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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  July 2, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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esting to note that there is zero job construction in construction, and we're expecting a higher broader averages. that will do it for us have a safe and happy july fourth weekend. "varney & company" is next here is charles payne in for stuart. have a good show. charles: we have have lot of story. first we're looking at the scene. the d.c. navy yard is in lockdown, reports of an active shooter. a mass shooting there a year and a half ago. we're watching that for you. and maria talked about the jobs report. wages continue could be -- i'm calling it a dickens-like
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novel. reports of responding to a shooting there. the navy yard has been closed and fox business washington correspondent blake berman is on the phone and just arrived at the navy yard. what are you seeing? >> good morning to you, i'm at the navy yard there is a massive situation here at the gave yard in washington kansas city on the southern portion of washington d.c., south of the capital. it's on lockdown it's the oldest navy facility institute here in the united states and there is a huge scene underway right now. i just spoke with a spokesperson of the navy yard who wanted to clarify, while there is indeed an active shooter situation going on and hence the huge presence that we have here there is no confirmation of a shooting at this point and essentially, they're not confirming whether any shots were fired. this is part of the investigation going on right now.
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what i can tell you from my vantage point here there are helicopters that are circling the navy yard and it appears at certain points they're focusing on one specific area, but continue to circle. one of the buildings, building 197, i believe is the number that might ring a bell. that's where we've been told the focus is, 197 was the exact building of the horrific shooting in 2013 where 12 people were killed by a gunman a contractor here on the navy yard. i've spoken with somebody who said there are security procedures, much more tough security procedures since then. so there's question now certainly in at that we're two years after 2013 as to how we are here again just a couple of years later. charles i don't know the picture that you're looking at but i'm seeing dozens upon dozens of vehicles here flashers on clearly vehicles that don't have what are involved with this process.
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and i was at reagan if you've flown in by the reagan the navy yard is by that. the drive home from reagan to hear, less than 15 minutes, there were officers flying from all over the place with their lights on trying to get here as well. maria: your. charles: you're making some comments juxtaposed. how is this happening and there's a lot to be confirmed? a year and a half after a horrific crime scene. we have an amazing response and looking at it it's tremendous but you say maybe what happened before the spobs and what's happening with security there? you would think they made changes, but certainly if there is an active shooter and we have a scene reminiscent of what we saw before we have to question, how do we make these places safe for everyone. >> i can speak to those changes for a second charles. the spokesperson i talked with from the navy yard say they've
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tougher in a few areas, a barricade process, not only does your i.d. have to be scanned, but checked another layer. and you've rattled off a few, but the question remains, why are we here now? again, we don't know exactly what we have here today. that spokesperson said there are no confirmations of any gun buyer at least at this point, but they're calling this an active shooter situation and it's something clearly that will be unfolding, charges. >> it's e-mack here. word coming in we know that the d.c. police, homeland security a.t.f. are swarming there now, possibly two shooters. what about injuries? any word of injuries? >> we're so far back as you might imagine, they have it
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looked down and the spokesperson who i've talked to is basically saying to all of those reports, trust me there are many from things we've heard on the street. that we obviously can't get and it's out on twitter and i've asked about it aulin the spokesperson has said listen if it's early, you know and hang tight for a second and we'll get there in due time. >> i want to reiterate something all week. the fbi set up command centers throughout the country in preparation for the independence day holiday because there's concern about a possible terrorist attack. i know this is early and clearly the spokesperson you're talking to is the conduit by which we need to get the information. has anyone confirmed whether they're talking with the fbi and the possibility of looking at that? >> yeah confirmation that i don't specifically have, but you have to imagine that would be the case, what i'm seeing on the ground here and i want to
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add at least from what i can see quite literally as far as my eyes can see, they have one of the streets here completely blocked off. i've counted at least five blocks and that's full of law enforcement from the local level and the federal level. >> black, i think the navy yard is four miles from the white house, what is going on with security at the white house right now? >> we have seen-- we have seen a report that parts of and i believe this still holds true that parts of the area surrounding has had some extra procedures taken place. the white house, as you mentioned,s with a four miles away. the capital, it's much closer than that just directly to the north and you pass this on the way here and as far as a last check there was so such changes and posture, no change in the posture over at the capital as well. okay, black burman stay safe. we'll come back to you a little
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later in the course of of more details again. the reports early on were an active shooter, no casualties thus far, and a heavy police presence. right now we're a few moments, 30 minutes from the start of trading. let's look at the futures. the most important economic dates at that was given out this morning, that's the jobs report. as hot as we've soon the market pre-market. the lowest is flat. it's an interesting day to see how wall street reacts to a decidedly awful number in many respects? >> it's interesting because you look at this number and look at the participation rit and look how some of the press is reporting this. the new york times headline and first line of the story, american economy enters a summer with a decent head of steam. four paragraphs they let the
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cat out of the bag. they talk about the participation and it's now at its lowest level. charles: i'm not sure they didn't put that on the op-ed part. let's go to chicago and ask austan austan goolsbee. they understand the numbers and the press and white house can spin it any way they want. we had 400,000 people leave the job markets when the anecdote a-evidence pointed to more jobs. this is a horrifying news austan. >> i think you're vast will you overstating the number. it's just about what was expected. it wasn't better than expected but it's definitely not bad. we're still on path of generating something like 2 1/2 million jobs a year which is a decent year. >> the labor force participation right-- >> austan 2 1/2 million jobs
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with our population you understand the economics of this and even just replacing the birth and death ratio that's not enough and-- >> wait a minute you need one-to-one and a half million jobs a year to replace the population. we're running at a right that's just about double that. i don't think we can sustain a rate of job creation that fast unless we get the growth rates up. on that we agree. on labor force participation, i totally disagree with you. for the next 12 plus years we are going to continue setting record of the form the baby boomers are-- >> that's not true that's not true austan there are a lot of baby boomers who are not retired and are working. the tote board is going down because baby boomers are not
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retiring, they're working. the prior report was revised down by 60,000 and the labor force participation right is hitting lows not seen since 1977. >> continue to do that-- the labor force participation rate has prisonen pretty substantially. charles: it's a convenient narrative to say that it's just baby boomers you ap i both know. you can push google and two to three clips and they'll see the job participation for older americans has been higher and higher and they're coming back for economic reasons. younger people and younger adults who are not participating in this and that makes it frightening. >> you're taking data from the wrong year that's not described what happened in the last months. charles: austan you forget about the--
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>> as i've said and saying every month. they're way ahead of themselves saying it was such a great number and i said what i feel like is the economy is growing around 2 1/2% which is modern, not great and i think the jobs number is like that. charles: great to see you again. breaking news story that we're following, this is big out much d.c., a reported shooting in the navy yard in washington d.c. you're hooking at pictures. a major response a live update is next. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio.
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your enterprise more agile, borderless and secure. hp helps business move on all the possibilities of today. and stay ready for everything that is still to come. >> breaking news. the navy yard in d.c. is on lockdown, there's a massive police presence there. blake burman is on the scene. give us the update. >> i want to read something to you that comes from one of our producers and i'm going to quote a federal law enforcement source told fox that tactical units are
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searching for a possible shooter and responding to reports. and law enforcement are going through and are in trying to clear the entire-- i can add to that telling i just spoke with a person from the navy yard to tell us there is not even confirmation of a shooter at this point. so this is being treated as a potentially-- as a potential active shooter situation and the initial report from the federal level as well that we have been report on that this was an active shooter. from this point, from what we're hearing now, they're having trouble identifying whethers indeed a potential shooter or multiple shooters on scene. from what i can tell you in front of the navy yard several blocks are blocked off and helicopters are up in the air. multiple law enforcement and
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law enforcement agencies both visible and not visible around here and people who are trying to get into the navy yard as you might imagine simply cannot. and this is a major one here that's unfolding. >> is there a central command? because i'm trying to figure out, trying to get a sense, initially we had, you know a report of an active shooter, shots were heard, and now it feels like they're walking it back perhaps. is there confusion or maybe the central command is trying to massage this can we get an understanding why the message is a little mixed here? >> yeah that's a very good question, charles. i can tell you at least here on the ground this is such a massive scene that from what i've seen it doesn't appear to be one central areament i know some of us are here on one side and others are on the other and i'm on one side of the beef --
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of the navy yard. in some cases like this the information often swings in early and again, it's not like they necessarily might be walking this back they are just stressing at this point that they have not been able to identify a shooter. it doesn't necessarily mean that there isn't one on base. charles: we're working on getting your shot up and also perhaps when we come back how long this will take. i'm reading here that the washington navy yard 41 acres, this is a huge place. >> yeah it is. as we look around i mean it's just-- 41 acres sounds right, this is several blocks. charles: at least we have an amazing police presence outside and know what they're doing with respect to the sweeps.
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it looks like it's going to be slow, wrong, deliberate and an ongoing situation, perhaps a very dangerous situation. take care of yourself, blake. i'll get the shot and come back to you in a few moments. the other major story is greece. of course there's a vote over the weekend on a referendum. ashley webster has been out there from the beginning. ashley, give us the latest. >> yeah good morning to you, charles. an eerie quiet over athens today. we're in limbo. the greek people in limbo, politically in limbo and the eu negotiators say they're not going to talk anymore about the project reforms until after the referendum votes on sunday. here we are. what are we seeing on the street? long lines at the banks and people trying to get money out of the atm, 60 euro.
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some branches remained open for senior citizens to come in and get what out cash they can. and now there are reports in the agreeing newspaper that they're expecting a shortage food to start kicking in next week that's because greece imports and they don't have money to pay suppliers. there are authorities of meets, -- meats and rice and bean and a lot of people i've spoken to say i want to vote no. and the government says it's all about agreeing to reform and everyone else a referendum whether to stay in the euro or not. but the bank is closing and there's a footage shortage and it could have an impact on the
9:20 am
no vote. charles: i've got to tell you, they say even if they say okay to the demands of creditors, because they've waited so long a hume human crisis. we're watching the navy yard in d.c. we'll give you the latest "varney & company" will be right back.
