsipras said they are ready to accept most conditions from its international creditors in order to reach a deal over its debt crisis. this is all reported by the "financial times" this morning reporting great trade minister alexis tsipras is prepared to accept demands for a bailout with a few minor changes. stock market futures fall off their highs at this very moment just moments ago had their highs of the overnight session 189-point. up across the board and over in europe was the markets jumped to the upside as well. the ftse and landed up 100 points. the cac and friends building up 100 dirty wind or nearly 3%
5:35 am
gain. the dax in germany has the most to lose here and ausmus said the death we are talking about. the german stock market at 2.4%. and they shut the markets are closed and mixed on the session. the shanghai index tumbled more than 5% trading to the upside. as they do watch the greece story unfold with the currency markets. after the report that tsipras will accept greek bailout terms. most currencies against the u.s. dollar. the euro at 111. we are watching all this before you. ashley webster come are on fox business reporter live from athens right now as the story is
5:36 am
developing. reporter: i'm standing in front of a greek bank here in central athens where the line has been long all day. people coming in and out. senior citizens getting access to the money for the first time since banks were closed across the country on monday. what happens is literally one minute right now. once you go through the doors it's not like you go straight to the cashier. it is like the dmv. long rows of chairs for people say, they are given in number and they go up and grab their money. they are supposed to take a 60 euros but a woman told me she was only given 50 euros even though she wanted more. it is all very orderly. people not particularly pleased. we see arguments are brought, nothing more than not. the police presence on the outside keeping an eye on the situation. as you've just been reporting, the ft of the tenet letter that shows the greek government is indeed ready to accept
5:37 am
conditions. it is still a very difficult situation for greece. this is an economy in dire straits. they just released the latest manufacturing numbers than a shrink i the steepest amount in two years. they also have a $3.5 billion bond payment to the ecb to july 20th. that is why they asked for the $29 billion bailout late last night and this letter basically a confession makes the greek government realize there's no way out unless the country and its financial system just collapses. we've also had questions about the referendum on july 5th. the athens bar association released a statement saying it just not constitutional. the question is not clear. it's not been handled properly. what happens to the july 5th referendum and if the creditors suppose it didn't make a moot point anyway. all the great people are able to
5:38 am
survive. keeping an eye on the situation and bring you the very latest. lauren: lauren simonetti here. it is confusing the pope might just go away at this point? reporter: and may indeed be up late last night the speaker of the house or the equivalent in the athens department said you can't call for a reprimand and come have it approved by parliament and decide to scrap it. the horse is out of the gate. you have to go through with it. to be honest with you, all of this has the feeling that it's made up as it goes along. unchartered territory for the e.u. and certainly for greece as they've come up with answers. maybe will get more clarity on whether july 5th referendum will go ahead or not. trained to ashley webster is life in athens. if it is okay with you, stay
5:39 am
right there because the story is breaking. the markets are moving. more on this story of the morning break now. moving markets commended dow futures up triple digits charging higher now 153 points. i will point out they are well off the highs of the session pointing to a higher open. stocks rallied on the report that the greece prime minister's are ready to accept bailout terms. you are watching "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. stay right there.
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train to the skier caught up on global market action. 5:42 a.m. on the east coast european stock markets surging right now. there are reports coming out of the ft in london that the greek prime minister is conceding on bailout terms. this of course would be a big development in the story that is greek in the debt crisis is in as you can see the cac in france
5:43 am
at 2.5%. the dax up two and a quarter%. a rally across the board in your translating into higher stocks here as well the stock market futures are up right now pointing to a higher open. when we started the hour, dow futures up double digits. we went into the triple digits at 180 points on leaked reports out of the ft or the spider that the greek prime minister alexis tsipras is giving in to bailout terms with a few minor changes. that sent stocks surging at 159 right now. we are still live in athens by the way. ashley webster standing by talking to people there. mandell joining us for this breaking greek news is british analyst at idg news. what do you make of the developments on this story?
5:44 am
>> they are giving it the fact on the 13th hour. of course with some changes of course i doubt at this stage the year is on the imf will be prepared to make those changes. why should they. the pressure is now on greece to fall into line even more so than over the past two weeks. the words of course if you get the reaction rapidly move in the other direction. sandra: chris, we're looking at the markets in europe. the stock market is surging to the outside. also looking at the currency markets globally. the euro currency has strengthened quite considerably on this news. what market reaction are you watching? reporter: would send the euro moving up against the pound.
5:45 am
people still can't work out whether the greek accent is about the work at him. that's been the problem the last few days in this case is to be made on either side. mostly unchanged in fx has been the dog that hasn't barked over the two weeks or so. i think it's one worth watching over the next week or so if we really get to negotiate if indeed that takes place. sandra: what does that tell you come in the factory should the euro currency, much higher immediately on the report that alexis tsipras is caving in on bailout terms. it is now down the u.s. dollar up against the pound as you noted. the currency markets interpreting the same way the stock market is because we still look at pretty significant gains for the stock market this morning in europe and the united states. reporter: exactly. the currency markets react quickly.