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>> updating the breaking news out of washington d.c. the navy yard is on look down on confirmed reports that the shooter is on the site. traffic we'll follow it closely and keep you updated as soon as we learn more. now to the jobs report. adam, we had austan goolsbee on and you know his spin is 223,000 is a good number and it's modest and we're moving in the right direction. >> even though there's a participation rate, and uses the argument that we heard from janet yellen and the obama administration that the baby boom generation as it retires is naturally bringing down the participation rate, but what e-mack was pointing out and you
9:25 am
were pointing out to mr. goolsbee there's another statistic in the report and try to find it while we're talking about. people 55 and older in the job market and what we've seen since the recession is that number was grown and grown and grown it means that our parents are not retiring either number one, because they can't or number two-- >> i monitor these second to second because it's my primary source of a living and 55 plus participation rate has gone through the roof and the largest group is millennials. and guess what? they're the ones not in the job market and they give me the hard wrap and we'll follow up adam, but we're moments away from the opening bell. less than five minutes and the futures are slipping a little bit. i told maria don't be surprised if we're down over a hundred
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♪ ♪ ♪ (charge music) you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first. charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. >> breaking news we're following for you right now. you're looking at the scene of heavy police presence because the navy yard in washington d.c. is on lockdown. reports of a shooter are unconfirmed and of course the jobs report number a major
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headline. opening bell is just 15 minutes. once the numbers came out, there was a knee jerk and it might push the federal reserve out so much. we may get to a point in this rally where everybody would like to see our economy live up to the potential. we'll have an up move dow up 14 points. also before we get into the markets, i want to update the breaking news out of d.c. because blake burman is on the scene. are we going to go to blake? >> hi there, charles, you can see where we are just outside the navy yard several blocks away from the front of the gate here. behind me you can get a little bit of the picture hereof the presence. i want to update you with sensitive, but unclassified information sensitive and unclassified bulletin that was just announced and i'm quoting here, dhs, department of homeland security reports law enforcement authorities on the
9:31 am
scene have not confirmed the presence of an active shooter. there are no confirmed reports of injuries or fatalities. law enforcement will clear the building where the shooting was reported and occupants have been asked to shelter in place. as for that building what we were told was building 197 where that shooting was reported, the building 197 is where that the fatal shooting in 2013 took place, and killed 12 peel on the naval yard the oldest naval base in the u.s. i don't know if you can hear it a little bit. what we've been hearing are helicopters buzzing around low all over the navy yard. several helicopters here just kind of scoping the scene. it appears that a news conference is about to be set up. so we should be getting some more information here soon charles. charles: blake. did you see any evacuation process at all? i know it's relatively early, i
9:32 am
don't know how many people are actually going to work or leaving work. how is that? >> well that's a good point because this happened either reportedly happened tough for the time, but toward the 7:00 hour, early 8:00 hour when people would go going to work. haven't seen people being evacuated out, but we have spoken to people who are standing here trying to get in which is clearly not going to happen at least anytime soon here on this thursday a couple days before july 4th. as law enforcement from all over the country have been warning of potential incidents, remain vigilent. that of course at this point we can't say has anything to do with what might have happened here, but clearly, they are being very cautious by keeping everybody out charles. charles: we want to remind the audience, blake referred to a
9:33 am
shooting 2013 where 12 people were killed and that navy yard is 41 acres, they're going building to building and hopefully the best news possible. we'll find out soon. on the other big story, the markets job markets, stock markets, markets trading already so we're joined by adam shapiro and scott shellady is in chicago and matt on the set with us. scott start with you with the jobs report. your assessment? >> i don't think it's good at all. we hear the u.s. has the clinest shirt in the dirty laundry. i'm sick of comparing us to others in the world. i was an athlete and compared to myself. the 7th year of the so-called recovery are not good enough. we sit with a participation rate is lower. and in 1990, 20% of gdp was mafg jobs.
9:34 am
we can't build out a-- and would you likei'm waiting for around the corner. charles: the fact that 400,000 people jobs on the labor force, proves you're not the only one disgusted with this. >> i don't like the way things are going, retailer, bars and restaurants they're not high paying jobs. for the last three months you've added 223,000 jobs and 250,000. scott mentioned seven years in recovery and we should be trending the opposite way, that's concerning. charles: dickens, on the other end upper end, you've got the professionals, but on the retailer-- >> you seem to have people working heart time. 6 1/2 million.
9:35 am
these people want full-time jobs and aren't getting them. but the sfa tis particulars out and something that was on maria's show was it takes roughly seven to eight years to recover from a collapse like we experienced in 2008 and we're just end of that timeline. charles: and to his point we're not. 300,000 anecdotally. and so yeah at least that part of the report confirms your latest fears, that it's a double digit unemployment rate. ashley webster, an amazing job. big weekend coming up it's a nail-biter. what do we have going on in between now and sunday. >> you think that the economy is in the u.s. imagine in
9:36 am
greece, we'd be covering it. lines at the banks for people to get their money out. bigger picture issues constantine thank you for joining us and also it's a difficult time. how would you describe the situation in friess now? >> following four and a half years of big crisis economic crisis here in greece there was a point last september 2014 where the level of instability was coming back to our normal life, business life. because of the developments taking places we're back in the doldrums and we're fixing yet another economic, but also political crisis at the moment which i hope on sunday the issues will be resolved if we register a very strong yes vote, yes to our european identity and yes to remaining in the euro.
9:37 am
it thinks that we will begin to solve the problems that we have anecdoteal anecdotally. ashley: those problems are immense. why is there a fear on the streets and it's led by the current government. >> there is anger and that comes from the austerity measures and the debts that have been implemented. as we exit into that memberorandum memorandum. i can truly appreciate that it justified. at the moment i have 1.5 million fellow greek citizens that are out of a job and i think it's our duty to be able to maintain the business community and this morning the medium sized enterprises, 2 1/2 million people working in the private sector at the moment, but if we don't enhance growth
9:38 am
into the companies and business community. it would be for these people who found themselves out of a job to return back to the job market. ashley: right now we're seeing long lines at banks and people worried about not getting their money and food shortages kicking in my next week. >> spoken to the central bank allowing companies to transact with important supplies on the food sector and on the pharmaceutical sector to assure we will not have shortages as far as the food is concerned. it's not just the 10 million population. this is as far as tourism is concerned and primarily for tourism in greece. ashley: and there are out in front taking pictures and piem
9:39 am
people are coming to greece even though the situation is difficult. back to you. charles: and europe is arguing whether or not the europeans, certainly lower to the eu, but the problem is all the great greatness greatness connected to the-- what do you think. >> i think if it gets down between now and sunday. the greek people are going to wake up. they're seeing right now, grocery stores and food lines for gas, i think they'll wake up and it's gone on ten days and then focused back on the united states. charles: you both in you'll be a part of the eu and money in the atm. >> you know, it is an experienced leader not leading.
9:40 am
we've had people on fox business, a former prime minister from ireland is talking how austerity will work and the key is that the irish came up with their plan and submitted it. >> i said back in the throes of the meltdown ireland was the first one to bite the bullet and everyone should look at them. particularly with respect to our market and a cautionary sale. >> again, here we go into the weekend with another binary in our hand. they vote whether they want to stay in the euro or how the european union is going to handle the stress debtor nations and i think that's going to happen herement of a new way and policy to stress the nations, that's what it's going to be. charles: it's going to be historic. this u.s. department reached a
9:41 am
stop light deal with bp over the 2010 spill in the gulf of mexico. the total is 20. >> the stock is up over 4% not because they're paying out 20 billion, but it finalizes the claims, it goes to repair the damage in the gulf and the county is your rowing the golf. the wetland, the wild life and the ceo taking a look at that. it's evident how this dropped. 11 people died. you can see the bottom point. now this is basically the way to get rid of the uncertainty. charles: listen i know it's an ugly disaster, but it's a
9:42 am
golden goose opportunity. i tell you that's a whole lot of money. all right, real quick checking on the big board, dow is up 43 points. it's obviously a disappointing jobs report and we'll look at that next. we'll get the latest on the navy seal knock doub and we'll be there three minutes plus hillary clinton's secret war. you do not want to miss what judge andrew napitano had wrote. two streetlights. the only difference: that little blue thingy. you see it? that's a sensor. using ge software, the light can react to its environment- getting brighter only when it's needed.
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>> updating now, breaking news out of washington d.c. blake burman our man on the scene and peter barnes is at the white house. first to blake. are we closer to knowing what's going on there? is it authentic? is it a false alarm?
9:46 am
do we know that blake? >> we can tell you that police are interviewing according to sources who have told fox that police are interviewing the source of the 911 call. according to people that we've spoken to that call happened sometime toward the 7:00 hour, but it's important to note that even though they might be interviewing the person who made the 911 call earlier today. we don't know the conditions under how that is happening, if it's happening in person over the phone, under duress. the scenario involving that we don't know, but we can tell you according to sources that are telling fox now, that they have been in touch with the person who made the call to 911 today. one other thing, real quick, charles, our crews on the other side of the scene, which is where the helicopter activity is taking place right now, which is probably 4 to 5 blocks over my shoulder that crew reported a while ago they were
9:47 am
being pushed back and appears that's where the activity would be taking place, which is on the western portion, as you've pointed out, charles, of this more than 40 acre navy yard. >> thank you, blake. i want to go to you, peter. we've seen that particular scene and an amazing amount of response with respect to security. what about the white house, peter? >> it appears the security measures have been lifted bus because-- because as i look over my shoulder i see streams of tourists coming up to the white house fence to look at the building. earlier, during this incident security was heightened in the park and the pennsylvania avenue area closed off with yellow tape with limited access by government personnel and charles, back to you. charles: appreciate it. for years we have been talking about hillary clinton's
9:48 am
e-mails, her secret e-mails, but there may be more to the story now than we knew before. all rise judge andrew napitano, you had an article that connects some interesting and disturbing dots. >> yes, we work in teams here and in groups and i'm part of a number of groups and in working in tandem with sam brown with the serious executive producer and katherine heritage intelligence person, i was asked to review documents. 5 600 people they include an interview of an arms dealer and e-mail from the an arms dealer to members of congress and back and forth and the arms dealer and the state department back and forth. and i'm convinced and others there will be an fbn, the conspiracy existed between the president, mrs. clinton, and
9:49 am
congressional leaders from both parties in both houses other than the state department the treasury department and the justice department to get arms ripped to rebels in syria and in libya. and some of those rebels are members of organizations that are on the terror list and providing them with material assistance is a felony. so the arms dealers applied for and received permission from state and treasury lawfully to sell arms to the government of qatar and they lawfully did so. qatar then sold delivered, barttered or gave these arms to the terrorist organizations with the knowledge and consent of hillary-- hillary rodham clinton when she was secretary of state. charles: and allegations of members of congress hillary clinton so forth had any knowledge and culpableility they
9:50 am
were moved on to qatar. >> absolutely not. it's crystal clear from the documents we viewed and explained in the fbn special last weekend that only about a dozen, maybe fewer than a dozen members of congress, plus mrs. clinton and the president and a few people around each of them knew this, but they knew exactly where this was going. how does this unravel? chris stevens, the american ambassador to libya is assassinated using american weaponry that mrs. clinton illegally sold to terrorists in violation of american law. charles: the terrorists who received these weapons, why were they deemed to be okay even though officially we said no, these are bad guys why would they unofficially be deemed okay to get these weapons? >> i honestly think that from the e-mails that i saw, we didn't see all of them. god knows where all of her e-mails are. i think that she probably
9:51 am
thought that she could wage a private war and overthrow gadhafi, she succeeded in doing that, and created chaos, overthrow assad and take credit for it. it's been an unmitigated disaster and covered it up, but now it's starting to come out. charles: is there any money angle to this? because you talk about an arms dealer. >> money angle in the billions with a b sold. charles: personal gains to any of the americans involved? >> yes, including a former member of congress. charles: thank you we appreciate it. we'll bring you the latest on the d.c. navy lockdown. the news conference is expected anytime soon. also we're dealing with the stock market. we're up slightly, but you know listen it's not looking good. finally not looking good for the apple watch, not selling the way they said it would.
9:52 am
and we'll tell you the reason why that's surprising next. ltiple medications does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene available as an oral rinse toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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>> they say it's sacrilege, but one analyst cut his estimates on the apple watch. joining us now is christina warren with mashable. the hype was there and there were question marks.
9:56 am
now people are starting to pull back from enthusiasm. what's going on? >> a couple of things. first of all, before the watch hit the market there were these expectations around sales. i think some of the predictions might have been might have been out sized not that the watch didn't meet the hype. charles: in other words, it wasn't possible to reach, even if you're apple. >> exactly, exactly. i think it's important to note that the watch has only been available in apple stores the past two weeks. other than that you had to pre-order on-line. you've always been able to pick up the watch. i don't know what the demand issue is. >> far as the demand issues and getting it out on time. is there a backlog? what i've heard from people apple fans and enthusiasts, like geeks like yourself. it's a ball and chain or just
9:57 am
too complicated to use. >> there's definitely a user curve that is not with the main use page which hasn't what is that? >> there's something on the wrist, but there hasn't been a killer app yet. we're hoping when it's updated this fall that that killer watch does come out. >> and won't they be encountering the backlash i'm tired of constantly being in contact with everybody. >> you can look on your risk and-- >> there's a reason we put our phones in our back pockets. we've got an update from the navy yard. police are breaking down the scene right now. there are no victims found.
9:58 am
you can see they're setting up a press conference as well and we'll bring that to you. we'll be right back. e spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? super poligrip seals out more food particles. so your food won't get stuck and you can enjoy every single bite. eat loud, live loud, super poligrip. super poligrip holds your dentures tightly in place so you never have to hold back. laugh loud, live loud, super poligrip.
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10:00 am
>> updating that breaking news out of washington d.c. police breaking down that scene right now. no victims have been found, no suspicious activity. blake burman on the scene. now maybe we can determine this was a false alarm? blake is getting set up ready for the press conference. we'll bring the press conference and laboring -- and blake. >> there's always a spin on it we had austan goolsbee and this is what he had to say about it.
10:01 am
>> i don't think that we can sustain a rate of job creation that fast unless we can get the growth rate up higher than the modest rate that it's been. charles: all right. joining us now is former chief of staff former labor department paul conway. you know it's-- people who have intimate knowledge now the numbers work it bothers me when there's a disingenuous review of them based on ideology. if 400,000 came into the job market and the number was 300,000 and wages were up i would say it was a good number. would you break it down give us the honest to goodness what the heck is going on? >> i think the most important thing is the drop in labor force participation last month. the other thing to look at where are we now compared to 2014. >> there was a growth of per jobs, the average 208,000, the
10:02 am
down from last year 259,000. if you take the spin out of it and take a look at hard sectors here. we're at a historic high of those working part-time seeking full-time. and college graduate who are suck in jobs that don't pertain to their skill level. you look at the jobs create numbers. and you're barically scrapping by for the number. people going back to work is great. 223,000 jobs some are in bars restaurant and retail. not to knock those jobs, but those are the not the type of growth jobs you want to pull people off the side line and get americans back to work. charles: will some agree there's a new paradigm with respect to the america job force no longer manufacturing. we make the transition to the factory mechanized and maybe
10:03 am
this is the next step for the jobs, professional and coding and everything else. there's no middle ground or this is just is circumstance that evolved because of bad policy? >> i think it would be very pessimistic saying look we don't grow these jobs. i think it's defeatist. government has gotten in the way and muzzled down on the engine of american growth. which is ingenuity and grow and invest and take a risk. take a look at fully half the jobs are created by small businesses in america and when you take a look at aca, which is debated about the impact of it and the regulations that the administration is pushing forward for overtime we're tying up businesses and small businesses, with regulations by washington and pushing for it to grow. it doesn't make sense from a
10:04 am
policy standpoint. charles: whatever they're achieving they're achieving the on sit. no overtime fewer jobs. it's a debacle. thanks a lot, paul appreciate it. you hashed it out really well. charles: now we want to get back to blake burman in washington d.c. at that navy yard. from what we hear no victims have been found and according to the news and police conference. flesh this out for us why the false alarm? >> well also to add to that charles a federal law enforcement official tells fox that the all clear has been given here at the navy yard in washington d.c. it's been a frantic two hours. we could tell you that law enforcement has been in touch with the person who called 911 earlier today. the circumstances surrounding an all of this what brought dozens if not hundreds of law
10:05 am
enforcement officials a massive presence here the circumstances around that still remain unclear. there is a news conference that is expected to happen any moment now, but frantic was the word i've used. that's what it's been for two hours now, the all clear has been given and we'll start to find out exactly what happened here to lock down the navy yard for more than two hours here in washington d.c. charles. >> and you know some people who may say look this looks like a serious mess overreaction to a 911 call. let's not forget whoever made that call knew that september of 2013 there was a mass killing shooting in that very building and they probably knew about this and knew that obviously any call from there would be sort of one that would spark an immediate response, but to say it's from the same building, obviously they got the response they got. >> most certainly, charles. since that september 2013 shooting that killed 12 people
10:06 am
here and injured many more the security presence of getting inside the navy yard have been stepped up. i was told there's now a two step verification i.d. process and they've clamped down on contractors and now this-- charles we've been given the all clear, certainly the ending everybody wanted. charles: thanks blake. we appreciate it and we'll see you soon. let's check the big board guys. we've vacillated back and forth, but we're somewhat drifting. i think this market could be in trouble before the session is over. again we just spoke to former labor department official about his disappointment with the jobs number. on top of that other big news for you. the largest settlement in u.s. history. saying it's reached a settlement agreement with bp over the gulf of mexico oil spill and it's 18.7 billion
10:07 am
dollars settlement. and the testimony says that the deliveries rose 5 #% in the second quarter. that would be a new record for the company and that stock has been on fire up another 2%. on the other end of the spectrum aeropostale. and they did sign in india and indonesia. it's 1.84 stock and maybe revise their fortunately. i pa pal says they would buy a transfer advisor for 890 million. take a look at ebay. the street likes the fact they're doing this up 1% for the session. we're going back to ashley webster. please give us the latest yeah, kind of interesting, we've just had word that there's going to be two competing rallies tomorrow night friday night, 7:30 p.m. local time.