5:46 am
they were at the second part of the headline and accept a deal with changes. by that they give those changes. even people think the euro will continue to go down if greece they've if greece days and given it makes the unit is slightly weaker ones in terms of economic strength. sandra: it is moving the markets. crispy jump you will stay with us or we will go to ashley webster by then athens talking to the people on the street in monitoring the latest. what do you see and hear, ashley? reporter: it is interesting i spoke to a woman who said that his true good good news although she says to be honest with you like the average grade percentage still difficult whether they are in the european union or out of the european union. it's very difficult to afford the basics and get out of the way and show you what's going on at one of the great bank says it
5:47 am
is actually open today to allow people to get them to get ahold of their cash but the senior citizen to to get access to pensions. i should point out that about 45% of greece's 2.6 million retirees are existing on about $738 a month or less. by the standards set by the ecb, they are living below the poverty line. any more reforms to pensions that would require further cuts is seen as undoable by a large percentage of those people trying to access. i think that could be a sticking point for the negotiation although it appears mr. tsipras is giving up almost everything. pension reform has been in that letter obtained by the "financial times" there is not
5:48 am
one reference to the july 5th referendum. maybe that is starting to go away. sandra: quick recap. markets surge in europe and in the united states ahead of the opening bell. the "financial times" reported that this letter the prime minister to the creditors since late tuesday night and show won't they a handful of minor changes. according to this report. initially markets surging to hide on the fact greece is conceding. but then they go into the second spot about what the actual changes, despite changes may be limiting the optimism as we continue to follow this story. he'll stay with us. more on this greece story as it unfolds. stay right there.
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sandra: breaking news this wednesday morning. markets have been significantly to the upside in the united states as well as europe. news coming out of the ft in london at this week's letter from the greek prime minister conceded to the most recent bailout terms with a few minor changes. that's an important part to this story. burkett initially surged higher in the concession of the greek prime minister but a few minor changes concerning the markets at the height of the session but the dow still pointing triple digit gains earlier. last tweets coming in this morning. keith macola and hedge risks that greece saved itself from itself.
5:53 am
look at the dow futures up 158. the poll watching reaction the banks as well. nicole: at first it seemed so exciting. still not a done deal seeing moves in the european banks. barclays, the royal bank, deutsche bank, credit suisse are looking to the upside. it is also worth noting the national bank of greece which people have been betting on close at 105. you will see a real move to the upside. this is not a done deal. sandra: joining us now is chris b. chen, market analyst standing by. what do you make of the latest development in the market reaction to that? >> with the headline i can raise you a new headline containing elements ministers will find hard to accept. yet again we have the denial again we have the denial from the yours on about the possible sign of a deal. the market hasn't sold off on
5:54 am
that. i think it just underlines the need to be very careful to be watching any big move that can easily be reversed if the germans come to their classic trek say no to any deal. lauren: there's a conference call among the ministers later today, right? >> you take place about 3:30. that's been pushed back six hours to give space for some possible deal. sandra: thank you for joining us. coming up on the latest breaking news side of greece and the moving markets. the prime minister making comments moving markets to the upside. dow futures up triple digits. we are following stories. they've got more news coming up in just a minute.
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maria: welcome back, everybody. if you had breakfast you've been with us for breaking this hour. an hour we have heard that alexis at 10, prime minister of
5:58 am
greece sent a letter accepting creditor proposals for bailout terms. this is a quickly changing story but note that what took the market off of its initial high surge in triple digits on the news was that the proposal acceptance was with some changes. that led to speculation in the market that this wasn't enough for them to actually accept the deal. maria, want to bring you in because markets across the globe are reacting. searching to the upside at home with another triple digit move for the markets here. a lot happening. >> it sure is. i am here with jerry baker from "the wall street journal." the latest on top of the latest. the market moves of course earlier because it looks like greece was except jane the latest standards from the e.u. but now they are pushing back. we will get into it in the next
5:59 am
few minutes of the breaking news. the global markets rally on burt greece is ready to accept most commissions from creditors in a new deal over the debt crisis. that is the name of empower. the conference call on both sides of the great default right now. greece is failing to make his payment to the international monetary fund. the deadline came and went yesterday. futures indicated a higher opening for the broader market as it all started in europe. the dow industrials expect it to open up about 140 points. the news and headlines are moving very fast. it is certainly impacting markets as the latest headlines come out. right now according to reports from "financial times," greece is ready to accept conditions proposed by the country's predators including prime minister alexis tsipras minor changes that has to do with the pension reform in higher taxes. this morning's headline from "the wall street journal" for
6:00 am
the choice between pain and pride. joining me right now is the editor-in-chief jerry baker and our own dagen mcdowell. thank you for joining us. it's been a fluid morning. >> we're trying to piece together what has happened in the last hour. we've heard a letter from the greek prime minister tsipras tsipras to the european finance ministers accepting commissions. following up on that we have discovered if it seems to be a wrinkle in this and it doesn't look like he is offering to accept all the terms and they could still be several hundred million euros apart which is not an insignificant amount of money for the amount we are talking about. the bigger picture and we'll see what happens whether there is some last-minute deal because greece has defaulted from last night on its imf money. it is more than an 11th hour deal. some of empower plus three


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