10:08 am
it certainly suggests an interesting evening here. the yes supporters will be next to the no vote supporters in front of the building. i would say that's a recipe for fireworks. we'll see what happens. passions are running by on both sides and a poll shows that the yes vote was up 47-43%. some people say it was released early by mistake and we don't know what that means, if it was that inaccurate, but as always with everything in greece it's confusing, including the vote itself. from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and no one will be able to vote by mail or absentee ballot and there's not enough time and people have to vote at the place they're registered and normally that's your birthplace, not each certainly can afford to get to their birthplace to actually vote. there are lots of problems and
10:09 am
questions about the referendum itself, whether it's clear to the voters. so, as we keep saying chaos rules in greece. so it will be interesting to see how it turns out. >> although we did see one euro. ing out there. we'll be back shortly. other headlines and lauren sigh nonetty has this. >> are you ready for the barbecue cookout? things are up 16% this year because of growing demand around the world. whole foods is apologizing for overcharging customers for years in a video posted to youtube. these executives are still to rectify the errors. if you see an item let them know you'll get it free. >> consumers affairs was investigating the company for mislabeling some pre packaged
10:10 am
food. >> some coffee is cheaper. and cutting prices for most of the coffee including folgers and dunkin' donuts. ap prices go down 6% and we don't often tell you that because because. and we'll see if kraft, maxwell house green mountain say the time. charles: it goes up for over a hundred years and one month it goes down. i remember this guy, and we had so much fun with him. bathtub jeff remember with the hot tub and two wine glasses. he was at the center over the scandal of lavish spending of taxpayer money, he's been sentenced to three months in prison for inflating his expenses. >> it was $8,000 that he pled guilty on one count of a false
10:11 am
money claim. and the other issue, the conference that gsa was throwing, he retired and he gets his pension and benefits. it's $10,000 out of his pocket and on with the rest of his life. he does spend three months in jail. and non, i think it's ridiculous. >> you know, it's certainly a topic for discussion congress keeps their pensions after they admit to doing something and it's an issue. charles: thanks a lot. a new government report on most of the lowest earnings. we're going to get the details after the break. >> on the advice of my counsel i respectfully exercise my fifth amendment right and
10:12 am
decline to answer that question. you wouldn't order szechuan without checking the spice level. it really opens the passages. waiter. water. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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10:15 am
>> now to mortgage rates. freddie mac 30 year at 4.08 up from 4.02 the week before. here to talk about it all is jason misener. we saw a blip in the housing market, some better numbers and new home sales and existing home sales. and some point to the jump in mortgage rates and some have a sense of urgency. some say this is short-term and-- >> we've been eight years since the housing crisis and still, we have 8 million home owners underwater. 4 million of those are well below, you know way below underwater owe more than 20 pest of their mortgage on house. >> the housing market is bifurcated. a lot have come back and people have more home equity than they
10:16 am
did before. so there comes a time. what about who is buying. first time buyers starting to edge up. nowhere here the 40% level where it needs to be, but it's above 30%. >> and all cash buyers investors are less than 25% of sales so the owner-occupants are starting to get into the homes and rates have been at historic lows for five years, that's the problem. we've inflated values and home prices and future home sales, it's not austinable. in manhattan the average condo 1.87 million dollars. charles: i would short a condo in mississippi than in manhattan. it's not a reflection of
10:17 am
america, but a lot of arabic buyers and chinese buyers. >> you have huge sales at the very high end of the market. and we're in the middle in new york city and the rest of the country. new york city is very frothy right now. land prices in new york city and san francisco and miami, they're through the roof. so developers can't make money unless they're selling uberluxury condominiums. >> and i've read that some people who live in new york rent, live in a shoe box and they never go to the muse seems, don't go to the opera. what the hell do you want to go and party, and they're training everybody. >> those are through the roof. >> the highest jump was jackson mississippi why i brought it up. we've got a serious rent issue here and it's only going to get. charles: i am worried about
10:18 am
people in this trap you move out of your mom's basement you get married and the rent is going up. and you're never gog it get in a house. >> and those policies that we've had, created the crisis. so, what's wrong with renting. why do we have a problem with that. i know a lot of people who bought a house for 23,000 dollars and several years later sold it for over 100,000 and put their kids in college. >> people were buying homes they couldn't afford. and pushed it well above the 1990's. and some sense there's a correction coming and it would be more affordable. maria: i agree they went up too fast. thanks, jason. charles: a pleasure having you
10:19 am
on. we had an expert come on laid back and plays around with the great white sharks golly, look at the shark attacks off the north carolina coast and the number's going up and up and up. and he said don't worry about it, it will be cool. guess what happened? i'm dan badging his leg and adam, people blame the fishing boats and the global warming. what the heck is going on? >> sharks are hungry you know? who knows. charles: weren't they hungry ten years ago and-- >> are there truly more shark attacks or you, know cases of sharks biting human, right now than any different year. did anybody-- i don't know what the true number is. to bliem is on global warming,
10:20 am
i am-- i've been afraid of swimming after my brother grabbed my leg hike jaws and i've been scared of sharks. charles: speaking of which, the fourth of july barbecue will cost you more money. the price of steaks have gone through the roof. jeff flock is at one of the top steakhouses. we'll have him right after the break.
10:21 am
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10:24 am
now and the price of beef continues to go through the roof. man that looks good! >> i know isn't your mouth watering? chicago cut steakhouse beef prices have gone through the roof. and currently the most sell-- celebrated restaurant. this is a chicago cut. and from nebraska-- >> i'd love to see what that looks likes. . people don't seem to care. this is how it does? >> sea salt and pepper and that's all we put on our steak. we put it on a 1800 degree oven. >> people don't care. >> the american dream to find the best of the best and people are willing to save up more money and have the best rather
10:25 am
than eat mid grade. >> there are bargains out there and i want to show you what it looks like after. that's the before take a look at the after. that's not really going to be a bargain for you, but maybe i tell you if you're thinking of value it's a bargain. there are some out there, prices for pork aren't bad, potatoes not so bad. there are bargains, but people don't seem to care about the bargains. >> no, i mean you know we have this american dream of searching quality, if you think about it. that's what we're trying to do is here a cut and finding the guests of america they're willing to pay more for it. >> and i sure would love a slight taste of that if possible. okay let's dry one of those, that's rare isn't that a beauty? baby! charles you're missing it. charles: oh i've got to live vicariously through you on this
10:26 am
one my man. thanks a lot. as the flag burning protest was here in brooklyn days before we celebrate our country's day. and someone tried to stop it. more varney after this.
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
. charles: an update on the breaking news out of washington d.c., the navy yards were on lock down they really morning. after reports said a shooter was on the loose. now being reported as a false alarm. the ap reporting there were no shots fired and there's no evidence of a shooting. no arrests or weapon has been found. the dc metro police chief is set to hold a news conference shortly. we're going to bring it to you live as it happens. right now though, let's check on the big board trading on a
10:30 am
very narrow range. up as many as 55 points or so, but we're starting to drift as wall street digests those ugly jobs reports. and let's look at oil very narrow trading range and let's take a look at gold. gold started the week off fantastic, remember that news out of greece when people thought maybe holding gold was that trigger ever since it's been drifting a lot lower. and the flight to safety aspect sort of fated away a little bit but as you can see right now it's range bound 2.83%, i think that makes everyone feel comfortable. and gasoline prices up $2.76 and now we've got to go back to ashley webster he's been doing amazing work out of athens. ashley. >> yeah., charles, thank you. well it's rather quiet early quiet, we're not getting all
10:31 am
the headlines and the twists and turns that we've been fog hour by hour because the eu creditors said, look, we're not going to talk to you until after the july 5 referendum this sunday, so what we have now is the campaign starting to ramp up, those in the "yes" camp and those in the "no" camp, of course the "no" camp is being led by prime minister and he has a tv commercial saying vote for "yes" means bad for greece, so he's not pulling his punches. although other side relevant other sade they're saying if you vote "no" you are dropping out of the euro, so a lot of fireworks on the political front. we've also found to outta that tomorrow night at 7:30 p.m. local time, there's going to be two rallies a pro and against rally side by sigh in front of the greek parliament
10:32 am
building, so that's going to be good indeed as the tension starts to ramp up and of course the banks are still closed people are having trouble getting ahold of their money and there could be some food shortages that will start to kick in early next week. so the squeeze is on, charles and i have a feeling the "yes" vote will win but i don't think it's going to make a whole heck of a lot of difference for the average greek who is trying to get by day by day . charles: yeah, wow. great stuff. thank you ashley, appreciate it. and now this. a group of new york activist burning the american flag in a park in brooklyn. joining me now fox news radio host todd. and, todd, you were at the event, did you try to stop it? >> i wish had a garden hoes hose but we don't have grass where i live, and a lot of arn arckist showed up and wanted to burn the flag, and man
10:33 am
brooklyn has a lot of patriot receipts, one of my favorites a can couple of guys out of the central casting for the godfather two but instead of packing heat, they were packing these giant super soakers, and he said i've got a patriotic duty to stop them. and that's exactly what they did. they burned one flag, one of the protesters took it off of the grill that they were burning it on and they scattered like cockroaches . charles: it was staged, it was advertised, how many anarchists were there? was it a large enough number that we should be worried. >> no. i don't think we have anything that should be worried. they said 100 were going to show up, but only just a handle handful did, the motorcycle force showed up and they were quite a scene as they showed up through brooklyn. they were a peen in their
10:34 am
wheaties . charles: and that's why they ran like cockroaches huh? >> yeah. charles: it's one to thing burn a flag, it's another to stand up to a whole bunch of patriotic bikers. >> when i saw that, i thought there isn't going to be any burning today. . charles: i wonder what would happen in manhattan maybe the crowds would be larger. but just the idea that so many people don't appreciate this one can you know. even if it's just a handful it's a handful too many. >> you know,ic you're right and, again, it goes back to this idea that the big cities think of you know, the so-called fly over states that we're the anomalies and i don't think that's the case, and i think a lot of patriots live like you said in brooklyn and parts of the city, and it was exciting for those guys to come out and stand up for the flag and say you know what? you're not going to do this in our neighborhood, and this was a very diverse crowd that was opposed to this crowd burning. something you would probably not sees see on the national news .
10:35 am
charles: and here's another thing. the idea that people take for granted their freedoms, particularly in new york. these late sipping lunch going, you're sitting somewhere in a restaurant that costs you $700 for four people and you are disparaging the people who got you there and what it takes to keep you there. >> my neighborhood, very liberal, they're the late sippers that you talked about about six months ago the vegetarians opened the barbecue restaurant, . charles: what is it? >> dinosaur barbecue. >> it scared the . charles: bring let you go, the gop thing. >> yeah. charles: 24 i guess, i don't know. i lost track how many candidates but listen a lot of candidates. donald trump he's making headways, he's going up in the polls, but so are his unfavorables. ultimately is he going to help or hurt the cause of the gop?
10:36 am
>> well, right now i think he's helping and here's the reason why. he's saying that things other candidates are not saying and those words are resonating with the american people. they want someone, they want that candidate to talk about what's happened with all those illegals coming and over committing crimes in this country. very disappointed that the public but, you know, they understand what he's saying, and they want someone to man up and talk the talk without worrying about the consequences . charles: although the consequences are double-edged sword. >> that's true . charles: to say that all the illegals that are coming in here on rapists or to even hint it, i don't think donald trump is racist. i don't know why -- i don't want my president to be stubborn and we have a stubborn one already and that's hurting the country. i don't know why he doesn't say i was speaking without a teleprompterrer, and i don't think all mexicans are all
10:37 am
illegals are rapists. >> when you look at the numbers, 80 some odd thousand crimes committed by illegals that they were able to captured. most of those folks came from mexico. so look, i think he has an argument there. did he say all? i don't think he said all, . charles: should he clarify it though? >> maybe he should clarify it, i think the average american they're hearing what he's saying. and at the end of the day here's what they're looking at. how many jobs has donald trump created, and how many jobs has jeb bush created? . charles: but jeb bush is out polling him. is that somewhat baffling to you? >> it is. but i think the big voting block that's up for grabs the christian vote, 90 million of them staled staid home, whichever can't can get those outer during the polls with, that's going to be your gay or
10:38 am
gal . charles: should we base the all americans. >> well, i think it should but -- charles: wouldn't economic policies shouldn't it benefit all americans? >> absolutely. >> . charles: shouldn't foreign policy -- why do we hear about the base all the time when the base is the american citizen. >> that's a great question. when you see, for example obama trade what our leadership did, what about the american working man? who is lacking out . charles: sure. i feel it's established versus the rest of us. >> i do . charles: and the rest of us is everybody, every color stripe or religion be or nonreligion, the establishment keeps their pot of money and keep us from fighting with each other. >> agreed . charles: i want some of that barbecue, bring me a rib or something. all right. yid now time for a report and whether airlines are colluding to slow their growth in order to keep airfare hires we're talking southwest, united, they were confirmed they were contacted
10:39 am
by the justice department in regard to this antitrust their shares were down last night, but now they're up. and new reports that the united states government blocking from arming who were battling isis and really admirable fight. we're going to have more on that after the break but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
10:40 am
you wouldn't take medicine without checking the side effects. hey honey. huh. the good news is my hypertension is gone. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. >> i'm nicole with your fox business brief, and right now the dow jones industrial up
10:41 am
about 5 points and the s&p small gain there up almost one point and the nasdaq down six and a half, and from the feature from this morning to mow, we had a jobs report a little bit weaker than expected. and let's take a look at some of the dow movers, intel walmart, nike, kneel also a winner but as you see some win i recognize hebrew, you should note that this is a losing week for the wall street on the dow and the s&p. and let's take a look at tesla. looking at tesla in particular, year to date up over 20% today up 2% as they've had more deliveries of their model s. and western union well, following the paypal deal, we're seeing western union down five and a half%. more "varney & company" coming up
10:42 am
10:43 am
charles: and now to this. the united states has reportedly blocked any attempts by middle east allies to fly weapons to fighters who are fighting gneisses iraq. joining us now is former israeli combat pilot and officer kyle keenan. you know i've watched these fighters particularly in kabani, and my respect level for them and what they've been able to do and fighting back
10:44 am
and keeping isis at bay is just -- it's through the roof. and it baffles me as to why we're not helping them. >> right. well, i agree with that charles. yeah, i said there's a small issue and a big issue. the small issue is really around the legality of arming nonstate actors . charles: how do they get armed? one day isis pops up and they've got every weapon in the world. how do they get armed? if the bad guys can get everything under the sun, we need to figure out a way around these legalities to help out the good guys. >> i agree 100%. right now it's the central government in iraq, which is not a good conduit, i think that's the smaller issue though. i think there's a general consensus on the value of arming. the bigger issue is that the middle east is really dividing now along lines that are new to us. and the lines are pretty simple, you know? it's a complicated situation in general, but the lines are simple. it's chaos versus order. that's what the middle east is
10:45 am
about today. and i don't think -- i don't think we have consensus on that . charles: but don't they fall against the line that's not new? that's really, really ol'? we go back to the death of muhammad and no clear successor? >> well, big part of it, it's not the only dividing line in the middle east. i think chaos in order today is probably -- and i agree with you. we have to kind of -- charles: are we creating strange bedfellows? we look at saudi arabia and yemen, and it feels like -- one sector versus another but are there partnerships and strange that are making it chaotic? >> the middle east is complex in chaotic, that's for sure. i think we could be doing much better job . charles: on you? >> first we need to see who is an aleye and who is not that chaos and order and chaos being iran as a backer of hamas, the hutu revel and
10:46 am
order. we have established that . charles: i'm going to ask you about not that i know moment with nuclear. >> sure. charles: but really quickly have we done a bad job of getting rid of the wrong bad guys? you know, the strong men in libya and instinct would it having been to have hussein? and in hindsight rather than the chaos we're seeing now. >> i think that's probably true. i much more what do we do now? . charles: sure but we need to know that because we need may need to make different decisions -- charles: well, do we ring this nuclear deal, i don't know why we have deadlines anymore it's a joke. we know the white house wants to have a deal done, and iran does too and they're using it to their advantage. >> i agree with that. this is a bad deal for the world. it's a bad deal for china japan, or anybody who imports middle east oil today. it is a bad deal.
10:47 am
there will be a nuclear arms race in the middle east. that is -- in fact, i think it's already begun, and i think the implications for energy prices long term can be quite disastrous . charles: what about the the complications for man kidney? i think that might be more pressing than -- you know, it's ill we're talking about winner nukes. i simply don't trust them. whenever we cut the deal, we begin the official count down to them getting a nuke. >> i think that's fair. and once you lift sanctions that's a one-way street . charles: any way around it? >> you know, this administration decided to, i think there are ways around it, which is keep the sanctions up. it's not a military confrontation, . charles: thank you. >> thank you . charles: now to something just a little bit different. does your start up name smart mouth as they've developed a wireless mouth guard that says it can help prevent heatstroke with athletes of all ages. it does more than just protect
10:48 am
your teeth it measures your hydration and then sends its data dat to a tablet on the sidelines. joining us now is cofounder. sounds like a very, very intriguing deal here. but what i see is a lot of the athletes take it in and out will that impede the ability of it to get a sustained stream of data to send to these tablets? >> no. there's technology embedded within the mouth guard that will help us to establish baseline data and track that currently throughout the use of the data whether it be training or in competition. . charles: so who are your -- have you sold any of these yet? >> no, sir. we will actually be testing the viability of the product and crowd funding on indy go-go it's gull 14th. >> it's a great idea what you're doing. >> thank you. >> because there are reports in august when the high school
10:49 am
football teams they're going to two adays there's almost every year a tragedy in which a young player becomes dehide the and suffers sunstroke. when did you get the idea to create this? >> sure. so the origin separation came just a few seasons back. great basketball fan. watched one of my favorite athletes dehydrate join the finals, lost game time, and certainly that started the wheels spinning if you will, watched him be carried off the court in pain, the first thing he did once he suffered the muscle spasms and cramped up and took his mouth guard out. and i started to think maybe we have the answer to the question how to avoid this thing right underneath our noses . charles: that was really inspirational moment. are you talking about lebron james? >> absolutely . charles: okay. well, you know what? you might have to do more than a mouth guard you might have to help if he's ever going to win a championship.
10:50 am
>> oh, wow . charles: i'm not dissing him he just needs some help. but congratulations and woo we'll bring you back as you raise money and discuss this further because i think you're onto a big winner here. >> thank you so much . charles: well, . charles: all right. >> we'll see you again soon. a new tact is going into effect in oregon, the more you drive, the more you're going to have to pay. details on this because it could go national
10:51 am
this allergy season, will you be a sound sleeper, or a mouth breather. well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicines alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right. push your enterprise and you can move the world. but to get from the old way to the new you'll need the right it infrastructure. from a partner who knows how to make your enterprise more agile, borderless and secure. hp helps business move on all the possibilities of today. and stay ready for everything that is still to come.
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>> drivers watch out states have been looking to change the way they tax your driving and oregon is the first state to charge by the mile. and dab springer joins us with the details and is this going over well with drivers? >> well, we'll have to wait and see adam. the program just kicked off yesterday. it is the first pay by the mile system in the country. but i've got to it you will. already oregon officials who want to change how everyone pays for the road. 5,000 volunteers if they can get that many will have a small device installed underneath their steering wheel. it will track their driving and charge their credit card a penalties for every mile driving. hybrid vehicles have left the gas tax flat and not able to keep one-page road and bridge my name is needs. oregon was the first to have the tax way back in 1919.
10:55 am
it's now 30 cents a collateral gallon. but as cars become more fuel-efficient the tax is less. >> i've been reloading on the highways now for 20 years driving electronic cars or hybrid cars getting at least 40 miles to a gallon, so i haven't been paying my share and i really think i should be paying my share. >> that guy wants to pay more. oregon has been studying a tax by the mile system for 15 years, but its not alone. some other states are in development. other states will be watching oregon closely now. and there are concerns. one is cost, the gas tax is easy to collect, but the oregon vendors will chew up, get this. 40% of what's collected. some worry about the big incentives for buying hybrid and electronic cars and then there's the big fear of big brother and the further loss of privacy. >> put a gps monitor in everybody's car the government already knows too much about us as it is.
10:56 am
>> some also see this as being anticar. trying to get people out of their cars and onto bikes or into public transportation. we'll have to see how that works out. right now it is voluntary as i said but most expect it to be mandatory in the near future. and as i said, some people want to see this go nationwide. >> thank you very much, dan we'll keep an eye on it. in other news a full two hours of "varney & company." here are the highlights. >> you need about one to one and a half million jobs a year to replace the populous. so we're running at a rate that's about double that. now, i don't think we can sustain a rate of job creation that fast unless we can get the growth rate up hire than the modest rates that its been. on that, we agree. on labor force participation i totally disagree with you. for the next 12 plus years we're going to continue setting records of the form, the labor force participation rate is the lowest since blank. and that's because the baby
10:57 am
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charles: let's kick off hour three of varney with the following stories. first we've got to talk about the jobs report. the biggest data point of any given month. unfortunately, it was lackluster at best. take a look at the markets. the dow's up just 12 points because of that. don't forget we've got the really big vote in greece over the weekend. the question is will the voters there finally -- i won't say embrace austerity just accept it. a lot of people like that it will, that's why it's a to say up. and of course fourth of july weekend, time to get out the grill, and celebrate the greatest day on this country on this god-given earth. hour three of varney company starts right now. ♪ ♪ charles: first an update on breaking news out of washington d.c. earlier this
11:01 am
morning the navy yard was on total lock down after reports that a shooter was on the loose. it looks like it was a false alarm. officials say there were no shots fired and no evidence of a shooting. no arrests have been made, no weapons have been found. we are though, waiting to hear from washington d.c.'s mayor and police chief tom sullivan is with me. all right tom there was a massive police response to this thing. >> yeah. charles: and i think it was justified considering the events that happened there in 2013. >> i don't at all. and you and i rarely disagree, charles. but this one, i saw it two years ago, and i saw it now. it's like the -- when i was a highway patrolman, i had an old sergeant that said you don't need 12 police cars to chase one guy because all you're going to do is crash into each other. you can get an overreaction. one is we have one of our reporters said there were five blocks of four cross police cars hundreds of police officers all boxed into that
11:02 am
one area. what if something happened down the street around the corner on the other side of town? was that a dupe to get them in to do that sort of thing. that's a question where you have to have the strategy . charles: right. >> and they've got so many police agencies in dc, everybody wanted to chase the ball if you will. >> sure i do worry about that, who is in command, who is in control, but two things. 201312 people were murdered at this very same building alleged in the 9-1-1 call that these shots were fired on. and we just saw a three-week manhunt for two escaped prisoners who evaded law enforcement officials night and day and rain. so if they can do that, perhaps we will err on the side of caution. >> not only do you have -- i don't think that's the case of today, but you also have the case of you can now collect a whole bunch of police officers in there if you really want to damage and kill a lot of
11:03 am
police officers. that's the way to do it is collect them. i think you need to have more of a strategic way of approaching these things and the problem is i don't know with all the police agencies they have in dc . charles: right. >> are they coordinating? they need to have a . charles: i am worried about that. >> smart response . charles: yeah, i guess maybe you and i go back far enough, we remember they were called s.w.a.t., at least on the tv show and it would all work out. >> yeah. charles: i want to take a look 2016. looming larger and larger every single day. now we have the addition of chris christie. look at that board right there. that's your gop field it's ballooned to a wopping 14 connedders a couple of that donald trump taking the headlines if you will, good and bad. and you've got to wonder is the gop maybe its perhaps worst enemy right now? well let's ask the guy who knows better than anyone. wall street journal dan hen ger. i have a feeling that hillary clinton is sitting back eating
11:04 am
bonbons. >> as she's worried about bernie sanders . charles: she should be worried about bernie, no one is not saying that any one of these persons are not qualified. i think they all have great résumés, but is it so bad in a something can happen. >> it's possible that something bad can happen, but i think the gop field is going to be the survival of the fittest, and once annuity debate, it gets closer to the iowa and the new hampshire primaries, the field is going to thin out. at the moment you have a lot of people saying interesting things. chris christie has put out four white papers on taxes foreign policy, entitlement to education, bobby very serious person as are the others. so i think the republican electorate is at least getting a set of ideas and individuals to think about . charles: is there maybe a -- not necessarily formal agreement but a wink and a nod that too had it time we won't destroy each other because
11:05 am
with this many people it means the darwinian process is going to take longer to take out and it's using the general election. >> yeah. i think so. i mean they will compete on the basis of policy and maybe experience as well saying something about the fact that marco rubio is a freshman senator, he's very young. but i don't think it's going to get into the level of attacks that we saw in the 2012 primaries . charles: the same applies to donald trump who's initial announcement took a shot across the -- at some of these names of the gop rivals. >> you know, the day of his announcement, i saw him interviewed by bill o'reilly, and o'reilly asked him over and over, are you going to go into that debate and blow it up. and trump kept saying, no, i won't. i think donald trump in a way is basically ruining the issue of immigration as an issue for these candidates. he's making it so hot to handle that those like huckabee and walker that want to talk about it i think are
11:06 am
going to have to back off and those who are not going to step away from the issue like jeb bush and marco rubio are going to end up with the positions and very interesting to me, charles that in these polls, jeb bush sits there . charles: right. >> in the number one spot no matter who shows up. . charles: and he's not saying a lot either. there's a lot of slings in his direction, but he's not counting relevant counterpunching or anything yet. >> well, he's not shaving his positions. he's sticking. and it looks like a lot of people like that . charles: dan you're going to be a busy guy. so i hope you get a good fourth of july. but for now you're not going anywhere. i want you to stay here. but i do want to check the big board, because i i said the market is going to end today negative, it was up 57 at the time and now we're in the red. we've got some headlines for you in the imf where they're saying there's a considerable downside risk to the greek economy, which i don't even know if that's news. but they do say that this country needs 50 billion euros of new financing from october
11:07 am
through -- from october through 2018. want to stay on greece, guys. we're going to talk with dan here on greece. okay. dan, that was a nonsense thing, i mean we had a report out from bank of america that this even if they signed even if they say "yes" to the referendum on sunday, to get everything back in place and get the money flowing back, we could have the humanitarian crisis between now and september. >> there's no question about it. and what if the referendum is very close on sunday? how much is that going to resolve politically? by now we've reached the point that everyone understand what greece has to do. they have to undertake these structural reforms. the government is reducing to do that. and greeks are getting no . charles: o sympathy across the board that we are poorer than greece, we have made the reforms necessary to turn the economy around, they should not be turning their economy around. so the greeks are in a very
11:08 am
tough spot . charles: they are but it's hard to argue that they have not used up all of their goodwill with all of their european neighbors. >> the european simply can't step back on this because otherwise it creates moral hazard. which is if the greeks can act irresponsible like that, what will happen in places like italy and portugal? if the italian politicians think the greeks can get away with it, the pressure will be off them to take steps . charles: right. >> and italy will be ten times bigger problem . charles: what do you think they're going to vote. >> i think they're going to vote to stay in the euro zone because they are hurting right now . charles: and every day it gets worse. thank you appreciate it. >> thank you . charles: have you ever wondered why fuel prices are dropping and airline prices are going up? maybe it's not a coincidence the nation largest airlines are colluding working with each other to keep those fairs high. tom sullivan is here to help us hash it out.
11:09 am
i've got to say i think the airlines should be allowed to clued because that's when they were going out of business; right? and i said it partly tongue and cheek but maybe they are. it feels like it. >> it was longer than ten years ago, but they used to be regulated on price where they did have everything all blessed by the government. so their fuel prices go down, they make more money and the government is saying that there's a problem here. this is like investing the oil companies when oil prices go up. it's the same sort of thing. now, remember the government is the one who said to them we are proving your mergers. more consolidation? charles: sure. >> the government is the one who says through air traffic control we want you to fly less congested routes and right now it affects a lot of the country. but right here in new york jfk airport is undergoing runway construction. so they've asked the airlines to cut back on the number of flights going in and out of new york. so you have fewer flights more people, i thought
11:10 am
economics 101 was though, when the demand was up and there was fewer of them, the price goes up. so i'm not surprised by this. why is it they have such trouble trying to do basic economics? . charles: i guess what people are thinking if you would go back to 9/11 and fuel was higher and they started saying we want to add this fuel charge as a temporary measure. >> right. charles: i feel like a lot of people didn't think it went away, and then they wanted to do the bag as a temporary thing, demanding away, and then if you want to change your flight, it's going to cost you a whole lot of money. so they've got billions of dollars of revenue coming in that they said would be temporary, and that's an issue between them and the customers, but you can see why the public. >> i understand. and the problem is i can hear the people right now going but but but. but you can't change because delta is the same price as united and they're really not. if you go, you go onto some of these places that you can shop for airline fairs they're all over the map. so i don't understand -- i
11:11 am
don't understand colluding. but i go back to the government is going to investigate them after they said . charles: right. >> four airlines can control 80% of the airline market? >> they're allowed console indication. you're right. great point . charles: lawmakers putting the pressure on social media sites to turn over to anyone who posted terrorist messages. judge napolitano back with more important stuff people with type 2 diabetes come from all walks of life. if you have high blood sugar ask your doctor about farxiga. it's a different kind of medicine that works by removing some sugar from your body. along with diet and exercise farxiga helps lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes.
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like that . charles: groups taking to social media like never before lawmakers orchids legislation that would require social media outlets like facebook or twitter to respect messages. so you would say a good idea but is it legal? judge napolitano back with us. i know we always get into the first amendment that little funny thing that starts off all these different rules. but could they say could we do something to help identify
11:15 am
these guys? >> okay. the question that you asked in the intro is it legal, the answer is if congress enacts it and the president signs it into law it will be legal. the real question is is it constitutional. i'm chuckling because who you know normally sits in the chair and he doesn't know the constitution so. [laughter] i'll hear it because he's somewhere. . charles: but to varney varney's point he would tell you he's looking out for the safety of all americans. >> right. and that's a good statement that appeals to most americans. the law prohibits the government from interfering with speech, it prohibits the government from compelling speech. which is why if you see a crime committed on a street corner, you see a guy running out of a bank with a gun in the hand and a sack, you do not have the obligation to report that to the police.
11:16 am
so if you are running facebook and you see some kind of threat, do you have that obligation? if you do, that would violate transitional first amendment principles that the government can't force speech. that's the constitution argument . charles: right. >> if i may the political argument. in east germany the old east germany where it was a crime not to report a crime the most frequently prosecuted crime was? failure to report . charles: right. >> that resulted in what? tremendous false reports and that messed up the security state. a was b was reporting on b and c was reporting on a. . charles: so even though we're not compelled necessarily to report a crime, is it an option if we would like to. >> absolutely . charles: so facebook says we want to be good corporate citizens hey, had you not we add some algorithms. >> well, if facebook tells you, they have to tell you before you sign up . charles: they have to let the
11:17 am
customer know if there is a competitor with facebook . charles: so if you're a terrorist, we may be looking to hunt you down able to see help the government to hunt you down. >> can they do that and say that? absolutely because that changes the relationship. >> but, judge here's the problem, dennis asked him about the $10,000 cash rule at the bank. you bring $10,000 into the bank this afternoon which i will you will from your pocket change, and you deposit that, the bank has to write a little note to the government and tell them that judge napolitano just dropped in $10,000 again. >> you're exactly right and that's a great point. and the answer to that is the government three points banks differently because the government has been regulating banks since 1971 and we have a tradition of regulating federally charted banks. that is forced speech, and it is contrary to the supreme court's juris prudence on it, and it shouldn't in my view, but it does to regulate the banking system .
11:18 am
charles: all right. great question. i thought you had him. >> i know. >> the whole thing is interesting because you know who is against this? the guy who has to sign it into law. the president is against this. why a senate committee is even going to send it to him, i don't know. >> uncle it's some political thing but republicans want to sound tougher . charles: isis putting out 100,000 messages a day helping to radicalize westerners around the world, i think we can stop them if we use algorithms or at least identify them. >> i don't want to ruin your fourth of july weekend but e-mails encouraging people to join isis? protected speech . charles: i hear you. >> protected speech clear. clearly protected under the first amendment. burning a flag, protected speech . charles: judge, have a great weekend. >> i'll be back . charles: gerri willis is here with us, and you've been updating us, and it seems like every day the plot thickens a little bit more.
11:19 am
>> absolutely . so where are we here? it's the day before the big holiday weekend; right? so what's going to happen sometime today it's expected that the treasury inspector general is going to release this big report on lois and tell us whether the irs did something illegal criminal, in holding back information. i can't believe it here. . here we are expecting it at 4:50:00 p.m. . charles: they will dump documents that you pull from them tooth and nail over years on a date when no one's looking. >> that's absolutely right. and for them, you know, what happened at the navy yard, good news. jobs report today it's obscuring everything, on anybody's paying any attention. but to just put this in context, let's remember. remember lois learner took the 5th. she didn't want to talk, and then there were two subpoenas saying cough up the e-mails we want to see the e-mails and then last week i reported how the irs had just, you know gotten rid of some of this stuff. they destroyed information.
11:20 am
hundreds of tapes, 450 tapes. tens of thousands of e-mails gone. >> you know the woman that's in charge of finding those e-mails of lois has a new job? i'm not joking. this was reported yesterday, i don't know if you covered it or not. she's now over at the state department she's responsible for finding hillary's e-mails. i'm not making this up. >> and this is the way it works. this is the way it works . charles: but still once they're out there we'll have a chance to go through them i guess? >> 1,000 pages. 1,000 pages and i think it's already circulating but do you think they would make it available to the the public? to the people who are paying their salaries? paying for the paper that it's presented on? no. >> but it's a red herring everybody is focused on the 55,000 released, but what about the 20 or 30 she did not release? she deleted. >> that's what we're talking about. we're talking about in this report did she do something illegal in holding this back.
11:21 am
>> and how will we know what she deleted? she decided on her own what to delete. >> no, she didn't . charles: the irs did. you're mixing them up. >> i know it all seems to come together in one big story . charles: the bottom line is a whole lot of e-mails were scrapped that the american people should have had access to and maybe one day we'll goet to the truth, but not in time to do any concrete. >> no. it's definitely a strategy of holding everything up until the next election . charles: running out the clock. thank you very much, jer. appreciate it. well, we've had another shark attack off the carolina coast. it's the 7th of the year. and they're saying, you know, it's obvious. it's global warming. you can't make this stuff up. we'll have the details for you next
11:22 am
♪ ♪ ♪ (singing) you wouldn't haul a load without checking your clearance. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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11:25 am
charles: it is the largest settlement in u.s. history. we're talking the u.s. justice apartment saying that it has reached a settlement agreement with bp over that 2010 gulf of mexico oil spill, and the total value of that settlement will top 18-point billion dollars. tesla says their new model s rows 52% in the quarter, that would be a new company record.
11:26 am
stock rising press nicely. and licensing deal to sop op stores in india that company trying to fight back. ebay pal paypal, buy digital money transfer for $890 million, take a look at there. not a big reaction, but a big news item. and want to take a look at u.s. day today's parent net. big loser in the s&p 500. it's fresh from its spin off investors not so confident in the print side of the business down 7% today. well, we've got to call it, it's like jaws but real life. and really two more shark axe in north carolina this week. the total number now seven in that area and the most recent period is a man in his late 60s, he was swimming near the outer banks, and he was bitten and had to be flown to the hospital. the reason for the most recent attacks? national geographic puts part of the blame on global
11:27 am
warming. now, yesterday we had a shark expert who said don't even be afraid, go ahead keep swimming. take a listen. >> when you see these little -- there's these big schools of sharks swimming up and down the beach right now these smaller sharks, and that's why you're seeing clusters of these small bike and releases. if sharks wanted people, they would be cruising around biting a lot more people. you just don't see that . charles: all right, tom a guy who swims with sharks for a living. he has maybe a better relationship with them than the guy who was bitten yesterday and almost ripped in half. >> well, it's interesting because he's the shark expert. but if you talk to noah, they say sharks rarely had you not humans. they don't like humans. but they -- this might be a shark with a bad nose or bad eye sight or something and you know they attack, they're looking for seals and sea loins and stuff like that. they don't like to attack or hunt humans. so this guy this guy says it's okay to swim with them
11:28 am
because they don't like to eat humans. i think we have one really nasty bad shark out over the carolinas, and he's been feeding all week . charles: and apparently what made them nasty the weather got a little warmer, and that really pissed this guy off and meez taking it out on human being that's what they're saying. >> i know. i'll go with noah. they don't normally attack people i'll go with the shark catcher that says you can swim with them. sharks don't like people. but they think if they're blind or have bad vision or bad smell, that you're a sea loin out there . charles: i know but i can't get in the water. >> i believe that they will find the shark . charles: all right. well, we've got another interesting story that's developed this week and now actor jimmy carey is involved. he accused california governor jerry brown of poisoning children.
11:29 am
we're going to tell you why after this
11:30 am
11:31 am
11:32 am
charles: let's check the big board, disappointing jobs report. a lot of people don't want to go home in this scenario.
11:33 am
let's talk about jim carey, he is not joking, talking about california's new law that requires vaccination of kids. the actor comedian took to twitter saying california governor saying poisoning children with mercury and aluminum and mandatory vaccines, corporate fascism must be stopped. how many in california don't agree with that? >> too many. we talk about vaccination rates, in beverly hills or santa monica, they're just as bad as the vaccination rates in the sudan and there are real world consequences to having those low rates. there is a thing called herd immunity where you have to have 92% of a population vaccinated for vaccines to work. when you get numbers that are so much under that 92% barrier you have things like winning cough,
11:34 am
measles, polio come back, we are talking throwback thursday, all these diseases we thought were eradicated popped back up in california. charles: some would argue your attitude spike of measles, the highest since 1994 but this herd immunity is already in place. what would account for that and does that also -- another point, probably a greater point is parents being able to dictate what they think is right for their children. >> this is where the media has failed because jim carey believes there is a link between autism and vaccinations. the cdc has disproved and that. the medical journals have this proven that but unfortunately you have hollywood actors and he is not alone, his wife jenny mccarthy out pushing this, bill maher has been pushing this and they are highly sympathetic figures released jenny mccarthy and jim carey are because they have kids who are autistic and everyone has huge amounts of
11:35 am
sympathy for parents dealing with something like that. when they say something that is patently not true we don't call them out because we feel sorry for them. when you don't call them out and it becomes he said she said people don't know what to believe but there is no debate. you have the cdc and medical journals on one side, fire marshal bill on the other. >> this sounds very much like global warming, the governor said science has been settled in science is by nature of science never settled. i agree with vaccinations. you have more responsibility to do that but i cannot stand the government mandating what i do to my body or my children's. if they say you have a choice, you don't have to vaccinate your kids, can send them to our schools, then set up some non vaccinated schools for these people, let them send their children there. charles: shifting gears a little bit, a bigger story in your
11:36 am
state, california, severe drought going on for a long time, seems like they have been working, the latest data showing the drought stricken cities have been reducing their water usage by the highest levels ever recorded, nearly 29% in may. is it working? how many showers have you skipped for the cause? >> that is why the camera man is sitting so far away from me. it is getting a little right here. the water usage is down. i just got a letter from the city that one of my neighbors ratted on me and suggested that i was watering my lawn too much because it is too green compared to everyone else in the neighborhood. you drive around california, you use to see green lush lawns. everything looks brown and dingy and dirty. i hope it doesn't hurt our economy too much when people plan their summer vacations.
11:37 am
>> forced the still flocking here. as long as you keep the hollywood stars no matter what they are saying you will be okay but it is a huge step. we are worried because food prices are starting to go. if you skipped a few showers i am ok with it. appreciate your coming on. >> you are in new york and not in l.a.. charles: then we will not, see you soon. want to go faster than a ferrari? you do i know. forget saving up for labor genie. we will see an american brands, a strong supercop for a lot less money, the court that. >> top of the line corvette, $80,000, the most powerful car general motors has ever made, 650 horsepower, you know -- you want another superkart, $260,000 with that much power. charles: how do they get that at us cheaper price than their rivals?
11:38 am
>> is based on corvette stingray which sells for $55,000, you are paying for the performance of grade. it has the same interior it is wider, extra aerodynamics' but they are working on something they sell 30,000 of a year so there's volume behind it. charles: technology implemented to make this happen. this is your favorite car. >> you can't beat it. the engine 650 horsepower, this has a very advanced performance traction system. you can dial in how good or bad of a driver you are and will make up for your inadequacies on a track and it works really well, turn the wheel, step on the gas and it figures out how to get through the turn without crashing. charles: could we on the cusp of a renaissance with these fast muscle car kind of things, fast cars, they used to represent america, like americana. we may be ready for that again. >> more, better cheaper we
11:39 am
have dodge challenger hellcat 707 hp. new mustang coming out and wanting to tell you about, at the end of the day, i don't know what history this has, the engine did give a but this brought up another point. you by three of these, for a three of them away when a break and still save money over the competition so when you are buying a superhigh performance sports car taking it to the track that is something you have to worry about. charles: i love talking to you about cars. appreciate it. donald trump has been dropped by macy's, nbc and bill deblasio, trying to push him on away. they want to lose his realistic contract in his home state. details next. ♪ ♪ ♪ (charge music) you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first. charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck?
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check your broker with brokercheck.
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nicole: i am nicole petallides, back-and-forth action the dow down 18 points, 17,739, decent people in that 1 point. the nasdaq down 11.4, the dow and the nasdaq and the speed down 1% each. oil gaining $0.57 by the way, a rough night for oil. intel gaining on the dow jones industrial average, intel up 1.7%. united technologies united health, laggers on the dow jones
11:42 am
industrial average. we also have ran from and cigna reported the rekindling those merger talks so right now you see signa up 3/1% and following your favorite idea of many. it is up 22% this we get a new high. it is to the upside. more "varney and company" coming up.
11:43 am
11:44 am
charles: it has been a rough week for uber, have to stand trial for allegedly illegal practices and in new york city moving to limit the company's group and a new report showing uber operating at half a billion dollar loss along with recent protests in france and new york, a whole series of setbacks for uber. joining me for more on this is barbara, the uber driver who actually pushed to have the driver is recognized as employees rather than independent contractors which was another major blow to them. i got to tell you want the one hand you become a hero to a whole lot of people, but -- >> i don't think so. charles: maybe will be a union activist in the future but by the same token does it make it harder for uber to hire more people? >> first of all you got a little
11:45 am
bit of mist information. litigation was myself versus uber not a push to have the driver is recognized. bernard: obviously. charles: obviously -- >> you -- charles: believe it or not when you sue the company and a come of with the decision it does not just apply to u so uber has to treat everyone like an employee which means more benefits and all this stuff. typically when that happens in corporate america in means fewer jobs. is it worth it? >> they don't have to do that. they can change their business plan. let's go over what the ruling said. the ruling has first of all said nothing about whether it they are a ride share, and your credit card processing company or credit card company. uber puts out a $10.99 -- all it said was in my particular case,
11:46 am
looking at it, a decision was handed down based on a precedent. the precedent i have got right here and i would be happy to read it to you. charles: we don't have that much time but i will say are you still associated with uber? are you happy with how everything played out? >> first question and i currently an uber driver? the answer is no. i work for burke enterprises on a volunteer basis where you conceive the web site, and and -- charles: you got in a free plug. what happened? you got in the verdict you wanted. was it a publicity stunt. why? >> what happened was there was a ticket that i got that wouldn't have gotten but for the action of the driver -- of the writer so i said you got to pay this. they said we are not going to do and i said yes you are or i will sue use those a justin didn't
11:47 am
respond. i don't litigate for everything. charles: something tells me if you sign up for air bnb they will reject your application. that is all i am saying. >> i would know. i haven't tried. charles: they will say no thanks misspeaking of no thanks a lot of backlash to donald trump over his comments as he announced his presidency over illegal mexican immigrants. not just from retailers and tv networks. it is from new york city mayor bill deblasio who is saying his administration is reviewing the city's business relationship to a billionaire developer as well. let's bring in tea party is. they are all piling on mcdonald's. >> you can always tell the quality of a person by the quality of their enemies and donald trump has ticked off, people who make their goods in china and very communist mayor of new york city.
11:48 am
i am ok with this. it builds his credibility in my book. let's talk about macy's. what he did, donald trump said yesterday, he is fine. i am for it. charles: the majority of the clothing in china, when he dealt with them. >> that is what it is that he is bringing it out, doing something for the gop, giving them shock waves and waking the gop. the gop came out and said we are worried what he's doing to our brand. the brand lost the last two elections. we need to be woken up. that is what he's doing. charles: using donald trump is the key ingredient to get republican in the white house? >> he might be able to save a republican party that has been on a losing track. charles: how do you explain jeb bush keeps going up in the polls? >> was at the top of the polls. he came out, became president, nominated, announced he was
11:49 am
running. charles: donald trump announced he has more pressing jeb bush has. >> jeb bush has the name going as establishment candidate. two major contenders at the top. these guys arguing in the gop, who is going up against jetblue joy and before is it smart to talk about illegal mexicans the rapist's when we had $18 trillion in debt, terrible jobs report out, terrible foreign policy, the focus is on a right place? >> he is talking about both. that is is point about illegal immigrants, they are sitting here putting people out of work by government entitlement and being filled by these illegals coming in. this is all about jobs, health care, the economy and the dream the illegal immigrants are putting on this country. charles: looks like you want to say something. >> it is nice and i agree with what you are saying but it comes down to democrats and republicans like the mavericks' but they vote for the institutional players.
11:50 am
charles: don't know how much of the gop is fired up but it is good to see. greece is on the brink of financial disaster. protests, and probably not the best time to invest for your vacation home. guess what? we have someone who disagrees, it is not donald trump.
11:51 am
11:52 am
11:53 am
11:54 am
charles: looking for a hot new real-estate investor, might be worth looking outside the country to live and invest, kathleen put a cork is here. you are talking, already collapsed. going further into chaos, might be the right time to pick up a piece of the property. >> now would be a good time to get a good deal want greek dream property, could count on it appreciating in value any time soon because to the same what would happen. if you wanted to know your own peace of the greek island this is the time to do with. charles: talking about privatizing a lot of things as the government known a lot of those islands? >> privately held. it could be a private sale, you were buying from a private donor as you are in the rest of the world. charles: would someone worry,
11:55 am
this is someone who remained on a major obligation, the rule of law, i made by an island and someone gives me the deep or title whatever and it turns out the government could they take all of this? >> always possible. people ask, i have been writing about buying real estate and other countries for 30 years and people ask about it. is it safe in panama, property lights, and nicaragua, the president is in power, but still, and that is the fundamental -- charles: they don't respect them. charles: the beginning of yugoslavia and they fell apart and i read stories where people buy beach front property, pennies on the dollar and investment, while the amazing
11:56 am
strategy. >> appreciation can be huge. i would not say to buy in greece war europe, and that part of the world is a crapshoot right now. so many variables and so many risks but the dollar is so strong, stronger than it has been since 2003. if you wanted to own in europe this would be the time to buy. >> isn't that -- exchanged more than what the party goes up or down? >> a big question-mark and yen and a. my recommendation is diversification. charles: we were talking about -- be prepared to put down $200,000 and get back 4 zillion darchma darchma. more "varney and company" after this. $728 a month. that's almost $9,000 a year now judy doesn't think that
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the things they love or simply put more money in the bank. a reverse mortgage could change your retirement and your life. i examined my finances and i said, there is no reason why i shouldn't retire today. 10, 12 years earlier than i had anticipated. in the first year, his cash flow savings totaled $8,736. after 5 years, it will be over $40,000. it really is worth a call to find out if a reverse mortgage can help you too. call one reverse mortgage now and ask for your free guide. >> congress enacted and the president signed into law it
11:59 am
will be legal. the question is is it constitutional? i am chuckling because of who usually sits in the chair, they don't have a written constitution so he doesn't know the constitution. charles: that is judge andrew napolitano last tearing my question as to whether is legal or not for social media outlets, suspected terrorist messages. here is what you said on facebook today. frank says this is the jobs report in june. i don't believe any numbers from this administration. time for congress to redefine the numbers to reflect true economic conditions. lot of people echoing the same fox. barbara says this is about macy's dropping from. too bad, you are not hurting donald trump, just yourself, macy's should be neutral where politics are concerned. you will lose my business. a lot of other people say that. macy's has their own issues with deeper concerns than this. dagen mcdowell standing in for
12:00 pm
neil cavuto. dagen: be afraid, be very afraid. i and dagen mcdowell in for neil cavuto. much to cover today as we go coast to test. job growth struggling, wages not growing, what is next for this country. one new rule for the white house could make it that much worse. is this why air fares are so high? the justice department wondering if there colluding to raise fares lose someone says these charges are not fair. the nation on age. terror front in center as we head into the july 4th weekend. we are all over it. you got to watch because you never know. i might trip on my television and that would be really hilarious. it would be a yard sale as they say. the june jobs report was wildly disappointing. if you look at the overall number it came in below expectation. there was no wage growth.


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